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Alex and Colleen - ET Contactees

Alex Collier - Andromedan Contactee
Excerpts from Defending Sacred Ground 2000

On March 23, 1994 the Andromedans told me that all the 'black holes' in the known universe began to emanate a color-sound frequency. It's the first time it has happened in recorded history in our 'universe', which the Andromedans have been taught is a 21 trillion year old hologram. They say that they have been able to chart at least 100 trillion galaxies. Now in the system where they live, there are beings from the 5th, 6th and 7th density beings. The 7th density beings are on contact with those on 8th, 9th and 10th densities. Those on 9th and 10th were talking to those on 11th, who have apparently already moved into the new 12th density. A new holograph has been added to our universe, which is why the frequency is changing, and a lot of people are feeling it.

Everything is being 'pulled up'. Now, this is God. The Andromedans refer to this as the Is-ness. What the Andromedans have said as a result of their preliminary studies by traveling back and forth through time, and what they are being told "down the line' through the dimensional levels, is that as of right now, by December 3, 2013 third density as we know it is supposed to implode, and for those of us who have chosen to evolve, it will be a conscious, clear intent to do so. For those who so choose, they will move through fourth into fifth density.

The Andromedans say there is no age to us. We truly are infinite. According to Vasais and Moraney [his ET teachers], on March 23rd of 1994 a specific color and sound frequency began to emanate from all the black holes in the known universe. In terms of their science, which goes back a long way, this is the first time this has ever happened. What this energy and frequency is doing is that it is creating a holographic impression throughout all dimensional levels, of which they say there are eleven creational densities. This new holographic impression has become a 12th density. They say that this new holographic impression has one frequency - that it does not carry a duality within it. What this frequency is doing is that it is pulling up all the dimensional levels below it.

They say that by December 2013, third density as we know it here will cease to exist - it is imploding in on itself as everything is being drawn up. Those on the 11th are going to 12th. We are supposed to go to 4th and then to 5th density. From the Andromedan perspective, 4th density is a consciousness. It is where an entire race is telepathic with each other, they are aware of each other, they feel each other - they are of one mind, separate individuals but still one. Fifth density is where we would be considered from the third density as beings of light. They say that this is what is going to happen to us, no later than 2013, based on their science. Do I know if this is right? I will know when you know, but they have not been wrong yet.

According to the Andromedans, and other races who have discovered this, in our holographic universe, there are 11 layers or densities, and now apparently there is a 12th. This is their perspective. They say that we fell into time and physicality, and that many of the other extraterrestrial races are fascinated by what it is that we know, locked up inside of us, because we have already evolved to that level and came back to start over again. They don't have access to what they think we know, which is apparently locked up inside of us.

Not only that, but apparently we specifically chose this physicality and its vibration because it is able to hold such an extreme of emotions [we did not knowingly choose this but have been kept as slaves in what is called a Prison Planet by AA Anael until now]. When you couple this with the idea that this physicality is also made up of 22 races, including the Andromedan race, they say that every single one of you is "royalty" on this planet. They say that many of the other extraterrestrial races, particularly the benevolent ones, acknowledge this, because of the fact that we are spirit and we have these genetics inside of the bodies we are using.

According to the Andromedans, 3500 years ago the oxygen content of the atmosphere was between 34% and 38%. They say that today it is literally less than 17%. Now, those of you that have studied biology know what happens to the physical body when the oxygen content goes below 15%. Your body dies. Now, why is this happening? Because there are a group of Terran humans [Illuminati] that have been made a promise by a group of extraterrestrials that have Orion belief systems [reptilian Dracos] that if they will get rid of some of the races on the planet, these extraterrestrials will use their technology and "restore the earth" to its original state of paradise. Some of that genocide was to be done using viruses. As most of you know, the "AIDS" virus was created [by US labs and distributed in free vaccines].

What you are going to start hearing about in the near future are something called rods [ there are many videos of these rod UFOs on the net]. What you will see will be large streaks shooting through the air that are etheric in nature but will be captured on tape. What you will be seeing is fourth and fifth density craft moving through space, not having the slightest clue that they are flying right through us. [ ]. That's because at that point you are beginning to see the implosion. You'll also see more "ghosts" and "apparitions", because those that are 'stuck' between fourth and fifth density will become more visible as our frequency starts to increase. A lot of them, unless they are healed and set free from their self-imposed 'prisons', will be exiting, transitioning.

On Andromeda there are three sexes: Male, female and androgynous [having both female and male characteristics or dual sexed]. What is interesting is that the androgynous beings tend to be teachers [and are thus on a higher level]. In the middle of their mother ships there are huge parks. In the ship he was on, the park was 25 miles square. Larger motherships that Alex visited can be over 1,000 miles in diameter. Each has at least one biosphere that ETs call Eden where food is grown. Being inside it would seem like being in an endless lush tropical forest. The small UFOs that we see are scout ships only and are much smaller. Their system is binary [2 suns] but on a different frequency level, and Jupiter is a sun on the fifth density. Right now, Earth in the fifth density looks like a huge blue halo, so on the fifth density Earth is a "budding creation" ready to manifest itself into physicality [at ascension].

Highlights from his recent videos:
Alex Collier 1994 Interview 2 hrs
Alex Collier - Exopolitics EarthTransformation 2008 (2 hrs)
Alex Collier 2010 Earth Transformation 2 hrs

The greys (known as the Dows) have caused major problems with every race that they encounter. Alex said the great medieval plague in Europe occurred after one of their grey craft dropped spores over Europe and destroyed much of the population there. It sounds similar to chemtrails that some believe are similar activities that are spreading viruses in their spraying. It is well known that these chemtrails contain aluminum, and Monsanto now has developed seeds that are resistant to this chemical. These greys were given permission by the US to abduct millions without their permission in exchange for advanced technology thousands of years ahead of us most of which has been declared top secret and not made public.

Cold fusion free energy production under the US program DARPA has been developed that would power an entire city of 50,000 indefinitely for under $2 million in construction costs. Nuclear power plants and other toxic generators could be shut down, but it has been refused because it does not bring in money or create depleted uranium that is used to poison us and others in wartime weaponry.

The dolphins and whales are advanced ETs who are having many problems due to the world wide pollution and face extinction. These dolphins are great healers who can totally restore those with broken bones and major medical problems, although they do this unnoticed if possible and avoid publicity.

There have been many pole shifts in the past usually resulting in a better Earth.

Third density that we are now in was established 21 billion years ago and our universe is 21 trillion years old.

There are many HAARPs worldwide besides in Alaska, and their purpose is to interfere with our chakras and those of Earth.

Earth at one time was a fresh water planet, but the Anunnaki on Nibiru transformed the oceans to salt water in 36 years so that we could not drink it and thus expand their control over us, as fresh water is an absolute necessity for survival.

Alex came to Earth in 62,000 BC when the Andromedans set up a colony here and has lived many reincarnated lives here since then.

ETs have given him a view of his past lives, and he said they were not pleasant to review.

Pyramids were built by ETs from Orion and Sirius B.

The speed of light in 3rd density is proportional to the speed of our thought and can reach a billion light years/sec in higher dimensions.

Sin is Sumerian for genetic defect due to DNA manipulation and does not refer to evil actions.

Lemuria was destroyed in 31,000 BC and Atlantis was destroyed in 27,000 BC both in wars.

Reincarnation was in the Bible until the Vatican voted it out in 545 AD so they could introduce heaven and hell as punishment and reward for their service to the church. There is no hell except what we make here on Earth, and many of the gods that we worship like Jehovah are actually negative ETs. Virtually everything we are taught is a reversal of what is real; what is good is bad, what is light is darkness.

Crop circles are 5th dimensional geometry left by ETs for the Illuminati majii royal blue bloods of Europe [Illuminati] who are Annunaki half breeds with extended life spans of thousands of years. They were left behind when the Annunaki left, and the reason for the flood was so all these royalty would be exterminated.

By altering the DNA you change the frequency of the body, and that is one of the goals of this new Divine energy in restoring the 10 strands of DNA that were destroyed by the Anunnaki.

My Comments: Alex has many good ideas on 5D, but his focus is on reptilian Dracos (they are being removed now), and he has no knowledge of Angels or their hierarchy. If you were Creator you would naturally have those who carry out Your work, and that is the job of these Angelic Beings. Like all teachings there is both truth and error, so in reading this book or viewing his videos you should understand that much is outdated and limited in knowledge. However I feel he has a better idea of 5th density than most, but remember that most of his teachings go back 15 years or more and have not been updated, and a lot has changed since then.

Colleen Thomas - Pleiadian Contactee

Operation Black Swan dirty bomb attacks were planned for the US last week in major cities, and Glen Beck, Sheldan, and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano (who had inside knowledge of this because her agency was involved in this) warned us to prepare extra water and food for this, but that was stopped by ETs and did not occur. Most of these CIA coordinated events that are planned are prevented, so just because we do not hear about them does not mean they are not real. These dirty bombs use dynamite with large amounts of imbeded depleted uranium similar to what the military uses in Iraq and other areas and are not considered nuclear devices as such.

Colleen blog radio November 14, 2010

Colleen was attacked by the shadow government this week and denied Internet access for 3 days and still cannot upload to any of her video accounts. Colleen has threatening texts from the reptilians and was called and threatened by what she believed was a Draconian. [When you are a threat to the darkside they will try to silence you in any way they can.] Operation Black Swan and all the lies being told about missile fire and EMPs at sea are discussed in this 90 min blog that can be downloaded at this time. At 28 minutes in she talks about the NESARA funding agreement that the ET ambassadors from Sirius worked out with the Rothschilds and Rockefellers so that each household will get $1.3 million in the Spring of next year as settlement for their fraudulent crimes, and these leaders hope to stay out of jail by this (this is probably unknown to Sheldan now).

My Comments: It is amazing that Colleen has so much knowledge in the few months that she has been awake this year that started on Jan 31st 2010. She was uploaded vast amounts of data involving ETs and has relayed it to us on the Net with over 30 hours of videos and audio blog mp3s including physics from the Pleiadians that she had no way of knowing otherwise. Her life was wild as she would say because she dropped out of school and had many boyfriends and husbands (that is why she has so many last names), and only recently did she graduate from college with a nursing degree in 1999 so she could be independent of husbands (this nursing has nothing to do with this new ET knowledge). She is intelligent, vocally fluent, and attractive, and has done more in a few months than most other contactees have done in a lifetime.

Like most contactees she was shown her past lives while sitting in front of a large screen so she would know why she was chosen. Her past lives included one in which she was a wife of King David in the Bible, and she said that she looked similar in appearance at that time to what she is now. It is important to understand that she still has bad habits from her earlier life and has not changed completely, and her ET knowledge from the Pleiadians is incomplete. She describes herself as having a "tragic history, unlucky in love but compensated in spades by being blessed as a mom. Divine love entered me on Jan 31st , and on Valentine's day two weeks later I awoke knowing antimatter physics intimately. I am now about the business of being a theoretical physicist and inventor of several key technologies that will make all humans equal with abundant riches, free energy, health and ease of transportation issues with anti-gravity."

She still has little understanding however about Divinity or ascension, so when you listen to her work you should keep that in mind. She has an ET implant so she can keep in constant contact and continue her ET tutoring, and AA Anael said this month that these implants will not be needed in Unified worlds whether in 3D or 5D since we will all be in universal and cosmic instant contact with others and there will be no need for telephones or other means of communication that we are tied to now. She said that Earth is bipolar (duality) now and will move to monopolarity (Unity) soon, but like most ETs she has no knowledge of zero gravity and little understanding of the concepts of timelessness or a zero magnetosphere in the future.

Physicists have talked about matter and anti-matter without fully understanding it. Matter is like our 3D matrix and anti-matter is the opposite and a reversal of this and what the future will be like for most in Unity. Those who study science will find some day that most of what they have learned is not accurate, and there will need to be a relearning process. I feel that about 75% of her work is accurate which is much more than most, but she believes whatever these ETs tell her and their knowledge is limited also. She still views the future as a better 3D and not a new 5D which is what the Angels teach.

In the 1988 movie "They Live" a drifter discovered a pair of sunglasses that allowed him to awaken to the fact that reptilians have taken over the Earth. As in many SciFi movies there is some truth to this. Colleen can see not only Angels and ETs around her at times (they still appear fuzzy because they are in higher dimensions) but can look beyond the holograms of our leaders to see the real persons, and very few have this ability. She described Obama as a reptilian so hideous that the devil would look like an angel of light in comparison, and his actions show this to be true.

The reptilians are a cold blooded race that along with the greys have been responsible for almost all of the galactic wars. Their society is based on a class system with 3 levels: king/queen, middle class dukes, and peasants or slaves who do all of the work. This is of course how the European monarchy is also structured. Alex said that some of the royalty at age 3 have a reptilian transplant of the soul that is called a walk in. This has also been used in US top secret projects where a soul is transferred from one body to another as in the case of Al Bieleck who got a new body after the Philadelphia experiment destroyed his original, but they cannot create souls (only Divinity can do this). In their labs they create these monsters and transfer these souls into them so they can continue to live for millions of years in full consciousness. CM Aton said these reptilians are being removed because they do not advance spiritually and they are as cold blooded as their bodies are and will not be around in Unified 3D and 5D worlds.

Colleen talked about having the technical knowledge that can help bring free energy and other advances similar to what Tesla had in his day but on a more advanced level now. There are many stories from those that have worked in this technology area who have been visited by the "Men in Black" that will warn you about disclosing things that the darkside does not want the public to know, and not heeding these warnings may cause your early demise. These MIBs are not the nice guys that the movies portray but are reptilians who appear human and after their visit disappear into thin air in another dimension. There are several sources that say that missiles that were fired in NY and LA were an attempt to shoot down the cloaked cloudship UFOs that were over these cities (they are probably only visible on radar), and as Colleen said these starships can change density so that these missiles pass right through them as can be seen in the pictures on the net [ ].

AA Anael talked this month about the "Salutation of Orion" in dealing with unknown ETs or reptilians. Archangel Jophiel in Aug 1998 said this greeting consists of extending the left arm to the front of you and then placing your left hand on your heart chakra. This gesture is followed by extending the right hand in the same manner and bringing it back and placing it over the left hand on the heart and tilting the head down. This greeting called “the salutation of Orion” is a major sign of recognition by those people and dimensions affiliated with the Galactic Council in connection with the order of Melchizedek. [This ritual shows others that you respect them and their space as equals, and reptilians consider themselves better than others and will not perform this action.]

Any entity of Light, whether an Angel or a person (humanoid or not) must answer this salutation with the same salutation at that moment showing that this entity belongs to the Galactic Confederation of Light. The dark beings having refused to abide by the plans of the Galactic Confederation cannot carry out this salutation. This procedure must be used in periods of confrontation with unknown ETs that arrive on your planet and in this solar system. This lack of ability to perform this is comparable in the Catholic traditions to a demon who is not able to draw a sign of the cross on the body. AA Anael said that this salutation of greeting in the presence of a reptilian will cause it to get very sick instantly similar to those who react violently to allergies, and it can be used as a test to see if these beings are of the Light or not.

Governments have been created so they can control us as slaves and property, and when you look at the IRS, CIA, Federal Reserve, and other agencies it is clear that they do not exist for our benefit, so there will be a very limited leadership in the future whether in 3D or 5D that is accountable to those they represent. Many like me enjoy work if it is enjoyable and beneficial to all, and I feel the days of money are over in both 3D and 5D as all will have their needs met in abundance. It will be nice to receive these NESARA payments in a few months if and when that occurs which will be a real stimulus package for all (unlike the Obama nonsense). Unfortunately our banksters and corrupt governments will try to get most of it (in taxes and fees and accounting fraud) and leave little to ourselves so there is a need for change to prevent this. The darkside is still running things as usual and hopefully that will change soon, but only time will tell.

Rich N


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