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Archangel Michael - Integration of Virtues 6th stage June 1st 2009

translated from French June 1st 2009

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week starting on April 25. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day. We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these interventions within 24 hours after the meeting on our site. At anytime soon, therefore, in Spirit ...

You can participate in this support:

* Anywhere you are

* In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed)

* Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing)

* Participating during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes)

* As Michael said: "Fear not children of the Light to take these overflowing energies now or at any other time, because you will always be permitted to integrate into the transmission of this Light, this transmission of Unity, to allow it to enter the center of your entire being.

* The date and (French) time are indicated.

* The next AA Michael meeting is on Sunday, June 7 at 12 noon (French time) [Sunday morning June 7 at 6:00 AM NY time, 5:00 AM in Chicago, 4:00 AM Mountain, and 3:00 AM in LA].

* On this day no public questions will be answered.

* For the record, the previous meetings took place on April 25, May 2, May 9, May 17, and May 24.

* Regardless of the outpouring of Michael, it is suggested that you reconnect to the energy of the Source, the Father, every day from 12 noon to 1 PM local time, regardless of your country.

Michael - Integration of virtues - 6th stage

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved children of the Light, at anywhere in the world receive Our gratitude, Our thanks, you, the bearers of the Light who anchor in this density the expectation of a new Earth, the expectation of this new vibrational higher frequency, and the expectation of this new Light. The Conclave joins Me to thank you sincerely for your work in enabling the already received ultraviolet Light to anchor of the vibration of this Light within your current 3rd density. You are increasingly now en route more and more to awaken to the reality of your future, the reality of the joy that gradually grows in you.

Today the outpouring of this ultraviolet radiation combines for the first time with the outpouring of what you call in your language the Holy Spirit or the feminine characteristic of God. This attribute of the Divinity, of the Light, coupled with the outpouring of the ultraviolet Light, carries out this development through the 6th virtue.

In you this is related to the reconnection of your affiliation with the Light, with your Father/Mother Divinity attributes joined together and personified within your density by the Source of the Sources [God]. Gradually, you will establish a conscious connection in your density with the One [God] who, for all eternity in all stages and at all times is permanently linked to you.

With this reconnection you will soon become aware in joy of the reality of this presence and this sense of eternity. This awareness will gradually identify this Source in you. We Ourselves do nothing but take part and obey the Source of Sources. We participate in this reconnection by Our radiation of the ultra-violet energy and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit which we relay, in the revelation of this ultimate Truth which signals (if such is your desire, if it is your ultimate desire) your return to the Unity, while taking part in duality both in your immortality and in your existence in this separated dimension which you have traveled for such a long time.

The Divine Mother [the Holy Spirit] (which we have given all the powers of Our Angelic seals) now joins both Me and the Conclaves, to bathe you in the Source of grace, the Source of the Truth, and the Source of Joy, so that you can (if you desire) once again enter the sanctuary of eternity. This is the first combined outpouring of ultraviolet radiation and the Holy Spirit. [Pause]

Beloved Masters of the Light, the activation of this reconnection in you through the 6th virtue, coupled and totally achieved during the activation through the 7th virtue next week, makes possible the achievement of your return to the primary point around which everything rotates [Divinity]. This axis point (what I call the point of your soul) as illustrated in this density by the axis of the Earth [poles] manifested in this world on the surface, signals your identification in you as beings of eternity, beings connected at all times and for all eternity to the Source that you are a part of.

The Source is comparable to the role of the Father in the galaxies' Central Sun [Alcyone], and the central point of this planet on which you live is equivalent to Mother’s role, present at all times in any period and in any cycle of creation and deconstruction [rebuilding]. It could not be otherwise. The principle of the ancestral descent of the human soul from the Source will appear today as keys within your density and in the density of this planet. This reconnection is an identification with the reality and the truth of what I have just outlined.

My beloved masters of the Light, focusing and concentrating on the axis point of this world while centering on the Source results in a joy that is unspeakable in you. This results in unspeakable joy and a participation more and more during the coming weeks until the end of September, when you will have the honor of the realization (beyond any form of truth) of your union with the Supreme Creator of the universe. The Source, Who is attributed to multi-dimensional and multiple universes, is the total consciousness of the worlds in all dimensions.

This fact is buried deep inside of you: the hidden meaning of your sacrifice [of separation from God] and the promise of the Source (by humility and grace) to never intervene in your development (as long as the time does not arise) or to reveal this to you. These moments, by the activation of the 6th virtue through signaling the awakening of this axis point will allow you (if you wish) to recognize this truth. This transformation from a total separation with the Source to a reunion with the Source will result.

During this abandonment, the realization of your dimensional Divinity and the achievement of this reality will develop in you an unspeakable joy. This joy is not the final result but only the confirmation of your reconnection. The combined ultraviolet energy and the Light of the Holy Spirit is your heritage, it is your ultimate Truth. The combined energies of the ultraviolet Light and the Holy Spirit in you mark the end of your duality and your return to Unity within the grace, in love, in the Light and the revelation of the Light . This is the second outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the radiation of ultraviolet energy. [Pause]

Beloved children of the Law of One, We thank you for your role as transmitters and bearers of the Light. Your work allows Us, the Archangels, (in bringing Us closer to your density) to bring the work of deconstruction to now develop. As the illusion of power exercised by the separation dissolves, falls apart, you will be able to reconnect to the grace, joy, and your eternity.

This soothing balm applied within your density, will reduce in a tangible way and a concrete way what you on Earth call karma from some of its inhabitants. Thus by your work (in an active and extremely logical manner) you take part in the work of redemption, so that the Truth is established (in a durable and tangible way) within the current density of this Earth.

You can now participate actively as well in the ascension of the Earth. You can participate as well in the recovery of many of your brothers who for the moment are afraid or unwilling to participate in this outpouring of love because their duality brought fears or other possibilities in them and did allow them to accept it until now.

However, your surrender to the Light, your surrender to the outpouring of the ultraviolet energy, and the presence of Divine grace within your density, now allows this activity. As I said We the Archangels see everywhere on the surface of the Earth the opening of many souls to the truth. We see multiple outbursts of joy and Light throughout the world, regardless of the events of deconstruction, regardless of the illusion of control over another, regardless of the increased densities [frequencies] of those who still resist these energies.

But as you know We the Archangels, the Messengers of the Source, will never impose anything on you. We let those who doubt, those who refuse evolve on their own. We let them experience and learn what they want to experiment with on their own. Beloved children of the Light, seen from Our dimension what you permit is quite simply magnificent.

Your efforts, your hostility to the Unity, your education in returning to the central point, gives you moments of encouragement through the manifestation of the joy of eternity. This is only fair, this is normal and simple. We transmit to you, via the whole of the Conclave, our encouragements to work towards this simplicity, to work towards humility, to work for the Joy and the awakening of a greater number of your brothers and sisters each week.

Numerous outbreaks of Light on all continents are performing that. Some of you at this very moment, touched by grace, have decided in their soul and conscience to participate in what is under way. However you should not impose anything on others [they have free will to make their own choices], but you should establish yourself firmly in your central being, in the presence and the Joy of the Light.

This should only be reflected and performed in silence, in humility and not by words and even less by forceful persuasion. Only your example of Light will be a vital encouragement for other hearts to join your path and your openness. Remember that as you allow the radiation of ultraviolet energy and the Holy Spirit into your heart you will find the higher vibration of the Father, the higher vibration of Truth, and the more your soul will rejoice in the joy of the reunion and especially of this manifestation.

Human souls in incarnation it is difficult to accept that you are Masters of the Light, yet it is so. It is difficult to accept that your spiritual mission in this matter, your own as well as that of your brothers and sisters of this planet, is your mission of Truth. Yet, the reconnection to the central point of this world allows you to strengthen this belief in yourself and allows you even more to surrender to the Truth of the Light. This is the third outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the ultraviolet in your density. [Pause]

Beloved children of the One, you are the pillars of the manifestation and revelation of the Truth. Some of you also feel the beginnings of these events more and have established this Truth. Those of you receiving this in advance are using this authenticity even more by what We offer. The activation of the 6th virtue and the 6th bit of DNA really allows this return to the center, this return to the Truth which is an inexpressible Joy. This 1st stage is activated as soon as tonight.

It is the revelation that the noblest and the highest inner dimension in this density corresponds to the conscious reconnection with your Father, even within your 3rd density. By this morning, those of you who realize this will seal a new alliance, the alliance of Joy, of fire, of love, of truth, and of simplicity. The Unity that you have now found has the burden of maintaining this fire by the manifestation of joy in the sense of service to all humanity, by a sense of responsibility to be a bearer of Light to work in Joy and in the direction of Unity, for the radiance, the integrity of the Truth, to be established even more permanently, more widely around the world.

Beloved Children of the Father, welcoming the Light as you do is a great sign of your end to the separation, the end to the illusion of suffering, the end of the disease, the end of the exclusion and the return to the bosom of grace. Welcome now this effusion of the ultraviolet radiation and the Holy Spirit.

Beloved Masters of Light, by this reconnection that you make you will become gradually aware (at your own pace) of the Truth that is in you, the reality of what you are, the reality of what is the Source. As you immerse yourself in this most pure Joy, it is possible to experience in your world a Joy at the noblest and most unselfish level. This is a return to Joy and laughter. By reconnecting to your Source this way, by the revelation of His Presence, the illusion of this world will be less and have less control over you.

Remember the words I said: you become a pillar of Light. As the pillars of Light you, along with the Archangels and all the Spiritual Hierarchies, all the circles of Light and the Source Himself, literally celebrate Thanksgiving and receive Our appreciation. The state you live in during these effusions (and for some of you who come forward independent of this outpouring) signals your return to the Unity with your reception of the Light, regardless of the influence of the Councils and the Conclaves Circles of Light, .

This awareness is crucial because, although reconnected it will make you independent beings. It makes you leave the ego and receive your personal freedom. By reconnecting to your Source you will live and experience the freedom that you yourself would never have imagined possible, the reality that God the Father is Love. It is above all freedom and humility. It lets you go at your own pace on your eternal journey and the return to your Unity.

God is grace in the highest sense of the word. He loves you whatever your choice, whatever your destiny, regardless of what you do. From your view point of this world you will awaken patiently, lovingly, delicately. We the Conclave of Archangel do this as ambassadors. The return of all the solar systems in these worlds to the Unity is a moment of Joy.

Do not be impressed (those of you who have activated this radiance) by the gestures of the forces that claim to withhold your freedom. You are beings of freedom. Today you can maintain a life of freedom, even within your density, even in the place where you are now. The activation of this 6th virtue allows this movement, even in your incarnation in your life. The outpouring of the ultraviolet radiation and the Holy Spirit continues.

This 6th grace reveals in you the reality of the Source first as the Source of your Source and also as the Source of your own life. This reconnection, this identification strengthens the Light that you make, the Light that you send, the light that you incarnate. This alchemy [transformation] that takes place in you, closer to the Unity, makes you aware of the love that you immerse in, even in what you have removed by your own will as an incarnation of the Light.

To feel the love of the Creator, to live in the heart so clearly, so consciously, is an indescribable Supreme grace. May this grace fill you with His blessings. You can use this grace to in a final way extinguish in you the games of duality, the games of the experiment of duality, and allow you to return to your eternity in all clearness. However, as you know this road continues in this density so that the maximum number of dark elements can be reduced by your joy.

We the Archangels encourage you in the remaining 6 weeks of Our outpouring of the Holy Spirit and of the ultraviolet energy to cultivate the joy, so that you strive more and more to establish that energy in you by understanding once again that it is in abandoning your ego self that you receive this joy. This abandonment is a desire, an impulse in you that you should strive for. When it was said that if you take a step towards Deity that They would move miles towards you, this is not merely a philosophical concept, but it corresponds to the strict truth of the Light.

The Archangelic energy, and more specifically the ultraviolet Light, can literally fill you with Light and repair your existence that has been damaged by doubts, fears, the mind, emotions and ego. We perform this in you if you permit this work, if you accept it. We propose but we do not impose anything on you.

I would simply say this to those who still doubt this due to their own point of view, the duality that they have developed during their extensive incarnation that was required by the expression of this duality, by the judgment of good and evil by what you call discernment. But this discernment must be not from the intellect but from the heart.

I solemnly tell you dear children who have not yet accepted what comes, that you cannot make the right choice in your head until you have experienced in your inner being the truth of the ultraviolet and the Holy Spirit energies now. The Divine Mother is hopeful that Her gentleness, Her presence and Her radiance with Our outpouring now will help you to receive in peace and truth what We and Our Brothers outpour on you and what We relay to you in Love.

This gift of grace is a fact and not merely a theory. Still it is necessary that your mental understanding does not prevent you from accommodating this virtue. Never forget that you cannot verify in your consciousness what is offered to you if you do not partake of it, if you do not incorporate it into your whole being.

Ultimately, if you allow your mind to decide for you the merits of what We offer, you are likely to be wrong. Only your heart, your conscience (and not your head) is able to perceive the outpouring of the energies of Our Brothers and Us. Given the increasing number of people receiving these energies and transmitting them to others it is clear that no energy opposed to the Light will give you that joy, even in a temporary way. We ask that you in humility open your heart, your Interior Temple to the energy of the Father and the energy of the Mother.

In the duality there is Satan and evil in the sense that you hear it, but in the Unity everything is greatly praised, all is in harmony, everything happens within your life so perfectly in this higher density. Only in the strength and experience of duality can you see pain and fear. The radiation of ultraviolet energy that We offer and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit are there to saturate you with Joy in the Light, to saturate you with an indescribable Love that never in your density could you experiment.

So, yes, we ask you to honor and accept this gift. All of the incarnated Brothers who are around you and Who take part in this transmission, this overflowing, are Beings who like you suffered and now bathe themselves with the source of the Sources. You can not ignore it any longer. [They began in 3D worlds and have now ascended and are assisting in our ascension now.]

Receive and open your heart and you will see perfectly and experience this. It can not be otherwise. Divine love has returned, Light has returned, Truth has returned to all those who accept it. No endeavor required by this deconstruction can reach those of you who are in this grace, this Divine love. That is for you the only way of experiencing this transformation which comes (centered on your axis and the axis of the world) to fulfill its promise. Receive this transmission of the Holy Spirit, this outpouring of the ultraviolet energy.

Beloved children of Joy and the Truth, what is en route is now inevitable. It is useless to hide your face, to hide your heart, for this is pure Divine love. The actions of deconstruction that I have foretold will soon become fully extensive. Do not delay by participating in these games from the dark.

Only the grace of Joy should be your goal and your purpose as it contributes to the establishment of Grace and Joy in you that are working for the establishment of this Divine Kingdom on Earth. There is no other battle, there is no other truth than the strengthening of grace and joy in you, there is no Unity other than in your heart, there is no other path to achieve this. You are effectively, more than ever aware, you are more than ever connected to your Divine Source.

It will bathe you as you surrender to it, but it is completely up to you. This revelation is accompanied by the Joy of a reunion with divinity, the Joy of the explosion of the Light in your density. This is en route. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can not oppose the Light. You must make a commitment to enter your inner sanctuary. You must enter the realms of eternity in order to live by Joy and for Joy in the pursuit of service without judgment of others.

Beloved children of the Light, as a sign of the Presence of the Divine grace in you, if it is possible you should try to access this reconnection to the Source anywhere in the world everyday at noon for a one hour period until the end of radiations of the ultra-violet energy. The preferred time is between 12:00 and 1:00 PM anywhere and will be a moment of contact with God and with eternity. Remember now that the Divine grace will be with you, the Father will meet with you for an hour at lunch time anywhere on this Earth.

This is a sign of the truth that We give you, the proof of what we offer. If you're listening at this hour, you'll notice that there is Joy, Truth, Unity and Love that only can be Light and nothing else. You are free to do what you want this gift. Nevertheless, the Source Himself has decided that to ensure that those who wish to directly establish a contact between you and Him can receive proof (if that is necessary) of the Truth and the Light in your heart, that you perform this daily action.

The possible manifestations at this time of your connection with the Source is above all demonstrated by your joy, an expression of unspeakable joy related to your reconnection. You will if you wish during this time be in direct contact with the Father. By this approach the Father wishes to prepare you for the reception of Mary, and I will return next week to discuss this at greater length during the overflowing of the 7th virtue. It is advisable that to activate the last 6 virtues you meet in increasing numbers next Sunday at noon precisely French time.

The Father can at no time violate your oath and His promise, for He is patient, He is Love and humility. He offers this through its radiation and His presence in the hope (and seen in the results of the 1st part of the outpouring of the ultraviolet energy) of further reinforcing the establishment of Love and Truth in your world. Beloved master of light, we do not doubt your ability to move beyond the veils of illusion. We are confident of your ability at any time to overcome your fears, by the grace of the work that We have undertaken in our assistance with the Source.

Beloved Masters of the Light, I say that your ability to receive this direct outpouring of the Father in the days and weeks ahead will give you the ability to submit to and receive the radiant Light of the God Source, the radiance of the Father. You must agree to support it for life, to accept it in your soul, in your consciousness and in your heart. Be confident that only then will He reveal His presence.

I now bless you and leave you in silence to the end of the outpouring of ultraviolet radiation and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I bless you. At any soon, therefore, in Spirit ...

My Comments: AA Michael states that this year more have joined the membership of the Light, and His UV energy program is working as intended, although this is hardly visible to most with the current status quo. We should not judge others but should focus on our own spiritual development. He has continued to answer no questions and focus on directing these energies.

He said that "by late September you will have the honor of the realization of your union with the Supreme Creator of the universe". He describes us as children, and that would apply both to those who are immature and need to grow up and to those who in the Light have the innocence and humility and acceptance of new concepts and a lack of negativity and skepticism that comes with age.

The Source of the Sources refers to God and the fact that as we unite with Divinity we also become a part of the Source. The axis that He refers to is a central point where objects rotate around it, Alcyone being the center of the rotation of our universes and our poles being the rotational center for Earth. It appears that the event that will signal the physical start of ascension and Earth changes will be what has been called the zero point where the Magnetosphere [ ] that surrounds Earth will drop to zero and cause a magnetic pole shift. Earth will stop spinning for a few days before reversing her rotation and the Sun will instead rise in the West. This mention of Earth's axis could be a hint of this event.

It is said that as GM goes our country goes, and that direction is rapidly in a downward collapse. The GM and Chrysler bankruptcies mean much more unemployment not only in manufacturing but also in dealerships and auto parts and repairs. Since many more will be unemployed they will be unable to make house payments and this will continue the massive foreclosure and unemployment trends.

My comments inside the sources that are quoted are placed in [brackets]. Time will tell.

Rich N


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