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Archangel Anael - November 6, 2010

Note: I have updated my comments here as of Nov. 30.

Question: Do Beings of Light use implants to locate people?

Beloved, on the Unified [5D and above] worlds there is no need for implants because all can instantly communicate in a Unified multidimensional way with all consciousnesses wherever they are located, and there is no separation as such, so the concept of implants is meaningless. However, there are a variety of Beings of Light, in the sense that you call them, who are beings with a specific mission within these carbon based worlds known for their Unification. These beings are called in your traditions Angels of the Lord, and they correspond to the 3rd Dimensional Unified Vegans. They are involved within the separated carbon based worlds like yours. This is their function and role.

They are required to identify themselves within these separated carbon based matrix worlds as Beings of Light. For this they have only two ways to accomplish this: One is using implants that you call Alien Technology which is performed from a distance outside of this solar system, so they can identify these so-called evolving beings of Light in these separated carbon worlds. Their second means of locating is a visual and direct contact when they present themselves to you in your physical environment. Now, with regards to other Unified dimensions beyond the 3rd, the implant has no reason to exist because consciousness is freely available and is detectable in all of the Universes.

This is of course difficult to accept or even understand or integrate with by your current sensory means. In multidimensional realms, there is no barrier, no boundary, so you can instantly communicate with all entities from one end of the universe to the other and from one dimension to other dimensions. There is no need for implants since you are already being tracked and identified by your own presence. The notion of privacy as you conceive it in this world, simply does not exist within the Unified worlds beyond the carbon based worlds, where transparency is the absolute rule and is established at all levels [you cannot hide your feelings or actions because they will be known to all. You will be instantly understood by those you meet and any lies will be exposed to them.]

Question: In the Unified worlds are there visual exchanges [can we see each other and communicate with them by our actions and words]?

Beloved, beyond the carbon based worlds, the appendage known as the eye simply does not exist [thus there is a need for some ETs to wear goggles in order to see us in 3D]. There is an inner vision, a resonance, and a close communication that has nothing to do with vision in the retinal sense. Now in regards to telepathy, telepathy exists only in the carbon worlds. It is the requirement of what you call the angels of the Lord [Vegans] who communicate telepathically. This telepathic voice is also used mainly by the Archons [darkside] and beings from the separated 3rd Dimension outside of your solar system known as small gray beings and the reptilian Dracos who communicate solely telepathically. Telepathy is not a means of communication that exists within the unified worlds beyond the carbon 3D worlds in 5D and above.

Telepathy is a characteristic directly derived from what you call the reptilian brain, which of course does not exist in the Vegans or in any others in the Unified 3rd Dimension [those who remain in a Unified 3D will have new brains and bodies without these limitations]. This weakness and limitation of telepathy is very commonly used today, especially by dark forces opposed to the Light. When a Guardian Angel speaks to you, it is not telepathy since He speaks to you in your ear and does not send His words through your brain, which is a violation.

Question: How can we discern what comes from a Unified 3D entity and what would called an Archon [a darkside being] in telepathy,?

Only one way: the Orion salutation and vibration, provided it is presented during this session. [This salutation involves extending the left arm out straight and then moving the left hand over the heart. In the same manner the right arm is extended and the right hand is then placed over the left hand at the heart. The head is then bowed down to show respect for the entity you are in contact with. Reptilians cannot perform this greeting because they feel they are better than others. By using this greeting and ritual before each telepathic connection we can be assured that this communication is with Beings of the Light and are not words that originate from the darkside.]

Question: So is there the possibility of telepathic intervention from darkside sources?

Absolutely. This is an exclusive characteristic of those who employ the 2nd and 4th dimensions for communication. A Guardian Angel will speak to you at the ear level or inwardly in the Heart, but certainly not through the brain as with telepathy. Telepathy, which can appear to you in a dream, is a form of rape [an abuse of that person's will] of the Spirit. [Most channelers use telepathy in their work, and these messages go through the brain word for word and not through the heart and are not entirely accurate. This suggests that many of these "new age" channelers are erroneous or give half truths and not to be entirely believed.]

Question: What is the consequence of the salutation of Orion on the reptilian Dracos?

It triggers a violent reaction like an allergy. The reason is simply that Dracos, existing on intermediate levels, are extremely sensitive to all that is wave shaped, even when they might appear on a purely physical level [these gestures create 2nd dimensional waves]. The Orion greeting to some extent is a wave shape that carries an energy that triggers their hives, which is very bad for the skin of a reptile. Humans are very insensitive to this second dimension, which manifests itself actually by these wave forms. Some beings of which those beings belong are extremely sensitive to anything that is wave shaped. [Some have said that Dracos are invincible and have no weaknesses, but they have violent reactions to certain 2nd dimensional waves like the salutation of Orion which is where they are from originally.]

Question: Is there is a similarity between our Guardian Angels and our stellar origin?

There may or may not be. This is profoundly different for each and is based on your stellar bloodlines. Remember that the stellar bloodlines are also called your Four Pillars. These pillars may be in resonance with a particular form of [ET] guardian that is not really a Guardian Angel, but a guardian anyway.

Question: Why, when human beings were created did the Elohim not create at that time forms of protection against interference from other entities or other worlds?

Beloved, understand that the Elohim never created man. The human being well beyond his humanity is an original emulation of the Creator Source. These carbon based structures were created directly by Master Geneticists, and they have functioned well for several tens of millions of years freely in Unity. This falsification of duality and the entry of competing principles contrary to the Source [by the reptilian Dracos] is in fact extremely recent compared to the history of the carbon worlds. Protection is naturally inherent in multidimensional beings. Thus this human weakness existing today did not exist before because the human being was Unified at creation. At that point as a Unified being it was possible for him to travel multidimensionally in spirit [without a body like those in a Unified 3D and 5D will be able to do also. This is similar to astral travels that some experience within the matrix.].

Only since the falsification by the matrix did this process of detention and imprisonment exist in this form of vulnerability and weakness. It should be understood that the entities that created the Unified carbon matrix have been forced to sacrifice themselves to prevent Their creation from being locked up and destroyed. Thus, in each cycle that has existed for 320,000 years, it is the sacrifice of what you call the Elohim [They are part of the fallen angels who participated in the Lucifer rebellion] that enabled you to retain your Spirit [we still have a spirit in spite of being separated at this time from Divinity and this will be restored in Unity at ascension]. We have therefore retained in some way a Unification, even if it was not apparent, except at certain times like now. At this moment there is a system of confinement [a quarantine from other ETs], and whatever it is called this confinement is an isolation, a separation, and a lack of communication with what is on the outside.

Wanting to establish communication at unsuitable times with others simply causes the lock up and destruction of the system (which obviously is not the goal) and the destruction of what is contained inside which is you. [The Elohim were involved in the Lucifer rebellion along with some other angels. According to the Urantia Book the Elohim joined the Annunaki god Jehovah (Yahweh) and became one of these gods that were worshipped and they suffered for this as a result. AA Michael said last year that the Elohim now exist at the 12th dimension and are working back to the 18th dimension where they were at one time as a result of Their predatory actions. We are responsible for our creations and can suffer from mistakes we make as a result. This quarantine has kept us locked up here in this matrix in numerous reincarnations until now. Although this explains in part our quarantine from the cosmos it is still not fully understood by most of us. In the Urantia book ( ) you can read about the Super universes and the Melchizedek discussed here.]

Question: This gives the impression of our being in a laboratory tested by other dimensions.

Beloved, the word laboratory is not quite appropriate. The more accurate word is Prison Planet. Beloved, you are in prison, you are not in a laboratory. The prison has only one purpose, and that is far from spiritual or evolutionary. It is simply to provide labor and consequently food as slaves. A laboratory experiment, in the sense that you call it would be very detrimental and not beneficial to the workforce. This food can be understood and categorized in a number of areas: emotional food and mental food [they feed on our fears and anger], and of course food in the physical sense [as slaves we provide food and they feed on our dead bodies also which is one reason for the many wars that have occurred]. Remember that you were designed as free beings who carry a soul and a spirit, and the soul and matter and the physical body are locked up together. The aim is to provide labor and food, and there are no other terms that describe it. Do not forget that the Dracos created animals as food for you as we have already said [and many of these animals will not be back on 5D Earth].

Question: What would have been the result if humanity had been lost [by not having this quarantine in place]?

This would have been the final loss of the Spirit and the deconstruction of the Spirit [the uncreation of the soul or spirit].

Question: What is the useful purpose of the Spirit to The Source?

I'm not sure I grasp the scope of this metaphysical question. Outside of this 3D prison there is no concept of usefulness, there is only the concept of life that is free and complete. The concept of usefulness stems from the notion of predation where a predator feeds on its prey and is only present in this prison on Earth or in other prisons. The Spirit is Creator, the Spirit is the Source. A Spirit can not be destroyed or disappear.

Question: Is it true that Creator Source needs our experiences?

Beloved, the Source is reflected in you in the the same way that you reflect the Source when you are Unified. The word need is not accurate. Life Is, Creation Is [and always will be]. The principles of creation all result from the principle of Grace. Thus a Creator, in whatever dimension that He creates, is obliged to accompany His Creation until this Creation becomes greater than the vibrational level of the Creator. This means that a Creator of that dimension needs to create structures that are more and more complex and advanced [and do not remain in status quo], but it is not mandatory. At some point the creation must one day become in vibration and consciousness higher and greater than its own Creator.

It is this principle that was violated by the Dracos, which led to the falsification and their predatory practices [they refused to allow mankind to advance to higher levels and kept them as servants and slaves. This can be seen in the Tower of Babel where mankind wanted to unite together and become better than their gods. Numerous languages were created so there would be division and they would remain as slaves rather than advance and unite in a rebellion against this tyranny. This is similar to 9/11 where terror was created so NESARA would not be implemented and we could not be free of the slavery of money and control.] The Source is not a predator [slavemaster]. Creator Source is Life and Creator is the opposite of a predator. Creation is giving while Predation is the lack of giving, only taking. Thanksgiving is giving, the action-reaction of duality is absolutely not a gift. Everything can be understood from this basic principle. Developing a concept of Creator within your intellectual mind and therefore in your human ego is an illusion because no brain can conceive what Creator Source is. One can only live the effects felt directly in the Heart, but never in the mind.

Question: AA Uriel announced that Christ has returned. Could you elaborate on this?

Christ has returned as He left. Do not look for Christ in a body or in a spirit on this Earth. You are all Christ, but there exists within the Sun a Spirit called Christ Michael or the Solar Logos returning to you as He left, and this has been perfectly described in the Apocalypse of St. John [the book of Revelation]. Do not look for Christ on Earth [the pope] for he is not Christ but the AntiChrist. Christ is a principle that has entered you. Christ is an emission, a Vibration and a Consciousness. Christ is a Spirit like you. This Spirit returns to you such as He left, that is by the Sky. The problem is that humans always imagine Him in a body of flesh. He does not have a body of flesh but is multidimensional, even though some people as they regain their essence may now be living within this matrix in a multidimensional body of flesh. Christ does not possess a body of flesh such as you have here, even though that was the case here some time [2,000 years] ago.

He thus returns with the [spiritual] body that He left with, but do not look for Him on Earth. It will be up to each of you to reveal Christ in yourself. This was announced long ago and also recently by Archangel Michael Himself at the end of the Celestial Marriage and during the 7 steps. What you have today was confirmed by Archangel Uriel. This return of Christ is not a return in the flesh [He will not appear to us in the sky riding a white horse as some religions teach]. Remember, Christ came to reveal and release you, bringing the sword of Truth. He did not come to save you from your sins, contrary to what is taught by a number of religions. Only you and you alone who can save yourself, only you and you alone can open the door to Christ.

Question: Are Christ Michael [Aton] and Ki-Ris-Ti two entities or are they the same Spirit?

There is a principle that is called Ki-Ris-Ti, and this principle is supported by all of the Children of the Law of One [Unity]. Basically it means the Burning Fire of the Sun or the Solar revelation of the Light. It is a title, a function, an expression independent of a particular spirit. There exists in this portion of the Multiuniverses and this Super Universe a consciousness that initially carried Christ. Since then other consciousnesses arrived to carry in full this dimensional Christ. The merger of Christ and [AA] Michael with the name of Christ Michael actually corresponds to the integration of the solar principle of Christ and the principle of Michael. It is a process called overshadowing. In the same way that a human can be overshadowed, a Solar Spirit can perhaps be overshadowed by a Spirit located above and beyond his dimensional level. This is exactly what has happened with Christ, now called for the past few years Christ Michael. He carries the vibration of Ki-Ris-Ti [Christ] and He carries the vibration of Michael in the same way that you are carrying the vibration of Christ, the vibration of Michael and the vibration of Mary [now called the new Tri-unity]. They are carriers of this vibration and carriers of this DNA entirely.

[The action of overshadowing is a complex process in which a spiritually advanced entity merges with and guides another entity. This can be seen in the concept of Jesus Christ where Jesus (Esu) as a human was overshadowed and guided by the Divine Christ and the two became One essentially. When Jesus was on the cross He said "why have You forsaken Me?" This probably refers to a separation of this Divine merger similar to what we have experienced in this 3D matrix. During ascension we will return to Unity and merge with Creator as One and will be like we were when we were created before this matrix was installed and we became separated. Christ Michael is a recent overshadowing of AA Michael by the Christ consciousness and the concept probably did not exist a century ago ago (the first reference to CM was in the Urantia Book published in 1955). In higher dimensions beings can consciously be in many locations performing in a multitasking mode as technology calls it. Those who have questioned the existence of Christ Michael should understand that He is real, His work is authentic, and He has the final word on what will transpire now.]

Question: Should we balance these three principles in our Heart?

That is exactly what has been achieved by the principle of the Unification of the new Tri-Unity.

Question: Could you elaborate on the concept of the Sword of Truth?

The Sword of Truth or the Sword of Michael or the Teachings of Christ are that which destroys what is not of the Truth. The Sword of Truth removes what is not the Truth; the Sword of Truth comes to purify, separate, and remove what is not of the Light; the Sword of Truth is the Fire that comes from Heaven to restore the Truth in Unity. Obviously this corresponds to what I have called the final events in 3rd dimension, and it could be called doomsday, the end of time or the end of this world.

Indeed, those that are closed minded in their beliefs, those who have followed and believed teachings external to themselves and have not
lived in their inner essence, will live in an extremely real way the end of this world, the end of their illusions, and therefore the Final Judgment. Humanity over the past 320,000 years has experienced this destruction many times [like the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria]. This destruction was not the end because the soul was still trapped in the matrix until now, and what happened after this process of destruction was only a return to the same life in the same prison. There was a reseeding of that world that grew and multiplied and again was used for labor and food, always with the promise of a better afterlife, always with the promise of a return to the Light, and always with a hope to continue elsewhere [in Heaven].

Question: Is the representation of the Merkabah in a single form of two pyramids rotating one inside the other accurate?

This corresponds to a simplified form of the Merkabah which would in reality be a complex crystal with 144 surfaces. The shape of the rotating double pyramid form invokes and produces the Interdimensional Merkabah. This Merkabah is a collection of individual interdimensional Merkabahs that join to form what I call a Vessel of Light. This Vessel of Light resembles a multidimensional form called the Dove or the original form of an Archangel. These changeable structures are however not fixed [just as those with 5D and up bodies are changeable depending upon their environment and desire. We will be able to have different bodies depending on the dimension and planet we are on at that time]. From the moment you enter into your body of inner essence, the Merkabah is not a vehicle itself but is the mediator that communicates with the inner essence. This Body of Light has nothing to do with the Merkabah. The collective interdimensional Merkabah may relate to this Body of Light however since it is a blend of this conscious Light Body moving within the same vibratory realm and density.

Question: How would You describe the workforce?

The workforce consists of conscious beings [slaves] that are used to serve other conscious beings [slavemasters]. The goal of the Annunaki Dracos was to extract a number of elements [like gold] present on this world before its 3D falsification. This extraction by the Dracos concerned gold molecules and particles which nourish these known as reptilian Dracos. This explains why there remains on this planet very little known gold [and why it is valued at over $1,400 an ounce]. Labor still exists, but it is an obligation of service, not performed freely. This is also called predation where a predator feeds off its prey. [We call this abuse in areas like lending and sex. We are here in this 3D matrix to work as slaves to serve our masters in this prison.]

Question: Today there is almost no gold, so why does the system continue as it does?

It is there for the control of the mind and emotions of man by those who on the intermediate levels [our leaders] are nourished by this. [Money is used to enslave us and make us do things we do not want to do in order to survive. Pleasure comes from controlling others through money and power.]

We have no more questions. Thank you.

My comments: There have been several Divine decisions in the last 2 weeks that are important for all to understand at this time, and they complement and confirm each other.

Christ Michael (CM) said last week "You will not see the new year" which refers to a new government and disclosures, and major ones will be removed probably this week. We may not wait for ascension to begin by a pole shift or any other disaster, and this process could begin at any time regardless of other events and may even begin this week.

OM (the former Omraam Mikael Aivanhov Who now presides over the Melchizedek) said last week "You have until Dec. 21 (the Winter Solstice) to decide whether you want to continue in 3D in your carbon based bodies or ascend to 5D with new bodies of Light. After that date the doors will be closed to 5D for those who still are sitting on the fence in indecision, and on that date your destiny is sealed forever. It is the deadline for deciding where your future will be in either 3D or 5D, and by indecision you have chosen to remain in 3D, and this decision is final. You are now faced with 2 choices: Surrender to the Light and say "Thy Will be done, not mine" and reject the ego personality and let it die so you may enter into the ascension of Earth and those who choose to move to the next level, or you can decide consciously and knowingly that you are not yet ready or do not want to give up your carbon bodies and wish to continue on your paths of materiality on other Unified 3D worlds.

Those who choose to continue in 3D will give up these bodies regardless, for they cannot leave with them [they will end up on Unified 3D worlds like Arcturus probably with newly created 4th density bodies (which are far superior to our 3D bodies) since it appears that 3rd density will soon be over for all according to the Andromedans]. The ego belongs only to the carbon based worlds and cannot exist on Unified worlds. Those who choose to give up their 3D bodies and ascend will one day take on another body in the solar systems they have been teleported to [this refers to those who will leave here and return to their home planets and dimensions. Those who choose to remain here will be given 5th density bodies of Light later.]. So this choice now is crucial. [In Unity whether in 3D or 5D there will not be time or the evil of duality, and the matrix will no longer exist for all.]

You will begin to see events in the skies including the Vegan ships of the Angels of the Lord that will appear in various places of the planet now. The Vessels [UFOs to us] of the Marian fleet that are positioned around the Sun [in higher dimensions] are 21 in number and are the size of Earth, and some are three times larger than Earth. There are also an infinite [uncountable] number of other ET Vessels that have come from other worlds that are independent Beings of Light, and this includes the Arcturian, Cassiopaean and Sirian fleets. The Sirius fleet is profoundly different from these ETs however because they are from multiple dimensions and are beings that have evolved within their own dimensions and multidimensions". [These include some that we call Divinity. The UFOs that are clearly seen to us like those in Belgium are probably Vegan 3D ships since most UFOs are of higher dimensions and appear blurry and disappear in front of us at times.]

OM said that if He were here now He would spend much time in prayer asking the Light to fill us completely until December 21. We can connect to the inter-dimensional Merkabah at any time of the day and night, and if we ask for a conscious connection with this collective inter-dimensional Merkabah the radiant crown chakra of the head and the 12 Stars of Mary will ignite one after the other and become activated. At that time you should request and install in yourself the Triangle of Tri-Unity of the Heart. If you do that nothing else matters and this will occur as a result.

Some like ET contactee Colleen Thomas and NASA mistaken Hercobulus (or Hercolubus as some like the Vatican call it) for Nibiru or the Nemesis but it is neither of these. As Colleen said Hercobulus emits anti-matter which destroys the matter of this 3D matrix, and its purpose is to bring about change.
OM said (in the Sept. 29 message here) that "Hercobulus is visible but not to the retinal vision since this star called Hercobulus is only visible in the infrared spectrum (it is a dying star and not a planet and is larger than Jupiter, 3 times the size of Jupiter). It will become visible to the eye only when it passes in front of the Sun because it does not rotate in the same sagittal plane and rotates 90 ยบ perpendicular in relation to other planets. Events that you see on Earth are the result of the combination of the Sun and Hercobulus, which will assist the development of your inner being and your essence which is released in conjunction with the Galactic Wave that hit this year. It is the presence of Hercobulus whose gravitational pull is precise and immense that is finally bringing the Light of Orion to Earth."

AA Anael said here that "a Creator is obliged to accompany His Creation until this Creation becomes greater than the vibrational level of the Creator". This means that as part of creation we should advance until we are greater than Creator which sounds like blasphemy to many. We are students of Divinity but we are also teachers for Them. They learn from us as much as we learn from Them. No one knows everything including Divinity, and status quo is not an option. Evolution means advancing to higher levels, and as we advance to Divine levels Divinity is also advancing, so we will never surpass Them as such. As time passes new dimensions and densities are created as Mr. Collier said, and the Andromedans are 50,000 years ahead of us technologically. The darkside has prevented us from having some of this technological advancement and wants to keep it for themselves so they can keep us under their control. As stated here all will receive new bodies at ascension whether in 3D or 5D and no being will keep his 3D body that he now has. AA Anael said that we will begin to see huge Motherships and not just the scoutships that have appeared until now.

On Dec. 21 both AA Michael and Mary will be in attendance to conduct this very important (final?) session which is the absolute deadline for choosing our future, and it appears that 3D will be over soon. Mary spoke about preparing for a pole reversal all summer, but She has been silent on this recently, and OM now only speaks about this year and not next year, which could suggest that we may not have much longer here in 3D. Even AA Uriel said recently that this is the end of 3D. This decision is subject to change or delay, but I feel that time is running out. Little time is left and hopefully change will begin soon, but only time will tell.

Rich N


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Alex and Colleen - ET Contactees

Alex Collier - Andromedan Contactee
Excerpts from Defending Sacred Ground 2000

On March 23, 1994 the Andromedans told me that all the 'black holes' in the known universe began to emanate a color-sound frequency. It's the first time it has happened in recorded history in our 'universe', which the Andromedans have been taught is a 21 trillion year old hologram. They say that they have been able to chart at least 100 trillion galaxies. Now in the system where they live, there are beings from the 5th, 6th and 7th density beings. The 7th density beings are on contact with those on 8th, 9th and 10th densities. Those on 9th and 10th were talking to those on 11th, who have apparently already moved into the new 12th density. A new holograph has been added to our universe, which is why the frequency is changing, and a lot of people are feeling it.

Everything is being 'pulled up'. Now, this is God. The Andromedans refer to this as the Is-ness. What the Andromedans have said as a result of their preliminary studies by traveling back and forth through time, and what they are being told "down the line' through the dimensional levels, is that as of right now, by December 3, 2013 third density as we know it is supposed to implode, and for those of us who have chosen to evolve, it will be a conscious, clear intent to do so. For those who so choose, they will move through fourth into fifth density.

The Andromedans say there is no age to us. We truly are infinite. According to Vasais and Moraney [his ET teachers], on March 23rd of 1994 a specific color and sound frequency began to emanate from all the black holes in the known universe. In terms of their science, which goes back a long way, this is the first time this has ever happened. What this energy and frequency is doing is that it is creating a holographic impression throughout all dimensional levels, of which they say there are eleven creational densities. This new holographic impression has become a 12th density. They say that this new holographic impression has one frequency - that it does not carry a duality within it. What this frequency is doing is that it is pulling up all the dimensional levels below it.

They say that by December 2013, third density as we know it here will cease to exist - it is imploding in on itself as everything is being drawn up. Those on the 11th are going to 12th. We are supposed to go to 4th and then to 5th density. From the Andromedan perspective, 4th density is a consciousness. It is where an entire race is telepathic with each other, they are aware of each other, they feel each other - they are of one mind, separate individuals but still one. Fifth density is where we would be considered from the third density as beings of light. They say that this is what is going to happen to us, no later than 2013, based on their science. Do I know if this is right? I will know when you know, but they have not been wrong yet.

According to the Andromedans, and other races who have discovered this, in our holographic universe, there are 11 layers or densities, and now apparently there is a 12th. This is their perspective. They say that we fell into time and physicality, and that many of the other extraterrestrial races are fascinated by what it is that we know, locked up inside of us, because we have already evolved to that level and came back to start over again. They don't have access to what they think we know, which is apparently locked up inside of us.

Not only that, but apparently we specifically chose this physicality and its vibration because it is able to hold such an extreme of emotions [we did not knowingly choose this but have been kept as slaves in what is called a Prison Planet by AA Anael until now]. When you couple this with the idea that this physicality is also made up of 22 races, including the Andromedan race, they say that every single one of you is "royalty" on this planet. They say that many of the other extraterrestrial races, particularly the benevolent ones, acknowledge this, because of the fact that we are spirit and we have these genetics inside of the bodies we are using.

According to the Andromedans, 3500 years ago the oxygen content of the atmosphere was between 34% and 38%. They say that today it is literally less than 17%. Now, those of you that have studied biology know what happens to the physical body when the oxygen content goes below 15%. Your body dies. Now, why is this happening? Because there are a group of Terran humans [Illuminati] that have been made a promise by a group of extraterrestrials that have Orion belief systems [reptilian Dracos] that if they will get rid of some of the races on the planet, these extraterrestrials will use their technology and "restore the earth" to its original state of paradise. Some of that genocide was to be done using viruses. As most of you know, the "AIDS" virus was created [by US labs and distributed in free vaccines].

What you are going to start hearing about in the near future are something called rods [ there are many videos of these rod UFOs on the net]. What you will see will be large streaks shooting through the air that are etheric in nature but will be captured on tape. What you will be seeing is fourth and fifth density craft moving through space, not having the slightest clue that they are flying right through us. [ ]. That's because at that point you are beginning to see the implosion. You'll also see more "ghosts" and "apparitions", because those that are 'stuck' between fourth and fifth density will become more visible as our frequency starts to increase. A lot of them, unless they are healed and set free from their self-imposed 'prisons', will be exiting, transitioning.

On Andromeda there are three sexes: Male, female and androgynous [having both female and male characteristics or dual sexed]. What is interesting is that the androgynous beings tend to be teachers [and are thus on a higher level]. In the middle of their mother ships there are huge parks. In the ship he was on, the park was 25 miles square. Larger motherships that Alex visited can be over 1,000 miles in diameter. Each has at least one biosphere that ETs call Eden where food is grown. Being inside it would seem like being in an endless lush tropical forest. The small UFOs that we see are scout ships only and are much smaller. Their system is binary [2 suns] but on a different frequency level, and Jupiter is a sun on the fifth density. Right now, Earth in the fifth density looks like a huge blue halo, so on the fifth density Earth is a "budding creation" ready to manifest itself into physicality [at ascension].

Highlights from his recent videos:
Alex Collier 1994 Interview 2 hrs
Alex Collier - Exopolitics EarthTransformation 2008 (2 hrs)
Alex Collier 2010 Earth Transformation 2 hrs

The greys (known as the Dows) have caused major problems with every race that they encounter. Alex said the great medieval plague in Europe occurred after one of their grey craft dropped spores over Europe and destroyed much of the population there. It sounds similar to chemtrails that some believe are similar activities that are spreading viruses in their spraying. It is well known that these chemtrails contain aluminum, and Monsanto now has developed seeds that are resistant to this chemical. These greys were given permission by the US to abduct millions without their permission in exchange for advanced technology thousands of years ahead of us most of which has been declared top secret and not made public.

Cold fusion free energy production under the US program DARPA has been developed that would power an entire city of 50,000 indefinitely for under $2 million in construction costs. Nuclear power plants and other toxic generators could be shut down, but it has been refused because it does not bring in money or create depleted uranium that is used to poison us and others in wartime weaponry.

The dolphins and whales are advanced ETs who are having many problems due to the world wide pollution and face extinction. These dolphins are great healers who can totally restore those with broken bones and major medical problems, although they do this unnoticed if possible and avoid publicity.

There have been many pole shifts in the past usually resulting in a better Earth.

Third density that we are now in was established 21 billion years ago and our universe is 21 trillion years old.

There are many HAARPs worldwide besides in Alaska, and their purpose is to interfere with our chakras and those of Earth.

Earth at one time was a fresh water planet, but the Anunnaki on Nibiru transformed the oceans to salt water in 36 years so that we could not drink it and thus expand their control over us, as fresh water is an absolute necessity for survival.

Alex came to Earth in 62,000 BC when the Andromedans set up a colony here and has lived many reincarnated lives here since then.

ETs have given him a view of his past lives, and he said they were not pleasant to review.

Pyramids were built by ETs from Orion and Sirius B.

The speed of light in 3rd density is proportional to the speed of our thought and can reach a billion light years/sec in higher dimensions.

Sin is Sumerian for genetic defect due to DNA manipulation and does not refer to evil actions.

Lemuria was destroyed in 31,000 BC and Atlantis was destroyed in 27,000 BC both in wars.

Reincarnation was in the Bible until the Vatican voted it out in 545 AD so they could introduce heaven and hell as punishment and reward for their service to the church. There is no hell except what we make here on Earth, and many of the gods that we worship like Jehovah are actually negative ETs. Virtually everything we are taught is a reversal of what is real; what is good is bad, what is light is darkness.

Crop circles are 5th dimensional geometry left by ETs for the Illuminati majii royal blue bloods of Europe [Illuminati] who are Annunaki half breeds with extended life spans of thousands of years. They were left behind when the Annunaki left, and the reason for the flood was so all these royalty would be exterminated.

By altering the DNA you change the frequency of the body, and that is one of the goals of this new Divine energy in restoring the 10 strands of DNA that were destroyed by the Anunnaki.

My Comments: Alex has many good ideas on 5D, but his focus is on reptilian Dracos (they are being removed now), and he has no knowledge of Angels or their hierarchy. If you were Creator you would naturally have those who carry out Your work, and that is the job of these Angelic Beings. Like all teachings there is both truth and error, so in reading this book or viewing his videos you should understand that much is outdated and limited in knowledge. However I feel he has a better idea of 5th density than most, but remember that most of his teachings go back 15 years or more and have not been updated, and a lot has changed since then.

Colleen Thomas - Pleiadian Contactee

Operation Black Swan dirty bomb attacks were planned for the US last week in major cities, and Glen Beck, Sheldan, and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano (who had inside knowledge of this because her agency was involved in this) warned us to prepare extra water and food for this, but that was stopped by ETs and did not occur. Most of these CIA coordinated events that are planned are prevented, so just because we do not hear about them does not mean they are not real. These dirty bombs use dynamite with large amounts of imbeded depleted uranium similar to what the military uses in Iraq and other areas and are not considered nuclear devices as such.

Colleen blog radio November 14, 2010

Colleen was attacked by the shadow government this week and denied Internet access for 3 days and still cannot upload to any of her video accounts. Colleen has threatening texts from the reptilians and was called and threatened by what she believed was a Draconian. [When you are a threat to the darkside they will try to silence you in any way they can.] Operation Black Swan and all the lies being told about missile fire and EMPs at sea are discussed in this 90 min blog that can be downloaded at this time. At 28 minutes in she talks about the NESARA funding agreement that the ET ambassadors from Sirius worked out with the Rothschilds and Rockefellers so that each household will get $1.3 million in the Spring of next year as settlement for their fraudulent crimes, and these leaders hope to stay out of jail by this (this is probably unknown to Sheldan now).

My Comments: It is amazing that Colleen has so much knowledge in the few months that she has been awake this year that started on Jan 31st 2010. She was uploaded vast amounts of data involving ETs and has relayed it to us on the Net with over 30 hours of videos and audio blog mp3s including physics from the Pleiadians that she had no way of knowing otherwise. Her life was wild as she would say because she dropped out of school and had many boyfriends and husbands (that is why she has so many last names), and only recently did she graduate from college with a nursing degree in 1999 so she could be independent of husbands (this nursing has nothing to do with this new ET knowledge). She is intelligent, vocally fluent, and attractive, and has done more in a few months than most other contactees have done in a lifetime.

Like most contactees she was shown her past lives while sitting in front of a large screen so she would know why she was chosen. Her past lives included one in which she was a wife of King David in the Bible, and she said that she looked similar in appearance at that time to what she is now. It is important to understand that she still has bad habits from her earlier life and has not changed completely, and her ET knowledge from the Pleiadians is incomplete. She describes herself as having a "tragic history, unlucky in love but compensated in spades by being blessed as a mom. Divine love entered me on Jan 31st , and on Valentine's day two weeks later I awoke knowing antimatter physics intimately. I am now about the business of being a theoretical physicist and inventor of several key technologies that will make all humans equal with abundant riches, free energy, health and ease of transportation issues with anti-gravity."

She still has little understanding however about Divinity or ascension, so when you listen to her work you should keep that in mind. She has an ET implant so she can keep in constant contact and continue her ET tutoring, and AA Anael said this month that these implants will not be needed in Unified worlds whether in 3D or 5D since we will all be in universal and cosmic instant contact with others and there will be no need for telephones or other means of communication that we are tied to now. She said that Earth is bipolar (duality) now and will move to monopolarity (Unity) soon, but like most ETs she has no knowledge of zero gravity and little understanding of the concepts of timelessness or a zero magnetosphere in the future.

Physicists have talked about matter and anti-matter without fully understanding it. Matter is like our 3D matrix and anti-matter is the opposite and a reversal of this and what the future will be like for most in Unity. Those who study science will find some day that most of what they have learned is not accurate, and there will need to be a relearning process. I feel that about 75% of her work is accurate which is much more than most, but she believes whatever these ETs tell her and their knowledge is limited also. She still views the future as a better 3D and not a new 5D which is what the Angels teach.

In the 1988 movie "They Live" a drifter discovered a pair of sunglasses that allowed him to awaken to the fact that reptilians have taken over the Earth. As in many SciFi movies there is some truth to this. Colleen can see not only Angels and ETs around her at times (they still appear fuzzy because they are in higher dimensions) but can look beyond the holograms of our leaders to see the real persons, and very few have this ability. She described Obama as a reptilian so hideous that the devil would look like an angel of light in comparison, and his actions show this to be true.

The reptilians are a cold blooded race that along with the greys have been responsible for almost all of the galactic wars. Their society is based on a class system with 3 levels: king/queen, middle class dukes, and peasants or slaves who do all of the work. This is of course how the European monarchy is also structured. Alex said that some of the royalty at age 3 have a reptilian transplant of the soul that is called a walk in. This has also been used in US top secret projects where a soul is transferred from one body to another as in the case of Al Bieleck who got a new body after the Philadelphia experiment destroyed his original, but they cannot create souls (only Divinity can do this). In their labs they create these monsters and transfer these souls into them so they can continue to live for millions of years in full consciousness. CM Aton said these reptilians are being removed because they do not advance spiritually and they are as cold blooded as their bodies are and will not be around in Unified 3D and 5D worlds.

Colleen talked about having the technical knowledge that can help bring free energy and other advances similar to what Tesla had in his day but on a more advanced level now. There are many stories from those that have worked in this technology area who have been visited by the "Men in Black" that will warn you about disclosing things that the darkside does not want the public to know, and not heeding these warnings may cause your early demise. These MIBs are not the nice guys that the movies portray but are reptilians who appear human and after their visit disappear into thin air in another dimension. There are several sources that say that missiles that were fired in NY and LA were an attempt to shoot down the cloaked cloudship UFOs that were over these cities (they are probably only visible on radar), and as Colleen said these starships can change density so that these missiles pass right through them as can be seen in the pictures on the net [ ].

AA Anael talked this month about the "Salutation of Orion" in dealing with unknown ETs or reptilians. Archangel Jophiel in Aug 1998 said this greeting consists of extending the left arm to the front of you and then placing your left hand on your heart chakra. This gesture is followed by extending the right hand in the same manner and bringing it back and placing it over the left hand on the heart and tilting the head down. This greeting called “the salutation of Orion” is a major sign of recognition by those people and dimensions affiliated with the Galactic Council in connection with the order of Melchizedek. [This ritual shows others that you respect them and their space as equals, and reptilians consider themselves better than others and will not perform this action.]

Any entity of Light, whether an Angel or a person (humanoid or not) must answer this salutation with the same salutation at that moment showing that this entity belongs to the Galactic Confederation of Light. The dark beings having refused to abide by the plans of the Galactic Confederation cannot carry out this salutation. This procedure must be used in periods of confrontation with unknown ETs that arrive on your planet and in this solar system. This lack of ability to perform this is comparable in the Catholic traditions to a demon who is not able to draw a sign of the cross on the body. AA Anael said that this salutation of greeting in the presence of a reptilian will cause it to get very sick instantly similar to those who react violently to allergies, and it can be used as a test to see if these beings are of the Light or not.

Governments have been created so they can control us as slaves and property, and when you look at the IRS, CIA, Federal Reserve, and other agencies it is clear that they do not exist for our benefit, so there will be a very limited leadership in the future whether in 3D or 5D that is accountable to those they represent. Many like me enjoy work if it is enjoyable and beneficial to all, and I feel the days of money are over in both 3D and 5D as all will have their needs met in abundance. It will be nice to receive these NESARA payments in a few months if and when that occurs which will be a real stimulus package for all (unlike the Obama nonsense). Unfortunately our banksters and corrupt governments will try to get most of it (in taxes and fees and accounting fraud) and leave little to ourselves so there is a need for change to prevent this. The darkside is still running things as usual and hopefully that will change soon, but only time will tell.

Rich N


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time For a Real Change - Finally

AA Uriel - CLEAN UP Time
AA Uriel thru Hazel Nov 7, 2010

AA Uriel: Join hands oh ye of Aton at this the hour of happening for the bells in heaven toll to welcome the new day. We prepare now to enter so hearken our words and know that finality is upon you. Do not fear as the final chapter in your planet’s life comes to a heroic end. The shallowness in thy world shall soon be drained and the cleansing start with earnest in preparation for the new foundation. The knots that have hindered your growth shall be combed away so bid farewell now. This is the time for your goodbyes to all that is no longer worthy of the new. Find closure in all that must be left behind and make thy peace with all and thyself as the promise of tomorrow demands that you clean up yourselves in a way which will mirror the cleansing promised to the planet. In these moments before you start your ascent into a vibratory pattern removed from current dimension, Clean Up. For this is the time of cleansing, not only of the planet’s surface and the darkness thereon but of each who will remain thereafter.

Go within and seek that guidance as to all that must be cleared, that you may fill the lungs of your soul with the breath of fresh air uncontaminated by residues of that which might have hindered your individual progress. I speak not of that which the dark has bestowed on thee but of that which you have created in your own lives. Let go and feel within thyself the bounty of freedom that will enable you to grasp the lifeline that will be offered that you may start your climb to new horizons. Do not wait to make your peace with thee and others for these final moments should be seen as a gentle reprieve to enable thee to brush away the old, clear all that is spent, part with old habits that have no place in your new tomorrow, loosen the reigns of hatred and anger, lighten the load of guilt, remove the tight belts which causes discomfort, purge yourselves of all waste that is toxic to thy being. Consciously clean thyself in readiness. For the planet now stands poised to ejaculate all that is spent for she too is being prepared for her ascent.

There is great joy awaiting thee beloveds. The travails that you have endured would have been to your benefit for you are the creators of tomorrow and you have been on this plane in preparation for your new roles. You will know if you have been properly schooled and how you fared for you shall assess yourselves in due time. We the host ask that in these moments of your final sojourn on the planet that you assume the reigns of control for you and prepare yourself as one who is about to ascend higher altitudes. You will need to be light for your climb so unload that which you must and keep only that which is necessary to make the journey easy and sure.

Say good bye dear ones and with gratitude give thanks to all you have experienced and all that you have learnt for your time in this schoolroom is about to expire and you must bravely graduate to a new season in your life and assume the mantle of new roles in service. You who are staying with the planet are receiving special commendation for you have passed the test to gain you entry into a new dimension where the opportunity to serve the planet and each other will present itself that all may ascend to higher levels of consciousness in due time.

I am Uriel , come merely to enlighten you that you may know the stepping stone has been placed before you and you must listen now, for the call will soon come and you must be ready to step up. Blessings upon thee.

My Comments: On Sept. 14, 2010 He said: "The reigns of control are about to be snapped out of the hands of they who have for many ages engendered evil and propagated darkness throughout the lands . The final whistle has sounded and We the host are marching in to reclaim that which is of the Father. They will be forced to abdicate their self made thrones as the era of darkness falls away to make room for fresh rays of light." There is a need to cleanse negative karma and be at peace with yourselves, others, and Divinity, for the time has come to begin a new experience. The days of the matrix of duality are to be replaced with Unity and love in a new beginning for all.

First Contact - UFO E.T Dimensional Reality shift happening NOW

They have returned indeed. I am from the Ground Crew of the Galactic Federation of Light, and my roots are from Sirius aka I'm Sirian. The Pleiadians are heading up the First Contact and many star friends are with them like the Arcturians. The Agarthans will also be joining us from Hollow Earth. They indeed come in peace and love and are here to assist us at this part of the journey on Earth as we are now in a Dimensional Reality Shift. First Contact may very well begin this month or the next, but one way or another there will be millions of UFO star fleets, light ships showing up any day now since after the 10.10.10 gateway the door just gets that much bigger. The Energy is changing so fast and everyone whether awake or sleeping is feeling something different. The internet is our connection and proof of all of that 100%.

This is the end cycle of incarnation as we have known it on earth for 26,000 years or about 8000 life times. Now we graduate to the 5th Dimension (ascension) taking our bodies with us as they become lighter and our abilities remembered again and activated to there fullest degree. Some may go way beyond the 5th Dimension while others may have to stay where they are and learn some more in 3D. So your 'Free Will' will choose this, but do it fast because the gate way will not remain open for too much longer. To raise your own frequency you must first understand and come to terms with what you are in the Universe, and that I am you and you are me [in Unity]. Ask your Guides, your higher-self, your angels, and your masters to assist you. Help yourself at the same time by Meditation, Eating Right, Loving yourself, loving others, and being selfless and egoless.

Dream Work: Most of us are having very vivid dreams at present. Know that your dream world is just as real as this world, and what is now happening is that your dreams will become your reality, but its a big test along the way. You have to claim your spirit over there just as you do here. The laws of attraction are working so just look at your life and see what you have, are, can or continue to do or not do, depending on your hearts desire. Listen to your heart now for it's there for a reason, and try and stay out of your head [intellect and reasoning only].

Some of you will have already made contact to your Star families by your Guides, masters and your higher self, and some of you have been contacted by The Pleiadians and others in your dreams you have even visited the light ships in your sleeping. This 2012 shift is a very real one; there is way too much proof and evidence that has been released the Governments world wide and Disclosure from NASA, U.N, SCIENTISTS, ASTRONOMERS, ASTRONAUTS, MILITARY, AIR FORCE, PRESIDENTS, and PEOPLE of EARTH. Remember that you are from the stars. No one is from Earth. We are only having a 3D experience, we are SOUL, we are Conscious energy, we are one. Be on the road of OneNess.

Blessings in Love and Light


My Comments: I base my work on the teachings of the Archangels, and Brett gives an ET view that I feel is generally accurate. He like most messengers states that those who ascend to 5D will keep their carbon bodies because they have these bodies also, whereas the Archangels say that in 5D there will be no gravity and we will have new bodies of Light that do not have reptilian brains which Alex Collier has called 5th density bodies. These bodies are now stored in the Sun in higher dimension, and because they are so new they are beyond our understanding at this time. Many relate 5D to a better 3D because that is all they are conscious of, and those who are responsible for almost 7 billion people have adopted a worst case scenario of a better 3D because that is all we understand. Those who want to continue in 3D will end up on Unified planets like Arcturus which is so huge you could have 50 billion living comfortably there until they are ready to move on. That solar system seems to be made for those who need further learning like the Anunnaki (who are starting over again at the bottom), and there will not be duality or evil or time, so that should help many advance.

Sheldan Nidle in L.A. - A Galactic Progress Report Nov 6 2010

Have enough food, water & cash on hand for 3 days as the banks get the new currency [probably this weekend]. 1st Contact will happen 1 year after Announcements. Some will beam up before that to visit the Motherships & see their technology & report back to the rest of the people. Disclosure will be in 2-4 weeks afterwards [after the new currency] followed by Broadcasts from the Ships [disclosures]. I was able to Ask Sheldan some questions about the Truth Announcements. For those in the Prosperity Programs there will be a 2 week nondisclosure. Be sure to ask for a Black American Express card & a Sovereign Passport, bring 2 photos with you when you sign at the bank, but you must ask. There will be a 2nd Wave of Prosperity Programs that are equal to the 1st in 3 months after these deliveries start, so everybody will have their Opportunity to Abound in abundance.

Announcements are ready to Happen as we Hold our focus on them. Obama & cabinet will resign along with congress & the supreme court. Then the Interim President (Tim Turner) will explain the situation in detail about returning to the Constitutional & Common Law, new Government elections after 8 months, debt forgiveness & income tax refunds for all, and the coming Peace and the Criminal Trials. We will have 6 months to close 20,000 military bases & secret gov't [CIA, NSA, etc]. Imagine what will be talked about as it is very close to happening. The U.S. Marshalls & Military will arrest & bring a 1,000 cabal [leaders] to trial.

The Meeting was filled with Galactics, some of us felt their Presence. Sheldan verified the fact that there were many in the room with us. The energy has been more profound since Thursday as Light descends. You can see & feel it happening as we shift to a new way of Living our lives. Sheldan explained how we & the Galaxy are shifting together & why this is since we & the Universe are Advanced Holograms with infinite potentials. We will be wrapped in Living Light in the Metamorphic chambers which are alive. In fact the infinite realities in the Universe are alive & evolving & responding to us. Sheldan explained about our changing physiology in detail, DNA, meridians, chakras. He will be putting segments on youtube shortly, hopefully before announcements.

My Comments: This was written by Galactic Jack who attended one of his seminars and not by Sheldan himself. It is a higher level of info than what is normally given by Sheldan in his weekly post since those attending paid for this instruction. There have been numerous comments on the net about banking problems recently including a possible banking holiday. Also important is the fact that CEO Obama and company are now on vacation (permanent?) accompanied by 34 Naval warships and 13 aircraft after a huge defeat in the recent election. The ‘Glenn Beck Show’ on Fox News talked last Friday about 15 Days of Economic Collapse and a need to be prepared, but he did not talk about the US bankruptcy and the almost $400 trillion US and banking debt.

The Navy has been handling funding for these black ops programs for over 60 years and is behind much of their darkside agendas. Those agencies and military that are shut down will probably have a paid permanent retirement so their need for money will not exist. Much of this has been covered for several years by Sheldan, but being prepared for several days of changes and hardships is new, and this may occur this week or next. The darkside has plans to carry out more terrorist events to sideline this change like a nuclear detonation along the San Andreas Fault so California will sink into the sea, but this will not be allowed by ETs.

As CM Aton said recently our leaders said they would resign and allow a transitional government, but they chose not to follow through, and an intervention is needed so they will keep their promise. The best way to make friends is to forgive their debts including mortgages, loans, and credit cards, so that appears to be the first step on the agenda along with a new gold backed currency. Then a new government will take over so that disclosures and 1st ET contact can begin so people will finally know how corrupt the current system is and why changes are needed. We will finally learn the truth that we are not alone in the cosmos but are members of this galactic family and are about to experience a reunion with them. The Prosperity Programs mentioned here are limited to a few who will handle disbursing funds to those in need, and this agenda is similar to NESARA but is not named as such.

If you look at the Magnetosphere [ ] you will see that recently the levels are close to zero point. When this level becomes permanently zero there will be a pole shift and ascension will begin, and ETs will begin evacuating those who will leave or return home at that time, and Mary said this can occur at any time. These are only words now until it occurs, but it nice to have an idea of future plans so we can be prepared for them, and only time will tell.

Rich N


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Archangel Michael thru Malika von Meister

Message from All the Forces of White Light, Including the Cosmic/Spiritual Hierarchy, Mother Earth, Animal Kingdom, Galactic Federation of Light, Councils and Inter-Galactic Civilizations
by Malika von Meister August 12

The Sacred Heart, the Golden Cross of alignment with the Divine, and the Balance of the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine, is now available to All. The expression of the Sacred Heart allows one to expand Divine consciousness in the ever-expanding exploration of Source Creator of Itself. When perfectly balanced in this sacred heart center, we have the conscious Knowing that what we do to another we do to ourselves. The Sacred Heart is the most important attainment of human civilization on Mother Gaia, and will be transmitted to the rest of the Cosmos in this next Cosmic Cycle that We are All excited to be immersed in.

It has already begun on the etheric levels of your Earth plane, and will formally have begun once your mass-decloakings take place. Pray for assistance if anyone would like to in fully balancing and integrating the Sacred Heart within your consciousness. We applaud you for the permanent Peace that Humanity is in the process of establishing on Mother Gaia, which is the catalyst for the first permanent peace that your Universe will know.

Much joy, love, peace and abundance awaits you as you become members of The Galactic Federation of Light. You will be the teachers and transmitters of Peace throughout the Cosmos in this next Cosmic Cycle of Love and Healing. Congratulations on your imminent success and we look forward to the grandest party your Universe will have ever known!!

Archangel Michael and Huush Muulem Council October 6, 2010

The Huush Muulem Council is a group of 12 beings that sit on the Karmic Board. They are from an ancient civilization of elders that incarnate specifically to anchor the energies of wisdom and knowledge across the east/west axis of our Universe.

"As you know, Archangel Michael has been the being to oversee the end to duality in our Universe. He has very amicably caused the Anchara Alliance to occur which is to bring duality to an abrupt halt. We, the Huush Muulem Council, of the Karmic Board, wish to impart a peaceful message to all of humanity regarding these most joyous end times. We, the Huush Muulem Council of the Karmic Board and Archangel Michael, wish to say unto you:

The War Will Stop. It is in these end times we deliver this message on the Ray of Wisdom and Karmic knowledge that unseen forces at work for your benefit have uplifted humanity's status to the platform of "Ascension in Progress". It is at this time that if one merely prays for peace and abundance, it shall be granted. The manifestation of these things will emerge in a smooth and efficient manner. The more people that pray for mass decloakings, the faster it shall occur. As the number of people praying becomes exponential, mass decloakings will happen instantly. Everything is in place for this to manifest, except for a few last minute items to be done by the Earth Allies that are on our list."

Archangel Michael & the Spiritual Hierarchy: New Cosmic Cycle of Love and Healing - October 20, 2010

Today (October 20, 2010) heralds the New Cosmic Cycle. The old Cosmic Cycle of Duality and the balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine has just been completed. The most recent sightings of the Galactic Federation of Light are preparing the mass consciousness for mass decloakings. As Lord Sananda has previously declared to Malika, the New Cosmic Cycle will be about Love and Healing. It will be likened to the 3rd chakra or Solar Plexus. In this previous Cosmic Cycle where duality played itself out and is likened to the 2nd chakra, it culminated in the transcendence of duality and the balancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies in all dimensions, planes and realities.

In this New Cosmic Cycle I, Lord Michael, and my wife for eternity, Lady Faith, will again be leading the Cosmos through this next Cosmic Cycle. The 3rd chakra is the expression of Self, and the power to express Self. In order to access this power, one needs to transmute the lower planes of existence, of presence, of creation. In the new Cosmic Cycle we will be learning to fully embrace the knowledge of who we are and the ability to express it, both as Divine sparks of Source consciousness, and as individual manifestations of parts of the whole.

The Creator has given me permission to quarantine the Dark so that it can wreak no more havoc throughout the Cosmos. This will take some time in Earth time, but is already under way. This is because Heaven has decreed that the evolutionary awareness of the previous Cosmic Cycle has attained critical mass, Cosmically speaking. This new Cosmic Cycle will be a joyful one of restoration, repair, blissful relationships and Self-expression. Although duality exists in the lower dimensions, the need to transcend darkness and duality will simply no longer exist. This new Cosmic Cycle will continue until all are loved and all are healed. The Dark will have the opportunity to play out their lessons, reabsorb themselves back into Source, or come to terms with and balance their karma. The Law of Karma is an eternal one mandated by Heaven that as you sow, so shall you reap. Bad karma can only be mitigated by performing actions that either directly or indirectly negate the bad karma.

We, of the Spiritual Hierarchy, have watched duality play itself out to exhaustion. As the Dark has made it a science for an inexorable long time on how to destroy and manipulate, and therefore control Creation, no stone has been able to be left unturned, in order for Peace to exist throughout the entire Cosmos. We congratulate all of the players, lightworkers, pure hearts, and Saints, not to mention Mother Earth and Her kingdoms, including the animals, for being the brave and valiant warriors of Love and Light that have pinnacled this new Cosmic Cycle of Love and Healing where all we be loved throughout the Cosmos, and all Creation will be healed, and will reach all four corners of the multiuniverses. Keep up the good work, as all will be coming to a physical point of completion very soon, and on time for the 2012 shift to occur.

This will be permeated and adorned with acknowledgment of All for their efforts and accomplishments, whether in physical body or not, and All will come to see All who have been behind the scenes, as well as on the front lines, that have been the catalysts for this shift to occur. We, the Spiritual Hierarchy, have hearts full of gratitude for all the brave souls that have caused the shift in consciousness to occur. You are truly at the apex point, which will be soon followed by massive celebration and healing of all planets and their kingdoms. Our hearts are filled with the nectar of ecstasy and joy in the future reality of vitality, bliss and abundance for all sentience.

We bid you farewell for now, and peace and eternal blessings.


I, Malika, would like to express Gratitude and Love to the Creator, Archangel Michael and the Spiritual Hierarchy, for the continuous and endless blessings, that you constantly bestow upon Creation, known or not known. You are the breath of life to Creation as the gentle breeze reminds us to breathe. We love you and thank you for your Heavenly Grace and Light always. All of our hearts pulse to the same Cosmic beat. Malika von Meister is an intuitive spiritual healer, minister, Reiki Master, animal communicator and advocate for the Animal Kingdom and Mother Earth. She works with many Forces of Light from Mother Earth to the Galactic Federation and the Cosmic Hierarchy on a daily basis to accelerate global peace.