Monday, May 16, 2011

Archangel Anael - MayDay - May 1, 2011

I am Archangel Anael. Beloved Children of the Light and beloved Starseeds, I bring My peace and love to you now. We will work together to develop what it means to die to self and to be reborn in Christ. You are now living in the dawn of the final day. The Day that I speak of is not a day in a human way, but a day spread over a certain length of time, a time that will disclose all of the Light, allowing you, if that is your vibration, to return to your Unity. This final reversal is taking place in you now. Since winter is now over it is time to be reborn during this Spring. The Renaissance as I called it means dying to the ego and being reborn in Christ. This is reflected in your passing through the narrow gate [by the few who have chosen to live in the Light], laying new foundations of Life, new foundations of your released structures, and new foundations for the new Earth or your new home elsewhere, depending on your dimensional destination and your stellar home [many will end up elsewhere, some returning to the planets they left long ago, becoming free from this matrix forever].

This portion of the narrow gate is now open, and this should allow you to utilize this and meet Christ personally. There are of course a number of features which are related and in direct resonance with this month that are opening before you. Some of these signs have been given to you like the various sounds that you have heard around the head and in the ears, important new sensations that you have experienced in your Radiant Crowns, and changes in your consciousness and your mood. In the period ahead (if that is your desire) each of you must be transformed by the associated evolution to an inner joy and an inner peace in contrast to the apparent chaos in various parts of this world. The time has now come to be reborn to your inner self in your starseed dimension and all its components.

This will result in new perceptions that are at a more and more powerful level in your physical body, with changes in your mood and in your consciousness, coupled with a number of inner revelations. The opening of this narrow gate is accompanied for some by a focused look back on yourself in order to review the ego self and the various games, roles and functions that you have played in 3D. You are all at this very moment at the proper place that you are at now, whatever the country, age, position and vibratory state that you are in. The current proceedings on Earth are a direct result of the merger of the ethers and the unveiling of the white Light. Similar processes are occurring in you also: the fusion of your Divine hearths and the perception of vibrations that negate to some extent the ordinary mental consciousness. You are in a state where you have either awakened in the morning and are out of bed, or else at this time are still asleep.

The shift in this new era has seen the disappearance of a number of elements and the appearance of new elements. What will disappear is all that is heavy, everything that is weighing you down. What is called the unborn is all that is of the Light, all that will help you establish yourself in the joy of your eternity. This passage through the narrow gate is not instantaneous but is accompanied by movements back and forth between the old and the new, between what must die and what needs to be reborn, so for most of you as starseeds a mechanism is needed that will allow you to clearly identify those times when you are living in the ego self and moments when you are in the Divine self and in Christ. The quality of vibration that motivates you, the quality and your ability to establish yourself in a consciousness of peace and joy will result in the final dimensional installation of Christ in you and in your connection with the burning Son. For many of you the final adjustments will occur in your lives, and your insights, your ultimate choices and decisions are always related to the desire to live in the vibrational Light, allowing you to establish yourself in your Heart .

What is happening now is the agony and death of the separated consciousness and the birth of the new consciousness of Unity. Some here during these sessions have taught you concepts corresponding to the virtues and spiritual functions that may help you in the installation of this new state, this new consciousness. We have already mentioned this new awareness that for now has only been delivered to most of you as temporary flashes, whatever names you give them: Ecstasy, Samadhi, Joy, or Peace. You will see for yourself that it will become easier to live these concepts, but you may also experience flashbacks that are sometimes uncomfortable. That explains this concept of the narrow gate because the choice is up to you alone to perform this, and you must perform this consciously in clarity.

Opening this door to your Heart more than ever depends upon you alone. By allowing all of these elements related to this vibration and this inner knowledge to live in you, you will live in a state where your higher consciousness leads you, and in fact what you dictate will become your consciousness. No person other than yourself, no close friend, no Archangel, no elder, or any other being can interfere with your passage through this narrow gate. Quite significantly each of you will receive this call of the vibrational Light during moments that are different for each person. Beyond your periods of alignment and beyond the higher level of vibrational Light appearing at 7 PM in your meditations, everyone will experience this differently. Some of you may be called by the Light at night while others may be awakened during the day during times that will be totally unplanned, requiring a shutdown of your business activities until this transformation by Light has been completed.

A number of you will establish close contacts with Angels of the Lord in different ways, because as We have said for many years the forms of ascension are many and various. These are not the same for each starseed, but depend on your stellar future and your spiritual vibration. The mechanisms of ascension, even if they are implemented in the same structures for all in this world will be reflected in everyone in different ways, corresponding to different scenarios, ranging from the evacuation with the body at ascension to ascension without the body [death], or your teleportation to other areas on Earth and elsewhere.

All of this of course will not take you by surprise. It depends upon your becoming increasingly clear in your understanding, and this may become evident either in your dreams or in your states of consciousness during sleep or during your times of alignment in meditation. Keep in mind that this information will be provided by your own super consciousness, and at that point, whatever the scenarios being considered, you will abide in Joy. Of course this will not happen in an instant, for it is quite conceivable that for some this passage from one state to another, from the ego self to Christ likeness, is similar in form to the mourning of death, and like any mourning, it should be accommodated. This grief is not sadness in itself, because remember that this is the commencement of your Divine homecoming. What is sad perhaps is that some of you are not always living separated from certain 3D illusions and games of duality.

However remember that the vibrational Light is with you, the angels of the Lord are with you, and that you have available an increased ability to find solace and comfort in the Light itself. In addition, the more you enter your inner realms of Light, the easier it will be for you to understand and live peacefully during the times that are coming. We repeat again that even if We say that the end of this month of May is the last day [of this phase] do not to seek a specific date, because as We have said all this takes place now.

This obviously does not happen in the blink of an eye of your time but requires preparation, and this will be accomplished in Earth humans in a progressive and regular way, whether for those of your brothers and sisters who are still sleeping or for those who are now fully awake. Remember also that in this period, it is most important to be able to have the vibrational consciousness in your body that will allow you to collect more and more White Light that is arriving in order to bring your super mentality before the appearance of Christ occurs. Only you can establish yourself in your eternal abode of Peace, only you can decide how you will live what you must live.

Remember that everything, every element, and every person is now in the proper place on Earth for the unfolding of this scenario that comes during this last Day. There is nothing to fear except those fears that are merely projections of your own past and your own negative attachments, which I remind you are a total illusion. The death of the ego and the birth of Christ in you will cleanse these Illusions. The descent of the Light is here for your spiritual alignment, and this vibrational Light will you give every opportunity to experience this transition and this passage through the narrow gate during these times that you now have to live.

Again I do not say that this month will bring the end of this 3rd dimension, but only that it will prepare you for the ultimate end of what remains to be accomplished. Keep in mind that what comes is a liberation, whatever the circumstances, and never again will human beings be confined or imprisoned against their will and their consciousness, never again will you know the isolation, the loneliness, the separation and the suffering that you do now. This knowledge should be sufficient for you to become stabilized in most of your experiences, whatever should occur. You are invited to spend most of your time in your inner higher self. Whatever your pursuits, whatever the responsibilities that you have, it will be necessary for you to find time to express your joy and to establish yourself in peace so that your passage through this gate may be performed easily.

Remember that this vibration of the Light and those Beings accompanying you are around you now, that the separation between the dimensions is almost over, and that the Light is everywhere. You will perceive more and more the presence of the etheric vision in your heavens, even in your 3rd dimension. Perceiving your own vibration will interfere with the negative consciousness of others, and you will find that you are not alone. This should be an encouragement for you to go to the Light. Ending the ego also means being willing to look frankly with transparency at who you really are. There is no shame, no guilt, and no judgment on yourself, but you should look at yourself frankly and honestly.

Try as much as possible to live in the here and now during these moments that are before you. A number of techniques have been given to you, whether through crystals, through breathing techniques, or through yoga as given by a Friend [Ami] that will allow you during this period to use anything that is necessary in order to establish yourself in peace and Joy. Remember that nothing in this world can oppose the Light now. Allowing the fragments [a Nazi tactic that disunites, breaks up, divides, and separates us - Webster's Thesaurus] of those of you who are not yet enlightened can still influence you and keep you away from the Light, but that will not last long.

Do not be influenced by those who are opposed to the Light, do not allow any resistance, any bondage, or negative attachments, because ultimately you will find the Truth of all teachings and testimonies of those who have discovered the Unity once you have taken the passage through this gate now in this 3D body. In all that you have been given, search for what is easier for you to perform and what helps you establish yourself increasingly in more joy and peace. Remember that being in Joy and in Peace can not only help you, but by your radiation and your service on Earth it can also help all your brothers and sisters who do not for the moment know anything of the Light. There are still very many on Earth who are still asleep and are not yet informed about the events in your heavens and on Earth because they are not directly in contact with you.

Remember that what is most important above everything else is Revelation. Although many translations have transformed the word Apocalypse into something terrible, it is not. Only the eyes of those who are still separated from Divinity in duality, only the illusions of the ego tend to believe this, but it is not appropriate for someone who is reborn in Christ. It is time for you to find time to assist in this transition so that you may truly live what you came here for in order to live these moments on this Earth. You are not here by chance, even in this 3D falsification; you are exactly in the right place at the right time both in you and outside of you.

Do not forget that although these moments might seem difficult, the Light is still within reach. You can feed yourself on the Light and benefit from the effects of your consciousness and remove the fears and whatever is contrary to the Light. Do not feed on any fears, do not feed on anything that is opposed to your joy and your peace. Peace thus will become increasingly accessible and more noticeable to you, and it is within these transitions between the ordinary consciousness and the super consciousness that you will see in yourself the reality and the super conscious truth of this.

By being guided by the higher vibrations in your head and in your heart, it will become even easier due to the increase in vibrational perceptions accompanied by your entry into this peace and joy (for those who have not yet experienced this). Remember that there is, in the interior of yourself, in your heart and in this vibration, all the elements necessary for your transformation. It is also time now to show and shine this Light to those of your brothers and sisters who are in amazement over the events that will soon happen, and to use your words to explain what the Light and the Unity involve, because they will at that time be more inclined to listen to you [they will see visible proof and not just words], and they may perhaps begin the spiritual journey to the Light also. Do not rush anything, do not force anyone, but be caring, be loving, be fair.

All resources are now within you, all of the lessons that should be given to you since the Celestial Marriage have been given, and all that is necessary for you to identify, understand and integrate this knowledge has been given to you. It just remains now to reveal your path through your actions, perhaps allowing you to adjust and move closer to who you really are during the moments that you have yet to live. Remember that by your accumulation of the Light you now have all the capabilities to live in Joy and in peace and to live the return of Christ. In this state of vibration there is nothing to fear. Live so that the Light can be seen in your work. Remember that during every minute of your life, it is important and prominent to be able to spend your time in the super-consciousness of the vibrational Light.

Elements will be provided for you upon the arrival of Metatron, who is now dissolving the dark forms on Earth in agreement with the requests of Earth and with your prayers and wishes. Christ said during His lifetime: "Be ready because nobody knows the hour or the day", and this sentence applies to you now precisely. Do not be distracted by anything, but live in your Unity in humility and in simplicity in the here and now. Once you feel that you are returning to the past attachments, forget the consciousness of your past selves and live in the here and now. Help yourself by breathing, using crystals or any other gestures that can be of assistance to you. You have total freedom to live where you want to be in your consciousness.

Watch for signs, be aware of impulses that will be provided by your soul or from the outside by the Angels of the Lord or by some other presence that will be there to guide your steps on your journey while still on this 3D Earth. Do not resist these impulses because they will result in an accurate assistance for what you have to be and to accomplish. Remember also that you have the ability to perceive the right choices by the vibrations of your heart or by vibrations that are now in the crown of the head. What you think and focus on strengthens and amplifies these vibrations. No logic or intellectual reasoning will be of any help during this period. Only the vibration of the Light will be your guidance and your lighthouse.

As you now receive more of the effects of the vibrations of Light there will be a change in your consciousness. By this new and more intensive capacity, you will distance yourself from the ego games of duality, and this is quite normal. The time has come for your alarm clock to awaken you in order to remind you of your inheritance in full. As starseeds you are in this world but you are not a part of this world. Some of you will start living states of termination where the ego no longer exists, where only the Light exists, which is what you truly are. Any sense of your own ego identity will first have to disappear from your consciousness before it is effective in this regard.

Do not maintain any concerns for your environment around you, for everything that is needed is provided for each person. You are together a human consciousness of more than seven billion on this Earth. If one considers all of the Forces of the Intergalactic Confederation of Free worlds, We are much more numerous than you now, so everything is in its proper place, every being is in his proper place. These are the principles that the Archangelic Conclave wants Me to convey to you in My role as an intermediary during this formal session. If you have any questions regarding these elements that I just gave you, I will listen and answer them tonight.

Question: Of the seven billion inhabitants of this planet, how many have a fair idea of what will soon happen?

Only a very few, but ultimately it does not matter because the hour of liberation and awakening is coming for all mankind, even those who do not yet understand or grasp what is now happening. Never mind that this does not happen within the ego personality, but it will of necessity happen within the soul and the spirit. During these extremely difficult conditions in the lives of humans still living in the ego, when the circumstances are specific to that time, humans will rediscover their higher selves. We depend above all on this for your brothers and sisters still sleeping to awaken within themselves. [Many new age channelers have little understanding of the future and have questionable work because of this, and some appear to be spokesmen for the darkside.]

Question: Will the passing through the narrow gate [for those who choose to ascend] extend beyond the month of May?

No. It will be fully completed by the end of your month of May, which will then begin a new period and a new phase.

Question: What happens if this passage cannot be completed in May?

It concerns all of humanity and will be completed by late May. This will bring the opening of a new phase. We have never hidden the end of this 3D Earth from you. Since the teachings of Sereti [in 2005, see below] many years ago you were kept informed of that purpose. Whatever your questions, especially regarding this last question, I remind you that when you awaken to the inner Divine self, when you are freed from this 3D Illusion, you will know that there is no illusion, that this world on the outside is itself only a false projection of what you really are. For those of you who realize and understand your inner Self there are no questions, since from the moment you are immersed in the KI-RIS-TI [Christ] Presence in the inner self, whatever happens in this world you are no longer a part of this world.

We have no more questions, thank you.

Beloved Starseeds, beloved Children of the Law of One, I bring the gratitude of the Conclave with Me for you. I conclude with these words: Dare to live as Children of the One in your Unlimited Eternality. Far beyond this 3D form, far beyond the appearance of the ego, you are the KI-RIS-TI, the Sons of the Burning Sun. The Angelic Conclave salutes you, and many of Us will speak with you very soon. Let love reside in your Divine inner Temple. We will see you again very soon.

Archangel Anael - October 2, 2010
Question: In this new 5D reality, what will become of Shamballa [located in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet]?

Beloved, it is now time to unveil the truth, even if it may shock you. These Masters of Shamballa or Ascended Masters [as they call themselves] are beings who reached a stage of Samadhi and Enlightenment and Truth [intellectually], and they at one point believed they had arrived at freedom, but they are still locked in a creation of their own delusion that they have called Shamballa (not to be confused with Agartha, which has absolutely nothing to do with this). These beings have thus recreated in what is called the 7th sub-density of the astral plane a real world called Shamballa that they have called a government of the Light of this world. That is not true because these beings have never reached their inner self and essence and have never been released from this matrix [they are still imprisoned in this 3D matrix].

The release from this matrix has nothing to do with the release from the astral worlds. Thus you must accept and live with some concepts that are not those that have been affirmed and verified or denounced, even with some teachings relevant to what has been called the will of doing good [like charities and religions]. By desiring to do good you will never discover the Heart [that many religions teach]; it only makes you discover the Luciferian truth, it makes you discover what has been called the Luciferian illusion, and this truth is only an illusion. Truth comes only in Unity; it is beyond this world, and this world of duality can never reach the truth. This Truth existed at the time of this creation by the Dolphinoids of Sirius and in some other beings before this 3D forgery began [by the Annunaki]. These 3D Unified carbon based worlds still have a bright future ahead of them, but many falsifications have existed in this world of yours.

As you know, there are Beings who exist in Unified 3rd dimensions and are not imprisoned mentally in this matrix format. These for example include some lineages like the Arcturians, and there are those who have been called by you Angels of the Lord who are 3rd dimensional Unified Vegans (not to be confused with what has been called in your world the short grays [although they look similar] who have absolutely nothing to do with them). [Vega is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, the fifth brightest star in the night sky and the second brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere after Arcturus. Both Vegans and Arcturians are 3rd dimensional ETs who are thus easier to communicate and work with us still in 3D.]

Now what are called Ascended Masters living in Shamballa are beings who have reached a form of [intellectual not spiritual] enlightenment that is not true liberation. This can sometimes be hard to understand. It is your responsibility to discover this for yourself, not through hearsay and not by your Luciferian vision but directly through the vision of the heart. This is Truth so live in this inner Truth. As long as you rely on external teachings, whether it is from Shamballa, Mary, Christ, or even AA Michael, you are not on your Divine path. [Many secret societies and satanic groups like the Freemasons and Rosicrucians teach enlightenment that is only intellectual and not of the heart. Shamballa will not exist on 5D Earth.]

Sereti - July 4, 2005

I AM Sereti. My Presence has been made possible by the addition of four Living Ones into your etheric channel which allows Me to descend to this channel. I am a form of Light intervening not in the destiny of your people but in the destiny of this entire solar system and in other planetary systems. Nevertheless it is appropriate that I give you some information regarding events that will occur in the next few years in the development of your human, philosophical, spiritual, and structural cycles, and in the psychological evolution of your beings and in the rebuilding of your solar systems.

Our radiance only begins at the 18th dimensional level and extends up to the 31st dimension which is thus the final dimension that is accessible to any radiance isolated from the Light before returning to the original Source of all Light. The degree of evolution of Our radiances is deeply different from your incarnated humanity and does not have any similarity of evolution to or involvement with yours. Our role involves a radiance of Light that allows the planetary systems and other solar systems to align themselves with Our radiances so that the Source's matrices may be formed and relocated via dimensional stargates in order to allow the transformation of entire planets and solar systems, and through Our radiances We are able to use this radiance in order to move you closer to the Source of the Central Sun of the galaxy and to other central suns in order to take part in the evolution of the Father, the Mother, and the Child in connection with the Law of One.

There are similarities existing between the planetary spheres and your own energy vortices. First the planet Mercury will be absorbed into the solar protosphere [the clouds of gas and dust in space], thus involving a release of sizable energy in your own terrestrial atmosphere [this apparently means that there will be massive explosions and that Mercury will be demolished and will not be a planet here after that time]. An extremely intense expansion of the central area of your planet Earth inside the crystalline core will also occur [resulting in earthquakes], and the amplitude of radiation in your own inner bodily areas will also become larger. At this time your crystalline bodily structures will vibrate in order to transform certain components into other components, which are a etheric cleansing for you.

The Moon will disappear at that time [it is no longer needed]. At the time of this transitional movement of the orbit of your planet around the Sun Earth will stop spinning with the result that half of Earth will be in full daylight during the three days whereas the other half will experience three days of darkness. Shocking and appalling noises will be present in the atmosphere of your planet. During this delicate phase the awakened beings will be put in a state of catatonic stasis [sleep] in order to avoid damage being done on the cellular, cerebral and biological structures.

During these 3 days, the planet Venus will move closer in its terrestrial orbit to the Sun as it was long ago [Earth will also move closer to the Sun]. At that time the solar radiation will change its appearance (for those who will have the chance to see it) during these 3 days, and the radiation will change color. You will begin to feel these new radiational effects which will be made up of unusual gold Light which is already present in the blue radiation of the galaxy 's Central Sun. This will be seen as the influence of Our blue radiance, We who are the Blue Guides of Sirius. [Saturn will probably also ignite soon like Jupiter has and they will appear as blue stars in 5D.]

These 3 days of either darkness or Light will take place in the final phase of ascension, and human beings who are capable of surviving this vibrational change will be gathered together [and evacuated?]. After these events which will happen on this planet one voice will speak to you in your left ear and will tell you 72 Hours before these events begin. You should be ready then (you will be informed at that time) to move away from all towns, to move away from electrical structures, and to go to safe areas. There will not be any electricity or any means of transportation on this planet at that time. You should have candles and purified water, allowing you to stay at the same place for the entire 3 days of Light or darkness in order to prepare your body for this ascension phenomenon, the reunification process which will happen after the implementation of these geomagnetic, electrical and human events occur on this planet.

Question: Who are you?

We belong to a group of beings Who live in the Central Sun [at higher dimensions], having never experienced the phenomena of incarnation like you, but have evolved from the 21st, the 24th, and the 31st dimensions, and for some among Us from the 18th dimension. We are able to express Ourselves and communicate with you up to a certain point. That was made possible by the activation of your 6th and 11th dimensions. We are beings who do not have any appearance or any human form defined as a biological entity. Our form is a radiance of pure blue colored Light.

Question: During the “three days” will France be in darkness?

It is not known at this time [2005]. That will depend on events that will occur, but there are indeed strong indications that your country will be covered in darkness since most of the Atlantic and the continent of Asia will be in darkness also. Australia and certain parts opposite of this surface of the planet [in the Southern hemisphere] will be in the Light. The sun will be blocked in some areas while certain other areas will still be in the Light [during these 3 days when Earth will stop and then reverse its rotation].

Question: What are the “appalling noises” that you spoke of?

The stopping of the rotation of Earth and the sudden radiations from the violent entrance of the cosmic solar winds of your planetary system onto Earth.

Question: What will cause this paralysis and the halt of this rotation?

It will be induced of itself by the electromagnetic radiations and their power [zero point]. You will be warned by the voice of the celestial Mother Mary that will be heard in the left ear for everyone at the same time which will warn you precisely 72 hours [3 days] before the beginning of this transformational process. There will not be a halt of activities at this time, and you as much as possible will be moved away from all of the chaos of the cities and the power lines related to these cities.

Question: What transformations of our bodily components will occur then?

They will be numerous and will be related to atomic levels as well as to subatomic cellular levels of your DNA structures in order to enable you to move into the fifth dimension. These multiple components of your being will be affected in differing degrees since certain bodies of human beings which until now were deadened at adulthood will have a new identity. The part of the body that will be reactivated will primarily begin with the thymus [a small organ in your upper chest under your breastbone just below the neck], and another new body will result.

The remainder of your reptilian brain will become much larger and will be able to modify your internal biological clock completely [these carbon bodies have been canceled for 5D and new higher bodies of Light have now been introduced], because at that time you will pass into a consciousness which will not need personal care or sleep. You will become conscious beings for the total length of your days and nights during the period of this new rotation of your planet [after Earth reverses its rotation], and Earth will be raised to a higher frequency like that of the Central Sun of the galaxy [Alcyone]. At that time your cycles of days and nights will last for 32 hours, and you will be fully conscious during your ascent into this incarnation until the end of your days.

Question: How can we prepare our bodily and spiritual structures for this event?

Live in neutrality and simplicity, develop a higher consciousness of your inner selves. Your conscience must be more refined so that you increasingly have a more clear understanding of things which belong to the Light, and you should separate yourselves more and more from things which do not belong to the Light.

Question: When will these events [darkness and pole shift] occur?

These events will occur during this seven year period between July 2005 and July 2012. [It will not wait until Dec 2012 as many teach now.]

OM Aivanhov May 3
Question: Is Zero Point the moment when everything comes together?

Yes. Everything stops also. We cannot pass from one dimension into another dimension without stopping these movements, whether it is bodily movements, the movement of atoms, or the movements of Earth.

Question: Does this point contain everything?

Yes, totally. Some of your scientists have said that if you could take all of the points of creation and remove the empty parts that exist between the nucleus of the atom and the electron the whole of creation would fit on a pinhead.

Question: Is this related to black holes?

No, black holes are the distorted vision that you see. A black hole absorbs everything, and it is very scary because it seems to disappear, but in reality it is only seen in the Light, even if it disappears from your sight. Remember that in this 3rd dimension everything you see is a reversed image of everything that exists in higher realities. This inversion occurs in the [reptilian] brain, and the image that your retina creates via the optical nerve crossings is reversed in the brain .

My comments: Sereti is among those whose responsibility is to reconstruct galaxies and move planets and other celestial bodies around through stargates and vortexes. This was given in 2005 and many decision changes have been made since then. At the time that this was given plans had been made for a magnetic pole shift and most would be moved to underground locations until it was safe to return to the surface. Plans were apparently dramatically changed after I said that Andromedan ETs found that by 2013 3rd density will implode on itself and not exist, and all planets will move to a higher density, and by traveling to the future this can be verified.

Instead of remaining on Earth and continuing after these changes it was apparently decided that those that want to keep their carbon bodies will need to be evacuated by UFOs, and most will end up on Arcturus which is 2,500 times the size of Earth. With their large motherships they appear to be at least 50,000 years ahead of us technologically, and there is no darkside duality there so life and spiritual development will be easier. All memories will probably be erased and they will start over in a new environment with a new life and a new beginning. As OM said recently 3D Earth will have no life and will appear like a ghost town. Many want to live like millionaires on a better 3D Earth forever, but that era is over.

It has been a month since the message "Ready Or Not Here We Come" was given and nothing has changed, so the timing is not accurate. Waiting for changes is like waiting for Hell to freeze over, and this freeze may only occur at the time of the physical pole shift. Although these changes have reportedly already occurred in Heaven, everything is still status quo here in 3D Hell, so to us that statement means nothing until we see the resulting changes here. Nothing of significance has changed in the last 2 years since I began my work, and it is hard to say anything that is believable as long as status quo continues.

We are still living in the dark ages, Obama wants to continue being king of this 3D matrix for 4 more years, the bankrupt Federal Reserve continues to print worthless fiat paper money, UFOs are still hiding in the clouds, and no one has done anything to change this yet. Some are shouting Mayday-Mayday (Help-Help), but no one seems to be listening. The darkside still runs everything here, the government leaders still keep us as their slaves by keeping us poor, the banksters still control the money, and Obama is still CEO of the US Corp. and will continue to be as long as disclosures are withheld and people remain asleep.

Many of our leaders have committed so many crimes that they could spend a 1,000 years in prison if convicted on a small number of these crimes, and those who know about this are doing nothing about it. Most only believe what the media and governments say, and much of this is lies and half truths. The latest Obama nonsense on Osama's death (he died 10 years ago) is only an excuse for the darkside Al Qaeda (CIA) to commit terrorist attacks that can be blamed on Muslims who are only a patsy for these crimes.

During the past 2 years there have been no substantial changes except for 2 major disasters, both of which are similar. Since the Japanese and Gulf BP disasters have occurred little has changed, and both are now basically forgotten by many. Conditions in the Gulf have not gotten any better, with numerous individuals developing unknown illnesses, and they are dying in the last year or are on their death beds, and those who expose this to the public are threatened, arrested, or murdered.

Highly toxic Corexit has been sprayed to hide the oil at the bottom so it is not visible from the surface, and the media is silent on these problems as usual. This spraying like that of chemtrails and HAARP should have been stopped long ago, and allowing this to continue is criminal. Many in the Gulf are experiencing a slow and painful death, and this is now starting to reach areas like Miami. We have seen nothing yet compared to what is to come, and soon there will probably be 50-100 magnitude quakes during Earth changes, and time is running out on 3D.

Gulf Oil Disaster Headlines from

Emails expose BP’s efforts to control research into impact of Gulf oil disaster.
Longtime oil industry champion now calls BP liars — “They lied. About everything.”
Physician: Many more people are sick from suspected oil-related illnesses but scared to speak out or seek medical help.
Sick fish in Gulf are alarming Florida scientists — Skin lesions, fin rot, diseased livers and ovaries.
Woman reports troubling symptoms after swimming in Gulf — Burning lesions all over body & face.

Japan Officially Orders Censorship Of Truth About Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Disaster.
Japan ordered telecommunication companies to provide notices to websites and webmasters to remove messages from internet bulletin boards and websites that conflicted with the Government reported version of events. If the websites and webmasters did not comply the telecommunication companies are to shut down offending websites as this is considered a national security issue [top secret] which is affecting public safety and contributing to public unrest. Japan says it is trying to suppress rumors of radioactive cars while countries are in fact reporting receiving radioactive cars imported from Japan. Japan is trying to suppress false rumors of radioactive fish but in fact radioactive fish are being caught and Japan and the US are saying the fish are safe to eat while being 2400% above Federal radiation limits for food.

The Japanese leaders say it will be fixed like they said about the Gulf, but the only fix that occurred was in not reporting it truthfully in the media and thus keeping us ignorant. Most rely on the news media which is owned by a handful of people who receive their orders from the darkside leaders like Obama, and much of this news contains lies and half truths. Living in Japan now is like living next to a time bomb that is ready to go off at any time and having a death wish, as they only want to return to the past. Big companies like Toyota and Sony will be destroyed or will lose much of their business unless they relocate soon.

Two suns - Hercolubus

This 2nd sun is actually a brown dwarf called Hercolubus that can be seen when it is near the Sun during its orbit (it is not Nibiru), and the Vatican took a secret video of this on 2001. It can normally only be seen with an infrared telescope unless it is positioned at a certain angle close to the Sun where it reflects the Sun's light and thus appears as a sun also. It was last seen at the end of March of this year during its orbit around the Sun. It left this solar system when Lucifer and Jehovah (or Allah as some call him) took over but has recently returned to assist in the ascension of Earth by the new energies that the Sun is giving off. Hercolubus is 3 times the size of Jupiter and is falsely nicknamed Nemesis by Nasa scientists and others. It is normally invisible as it only emits infrared light and has a solar orbit that is 90 degrees perpendicular to the planets, and that orbit stretches to beyond Uranus.

OM Aivanhov (Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov 1900 -1986) is Commander of the Melchizedek and has the most relevant work on this French site because he spent almost a century here teaching, and since then he has learned much in Heaven and has relayed this to us here in 3D Hell. He became what some have called an Ascended Master and thus escaped the birth-death cycle that we have been imprisoned in till now. He said that there will come a time when the skies will be filled with UFOs, but that may not occur until the 3 days so evacuation can begin. Sri (Hindu Master) Anandamayi Ma (1896 - August 1982) on April 28 said: "Christ will return as He left in His Vessel of Light once all has been purified, which seems not yet to be the case to Me. The purification and the total dissolution of the Matrix starts in a few days" which may occur this month, but she did not elaborate on that. She is now one of the 12 Stars or assistants of Mary.

The Anunnaki teaching that we must work to make money to survive and pay the bills is unique on Earth. Our leaders want us to believe that in order to exist we have to work at full time jobs to serve our dungeon masters. We do not need jobs, we need money, and there is plenty to go around for everyone, but our leaders want to keep it for themselves in offshore banking accounts that often have amounts in the billions like Egypt's Mubarak (who had good teachers). This of course is highly illegal, but who is going to talk about it. CEO Obama wants to rule the world as king for 4 more years, and many are aware that he is not eligible in the first place, and there are reports from some law enforcement groups of his crimes that are beyond our belief.

Sheldan Nidle May 3 and 10,2011
Much is happening! The Ascended Masters are working on finalizing the prosperity payouts. These payments are to commence shortly. Saint Germain is having his World Trust finish up the accounting and disbursement of your prosperity funds even as we now speak to you. Further, our Earth allies are in a position of power regarding several of the required government changes. What remains to be done is for the leftover custodial tasks to be fully completed. With these done, our Earth allies can quickly implement the new financial system. This new system is to be based upon a sound number of selected hard currencies that are already in place at several designated depositories and ready to be distributed globally.

The activation of this system depends on the prosperity payouts, and Saint Germain is currently seeing to it that these funds are released. These funds form the legal underpinning of the various scenarios that our Earth allies have in place. We also expect Disclosure to be announced by your new leadership no later than the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The new governments are to come to power with several common objectives. The first is to begin a complete reform of government. The former masters of your world were given to corruption, lies, and outright deceit. The countering steps are to abolish political parties and open up government to the general public.

The Ascended Masters continue to assert themselves on your world! Our Earth allies, with their divine help, are readying for the grand transformations that are shortly to follow. We are preparing our personnel for a more direct series of interactions with your new governments. These interactions include the formal disclosure process and a to-be-announced program of technology transfers from us to you. We are also assessing what is most urgently needed to sustain Mother Earth and her diverse ecosystems. A number of her life webs are now critical, and we have set up the preliminary means to resolve these dire situations. Examples of these are the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic. The unabated actions of your last dark cabal have substantially exacerbated the gravity of the conditions in these two regions, and there are others just as sensitive. We are ready to do our part in temporarily balancing Gaia. We are also putting the finishing touches to the initial presentations that our spokespersons are to make to you. These shocking announcements require the right blend of truth and sincerity.

At the same time we are meeting with our Earth allies to decide where to put the last members of the dark cabal, and we have picked out several places where they can be kept during the trials that are to swiftly follow their mass arrests. This is being done to validate the legitimacy of the new caretaker governments. A large number of announcements will mark the first few days of these new administrations, among them, the revelation of vast, unreported funds which are to serve as a foundation for resolving governmental debt and for restoring many essential services, such as the education of your children. Other funds are to be used to modernize and prepare these regimes for the transfer of their secret technology to the public domain. In addition, there are huge debt-forgiveness programs and public-transparency policies to be instituted. A great deal of responsibility is to be handed to you. Be ready, dear Ones, to support these vital changes and help your societies in their push toward full consciousness.

Saint Germain lived during the 1700's and had quite a reputation for his finances and his mastery of alchemy, and he could reportedly turn lead into gold whenever he wanted. He became such a success that he escaped the birth-death recycling process and is now an Ascended Master. The secret to mastering alchemy is motivation: if you only want to keep this for yourself to expand your personal wealth you will be a failure, so you need to want to use this to help others. He is reported to be the man in the background wearing a feathered hat at the signing of the US Constitution as seen in paintings at that time.

Because he wanted to help mankind at the close of 3D he created a trust fund using his gold and that of investors. This was to have been presented to the public on Sept. 11 2001 at 10 AM but was canceled by the Bush darkside events in NY. Up until 1920 gold was priced at $19 an ounce but is over $1500 now, and the value of this fund now is beyond comprehension. Easter is important because this trust is only open around Easter and Christmas, and it appears to be open now. OM last year said that we would see disclosures and ET contact in May but did not say what year, so hopefully the time has come to fulfill this prophecy now. The quake level has been held at a moderate level recently which would suggest that Divine changes have been delayed for a while now awaiting these new events.

ET contactee Colleen Thomas said last year that in late May the Rothschilds will pay each household $5.3 million as a settlement for these bankster crimes, but if and/or when this occurs we will end up with little if any of this as long as nothing changes since our leaders want to keep it all for themselves. The favorite tactic of the darkside is delay and their favorite word is tomorrow, but every day is today and tomorrow never comes. I keep hearing changes are imminent and delay my work so I don't become an obstacle, but I have deadlines also and get impatient like many when status quo continues, and May is half over. There is a saying that unless you have something good to say it is best to keep silent, and hopefully I will be able to bring some good news about change soon, but only time will tell.

Rich N