Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Age Nonsense

"When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind's true liberation

I was a child of the 60's when I first learned about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  I would listen to the lyrics of the songs from Hair all the time. It was an exciting time and I looked forward to living in this New Age of Aquarius when I grew up. Everywhere we looked the world was experiencing massive transformation in consciousness! It truly seemed to be changing before our eyes!  So with this vision planted firmly in my heart and mind, I became a new disciple of the New Age Plan set forth during the 60's. According to a proliferation of metaphysical books, the dawning of the New Age was an accelerated evolution (Ascension) of humanity and Planet Earth through a series of energetic upgrades towards becoming divine. The plan was to increase the vibration so that the human DNA would mutate and transform into a higher, evolved micro-system mirroring how our universe operates - crystalline-light based life force.

The New Age Plan was to coincide with the alignment of our solar system with the Galactic Core, as predicted according to the Mayan Calendar leading up to 2012. We were expecting during this event an infusion of photon light to enter Earth's atmosphere from the black hole of our Galactic Core, which is emitting a powerful force field of gamma rays (over 24 hertz of light). But as you know, history speaks for itself! As we enter the new year of 2012, humanity and Planet Earth are about as far away from that New Age vision as you can imagine. Instead of the dawning of a New Age, we are seeing the collapse of our civilization, rampant disease and depression, toxic financial systems, devastating natural disasters and now large groups of animal die-off.

If I didn't know better, I would suspect the New Age Plan has failed miserably! But during the last decade I was informed of the failing ascension plan in a channeling with the Sirian Council. In summary, we were being guided to abandon Plan A and align with the newly forming plan to shift global consciousness through the collapse. Our instructions were to create and anchor a New Earth Hologram, so that humanity could choose to ascend out of the collapsing world order. We would need to 'Rise out of the Ashes'!

So what happened? Why the last minute ditched-effort to change the path to Ascension? It had become clear that human consciousness was so locked into polarity that the increasing light quotient was mutating human DNA into progressive disease and decay. When we experience increasing higher awareness we can utilize the photon light to transmute lower, shadow consciousness and continually increase our vibration. Without conscious intent to direct and monitor the photon light, our bio-energetic system becomes overwhelmed, deteriorates and short-circuits.

So at some point in the last decade it became clear that humanity and Planet Earth were not ascending and evolving according to the New Age Plan, but actually devolving into a worsened condition. The crystalline sites in Earth's crust (Arkansas & Brazil) and the planetary pyramid network around the world were amplifying the photon light frequencies into the atmosphere. And yet humanity was not successfully evolving! [Nothing has changed.]

My Comments:   New Agers say that as we approach ascension things will get better and we will become fully conscious beings.  Most of mankind however is just as ignorant as they were 50 years ago, and they still believe the lies of the media, governments, religions, and society.  The New Age movement however also has many beneficial qualities like its music and its focus on meditation and yoga for personal advancement.  Many movies have portrayed arch-villains who wish to take over the world, but this occurred a long time ago using the Dracos and their followers, and this can be seen in the CFR, Bilderbergers, Council of 300, NATO, the UN and others that still enslave us using their secret world government.  To succeed you have to be part of these groups or you will be destroyed by them, you have to sell your soul to the devil.  The Internet has helped awaken some, but that number is still very small, and only Disclosures will bring a global awakening.  That has yet to occur, and many excuses have been given for this.

Everyone including the the Galactic Federation (GF) is passing the buck, saying it is not their responsibility, which is only an excuse for doing nothing.  The GF says that major earthquakes and a pole shift will be prevented using their ET technology and Earth's pollution will be cleaned up, so we will only have a better 3D in the future.  We can look forward to a better government and financial system in the coming years with most living in better ghettos with better technology.  This is contrary to the Divine plan that according to Archangel Michael and others calls for the demolition of Earth and the reconstruction of this universe, so living in a building that is being torn down is not possible and could be hazardous to your health.  Earth will increase in size by 30% according to OM Aivanhov as part of this reconstruction process. The late Robert Monroe in his book Far Journeys said he traveled to the year 3,000 and found no life on 3D Earth, and this is what OM found also when he traveled to Earth in the near future. 

AA Anael said on June 12, 2010:  "The Earth enters a period of dimensional expansion and transformation where it will expand its volume both physically and materially, resulting in an increase in the radius and circumference of the Earth [by 30%], and this is directly connected with the expansion of inner Earth [Agartha will also be affected].  This is also related to the influences brought on by the companion of your sun known as Nemesis or Herlocubus according to your scientists and the ancients." 

He said this week that we are still living in the Dark Ages (and that includes the GF also in my opinion.  They are still desiring to continue what they have done for thousands of years even though that era is now over.)  He said all Divine work will be completed by the Summer solstice of June 20 of this year for all on Earth, and all consciousnesses, all structures (physical bodies, regenerated etheric bodies, astral bodies, mental bodies, causal body, and all bodies of essence will be ready to live their transformations at the collective level and the personal level in this process called Ascension.  It is interesting that this is before the end of July that Divine Sereti said 3D Earth will end, so this may still happen this summer and not wait until December.

The GF said 3 months ago that there will be mass arrests of our criminal leaders in a few days, but nothing has changed, and many believe now this was a hoax from the beginning.  There have been no arrests, the chemtrail bombers are still operating their poison distribution business as usual, UFOs are still hiding in the clouds, and the banksters are laughing all the way to the bank.  The NATO summit is over and the only arrests have been of protesters who called for the arrests of those leaders who are guilty of war crimes and other heinous offenses.  The law enforcement and the military have shown their true nature this week in their support for the criminal cabal, so no matter what they say their deeds say otherwise.  Some say they are still awaiting arrest warrants, but that could take months of legal maneuvering yet before anything occurs.

Tolec - Galactic teachings on Reptilians and 2012

Tolec is a spokesman for the Andromedan ETs, and what he says generally agrees with what Alex Collier has said for years.  The main concept that is taught here is that Earth will move to a higher frequency where most of life that now exists will not be able to survive when Earth enters the Galactic Center of Alcyone later this year.  That includes most humans, animals (like insects), and reptilian ETs.  They say that by 2014 this transformation will be complete and Earth will exist in 5th density, and only 10% of mankind have the higher vibrational frequency to exist on this new Earth.   By monitoring the position of Earth as it moves in orbit ETs can determine the future timeline and the events that will occur.  Certain events that are related to the cosmos are fixed in stone and cannot be changed, while events that are dependent on decisions that we make can change our future somewhat (there is no predestination as some theologians teach since we have free will). 

The Andromedans have several problems that influence their teachings:  they have no knowledge of Divinity nor do they acknowledge the Astral Dimensions that are part of this 3D matrix duality. Like many ETs they only know about the existence of 11 dimensions and the new 12th dimension, because when you enter higher dimensions than these you are dealing with Angels and other Divine beings. They have no access to these higher dimensions themselves and must rely on what others have said.  They are aware of the blue beings from Sirius like Sereti who exists in the 31st dimension only because others have talked about them. 
[ ]

Much of what messengers say comes from the Astrals and is questionable at best.  Some have had enjoyable experiences with astral travels so much that they do not wish to return to 3D like those who have had near death experiences like my aunt, but it is necessary to use psychic protections that prevent attacks from low-level reptilians and others that they may encounter there.  Like Duality the Astrals will no longer exist in either 3D or 5D since everything will exist in a higher vibration.

The Andromedans say that reptilians exist in the 4th dimension because they are far more advanced than us and we are still in 3D, and Earth will move to 4D which seems inaccurate.  It is generally believed that like the Astral dimensions we are already in 4D and will move to 5D as the Angels have said.  Tolec said that reptilians are master geneticists and can create monsters and half-breeds like horse-men that they made in Dulce and other bases here.  Some of our food was also created in these labs by them.   They got most of their advanced technology from other ETs that shared this and did not develop it themselves, and they have only used it against us to control us.  Reptilians exist in the Astral 4th dimensions like ghosts which is why we cannot normally see and sense them.  Andromedans say we deserve to be free of these reptilian slave masters and the Cabal by ET intervention (too bad the GF doesn't feel this way), and many will agree with this.  The question is only if and when this will occur.

Pane Andov - Sun goes into Red Giant Phase on Dec 23 2012

Pane says that based on recent crop circles created by UFO craft and Mayan teachings this December the Sun will expand like Earth due to the alignment of our Sun with the Great Central Sun Alcyone.  There are numerous Mayan calendars, and only the Long Calendar is accurate for us because it is based on astronomical movements and is not related to the Gregorian calendar that we use today. The Maya calendar uses three different dating systems in parallel, the Long Count, the Tzolkin (divine calendar), and the Haab (civil calendar). A Great Cycle, or Age, is also known as a "Sun."

Their legends state that at the end of each Sun there is a catastrophe, followed by a renewal. They count time in a cycle of five Suns, which therefore spans 9,360,000 days, or about 25,627 years [every cycle is 52,000 years]. Some cite this Five Sun cycle as evidence of Mayan knowledge of the procession of the equinoxes.  Mayans believed that we are currently in the Fifth Great Cycle, which will end, and a new First Sun will begin on December 23 2012. Popular literature abounds with speculation on this event, and its near-coinciding with ecliptic crossing to the north of the Solar System's orbit around the Galactic Center Alcyone.

Dimensional Bodies

The body of essence that those who ascend will receive is composed of Light, a Light beaming not on the outside but a Light shining from within [it is stored in the Sun waiting for us at our ascension]. This body of essence depending on your dimensional origin before being trapped within this 3D matrix and your future destination will have several possible forms. Thus, by finding your body of essence, you can receive either:

- A body of Light consisting of adamantine particles. This is the body of Light in reality belonging to the 5th Dimension.  [Our new bodies will not be crystalline as many messengers have stated but will be Light bodies.  This is beyond our comprehension and can only be understood when we experience this transformation personally.]  Sereti on September 6, 2011 said:  Your heavy [3rd] density carbon body will be transformed into lighter [5th] density bodies of Eternity with vibrations that are extremely light in content in order to enable you to live this transformation and this final adjustment to your eternity.  Earth lives and will live this transformation also [there will be many physical changes], just as all of you who are either unenlightened or awakened will experience these same events.

- A body of Crystal corresponding in turn to the 11th Dimension. The Light at this time is that of a crystal, as you would see in your 3D matrix [like a solid stone]. The only difference is that this crystal is not stable but has a strictly super imposable characteristic where you are within this body and is changeable.  This does not necessarily mean having a human face that you would describe as human. At this level, you may find that you have the face of one of your ET stellar origins, your four lineages either mixed or pure.

- A Diamond body. Beyond the body of Crystal, certain people can merge with what has been called the Diamond body belonging to the 18th Dimension. There are again certain human characteristics attributed to non-humans, but in this anthropomorphism the changeability of forms is even greater in this dimension. However, you can equate this with the brilliance of the diamond, not on the outside but glowing from the interior.

- A Triangular body.  You also have a significant number of people who have come from what is called in your teachings the Triangular civilizations of the 24th dimension who were trapped in this matrix [as prisoners who wanted to escape but were unable to] and have in fact sacrificed and suffered living here [in Hell] for more than 300,000 years [during the reign of Lucifer and the Annunaki] while this world was separated from the Light, and various schemes were also carried out every 50,000 years so that the Light was permanently cut off.  [Many will want to return home during this ascension process.  The Annunaki prevented our universe from entering the Galactic Core every 52,000 years by use of their planet sized vessel Nibiru, thus hijacking us and keeping us from returning to the Light.  They were evicted several years ago, and this Divine plan for a reunion with Divinity will continue on schedule.  These Triangular bodies appear in Star Trek as rotating brightly colored triangles and may give us a glimpse of what they will be like.]  

- Regarding the various possible manifestations of the body of essence, what happens when it enters into the unlimited consciousness (not in the physical body but directly into the body of essence), when it is no longer attached to the limited consciousness of the ego and intellect? At that time the consciousness discovers his limitlessness and infinity, and he is able to travel instantly anywhere he wants.  When I say immediately, I do not even mean at the speed of light but much faster.

- The Spiritual body changes instantaneously.  It becomes in a concept that you know within this matrix as a hologram that can appear depending on your mind and your Spirit instantly in any dimension, anywhere in the solar system irrespective of the distances between locations visible from your point of view within the matrix.  The allegory that We used of the consciousness of a caterpillar and the consciousness of a butterfly are actually two separate consciousnesses.  What happens is that the limited consciousness or the ego consciousness becomes and is transformed into the unlimited consciousness itself and the former does not exist any longer. It is not the same consciousness however nor is it the same entity at all. 

- After our merger with the body of essence there are no longer limitations of bodily forms or dimensions. You can even return to your home solar systems and visit different planets without a starship to travel in. Everything will be instantly accessible then. [Imagine traveling to any place or dimension that you want to go to at any time and receiving bodies that will adapt to these dimensions and planets.  This unlimited consciousness results from Divinity and not from the Light chambers that the GF talks about.  These GF chambers only return our carbon bodies to what we had during the time of Atlantis before the Annunaki dumbed us down and destroyed most of our DNA.  They may still be helpful for those who remain in 3D elsewhere.]

The Archons were first mentioned in the Gnostic Gospels, and they were written in about 100-350 AD, and they have been preserved in the Nag Hammadi library.  There Yaldabaoth was called the chief Archon, an arrogant, jealous god, and the ruler of this world.  The Angels call him Jehovah the Jewish god and Allah the Muslim god.  It appears that he was the chief reptilian ruler, and he loved to incite hatred, wars and killings in his name, and the Old Testament is full of his crimes.  In Genesis 4, Cain is described as killing his brother Abel and being banished for his act of murder; in the Secret Book of John, Cain  and Abel  are said to have been fathered by the seductive first ruler Yaldabaoth,  who defiled Eve sexually to get her pregnant. [Reptilians and humans can have enjoyable sex as some women have discovered.]

Part of our brain is reptilian, and this reptilian brain is the most ancient part of our brains. It has two hemispheres, just like the neocortex, and they may relate functionally to the left and right hemispheres of the neocortex.  Traits and consequences of the reptilian brain are listed as: consume, seek a mate, get married, breed, reproduce, fight, riot, obey, eat, kill, fear, worship, buy, drink, drugs, hate, compete, get more, guilt, sin, don’t cooperate, seek differences, sleep, and survive.  This brain controls much of what we think and do.   
[ ]

The Gnostics also mention that the closest companion of Jesus was Mary Magdalene. "He loved her more than His students, and He often kissed her on her face".  She eventually became His wife, and they had several children.  These teachings have no place in the Roman church and were deleted from the Bible.  One reason for the creation of the Roman church was to destroy these "heresies", and this occured by 500 AD, thus bringing on the dark ages.

Since January 2012 and ongoing into May, an estimated 1,000 to 3,000 dolphins and some porpoises have reportedly washed up dead on beaches off of Peru for 100 of miles, and there are many more that were caught as seafood or whose bodies sank to the bottom that are not counted.  Almost 600 dolphins have died in the Gulf since February 2010 probably due to Corexit.  They have said that their job here on Earth is over and they have returned to their home worlds, and some of us will soon return to our ET homes also after having lived as prisoners in this 3D matrix for thousands of years.  Earth is ready for a change and that will begin when there is a pole reversal.  The Mayans told Drunvalo that there will be another great ice age where temperatures can drop to -200 degrees which is part of Earth's cleansing and a desire for a new beginning like us.  Most people only want a better 3D here and do not want to hear this since they only think with the reptilian brain that wants to survive at all costs. 

The Liens placed on the Federal Reserve Banks have been extended to include the Rothschild Central banks in Europe and in Japan, but these proceedings can take years since all courts still operate under admiralty law where everything including the Fed is fictional.  Try bringing a lawsuit against a ghost. NESARA took over 10 years in the courts before it was passed and became law (although it was never enforced).  It was only related to the US unlike these liens which are world-wide.  Obama could issue Executive orders that would immediately shut down the Fed and chemtrail spraying and would begin the Disclosure process, but he will never do that.  He only wants to be king of the world for 4 more years in status quo. 

When Bill Wood in his video talked about the criminal Obama as a white hat leader he lost much of his credibility with many, and the GF long ago lost their credibility by announcing things like mass arrests that have never happened and probably never will.  Many only consider the GF as con artists since talk is cheap.   We are tired of empty promises, and only promises that become reality are what matter.  Bill's friend Eva said on May 22 that he has been arrested on federal charges because he has exposed too much and they want him silenced, so the wrong people are being arrested as usual.  It appears his discussion of the corruption of the Navy Seals and other military mercenaries was the final nail in his coffin. 

The Pope's butler Gabriele, who has been at the Pope's side for six years, was arrested this week after leaked church documents revealed allegations of corruption and power struggles within the Vatican bank and secrets within the top of the Vatican pyramid including the Pope himself.  Rather than correcting corruption those who expose it are arrested so these secrets can remain that way, and this goes on all the time within the Cabal.  This is one of the hazards of speaking the truth.

Everything here is only talk until it becomes reality, and until the media reports it and it becomes global knowledge it never happened.  The Andromedans basically support the Divine plans for a new Earth and the GF supports a new age agenda of a better status quo Earth which opposes these Divine plans, so it is up to each to decide which ETs to support.  I am tired of a better 3D myself and want to move on to new and greater things.  We will only know what will happen during the rest of this year when these events occur, but it will be too late to change our minds by then.  Hopefully we will still see a major change before then, but that is doubtful, and only time will tell.

Rich N