Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time For a Real Change - Finally

AA Uriel - CLEAN UP Time
AA Uriel thru Hazel Nov 7, 2010

AA Uriel: Join hands oh ye of Aton at this the hour of happening for the bells in heaven toll to welcome the new day. We prepare now to enter so hearken our words and know that finality is upon you. Do not fear as the final chapter in your planet’s life comes to a heroic end. The shallowness in thy world shall soon be drained and the cleansing start with earnest in preparation for the new foundation. The knots that have hindered your growth shall be combed away so bid farewell now. This is the time for your goodbyes to all that is no longer worthy of the new. Find closure in all that must be left behind and make thy peace with all and thyself as the promise of tomorrow demands that you clean up yourselves in a way which will mirror the cleansing promised to the planet. In these moments before you start your ascent into a vibratory pattern removed from current dimension, Clean Up. For this is the time of cleansing, not only of the planet’s surface and the darkness thereon but of each who will remain thereafter.

Go within and seek that guidance as to all that must be cleared, that you may fill the lungs of your soul with the breath of fresh air uncontaminated by residues of that which might have hindered your individual progress. I speak not of that which the dark has bestowed on thee but of that which you have created in your own lives. Let go and feel within thyself the bounty of freedom that will enable you to grasp the lifeline that will be offered that you may start your climb to new horizons. Do not wait to make your peace with thee and others for these final moments should be seen as a gentle reprieve to enable thee to brush away the old, clear all that is spent, part with old habits that have no place in your new tomorrow, loosen the reigns of hatred and anger, lighten the load of guilt, remove the tight belts which causes discomfort, purge yourselves of all waste that is toxic to thy being. Consciously clean thyself in readiness. For the planet now stands poised to ejaculate all that is spent for she too is being prepared for her ascent.

There is great joy awaiting thee beloveds. The travails that you have endured would have been to your benefit for you are the creators of tomorrow and you have been on this plane in preparation for your new roles. You will know if you have been properly schooled and how you fared for you shall assess yourselves in due time. We the host ask that in these moments of your final sojourn on the planet that you assume the reigns of control for you and prepare yourself as one who is about to ascend higher altitudes. You will need to be light for your climb so unload that which you must and keep only that which is necessary to make the journey easy and sure.

Say good bye dear ones and with gratitude give thanks to all you have experienced and all that you have learnt for your time in this schoolroom is about to expire and you must bravely graduate to a new season in your life and assume the mantle of new roles in service. You who are staying with the planet are receiving special commendation for you have passed the test to gain you entry into a new dimension where the opportunity to serve the planet and each other will present itself that all may ascend to higher levels of consciousness in due time.

I am Uriel , come merely to enlighten you that you may know the stepping stone has been placed before you and you must listen now, for the call will soon come and you must be ready to step up. Blessings upon thee.

My Comments: On Sept. 14, 2010 He said: "The reigns of control are about to be snapped out of the hands of they who have for many ages engendered evil and propagated darkness throughout the lands . The final whistle has sounded and We the host are marching in to reclaim that which is of the Father. They will be forced to abdicate their self made thrones as the era of darkness falls away to make room for fresh rays of light." There is a need to cleanse negative karma and be at peace with yourselves, others, and Divinity, for the time has come to begin a new experience. The days of the matrix of duality are to be replaced with Unity and love in a new beginning for all.

First Contact - UFO E.T Dimensional Reality shift happening NOW

They have returned indeed. I am from the Ground Crew of the Galactic Federation of Light, and my roots are from Sirius aka I'm Sirian. The Pleiadians are heading up the First Contact and many star friends are with them like the Arcturians. The Agarthans will also be joining us from Hollow Earth. They indeed come in peace and love and are here to assist us at this part of the journey on Earth as we are now in a Dimensional Reality Shift. First Contact may very well begin this month or the next, but one way or another there will be millions of UFO star fleets, light ships showing up any day now since after the 10.10.10 gateway the door just gets that much bigger. The Energy is changing so fast and everyone whether awake or sleeping is feeling something different. The internet is our connection and proof of all of that 100%.

This is the end cycle of incarnation as we have known it on earth for 26,000 years or about 8000 life times. Now we graduate to the 5th Dimension (ascension) taking our bodies with us as they become lighter and our abilities remembered again and activated to there fullest degree. Some may go way beyond the 5th Dimension while others may have to stay where they are and learn some more in 3D. So your 'Free Will' will choose this, but do it fast because the gate way will not remain open for too much longer. To raise your own frequency you must first understand and come to terms with what you are in the Universe, and that I am you and you are me [in Unity]. Ask your Guides, your higher-self, your angels, and your masters to assist you. Help yourself at the same time by Meditation, Eating Right, Loving yourself, loving others, and being selfless and egoless.

Dream Work: Most of us are having very vivid dreams at present. Know that your dream world is just as real as this world, and what is now happening is that your dreams will become your reality, but its a big test along the way. You have to claim your spirit over there just as you do here. The laws of attraction are working so just look at your life and see what you have, are, can or continue to do or not do, depending on your hearts desire. Listen to your heart now for it's there for a reason, and try and stay out of your head [intellect and reasoning only].

Some of you will have already made contact to your Star families by your Guides, masters and your higher self, and some of you have been contacted by The Pleiadians and others in your dreams you have even visited the light ships in your sleeping. This 2012 shift is a very real one; there is way too much proof and evidence that has been released the Governments world wide and Disclosure from NASA, U.N, SCIENTISTS, ASTRONOMERS, ASTRONAUTS, MILITARY, AIR FORCE, PRESIDENTS, and PEOPLE of EARTH. Remember that you are from the stars. No one is from Earth. We are only having a 3D experience, we are SOUL, we are Conscious energy, we are one. Be on the road of OneNess.

Blessings in Love and Light


My Comments: I base my work on the teachings of the Archangels, and Brett gives an ET view that I feel is generally accurate. He like most messengers states that those who ascend to 5D will keep their carbon bodies because they have these bodies also, whereas the Archangels say that in 5D there will be no gravity and we will have new bodies of Light that do not have reptilian brains which Alex Collier has called 5th density bodies. These bodies are now stored in the Sun in higher dimension, and because they are so new they are beyond our understanding at this time. Many relate 5D to a better 3D because that is all they are conscious of, and those who are responsible for almost 7 billion people have adopted a worst case scenario of a better 3D because that is all we understand. Those who want to continue in 3D will end up on Unified planets like Arcturus which is so huge you could have 50 billion living comfortably there until they are ready to move on. That solar system seems to be made for those who need further learning like the Anunnaki (who are starting over again at the bottom), and there will not be duality or evil or time, so that should help many advance.

Sheldan Nidle in L.A. - A Galactic Progress Report Nov 6 2010

Have enough food, water & cash on hand for 3 days as the banks get the new currency [probably this weekend]. 1st Contact will happen 1 year after Announcements. Some will beam up before that to visit the Motherships & see their technology & report back to the rest of the people. Disclosure will be in 2-4 weeks afterwards [after the new currency] followed by Broadcasts from the Ships [disclosures]. I was able to Ask Sheldan some questions about the Truth Announcements. For those in the Prosperity Programs there will be a 2 week nondisclosure. Be sure to ask for a Black American Express card & a Sovereign Passport, bring 2 photos with you when you sign at the bank, but you must ask. There will be a 2nd Wave of Prosperity Programs that are equal to the 1st in 3 months after these deliveries start, so everybody will have their Opportunity to Abound in abundance.

Announcements are ready to Happen as we Hold our focus on them. Obama & cabinet will resign along with congress & the supreme court. Then the Interim President (Tim Turner) will explain the situation in detail about returning to the Constitutional & Common Law, new Government elections after 8 months, debt forgiveness & income tax refunds for all, and the coming Peace and the Criminal Trials. We will have 6 months to close 20,000 military bases & secret gov't [CIA, NSA, etc]. Imagine what will be talked about as it is very close to happening. The U.S. Marshalls & Military will arrest & bring a 1,000 cabal [leaders] to trial.

The Meeting was filled with Galactics, some of us felt their Presence. Sheldan verified the fact that there were many in the room with us. The energy has been more profound since Thursday as Light descends. You can see & feel it happening as we shift to a new way of Living our lives. Sheldan explained how we & the Galaxy are shifting together & why this is since we & the Universe are Advanced Holograms with infinite potentials. We will be wrapped in Living Light in the Metamorphic chambers which are alive. In fact the infinite realities in the Universe are alive & evolving & responding to us. Sheldan explained about our changing physiology in detail, DNA, meridians, chakras. He will be putting segments on youtube shortly, hopefully before announcements.

My Comments: This was written by Galactic Jack who attended one of his seminars and not by Sheldan himself. It is a higher level of info than what is normally given by Sheldan in his weekly post since those attending paid for this instruction. There have been numerous comments on the net about banking problems recently including a possible banking holiday. Also important is the fact that CEO Obama and company are now on vacation (permanent?) accompanied by 34 Naval warships and 13 aircraft after a huge defeat in the recent election. The ‘Glenn Beck Show’ on Fox News talked last Friday about 15 Days of Economic Collapse and a need to be prepared, but he did not talk about the US bankruptcy and the almost $400 trillion US and banking debt.

The Navy has been handling funding for these black ops programs for over 60 years and is behind much of their darkside agendas. Those agencies and military that are shut down will probably have a paid permanent retirement so their need for money will not exist. Much of this has been covered for several years by Sheldan, but being prepared for several days of changes and hardships is new, and this may occur this week or next. The darkside has plans to carry out more terrorist events to sideline this change like a nuclear detonation along the San Andreas Fault so California will sink into the sea, but this will not be allowed by ETs.

As CM Aton said recently our leaders said they would resign and allow a transitional government, but they chose not to follow through, and an intervention is needed so they will keep their promise. The best way to make friends is to forgive their debts including mortgages, loans, and credit cards, so that appears to be the first step on the agenda along with a new gold backed currency. Then a new government will take over so that disclosures and 1st ET contact can begin so people will finally know how corrupt the current system is and why changes are needed. We will finally learn the truth that we are not alone in the cosmos but are members of this galactic family and are about to experience a reunion with them. The Prosperity Programs mentioned here are limited to a few who will handle disbursing funds to those in need, and this agenda is similar to NESARA but is not named as such.

If you look at the Magnetosphere [ http://www2.nict.go.jp/y/y223/simulation/realtime/index.html ] you will see that recently the levels are close to zero point. When this level becomes permanently zero there will be a pole shift and ascension will begin, and ETs will begin evacuating those who will leave or return home at that time, and Mary said this can occur at any time. These are only words now until it occurs, but it nice to have an idea of future plans so we can be prepared for them, and only time will tell.

Rich N



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