Sunday, December 9, 2012

Archangel Anael - The Final Countdown


I am Archangel Anael. Beloved Children of the Law of One, may Peace, Joy, and Love be with you.  I thank you for your presence here. I will now try to answer any questions that you may have.

Question: Does the Galactic Wave travel to a lot of other worlds and dimensions, or does it only involve the 3rd Dimension here?

Beloved, other multidimensional realms within the Multiverse know none of the effects of the Galactic Wave compared to what is presented here. Within the Unified Universes, the reliance on The Source [Creator] does not depend on a precise galactic alignment or on any event related to the placement of suns, planets, galaxies and universes.

The quarantine of Earth [and our separation from Divinity] has created these conditions of isolation. This isolation can be removed at different times, but these events correspond precisely to two astronomical events. The first event is an alignment with what is called the galactic center, present in what appears to you as Sagittarius.

[Wiki: The constellation Sagittarius spans the 240-270th degree of the zodiac, between the 234.75 and 270 degree of celestial longitude, which the Sun travels on an average between November 22 and December 21 of each year. The winter solstice position is in the constellation of Sagittarius.]

The second event is an astronomical experience that many of you have had during these recent times by living in the invisible body of beingness during these episodes of Communion and Fusion [with Divinity]. This brief meeting with eternity [which is only temporary now] occurs at both at the physical level and the astronomical dimensional level for you in this Solar System.

What you call the galactic alignment, what you call a black hole [by astronomers] in your technology does not give you an accurate view of this concept in your life. A black hole and an annihilation of life is in fact a return to True Life [from the viewpoint of Divinity], so there is a corresponding relationship between various events which could be separated in time, depending upon what I would call an awareness of Earth, the desires of Earth, and the opening of human consciousness both individually and collectively. [This alignment involves both our Universe and ourselves.]

The recent work performed during the Celestial Marriage somehow helped delay and assist in synchronicity with a series of cosmic events (both macro cosmic and micro cosmic) that are occurring both on Earth and in the bodies that you now live in.

These events that have been described in the Book of Revelation [in the Bible] have been shortened and limited to their simplest forms during this time period, and you have avoided major areas of violent disturbances that the prophets earlier foretold of [like Armageddon and the 7 year tribulation].

Remember that the Light never removes anything that is integrated into the Light itself; only gray realms of darkness and areas that are resistant to the Light are affected by this Light.  Light not only illuminates the darkness but allows you to experience your Eternity, if that is your vibrational condition.

We took care during these times to differentiate between the awareness that I would call collective consciousness and your individual consciousness. There must be a time in your world where there will be overlap of what you have experienced personally (for those of you who are more advanced on the scale of vibrational consciousness) and what the group consciousness experiences.

Are you in this world without becoming a part of this world [as Christ said]?  There are in you various elemental components, as well as your soul [spirit] that exists on higher unified levels.

This representation of your higher being [Divine essence] on this Earth is involved with and is impacted in various ways by the Light according to areas of resistance, darkness and things that have not yet been released [bad habits that you refuse to get rid of].

Your surrender to the Light and your abandonment of self and the cosmic laws that We have developed have been written in stone from the beginning of creation and were launched at the end of the previous cycle and its re-creation afterwards (this current cycle started precisely in May of 50,731 BC).

My comments:  These Divine cosmic laws of destruction at the end of every cycle and a renewal of life when a new cycle begins have been observed ever since 3D Earth was created. This shows why it is difficult to find any evidence of previous civilizations since all records have been erased from history. Orionis said that these cycles of destruction and re-creation will now end, suggesting that they will no longer be needed since Earth will move to a higher 5th dimension and will live in the Divine Light.

The previous cycle of Atlantis ended in 50,731 BC with a pole shift and an ice age according to Edgar Cayce, and Orionis helped create a new Atlantis as He said.  AA Anael said earlier that there were three cataclysmic events, so this is the 2nd.  Adding 52,000 to that gives a time period of about 102,000 BC which is the end of the first Atlantan cycle, and the final destruction of Atlantis was about 10,000 BC, so that describes these 3 periods of destruction and renewal that He spoke of.

The Andromedan ETs told Alex Collier that Earth will move to 5th density by 2014. This density is much lighter than ours now, and those who live here will have bodies of Light, not the heavy carbon bodies we now have. Earth will appear as a blue star because of the Light that it will radiate according to them.

Some say that Atlantis used crystals for both energy and war just like we use nuclear power now, and it was this misuse that helped bring about its destruction. Plato in 350 BC spoke of the wars that occurred during these Atlantan periods, so it was no different than it is today.  There were tyrannical kings who set themselves up as gods just as they did in Rome during the so called dark ages, and their goal was slavery and domination of others just as it is today. 

In mythology there are many tales of gods that ruled mankind and warred with each other over having control like the reptilian demigod known as Jehovah and Allah do today even though He is gone. Christians, Jews, and Muslims feel that they have the only true religion, and many wars have been fought over this.

During this current cycle there have been many empires including the Assyrian empire in 2000–612 BC, the Macedonian Empire under Alexander the Great, the Babylonian Empire, the Maurya Empire in India in 300 BC, and the Roman Empire that existed during the time when Jesus taught here on Earth after which He was elevated to the status of god and savior by His death.

This Roman Empire changed hands and became the Vatican Empire which still rules today.  Its official ruler is the Pope who is worshiped as god incarnated on Earth, and the Zionists rule the world with the Bank of England money system which has been privately owned and operated from its foundation in 1694 by the Rothschild dynasty.  They own the Federal Reserve system in the U.S. and most other world banks also.

When O.M. was asked about the possibility of Jesus ruling in the future as King for 1,000 years as the Bible says He replied that we will have to wait and see since the concept of King was created by the reptilians as part of their class control structure where most people are slaves. This can still be seen now in the royalty that rules Europe and Asia. 

Religions teach that God sits on a throne as ruler and condemns us for our sin which will send us to hell, and this is among the many lies that the Roman church created in Christianity.  Divinity is loving and forgiving and only wants us to again become Divine as we surrender our ego and live in the Light of Christ.

O.M. Aivanhov said that the Anunnaki took over Earth around 320,000 BC which would be the beginning of the first of the recent 6 cycles (6 X 52,000 - 2012 = 310,000 BC), and they have ruled ever since until recently when they voluntarily left. 

Insiders say that the Vatican has many ancient documents from Atlantis and even further back in their secret underground library.  They are withheld from the public to make us believe that life has only existed for about 6,000 years which is what Christians believe due to the teachings in the Bible (which was written by the Roman Church almost 2,000 years ago). 

Wiki: The Ancient Library of Alexandria in Egypt was the largest and most significant library of the ancient world. It flourished under the patronage of the Ptolemaic dynasty and functioned as a major center of scholarship from its construction in the 3rd century BC until the Roman conquest of Egypt in 30 BC.

Plutarch (AD 46–120) wrote that during his visit to Alexandria in 48 BC Roman Emperor Julius Caesar burned the library down when he set fire to his own ships to frustrate Achillas' attempt to limit his ability to communicate by sea (a lie as usual).

The best way to keep people ignorant is to destroy the truth when it is written down into books that others can read.  During the past 3,000 years many books have been burned because they were called heresy by the Pope and by other religions, and "witches" were burned when they spoke of higher teachings that were not part of the Vatican dogma. 

Nostradamus (Orionis) lived in that dark age era, and his writings were encoded to prevent his being murdered.  He said that he was afraid he would be persecuted and his work would be destroyed if authorities in his time fully understood his predictions. According to him, his cryptic prophecies would be better understood by enlightened people in the future like us.

He said the 3rd Anti Christ was Mabus (Bush the Draco), and He spoke of what some believe is the 9/11 destruction in New York of the Twin Towers.  Century 6, Quatrain 97: "Five and forty degrees, the sky shall burn: To the great new city shall the fire draw nigh."  Others have translated it as:  "At forty-five degrees the sky will burn, Fire shall approach the great new city."

New York City's latitude is 40 degrees 47 minutes North, and 5 could mean 50.  The North and South Poles themselves are measured at 90 degrees North and South respectively and the equator is 0 degrees.  Some feel that the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and the Southern Lights (Aurora Australis) are the result of sunlight from Inner Earth that comes from these two polar openings and lights up the skies. 

Archangel Anael continues: The rotation of the Solar System and the Galaxy with whom you resonate passes cyclically through a point called the center of galaxies [the multiverses] and the center of this Galaxy which are not the same thing. This passage is accompanied by a reset of the species [destruction, death, and re-creation], and a reset of the conditions of life.

The fundamental difference that now exists with this cycle is due to the intervention of the Archangels, the Elders, the Stars of Mary, and of course yourself and the Earth in its entirety which helped cushion this principle of confrontation [awakening]. This confrontation became almost exclusively an overlay, a juxtaposition of two scales of consciousness [those few who understood Divine Truths and most who are still ignorant] which have been so far apart until now, and this event will lead to the awakening and liberation of consciousness itself.

During this period which began in the last few months you will notice both in you and around you an excitement in some people regarding these astronomical deadlines. Remember that your individual consciousness of who you are as part of the Divine Absolute is completely independent of any geophysical events, although these geophysical events which are related to the actions of the [Angelic] Ha Kodesh Hayoth or the 4 elements [Air, Water, Fire, and Earth] are now more evident to you and to all those on Earth.

The principle of resistance and denial now allows all of the collective human thought which is still subject at times to the habits of the control system of the human mind and the confinement of the astral [reptilian] body to somehow change itself and make a profound difference.

You have brothers and sisters who are incarnated humans like you, some of whom are very close to you [like friends and family], but they do not think the same way as you do, they do not experience this inner and exterior consciousness in the same way as you do.

Your vision and mind can sometimes seem diametrically opposed to those who are planning a better future within this dimension [they want a better 3D like most] and those of you who through their experiences know perfectly well that there will be no continuation of this dimension due to the disintegration [disappearance] of this particular dimension in this Universe [3D is over here].

The return of the Light [since 1984], the predictions made by prophets from many ages and backgrounds along with the work of the Celestial Marriage and the actions of the Intergalactic Confederation of Free Worlds [ETs] have helped to profoundly change the response of the some of Earth's inhabitants and the response of the Earth itself which, as you know, has been freed [although there is no sign of this yet here]. The descriptions of these prophets were inevitably colored by the knowledge of the times that they lived and where they got this information from [so it is somewhat distorted].

The End Times

There is very little time before the end times will appear, and all of humanity will have compelling evidence of this so that it cannot be ignored by anyone. Your role as liberators of Earth in these end times is to live in the [Divine] Absolute.  Within the Absolute you no longer live in the action/reaction of duality and you escape the conscious mechanisms of your confinement.

The end of times means a return to Eternal Life for you. It is not the end of life, it is only the end of this 3D illusion of a past, a present, and a future [time will no longer exist]. The end of this cycle brings your return to the total integrity of your essence, your transparency, and your original [ET] stellar lineage and bloodlines [some of us are from other worlds and will return to them soon when the quarantine is over].

This concerns for the moment a number of important objectives that were met, but these accomplishments are small compared to the whole of humanity, your brothers and your sisters who are still locked up and artificially
controlled by all of the [new age] messages given by the dark forces [and religions].

The lure of promising the development of a "Golden Age" [a better 3D Earth by new agers and others] for you exists only in the minds of these individuals. This trap has been broken by your actions, your liberation, and the evolution of your consciousness that is in fact a return to integrity and Truth and to the original person that you were [Divinity].

Thus the end times are not the end of life. On the contrary it is a return to true Life beyond any projection of consciousness, beyond any illusion, any confinement, any suffering, and above all any duality and any lack of Unity, although there is still a minute level of ego and pride that exists. We have worked with you to build on the Celestial Marriage that was performed recently. We worked with you to reinstate in you the Metatronic Keys, to restore Unity [no duality] and the higher inner self, the "I Am Who I Am" [Divinity] and thus the Infinite Presence, the Ultimate, the Absolute.

Thus those who wish to continue to adhere to the laws of duality will be subjected to these same laws of duality out of respect for what they themselves have agreed to and have lived in this life which for them is called free will. There is in fact no freedom for them since it is only a reflection of the action of the ego and the soul-oriented desires. [Some will choose to continue to live the good-evil life of duality and will have their wish.]

For those of you here on Earth who have succeeded in living the Ultimate Presence and who have established living beyond any Absolute this has no meaning. You know this because you have lived this beyond any understanding, beyond all perceptions, and even beyond any vibration. Thus the evidence of this is to simply live in your Presence beyond any words. 

When We are at your side with you, We will provide evidence of your multidimensionality, your Unity, and ultimately the end of time itself. The end times are the complete, irrevocable, and irreversible disappearance of this falsified world that you call the matrix, as well as your experiences of living deprived of your Galactic rights [slavery]. This is over.

This does not seem obvious to many human brothers and sisters who are still trapped in the duality battle of good and evil, the quest of improving the soul, the pursuit of continuing to live experiences in a carbon based world [survival] and believing the principle of evolution that does not exist [that things will get better in 3D] which is however still rooted in a great part of human consciousness. [Most want to continue to have a better 3D life and will have it as a result of their free will.]

The shock of humanity which will now take place in a few days [ascension] will lead your brothers and sisters as a survival strategy to only wish to continue this existence of duality. Your role at this point is simply to live in the Infinite Presence, in the Absolute, and to some extent continue to play the games of the matrix while maintaining your ultimate consciousness by living within the Absolute.

However, you can do nothing and We can do nothing for those of your Brothers and Sisters who do not believe this warning and who do not decide to be free [by their free will they have chosen to continue to live in a better 3D].

All of Earth is now free [as viewed from Heaven]. No longer can any predation exist, there can be no confinement or any laws other than the Divine laws of Thanksgiving, Love, and Absolute Freedom. The end times are not destruction, even if to the eyes of the ego it seems like total destruction and the end of all life. What comes now is Resurrection, Eternal Life, Joy, Love, and Bliss [for those who choose to live in the Light].

I am Archangel Anael and I am also One with you. You yourself and each of you are Divinity also [although we don't feel like it now]. In the Grace of Love and in the Absolute Truth I salute you and welcome you to a new life for all eternity.

My comments:  Dec. 21 is less than 2 weeks away and it appears that if what was said is true we will begin to see real change soon.  O.M. said this is not a firm date and could vary by a few days, and there is probably some planetary free will involved also which could adjust this date. Mother Mary said that we will not see a new year and 3D is over here forever.  Most people are too busy worrying about spending Christmas with friends and families and performing their shopping and other activities to think of ascension and change.

Many who are aware of the coming events like the Tibetan monks and the Illuminati are preparing for these events by moving to "safe areas" like caves, underground cities, and bases on the Moon and Mars in order to survive until these changes are over so they can continue their 3D lives here afterwards.  There are no safe areas anywhere in this Universe.

For most people this life of duality and slavery here in hell will soon be over, and it appears that it will be a new beginning for mankind, most of whom will continue in 3D elsewhere.  Those who have come from higher dimensions and worlds will be able to return home to the life they once had before they became prisoners here on this quarantined planet. 

Most of what we have been told is not the truth, so we have a good reason to be skeptical of any promises including these words.  We should have a warning sign of this event with the appearance of Hercobulus the 2nd Sun before this begins according to O.M. and Orionis, and Mary will give a signal to the world before the 3 days begin when Earth will stop its rotation and some areas will be in total darkness.  The advantage of winter is that many areas are cloudy, and we will only briefly see this 2nd Sun. We will only know the truth of these words when they become reality, but only time will tell.

Rich N