Monday, November 21, 2011

Archangel Anael - November 13, 2011 - It Is Finished

Beloved Children of the Light and Starseeds, may peace, joy and love be with you, and may My Presence be established in your Presence. I come to you so that beyond My words you may live the process of Communion [with Divinity] and raise the vibration of your Heart so you may live in Unity and Truth. You have recently been given a number of teachings by Archangel Michael and Archangel Uriel, as well as the Elders and the 12 Stars of Mary in resonance with the direct process called Ascension . The step you are called to live in order to raise your awareness will result in a number of developments of consciousness, awareness, and changes in the functioning of your life. These mechanisms are both internal and external. They are, as you know, made on multidimensional levels, and it is time now to resonate on these dimensional restructurings. This is in progress.

The deployment of the Light, the installation of the Light, its vibration and its quality, can result today in the consciousness of everyone in order to receive your ultimate consciousness and a true view of your future in the new frequency, in the new life. Ascension is not an end [of existence] but is rather a new birth where the consciousness will (in the words of OM Aivanhov) involve the transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly. There will be for many a new birth in new worlds where there is no opposition, no suffering, and no duality; where for all there is only joy, when all occurs instantaneously [no time], where all is of the One [Divinity].  In relation to these processes taking place now within you and outside of you, I will therefore, by My Presence and My Radiance, try to answer your questions as best I can that are related to this Ascension process.

Question: Why, if "it is finished", does the [status quo] process seem to continue?

Beloved, everything has been completed on other [higher] planes [in Heaven], but We never said that everything has been completed on this 3D plane where you are now, since you are not there yet. The process that remains to be completed here in 3D is this passage from the individual to the collective consciousness (depending again very much on Earth), but everything is actually complete [from Our point of view.  AA Michael said this week that His work is complete and He has handed the torch of Light to AA Uriel who is known as the Archangel of the Pole Reversal and the Divine Presence to carry on His work.  This collective consciousness will be raised by the coming disclosures hopefully.] 

Only through the eyes of the ego that is still present and the intellectual questions that still linger within will you be denied the direct experience of one who is living in the Heart, and you will no longer pose these questions because you have already achieved this consciousness by living in the Unity [with Divinity].  This Unity will bring the expansion and amplification of the Light so that you may radiate the Light and encourage your brothers and sisters to also live in this Grace and Communion. For you everything is already accomplished, whether this 3D world disappears in you by a transformation of the Light in a day, a year, or whatever time it takes [we have all eternity to choose], because those in the Light have already lived their liberation, and they live in the Unity and in their higher Beingness, and the numbers are continually growing here on Earth. You need to differentiate more and more between the individual [your] and the collective [all of mankind] processes until the moment of the final  passage of Ascension.

Question: How can we know if  these teachings are accurate?

Beloved, the only truth is your inner Truth. What is important is whether what I say (or what any other person says) opens the Heart [and resonates with your higher self] or not. Namely, if this knowledge is only external [intellectual] it will not bring in you the Fire of the Heart, nor it will allow you to have access to your own Fire of the Heart. If there is no ability to vibrate your Heart in a teaching, and if it only moves your emotions and your life energy, then that teaching is not of the truth in an absolute sense. However, there are steps prior to now that have allowed your consciousness to get closer to the vibrational state of the Heart. But remember that only you and you alone can bring a face to face encounter with your consciousness which can allow you to enter through the narrow gate and live in the Heart and abide in the sanctuary of Christ.

No teachings or rituals, however truthful that they are (like the mantra OD-IM-IS-ER-AL), can transform you into living in the Heart if you do not feel the Heart vibrationally. Thus the concepts of Truth and Absolute Truth are relative only and are based on what you sense and vibrate with.  If your intellect wants to know if a teaching is true or not, you are not living in the Truth. The right question to ask is not whether something is true or not, but does it bring fire to your Heart or not?  The only question that will determine what is truth in you is your vibrational response. The rest are only fragments of the intellect and are not of the Source and the Light.

There are many on Earth who can read a text and vibrationally understand the scope and meaning of it beyond any intellect, any analysis and perception. These beings have gone there vibrationally and have directly experienced this vibration; they do not need words, they do not need explanations, since they already live in their Unity. Remember that there may be lessons that are very close to the absolute Truth [with some errors also] the same way as there may be lessons that do not include any absolute Truth at all. What differentiates them is simply their purpose and the end result. What matters is not what is said, the important thing is what is vibrated.  If the Heart vibrates, there is no longer any question or any doubt because the answer is in the Heart [when it resonates with the heart it is the truth to you].

We are aware that some of Our words can not be understood except by the higher vibration of the Heart. He who would seek to understand only by the intellect and not through the Heart will only be increasingly baffled and bewildered by Our words. Those who vibrate in the Heart, in the Unity, in the Presence, and in the Communion and Grace have no interest in Our words but are simply interested in Our presence and Our vibration. This support for Our presence and Our vibration can involve both a page where Our words are written and a page on the Internet. Those who vibrate to that are living in the Unity. This is the logical purpose of the Vibrating Light which is to make you vibrate in the Light because this is your true Divine Essence. There can be no other way to transcend the 3D illusion. The only way is to become ones who live in their higher selves in the Light, because that is the true nature of consciousness. The resistance of the mind can only generate fear, misunderstanding and doubt. The Heart can never doubt, it can only bring the absolute vibrational certainty of Light, Love and Unity.

Question: Does the phrase "going home" refer to our stellar [ET] origin or to a return to the Source [Creator]?

Beloved, there are many processes that are related to Ascension, there are many Mansions in the Father's House. The return to your ET home cannot be expressed simply in terms of your home of origin since freedom is total [you are not limited to returning to your original planet or solar system]. There is no longer a notion of a vibrational choice where each consciousness returns to, or whether you will fulfill the formal agreement that you made with the Source or with a particular stellar origin, or more accurately your dimension of origin.

This does not mean that you will be confined to your dimension of origin within a given dimension, but you will have the capacity consciously to live in a multidimensional body that is not limited in either space or in time, allowing you to live in total freedom, even if there is a greater vibrational attraction to this world or another world, to one bodily form or another, to one dimension or another. The important thing is not to ask the question where will I go because your state of consciousness will lead you quite naturally to what you want to do and what you are vibrationally capable of. [Some of us came from very high dimensions and were part of Divinity and chose to experience 3D over before we would return to the Divine position we once had.  This is of course hard to understand since our memories were erased of this experience.]

Question: How is the concept of stellar origin related to dimensions?

Beloved, within each universe and each multiverse there are different solar and planetary systems where your vision is extremely limited.  This is related in part to the insulation envelope of the Earth [like the ionosphere] which prevents you vibrationally using such technology tools [like chemtrails and mind control] from seeing the Truth. Your eyes are sensitive only to a part of the electromagnetic spectrum and your consciousness and perceptions are limited in frequency [many ETs can see much more than we can in the higher frequency spectrum].  Within the unified worlds, there is no confinement, no frequency [dimensional] limitation. However, there are different stellar origins which have physical characteristics of different dimensions in different proportions.

For example the Solar System called Sirius A is manifested by the Blue Beings of Sirius that have a blue appearance primarily in resonance with water. Those beings inhabiting this Solar System are called dolphins (they have little to do with your dolphins that live in water here but with dolphins living in the air and standing upright).  [Their bodies adapt to the worlds and environment that they exist on and are not as limited as we are on Earth.  Our 5D bodies are still waiting in the Sun for our ascension and the transformation of Earth to the 5th dimension and will probably appear more human in nature. OM said that those in 5D will still have hands that can be used as needed, but in 6D and above they will not be needed since we can create and accomplish with our minds and our intention anything we desire.]

The general shape of those on 5th dimensional worlds has the anthropomorphic characteristics of a dolphinoid [this may change here on Earth however]. On those worlds, there are also beings with other dimensional bodies that go beyond the limit of human form who are called the Blue Guides from Sirius. These Blue Guides (which includes Sereti), work as arrangers and coordinators of worlds and are not anthropomorphized [they do not have the attributes of a human form]: they are beyond having human attributes and therefore can not be seen except through what you would call with your etheric vision as beings in a blue mist.  They have a humanoid form, but do not have a human form [like a ghost, not having a carbon body like we have.].

Those beings who live on Sirius in the 5th Dimension appear to you like dolphins with copper colored skin [they have a great tan and don't wear clothes] and stand upright in the air [there will be no gravity in 5D], while the Blue Guides who are evolving/ascending within the 18th or 24th dimensions are seen as beings in a fog of Light [fuzzy]. There are also among you beings whose dimensional origin is beyond human form, such as the civilization of Triangles or the civilizations that we call Archangels (which have nothing to do with the Archangels that meet in the Conclave today who have never known an incarnation like you). These Archangels [like the Elohim] are advancing and ascending to the 18th Dimension and are present in different universes and multiverses and long ago had a body. This is the meaning of your stellar and dimensional origin.

Question: When the final ascension occurs, will we find our stellar origin (or our original dimension) that we had before our initial incarnation here?

I have said that what happens on this Earth is consciously a release of confinement and total freedom. Certain souls created by the Spirit, because of living in prison all their lives, need to continue to experience the carbon based [3D] material worlds and some of its components [they only want to continue in a better 3D world since they know of no other life or have not learned their lessons yet]. It is clear that they will have a total absolute conscious knowledge of their stellar and dimensional origin but will pass up this experience and will not want to carry it out. Everyone will become aware of his original dimension in his original solar system, but it depends again on your vibrational state. It is not the mind that decides this, it is the vibration.

We will now give a formal distinction between vibration and energy flow.  The flow of energy that most you feel today is part of the transformation of the Ethers, and this Ether is called Fusion. This energy flow, whatever you call it, is not however a higher vibration.  This vibration is accompanied by an instantaneous change of consciousness, whether it involves alignments, communions during your moments of meditation, or any other method that you may use. It is through your learning experiences (whether complete or not) that you will be led into a new consciousness where you will be allowed to live above the ordinary consciousness and will experience the Turiya [pure] consciousness. Remember that all consciousnesses must experience this passage, all consciousness must live the encounter with the Light [and decide their futures based on their spiritual vibrations].

Question: Why do I feel like I am floating in the universe with the Milky Way in my hand?

Beloved, in the Unity of consciousness what is the largest may be the smallest. A grain of sand may contain all of the universe, there is no location or space or time. The notion of distance, as perceived in the illusion of confinement as a prisoner, has no actual meaning or reality in the Unified worlds. There is no need to understand this experience or to try to explain or interpret this other than what I just gave, because it is fundamental [and beyond our understanding now]. The ego through the filter of interpretations can try to search for the meaning of this experience of Light, but only the experience itself brings the understanding. At that time the ability to live in the Unity of Consciousness will make it clear, and every question will be answered.

The answer is not received by a logical process as you perceive in this world, but by an immediate and instant understanding that transcends all times and all realms in the sacred realm of your own vibration. In this sense there may be a need to re-acclimate the sowing of the Metatronic Keys [see below], allowing you to transform your thinking according to the vibration, not according to the intellect. The intellect will not help you in the Unified worlds because there is neither high or low, neither left or right, neither inside or outside [there are no laws of physics or math or gravity in Unity]. The brain and the ego consciousness cannot conceive, approach, or understand this. Within the Unified worlds, everything happens, exists, and occurs at the same time.  Nothing is locked, nothing is limited. You are not dependent on any form, although you will have different bodies in different dimensions.

Question: What does the Seeding of the Metatronic Keys mean?  [This is an advanced teaching that some may not understand at this time.]

Beloved, the seeding of the Metatronic Keys is part of the ultimate revelation of the Keys.  During the Celestial Marriage teachings [by AA Michael] you received a primary introduction to the Metatronic Keys, corresponding to the original vibrational language involving the principle of the Word [the mantra OD-IM-IS-ER-AL] that is beyond your normal  language. The activation of these 5 frequencies (also called a pentatonic scale) is a sign of recognition [and greeting] within the Unified Universes, corresponding precisely to the activation of the 5 new bodies, existing from all eternity within the structure of consciousness that is available even within this falsified carbon body.  [The pentatonic scale as used in guitar music has only five notes (E-B-G-D-A) per octave with no minor half notes in contrast to the heptatonic seven note scale that we normally use. By repeating this mantra you will escape the control of the reptilians who are allergic to these sounds.]

These five vibrational steps, corresponding to the activation of the 5 new doors and the new stars should bring the completion of the Metatronic seeding that corresponds to Christ Michael the Solar Logos Who will unite with AA Metatron to deliver these new codes of life. These are the vibrational frequencies related to a new formation of Light, allowing the establishment of this new foundation of life, not just what you call the first chakra (or other chakras), but a new foundation called the vibrational OD or the narrow gate.  [In a pentatonic scale there are no minor or major notes which are called dissonant sounds because they are not in harmony but are only related to chaos like most of life is in 3D.  The chakras will soon be replaced by this new vibrational foundation. More and more the changes will include sounds and colors.]

The establishment of this new foundation of life therefore requires the installation of theses new keys and new functions of life within your new bodies called the eternal bodies of essence once the Heart is found completely.  This will involve a number of people, some of whom are able to communicate these codes so that they may seed and grow in order to populate their dimensional destinations in this Universe and in the Multiverses. This will be performed at the same time as the announcement of Mary in 132 days [about 4 1/2 months until about April 1] when this vibrational transformation is complete.  The time has not yet come to reveal it because it is not an intellectual revelation, but is only vibrational.

The mantra OD-IM-IS-ER-AL has nothing to do with musical notes [DO-RE-MI] but is the original foundation of this vibration that is well beyond sound, color, and form. The energizing of the 7 primary frequencies coupled with the 5 already existing frequencies [to form the new 12 key octave that replaces our current 12 note dissonant scale], will be your new Unity, your new life and your new body of essence, bringing you new possibilities for living in the realms of creating your infinite dimensional life without limitation.

You have heard Us talk about and have seen through your etheric eyes (and for some through the vision of the Heart) changes that have occurred in your skies with the Sun becoming blue in color. You have also observed in your night sky the showers of Adamantine Particles that has appeared in the form of dense colorful vibrating clouds of Light covering your skies and little by little the entire surface of Earth will be covered (including both your body and the bodies of all those present on Earth). This will enable (through the etheric vision of your eyes and your Heart) your ability to see the entire coating of Light that appears in your Ethers, and thus in the sky.

This frame of Light and the Light of this arrangement will become increasing more important and extensive, resulting in the appearance with your eyes of a white mist that is increasingly more brilliant and vibrant. At some point, this particular vibrant Adamantine Light will actually dissolve the forms on which it is embedded, allowing you to have the total vision of Unity beyond the appearance of illusion in this density, beyond the appearance of your eyes, allowing you to see and directly connect consciously with what we call the Unified Universe.

You will at that time generally be established within the new Unity, even if the old 3rd dimension continues during the next 132 days [4 1/2 months]. This mechanism will result in a face to face encounter with the Light and the resulting vibration of this meeting.  This new state of consciousness may be multiple, depending upon your acceptance or your refusal of this process. Your identification with this new vibration will result in the process of your final ascension. Your refusal to identify with the Light (whether it is related to the will of the soul to continue in the carbon worlds or with fears that remain and not yet completely removed) will then become the primary decision that you will need to reconsider.  Any refusal to accept this Light of Unity and Love (called the Fire of the Spirit) will result in a consuming fire, opposing your freedom to live in this dimensional world which will soon disappear.

Ascension will only be determined according to your vibration and the state of your consciousness, not according to the status of your body, your age, your condition, [your religion or wealth], or your karma, but simply according to the state of your consciousness and only that.  This passage does not correspond consciously to the process of death, but to a new birth in the Unlimited.  Your ability to identify with the Light, your resonance and your communion in Grace will determine your destination. This passage will never be seen as death (even for those who refuse the Light), but as a new birth, a total renaissance, a reincarnation, and a regeneration in the Light. Every being, regardless of his vibrational status, must confront this decision face to face. There will on the surface of the Earth and in the entire solar system be no exceptions to the inauguration of the Light. [The Light will be victorious no matter what and duality will no longer exist here. It will be a new beginning for all.]

We have no more questions, thank you.

Beloved Children of the Light, beloved Starseeds, I give thanks for your reception and your questions. May Peace, Truth and Unity soon be yours.

Pleiadian principles of life

3rd Dimensional Pleiadians: Two arms, two legs, body, head; the Pleiadian ears are somewhat lower than yours, but Pleiadians are so much genetically like you that they consider you to be their cousins. If a Pleiadian were walking down the street, you would all turn and remark about how they look (they look terrific). You would notice that they're different but wouldn't necessarily consider them alien.  That's how similar physically and genetically they are to you. If you are in a Pleiadian civilization, the expression of love and sexuality at that moment is literally so complete and balanced and whole that there is no need to attach themselves to the other person and drag them through eternity [marriage is only temporary and not binding or used to control your mate]. Because they have so many of these whole and complete interactions, they feel secure - in themselves and in their expression of their sexuality [and do not feel lonely or in need of constant companionship as many here do].

There are also married groups, which you have here on your world called "polyfidelity," which is simply taking the monogamy idea and expanding it so instead of two people, there are three or more. These marriage units are very loving, very connected, very committed to each other. This does not necessarily mean that they never live with one person or never have a type of marriage relationship with one person; many of them do.  The difference is that they recognize immediately when it's time to move into something else. When you on your planet are in a relationship and feel that it's time to leave the relationship and you go and tell your mate, the mate quite often will be very hurt, will attempt to latch on to you, will show a lot of pain, etc.

On your planet, however, 100% of the time when one of you feels the relationship is changed, both of you have.  It's just that one person may not be recognizing it, or may be living in their own type of creation and cannot see what's really happening. This is changing now, as all of you are committing yourselves to your own personal growth. Within the Pleiadian system if the woman comes home and says, "This has been an absolutely wonderfully fulfilling relationship for me. I feel now that it's time for me to go to the other side of the planet and do something else," there's total understanding, total respect with no personal pain withheld on the part of the other person.

They recognize that it must be the time, and there is a disconnection. This allows relationships to be very fluid and the sexual energy within the partners is not held or blocked but is channeled through their entire body and into their lives. One interesting contrast is that the Orions do not express sexuality in day-to-day life. They express their sexuality only when they're with their mate in a certain disciplined time period. The Pleiadians however allow their sexual energy to permeate every aspect of their life.  So if you have an interaction with a Pleiadian, you may feel that there's a lot of sensual energy coming from that being. It's because they do not differentiate between sensuality or sexuality and life. Sensuality or sexuality to them is life; it's the complete and full channeling of that energy through their embodiment. That philosophy is brought into their society by how they structure their relationships. 

[Looking at the Pleiadians we can see what life and relationships may be like in the future for those who continue in 3D, and many of their attitudes will become ours.   They like many ETs live about 2,000 years and start over again in rebirth like we do now, so till death do us part in relationships is not practical.  Much of our life is based on money and control in everything we do including sex and marriage and will not be a part of the next phase of our lives.  Infidelity and jealousy and loneliness will disappear from our way of thinking as we will have a Unity in thought and consciousness, and we will think of others besides ourselves and will want them to be happy also.  ETs generally do not have children unless they want and are ready for them unlike here in 3D where many are unwanted or unplanned.  In Unity there is a continual contact with all that is much like the Internet only greater, and no one feels lonely or helpless as we do now.  This profile is not relevant for those who move to 5D.]

Wanderer of the Skies - November 19, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:  Today we speak of the Disclosure plan unfolding in your world. Two leaders of your cabal, key members of a control group responsible for the false flag operations that would seek to undermine our disclosure to you, have capitulated. They have been removed to safe zones [jails?] to be out of touch with those that would seek to obtain their authority to undertake the plans the Illuminati have developed for the Disclosure scenario. They have been effectively neutralized with no harm to anyone.  [There are still many more here that are ready to sabotage any plans for disclosure.]

You must remember that there are two separate forces at work on your planet. One is from off world entities [Draco reptilians and greys] that seek to control you using your own human species in positions of power and trust who have been corrupted by greed and power [this includes most of our leaders]. The other are those very minions, your own people who have chosen to move away from their own in service to the dark [and have joined the Light]. We will handle those [ETs] off world as we have already done, including the destruction [by the Andromedans] of their [reptilian] underwater facilities [in the Middle East and China] from which they have operated for a very long time. It is up to you to meet out justice to those in your own world and of your own kind, when the time comes. [Waiting for our corrupt courts and legal systems to act will never happen.]  Your systems will be in place for that eventuality [but not without intervention]. We are certain that this process will result in humane actions and not vengeance, which is wasteful of energy and serves only to create darkness.

The divine plan is already underway. You can expect from us a message that we will deliver to the people of your world when we arrive. It will bypass all your institutions [the corrupt media and governments] and go directly to the people unfiltered and unedited [by direct broadcast]. We will say to you: People of the world. Fear not for we have come in peace. In the days ahead you will be able to meet with us [ET contact]. For now, we ask that you not panic or have fear of us. We have come from all over this universe and beyond to help you in these coming days. We wish not to conquer you, to enslave you, or control you. [We have been here for centuries and could have done so long ago if we wanted to.]

The days of having [slave] masters is over. You are free. We have come to oversee that this freedom come about and we wish you only love and peace. We are here to give you your true history, a mosaic of who you were and how you came to be, the truth of which has been withheld from you for a very long time. We are your family and we wish to reunite with you as one people. In the coming days your leaders will inform you of our presence on your world since before you were born. We wish for you to become cosmic citizens and to visit the stars with us. Your time to evolve has arrived, and with it comes a great responsibility and thus our offer of help.

This will initiate our discourse with your human race. It is a message we will deliver to everyone, everywhere, when the moment has been triggered. That moment is up to you. But the plans set in place for what follows will go off like clockwork, for it is as we have intended. Our time apart from each other grows shorter by the minute and we are with you always. We feel your loss of faith in this process and your lack of trust in our efforts to move the process along [we are getting impatient with promises that are never kept so far and we do not believe you now until there is a visible change]. We will not fail you. You must not fail yourselves.  [The Angels only speak of the Vegans, the Arcturians, and the Pleiadian ETs that are here now because they are generally more spiritually advanced than many ETs, unlike the Andromedans who although they are highly advanced technologically are not yet spiritually oriented.]

Sheldan Nidle Nov 15 2011 - Soon

Our Agarthan [Inner Earth ET] cousins consider it their prime obligation to you to liberate your surface world from these decaying delusions, and we are here to fully support this vital task! We have, on your behalf, consulted with those who are keen to begin the process of externalizing the new economic and political systems that will free you from the dark's tyranny. In this regard, various legal documents are being completed and the first steps of new economic systems are being launched by these wealthy and spiritually oriented groups. The Agarthans are assisting your Ascended Masters, who have, over the millennia, put together a global network that allows each of these groups to communicate amongst each other. Right now, all the preliminary work for carrying out a spiritual revolution to shift your reality to the Light has been finished. The next stage is to push the necessary dark governments from power [the hard part] and establish the new international organizations dedicated to peace, freedom, cooperation, and of course prosperity! The initial protocols for these organizations have been signed by most of your world's nation states. The time is now ripe for action!

Those liaisons assigned to our Earth allies report that the procedures for ensuring the safety of the various accounts and the smooth disbursement of the deliveries are being completed, and we expect the deliveries and the concurrent changes in governments to happen shortly. Since these developments will be quite shocking to most on your world, we have arranged for calming energies to be present so that this transition will be as stressless as possible. Our Earth allies, under the supervision of your Ascended Masters, are poised to transform your world with a surge of 'divine intention.' This intention will catalyze the start of the new reality we have been talking about. Your world's shift from dark to Light is a most exciting time, and a pivotal event along the way is disclosure. At this point, as you know, we will be making a series of our own introductory broadcasts to your world once disclosure has been formally announced.

We also intend to make ourselves more visible to you in your daylight skies once new governance has been installed [ET Contact]. One aim of this higher visibility is to emphasize to the dark that any last-ditch attempts at disruption will not be tolerated by us. In the same vein, we have set in motion several countermeasures, which we briefly discussed last week, to forestall the cabal's plans to mess up the host of beneficial social programs to be instituted by the new governments [like the removal of those who do not cooperate]. We are setting up 'protection measures' designed to nip these obstructive schemes in the bud. Our Agarthan cousins have briefed certain trusted members of the new governments about our intended safeguarding plans and we are monitoring all new-government personnel to ensure that nothing fishy occurs before, during, and after they take over the reins of power. We want the new governments to carry out their prescribed social programs as smoothly as possible because only in a positive atmosphere can disclosure be absorbed in a joyful and open manner.

My Comments:   As AA Anael stated, all of AA Michael's work is finished and Sheldan seems to confirm this here.  AA Michael has been participating in His work and teaching here for almost 3 years which is longer than expected since most Archangels have a two year term like AA Jophiel did before Him.  It has been a long road with many delays, detours, potholes, and distractions, but His work is complete and it is time for a well deserved vacation and other duties that await Him.  He has helped rid us of Nibiru and freed the Sun of its captivity so that we who ascend to 5D may receive our new eternal bodies that are stored there now.  They are not better carbon bodies that last for a few thousand years like most ETs that are here now have but are totally new ones.  Since we will not die there is no need to replace them with children, and that is left for those still in 3D to deal with.  Even the family in 3D will change since many are unhappy in the present environment here.

Some continue to say that Obama is the great leader who will help bring a new age to 3D, but the question is which Obama are they referring to since there are several?  If it is the clone/double seen here now on TV with facial scars that usually result from brain operations for mind control the answer would appear to be no.  The current arch-criminal Obama has broken every law in the books and has not been prosecuted for any of them as usual. The Obama Corp. continues to say that ETs do not exist which is typical of their lies, and this ET disclosure (if it occurs) will bring a world wide awakening and a new consciousness as AA Anael said.   There is reportedly an ET that  looks like him waiting offstage who may appear briefly and assist in the near future.  Sheldan said Obama will not be a part of this new government, and that this change will occur soon, which could mean next week, next month, or next year, so only when Soon becomes Now is it Reality and not just gossip and promises.

The Greys introduced cloning to the Nazis before WW2, and you will find pictures of them posing with Hitler on the Net.  They said they were from 50,000 years in the future and using cloning extensively they had put their race on the verge of extinction.  They signed a treaty with the US in 1954 that allowed them to abduct a few hundred against their will to be used in rebuilding a new human race in exchange for advanced technology that can be seen in much of our equipment today.  As the saying goes give an inch and they will take a mile, and it is estimated that several million were abducted and bases like Dulce were used in these horror experiments.  It appears that these cloning labs have been shut down by ETs, thus the doubles and scars on Obama.  To make workers into willing accomplishes the dark often attached heart control devices that could be shut off when they became disobedient as they did with some of the scientists who worked in these labs.

The Greys traveled back to our time in hopes of altering their mistakes in the future, but you cannot go back and rewrite the future due to the fact that you will create an alternate reality.  Drekx Omega on Sept. 25 said, "Imagine that there are several timelines that equate to those strands, which are being converged into a unified field that takes the entire solar system, apart from some designated zones outside of Earth, into the reality beyond time. Of course, time being illusory, the system is being returned to a greater wholeness beyond 3rd and 4th density illusion, including illusory time and space, and we as individuals are also integrating with our light bodies, to be free of the time and space matrix we currently reside in.  As consciousness grows, the call for the [Elohim] Timelords to serve the purpose of splicing [timelines into one] is manifest for our solar system's evolution, and the intent is for Earth to possess a 5th density outer and inner vibration, but no longer 4th and 3rd density zones."

There are alternate realities that are being repaired now by the Angels as part of the Galactic restructuring that is going on now.  Some talk of the Nazis winning WW2 (which they secretly did anyway) and living under Hitlers rule, and the revolt against the Illuminati in 2006 that resulted in the formation of 5 new independent states that replaced the US Corp.  These realities are being repaired now and will not exist for us in the future, and the nightmare lives that we have had will soon be forgotten.

As we approach the holiday period there is a false sense of joy and a seasonal spirit of good will that disappears after the New Year.  This is only a social atmosphere that encourages us to spend as much money as we can (money that we do not have) in the few remaining weeks of this year to make people believe we are generous and loving to others.  Big business loves this time since they make most of their profits now.  We need the greatest gift of all now by bringing disclosures that will begin a global awakening for all and free us of the social mind control by governments, religions, and the media that keeps us ignorant.  Chemtrails are used primarily to block the new cosmic energies that are coming due to the collapse of the ionosphere and other local cosmic spheres, and the main ingredient is aluminum which causes Alzheimer's disease and a dumbing down of mankind.  Fluoride was introduced in WW2 by the Nazis as a way to pacify and immobilize their prisoners.

My work is directed not only to mankind but to ETs and Divinity, so certain topics may not be fully understood by some, and to many it is still only science fiction.  It has been a long roller coaster ride and hopefully it is nearly over.  In Heaven the war is over and AA Michael said His work is finished and we will see the Light become victorious, but here in hell the Bad Boys are still in control and we see no visible change yet.  The main focus of my work has been disclosure, awakening and a global change, and hopefully that will begin soon, but only time will tell.

Rich N