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AA Michael - Opening The Seven Seals (chakras) Of God-Consciousness

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman

NOTE FROM RONNA: Dearest friends: AA Michael gave me this wonderful meditation /exercise several years ago to present at my seminars. A portion of the information is in his third book of messages, Your Sacred Quest, but not the full meditation process. He told me that it was important that people accomplish a certain amount of clearing and processing old impacted energies before they endeavor to raise the Kundalini Fire of Spirit. We used the set of eight Solar Harmonic Full Spectrum Tuning Forks during the meditation exercise and it was a very profound experience.

AA Michael states, "It is time for all of you who are willing to move to the next level of awareness, and the process of beginning to Open The Seven Seals of God Consciousness will greatly assist you on your journey of en-Lightenment. This process may be done only once or several times if you wish, depending on what you feel you have to release. Tune into your Body Elemental and learn to focus on the areas which are sending you distress signals. You will soon learn the areas of your body that need more attention." Dear hearts, we are in the midst of very dramatic, life-changing times which are often exciting and glorious and at other times very challenging and disconcerting. Regardless of what the future brings, together, we will prevail. I send you my eternal love and angel blessings,

AA Michael: Beloved masters, it is time for you to take advantage of your physical and spiritual senses in the fullest measure. You must redefine and learn to properly use the physical senses in order to access and develop the higher senses that became dormant so long ago: clairvoyance/ clear seeing, clairaudience/ clear hearing or telepathic abilities, clairsentience (an empathic, intuitive person with an expanded, inner sense of awareness). All of these heightened abilities are a part of your Divine birthright just waiting for you to reclaim them.

We have discussed in great detail the seven major chakras of the physical vessel and outlined the positive and negative attributes / functions of each one. It is important that you also realize that each chakra and organ within the body has a consciousness of its own which was overlaid and infused with the energies of your many past experiences and thought forms. You have not only created your outer world with your beliefs and the vibrational frequencies of your thoughts, but you have built your inner world as well.

Your body communicates with you in many ways, but do you know how to listen and interpret what it is telling you? I have stated this truth to you before, but it bears repeating. Many of you have accepted the fact that you can communicate and interact with the angelic realms and Beings of Light, but most of you are still not aware that you can communicate with the many facets of your bodily form.

Some time ago we gave you the gift of Seven Crystalline Spheres of Higher Consciousness whereby you began the process of returning your chakra system to a harmonious state by breathing spheres of Light from your Divine I AM Presence into each of the seven major chakra centers of the physical body. We had you breathe in a sphere of Light and then superimpose the infinity sign over each sphere/ chakra to assist in accelerating the process of releasing impacted, disharmonious energy patterns as you strive to reclaim the gifts of self-mastery. The process of clearing, harmonizing and balancing the seven major chakras of the physical body results in an important initiation process called THE OPENING OF THE SEVEN SEALS OF GOD-CONSCIOUSNESS.

As each chakra is returned to harmony within itself, a process is activated whereby an energy vortex is opened and the perfected qualities and energy of that chakra are projected upward into the next chakra. Also, the store of Adamantine Particles of Creator Light are released from each chakra and begin to flow upward as the process is repeated until the crown chakra is activated, which allows an amazing and wondrous thing to take place: the chakra system begins to spin at such high revolution that it turns the spinal column into a blazing shaft of Light and the five higher galactic Rays of the Creator pour down through the column of Light and infuse all your chakras with the luminescence of your Divine I AM Presence.

That is the process that many of you have been experiencing these last few years, and since you are on an accelerated path of initiation / transformation, much discomfort and distortion have been activated within the physical vessel. There was / is much to be released, rectified and balanced, and what has taken thousands of years to create is being transmuted in just a few short years. So please be gentle with yourselves and know that you are in the process of incorporating and transforming your human self into your shining human/Spirit Self.

Allow us to give you another simplified exercise to assist you in tapping into the inner wisdom of your physical vessel. I will give you a key word for each chakra. Please study / review and learn some of the attributes of each chakra, and then as you go about your daily life, when appropriate, chant or say the word for each chakra. (These words may be toned and held as long as comfortable if you wish.)

As with toning the vowel sounds, start at your lowest, most comfortable note and slowly move up the scale as you repeat the word for each chakra. Observe what comes to mind when you chant the key word and focus on the chakra. How do you "LIVE" with the energies of the root chakra, how do you "LOVE" with the energies of the heart, etc.?


The Root Chakra grounds your physical self to the life force of Earth and gives stability (this is most important, for you must honor and maintain the physical body while reaching for the stars). When this chakra is functioning properly and in balance, you will have more vitality, courage and self-confidence. It will help you release old survival and scarcity issues and tap into your treasure chest of abundance.



This is the seat of your physical/emotional self. When this chakra is in balance, you are no longer plagued by self-doubt, addictions, or sexual issues. You become attuned to the wisdom of your Soul mind instead of the ego mind, and gradually all the old self-limiting thought patterns of the subconscious mind are replaced with self-confidence and emotional stability. You take back your personal power as you learn to create joy, peace and prosperity instead of fear and limitation. Take a deep breath and TONE "I FEEL." STATE TO YOURSELF: "I AM NOW ACCESSING AND INTEGRATING THE POWER OF PASSION WITH SPIRIT AS MY DIRECTOR. MY DESIRE IS TO CREATE JOY, PEACE AND PROSPERITY TO ENJOY AND SHARE WITH OTHERS."



This is the seat of your physical/mental self. When this chakra begins to spin in harmony and only a few discordant energies remain, your self-esteem returns, knowledge turns into wisdom and clarity of thought. You regain self-control and become the master of your desires. You learn to set boundaries and honor the boundaries of others as you draw forth energy from the universal source of life substance and your own I AM Presence instead of tapping into the energies of those around you. The activation of your Solar Power Center begins at this point (solar plexus, heart and thymus).




The heart chakra is the gateway to the higher chakras which connect you to the Soul Self and Spirit Self. When your heart chakra is unbalanced or mostly shut down, you will function primarily as an instinctual human being which is governed by the three lower chakras of the physical self. As you balance the energies of the heart mind/emotions (the life and love force energy centers of the body), you will tap into the unconditional love force of the God Mind.

You swiftly release all energies and thought patterns which manifest as jealousy, envy, selfishness, guilt or feelings of unworthiness. As you ignite the Three-fold Flame of Divine Will, Wisdom and Love, you begin to develop a compassionate nature and a oneness with life and all things. Take a deep breath and TONE "I LOVE." STATE TO YOURSELF: "I NOW ACTIVATE MY EMOTIONAL AND MY SOLAR POWER LIFE FORCE CENTERS. I RECEIVE AND PROJECT ONLY LOVE/LIGHT ENERGY. I OPEN MY HEART TO THE DIVINE FLOW OF SPIRIT."



The throat chakra is connected to the astral / emotional plane or mental / causal plane, depending on the vibrational frequencies of the thoughts and words you project. This may seem confusing; however, since you create your own reality by the frequency patterns you radiate, the law of attraction assures that the lower frequencies you send forth will attract astral plane energies and the higher ones will tap into the mental planes of consciousness. The ascension process entails mastering the physical plane, the astral (emotional) plane, the mental plane and, eventually, up through the higher dimensions. Communication, the power of the spoken word, is one of the most important tools on the physical plane. When you begin to use the language of Love / Light and soul talk, you will always speak your highest truth, you will be expressive and creative in speech, in writing and you will become proficient in manifesting your vision for the future.





The brow or third eye chakra opens the door to the "inner senses," first connecting you to your unconscious self (subconscious mind) and gradually to your Higher Self as the pure cosmic Light substance of the God Mind (called Rays) is allowed to enter and activate your God consciousness (the Essence of you). You will move through the whispers of intuition into a "knowing" that you are being guided and inspired by Spirit. New knowledge, creative ideas and inspiration from the higher mental and intuitive planes will be accessible to you as you clear the distortions. Do not fear the seemingly dark energies or thought forms that float into your consciousness or before your eyes during meditation, beloveds, for these are your own creations coming to the fore to be healed and transmuted into Light. Love is the dynamic, cohesive force of Creation and when Love/Light is shined on any misqualified thought frequency, it is "lightened" and eventually transmuted. Also, remember to use the gift of the Violet Flame.




When the crown chakra is activated, the pathway is opened to your Spiritual Self, and the wisdom, gifts and treasures stored with your Divine I AM Presence will be available to you. As you demonstrate that you are ready to live and radiate the Love / Light / Truth of Creation, you will be showered with an ever-increasing flow of the attributes and virtues of the Twelve Rays of God consciousness.






To further assist you in reestablishing a pure, strong connection with your spiritual guides, angelic helpers and with any whom you wish to work with in the higher realms, we offer this exercise:

Focus your consciousness deep within your Sacred Heart as you take a few deep breaths. Envision (however you perceive), your Essence within a sphere of Light move through the portal at the back of your Sacred Heart chamber. You move quickly up into the fifth dimension into a new, personal pyramid of Light which has been especially designed as a meeting place for you, your friends and companions of the higher realms. Move into this sacred space and lie on the crystal table. As you do so, look around the room and see seated in the crystal chairs surrounding the table all those with whom you wish to commune and work.

Take a moment to identify those who are with you in your pyramid. As with all other pyramids of Light in the higher dimensions, there is a double-terminated pure quartz crystal hanging down from the peak of the pyramid over the crystal table in the center. Electrifying lightning sparks are radiating forth from the giant crystal out into the room. This is the rarified Essence of the Supreme Creator and our Father/Mother God. There is a fountain under the table with a blazing Violet Flame pouring forth out into the room which will transmute any discordant energies you bring to this place to be released and purified. Come to this sacred place often to strengthen your connections and rapport with your Family of Light.


My bold and brave ones, as the process of ascension accelerates, it is more important than ever that you take advantage of as many as possible of the advanced techniques of transformation. It may seem simplistic; however, the above exercise / meditation is a powerful tool to assist in releasing old impacted vibrational patterns and speeding up the process of returning to an empowered state of duality within the physical vessel so that your Soul Song / Energetic Signature will become a beautiful, harmonious symphony of great magnitude and force. We are giving you all the necessary tools and information possible to assist you on your path of illumination; however, you must assume the responsibility for your return to self-mastery. We are standing by to assist you as you reclaim your rightful status as a spiritual Being on a Divine mission for our Father / Mother God.

We salute your bravery. You are dearly loved. I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.
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Archangel Michael - Integration of Virtues 9th stage - June 21 2009

translated from French - June 21 2009

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week starting on April 25.

Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day. We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these interventions within 24 hours after the meeting on our site. At anytime soon, therefore, in Spirit ...

You can participate in this support:

* Anywhere you are
* In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed)
* Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing)
* Participating during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes)
* As Michael said: "Fear not children of the Light to take these overflowing energies now or at any other time, because you will always be permitted to integrate into the transmission of this Light, this transmission of Unity, to allow it to enter the center of your entire being.
* The date and (French) time are indicated.
* The next AA Michael meeting is on Sunday June 28 at 10:00 AM (French time) [ 4 AM NY time, 3 AM in Chicago, 2 AM Mountain, and 1 AM in LA].
* On this day no public questions will be answered.
* For the record, the previous meetings took place on April 25, May 2, May 9, May 17, May 24, June 1, and June 7 [the final is July 12].
* Regardless of the outpouring of Michael, it is suggested that you reconnect to the energy of the Source, the Father, every day from 12 noon to 1 PM local time, regardless of your country.

Integration of Virtues - 9th stage

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Masters of the Light, receive the gratitude of the Archangels, the Conclave, and the different spiritual orders that transmit the energy of the ultraviolet radiation to you anywhere in this world in this most active period and these most powerful moments. Today the 9th virtue or the 9th star is activated in you. I will continue at length on this subject because it is the personal reconnection in you with your Divinity and your Eternity. On this day of your summer solstice let Us integrate first of all the outpouring of the ultra-violet energy in your chest within your Eternity.

By the arrival of the outpouring of this 9th virtue in you, it initiates your ability to reconnect to your Father and the Source. This reconnection is through silence. Silence is directly linked within the reunited multidimensional worlds to the capacity of your ability to create. This ability is directly linked to the verb create in the noblest sense. Silence is the prerequisite to your activation of the concept of creating, making you conscious co-creators of your own reality.

The 9th star is directly linked to the verb create. I spoke last week of the enabling of your connection to the divine Mary by the sound of this [B flat 466 Hz] tone. This tone is the intermediate step in reaching your inner silence, allowing the implementation of co-creation through this concept expressed by the Father. You are now participating in this implementation.

When your perception of the ability to create is awakened in you, in your inner silence, you realize your role literally as a creator in Truth of your own experiences. Silence and this concept of creation represent the sequence that is expressed in the multiple universes, in the multi-dimensions where its existence is very powerful [creation is normal in higher dimensions]. To arrive at the reality of being a creator requires certain transitions of consciousness and energy to carry this out before you can achieve it in this 3rd density that you now exist. These movements of the consciousness and energy are carried out within you personally before being carried out in others in this 3rd density.

This ability to create is a concept that is representative of and a coordinator of a new creation in this new higher density that you will explore in your short time left on Earth [in 3D]. We initialize in you (by the grace and the decree of the Father) your ability to go beyond your present consciousness to discover in your interior areas in silence the appearance and demonstration of the creation of the 5th dimension in your current dimension .

This creation within your separated 3rd density today will be demonstrated (in your next few weeks and in all your future years) by your ability (beginning when it is aligned with the heart of God, from the moment it is unified with the heart of God) to create and to demonstrate in Unity with the Source in your 3rd density your transformation into beings of Light and the expression in your 3rd density of the Truth of the Light in your life and in your environment.

This tone and the inner silence appears in you once you have stabilized in your interior the ultraviolet energy transmitted directly into your heart in intensity and in truth. Within this interior area you will enjoy the opportunity of manifesting your awareness of co-creation, both in the events occurring now in your life and in your future in your new 5th dimension. This represents an education which you must carry out within this 3rd density in order to allow you to express the Light and the Truth in Unity before you live permanently and totally in the new 5th dimension. By activating this 9th virtue you become conscious co-creators of your Truth, of the Light and of life everlasting.

If you agree to live in the Truth and the Light of the Father (displayed during the circumstances of your life), you will experience the inner joy of this conscious act of co-creation, whatever the deconstructions that will occur in your world. This tone and this silence are the indelible marks of your connection to the Father/Mother, the Truth and to the higher dimensions.

In the environment of inner silence, the term create occurs because the mind is silent. Your surrender allows God to reach you and to manifest His Glory. By cultivating in this inner silence the concept of being a creator you will also experience the joy, the fullness of Light, the fullness of Truth and the fullness of your Essence. Starting today you become whole and experience a new beginning, connected to the Father and the Mother, and you become within this density the children of creation and the creators of those whom you give birth to.

I speak now in gratitude on behalf of the entire Archangelic Conclave. As I said last week, you are now among the tens of millions who join Us in these outpourings, to participate as creators even within your environment in your Truth of Light and Joy. With the connection that you establish (beyond the dimension where you now live that is separated from Our higher dimension) you can also develop in you a virtue related to this inner silence that you call telepathy. It starts up quietly by a rearrangement of the Light within your density. What you experience within your beings will soon become a form visible to all of humanity as the Light changes in your bodies. Light is awareness and it becomes a perfect example of Light in the 5th dimension.

The Light in your body (conveyed multi dimensionally) for most of you will begin to be expressed in your perception and your conscience (initially only little by little) at this level during your nights [by dreams]. You will see that your consciousness has the ability to travel [out of body], to move from the heavy and dense body that you have had for so long to your new multidimensional body. The revelation and the driving force of this transition are the tone [sound] and the concept of your ability of create.

Otherwise, the dimensional transition from your separated state to a unified body may not take place in a conscious way in your life until it is finalized by having the tone and the interior silence installed in you. In this separated environment you will have the opportunity and time to experiment with your dimensional bodies, to live for a while and get used to their presence, their meaning and their radiance.

These multi dimensional bodies are yours for all eternity, but they were hidden from you although connected to what you call the Sun [by its energy]. Today, by connecting this existing vibratory ultraviolet energy between your Sun and the Earth, it is made possible thanks to the creative concept through inner silence to enter these multidimensional bodies. Thus, in response to the promise you were given in your holy book, you can travel semi-consciously, then increasingly more consciously and finally super consciously in the body which awaits you from all Eternity, by the restructuring of this connection in you, visible today in the union linking the Sun and the Earth.

The principle of full access to your conscience in this multidimensional body of Light will be acquired after an energy reversal process. This is not for now but this will occur soon. However, in this interim period which still separates you from the end of this dimension and the end of this duality, you have the possibility of your returning to the interior silence in your body in Glory that was announced in your sacred scriptures.

Your illuminated entry (although temporarily) into your eternal body will reveal (in your current dimension) your eternity, your joy, your glory, your notification and your reconnection to Divinity after your having existed in a life separated from the galactic worlds. Starting today (and in a preliminary way for those of you who have already experienced the Truth of these energy effusions) you recognize your opportunity to penetrate this multi-dimensional body, to live in it and manifest it.

However, this does not make you lose sight of the fact that your role in the here and now is in your ability to return to the Truth and the Light, to prepare the multidimensional Earth body that some of you will have the possibility (at the end of ultraviolet effusions) to enter, create and experience. The training that you receive, the training that your planet receives is made possible as of today.

Nevertheless, this period of deconstruction coming soon is very important. It requires that you anchor in the Light in this density in a proper and intense way. Thus, you do not yet live permanently in this multi-dimensional body [and only experience it at certain times], except for those of you who leave the body [and travel to higher dimensions in spirit only without the need for a body], which is not the plan for the majority of you yet.

However, this reconnection and the understanding of your conscious co-creation within this density will increase. Thus, between these two dimensions, between your current life and your ephemeral eternity, you will be able to increase the intensity of the Light, the Light of Truth and the manifestation of sound and silence in your environment. As you enter these multidimensional spaces on a temporary basis, you'll discover that your reality, even within this 3rd dimension, is so very different.

This phenomena called synchronicity [a coexistence in 2 dimensions and 2 bodies] will increase significantly in order to produce conditions conducive to the establishment of your inner joy, the establishment of your truth, whatever the circumstances of the environment. You do not have to dwell on these obstacles, but you should focus on the establishment of the Light which is total joy, tranquility and peace. Do not associate with or accompany what is to be deconstructed. This should not be your role [do not dwell on the negative or assemble with those who choose not to receive the Light].

Your role is to be builders of the new Truth, builders of a new world that will come into manifestation. However, you must (while abiding at the center of your new foundation in your heart) transmit this Truth of the Light to the maximum of human beings who have not yet joined the Light during these energy effusions. That is their freedom and their choice, but the absolute power of your Light, the power of the energy effusion, the power of the Holy Spirit enables the connection of a growing number of beings in this multi dimensionality to the Light. Remain confident in all of your brothers and your sisters because, until the time of My festival [at the end of September] that you celebrate, it is possible for all humans to in turn enter into this Truth [it appears that starting this Fall man’s choice to unite with Divinity and receive the Light will no longer exist].

Never forget the words of Christ: "the last shall be first." What He meant is that, by the grace of the Father, access to the decision of joining the Unity can exist only until the end of your time in the 3rd dimension. I am not saying, therefore, that your 3rd dimension will stop at the end of September, but that nevertheless the conditions for the establishment of the 5th dimension will be complete in Truth by then.

Thus, by the movements that you make in your separated world from the 3rd dimension to your body of Light, you will able to participate in the arrival of this new dimension on Earth. This dimensional transition that you call ascension is a process whose mechanisms will appear more clearly, more intelligibly as a physiological process and a natural process. There is no mystery, no secret that can be hidden any longer at this level because you want to know the answers and the routes. It is these pathways that are now updated in your separated universe by the connection between the Sun and the Earth.

This connection is accompanied by an increase in ultraviolet energy, barometric pressure and an solar electric arc that will soon be visible. It is your responsibility in these moments to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit daily between noon and 1 PM. These are the most favorable moments to communicate with your multidimensional body, in order to explore it, to receive it and to be able, little by little, to enlighten it in all consciousness.

As I have said many beings are watching you, assisting you and observing you. Your ascension (or dimensional transition) occurs naturally when your consciousness is able to establish fully in your multidimensional body that you recreated (it existed for all eternity within your Sun). Today ascension is a process of consciousness, an energy that can not under any circumstances be related to what some of you call an evacuation of bodies.

I want to solemnly warn you against using any technological means in place by those outside the Light and offering ascension that would take place without the Light but through technological means or by what you call extra terrestrials [ETs]. [This may be a reference to the hybrid bodies that the Zetas plan to introduce in 5D, and this will not be permitted by Divinity.]

Your ascension (or your dimensional transition) can only be completed within your multidimensional body by establishing your consciousness within your multidimensional body, to achieve a connection with other much larger vessels called Light. Nevertheless these bodies do not involve one way or another your technology or any other technology that you hear about today in this dimension or in other separated dimensions.

The prerequisite for access to this new world is a galactic shift of your consciousness in your own multidimensional body and certainly not using 3rd dimensional technological within this body, otherwise it will not (under any circumstances) be what you call a dimensional transition or an access to the Light but rather a perpetuation of the isolated 3rd dimension. [Ascension is not received using current technology but is a Divine operation.]

Thus We formally draw your attention to this central fact that there can be no departure other than in your multidimensional body. This refers to a period later in your earthly time during the final process. However, it was important (the Archangelic Conclave has established this) to explain to you about what dimensional transition is and what it is not. However, if you follow the sound, if you follow the vibration made by calling on Mary, if you desire your inner silence and your ability to create, be certain that you will enter your upper body when the time comes (even if that were not possible in a preliminary and temporary way) in a most precise manner.

The connection point that allows you to access your multidimensional body from your 3rd dimensional body (in terms of its physiology through the 9th virtue or the 9th star connection in your forehead) is a vibrational area located just above your mouth and under the nose, a vibration point that is extremely important to focus your consciousness on in order to permit the preparation of inner silence and the manifestation of the creator attribute that allows you to connect (temporarily) to your higher body.

This vibrational point will be really effective at the end of this 3rd dimension. However, you can and you will be allowed (irrevocably and definitively) to establish the communication between your conscious spiritual body and this multidimensional body located in the Sun. This point of vibration just above your upper lip is the key to access this establishment inside your body. I have mentioned that in exploring your body at some moments you understand the real meaning of the passage of death. At this level the reactivation of your total memory occurs in conjunction with the activation which We spoke earlier last week of the 8th virtue or 8th effusion of Light.

The combination of the 8th and the 9th virtues reveal in you the reality of immortality, the reality of the end of the consciousness of death, which accompanied you until now during each of your previous deaths. You enter the dwelling of Grace sent by decree of the Father and the Mother in your eternity. The end of your isolation (with our galactic assistance) officially starts today. You enter more peacefully and clearly into the areas of the unified galactic worlds of Light.

Do not be surprised, therefore, if the manifestations of the Light through these solar arcs (through the revelation of these events) become more importantly discussed within your density. This is part of a comprehensive plan and a comprehensive program that you planned to establish long ago. This time however is now. They are your affirmation, your declaration, your proof of the Light.

Obviously, many human beings have a mentality which was powerfully created so that this veil still exists and this essential Truth is hidden. But the power of the solar arcs, which will occur from your early July (for most of you, if you so desire, especially for those of you who still doubt) will prove the reality of these effusions, to silence the doubtful mind and to penetrate into their eternity. It is possible as of today to demonstrate within your 3rd density (through this connection and this passage) even more joy, more intensity of the Light, in a return to your role as co-creator of your world, even in your personal universe in order that this capability may soon emerge within the total environment of the planet.

You are in training. You must learn to curb and control the flow of your thoughts, even within this area of inner silence, in order to elevate and raise awareness and to implement the items you want to see happen in your density and your path. You must be careful. You must be aware of each unbridled thought that you have because it will be created from your connection in this event [as co-creators].

You should maintain only thoughts of Joy and thoughts of Light and banish from your consciousness disruptive thoughts, thoughts of hatred, thoughts of doubt, thoughts of misunderstanding [and judgment of others] and everything that is contrary to your higher establishment because while penetrating the mysteries of conscious Co-creation of your own universe, you enter a particular realm where you become that which you create every moment in your mind.

You must master, in the true sense of the term, the flow of your thoughts. However, if you receive assistance from the tone sound, if you get help from the inner silence prior to the expression of thought, be assured that your mechanism to develop thoughts, the awareness of thoughts and creative thinking within your density will be greatly facilitated and will be much more discerning.

Beloved children of the Light, beloved Masters of Light, it is possible and permissible to open a brief questioning period regarding access to this multidimensional body and the process of connection and reversal..

There are No questions ...

So I again take the leadership. Your Multidimensional body [your vehicle or container as ETs call it] is not the same for everyone. There are many forms in various dimensions. The bodies of eternity that you encounter will of course be different structures depending on your choices for your dimensional future. Some of you will enter what we call and you call "the Light body." This concerns the majority of human beings who choose the Light today.

This light body is a body without darkness, a transparent body made up entirely of fragments of Light called Adamantine particles [having characteristics of a diamond]. It presents a perfect anthropomorphism [possessing human characteristics in non human bodies], however it is built by the Light and of the Light. Beyond this 5th dimensional body, there are some bodies that multidimensional beings will possess who will experience a certain degree of anthropomorphism that will consist mainly of crystal or diamonds.

They vibrate at frequencies above the 5th dimensional light. They correspond to the Light consciousness that is crystallized within the multiple universes. Beyond the body of Light is a body of crystal, and beyond the body of crystal there is a body of diamond. Beyond the diamond body, there is a triangular body of Light that is therefore beyond anthropomorphism. Some people, when evolving multidimensionally in that body, temporarily experience and live in a body of Light.

A smaller number will evolve into a body of crystal and an even smaller number will transform into a body of diamond, and some beings will transform into a body of triangular Light. This is said not to scare you during your first temporary transition. But remember that if you follow the observance of the musical tone and the observance of silence, the first transformation will be so completely natural because it is a completely natural process.

Question: What kinds of losses of consciousness are sometimes felt during the energy transmissions that occur daily from noon to 1 PM?

This loss of consciousness that you experience during the outpouring of the Holy Spirit are in fact the inability to function in a sense during this outpouring of the Holy Spirit. At this point, consciousness ceases to permit the work to complete without your conscious awareness. The work is done this way for the souls who are not yet structured enough to allow Light to live in the purity of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Question: Do the physical or psychological events that emerge from the ultraviolet radiation follow in a logical form?

Yes. The outpouring of the ultraviolet radiation is of course within your structures (by ignition of the lights, called the stars of Mary, corresponding to each of your 12 energy effusions) and produce in the physical body a number of limitations and transformations. These can include joy and lightheadedness, but for some of you, they involve a number of powerful adjustments and a number of logical imbalances and even perceptions of pain.

During these energy effusions, the amount of energy transmitted both from the central sun [Alcyone] and your sun is extreme. For some of you it can lead to a loss of consciousness and also to experience an amount of stress in the body, reflecting the adjustment made by the Light during the outpouring of the ultraviolet energy and also of the Holy Spirit.

Thus the physical manifestations do not represent (quite the contrary) the non-action of these effusions but show their regenerative action in the areas concerned. The same is true for the process of loss of consciousness occurring in some people during the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the ultraviolet energy. This is the manifestation of an important job within your physical structures of the integration of the new foundation in your heart with this work.

We have no further questions. ...

So we will continue in silence during this outpouring to the end. However, the Conclave informs me that your next meeting and energy effusion will take place next Sunday at 10:00 in the morning [in France]. During this week, you should attempt (during the outpouring of the Holy Spirit) to focus your consciousness on the area above your mouth, which is the connection and the crossing point to your multidimensional body.

This will allow you to best adjust in this way and this openness and perhaps for most of you, to enter this multidimensional body in clarity. I bring you, in the final phase of the overflowing, all the will of the Father through His creative conception, the Light of the Source. You are blessed, you are the pillars of Light, you are the anchors of Light in your 3rd density. Once again We thank you for the work of allegiance by the vast majority participating in this work to support and promote this to Earth and all its inhabitants, . You are blessed, We love you. We continue to welcome you by the outpouring of the ultraviolet radiation in silence and Joy. Be blessed.

My Comments: AA Michael stated that Summer is decision time for the destiny of our souls, and when it is over we will have made our choices for the next 52,000 years: either receive the Light and the new bodies or spend time on other 3D worlds to continue the needed education.


He spoke of energy that would be arriving on the Summer solstice. The farside energy graphs have shown some red spots that indicate energy starting on last Friday and climaxing with an enormous burst on Saturday the 20th seen in the black dots. It dissipated for a while but returned yesterday with orange patches of energy and may continue now to increase in intensity as the days progress. This may be an indication of the energy that we will be receiving this summer.


The Magnetosphere now also shows this energy as seen on the above graph, and Esu confirmed that this energy is starting and will be a sign to those monitoring it that changes are on the way. Michael spoke of the solar arcs, bursts of energy from the Sun that also contain information of our new consciousness as beings of Light and Divinity stored there that will be transmitted to Earth and its inhabitants. That will occur starting in early July as the energies from the Sun increase and He hints that it will be visible to all.

This may be the proof that many have requested that show the authenticity of His work. That energy and the conclusion of the 12 virtues are but a few weeks away, and change may finally become visible. CM Aton said that Jupiter continues to hide behind the Sun because its energy could be disastrous if it appeared now, and I feel that earlier data shows it may have been reignited recently and is not ready to display its existence at this time.

Michael again emphasizes that we will become creators not only of our future but of our environment as we become united with Divinity. Thus we become creators as God is Creator, advancing in a glorious way from being mere mortals to those who can create those things that they need and those things that will assist others as beings of eternity who will never again experience death. Those thoughts that we possess can transform into actions and material objects as we progress in our spirituality and may provide us with all of our necessities, thus the need for employment and its training or even factories to produce these items or pollute the Earth will not be needed. ETs say that most of our education in school is a waste of time, and the material is generally flawed and erroneous.

He said that much will be accomplished by the end of summer in September, His work will be complete by May of 2010, and the end of 3D Earth will be implemented by December 2012, so hopefully the proof of His words will soon become evident to all. He says that the 5th dimension will begin to appear in late September. Most of those who ascend will receive bodies of Light and only the more spiritually advanced will be given crystalline or diamond structured bodies or even triangular bodies of Light, and some will ascend to higher dimensions that do not require bodies. Others who assist in this ascension will be returning to their native planets after their work is completed.

Some of His work this week is complex and difficult to interpret in context and thus the delay in this posting. The tone speaks of the sound that Mary will be transmitted to us affirming that we are beings of Light and it will guide us in our decisions in the coming days. The phrase ”note Si” in French has been translated as Ti or B flat by some. Remember "Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do?" Those are the notes -- there are two "Do's," because they're the same note, an octave apart. Do is C and Ti is B which is a frequency of 466 Hz. It is well known that sound has a dramatic affect on the quality of our life.

The inner silence that He discusses is somewhat unclear in relationship to telepathy and other areas at this time and hopefully will become more definitive in the future. Although time does not exist in higher dimensional realms He gives references and simple allegories so that we can better understand His teachings, while masking certain concepts so that those who do not need this knowledge will not understand it. Dates are given to give us a framework and an view of the future, and only He gives these because He is the Creator who performs these events. There are many who claim to speak for Him, but they speak only in generalities so are questionable.

The normal procedure for repairing a polluted world where corrupt beings reside is what has been termed a physical pole shift as seen in the Biblical flood and the destruction of Atlantis where all life is eliminated and a beginning is made. Until 2005 this decision remained, but it was decided at that time that enough of its inhabitants had advanced spiritually so that there would be a rebuilding on the current foundation using those who had advanced to become creators of this new world, thus the emphasis on the attribute of creation that we will receive.

Most of our leaders continue to promote status quo and refuse to surrender their power and control, choosing to ride the Titanic as it continues to sink rather than promote change. Chemtrail poisonous spraying continues in defiance of warnings, and there needs to be a sign visible to all that shows it is not just talk but a truthful forecast that needs to be taken seriously.


The US and the banks are bankrupt, and Sheldan Nidle spoke of the plans for a new global monetary system. This week he said: “A series of key meetings completed the arrangements for the new economic system, the delivery procedures, and the timing of the first announcements. Armed with these details, many other critical agreements were hammered out. The quantity of precious metals needed to back the new monetary system is in place; the accords required to move away from Admiralty to common law are signed; how the new governments are to function is also resolved and signed off on; the personnel to be appointed to these regimes are decided upon and ready to go when the green light is given. All that remains is the specifics that permit the dark to step aside graciously and let it all happen. “

Time will tell.

Rich N



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Archangel Michael - Integration of Virtues 8th stage - June 14 2009

translated from French June 14 2009

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week starting on April 25.

Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day. We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these interventions within 24 hours after the meeting on our site. At anytime soon, therefore, in Spirit ...

You can participate in this support:

* Anywhere you are
* In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed)
* Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing)
* Participating during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes)
* As Michael said: "Fear not children of the Light to take these overflowing energies now or at any other time, because you will always be permitted to integrate into the transmission of this Light, this transmission of Unity, to allow it to enter the center of your entire being.
* The date and (French) time are indicated.
* The next AA Michael meeting is on Sunday June 21 at 6 AM (French time) [Saturday June 21 at 12 midnight NY time, 11:00 PM in Chicago, 10:00 PM Mountain, and 9:00 PM in LA].
* On this day no public questions will be answered.
* For the record, the previous meetings took place on April 25, May 2, May 9, May 17, May 24, June 1, and June 7 [the final is July 12].
* Regardless of the outpouring of Michael, it is suggested that you reconnect to the energy of the Source, the Father, every day from 12 noon to 1 PM local time, regardless of your country.

Integration of Virtues - 8th step

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of Celestial Militia. As usual, to all of you who accept within your current densities the Truth of the Light, the Truth of the ultraviolet energy, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the outpouring of Energy of the Father, I greet you. You are now at your 8th virtue, the 8th intervention [of 12]. It will help you awaken to the Integrity and the Truth in your path on this Earth. Again, on behalf of the Conclave and the Councils and the Angelic realms, I want to bring you Our gratitude so that you will accept, receive and transmit the Light from the Source.

By tracing back to your eternal galactic family you are blessed in the Truth. By receiving and accepting what We have sent you it is now possible to mention the five final dates of your energy effusions. They have a very particular benefit because of your integration into an association with the many Worlds, into your coalition with the Source and the Truth. By having your foundation stabilized in this new density next to your heart, you will be able to develop, to function, and to be illuminated by the final 5 virtues.

This will complete your activation and reception of the visible Light and will confirm the outpouring of energy from the Sun and the Galactic Center [Alcyone]. The energy that you accept today permits the awakening in you of the grace of your communication within the multi-universes in these multiple dimensions. This for you, for the majority of you, is a new capability to link with and share the realities which you were until now alienated from. Thus by activating the 8th virtue, it will become possible (gradually at your own pace) to communicate, interact and communicate with the consciousness of the entire universe.

This virtue is also consistent with the activation of your 8th strand of DNA. It strengthens your spiritual lineage, your affiliation with eternity. This vibration is a new higher frequency in your current [3D] density, designed to achieve enlightenment and a connection with what you call the [Hindu] Akascha or the Ether [also called orgone energy, a quantum sea of energy, and zero point energy by Tesla and others].

This new virtue is located above the region of your throat. Named in different beliefs as the door of passage to enlightenment corresponding to the Transfiguration and the Sephiroth Da’at [The Da'at is the mystical state of Unity through the 10 levels of Sephiroth, also called the Tree of Life. These ten levels are associated with the Kabbalah's four different "worlds" or "planes" which serve as the guide for returning to the Creator - wiki.], allowing you to reconnect your memory to the universe, your remembrance of Earth, and the memory of what you really are as members of Divinity. This is the first effusion of energy .

Allowing the vibrational energy and the resonance of this new virtue, this new attribute and this new sphere of influence will permit you to view your history so that you can become anchored in this new reality called the 5th dimension, which is much closer than you think. By activating this resonance [higher frequency], this new realm, we unlock memories of your Godhead. Thus those concepts which have been hidden will no longer be hidden. The truth in your hearts is enabled through this sphere of influence and this vibration. With the opening of this virtue and the activation of the corresponding DNA strand, We the Conclave put an end to the process called death.

The continuation of this consciousness is revealed in you and manifested in your density by your life and in your journey. Connecting to the Akascha the ether is accompanied by a sound. This sound that is perceived in the soul in relation to this heavenly connection keeps you in a permanent consciousness. From now on every soul that lives in this body will maintain this awareness. The disconnection of your consciousness is now terminated. This is a manifestation of your consciousness as eternal beings. Forgetting the past now has more importance, more assurance in you.

You will discover during the last 5 meetings the whole truth about your direction, your destiny and the significance of your arrival in this higher density. Whether this is in the form of dreams or during your meditations, the information that you obtain about yourself and about this world will be revealed to you in full clarity and depth that can no longer be hidden. The sound of this connection is a note. By this sound, you will consistently realize the link between your density, your soul, your spirit, and therefore the Unity. By living in the Unity you can not go astray nor can you be deceived. It is the responsibility of all in humility and in truth to follow this sound.

This sound is the infallible guide to your connection, your reconnection and your truth. The path you have to travel in this dimension is limited in time, very short even in Earth terms. It is your responsibility to walk in a straight line following your heart and sound. This sound can not mislead you, cannot direct wrongly and can not make you deviate from your path, whatever the encounters that arise in the coming weeks, in this density.

This sound also reflects the activation of your mechanism to receive the announcement to be made by Mary in a more present and more connected manner. This is to come. Your consciousness should pay attention to this sound, to maintain and follow it in order to continue your path of truth in the Unity and in the privacy of your inner being during these limited times that remain. This new strand that We heavenly activate (with your agreement) has a resonance and vibration in the most discreet area of your being. Centered in your heart, the result of this sound will occur more and more in you, in your inner space, for the first time during your periods of meditation or prayer, regardless of the words you use.

As Transmitters of the Light it will gradually become possible for you to make this sound and to make it visible to others in your environment. The music of the spheres [a concept that regards movements of celestial bodies as a form of music] in which you were designed will appear in its glory. Sounds, shapes, colors and the numbers of Creation will now become fully available.

This sign, as I said earlier is a deconstruction and is a separation from the obstacles so you may return within to the Unity, to the galactic family. Of course, many roadblocks may appear (not inside of you since the principle of this resonant sound breaks through the barriers in you), and many of your brothers and sisters will not hear and will not of necessity respond in surrender but will continue to live in duality compared to your life in Unity.

You do not have to worry about that. You must remain concentrated on the central point of the world, abiding in your heavenly celestial heart. Thus, nothing ominous can happen as you remain in solitude on this path. In the period that begins now you must abide in integrity and honesty. Remember that you vibrate in accordance with the essence of the Angels. This vibration is present and is a transforming virtue in you individually and in this world in its entirety. This sound will be audible on the entire surface of this planet [but may not be heard by all].

The luminous phenomena that I spoke of at the beginning of this year will gradually invade your space and your locality. These luminous phenomena are accompanied by sound phenomena, such as some of you now hear. This sound indicates the vibrational resonance in your solar system and all the inhabitants of this world, the total resonance with the galactic heart. This condition begins today.

It will intensify and resonate, it will expose and permit what I have called deconstruction earlier this year. That which opposes the introduction of this cosmic resonance must be deconstructed [removed] in order to reconstruct a new identity, a new form, a new truth more in line with the principle of resonance of the Source. This vibration sets in motion in you, in this dense structure that you now live, the last movements of deconstruction and reconstruction in a bright, genuine and wholesome Light.

The veil of oblivion that was your destiny will in time be dissolved within each of your lives. You can not ignore what you are, you can not ignore where you came from, you can no longer ignore the consequences of your choice to either be in the Light or not be in the Light, whatever you decide. This will become clear. This will be a total and unwavering Light that shows you are living in the truth.

By allowing the awakening and manifestation of this 8th virtue, you will by the presence of sound not be misled, manipulated or deviated from your path by what is not of the Light. When it is revealed this continuity of sound will always lead you to it and not away from it. It therefore guarantees your authenticity and your compliance with the provisions for the Light, the Truth of the Father, and your acceptance of the ultraviolet energy and the Holy Spirit.

This sound is your assistant and allows you to accurately confirm the path that remains for you to travel in the Unity. The resonance which it generates brings you an incorruptibility and gives you the capacity to regain your memory. It will bring to your lives an abundance of joy, an expansion of truth, so that you can maintain this joy and your integrity, whatever the events that will proceed now in an inescapable way on the surface of this planet.

The elementary demonstrations of My presence that begin on your [summer] solstice this year [June 21] will be to cleanse and remove (literally and figuratively) what is not of the Father's will, the will of the Source, and the will of Eternity. Expect that which is temporary, that which has been built by man, to disappear entirely, and only you yourself will remain. None of the obstacles associated with the fears of society will survive the Grace of Light when it is revealed.

This route will soon be clearly visible and tangible. Do not be delayed by the madness of men who refuse the Light, do not be upset by the illustrations of separation and deconstruction. This sound is your verification of the vibration of your heart, and your new essence is your confirmation. Love and Light are the only truth that you should express, develop, integrate and demonstrate. This must occupy every breath, all of your attention and every conscious moment.

We rely on the multitude of beings who are connected to Us by these Celestial Marriages. We are now confident and convinced, by observing your abundance of Light and by observing the pattern of possible futures, that the future of this Earth is a future of glory, a future of Light, to which you are invited and in which you will take part in [we make our own future]. Skepticism does not belong to those in the Light. Your Doubts separate you from this sound, your doubts move you away from the Light vibration and away from your heart. In this period of training, during these last 5 meetings you are asked to express with power, firmness and without any reservations your actuality as a child of the Law of One, your reality as a child of the Father, your existence as a being of Light who is finally now awake.

The accuracy of the sound vibration and the vibration of your heart in an obvious way strengthens your connection and your reconnection. You represent for the rest of humanity a role model to be followed to express the truth. Be assured of this because that is what We see. Some environments not conducive to the establishment of this new law (the only true law) only cause (through education and varied social conditionings) more doubts in you and can still slow your momentum and your movement toward the Light. You will become co-creators of your truth, even within this [3rd] density.

Your thought process, your mental tools must be a confirmation of the purest Unity because what you think will be expressed, what you wish while in the Light will be displayed in an instantaneous way. [It appears that He is saying that if we wish for something it will be created before our very eyes. This is a enormous power that can be abused by those who only wish to please themselves as we become creators by our thoughts. Other ETs have spoken of this creative power also.] The law of causality [cause and effect - adding 2 + 2 always equals 4] that has affected you in your development within your density for more than 50,000 years will cease to exist.

The addition of the 8th virtue reveals to you another principle of causality. This principle of causality is called Love and is neither an action nor a reaction [it is given no matter how we react to it for there is no ulterior motive and no payment is desired for this action]. The Father, by His own will, through the cycles and the times you live, allows the achievement of that goal now. You show yourselves worthy, you show what humility is. Through this humility, through this self-respect , you can not mislead or fool anyone. You participate in the awakening of the Light. This work (because it is in Unity) is accomplished at this very moment by millions of human beings on this planet. You are always able to carry that out.

But We the Conclave and the Councils need to increase the number of participants who receive this outpouring of the ultraviolet energy during the final 4 weeks remaining after this, because the more We can convert in this world to this new truth the less deconstructions We will need to perform that grieve Our hearts [the more who become beings of Light the less destruction there will be on Earth and the less who will need to be removed and cleansed]. This is your responsibility.

Again, We can only suggest, We can not impose, and the same is true for you. You should recommend (not so much by words but by the quality of your Light, your sound and the Divine presence revealed in you) to your brothers and your sisters the reality of the Light. You must demonstrate this through your being, you must emit this Light. By focusing on this role, this sound and vibration will strengthen you in your seven centers called chakras in order to enable you literally to enlighten your brothers and your sisters, to enlighten your own structures, and to inspire the different kingdoms existing on the surface of this planet to join the Light.

We count on your presence and your unwavering radiation, just as our Our presence is transmitted to you for all eternity. The Divine Mary (having received all of Our power) is especially suited to receive your requests as long as they relate to the quantity of Light that you can express and request. You should worry about nothing other than the Light and Love. Nothing but Love and Light should be on your thoughts, in your actions or your leisure times.

Beloved Masters of Light you have now entered with Us into the last sequence of this current dimension. You will observe this new dimension elevated in Truth, enriched by Joy. The Grace of the Source allows this. It is through this grace that you show that you can ease the burden, the weight and density of this current dimension. You are the white knights, you are the creators of a new era.

In this Our gratitude and Our connection to you is eternal, permanent and unwavering. The Lords of Karma are waiting at your door. They carry the Word as it has been delivered in various traditional and by religious leaders of your world since time immemorial. [The Lords of Karma are Ascended Masters who work with each soul group of embodied beings on earth. They include: St. Germaine, Athena, Kwan Yin, Ashtar, Isis, Mary, Kuthumi, and Esu Sananda.]

This will appear more clearly by the removal of the veil of oblivion through the revelation to your senses of the meaning of your life on Earth. The time has come for you to remember your oath you made when you voluntarily chose to descend to an existence separated from Divinity. It is time also for the Source to prove to you, to reveal His presence that has been hidden since you arrived in this world, within your 3rd density, and it could not be otherwise.

Today, through the power of the Light emitted by the tens of millions of people and the souls who worship at these meetings, that becomes increasingly possible, increasingly real, increasingly tangible. That will only be able to reinforce your ability and your capacity to live in Joy, your ability and your capacity to surrender to the Light, your ability and your capacity to see, feel and hear the Truth. No lie can ever deceive you again in your society, in this world, as seen by the deceptions of those who are currently seeking to influence you on this level of humanity [being telepathic means that you will be able to see if a person is telling the truth].

The Light can not be affected by fear, the Light can not be affected by darkness. The light is Joy, the Light is Love, the Light is your shield, your defense and your aspiration. By stabilizing your new foundations, protected by the sound, protected by the manifestation of the Essence of the Source, your path can only become more and more bright, more acceptable and closer to the Father's will, the will of the Source.

The vibration resulting from this 8th virtue appears as I said in the upper part of your throat, where the mystery of birth and death abides. This is where the secret of your separation in this dimension from the rest of the universe exists. In this sense you will become more aware of this now, and that's why I called these energy effusions a Celestial Marriage. The Celestials welcome you. This Celestial Unity has awakened this in you, and you merge in its Truth. The moments that you live are moments of grace. Do not permit the last efforts of the dark to abide in you or around you.

Be content that you establish yourself in this new foundation with the vibration of the Light in your heart and listen to the path of Light, the Sound of Light, the Truth of Light. Your strength, your determination to remain focused on the axis of the world is your best guarantee, your best source for eternity. The current number of completed reconnections that are within your physical beings are imperceptible. These also allow reconnections with the beings that you encounter on the different paths of life that you cross. These life projects are now enabled. Proceed towards the line of least resistance as to how you want to live in this final round in 3D [do not make waves or cause controversy] so that your tasks will be light and easy and will not interfere in any way with your journey in the Light.

The phenomena of fluidity [being variable and open to change and new ideas], the phenomena of coexistence [living in 2 worlds] will now be part of your lives, to a level never even imagined in your wildest dreams. If you follow the sound, if you follow the vibration, nothing will oppose you in this density that is not a part of Joy. And it will be that in its entirety.

The key word is trust, the trust you put in your eternity, in the Light, in the sound and in the vibration. It can not be otherwise. The quality of your circumstances will change significantly. Nothing, I repeat absolutely nothing, can affect the vibration, sound and truth if you stay in alignment with the central point of this world and your heart. Do not focus on the technological phenomena that those who want to introduce you to.

Only the voice of the heart, the voice of Mary, and the voice of your soul are the real voices, the rest are merely projections of illusion to implant doubts through the projection of a false light. But your discernment through this new connection is linked to the activation of the 8th virtue so that you will not be deceived, misled or put on the wrong path. You must implant and strengthen in you the Light of Truth, the Truth of your power. The path and the road you travel are formulated by them. You should not under any circumstances follow the ego intellect because it always leads you down the path of fear and the path of destruction. It can not be otherwise.

Beloved Masters of Light, I inform you that your next meeting will take place on your watches in France next Sunday on your summer solstice at 6 o'clock in the morning. We changed the hour to 6 AM so that the maximum millions of Light workers will benefit, depending on the geographical location where they are located, to receive the outpouring of the Source, which continues regardless of your daily Ultraviolet reception (between 12 noon and 1 pm every day).

Thus, during this outpouring that We have performed We will continue to accommodate many of your brothers located at 6 time zones so that they may benefit through the 8th virtue along with the outpouring of the Source. This is crucial. I bring you the Grace, the Light, the Truth, and the outpouring of ultraviolet energy, and I leave you now in silence to continue this work because that is what will occur. [I leave you now] in the work of Love and Light.

My comments: The timing for next week's meeting in the US is Saturday night, and this will make it convenient for those there to participate remotely in this meeting. He said last week “The full power of the Conclave, the full power of Mary, will be manifested on this Earth starting on your summer solstice. Next Sunday is Summer solstice, and there are reports afloat about the demise of the IRS and the Federal Reserve along with the bankruptcy of the US and its banks now that Basel 3 has reportedly been implemented.

Casper [ http://www.fourwinds10.com ] this week stated "The banks have all, each and every one of the majors, advised OBAMA this morning that their doors will close by Friday [June 19] unless OBAMA delivers the packs so that the banks get the deposits the recipients represent." It looks like it may be show down time with no further delays, but we will see as this is just talk so far and is not NESARA/GESARA, only a possible move away from fiat paper money and towards a gold based global currency. It is also interesting that the timing of these reports occurs around the next solstice. This like much of what is occurring will not be acknowledged until it is evident and undeniable, and the words non-disclosure are used in most cases.

As Alex Collier stated we are the only beings in this galaxy who support money, as it is a way to control us and separate the rich from the poor, the kings from the slaves. After ascension it will be reportedly phased out because we will have all of our needs met, and work will be an enjoyment instead of a drudgery. Those ETs from other planets and universes will be allowed permission to visit and assist in what has been called first contact [we are still in quarantine until then].

The emergence of peace in the Middle East is a possible sign of changes, and there is a message from Adama of Telos [inner Earth] thru Eve that chemtrail spraying will no longer be tolerated, hinting that these airplanes are breaking the cosmic law by this poisonous pollution and will not be permitted to continue.


Recent Phoenix bird crop circles that have been reportedly made by ETs speak of death and rebirth. The Phoenix needs to die before it can be reborn. It is we who are now dying and will soon be reborn with our ascension to a new life in 5D. Generally speaking, our bodies, minds, and spirits are going to higher levels and are losing their lower density. In order to "die" or go to a higher dimension where the frequencies are much higher, one has to make adjustments.

Lighter matter vibrates at a higher frequency. As we raise our frequencies to higher rates, we live at times both in this old 3D reality and in a new higher dimension. It is said that we will receive new crystalline bodies that will replace our carbon based bodies to enable us to reside in the higher realms and to be able to receive this higher Light. This process is on-going and cannot happen overnight. Many will have their bodies upgraded by activating their DNA (a restoration of the original 12 DNA that is now occurring) that were downgraded by the Anunnaki to control and enslave us, while others will receive new bodies based on their present DNA so they will not look alike as robots.

AA Michael speaks of the sounds that will become evident as we move into higher frequencies, the music of the spheres (similar to music produced by movements of celestial bodies) that will be heard as we approach the completion of ascension. Some have already noticed strange sounds and ringing which may be a part of this as a sign of things to come. Music is a vibration that is present in all of the universe and can uplift the spirit, and we will become more aware of this as we join with Unity. Esu’s name is musical and lengthy, and with telepathy names are not needed for communication.

Excerpts on
akasha from: http://www.occultopedia.com/a/akasha.htm

“Hindu philosophy interprets the akasha as the ether, or soniferous ether, the fifth and subtlest etheric element that permeates the universe, omnipresent, acting as the agent through which electromagnetic forces operate and from all other principles are created. These five "ethers," or elements, could be likened to the five senses of man. In order to hear distinct sounds, the Hindu theosophist concentrates himself upon akasha.”

Those celestial phenomena that He spoke of earlier will become noticeable in the future, so what He discusses often takes time to appear to us. Michael also spoke of the elimination of death and old age in our future, and ETs have often spoken of living 1,000’s of years in a body, calling it merely a container for the soul that lives on for eternity. Those Lemurians living in Telos (beneath Mt. Shasta) have spoken of a timeless body that we will inherit as part of ascension.

excerpts from: http://www.luisprada.com/Protected/how_do_the_people_in_telos_look_like.htm

“What do the people in Telos look like? We look just like you, although we are perhaps somewhat taller [8-9 feet] in stature and broader than you are. We are hefty and strong, for we've been on a vegetarian diet for the last 12,000 years. This diet has slowed our aging process to the point where we've stopped getting older. We use our diet and our mind to remain in a youthful state always, which we term "immortality". We are able to prolong our life for as long as we desire, based on our diet and our belief system of Immortality.

You will find that accumulating years (aging) only makes you wiser and stronger - not the opposite. So grow "older" in age with grace and dignity, and maintain your physical prowess, agility, and strength. You will find that the more you do, the more you can always do. Don't let age limit you - or what people say limit you. For you are unlimited. We here in Telos are still discovering how unlimited we are. We are still finding ourselves delving into the unknown when it comes to our bodies. We keep experimenting with our bodies, and find that we can use our bodies to do so many differ­ent things. We are still discovering our inner strength and stamina, and we are still pushing ourselves to the outer limits of what we "thought" we could do.”


Sheldan Nidle spoke this week of the magnetic polar shift that is close to happening and the current state of banking and government: “ We can definitely state that our allies are moving forward, with all major written agreements now signed and countersigned by the key governmental, banking, and corporate groups involved in both the delivery operations and the formal exchanges of governmental power. Very few items remain to be tied up. Accordingly, we can say that the time for these actions and for the announcements is very close. Earth fully intends to move from a bi-polar to a mono-polar surface configuration [from duality to Unity].

The same adjustment is being made to the Sun and the entire solar system. This change can release the as-yet unmanifested imprints of the destroyed trans-Martian planet (Maldek or Pax) and reveal the apparently vanished planet Vulcan. [Vulcan was a small planet proposed to exist in an orbit between Mercury and the Sun - wiki. It may now be visible only in a higher dimension.] The solar system's Elohim are preparing to create this new solar system when so divinely directed.

Meanwhile, all of you are moving through the next series of changes to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The major stress points here are your upper chest, head, and lower legs. You may experience a degree of discomfort as these operations move ever deeper into your physical body. Side effects may include some temporary memory loss, strange pains in your legs, and cramping of the muscles on or near your upper ribcage. You may also have vivid dreams about things long forgotten. ”

Michael said that millions of Light workers are now participating in these meetings world wide, and the door is open for still more to join in receiving and transmitting this Light. It appears that changes are on the horizon but time will tell.

Rich N


Monday, June 8, 2009

Archangel Michael - Integration of Virtues 7th stage June 7 2009

translated from French - June 7 2009

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week starting on April 25.

Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day. We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these interventions within 24 hours after the meeting on our site. At anytime soon, therefore, in Spirit ...

You can participate in this support:

* Anywhere you are
* In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed)
* Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing)
* Participating during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes)
* As Michael said: "Fear not children of the Light to take these overflowing energies now or at any other time, because you will always be permitted to integrate into the transmission of this Light, this transmission of Unity, to allow it to enter the center of your entire being.
* The date and (French) time are indicated.
* The next AA Michael meeting is on Sunday 14 June at 18:00 6 PM (French time) [Sunday June 14 at 12 noon NY time, 11:00 AM in Chicago, 10:00 AM Mountain, and 9:00 AM in LA].
* On this day no public questions will be answered.
* For the record, the previous meetings took place on April 25, May 2, May 9, May 17, May 24, and June 1.
* Regardless of the outpouring of Michael, it is suggested that you reconnect to the energy of the Source, the Father, every day from 12 noon to 1 PM local time, regardless of your country.

AA Michael - Integration of virtues 7th stage

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Masters and children of the Light, We welcome you in this 7th outpouring which is the 7th virtue through the 7th star. The 6th and 7th Stars join together within the central point of the 12 stars to perform the total and complete revelation of the Union of the Father/Mother [Holy Spirit] in this world to accomplish the advancement of life, the progression of life and the propagation of Light through the will of the Father/Mother together.

At this very moment you will start to experience the outpouring of the 7th virtue and the 6th virtue joined together with this achievement. Thus the Source, the Father and the Mother, the Blessed Trinity, existent in all traditions, in all religions and in all dimensions within the multiple universes, form the Trinity manifested in you .

This reunification with the Trinity marks in you the return to the central point of this world, in union with the Truth, the Unity and perfection. This transformation is performed and takes place in the heart of your very being by this higher vibration in your heart.

By the vibration [higher frequency] and the power of the Light within your being, you again today understand the full meaning of the universe, the full meaning of your life, your goals, your travels, your incarnations and your Light. The reunification of the Trinity within your being makes you the transmitters and anchors of the Light in this dimension.

The Conclave and the Virgin Mary now anchor in you the power of Love, the power of the Light and the power of Truth. By achieving this alignment in your alliance with Us in this world, you participate also in the creation of other worlds, and this allows you by your presence to anchor a new dimension within this new reality.

As I have said I just reconstruct what is not a part of the agenda of the Trinity, what is not the projection and the plan of the Light in the worlds of darkness that you have traveled as you journey to ascension. This begins now. The full power of the Conclave, the full power Mary, will be manifested on this Earth by your summer solstice [June 21].

The warning statements that I gave you not to attach importance to the external phenomena and to focus within your interior will be your only remedy to the suffering that will soon occur. You should never lose sight of the merger in this world of the will of the Father/Mother joined with the Source.

You become part of the plans and the exhibition of the Source by radiating your presence in your current density as bearers of the Light to become transmitters and the embodiment of the Light. This is the first Outpouring of the Trinity in your Truth. [Pause.]

We transmit to you in your Interior Temple the power and grace of the Light, the power and grace of love. You become, as Christ said during His incarnation on Earth, “the Way, the Truth and the Life”. No external dark action can occur that would negate the oath that you yourself made, and you will find your more authentic spiritual heritage.

I wish to state that the number of human beings who are now enlightened is sufficient to enable all of you to establish the foundations of a new world. This will happen before your eyes by the power and majesty of the Light, by the power and majesty of the Father and the Mother who are in you, so you will finally become the great Son you have always been [you will be reunited as a member of the family of Divinity, and this has been hidden from you until now].

You will enable (at your current density, even within your incarnation) the power of grace because you will in the weeks to come become the personification of grace. There are no obstacles that can prevent this in your unity with Trinity. The control of the darkness will not take place any more as it vanishes by your majestic unity.

The revelation of the Unity through the Trinity allows you to activate the higher vibrations, the affiliation and your merging with the spiritual heritage that will gradually be given to your consciousness. The inconveniences (wherever they are in this world related to your separation from the darkness associated with the rejection of what is not of the Light) can not reach you in your consciousness, in your Truth. You will be guided in an infallible way by the Light in your decisions, your behaviors, your evolutions, your movements.

The connection in this world, produced by your awakening through the 7th virtue is what is called faith in many movements, in many religions. But it is a faith that knows, a faith that understands all, a faith that accomplishes all. It starts in you today. Receive the overflowing energies of the Trinity.

Your connection with this world is built by you. You will find your alignment, you are aligned, you are blessed and you are a blessing to others. During the next 24 hours, this activity that we perform today in this country during the time period from noon till 1 PM will give you a realization of the truth in your midst.

It is your responsibility to cultivate this grace, to enable it to grow, to come forward and to achieve this fully within your density. The only choice in your life is here and nowhere else. You must formally stop the fighting and the struggles so that grace may grow in you. Letting the grace grow in you is enabled by the outpouring that We now perform in you. Receive this outpouring of grace.

Beloved Masters of the Light, I as Spokesman of the Conclave and the Virgin Mary (to whom We have given your entire radiation) congratulate you and encourage you to live what you are destined for. Truth is there and nowhere else. The projections of your external consciousness will gradually cease. You will learn as the weeks progress to live in the grace of your Unity and in the Truth. Living in this grace brings no anxiety, no conflicts. It is on this level that the conflicts cultivated by certain dark beings on this planet will see a conclusion.

This is your battle of Light, your struggle for peace. Together We thank you, those valiant and strong, who join Us in increasing numbers in this splendid transformation of Light. We appreciate you. Be confident also that at the height of the deconstruction of this world Mary will individually address each of you. No one may be deceived by this voice, even those who choose for the moment not to participate in this work of the Light.

Each of you (wherever you are on this planet, whatever your sense of service whether to the dark or to the Light) will recognize instantly without any doubt the vibrational energy of the Divine Mother.

Mary will personally announce a certain number of elements to you to be carried out at the proper time. The announcement will seal in a final way your meeting with the Light. No one will be able to confuse this proclamation with anything else, because the answer will be heard in the heart and not in the head.

Now, within this density, as you anchor yourself in the dimension of this world, you will have the capacity increasing to live by the Light and in the Light. This is an example of a total reversal of everything that existed in your life so far. In this sense We the Conclave and the Divine Mary recommend that you increasingly abandon yourself to the will of the Light, to the Will of the Source, to the will of the Unity.

It is in this abandonment that lies (whatever the external circumstances of your lives) the reality of Joy, the reality of the Presence, the reality of I Am. Within this Truth, your path in this density however may encounter obstacles. Receive this energy effusion of the Source.

Beloved children of Grace and Truth, your role now is to live more and more the truth, to express it in a quiet way in the world and to the world. Wherever you are, whatever your place in the universe and in this life, you are all equal before the Light. Your role is to literally illuminate this vibration of Light, this new Unity where the density is no longer confronted with anything other than itself. So there is a total and complete reunification with what you already are in other dimensions.

This revelation makes it easier to enter the world of Light, the world of higher vibration and the world of the essence of design. The more you let the light penetrate your whole environment, the more your path will appear as absolute, intelligible, despite the chaos of this world.

The Virgin Mary and the Conclave urge you to turn increasingly inward, not to withdraw yourself by this procedure but to draw your attention to the Light, to concentrate on that with every step in everything that you do in each of your relationships.

Thus the Light appears in the world, thus the Father and the Mother join together to speak to you and teach you. Again, we thank the many people who are joining us and ask that you join in this work in the Truth. The work of the Light is the greatest grace a human being can live. There is not in this duality that you currently live any other event that can put you both in joy and in truth.

You are those who have awakened, you are those who are now awake, as We've awoken you by Our activity. This is done in joy. Deconstruction is not Joy but you are the Joy during this deconstruction. You are the Joy in this density if you are transformed by what We offer: the alliance with this world, the Trinity reunified within your Interior Temple, within your consciousness. You must act in this world, not with an action or reaction of duality, but you must respond with an act of grace and a truth. Receive this effusion of the ultraviolet radiation.

Beloved Masters of Light, children of the Source, as you travel this world you need to let the Light lead you and give you directions in your journey, in your life, and you must accept what comes, you must accept this grace and you must live in this grace in this world. If you now allow Our guidance and Our radiance by this ultraviolet energy through the Holy Spirit and the Source your actions will be guided. Gradually as the weeks progress, the more you enter and anchor the axis of this new world in you, the more you will become aware of the role of the Source in this current density.

We ask that you humbly submit to the Truth of Light, to abandon yourself to the Source and the radiation of Light. Your strength, your survival, can only come from there and nowhere else. By abandoning to the Source your path is illuminated and your journey will be assisted regardless once again of the deconstruction of this world. Faith must be your fortification.

Carrying out your alliance with this world the higher vibration of your DNA is transformed completely, the vibration of your cells, the vibration of your physical body is literally bathed in the Light Source and reveals a very different form.

Your needs will be different, your existence will be different on all levels. This represents the beginnings of what you will experience later called dimensional transformation or ascension. The intellect, the reasoning must give way completely to the intelligence of love, the understanding of grace. Receive now this effusion from the Source.

We the Conclave wish to clarify that the more of you who participate in the reunion the more elevated Earth will be. Thus we encourage you to illuminate the light on all of your brothers, without questioning, without imposing anything on others, just simply suggesting this.

As I stated in My last speech, this latest outpouring is your manifestation of Light as you absorb and radiate as much of that Light as possible. The movement that began here 7 weeks ago will continue to grow from week to week. The energy of the Source will penetrate the whole of Creation in this density and not only just humans [but animals and all life too].

The Earth itself is beginning to respond to the impetus of the reunion by intense vibrations from its crystalline core [earthquakes], expressed also by the amplification of conscious beings living within the inner [hollow] Earth, participants who also are raising their awareness towards a future of pure Light.

As I said, we have given the tokens and the energy of Our presence and Our radiance to Mary. This now has all the necessary power to open up transmissions to human beings so that very soon the announcements of Mary will be made. You, in the same way in your life, should accept what is presented to you effortlessly because this Light is for you.

The circumstances of your lives, whatever they are, are resonances of the Light, vibrations of the Truth. If some of you live in pain understand that this is to allow the total demonstration of the Light in you and ultimately it is what will occur. Faith must grow, confidence in the Light must settle irreversibly and definitively in your consciousness. Receive this effusion of the ultraviolet radiation.

By activating this 7th ultraviolet virtue it penetrates (now and henceforth) into all of your cells, allowing the transfer and requirements of the recovery of your entire inheritance of DNA. This transmutation and the atomic vibration of your constituent atoms can now begin.

Your format, your shape, will evolve into a structure more in keeping with the will of the Trinity and the design of the Source. Do not resist the eliminations that may occur through this vibration that you are transmuted to you, but accompany them without resistance, for they are not lasting imbalances but eliminations that must occur. The only result is even more Light in your structures.

The transformed body, once it has eliminated a number of oppositions and resistances that you call diseases, will become impermeable to any resonance of the dark side, conveyed as well by drugs called vaccines [they are poisons to the body] by any mental influence that one will want to impose on you. Receive this outpouring of grace.

Beloved children of the Light, when I speak of welcoming the Light that is also permitting everything that comes to you with the same Love and the same Light. By the principle that I just outlined, if you continue to receive the Light no darkness will be able to reach you.

The Light that you emit, the power of Light and the change that you live transform and dissolve this darkness. You have nothing to fear, for Light is very powerful, the transformation that you live is the Truth and the reality.

Do not be alarmed when you feel the hot, the cold and the resonance that your body will start to intensely endure [they are symptoms of ascension and a higher frequency]. This results from the action of the Light and the Source of the action of the Father/Mother, even within your physical foundation.

Beloved Masters of the Light, I end with these few words: We the Conclave wish to thank all those people involved in this effort of the Light, in the effort during this dimensional transformation. We bless you individually and collectively.

This work of grace (between noon and 1 PM on your watch) will grow during this week. During this moment of grace you are required to live in full consciousness, whatever your exterior activities.

You must be aware and thankful for the grace that the Source gives you within these separated worlds where you now live. We welcome and thank you. This action of your accommodation corresponds to approval of Our efforts.

As you know these transmissions of ultra-violet energy will continue to accomplish in you the delivery of the grace and the Truth in the Light. The transformation of your physical bodies in the alignment of your density is a lasting Truth. It is not a subtle phenomenon but a tangible, visible, and perceptible reality.

By receiving this Light, by receiving and serving your brothers and sisters, by welcoming and serving all of creation in this higher density, you will live a life of Joy. We bless you and leave you now in silence until the end of your 72 minutes here to live in union with the Trinity. Be blessed. We love you.

As is usual, the Conclave informs me that the date of the next meeting is on Sunday June 14 at 18:00 [6 PM French time]. Continue to receive this effusion of energy ....

My comments: AA Michael states that there are enough humans who have reached a level of enlightenment so that we will be able to build a new world in 5D, hinting that this may have been a reason for delays until now to allow more to participate in this movement.

He again mentions ascension symptoms that will increase in the coming days as we reach higher frequency levels and says that these are normal. Diseases will soon be cured as we experience changes in our bodies, and even animals will be part of this ascension process according to His words. He mentions vaccines in a negative fashion and hints that drugs will not be needed in the future.

He says “The full power of the Conclave, the full power of Mary, will be manifested on this Earth by your summer solstice [June 21].” That is less than 2 weeks away so the days of waiting may be short. He speaks of earthquakes and the hollow Earth that will be part of the coming changes. Time will tell

Rich N