Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Archangel Uriel - Judgment Day

By AA Uriel thru Hazel Sept. 14, 2010

The reigns of control are about to be snapped out of the hands of they who have for many ages engendered evil and propagated darkness throughout the lands . The final whistle has sounded and We the host are marching in to reclaim that which is of the Father. They will be forced to abdicate their self made thrones as the era of darkness falls away to make room for fresh rays of light. Yes, the angel of death has come to claim all that is dark, for no more shall darkness survive on this planet which has been granted redemption. As the black tar which has marred and stifled the planet melts away, the joys of the light shall replace it as renewal weaves its way through out all life.

The pall bearers are here readying themselves to take away all whose time is spent [over]. Greener pastures do not exist for you who wreak the foul odor of diabolism [the work of the devil]. Your journey has ended. The blackened flowers have been wreathed to crown you as you take your leave, for judgment has already been rendered and you must now face the consequences of your tyranny and rebellion against the light of God.

The substance of your very being crudely sits in a pernicious void and you hang in limbo awaiting now the final command that will lead you to your acquired destiny. You who have without pity for your brothers subdued their spirits so that they cannot see their way to the light shall reap the rewards of your gluttony. For where you shall go will be barren, no oasis will be found as you suffer the fate you have rendered to others. You have so sucked the life force from the children of God that they no longer recognize themselves [as members of Divinity] and for this you must answer, but it is now too late and you are now placed beyond your control.

You must now ride the storm that will overturn your very world and without a safety net to turn to. As you have pilfered thus their lives, you shall find your lives will be pilfered too. The joys that you have robbed them of, those joys shall be withheld from you for what will seem eternity. The drudgery of your actions shall cast a net within which you shall be trapped. No opening [escape] will there be for you until you place your hand in His who offers freedom in the light. Prepare your very soul to face the maker of your destiny, for time's euphoria will [not] bless you and grace's hold will [not] be released [on you]. The judgment call has sounded and you must line up before Him, to mete your fate that you did earn. You shall see the light of Him once more before you fall; no brace will gently hold you as you bow out of this your life on earth to eat the dust on another world.

The time has dawned for the light to shine and the dusk has come unto your sorry selves, so bid adieu to all you knew, for your gold and silver cannot buy your life's return onto this earth. You have reached the point of no return and the tables are about to turn, the tide is about to overtake you, the land is about to roar in pain, the earth is about to shake with might and rage, the sun is about to bear its righteous rays, the turn of turns [pole] reversal shall cause the planet core to be restored. You had your turn and you made your choice. You pilfered life, you purchased your joy. The deadened beat that clutches you now will rid the world of your vicious scum, for you have called on the hand of death and she is here to bear [bring] you down.

There are no final chances left, for you have bled the very life of compassion's expectancy and now you shall be thrown to meet your fate. Too often have you rejected the hand that gave you life and now you must be taken elsewhere to find your path again and your journey to the light. The pain is yours to bear, for you shall paint a sultry picture as you leave the helm to take your rightful place below. The angels cry for you, but you could not respond to love and light and chose instead a world of hate and greed to feed your souls and bereft you will stand, some to be returned to the stillness from whence they came [uncreated], others to plummet to denser fate [3D hell elsewhere].

Yes this is judgment day, for He who offered you His hand has had it turned away [you have rejected it] and now you must face this judgment. The call has come so be prepared, your fate is now sealed, the anchor has led [been prepared] in readiness to take you down; [there are] no ropes to hold on to, no buoys to clutch as you shall be pulled and swept below, the undercurrent tides of evil that flow will be your own travail. The light within your darkened place has been extinguished, not to be regained. The lids are pulled down upon your eyes, your hands are placed by your sides, the caskets are closed, the wreaths are in place and for all the dark is now erased. THIS IS THE DAY OF JUDGMENT. We the Angels of God have come to usher this announcement. Be ready oh ye of darkened cloth for YOUR TIME IS UP.

[I am AA] Uriel here in the Light of God with the [Angelic] hosts at hand. I bid you peace children of God, for the harmony of His light is about to rescue you His sheep.