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Archangel Michael - The Integration of Virtues 5th stage May 24 2009

translated from French May 24 2009

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day.

You can participate in this support:

* Anywhere you are
* In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed)
* Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing)
* Participating during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes)
* As Michael said: "Fear not children of the Light to take these overflowing energies now or at any other time, because you will always be permitted to integrate into the transmission of this Light, this transmission of Unity, to allow it to enter the center of your entire being.
* The date and (French) time are indicated.
* The next AA Michael meeting is on Monday June 1 at 3 AM (French time) [Sunday evening May 31 at 9:00 PM NY time, 8:00 PM in Chicago, 7:00 PM Mountain, and 6:00 PM LA].
* On this day no public questions will be answered.
* For the record, the previous meetings took place on April 25, May 2, May 9, May 17.

AA Michael - Integration of virtues 5th stage

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Masters of Light, I salute you in the Grace. As usual, to all those who participate in the establishment and anchoring of Earth's new [5th] dimension, this new higher state, I bring the greetings and love from all of the Conclaves, all of the Divine Councils, and from the reunion of the Spiritual Angels.

You are now in a very significant period of support and stability as you approach this new density of Light and Unity. Beloved children of the Light, we now come to the 5th stage of integrating these virtues. I will now in a few words try to define what this involves. The human soul voluntarily separated from the Divine Source to experience your current [3D] life. This [lengthy] experiment has now led to this higher movement of ascension, to this new incarnation.

The God Source is what now allows this movement while you remain centered [in 3D]. Your life is now in this movement, and this movement is in the direction of your incarnation, your ascension. The preparation of your soul in this [3D] density is this movement, so you can say that all of life itself is a movement [and the goal is to move to higher spiritual levels as we live day by day].

The Divine Source is the basic Truth and principle. You are now invited to join the experience of this new movement, but it is necessary for you to stop the current movement. Stopping this movement does not necessarily stop your life, but on the contrary it is a participation in life in a newly ignited higher density that is much more harmonious, much closer to the God Source.

This action, this fifth virtue is intended to achieve a change in the egotistical self and thus move to the permanence anchored in the Divinity. This fifth virtue and this fifth overflowing of the Holy Spirit will prepare you for a time of major accomplishment in your Celestial Marriage [union] which will come to you next Monday at three o'clock in the morning [French time or Sunday evening in the US].

For the first time in humanity in this cycle of over 50,000 years, the transmutation of the Holy Spirit and your modification by the ultra-violet energy will occur in you. Together, these two radiations of energy, these two radiances will touch you for all eternity. This does not signal the end but the beginning of the realization of your Celestial Marriage [with Divinity]. In this it is necessary on this day to allow these qualities to spread throughout your entire being.

The outpouring of this radiation of ultra-violet energy that you accommodate will more and more permit the growth, the stabilization and the recognition of this reality in your 3D density. This will bring you closer to the process of transformation, transmutation and change. This will bring you closer to Eternity. This will allow you, while remaining in your current 3rd density body, to achieve the true quality of your initial oath and the promise of returning to the Divine Source.

This principle involves stopping the current [3D] movement by going to the center of your being that some traditions have called spiritual exercises (the different forms of yoga in Hinduism, and in your Western language it is called meditation, while in other cultures it is called shamanism or many other names), and all of these activities signify this same activity: the realization and mental action of the abandonment of the self and ego. To do this, you must first stop this current movement and understand that you are not of that movement but that you are much more than this.

It is now time to permit you to have access to this Truth, this Unity that now approaches in your density. This will allow you to realize in time, after the destruction of your preoccupation with this world, the dimensional transformation that is called in your world ascension. To do this you must first stop your current movement during your current time, you must stop the attentions of the past and of the future, and focus on the present where all will be carried out in the Unity and in the Light.

The outpouring of this ultra-violet energy will allow you to approach the center of your being and your Divine Sanctuary. For that you must devote your final desires, your final wishes, in all humility, in all simplicity, and especially in all honesty your entire life to that endeavor. The only thing that is more important is that you desire to focus on the Light, God, Christ, or any other spiritual entity that comes to mind, as a role model for abandoning the ego to allow the Light to take up residence within your entire being.

The principle of this fifth virtue corresponds to the transformation and thus the cessation of this current movement to allow Unity with the Light, and it reveals the depths of your being, allowing the deployment and destruction of the illusion of this world in and around you while perceiving the values of living in the Light. During this period, you can only take part in this journey back to the Unity.

Nevertheless I repeat to you that during each overflowing of energy at each meeting, We are with you and We encourage you by our radiances, by our presence and by our Light. Fear not children of the Light to partake of these overflowing energies now or at any other time, because you will be always be permitted to integrate into the transmission of the Light, the transmission of the Unity, to allow it to enter the center of your entire being. The transformation from this separation [from your 3D world ] to achieve the Unity will be carried out in a way much more involved, much more intense, during our gathering next week.

This is now one of the biggest mysteries of this spiritual revelation. Indeed, We the Archangels, meeting in Conclave and through My presence, will hand over the keys, the seals and our total radiance in the service to the Divine Mother, the Virgin Mary or any other name that calls forth in you the first alignment derived from God and concentrated in the Virgin Mary, and also embodied in many other beings in this dimension who made their incarnation in their journeys during this last millennia.

It is about the marriage and the transformation of the radiant energy of the seven Archangelic Seals, joined together and donated so that the female qualities of God (the Holy Spirit, the Virgin Mary or any other name that suits you) transform you into the total embodiment of the Light, the Truth and especially the beings of compassion [women generally have more deep feelings of love and an understanding of the suffering of others].

This is a preview of what will happen when we meet next week. I tell you now so that each of you throughout this entire planet, through the countless number of people coming together each week may integrate with these words and prepare for this Holiness. This is the first outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet Light. [Pause]

Beloved carriers of the Light, beloved transmitters of the Light, as you integrate with this state, you will become closer in your body and your consciousness to Eternity. To approach this state is both fullness and emptiness. Stay completely in the state of inner joy by bringing this integration and union with the Light to you.

The few physical symptoms [of ascension] sometimes faced by some of you corresponding to the integration of this outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet energy will increasingly lessen in you as you enter your Interior Temple, the sanctuary of your heart, where the Source, the Light, or the embodied Christ dwells in you, no matter what name you give it. That corresponds in words to the reality both of the fullness and emptiness.

In approaching this state there will be manifested in you and around you (when you enter this sacred space) a joy that will make you forget the ups and downs of life. At this point you will actually begin the transformation of your mental and emotional condition from a separated being into a fully conscious being of Light. I remind you that this reconstruction will last during the time of my presence by accomplishing the destruction of the [3D] illusion, the destruction of control by others, and you will ultimately experience your total freedom. This is the second outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet energy. [Pause]

As I have said before and I repeat again today, the deconstruction of this world of illusion, this world of duality, will be displayed more and more evidently all around you. In no case should you be concerned with this deconstruction if you are able to reach and approach this state of Unity. Be certain that on this Earth every human being today is in his place. It is the place that he chose for his future, for his destiny.

You do not need to worry about your children or your parents or anyone else. You should worry only about humanity in its entirety. As transmitters of the Archangelic Light you transfer that Light to others. In the same way, you allow your eternal being to be revealed to your own conscience.

Being the transmitters of Our Light, you become anchors of the reality of Light in this world of duality. What is deconstructed and destroyed before your very eyes is a prerequisite to the emergence of the new total [5th] dimension. This new dimension is not outside you but within you. And it is while focusing your attention not on your exterior surroundings, but by placing your vision on your inner being that you will be led to the dimensional transformation and the realization of this Unity.

With your help and permission We build your radiance and pass Our radiant energy to you. We build in you the Temple of Eternity. We build in you the values of the Light that will replace for all time the values of this world: the values of competition [I am the best and brightest and the winner in the games of life], the values of jealousy [I wish I were as popular and bright as XX], the values of greed [I wish I were a millionaire and could have anything I want], the values that you have called your economy [I wish I were CEO of XX Corp], the values that you call political role models [I wish I were president or a senator], values that are distorted by the very principle of duality, that will quite simply not exist any more for those which will ascend into their eternity of Light.

As Christ said in the words "According to your faith be it unto you", this will come to each person, to the entire of humanity. Everything is good, and all will agree to respect the freedom to accept or reject the Light. As beloved Masters of the Light who welcome the effusion of this energy and transmit that Light to yourself and others, you will see (and some of you have already seen it) that your life will be filled with joy as you integrate this ultra-violet energy into your entire being.

The Light that appeared to be insurmountable, that seemed impossible in your words and in your life will reside within you. What is required of you today is simple. Those who for the moment doubt will open their eyes to the light that you possess, those who for the moment do not believe and will not believe because that is their way, will believe by seeing it in you. They will not believe by seeing the deconstruction of this world only, but they will believe by the example and the Light that you radiate.

This is your role, this is your mission: to radiate the Light, to radiate the joy, to radiate the Unity, because this state of Unity will make all that seemed impossible exist even more as you connect to the Source and move closer to the Source. The few elements that still exist for some of you are just reflections of your total surrender to the Light of Love that We pour on you.

We understand that because of your experiences in this [3D] density, there are some who still have doubts that beset them because they are not yet aware of this energy effusion. However, as an even greater number of people accept and integrate this radiation of ultra-violet Light when it is coupled with an energy that you call the Holy Spirit, none can ignore or even hide their face from this Light. On your Pentecost [May 31] the Holy Spirit will join Us to bring you the radiation of ultra violet energy and His additional Essence of Eternity, regardless of your religion, your beliefs, your illusions, or your truths.

I wish to state solemnly that you are all, without exception children of the Light and children of the Source, and We faithfully respect your choices. We faithfully welcome those who look to Us as representatives of the Divine Source, and during these times of deconstruction you will have the opportunity to return to the Source yourself.

Your future is however dependent on your ability to surrender to the Light, and when you do this you will become the means for a dimensional transformation, and this is available to you now. The move to the Light just requires your desire to go the Light, your desire to receive the joy, because ultimately that will be the result.

To accommodate this Light that We convey to you We use many United Spirtual Beings. The other Archangels (although They are much closer to you) are not taking part in this plan in your incarnation in this density. However the Angels, the Ascended Masters, the entities of Light, and a number of Beings including some that you do not yet understand will now join and assist Us.

You as one humanity must follow the path of all to join the Light, to reach the Source, to promote this higher dimensional transition, and you must accept it without any restrictions. Whatever the deconstructions of this world, you will discover that these events are not the drama that you feel they are, but on the contrary it is a return to the ultimate Divine joy. This joy is created and manifested through the joint outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet Light and the Holy Spirit by your acceptance. With your acceptance nothing harmful can happen.

The closer you get to the center of your being, the less you will be affected by these disturbances of deconstruction. Remember Masters of Light that you will now be more likely to receive and accept these effusions of Light. We who see the status of the Light in all of you [by observing your spiritual frequency] congratulate you and encourage you to work with humility and simplicity in this magnificent task that you will perform.

When your eyes (the eyes of your consciousness) see the work completed, you will permanently sing a song of Thanksgiving or any other song describing the glory of the God Source. Once again, your abandonment to the Light is carried out only in non judgment. You need to banish anything that causes division, all that really moves you away from the Light.

Beings of the Light, transmitters of the Light, to become anchors of this Light requires that you carry this Heavenly Light in your whole being. Remember that the Light never judges, the Light never condemns, the Light is patient, the Light is Love, and the Light is Truth. We encourage you to keep this Light, in moments of emptiness and fullness, by connecting to it, by connecting to the energy effusion itself in your past, present and future, in the same space and time, because the Light belongs neither to the past nor future, but is truly and completely present in all times in your density.

During this deconstruction process as this linear time passes, you will become more and more conscious and understanding of your Divine eternity. What this means is that some of you along with many other Bearers of Light will become aware of your Eternity, your new bodies of Light, within the dimension which you will soon share with others. The time is now for the conception [birth] of this Light in you. As it is planted in you, it will grow and reach maturity in you.

By your persistence in living in this Light in your current duality you contribute greatly to the establishment of this Source in you, and this is manifested by the radiation of this Source and the anchoring of this Source in your whole being. Do not judge any event occurring in you that seems contrary to the Light, because from the moment when you are connected to the overflowing of the ultra-violet energy that cannot occur.

Beloved Masters of the Light, We see the Light that you receive, We even see the Light that flows into you. I say this to delight you and give you joy. As you become increasingly filled with more Light you will become more joyful. This is the result of your surrender to the Source, this is the result of your absence of judgement and your absence of duality at the time of these overflowings.

These moments of grace will overflow in you during the exact moments that you live [in the Light]. Many will realize that their lives now move in a different direction, and this is more evident in the joy that is manifested in this process. Those who do not realize it at the moment have nothing to fear. There are still some additional adjustments that need to be made before this is carried out. However the purpose of this Light that We share, the radiation of this ultra-violet Light, is to prepare your way for joy, the joy of integrating with the outpouring of the energy of the Sun that you will soon experience.

The Father, the Source that we relay to you wishes you Joy for all Eternity, because what comes to you is that joy. Only your separation from the Light or your thoughts of fear can make you believe that this is not already occurring. But We assure you that this is really an hour of glory, a time of joy, an time for an Eternity of joy.

You now have had a preview of these effusions of Light. You will get a greater glimpse next week when Mary, in possession of the Seals of authenticity, will communicate within your conscience, within your organism to achieve the transformation of the Holy Spirit and the radiation of the ultra-violet energy. This is what you will need to actively prepare your Interior Temple. Whatever your business, whatever your troubles, this preparation is involved in that event.

Beloved Masters of the Light, I leave you now with these words, in order to allow you to bathe entirely in this radiation of ultra-violet energy, and in the silence of My words to penetrate further into your heart. With an overflowing of energy I express My love for you. By the grace of your presence, by the grace of your mission, by the grace of your joy, let us attend to this now.

My Comments: It is interesting that the next meeting is given at 3 AM in France (most in Europe are sleeping at this time) to allow more to participate in this event in the US during the previous evening where it is needed the most. This date in the US is May 31, also known as the Pentecost, which marks the end of the Easter season in the Christian calendar and celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles.

It appears that the next meeting is a very important event in our ascension since the Holy Spirit will combine with this UV energy to bring us more Divine Light. AA Michael seems to say that whether you follow these dates religiously is not important, but what is important is that you become beings of the Light. Some Christians say that you can only approach God through Christ, but that is only one of the many paths to ascension. You can be a Buddhist or a Hindu and still receive this Light.

According to the farside data the intense energy has subsided, and Aton has hinted that we may now start to see Jupiter and its new energy. Michael has repeatedly said that we will soon have a Divinely appointed government, and replacing those in power with 3D holograms that will only serve us and not control or manipulate us is a possibility.

Sheldan Nidle this week said: "Each instance of each day is marked by Heaven thus blessing your reality by sending forth a special living bundle of Light. As this living Light touches your realm it instantly blends with it, producing a concentrated flash or point of light. This cascade of Light-blessings is continually being received at some location on your globe.

Divine Light is moving us with grace into a new reality and toward the rebirth of your fully conscious potential. Moving back into full consciousness means fully reconnecting to Spirit. Once this happens you are able to see just why you took on this particular lifetime. During a series of revelations you discover that you are connected directly to many on this plane and that, in truth, you are all one. This leads to a reevaluation of the way your societies are constructed. Soon you are to become societal engineers and are to build a far more dynamic version of the global community than you have now. "

Some have experienced ascension symptoms as our bodies, minds, and spirits ascend to higher levels and lose their 3rd density. In order to move to a higher dimension where the frequencies are much higher, each has to adapt to these changes. Aches and pains in the head and body, dizziness, memory loss, an intolerance for lower vibrational things in conversations and attitudes, along with sleeplessness are among the signs of these ascension symptoms that may occur. AA Michael said that as we move to the Light these problems will slowly disappear.

There has been little visible evidence of any change even though we only have 1 month left in this Spring season, so I feel it is best to wait until we see events that can show us the Divine actions before we elaborate on these and share these thoughts with others. Time will tell.

Rich N

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Archangel Michael May 17 2009

translated from French

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day.

You can participate in this support:

* Anywhere you are
* In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed)
* Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing)
* Participate during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes)
* The date and (French) time are indicated.
*The next AA Michael meeting is Sunday May 24 at 19:00 (7:00 PM French time) [1:00 PM NY time, 12:00 PM Chicago, 11:00 AM Mountain, and 10:00 AM LA].
* On this day no public questions will be answered
* For the record, the previous integrations took place Saturday 25 April (1st stage), Saturday May 2 (2nd stage) Saturday 9 May (3rd stage).

We do our best to ensure that you find our site the transcript of these interventions within 24 hours after the pipe. At any time soon, therefore, in Spirit ...

I am Michael, Regent Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Masters of the authentic Light, I and all the Archangels, and all the spiritual forces of the Light want to thank the many people who follow and live the outpouring of the ultra-violet Light in their beings. We thank those who now join us and allow their presence here and welcome the new coordination of Earth in its new dimension. Beloved Masters of the authentic Light, in a very short time you will arrive at the halfway point of overflowings that we perform and deliver to you, and We ask you to accept this into your heart and into your Essence, to participate in the grandest operations and spiritual awareness that anyone has ever lived in this solar system till now.

You are part of this work. As I said earlier, you are the workers of the Light, you are the sowers of the Light, you are the bearers of the Light and in this you are blessed for all eternity. As I say, a multitude with kindness and compassion will join this outpouring. In the next two weeks of your time, you will have reached a half way point of this work. During the second part of this work, with the input of the energy of Mary, you will finally understand what is (and what you finally will experience) the encounter of the ultra-violet radiation with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, supported by Mary, to occur on your Pentecost [the end of the Easter season May 31].

You will then have more than two and a half months of your time to get to a major date that you've called the festival of Saint Michael [mid August?], in honor of the Archangel who presides over the fire of this earth. As we move now through this short time, during multiple outpourings at this time, you will receive a new phenomenon. Indeed, within a week of your time Earth, your inner sanctuary will be unlocked.

The foundation of your life in this material world was until now centered in your lower level of energy. As the days and weeks pass, more and more people will change their direction while remaining in this material body so that the growth and power of love will allow a new base located within your Essence in your inner life in your Interior Temple called the Heart. Life in its most nobility, will not be based solely on physical features but rather will build on the functions of the heart.

This will involve a major adjustment in how you live, considering your relationships and your communications between you and the whole of creation. The act of sitting down and stabilizing your consciousness [meditation], not on the basic level but on the heart level, will enable the linking and sharing of your consciousness with the consciousness of the entire universe, and you will understand that the relationship is different from what it was until now.

As the development and stability of the new awareness in your heart progresses, you will become more and more aware of the Unity that connects you to the One, the Unity that connects you to all of creation, even in your [3D] dimension.

The bridges, the means of communication with ultra-dimensional realities, will be completed in days. There will be a new confidence, a new joy as you begin to live from the moment of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will strengthen the outpouring of the ultra-violet Light. Beloved masters of Light, this will enable Us to communicate more, not by words but by the Essence of vibration energy [telepathy], with each of you on this planet. Remain confident.

If that is not accessible to you early on, it will be completed before the festival of Saint Michael. You are, and you will become, beyond your role of Worker and Sower of Light, the pillars which will make it possible to formulate and stabilize the spiritual government in order to replace the human government.

You are the worthy heirs and the benefactors of the Light of the Unity. As you fill your Essence with this dual radiation, you'll discover that you will become beings whose consciousness is becoming more and more luminous [full of Light]. Honesty, truth, simplicity will be part of your day. All this will happen in the joy of Unity through these Celestial Marriages.

You will find, using this bridge of communication and this relationship between the foundation in your heart and the immediately higher center of energy corresponding to the throat, a new relation, a new communication, a new communion with the universe which were until now relatively closed to you [like ET first contact].

Within this new higher vibration [frequency], within this new condition in your heart, you will see that Joy grows in you, that the obstacles of your lives, whatever they are, will only give way to the greatness, the majesty of the Light and our coupling and sharing our Divinity with you.

This communication established in the form of an obvious internal radiation and vibration, by the synchronicity and timing, allows you to vibrate in Unity and with the spiritual forces of the genuine Light and that you receive and accept. This will result in a new alliance in which fear will no longer exist. The external circumstances of this world will affect you very little.

The radiation of the ultra-violet Light, united with the overflowing of the Holy Spirit, will provide within your Unity a shield of Light, a shield of radiation in which the goal is not to confine you but rather to make you transparent, to make you luminous, and to finally ascend from your original [3D] dimension.

This new foundation of your consciousness in your heart, beyond allowing the linking and sharing with the ultra-dimensional realities, will establish in you the fire of Hayoth Ha Kodesh, the fire of the Seraphim [The Holy Beings Whose role is to preserve the development of creation, letting the Divine breath progress, to obtain a state of a perfect balance between Love and Unity]. This element of fire will appear within you as Light.

This new Light is a return to the Supreme Light and the end of your separation, and it finalizes this new alliance and your return to the Unity, the Truth and Joy. Today these things you are hoping to terminate, these things that look bleak or insurmountable, will be resolved effectively by the grace of the Light into Unity with the Light. It is really at this Celestial Marriage [union] that you and others will experience in the coming weeks a new alliance.

This new alliance is the end of your isolation, indicating the end of your opposition and those around you. The path you take is a path of glory. This path of glory can only be walked in total humility, in total simplicity. Remember that true Light does not need your words. True Light needs you to unite in a clear transparent way so you and all of creation can benefit.

Remember what I said: whatever Our power, whatever Our Light, We can do nothing without you. We count on you. You are the guarantors of your ascension and of all creation in this solar system. You are the pillars, you are the creators. We rely more and more on your radiance of Light, on your Unity, and on your desire to assist more and more humans in joining with Us in this joy, in this truth and this Unity. No outside distractions must divert you.

You are the peaceful warriors [Our Celestial Army will fight the wars for you]. You are My standard bearer. I say that this is a reality, this is not merely symbolic but it is a strict actuality. This fire of the heart ignites and also develops other great masters. The fire of the heart is made to elevate, to purify, to pacify. The fire of the heart is not a fire that burns but a fire that signals your new and unwavering allegiance to the Light of the Divine Source.

Transparency and humility will be your signature of Light, your signature of Truth. It is not a figment of your imagination or your mind, but a quality of radiation arising in your new foundation, the new establishment of Light in your Inner Temple. This Interior Temple will be prepared and enlightened so that, at the proper time, the Christ consciousness or literally the Solar principle of Light bathes you with the Divine Source.

I wish to state that as long as your consciousness remains firmly stabilized in the Light in your heart in humility and simplicity, no force (and I speak here to you and those who may for a time reject the principles that we represent) will object, and they can not even fight against the power of the Light of the Father because what comes from the Father, which is manifested in the God Source, can in no way be defeated.

When I mentioned that you were going to move from a human government to a spiritual government, this is the actual reality, the actual truth. This is being brought up to date now. As the days and weeks go by and between now and the end of the outpouring of the ultra-violet energy, this will be done.

No force can compare with the majesty of the Light and the will of the Source and the Unity. We are experts at what we do. You must also realize and become increasingly aware of the usefulness of this Light within your Essence. This is the outpouring of the ultra-violet energy which joins for the first time with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

I want to clarify (and I speak on My behalf and on behalf of all the Spiritual Forces that have joined Me for this outpouring of the ultra-violet) that, when I talk about My warfare and My role I am talking about the combat that I deliver for the establishment of Light within the subtle dimensions close to your Earth, not yet illuminated by the Light. I wish to explain to each consciously embodied human being, whatever his origin, whatever his fate that we do not reject anyone, that we are ready to accept you fully and completely in the Light of the Father.

You must, therefore, abandon all fear. The only things that lead you to not integrate with the forces of Light and the outpouring of the ultra-violet energy at this moment are a projection of the illusion of your mind related to your fears linked immeasurably to the experience of duality that you have reached under certain extremes.

But although you are not yet awakened Masters, we still respect you and we love you. We welcome you, if you wish, to join the Galactic Brotherhood, the Father, the Source of Love, and this is not an trivial concept. During whatever pain you now or will have to endure later (if you wish), the grace of the Holy Spirit will bathe your being and you will be able to rejoin the family of the true Light and become sowers of the Light. There will be no punishment or combat because you will be alone to fight this within your dimension [as you have free will].

You will not find anyone to oppose you. You will find that it is only the result of what you yourself have created. However, if you agree to join the Light during this period that is given for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (and even beyond the period of the festival of St. Michael) you will be allowed to bathe your entire being in order to reinstate you into this new alliance, this new Light and this new Truth.

You are loved for all eternity. Oh majestic beings, the source did not want you to be isolated from this plan. You who have chosen to obey the oath that you made before your stay on Earth are now given the choice to join Us as workers of the Light. The principle of an oath is to be permanent whatever the circumstances [but you are permitted to break this promise]. We beseech all of you to join Us. I do not obviously speak of the Workers of Light who take part in this overflowing of Light or even this channel by which I express myself, but I extend others to join us, the Archangels, the Conclaves, Councils, and Angels of the Lord. This is your legacy, this is what we accomplish for you.

What prevents you is only the fear and the illusion that you yourself created, so remember that soon this illusion will disappear. Remain only in the Unity, the Truth, the Love, and the Brotherhood. I speak on behalf of the [God] Source. You can, without ulterior motives and without any risk, join Our Family of Light. Be assured that We will welcome you with open arms. The Workers of Light will welcome you with open arms, as in the Biblical parable of the prodigal son of whom Christ spoke. This is an outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet Light along with the Light of the Holy Spirit.

We urge you, beloved Masters of this Light, to bring this Divine Light to others, not so much through words that feed the mind [talk is cheap] but through the Light of your presence, through your influence, through the clarity of your thought and through your observations [actions speak louder than words], to ensure that the maximum number of embodied beings receive (if they so wish and that is their desire) what is a gift but which nevertheless is a right, because it corresponds with what you were promised a long time now.

Your Divinity will shine in your Lights 7 (the 7 chakras); this is enough to reveal to you what you really are. No words can describe, in truth, what this radiation of Light is. Words are only the pale reflection of the beauty of the Light in this density. The Light that grows in you from week to week is your joy, your stability, and your support.

As you accept this Love, the residual fears will disappear because no force can oppose it and no conscience can propose an credible alternative to the Truth of this Love. Only activities desired by you in this separated [3D] density, as a strengthening of the Light, will give the illusion of separation, the illusion of darkness. The dark is only a point of view from your consciousness. The dark, as such, participates in both this creation and Divinity.

However, it is now time for the radiance of Light to no longer coexist with the darkness. This moment has now come into manifestation. My presence on your planet and the entire solar system makes possible the outpouring of Light, the establishment of the Light, and the truth of the Light. With your presence and your reunion with the Divine Source We can (We as ultra-dimensional entities) update the reality of Light to make it tangible, visible and embodied in you.

In this sense, once again, I convey the gratitude of the Light and the gratitude of the Source. You are beings of beauty, you are Masters, you are finally what you should be. The outpouring of the ultra-violet radiation and of the Holy Spirit within your heart is a point of stabilizing and an emergence of the Light. Beloved Masters of the true Light, the multitude that you are is an abode of Love, a fireplace that warms the Earth, which enables it to achieve in a short while in terrestrial terms a particular jump in your evolution.

You are at what I would call a crossroads. You are at that moment. Everything that is of the Light should guide your entire destiny and your future. This Light is not an empty promise or a philosophical or mental concept. It is primarily an active conscience, a clear and conscious intelligent awareness. It will always know better than you what is good, which is right, what is useful to your journey. Ladies and Masters of the Light, a confidence and an abandonment to the Light that you outpour will show soon in all that you have integrated into Truth and the role of Light in your lives.

In this, we express for the third time our gratitude and thanks. You are the bridges between this dense [3D] reality and our new higher reality. You are the channels that have agreed to serve the Light so that it is embodied entirely within your present reality to change this into a far more vibrant reality in a much less isolated and more unified manner. In this you are blessed. However, for most of you the path has not yet been completed in this reality as of today.

You have a major role in your service of simplicity and humility to lead those of your brethren who are not yet awakened to the truth, to join you in integrity and confidence by the truth of what you are, by the truth of what you manifest. You must be examples, not so much towards yourselves but to others, assisted by the grace of the Light, by the grace of Love and the power of Truth.

I want to clarify a bit more on the reality of what you incarnated here for in accepting this oath of separation. A multitude of points of Light are now ignited on this Earth. This is a milestone in the development and installation of the Love and the Unity. We are conscious of the work carried out so far.

We are aware and confident that all of you will become more and more of a bridge of sharing as this connection is reinforced. The more that awaken to an enlightened consciousness, the greater will be the strength of this bridge of communication in a relationship that will be reinforced. The Light that you will become must fill you completely, it is your source of satisfaction.

As I said, you will discover at your own pace that the Light can only bring you towards Goodness, towards the Unity and the Joy. You must accept what your conscience tells you about the changes in your life. By going towards the Light, some relationships based on materiality, certain functions based on fear will disappear, and therefore adjustments must be made in your business, in your consciencousness, and in choosing the places [and companions] in your life.

You must accept it without fear because the Light will always provide adequate solutions. There is still a portion of your mind that believes that it can be tough. I hereby confirm that you are better off leaving your life to the will of the Light, as most of your life will take place apart from the obstacles created by fear still existing on this planet. This is the truth, this is the only Truth. You must commit yourself totally to what dictates your own Light.

This is a condition that you will find maintains Joy, so do not worry about tomorrow. From the moment that you follow what the Light dictates to you, your tomorrows can be only luminous and filled with Light. These are only projections and the results of fears which can make you believe the opposite. But that is not true. As I said, we appreciate each of you and hope you will establish in this relationship a bridge of communication.

You are now (by reflecting your Light and by drawing comparisons between this world and the new higher dimensional world) straddling two worlds [dimensions]. One of these worlds will move away from you (the world of fear, separation, illusion) and the World of Light will move closer to you.

Of course, some of you must experience what you call grief and suffer a certain number of losses in order to fully integrate with the Light. In the eyes of the Light, this is not a loss. This is only your mind that wants you to believe that. The Light will never you let you run any risk. The Light will never abandon you, the Light will never fail you.

I say and I repeat again that We are aware of all of you, how you have succeeded in turning to the Light and accepting the outpouring of the ultra-violet energy, and in doing this you have made yourselves visible to Our consciousness, and We cannot in any way abandon you. We are here at your side and in you through this Light radiation. You are protected because there is nothing to protect. The Light protects itself by what it radiates.

As you return to your present moments, you will realize that with what comes from your past (the memories from your past) and the projections in your mind into your future, you will no longer want to dwell on these thoughts. By focusing your Light within your new foundation, you will develop an awareness and confidence that you have never known until now. This is part of the grace of the Light Source.

I am reminded that the date of your next outpouring is next Sunday May 24 at 19:00 hours [French time]. Be blessed. I am informed that I will return in a much more detailed manner with much more explanation about the virtues that are included each week at the end of your message so that you can live in this pure conscious outpouring of ultra-violet Light and mechanisms live without yet understanding the extent, and live these moments without understanding its level in the intellectual sense. The Light is intelligence and you now understand even before the words that I speak how you should live.

Beloved children of the Law of One, the outpouring of the ultra-violet radiation continues. I will leave you now live in silence, in meditation in your total mental and spiritual being, at the end of this outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet, accompanied by the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I thank you, We are with you, We love you, We are proud of you. I will speak with you again next week, so remain in the overflowing energy until the end of this assigned time. I bless you, I love you, We all love you.

My Comments:

AA Michael did not answer public questions this week and is using OM Aivanhov's messenger (who was of Bulgarian origin 1900-1986) to answer any questions from those in attendance, so His messages are shorter. OM Aivanhov died over 10 years ago so his work is channeled also.

I may post excerpts from OM's answers as they are interesting and hopefully are still accurate, although they are delayed for a number of days so may be given here later. Biarritz France is the address of the web page and is on the southwest coast right next to the Spanish border and an exotic old world location, whereas Paris is in the northern part and more urban.

It is interesting that Sheldan Nidle spoke this week about our decisions to live in a veil of separation from Divinity and understanding: "You agreed before incarnating here that you gladly accept what is planned for you. It is these before birth approvals that permitted Heaven to bring us here and for the degree of transformation that you are nearly ready to go through. This is why we were told to begin to step up your "education" about what is ahead for you. "

"It took us a number of years to design, build, test and customize these chambers. This operation continues daily as we evaluate what your medical teams discover about you. Such new data brings slight adjustments in these billions of specially built devices." He says that there are billions of chambers that are waiting for us, programmed with each human's DNA and will help in our ascension in bringing the Light to our bodies. Ascension is Divinely coordinated, and a timetable has been determined with certain flexibility available at times so there may be unforseen delays, and only They can commence this ascension process, so we must be patient.

Some may have heard of Duncan Cameron of the Philadelphia Experiment speak some years ago about his encounter with Christ during his time travels to Israel 2000 years ago. He confessed that he was a no good young scoundrel until he came face to face with Christ, and this changed his whole life as he saw the Light and refused to continue to participate in the dark activities. Duncan could tell just by being near Christ that He was the real genuine person of Light that He claimed to be.

Incidentally there have been stargates [time machines] around for decades as Dan Burisch and others have described, and capturing some that Sadam and others had was one of many reasons for invading Iraq. Remember that secret technology is 10,000 years ahead of public knowledge and will stay that way as long as our leaders control it. General Motors will continue to refuse producing free energy cars that do not run on fuels that they can make money off of and pollute Earth, so we should not weep over their hard times since they deserve it.
Although the energy level on the farside has lessened somewhat recently the black spots mean high levels, while orange is medium and green is low. I still feel this could be Jupiter energy that is absorbed by the sun based on previous data so that we are not getting it yet. It is possible that Divinity is waiting for the energy to lessen before moving it away from the sun for us to see, but this is just a hunch. The magnitude 5 quake in Los Angeles Tuesday afternoon shows that the level is up now and may be a sign of Earth changes to come.

excerpts from:

The Bilderberg Group which meets in secret each year is the opportunity for the world’s 150 most influential politicians and financiers to debate the "high political issues" of the day in total secrecy. Anyone who attended the London G-20 summit would have thought that this was the precursor for the Bilderberg meeting in Athens. Bilderberger 2009 was again marked by an almost universal media blackout of around 150 of the planet’s top power brokers meeting in secret to steer the future of the world.

The NWO Bilderbergers met this week in Greece discussing the micro chipping of humans on a mass scale, which would be introduced under the pretext of fighting terrorism whereby the “good guys” would be allowed to travel freely from airports so long as their microchip could be scanned and the information stored in a database, according to insiders. This could allow more extensive programming and turning of people into robots to carry out the NWO commands.

They also discussed a chipped universal ID card that has been defeated by many states in the US due to privacy and costs. Most leaders are chosen and world policies and wars are determined at these meetings that are attended by US and European leaders. Representatives of Obama were also in attendance this week to receive their orders, although Russia and China were not present. It was shortly after attending the 1991 Bilderberger meeting that Governor Bill Clinton was selected to be the next President of the United States.

There are many dark plans that are promoted in meetings like this, but most are not permitted by Divinity. From appearances it seems as if these leaders feel they are continually gaining ground and will achieve their goals of world wide slavery, but they will be shocked if they are removed from power as AA Michael said they will be.

There has been little visible change so far even though Spring is 2/3 over, so I am keeping an open mind on all things, as I feel messengers (even those with ET chip implants) can be affected by government programming and we should only look for evident results. Time will tell.

Rich N

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Archangel Michael - Integration Of The Virtues 3rd stage

May 9 2009 translated from French

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day.

You can participate in this support:

* Anywhere you are
* In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed)
* Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing)
* Participate during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes)
* The date and (French) time are indicated.
* Each time is given to us by Michael as his interventions, the next one is Sunday May 17 at 15:00 (3:00 PM French time), [9:00 AM NY time, 8:00 AM Chicago, and 6:00 AM LA].
* For the record, the previous meetings took place Saturday April 25 (1st stage), Saturday May 2 (2nd stage), Saturday May 9 (3rd stage).

We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these sessions on our site within 24 hours after these meetings. At any soon, therefore, in Spirit ...

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. First let Me thank you and bless you, Children of Light, who have come from all over the world to join this family of the universal brotherhood of Light. On this day comes a stage that I would describe as a major pilgrimage of your soul, your destiny, your path and especially your return to the worlds of the Unity and the worlds where no darkness exists. Today, during this outpouring, and the days that follow, you will witness the milestone of your Celestial Wedding signaling the return to your unfailing truth, your Unity, your Light and Love that you are, for all eternity.

It is not for Me to tell you why you chose this path that you arrived at here more or less recently to enlighten, to change, and to allow the transformation of the surface of this [3D] world in which you now exist to become a bright future filled with Light. As you know, I intervene on the surface of this world and also on the whole of this solar system, over a period of 14 to 16 of your months [the timing is still somewhat flexible].

I am now present during this period to return your heritage to you and the Light of what you are. You must not be afraid because these days are days of joy for those who chose or will choose to join us here, including Myself and the representatives of the Divine Conclaves of the true Light to bathe you in the energy of the Source, the consciousness of the Father and the truth of your entire being.

The time has come to move from your separated world to unification. This means that at your own pace and according to your potential and your ability you will reach a level of consciousness where separation, darkness, sadness, and fear do not exist. Today, from now on, the outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet energy you receive, for most of you, in your head, will now enter directly into the Temple of your interior, your sanctuary of Unity, to remove the last veils of illusion about what you are, the Light that you are, and the role you have to play to enable the entire Solar system to attend the wedding in a return to the Unity. Beloved Children of the Law of One, Son of the One, this is a time for great joy.

Do not be misled by the events occurring around you or away from you. They must not affect you in any way because the Light is truth, the Light is protection, the Light is Love, and under the influence of Light and Love, absolutely nothing can happen to you. Today, during this important festival celebrated by many peoples throughout the Earth [Victory Day 1945], you will start to feel the force of the ultra-violet radiation at the level of your heart, which means you will vibrate at a frequency [Schuman Resonance] that none of you have known or experienced at this level before and a number large enough to allow starting the process of restoring the unity of this separated world into its unification and to his glory. This is the first outpouring of the ultra-violet to the heart. ... An effusion of energy ... [Pause]

Now you are, all of you that attend this communion, carriers and transmitters of the Light. This Light which is your divine right of inheritance will allow you to declare what you are, to show all of your power over yourself and your power of Light and spirituality. This week this new virtue marks the activation of what I have called the return to Self Unity with your solar plexus [abdomen] viewed from your separated [3D] world. Today you reconnect with your Divine affiliation, you reconnect to the Source of your Eternity. Today you reconnect to the fullness of who you are. Today is truly a day of joy.

This joy, as you see, can never be based on individual external circumstances, but your lives will be fulfilling the promise of your return to the Light. Doors that were sealed, which shut down access to your Unity are irreversibly open to all humanity and all beings who will make this choice and travel this path. This is the second outpouring of the ultra-violet to heart. [Pause]

Beloved Children of Joy, this time signals the execution of the oath where you return to the Unity, however the path you now travel. As your days pass you will see a force, a consciousness, a new reality. It will illuminate in you what your traditions, in different parts of this planet, called the "fire of Michael".

To date, the number of human souls in incarnation, having had the opportunity to access this transformation of the heart by My sword were very few. Today, every soul on this path that surrenders to the will of the Light, that allows the energy of the Father (as you call it), sees this as a possibility to be completed in a short time .

This Virtue or principle is the blessing that will be given to you, individually, collectively, by the chorus of those whom you call the Seraphim angels. They will reveal and awaken your inner fire, your eternal fire that some call the Divine particle. Whatever name you attach to this reality, to this truth, it is up to you to feed this fire, nourishing the Light and Love that is what you really are, for all eternity. The completion of this stage of your Celestial Wedding is your reunion with the Light.

This is only made possible by a number of specific astronomical events which Myself, all the Archangels, the Council of Melchizedech, the angelic realms, the Choir of Seraphims, and the angels of the Lord so appointed, are given in order to align with your life and manifest your truth during this duality and for all eternity.

As we accomplish these Celestial Marriages with Divinity, which will take you to the start of your summer [June 21], you will see that the number of people who align themselves with the true Light, the Light of Christ, will form an army of Light, a peaceful army that, by the single action of love in the search for truth, the search for Unity in yourself and also around you, will transform this world.

Do not be concerned with the phenomena that I called "the deconstruction." This is part of the influence of the Light. As the links and the long established barriers to your deity are dissolved, you will enter deeper into your inner sanctuary to live fully very soon the entire energy of the Seraphim . This is a new outpouring of the ultra-violet energy to the heart.

Beloved members and children of the Unity, as you accept and allow this fire in your heart, it does not burn; this fire only illuminates and fills your entire being, and obstacles, doubts, fears, misunderstandings, and suffering will no longer exist. Obviously this cannot be achieved for most of you in an instant.

This explains My presence now among you for this sufficiently long time, as I want to be absolutely certain that all the Masters and Children of the One truth, without exception, can attain and reveal this Truth and become enlightened. Circumstances outside your inner state will, as your time progresses, have an increasingly small importance and will move away from your focus. The only requirement is your total surrender to the Light and your total surrender to the energy of the Father.

As the greatest Light bearer [Jesus] said: "Father, Your will be done and not mine." It is only through this allegiance and this oath with the Light and the Love that you will find total peace, the total Unity and the totality of your radiation of Love and Light in order to allow your bodies (and also with the bodies of your brothers who do not permit their own control and the control of the Light of the Father) to radiate this Light.

Your role will be important. Remember that the bearers of Light must be transmitters of this Light. We can do nothing without you. Only you have the ability to enable the world to move towards the path of the Light. We who relay the energy of the Father through multiple channels that you accept can not force this Celestial union, regardless of Our dimensional levels, on those who still move between Light and darkness, between fear and joy, between Unity and duality, or give them access (if that is the choice of their soul) to this radiation.

The move to the Light and the Love of the Father is the only way, the only truth, which We now request that you accept. There's nothing more to do. There is no ritual as some of you have known in the ancient world because rituals belong to the ancient world. The heart, the revelation of your heart, the pressure of ultra-violet energy in your heart, cannot mislead you.

Only doubts can create a sensation or a feeling of deception. Nevertheless, to live this outpouring of ultra-violet energy fully in your higher chakras (now and henceforth in the level of your heart chakra) will allow every person of goodwill, to make allowances, to make choices and receive knowledge, infallibly, whether it is for the Unity or whether it is for the separation and the ego. It cannot be otherwise.

All of the lives that you have lived in this world have long been divorced from the Light, and you have imposed barriers between yourself and the Light. This will no longer exist. The only truth is your Light, your control, your abandonment and your energy. It permits no one else, not even Me, to impose this path. The only path is that of the Light in the Unity, or a return to the duality and experience a separation from this higher incarnation.

The only choice, the only alternative that you are asked to make is this: do you want to return to the Light and its guidance and your essential truth, or do you want to continue your indecisions of incarnation. We will not impose, and you will not have to impose this choice on anybody.
The only way to be in accordance with the will of the Light, the desire to love, is simply to offer the intensity and quality of this radiant energy to yourself and to others around you.

You will discover as your days pass the real meaning of what is known as mastering self, the real meaning of what a unified life devoid of personal interests or personal desires is like. You will very quickly see that your consciousness can not deceive, it can not hide, it can only clarify and illuminate your life and your exterior existence. I wish, before continuing the outpouring on behalf of the conclaves, on behalf of the Upper Room, on behalf of Circles, on behalf of the Ancient of Days, on behalf of the Angels of the Lord, to express our gratitude and our deep love for the suffering you have endured to get to where you are today. You are blessed by the radiation of ultra-violet energy in your Essence. [Pause]

As your days pass you will see in your interior and your exterior, that you will get more and more deeply into a state of transparency that allows penetration by a form of radiant energy higher than visible light, and there will be no duality that may affect your journey. Light is Love. Light and Love are Supreme intelligence. This Supreme intelligence, if you let it work in you and through you (regardless of the ongoing deconstruction of this world) allows its entrance to be a soothing balm for yourself and others.

Peace will be with you daily and will no longer be your hope, but your reality. The glory of the Unity, the grace of Light turns you into beings of action and results in beings of Unity, to be ethical, to be eternal beings especially in transparency. This transparency is a state which will let the inner Light shine on the world completely according to your increasingly expanding transmissions of Light.

The effect of these absorptions of Light is cumulative and, in your terms, exponential. Nothing, absolutely nothing can hinder or delay the path of Light within your being, whether social, physical, animal, vegetable, mineral or other form. This moment corresponds to what some have called the traditional birth of Christ or the second coming of Christ. So if you wish, if that is your aspiration of soul, you will become as Christ. This is not a belief. This is not a faith. This is the truth of proven consciousness that is offered on this day and in the days ahead.

Beloved Children of the Law of One, I will soon leave you to absorb the outpouring of ultra-violet energy into your head and into your heart during the short time that is still available. However, one last thing: as the days pass you'll meet those who do not fully understand yet, the insane ones not of the Light. The Light will radiate from you. Obviously, the mental perception of the mind, the understanding of personalities are still divided at this time, but will be struck by the reality and truth and beauty that you live.

However this is part of your learning to never again depend on the teachings or the words of another, but to only see the power of the Light that you have become. This learning period is an essential aspect of growth in order to accelerate the stability and maturity occurred on this day and in the coming weeks for your new birth, for those who join us in increasing numbers . There can be no external obstacles that will stop you. The only obstacles that can arise in this journey of joy that will bathe you with joy will be the remains of your separated [3D] personality that allowed you to act this way now.

Even then you should not punish or judge others but accept it and move on with the grace and power of the Light that you will become. You may request My presence, My Radiation, My power, and My assistance at any hour that passes during your coming days. We are unfailingly connected. We have intervened so that you can find all of your Unity, your entire Godhead, all of whom you are and not what you think you were.

I bring you My blessing, My love, My protection and we will work now, during the limited time, in the silence of the heart to receive the Light, the Unity and your Christ consciousness. The inner circle of the Divine Council told Me to tell you that your next meeting for the outpouring of ultra-violet energy, in the glory of the Unity of the Father and the Son, will be held on Sunday May 17 at 15:00. Be blessed. Receive our gratitude and welcome it now in the stillness and peace from the Father.

My Comments:
The intense energy data on the farside of the sun started on May 3 and has continued in varying degrees since then, and if it is truthful (there is always a doubt as the source is unreliable and is as deceitful as NASA) it appears that this energy did not reach the nearside nor will it reach us because it has been absorbed by the sun so far. This happened around May 7 which Michael gave as an important date.

This is the same activity that occurred in early February after NASA privately said Jupiter ignited, so it is possible that maybe Jupiter did not fully ignite or lost its solar energy and had to be reignited after being pulled back behind the sun to absorb its shock waves. Jupiter appears to be part of the energy required for ascension and may be a reason for delays that have occurred recently. There are still no official photos of Jupiter from NASA even though they said we would see it this month. This is only a possibility and will be revealed in time.

Schuman Resonance is the frequency of the Earth's natural electromagnetic resonance. It has been observed that this Resonance has been increasing in frequency since the late 1980's, when it was 7.8 hertz, until today when it is approximately 12 to 13 hertz. Time will appear to speed up as we approach the Zero Point. A 24 hour day will seem like 16 hours or less. Consequently, climate disturbances will occur, we will see an increase in volcano and earthquake activity, and world tensions will arise with increases in erratic human behavior.

Once we reach the Zero Point, possible results could include a flip of the magnetic poles or the sun to rise in the west and set in the east! Our physical body is changing as well as we approach the Zero Point, our DNA is being “upgraded” to 12 strands making us more intuitive. Also, the Zero Point flip may introduce us to the 5th dimension.

Gregg Braden from Awakening to Zero Point: "Planet Earth is going through a Collective Initiation as frequency increases and Earth's magnetic field is slowing down. Earth's magnetic field will stop at 13 cycles per second, zero point magnetic field. By 2012 we reach 13 cycles per second. 13 = zero point. At that time, the planet will stop rotating on its axis, pole shift, souls will go to sleep for 3 days, after which the planet will spin in the opposite direction. "

We have been divorced from Divinity for millenniums and the time for us to be reunited is at hand. This will be a period when the veil of ignorance will be removed for those who choose this path. Little visible evidence of change has been given so far, and most of this week's shortened message is a repeat of previous work with no questions answered, so it may indicate that some changes in Divine plans have been or will be made or that events did not go as planned due to free will of all matter including our planets and the sun.

Time will tell.

Rich N

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Archangel Michael - Integration Of Virtues 2nd Stage - May 2 2009

May 2 2009 translated from French

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day.

You can participate in this support:

  • Anywhere you are
  • In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed)
  • Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing)
  • Participate during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes)
  • The date and (French) time are indicated.
  • Each of AA Michael's meetings is now given weekly, the next being on Saturday, May 9 at 16:30 (French time) [which is the 3rd Stage of 12]
  • [France time is 16:30 or 4:30 PM, NY time is 10:30 AM, Chicago is 9:30 AM, and LA is 7:30 AM]
  • For the record, the previous meeting took place Saturday April 25 (1st stage).
We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these meetings on our site within 24 hours after it is given. Soon, therefore, in Spirit ...

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. I come today together with My Divine Assistants and the angels with me to relay the energy of the Central Sun Light [Alcyone], the energy of the Father. First, let me greet you on behalf of all the beings of Light that transmit the ultra-violet radiation. We send all of our gratitude and respect, all our wishes, all our love to encourage you and the many more who will join us, (beyond the hidden Masters that you are) to become the transmitters of Light, the sowers of the Light and the Light workers of the New Earth. So be it.

I come again, especially accompanied by the Lord of Karma [Ascended Master] in charge of your humanity in order to reveal a little more, during this outpouring of ultra-violet energy, and We will continue to disclose a number of lessons from your past and your future and what is now occurring. You are blessed. First, we will together with you anywhere on this planet, host the first part of the outpouring of energy today.

I remind you that this is the second meeting of your Celestial Marriage [Stage 2]. This is your reunion and our reunion with you into the great family, within the unified world and in your external worlds now separated and divided. In this, we welcome you as we invite you to help all your brothers and sisters, all of those on the surface and in the intra-terrestrial realms to accept and live the integration and the ascension of your world and the entire solar system with the Unity. Again, we bless you and we now begin.

Beloved Masters of the genuine Light, well loved Children of the Law of One, Children of the One, the time is now to end your separation. Indeed, most of you have traveled this cycle of mankind in a separated state. This I have explained to you already. But now comes the time for your new birth, the end of your separation and the opening of your Interior Temple to Divinity. This is now.

When I say "now" this is today. At the next outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet energy which will take place on May 9 you will experience the new birth, the opening of your Interior Temple and the end of your real association with this separated world, and you will become workers of the Light, and above all sowers and reflectors of the Light of the Father. Today I will reveal a number of elements in relation to this third phase linked to the end of your separation, which corresponds to the completion, within your solar plexus [a network of nerves located in the abdomen], of your Unity of Self prior to your return to the Divine Unity.

Self Unity [the end of 3D duality] is the end of your state of separation that should help you in this dense reality, to open your eyes and especially to open your heart to the will of the Unity, to the Father's will and the will of the angelic hierarchy that will accompany you every minute of your life. You will be bathed in each outpouring, each effusion of the radiation of ultra-violet energy more and more, so that you will join Us and We will join you. This is for the greater good of this planet and for all humanity.

The Unity of Self is the rehabilitation of your separation within your personality. This corresponds to the end of your separated personalities, where each of the parties wanted to work for itself without taking into account other parties [selfish ego]. This is an important and essential step to help you in all solemnity, to find your legacy of Unity and Divinity.

As I told you, that virtue is the third star. This star is the third step in opening your Interior Temple. So you will rapidly live during the next 7 days that follow, the beginnings and the rebirth of your preparations for your Godhead. The Celestial Weddings will be unveiled and revealed every day and every minute of your life, more lucid in your humanity in your lower density.

To do this, you should not allow or have contact with the elements of fear that will be prevalent in your environment by humanity as a whole who are afraid of this time to come. However this time is recorded for all eternity. It is both feared and expected. This Unity is a sign of your disassociation with this world and a total acceptance of what I call the spiritual government. Human Governments will disappear or lose their power to the energy and love of the Light. It can not be otherwise.

So, you are now asked, and this is made possible by the return to your Unity of Self, to avoid generating fear or cause doubt, since it supports nothing that is of the Light. You are the Masters of the Light. No darkness can affect your future path of Light. All of us present here, we assure you, give our unwavering support, the protection of our love for the times ahead. The deconstruction of the world will reach its peak between now and the end of your summer [Sept 21]. Do not worry about the deconstruction events as this will rebuild you and reunify you with Divinity.

The second part of this outpouring of the ultra-violet energy today during this time is much longer. During this outpouring we will begin to transfer the ultra-violet from your head, at the higher energy centers to within your heart. I repeat beloved Masters of Light, Children of the Law of One, Sons of the Unity, that the end of your separation and the return to your Unity of Self will then be revealed in your solar plexus [abdomen] to definitely tranquillize what you call your emotional states and separation.

This is the moment when a person relies on the heart in order to work in the Unity and the direction of the Glory of the Light. Unity of Self brings the end of this separation and is the ultimate requirement for the opening of your Interior Temple and your rebirth next week. This is when a person leaves the ego behind in order to work toward the Glory of Light and Unity.

Beloved child of the Law of One, the end of this separation signals that you will acquire a new force that is a surrender to the Light, the abandonment to the will of the Father, the surrender to God. In your surrender to God, no fear can exist, no sorrow can exist, no anger can exist. Only the ineffable joy of reunion with your Unity of Self will strengthen you in the coming days and weeks.

The events of the deconstruction of the world are an obligation by the Divine multitude that are relaying this Light, and we hope that a still larger number of human souls in incarnation will be able to grow in this and accomplish this. You're now at that period of time. We are all here for that. Beloved children of the Light, I ask that you receive this outpouring of energy now into your solar plexus [abdomen].

I am speaking to all of those who have already joined or will join us in the coming weeks, for you are the Bearers of Light, the sowers of the Light. You will find that you are among the family of the universal galactic brotherhood. Now, as you live your days and your nights, you will be bathed and nourished by the Source [Divinity]. You will find, as time progresses, the direction of your destiny, the meaning of your life, your sense of Unity and the meaning of your Godhead. That is on the way and it is now.

On this day was born the third star of Mary which, in your biological terms becomes your fifth strand of DNA. The sixth strand that will emerge next week is the central point and major component of your return to God, but it will be revealed in due time and in a timely manner. What is now required is that you become aligned with your [Divine] Source, to feel as often as possible, this ultra-violet energy within your higher central area and to direct this energy to your chest and to your solar plexus [abdomen].

This return to your Unity of Self [in a removal of the duality of this world] is a moment that I describe as magical, as it will be possible to understand that whatever the hardships of this world, regardless of the suffering imposed by those who refuse the Unity, your ability to stay in Unity, Integrity and Light will be accentuated.

The separation between your [3D] realms and our higher realms will tend to disappear. This you will begin to understand. But by this return to your Self Unity, this communication between realms will be made easier [by the lifting of the veil that currently exists]. Many human beings on the surface of this world will realize that they can more easily communicate with us in one form or another, and can benefit from our influence, our peace, our radiation of energy. This era of the communion, this era of the revelation has now come.

You now enter a period conducive to the establishment of this new connection, this reconnection that can actively prepare you (all of you who already follow us, and the whole of this planet, all forms of life ) to either move to your ascension or to reject it if that is your choice [this window is still open].

This joy, this flowing quality, and this serenity is the key element in your future, your destiny. You will become sowers and transmitters of the Light. Thus, as the deconstruction of this world continues, the roots in your new Unity of Self prior to opening of your Interior Temple will allow those of you who still doubt to join in this galactic and universal brotherhood. We will celebrate in one week the total return of the Spiritual Government. This is accurate. We now continue the outpouring of the ultra-violet energy. [Pause]

Beloved Children of the Unity, as you reveal your Unity of Self, your interior Temple, you must expect some resistance and opposition from the outside. Again, you are asked not to play this game of duality, but rather to strengthen the end of your separation and your return to the Unity, because only the Light that you radiate will be able to illuminate the darkness that appears.

I want to tell you that no emotion, no external restrictions will make you leave your state of Unity and your Interior Temple. These are only limitations related to the opposition to the Light which is linked to a fear of Light. You must understand that when you are asked not to judge you should only strengthen your Light, your Unity, your truth, as your most powerful weapon is there and nowhere else.

You will irretrievably experience a new Spiritual Government. This means that you are given full power over yourself, your self and the Unity of your Interior Temple [no longer slaves to man and his control but totally free]. This is linked to your construction of Light that can manifest itself as a deconstruction of what is not the Light.

But your role, your way, and your future has no interest in that. Day after day, night after night, the radiation of ultra-violet energy within your bodies will activate a new force, a new Light, a new infallibility and a state of being completely new, while yet keeping the current body that will help us Conclaves, entities, Archangels and other Angels print our trademark of Light in this world that will become a world of Light.

Achieving your Unity of Self will make you discover that you have an unalterable, unshakable faith to the fullest. No emotion associated with this separation can, in the short time left, reach and disturb you. We are proud and we are pleased to have you in the Light for the revelation of the Light and for the establishment of Light in this dimension and the new [5th] dimension to come.

You are, all who have joined us and all who will join us in a very short time, a network of Light. This network is called the authentic Brotherhood of Light. It involves a number of adjustments in your lives, both in a unified group of people and in their intentions so that everywhere on Earth there are apparent outbreaks of Light that will lead to a stabilization of that Light.

The revelation of your Unity of Self will make you discover the joy of living within yourself, without opposition, without contradictions and without abnormal behavior. All your lives must strive to harmonize with the Light, its future, its purpose and what you are in truth. As bearers of the Light, sowers and transmitters of the Light, you must announce the sovereign power of the Light not so much through words but rather by behaviors of your Self Unity, which is a result of your radiation, your hope, and your faith expressed in the Light and the future of this Earth.

You will learn, through the revelation of your Self Unity your inner joy, that which does not depend on any external circumstances of your lives but whose origin is genuinely your alignment with the [Divine] Source, and your responsibility to this source, which is Love, Light, the Light of the Father and the Father's will. In accepting this you will discover a peacefulness and confidence that few of you have experienced so far, except in certain moments.

The Bearers of Light that you will become are beings of conviction, beings of humility, and beings of immense magnitude. Never forget the words of Christ, and he spoke: "No person shall enter the kingdom of heaven unless he becomes like a child", and that means abandoning your own will to the Father's will. This is the condition of your happiness and your ecstasy in reunification with the Light, if you wish.

One last thing before you leave to live the end of the outpouring of the ultra-violet energy in stillness during this week: you will prove your Unity of Self, and you will see a number of new events and vibrational energies emerge within your physical bodies and your external surroundings. They belong to the achievement of this Self Unity and the reopening of your Interior Temple.

This should not alarm you, but instead you should rejoice in the certainty of the truth of what has been accomplished and that which remains to be achieved. So I leave you now as you continue in silence in the outpouring of the UV radiation, in order to accommodate this Light and to retransmit it to this whole planet. You are blessed. I grant you my unchangeable protection and the protection of all of the galactic universal brotherhood. Be blessed.

I will return at the end of your outpouring and only at the end to respond to your questions from what I just said. I leave you in silence until the conclusion of the overflowing of energy. [Pause]

Question: Can you explain what you call the Unity of Self?
Self is tied to your perception of what you are. We could call this the ego self, linked to the personality and the true self, linked to the heart, because in a separated world, those who claim through mental ability and perception to arrive at self enlightenment, arrive only at their ego self.

The true spiritual self is linked to the opening of what you call the heart chakra. What I am talking about is the alignment of the ego self and authentic Unity self not only in your heart but in your solar plexus [abdomen]. It is the perception, understanding and integration of the ego self and the authentic spiritual self with your solar plexus in your [3D] world and your separated dimension. This will allow you in a relatively short time to demonstrate the power of the Light, the power of the Word and the power of Truth, in your individual lives.

Question: During your last speech you spoke of the virtues of Love, Attraction, and Abandonment. Where are we today in that progression?
This virtue, linked to the activation of your fifth strand of DNA is a virtue that I called the Unity of Self . This corresponds to your ability to manifest the Divinity within your separated [3D] world. This corresponds on a much larger scale that I called deconstruction to allow the reconstruction of the Light in you. This inherent virtue will be developed and explained in my next speech, if you wish.

Question: What effects can we expect after your interventions are completed?
This will be a period where you will discover that you can operate on the level of an incarnated and integrated personality by expressing the Unity in your life, not just in times of your return within your heart [in meditation] but in all actions of your life. Certain changes will be able to then occur that will eliminate certain emotions which would block or limit the access to this Unity of Self.

Question: What hinders us from developing access to the higher actual realms?
The very fact of not having completed the Unity of Self, the opening of what you call the heart chakra, so that you can have conscious access to other higher dimensions. This is made possible by receiving the Light, by opening the higher heart chakras, and through the transformation by the Light of your solar plexus [abdomen].

Question: How do we best support the transformation of the solar plexus [abdomen]?
You need to give time to focus during times when you feel the ultra-violet energy regardless of specific dates. This energy is manifested in the form of vibration or energy in your head that is to be passed through the heart to your solar plexus.

Question: Does what you call the solar plexus refer only to our emotional universe?
It also includes your physical [3D] world and your separated personality largely related to the creation of the astral world along with your emotional world.

Question: What about the termination of the astral realm globally?
This is almost completed.

Question: When will the individual astral realm be terminated?
This will be done during the period that is allocated during the outpouring of the [immense] ultra-violet energy which starts next week and extends to your early summer [July].

Question: Does this mean that there will be no emotions?
It seems difficult to achieve that as this [3D] dimension still exists. However you will become impervious to your own emotions and the emotions of the outside world.

Question: From your perspective what does it mean to live our Unity in our daily lives?
It means to be able to breathe the will of the Father and of the Unity within each conscious act of your life. This corresponds roughly to experience completely and totally what you called in your past the 10 Commandments. The first of these commandments, "do not kill" does not only relate to one's physical action but also to an act of emotions and thoughts and intentions. From the moment when you judge the act of somebody around you, you share in their killing. You must learn not to judge, not to have control over others, and you must surrender completely to the abandonment of self.

Question: Why meet once a week during these hours?
This fully corresponds to influences, both linked to the global clock and to the availability of different Divine Conclaves, upper realm Angels and Archangels in relation to changes in your world. Thus, I cannot give you the meeting dates after May 9 [as changes are made continually].

Question: Is the solar plexus [abdominal midriff] a type of separation between the 3rd and 4th chakras?
This has been the case so far in the overall evolution of the human being whose oath was forgetting his divinity in order to reach this conclusion that you are living now. In a metaphorical form so far since the initialization of this cycle of more than 50,000 of your Earth years, in surviving this incarnation, you have grown only outwardly [mentally and physically]. From now on and as the days progress, you will hopefully grow more spiritually from within.

Question: When will the destruction of this veil from God be complete?
It will definitely be accomplished, for those who permit it, by the end of June.

Question: What about those who refuse this incarnation?
Remember that Light is cumulative. Paraphrasing the words of Christ, I could say that "the first will be the last and the last will be first." However, there is a timetable. But you must understand that those who have denied incarnation also "have enlightened their souls. The only problem is the attachment with the body which represents the ego self. This should not lead you to fear anything, as it is important, ultimately, that you return to the Light, I would add, in one form or another. Understand that those who leave the body and do not pass through the transition called death or a lapse of memory, will move to a new body in a new higher dimension if they so desire and if that is their wish.

Question: Do you have any recommendations for these people?
It is not for me to provide guidance in relation to this, in general.

Question: Does the phrase that energy is not extended below the solar plexus have a particular meaning?
Yes. The meaning is that the work of ultra-violet is at the solar plexus [the pit of the stomach in the abdomen], at least now, and nowhere else below that area.

Question: Do you have recommendations for your public speech next week?
Each of my meetings are conducted in public. You are not alone. The public will become increasingly more numerous. This is a public spirit and truth. The public as a whole does not influence in any manner the level of the ultra-violet energy [it will proceed whether we approve or not].

We have no more questions. Thank you.
Human souls in incarnation, receive my blessings and all my love and my protection. I will tell you more at the next meeting.
Alcyone is 440 light-years from Earth. It is the brightest star in the Pleiades and the third brightest star in the constellation Taurus. Alcyone is actually a multiple star system. The primary, Alcyone A, is an eclipsing binary, consisting of two giant B stars with a separation of about 0.031 arc-seconds (roughly the distance of Jupiter from the Sun).

My Comments: Ultra-violet light travels reportedly at 186,282 miles per second, and light from the sun takes about 8 minutes to reach us. In our 3D time this UV energy from Alcyone would take 4.5 centuries, but to Divinity there is no time so it could come instantaneously. Michael seems to hint that we will begin to see this new energy in the next week, and that as a result a preview of further actions can not be given at this time because of possible changes in Divine decisions.

The Unity of Self that He mentions is a rejection of the duality of living in both 3D darkness and 5D Light, and this is a movement to a Unity with Divinity. The individual choice of Ascension has apparently been extended to allow more to join in the coming weeks as new energies may awaken some. The phrase "the first will be the last" means that most of what we know and believe is inaccurate and an illusion of our 3D duality. Those who are humble workers will actually become leaders in the future, while our corrupt selfish leaders will become slaves on other 3D worlds. Often what is considered by the masses as outrageous inaccuracies and conspiracies are in fact truth that will be revealed at a later time.

The unemployment rates and foreclosures continue to rise, and there is no sign of any changes in our future. There are many insider reports that have confirmed that the swine Flu was transported in vials from Fort Detrick, Maryland to Mexico City last month where it was later unleashed. The darkside continues its devious operations and Nero Obama continues playing his fiddle while Rome burns.

The stress test of the 19 major banks was originally scheduled for May 4 but has been rescheduled for the evening of May 7, which is ironically the date that Michael gave earlier. The results will probably continue to hide the reality that our banks are bankrupt due to the worthless derivatives that are off the books and number in the trillions of dollars, as these tests are administered by its members who do not wish to reveal the true state of affairs.

AA Michael said "The public will become increasingly more numerous", and if what He says comes to pass, word will spread and interest will grow, since He is the only messenger to give these details. Most channeled work has vague generalities and shows little evidence of a real communication with higher realms. Actions speak louder than words. There has been little visible evidence of movement in a different direction so far, and hopefully that will soon change. Time will tell.

Rich N