Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sheldan Nidle, RAP and EQ Updates July 27

Sheldan Nidle

Selamat Balik! We come again! Great turmoil has descended on your reality! The turbulence needed to push the dark cabal from its seats of power is underway and numerous agreements are now being implemented that will accomplish this goal. Groups within America are coming together armed with plans and legal documents that demonstrate the illegality of the current American administration and that show just cause for the investiture of new governance. Concurrent with these developments are similar proceedings in many other nations which are being carried out by our Earth allies. Remember that with regime change come the deliveries of your prosperity funds. Several governments are now defying the US regime and secretly staging a challenge to the legitimacy of its rule, and various military and law-enforcement organizations are close to actively joining in the struggle. In short, we are seeing events that can at long last bring all this out into the open. Meanwhile, the collapse of the economic system gets closer and closer. The final push to topple the dam of dark control on your world is on!

Meanwhile, Mother Earth continues to move this reality nearer to her moment of change. The odd weather patterns are bringing strong typhoons, floods, and torrential rains to the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Oceania, thereby issuing a warning that the world you have known is approaching a massive change point. This is the point where Mother Earth shifts your 3-D realm into a 5-D one. Obviously you cannot remain as you are and survive the reconfiguration of the surface world, and this is a primary ingredient of the reasons for first contact. Those still in charge of you persist in harboring the insane notion that they can somehow prevent the inevitable. This reason alone is grounds enough for removing the present incumbents with their rabid obstructionism from power. There is much to be done once these minions of the Anunnaki are gone. Earth is still a fragile place, with ecosystems very near the end of their viability. Redressing this damage requires a global effort, supported by the swift release of a number of now-suppressed technologies.

Then there is the question of full UFO disclosure. Our Earth allies understand the whys and the hows of disclosure. It is an operation that must be carried out in such a way that it is beyond doubt that we are benevolent and of the Light. Too many factions in your society over the years have spread a dogma demonizing anyone who is not of this Earth. Further, the existence of Inner Earth needs to be presented alongside a new, fully proved geological model of the planet. The people of Agartha have compiled a series of joint announcements that are sure to resolve this requisite. The purpose of this information is to ease your world into an acceptance of the fact that you are not alone and that the world is put together quite differently from what is taught. Once these new facts are squarely proven, our own announcements can proceed. What we desire is, first, to assist you in rehabilitating Mother Earth's surface world. Then we wish to introduce certain Light-tech devices, which, together with many now-suppressed on-planet technologies, can remedy the ecological problems that have been wreaked.

We envision the temporary caretaker regimes as the bridges to a new reality. The first goal is to get these interim governments up and running. The great shock of these immense governmental and financial changes needs time to sink in to the collective psyche and to be accepted as 'normal'. This will be accomplished by umpteen hours of television and radio broadcasts explaining everything in detail. It is then to be followed by the disclosure of the UFO cover-up. This is a twofold operation, starting with many eyewitness accounts and the release of now-closed UFO files which will provide a chronology of off-world contact since WW II. This leads in to part two: the fact of our benevolent presence and first contact. Once more, our Agarthan allies have come up with an excellent approach for this, and our liaisons and Earth allies are fully on board with this plan. At the end of this process, we can begin to broadcast openly on a number of subjects that need to be discussed before the actual mass landings take place.

The most important subject is, of course, full consciousness. We need to broach this matter with you in the right way. You have lived for generations in a limited-conscious state that has never been questioned. The Anunnaki manipulated you into believing that you were divinely created this way, whereas the truth is quite the opposite; indeed, the present 'you' is a mere shell of who you truly are. The facts of how you came to be this way need to be presented with the skill and enough incontrovertible evidence to allow you to accept the reality of You. Indeed, your sciences have been hinting at these things for the last few decades. Their case studies of individuals with extraordinary abilities pave the way for our revelations. You are all capable of things that you have only glimpsed in the few documentaries based on these case studies. You are in fact much more than what these programs and films depict.

You are a fully conscious Being in disguise, who has completely forgotten the amazing capabilities that you possess. One of the affects of dropping into limited consciousness is the eventual loss of all awareness of who and what you are, or where you come from. In your case, you have been in this state for over 13 millennia! It is small wonder that you will require extra-special one-on-one mentoring, refresher courses, and oodles of loving support to be able to reassert your true Beingness. We have come as your space and spiritual family and are pledged to bringing you back to full divine consciousness. All is being done in conjunction with Heaven. This special planet and this special solar system are to be restored and a new star-nation created. This star-nation is to blossom and become the center for many major conferences that will make the galactic peace permanent and bring union to many thousands of nearby galaxies.

Mother Earth welcomes her destiny and dearly wishes you to embrace yours too. Your global society is at a point where a new working paradigm is urgently needed. Change is well overdue for your present industrial model, and a new energy and a new society must be birthed if you are to survive. As you know, yours are not normal evolutionary circumstances, and therefore the question is not so much what you do at this point, but what we do. We need to progress you toward a solution that includes your return to full consciousness. To do this, we have indirectly interfered with your society in numerous ways since the early 1960s. Your culture is indeed changing rapidly, but nevertheless, we need at this moment to accelerate this process. Mother Earth asks us to carry out a first contact sooner rather than later, and Heaven seconds this request.

So we have a clear mandate to get the landings done as soon as possible. Consequently, we are putting immense pressure on our Earth allies to finish their tasks. Our imbedded personnel are constantly monitoring developments in various governments, in the dark cabal, and among you. We intend to have some dramatic changes happening very shortly and to land soon thereafter. Thus you are witnessing the last vestiges of this reality. It is fading and fading fast! And the new one is ready to manifest. Change is ready to burst forth! The world you live in is too unstable to hang together much longer and its total collapse is imminent. Even the mighty machinations of your dark masters cannot prevent what is about to be sprung upon you!

Today, we discussed what is happening around your world. Mother Earth and Heaven decree in earnest that this reality is at an end and that the time has come for this world to morph into a 5-D integrated whole. The inner and outer worlds are to be reunited at last! And all this is ready to pop! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!

Restore America Plan (RAP) Update

Executive Summary – This comes from reliable sources. RAP is now in the process of seating a provisional government. It is common knowledge that the Governors when served did not respond favorably. This comes as no surprise. They do not like Obama pushing them around and bleeding their states dry. This is a far cry from thinking they want to be a Republic under the Constitution and have common law active in their state courts.

These states all have laws against the second amendment, they have unlawful taxes and their court systems are simply repugnant to the constitution. Their police run around tasering the young and the old for no good reason. Their state prisons are full of people who were convicted of victimless crimes against the state statues.The foreclosures are marching on. We could keep going. Don't think the Governors are friends of the Constitution just because they reject Obama healthcare and immigration reform.

Interim Government – What is going on is RAP has 70 nations supporting them. This is easy to believe. The USA has been pushing around countries for a long time. Did you know the USA has over 300 nuclear missiles in Taiwan aimed at China? See how many enemies the USA makes. They basically have the cold war all cranked up again. Their own citizens hate the government of the USA. Ever meet anyone who does not work for the government, who is not on welfare who thinks the IRS is a good thing? People hate the tax police in the USA. Do you even for one minute think that a constitutional government would ever point 300 nuclear missiles at a country they are at peace with and trade with? Of course not. Only the psychopathic grandchildren of the super rich would come up with idiotic business practices like this. That is what it is, a business practice.

There is a lot of debt floating around the world in USD. A lot of countries hold USD as a reserve currency. Much of the debt is in USD so there will be a demand for USD to repay the debt. Many countries are worried about a failure in the USA causing the USD to be worthless and collapse world markets. They no longer want the idiots in Washington controlling their economic future. The funding to run the restored Republic is apparently in place and waiting for a provisional government to be seated. The provisional government will include one Governor for each of the 50 Republics (states). Each state will have 2 Senators and 10 Representatives, that comes to 600 [these may not be those who were elected by us as many are corrupt]. I do not know how they will deal with D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico?

There will be an interim President [not Obama ?]. The interim government will run for 6 months. It is felt this amount of time is needed to ensure honest elections. An interim government is also mandatory to keep things running which is necessary for a peaceful transition. It is felt that the de facto government has since rigged the elections with their electronic ballots. This will need to be corrected and new elections held. Rest assured there will be a whole lot of education about the constitution and common law in the interim so the people become informed when they go to the polls.

Imagine Glenn Beck and Hannity talking the truth about the constitution and common law. You might just see this. People will be glued to the TV learning how they were robbed and cheated by their governments and how bright the future will be. I would doubt the democrats or republicans would even be on the ticket once the people realize what thieves and liars they are. Two thirds of the de jeur grand juries will need to approve the interim officials being appointed. Each of the 50 Republics has a de jeur grand jury in place now. They say the window to get the provisional government seated is quite small. I expect they are working hard and will prevail. It is not that hard just a lot of work. Remember their goal was to make the change as quietly as possible. I expect that very few know about RAP. The central bankers did the same in 1933 while the people were asleep and they inserted fiat money private central banks in place around the world. Yuk.

Summary – The job facing RAP is monumental. How the heck do you run and administer this big machine called government. Not a simple thing. Anyway how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. So you start somewhere. If people want a say in things they just need to wait until the six months is up and free elections are held. Get involved. Run for office. Get into it. Go for it. RAP wants you to do this and get involved. They do not want to run the show for longer than the transition period. They really do not want this at all. They are in love with the constitution and they will do nothing repugnant to the constitution, never ever.

In the meantime take your focus off of who is going to be in the interim government. This is just a transition phase to reboot the country back to the original constitution. The interim government folks will soon be off the map unless they run for office which is their right to do just as it is your right to do (no Obama you have to constitutionally be qualified to run for office). If you like them heck vote them into office, if not don't. Free choice in elections is a goal of RAP. Rap is just a restoration or reboot tool.

The constitution and common law will be put into play and this will prevent government abuses as in the past. There will be de jeur grand juries to control any anti-constitution forces in government. Now they are on a state level and will soon be on a county level. So their will be free elections but the amount of damage a bad politician can do is very limited. You folks will need to become very political and teach your children and grand children to do so as well and pass this down from generation to generation. If you do not do this guess what? The rotten government will come back. Whatever education you provide for your kids needs to teach this. Become a constitutional patriot.

Prosperity - Prosperity will soon return to the nation. You cannot fix the economy of the USA without an injection of capital, trillions. RAP has this. The USA government cannot do this because all they do is create debt, not the same. The suppressed inventions will be released. They will be made in the good ole US of A. The USA has the best workers and greatest manufacturing potential in the world. USA products will be the finest. Ok granted the Swiss have good mechanical watches but USA chocolate is just as good.

The banking will be secret and insured and watch the capital flow in as people rush to buy into gold backed currency with insured bank accounts. The banks will have so much capital to invest they will be advertising for borrowers. Really. Watch the stock markets soar as the suppressed inventions get produced and sold. It will be a controlled frenzy to get in on the ground floor of these new soon to be AT&T type companies in the making.

Alternative health care will end major diseases if you catch it in time. The dependence on oil will be gone in a few years. The military will be defending you, not the business assets offshore the elite have. Stupid wars will cease. The border will close for real stopping illegal entry. Homeland security and the FBI will bust up the gangs and make the homeland safe. Illegal immigrants will be dealt with. You won't be taking off your shoes or exposing yourself naked to a machine to board a plane. Not sure if you will be able to wear guns on the plane. Used to be able to carry guns on board in an attache case up until 1970's and no one ever caused an incident. People used to lay their hunting rifles down in the aisle.

Taxes will plummet. Disposable income will soar. The lines at DisneyWorld will be terrible . New car sales will be high. The foreclosed homes will be occupied. New housing starts will begin. The homeless will be housed and working. The government will stop killing people on foreign soil every day. Only crimes with a real living victim will be prosecuted. The political prisoners will be released. Life will be grand. So don't get stuck on the six month interim government and that cast of people. Look down the road for the rest of your days living in the restored USA. Worry about keeping the gift RAP gave you for generations and give thanks to God. OK enjoy.

Clif of WebBots on the earthquake possibility for California this weekend July 27

In working through the longer term data, i had to go through some of the last of the immediacy stuff due to cross links. Within the immediacy data sets there are clear indications of a major [damaging] earthquake on west coast of america (MOST likely north america due to angular momentum issues of planetary alignment) and more probably than not, in the PNW perhaps down to mid CA. This quake shows as being completed with problems, *such as yet more [wedding interruptions] by August 3, however the data accretion patterns point to the last two days of July as the point of impact and largest number of after shocks. Damages are indicated to include [roadways] and [bridges] such that [transportation/movement] is [restricted (in some places)] for months afterward. Water flows are also to be affected and even altered for long time (months/years) which is how i found it. By noting the odd number of longer term indicators for [water pathways change] in the data accretion patterns for November and onward in 2010. A significant majority of these traced back to something in the immediacy data that turned out to be this pending earthquake in very late July.

My Comments: I have been silent for a few weeks awaiting any signs of change and it appears that they are on the horizon awaiting unveiling. There are numerous behind the scenes events that are reportedly occurring at this time including the establishment of a new government headed by Tim Turner and approved by many nations of the world and supported by the military in part, and this will return the US to a constitutional government. The US corporation will have to be removed, and Obama and his henchmen will reportedly stand trial in the World Court in the Hague in Europe. The charges include treason and embezzlement and could fill a book in their vastness, and he and his buddies have opposed any changes until now so this is necessary. Of course if this occurs the media will only report on it when it is beyond obvious. The delays so far have been reportedly due to the establishment of this new RAP government which is now in place, and Obama and company will do everything they can through murder and bribery to eliminate this competition. It is a business and that is what they do, and this can be seen in Microsoft and Monsanto and many others. There have been numerous attempts to remove free speech by using the fake war on terror and copyrights as an excuse, and hopefully this will soon change. Anyone who believes in the constitution or Christianity or a change is now labeled a terrorist.

As AA Anael said we are near the end of 3D and it will not last indefinitely, and the galactic deadline is in 16 months, so that would put it at October of next year (2011). That is a deadline however and events can occur before that time. As can be seen in the Gulf most people want this disaster to go away so they can continue with their 3D lives and do not want to evacuate the area no matter how deadly it is to live there. That is why stasis is so important because they will not leave willingly and must be placed in a sleep like state so they can be moved elsewhere in their 3D bodies during Earth changes which will probably remove all life so a new Earth can be created. If they stay they will die and will have to start the birthing process all over again elsewhere, and those who ascend to 5D will receive new eternal bodies of Light (although this may change as decisions are made all the time). The dilemma that the Hierarchy and Divinity face is whether intervention will be allowed and how it will proceed. It is like the person who wants to build a new house and knows that it will not be around soon after it is complete. Hopefully we will begin to see major changes but only time will tell.

Rich N