Thursday, December 15, 2011

O.M. Aivanhov - December 3, 2011 - Living in the Light

Dear friends, I am extremely happy to be with you again.  I bring you all of My blessings and give you the floor to share and ask Me any questions that you may want to ask, but first I will give a brief introduction. For those who have taken everything We have said and have had the opportunity to experience this vibrational state, We now arrive at a time when this vibrational Light has fully struck Earth, resulting in a number of changes in both the heavens and on Earth.  Those of you who are more absorbent to the Light, those who are transparent to the Light, those who have turned away from the will of the ego personality and toward the powers both of the soul and the spirit, and those who have abandoned themselves more or less completely to the Vibration of the Light have discovered areas where you are not separated from Divinity or imprisoned.

As you know, you are more likely to live this, even if you do not really know what has happened to you, but you will see by your own experiences while still being embodied here in this world that you will either gradually or suddenly open up to the Light and thus to some extent open yourself to other dimensions, and you will know that in these vibrational dimensions some of you have begun to connect, contact and enter into Communion with these other dimensions. Those who complete this process will find out that everything is very simple, that there is nothing complicated about living in the Light, and you will also discover that through the Communion of the New Covenant or through the action of the Light itself within the Fire of the Heart and the Fusion of the three major chakras, you will live in states which manifest this Joy in Unity and in the higher Self, and all of this results in a demonstration of Love.

We have for a very long time avoided the word love because as soon as We utter the word love, everyone relates his experiences in this incarnation in his lives to his sufferings, to his happiness, to the male/female relationships, and to relationships he has had both with Heaven and with those still living in the matrix.  We expected that many of you would begin to experience these states of Communion and these states of absorption that are more and more intensive in the Light, and this will begin to show you (not just through My words) that you now live in these alignments in realms where you are still in this world but also live in the essence of the Light.  [Communication is merely an exchange of words using the mind while Communion goes far beyond that and is a heart to heart expression that does not need words.  This Communion is much more than the Last Supper that many churches teach.]

This state of true Love is unconditional, is not dependent on pleasure or on any person or is linked to any creation in this matrix [such as gifts].  Those who live the true meaning of Love live this vibrationally.  This love is not dependent on the human heart with its affections and its external spiritual knowledge, but only on the vibration that is experienced by all of creation. You will notice that there are still states of consciousness where you are now concerned. You have not yet vanished from this world but are embodied in a body, soul and spirit in the truth while still living in this world, and you realize that you are neither this body nor this life or the functions of reproduction or food, but you are a Spirit who is in a body [which is only a container].

In all of your teachings given to you that speak of the soul and the spirit, how many were able to live this higher state of consciousness? Those [Ascended Masters] who lived here like Myself, the Elders [Melchizedek], or the Stars [Helpers] of Mary can say that this has only existed for a generation or two and was something that was extremely rare until now. When We talk of the unknown and becoming free and self-reliant, for many who are not living the vibration at this time that does not mean anything to them. Today, when you experience this vibration, when you realize that you are not of this body while you are still in this body, when you realize that you live a Communion with human beings at the other end of the planet, you know full well that you are in the Truth because it is not knowledge, since knowledge is projected through the third eye, which is only illusory and is totally Luciferian.  You experience the Joy and Unity of your higher essence.

While many of you do not have access to real interdimensional travel yet (which is normal), I remind you that you are truly free, and you are not locked up in a body, in a teaching, in a person, in emotions, beliefs, a religion, or in the mind.  Freedom is not an empty word.  Turn to your brothers and sisters that have this higher vibration because they cannot go wrong. The characteristic of a being that vibrates means that he has given up any personal ego desires through humility, through simplicity, through living in Unity, through being like children and through transparency [living openly in simplicity with nothing to hide]. He has given up all illusions and any ability and desire to dominate other human beings.

When they radiate the Light, they do not need to talk to you, they do not need to seduce you, they do not need to sell you anything, but you need only listen to their hearts because these beings, even if they do not realize it have become totally transparent to the Light and they are no longer of this world. They are however still embodied as brothers and sisters among you in the flesh.   Those who do not live these vibrations and these states of consciousness look at the world and say it is only getting worse. This is the view of the ego that says it is only going to get worse.  [When I speak of hell and the events that are occurring I refer not to myself but to how most of the world looks at it.]

When you experience this vibration life becomes a great joy because you have the vibration and the sense of having already been transformed into a butterfly due to the vibrations that occur at the the KI-RIS-TI [the Christ conscious opening behind the heart which bypasses the head chakra] so that you may live in Unity and simplicity in the the Fire of the Heart.  These beings, although they still have a limited ego and have transcended this incarnation, have surpassed and exceeded what keeps most of humanity confined and imprisoned.

You say you have something you need to improve [like New Years resolutions before you will live in the Light], you say you have karma to pay, you say you have to do your prayers at a certain time.  When you believe that this is necessary for you, when you are constantly hoping for something better and hoping that one day you will return to the Light and to your Brothers and Sisters who are in that Light, you do not yet live in the higher Self and the Light.  Those who live in the Light do not live in this matrix illusion because they have the higher vibration and have opened the KI-RIS-TI in the back, and other gates are now active also, and they live in states of joy, they live the end of the separation from Divinity, and they have removed the ego self and live in their higher essence.

They are what the Archangels have called Anchors of the Light and Sowers of the Light, and they allow this Light to be transmitted by them into this world, not by a personal ego desire, not by a desire for secret knowledge that is unknown or esoteric to most, but by the quality of these moments of Communion. By excluding these moments of Communion, anyone can return to their ego personality, sometimes resulting in anger, sometimes in sadness.  Those who live totally in this vibration will little by little find by themselves the Intelligence of the Light regardless of their circumstances, whether they are suffering from a disease or are living in affluence, and by their grace and intelligence they are able to carry out their role as Sowers of the Light.

The most important thing for these beings to do is to put aside their egos and remove them in order to live in the Light. This has been called a surrender to the Light and renunciation. It does not mean giving up this world or rejecting life but rather being truly alive. These beings have already ascended vibrationally, they have begun to live their resurrection in Christ, they have the Fire of the Heart, they are bearers of the Light, and they know they have entered a dimension of their higher selves where they do not need anything for themselves because they have experienced everything. There are no needs when the Light fills you, but you must agree to give up the ego completely, you must agree to no longer be subject to emotions or mental activity that control you. Today more and more, the Light penetrates the interior of your bodily structures.  If you do not vibrate, it means that you are not living fully in the four Pillars of the Heart. 

You must advance towards more humility, more simplicity, more transparency, more of being like children [in innocence] and living in poverty [having a disregard for money since it brings control over others and allows you to demand that others do things for you that they do not want to do (including sex).  You gain many new friends also because they want some of your money.  There would be no wars if the military and other mercenaries were not paid.]  Let the Light work in you, but for this to occur you have to live in the Light.  Your brothers and sisters who live it today are transformed by the Light. 

As AA Michael said it is finished, all the doors that had to be energized, all deployments of the Light that needed to be implemented in humans, in the Sun, in this solar system, and in the heavens and on Earth are now available. This means that the transformation into Unity from what I have called the matrix world is now available. Today some embodied brothers and sisters already live this fully. At that time Joy continues to grow, but It can not exist in any being who has suffering or maintains an ego self.

These beings who live in the freedom of the supermind do not perform their work simply at the cellular level or at the level of human consciousness.  Those who vibrate in this realm are here to transfer that Light to you by their transparency.  The Light exists for every human being, and there is no karma requirement or age barrier. The only obstacle is not releasing the control of the ego in you.  The so-called esoteric and secret powers [like the Illuminati use] are merely external Luciferian spiritual projections which have nothing to do with this vibrational Light, let alone with Love. 

Religious teachers want to lock you into this matrix and will tell you all about love but will not talk about hate [since you do not want to hear about it].  Those of you who live in this higher vibration know you are living the truth fully, while for those who do not yet vibrate at this moment, the only solution is found in themselves.  It does not come externally from others, it is not even from one who claims he is a savior [like some say Jesus is]. The Light now invites you, as We have said many times.

We have already removed the carpet before you could sweep the dust under it.  You are forced to see this dust including areas of pain, areas of injury, and wanting to solve or understand everything mentally (which is what the ego wants you to do).  We have often told you that you are not truly limited to this body since it is a temple. You are unlimited, so why are you still limited? Is it because you feel you have to pay something or is it because you are not awake enough? No, it is because you have not realized that here you are still in prison, and in order to live this freedom you need to accept that you are trapped.

You can never find the Light through esoteric knowledge or through ritualistic initiations, because with these rituals and knowledge you will only remain locked up in this matrix illusion and you will always remain in the illusion of a false astral light in these emotional and mental states. The Light comes knocking at the door, and only you can open it at any time. Those of you who have experienced the opening of the KI-RIS-TI door [to the heart] are living in this white Light. This does not involve astral illusions [like dreams or OBEs] or soul contracts which exist only in this matrix. You cannot live in the vibration of the higher Self and the essence of Unity by using fanciful astral or mental projections.  You are spirits who are free and are perfect for all eternity. How can that which is perfect for all eternity improve on anything?

If you are not living in this higher vibration, what do you fear?  Is it the illusion that prevents you from living in the Love?  It may be fears, it may be attachments and commitments that are still present. You may not want to move into the unknown, you may not have the courage to cross the river to the other side because you are afraid of the unknown [like those who were afraid to cross the oceans fearing they might fall off the Earth and die].   Today the Light is everywhere. Those who have etheric vision see it in the heavens everywhere, and your brothers and sisters now share it with you. You are all invited without exception to live in Love. Living in Love is not living in fear, not living attachments, not living in the need to control another human being.

Living in love means having a respect for all life and helping others obtain freedom from control and slavery [and money], even if the ego will is still present, even if the illusion is still present in some spiritual vibrations, since they are only of the matrix and do not bring total freedom yet.  When Christ said, "let the dead bury the dead",  that does not mean He did not like death but it means you can not force anyone to do this. When He said "follow Me", He did not mean to follow Him, but to become Christ yourself.  Being the Light in the truth of the Spirit means to become multidimensional, not limited to this body and this life while still living in this carbon body.  You can now ask me any questions you want, and I thank you for listening to Me without falling asleep.

Question: Can living in an extraordinary state of well-being in communion with nature be a state of Samadhi ultimate bliss?

Yes. Communion is much easier in nature because the trees (which are multidimensional beings themselves) feed on the Vibrating Light and they can communicate with you easily on a spiritual level, and it can be the same for a stream of water. Those who have etheric vision at night can see that this white Light is everywhere, it is even raining heavy showers of Light, so yes it can be true. Do not forget that there are many already living in Samadhi bliss. This state of well-being, this Communion, is very important because, even if it is not ultimate Samadhi, it is a state that will make you aware that this Communion with nature is the essence of the vibrational Light of Love. [This is not available to those who live in cities since they cannot easily communicate with nature.  Most live in cities to avoid long commutes and traffic to and from work, and that is where the money is and some jobs even require this.]

Question: How can we stop these kundalini chakra energy leaks from our body [through the head] at night?

Sister, it is important to understand that if there is no leakage of the kundalini there is resistance. The kundalini is linked as you know to the first [head] chakra, and to what we call vitality [the capacity for survival] and the Fire of the ego. What does that mean?  It means that for you there is a fear of complete surrender to the Light.  If there is a perceived kundalini leak and it escapes, it means that you are awake and it is lit somewhere, and the Fire of the Earth is lit also. If it does not go up out of the chakras [through the head], there are still attachments that are opposed to this release. 

These attachments, especially what has been called collective attachments [the consciousness and thinking of all mankind still living in this matrix] are horrible because they are part of the structure of the brain, they are part of the structure of the body that has been tampered with using electronic technology like implants [and social mind control]. These implants in the nervous system during this incarnation include the survival instinct, which is completely stupid.  Survival for what? The body? What is at work in you like in many others today is the removal of the final fear [death], the fear of letting go of the peanuts in the jar [this refers to a monkey who wants peanuts in a jar, but he cannot remove his hand unless he lets go of the peanuts first] , the fear of releasing this body from yourself.

That does not mean that you will die. It means you will experience a consciousness that is not limited and confined to the body by leaving your illusions and fantasies behind, both emotional or mental, so your kundalini leaks refer to that. It means that you have not passed through the narrow gate (the one that is called the OD point, the Crucifixion of the ego), but it does not mean that we must condemn anything in you.  It means that you must accept to surrender completely to the Light. Today the light asks: will you live in the Light or will you live in your ego self? You have to choose one or the other and you cannot sit on the fence and have both.  Today it is possible because you are in times where the preparations are finished.

No one knows the date of the final transformation of Earth [pole reversal], but this personal transformation is available for those who live it.  For those who do not suspect anything yet, even if the effects of the Light are becoming more visible on Earth, the mind will race and will live more and more in fear and will have a lack of understanding because the Light is not of this world, and Love is not of this world.  Christ came to tell you "that you should love one another", but do not make it a religion, make it a vibration, a Communion. It is not the same as saying "I love you" to a being with a beautiful smile but who does not vibrate in the heart.  As for leaks, there is no need to feel guilty, there is only a need to see this and to become more transparent to the Light. What happens is that you will disappear into the Light because you have joined the essence of what We and each other are without any exception.

Question: Is it normal that when you read even one line you do not remember the first line after reading the second or third lines?

Beloved, it's a very good sign. Remember that now you live not in communication [words] but in Communion. This communication does not necessarily refer to speaking with another human being, it is an inner state. The more you focus in the Heart, the more you are unable to function in this world. How can you experience the Samadhi ultimate bliss and continue to drive cars? Can you imagine an Ascended Master like Ma Ananda Moyi drive a car while she was still alive? Believe what you want but that makes perfect sense.  This vibration transforms you so that when you read a line followed by a second line, you may not remember what was said in the first line [although the mental concept may still exist].  It is the same when you get in touch with a brother or sister. You will go immediately into Communion and you will look stupid, because in Communion there is no need for words.

Language is specific only to this world. The Word is the Word, the Word is a vibration that has no need for words. All of this you will soon discover and live.  The mind is worried because it says, "If I cannot work, if I cannot drive my car,  if I cannot get up in the morning, what will happen?"  What will happen is that you will become the Light yourself, and you will know what you want to do.  Some may also experience the Light and this unspeakable Love more and more  and yet continue to live as they did before because there are many mansions in the Father's house [it depends upon each individual]. You have your own individual Truth, and even your brothers and sisters who live the alchemy of the three main chakras and have settled fully in the Heart do not have the same destinations. You do not live in one place on Earth, so why do you want to live in multidimensional realms that are the same?

Question: Today what is the importance of sacred sexuality?

Dear friend, it all depends on what you believe. Tantrism [a Buddhist teaching that involves magical and mystical elements like mantras, mudras (using hands) and erotic rites] is a reality. It has been described both in Chinese Taoism and in the Upanishads [Hindu sacred treatises written in Sanskrit expounding the Vedas in 1500 BC]. The Bible and religions represented sexuality as something that obeys laws [enjoyable sex in most instances is a sin], but now you may do as you vibrate. If your vibration takes you away from sexuality, why do you need to have sex?  If your vibrational state attracts you towards sexuality, then practice it, but be aware of what effects it may bring. 

It is the same with those people who want to have soul mates or twin flames while living in the same location, but it is not possible in Spirit since you are totally free [relationships always have commitments]. Why should there be a special relationship with another Spirit [which is the ultimate life above the soul] since you are all Spirits? The brain cannot understand that and the ego understands that even less.  When you live in the Light you are the Light yourself, you are an Archangel, you are the Source [Creator], you are Shakti [a Hindu female god], you are everything and everywhere at once. Sexuality is the same. If you need to have sexuality, there is no need to be ashamed of it or to want to abstain from it.

What I can say is that if you are transparent to the Vibrational light and you become Love, when you are established in the merger of the three chakras and live multidimensionality, sexuality does not exist at all, not because it is a deprivation, but because you have become fully multidimensional, so why should you partake in something that no longer exists? Sexuality is sacred, but there are also living beings, who for example, during the communion with Christ, still partake of Ostie [little pieces of flat bread distributed in church communions], so why not?  You are well aware that much at present is in the process of changing in you. 

Although these needs no longer exist, there are still pleasures, so now if the pleasures on this level are beneficial to you why not? But again, those who live in the full transparency of the Heart have nothing to fill in this world, as you have become the Light. When you live on this world in peace in the inner Self you can experience the Maha [ultimate bliss] Samadhi. Do the 12 female stars [assistants] of Mary need to have a man in bed, do the Elders need to have sexual companions? Of course not, although some of us have spiritual companions, but it is not the same.  [They do not have carbon bodies that hunger for this however like they do for food, and you can have enjoyable sex without a partner.  When you live in Communion you are never alone.]

The Communion of the Heart to Heart expression is an ecstasy that is so superior to the sexual act, so why would you want to engage in a sexual act, even if it is sacred? In addition, it only lasts for a moment and is gone, while the enjoyment of the Heart is free and does not need anyone else. But everyone has his own view and his own vibrational needs related to this, so there is no need to feel guilty [many feel guilty during sex and some get drunk in order to enjoy it]. If you feel you must eat meat and you are told not to eat meat, it is you who are mistaken because maybe the body and the vibration tells you to eat such meat.

I have always said that in my lifetime I never wanted to eat meat, not because it was a rule but because it was a vibrational state. If your vibrational state tells you that eating such meat changes nothing in you, then that is beneficial for you, but I make no analogy with sexuality as I said.  [Sex is a topic that many consider evil, and they only talk about it using profanity.  Much of it involves abuse and control over others, and this involvement is much greater than most understand.  We should not judge others for doing things that we do not do.]

Question: Does not being able to feed on love and fresh water while living in the Light force one to have an alternative source?

Whoever tells you: "I can not live and feed myself without love and fresh water," it is the ego saying this. He who lives in grace has confidence in the Light, whether it for housing or food.  Your brothers and sisters who become wandering beings, homeless, penniless, without food, and without any security are free and lack nothing because if you take the first step towards the Light there is no reason that the Light will let you die in a corner, but We dare you to let go of the peanuts in the jar [and have faith that you will be provided for]. Not all of you are in the same situation. Some have to maintain some form of responsibility by raising children or maintaining your factory that has employees who depend on you. You are not all exactly alike, but ultimately some brothers and sisters feel the impulse of the Spirit to be free from all things, but do not want to abandon a husband, a wife, or a job because it is vital to them.  They can still live in the Light.

Light has no need to ask the question whether to live with love and fresh water or not. It is always, and always will be the ego self who will say this kind of sentence "we cannot live without love and fresh water," or "we cannot feed only on the Light." Well, that is not true. It depends on your level of consciousness. This may be true for one and not true for another. The same goes for meat, the same goes for sexuality. The Light sets you free, but do you really want to be free? This freedom is the freedom of consciousness. There are beings who are free who have ten women which is beneficial for them, and there are people who are on their own without any women who are not free. There are those with a lot of money who are free [being rich in itself is not bad but most took it from others and kept them poor in the process], and there are those without money who are not free.

The problem is not in feeding on love and fresh water, the problem is not having money or not having money, the problem is consciousness.  If you have great faith, if you have the Light, if you live in the Light and in transparency, why do you need anything else? Remember the parable of Christ, when he asked: "Does the bird care about what it will eat tomorrow?"  [Birds can fly South for the Winter to find food and don't need the permission of the corrupt TSA to do this.]  It is not just a parable, it is the Truth. This is the absolute truth in this world where you are today more than in My day. Do you want to be free, do you want to maintain the life of the third dimension, or do you want to live multidimensionally? It will be accomplished depending on your vibration, nothing more, nothing less, so there is no need to feel guilty about it.

If you disagree with what I say, go ahead and live your life your way because that is your chosen path, but the Light has something else to offer you. Remember We told you that all of humanity would be free. Why? Because it is normal that the conditions of confinement and illusion in which you have been placed will stop and it is time that they stop now. You are Divine Spirits, whether you know it or not. Now the mind is free to experiment with a body, regardless of the body, but the Spirit is free to become a tree, not in the physical sense but in consciousness. If you want to be free while still wishing to remain locked up and do not claim your freedom, it is a bit contradictory, is it not? Now, if you believe that freedom is part of the material, emotional, professional and spiritual security, you will only stay in the known, and you will never live the unknown. It is not a punishment, it is a fair return for each vibrational state. [Money is slavery and control and some have freedom from this now.]

Question: What is the period from December 17 on when the announcement of Mary occurs?

You still have time until then so live each day as it comes. The Light exists in the moment, in the here and now, it is not for tomorrow, and it will never be yesterday or tomorrow. It will never involve an introduction to an event, it will never involve perceptions related to the third eye, and it will never ever involve the emotions and the mind. It is in the Heart, in the One [Creator], and the One is here and now. The collective will increasingly calls for all consciousnesses of the brothers and sisters on Earth to live in the Heart.  Many hear the sounds of Earth, many hear the sounds of the heavens, but the pole shift will occur on a very cold day, and you will have to wait for these sounds of the heavens and Earth, although some of you individually are already hearing them.

Ask a passerby on the street if he hears the sounds of the heavens and he will look at you and call the mental hospital to have you committed.  You are living in the here and now. From the 17th of Dec. on, you will have a number of [vibrational] sessions every week with Mary that are extremely precise [but will not involve most of mankind]. That is all I can say [it is up to Her and this can change at any time due to future events]. But there is a direct result of the processes of consciousness that many of you live here, as you access the vibration of the higher self and Unity, and this vibration will become more and more intensive due to the white Light that is more and more present and the Love that is more and more intensive. That is what is most important.

On the 17th and the following weeks, there are important meetings affecting all humanity that are very important. Wait for that day and fill yourself with the Light, become more and more transparent during these weeks, and become more and more humble. Clear from yourself any majesty and thoughts of grandeur of what you are [and become humble and innocent like a child].  Do not be a person who says "I want this or that", but be a person who says "take me as I am, and give me what I need" because the Light is everywhere, and no one will be able to collectively ignore it soon, but no person knows the date [of the reversal and shift].  We the Archangels have told you that We are very close to your dimension, and your astral being, your astral ego, your individual mentality, and your primitive individuality are disappearing.  It is the time for your individual reversal [like the pole shift of Earth].

You can live every minute individually and collectively, because only Earth knows the date [of the pole shift] and will make the final decision. We are now closer to you and everything is finished, everything has been accomplished.  Some will say nothing has changed. but you can see the world and what is actually happening. [When I speak of change I speak for mankind as a whole, and there have been no visible changes or global awakening yet due to ignorance and a lack of disclosures.]  What is most important is what is happening in you, because what will happen to the world will happen because it happened to you first. 

Some brothers and sisters who have no notion of what the Light is do not want it, especially brothers and sisters who are in so-called spiritual movements that are trapped in [religious] schools, in ritualistic initiations, in openings of the third eye or other movements that are removed from the Heart and who live only in the hope of a better [new age] 3D world on this Earth in this dimension.  This will not benefit them because the very principle of the third dimension is control, competition, and survival of the fittest, while in the Unified worlds the Spirit lives in freedom and love, there is no resistance, and the higher self lives in eternal joy.  [The third eye teaching is part of duality and the matrix illusion.]

AA Anael is the Archangel of communications and Divine relationships, and has now become the Archangel of Vibrational Love as a spokesman for the Conclave. AA Uriel is the One Who performs the reversal in you by His Presence which is also now your Presence [just as Earth will experience a pole reversal], so if you live in this Presence, what will happen? You will not in the short time left be waiting for a date or seeking knowledge of a date, because you have already lived in your life this reversal process in what might be called the partial multidimensional shift .

When you live these alignments during meditations you will understand more and more in the Light, and when you are in the Light and in this state you do not ask the question of how you will earn your dinner tomorrow. There are more important questions that involve the Heart. When there are no more questions, that means there are no problems either. Those who live these Passages of the Light in their higher beingness (whether in these alignments at night or at other times) are well aware that they live something that is not merely a dream, but something that is profoundly different [reality].

There are beings today who may be losing their bodies due to a disease or may be losing their jobs, but what happens when they accept this regardless of the loss?  They live in the Light because they are released by the Grace of the Light from these burdens of the body and employment [there is good and bad in everything in duality].  The action of the Light is intelligent, which is not always the case with brothers and sisters who only use their intellect, especially those who have a high IQ. The way of the child is the way of one who no longer needs to use his logical mind.  He no longer needs to project into the future or refer to past experiences because he now lives every moment in the Light and Love. This does not mean to love human beings, a son or a grandparent, which is love also, but it is much more than that.  Consciousness is of the Light, and the mind was not made to be intelligent, the mind was made to think and to work in the good/evil of duality.

We have no more questions and we thank You.

Goodbye dear friends, and may your vibrations of Love increase.  I send you all My blessings and My complete Brotherly Love. See you soon.

Sheldan Nidle Nov 29 2011

The need to revolutionize the 'rules of the game' becomes a prime requisite, and it is just such a set of new rules that is taking shape within the plans of our Earth allies and, especially, of the many secret sacred societies of your world. They include a new system of governance and a prosperity-oriented new economic system. What is prolonging this final quick 'shove' through to victory are some last-minute negotiations between 'white hat' military and those who remain willing to support the dark's illicit cause. We are resolving this issue by use of certain strategies that will take effect in the very near future.   Over the last two decades your world has been caught in a struggle between those who wish to free you from your dark shackles and those who are determined to keep you enslaved. We have watched over this battle and intervened many times on the side of the Light. To counter this stalemate, a number of legal issues were brought before the International Court [of Justice in the Hague or the World court as it is known] and the Light won easily [??].

The key negotiators in this matter are of course the Agarthans, and their liaison officers have spent the past few weeks sorting out these difficulties. Agreements are close at hand and once accomplished, the final approved scenario can be carried to completion. We fully expect this shove to happen by year's end. The US administration is doing all it can to stop or at least delay this final action, but the Galactic Federation assures us that if all else fails and this final action does not go as planned, then they will take over and finish the job. Naturally, just how they intend to do this is to remain a secret until these actions are required.

Sheldan Nidle Dec 13 2011

We call in earnest for our Earth allies to finish the job. The present power structure is in reality a den of thieves held up by a house of cards, and this house is now so fractured that only force of habit maintains it. All it needs is a deft push to bring it whooshing to the floor, and this we intend to do if your "white knights" cannot quickly do so [which they have not done so far].  Currently, we are involved with the Agarthans and our secret sacred societies [see OM's comments on these societies above] in completing those projects that secure your deliveries. Further, we are watching the final legal barriers divest the US Corporation of any remaining claims to the American Government [using the World Court?].

Thus the way is being cleared for the forces representing the true "De Jure" governance to take back what was so callously stolen over 150 years ago [after the Civil War when the US became a corporation]. The dark cabal has lost its command of the American nation and occupies the seat of power only for as long as it takes to finish these final legal issues [if ever]. Once done, we expect the agendas agreed to by the divine coalition to be commenced. Our purpose is to oversee these vital activities and assure ourselves that the [financial] deliveries, promised to you for so long, roll out as planned.

Alex Collier update DECEMBER 1, 2011

Millions of people on planet Earth have heard my friend Alex Collier reporting the good, bad and ugly truth regarding extraterrestrials. However, most people do not know that Alex paid a price for going public with that information. For the past few years, he has been unable to get work due to his reputation as an “alien conspiracy” theorist. This situation also contributed directly to the destruction of his marriage and family life. He really needs some help right now to get back on his feet.

Alex:  "Sleeping in a friend’s pop up trailer with no heat. Could use any help at all. Prayers, energy clearing, donation whatever. I hope this is the darkness before the dawn, buddy. I am very, very tired."

My Comments:   Marriage and money are closely related, and when the money is gone usually the marriage ends also.  Alex chose to cut off his contact with the ETs for over 10 years so he could experience family life as society tells us to do, and for some men that has been their downfall.  This was the case with Billy Meier since his wife opposed everything he did, and his children only wanted to make money off his fame, and even Drekx Omega says his family thinks he is crazy and opposes his work.  Jesus waited until after His crucifixion (He had a near death experience (NDE) like millions have had) before He settled down in France with a family to continue His teachings.  This is not spoken of in "Christian" churches since it is not part of the Roman church agenda.  What is today called Protestantism is only a modified Catholicism and is not much better.

Alex has been a spokesman for the Andromedans who should have helped support him at this time, but they see no need for money to survive since it is a part of slavery and control that we endure here now: "Why should you have to pay to live on your own planet?"  It is beyond their understanding since they don't live here in hell, and they have no homelessness or hunger in their world.  It is partly his fault for turning his back on them earlier, and some mistakes that we make have results that may last a lifetime (which should soon end for all).   His beloved family has turned their backs on him as if he doesn't exist, and they probably blame his unemployment on his ET teachings.

The greatest enemy that the darkside has is knowledge, and by controlling the media, religions, and society they can keep us ignorant, which is why I have been promoting disclosure for years.  The Internet is about the only source for true knowledge and freedom, and our leaders would like to shut it down with bills they have introduced recently.  They have all kinds of excuses for this to make it seem like they are helping us (which they do all the time), but the end result is control, ignorance, and slavery. The Net has been infiltrated with nonsense and lies, and it is like looking for gold in a garbage dump, but it is there if you look enough and have a higher discernment.

Much of what I do is beyond 3D understanding, and I get accused of doing things differently because I am opposed to this slavery and don't follow the rules 100% of the time.  Some are beginning to see that I am right, but most have no understanding so far since they are still asleep living as sheeple and following the crowd rather than thinking for themselves.  When you need to decide what action you should take it is best to consider your intention and the result of your action and not listen to society and their rules.

The pole shift is a reality, and the only question is when it will occur and what actions will be taken beforehand.  OM said that it will occur on a very cold night, and Sereti said it will happen by the end of July of 2012.  Others say it will be by the end of 2012, so the range is up to one year but no one knows for sure.  If nothing is done before that time there will be 3 days of darkness in the Northern Hemisphere with no heat or electricity and a total global chaos.  The only alternative as I see it is to begin a stasis period where all life is placed in a sleep like state so evacuations to motherships can be performed, and this should occur as soon as possible. 

This stasis sleep period involves an involuntary removal of life which is legally called abduction and is therefore illegal here on Earth, but the only alternative is to collect the souls of those who have died and have not been evacuated.  Laws were made to maintain status quo and any change is thus illegal. You cannot follow 3D rules and accomplish anything significant. Most would rather die here than choose to enter unknown UFOs since they only want to "live long and prosper" on a better 3D Earth.

This stasis procedure is well known to ETs and has been used by the Andromedans recently to collect reptilians and greys and send through a portal to a distant new galaxy where they can start over without interference to us and others.  The Draco reptilians were considered invincible until recently when it was discovered that they are susceptible to certain sounds. A high level sound beam was used to break up the shields of their underwater bases (like in Star Trek) and a lower frequency beam was used to immobilize them temporarily so they could be removed.  This removal is reportedly how they got here on Earth long ago since they were problems everywhere they were according to Alex, and Earth has been known as a prison planet and other less complimentary names ever since.  The problem with this ET cleanup work is that in 5D this negativity and duality will not exist, but they do not know that.

Creator has said enough is enough and it is time to bring this to an end and start over anew.  OM probably determined this pole shift event by traveling into the future and viewing this, but there is no way to determine the date since there is no time where He exists.   When OM said this pole shift would be on a very cold day He assumed it would be in winter, but He does not realize that when a major pole shift occurs temperatures can drop to -200* F.  This means that it could occur even in the summer. 

The Russians reported in 2002 that Uranus and Neptune appear to have had recent pole shifts [ ] and other local planets have experienced this also.  Winter is approaching and unlike the summer there could be an almost total loss of human life without heat.  Changes that have been done so far by ETs and others seem too little too late, and those who have not chosen to live in the Light will have all eternity to decide.  Memories will be erased and there will be a better environment for all so there is no need to delay this.

I mentioned earlier that the astral Shamballa will not exist in 5D and that Inner Earth will also be affected during ascension, and there are reports that these areas are being or have been evacuated, so someone seems to take my work seriously.  Sheldan has not discussed this evacuation yet and continues his "soon we will see change" message.  He says that Agarthans exist in 5D, but if that were true they would not be able to work here in 3D since only those ETs like the carbon based Pleiadians and Arcturians are helping here now.  When I use the term 3D I am referring to the 4th dimension since Earth has already risen its frequency but most still use this 3D term. 

Telos leader Adama said recently that all of his people have been evacuated, but understand that this is not Agartha which is at Earth's hollow core.  There are many cities like Telos around the world in areas like South America where leader Ramada has given messages on this French site, and these cities may be only 20 miles or so below the surface and will probably be destroyed in the near future. This week OM said that the astral Shamballah of Inner Earth has been dissolved and no longer exists.  It was an paradise where those who lived there used an astral body (not a physical body) that was much lighter and less dense than our carbon bodies. They hoped to ascend to 5D like Earth but that is only an illusion and will not occur.

AA Michael said recently that His work is finished, so I will try to analyze this now.  When He first appeared on this French site in Jan 2009 He talked about a new Divine government.  After several comments that I made last year the entire agenda appeared to have changed and AA Uriel spoke of a major pole shift, Mary talked about evacuation of all life, and OM said that all life on 3D Earth will cease to exist.  This seemed to be the turning point for change since after that time He never discussed a new government again, so it appears that He gave up on that since anything that is done is useless later anyway.  Would you build a new house if you knew that it would not exist 6 months after it was finished?  The question is whether to continue procrastinating or do what needs to be done now before it is too late, but that is not up to me. 

The Galactic Federation has for the past 2 years chosen to abide by the darkside rules and use criminals (many of our leaders) and the corrupt courts to bring a major change and nothing has happened so far, and whatever results that occur will probably be too little too late.  It is the job of ETs to bring change since they exist in 3D like us, and if nothing changes we can only blame them for failing to do their job.  Groups like the World Court, Interpol, and the alphabet agencies are so corrupt that probably nothing will change.  Hopefully someone will prove me wrong but that is highly unlikely.   Some sites who post Sheldan's work now add a preface to use discernment since they have given up on this also.

Divinity has chosen to let status quo continue without intervention now and only provides minimal ET help to prevent WW3 and other disasters since this world will soon not exist.  This makes it hard for Lightworkers to say anything that is believable to awaken others, and the darkside is happy with this since it keeps their slaves ignorant.  Most messengers and their readers only want a better 3D world in 5D so you will not hear this from them.  Some talk of replacing Obama with "Bomb Iran" Gingrich or another darkside dictator, but that is futile as those in Egypt found since they are now under military rule which is as bad or worse than what they had before. 

OM's book Angels and Other Mysteries of the Tree of Life

OM was a very prolific writer during His 86 years, and Amazon lists 146 of His books, many translated to English.  In His Angels book He talked about the reptilian Jehovah (Allah to the Muslims) as being God using the Bible and the Kaballah as references which were the only books that were available to Him at that time. If you compare His teachings then with what He teaches now there is a vast difference since He has direct contact with Divinity and can consult Them at any time.  Understand that no one knows everything, and that includes Angels and ETs, although They will usually not admit it publicly.  If you ask them to fix your PC for example they will not help but may use others here who are more knowledgeable if needed. 

When OM started His teachings He took as His first name Omraam which combines two processes: ‘Om’ is the sound that disintegrates all that is negative and corresponds with returning things to their source by transforming them into Light. The vibrations of ‘Raam’ have the power to condense and coagulate Divine realities and make them tangible.  There is no mention of His wife or children anywhere and the only family He had was His spiritual family, which He called the brotherhood.  Thus He did not have the burdens, responsibilities, and distractions that many have here now. He is now head of the Melchizedek. A profile of His life can be seen at

OM talks about Samadhi as the ultimate joy that most should seek to achieve.  You might however need to live alone as a recluse in a cave in order to fully enjoy this and you would not have the Internet to read this.  Most of us have families and jobs that are obligations that spiritually distract us from this joy, and only a few like Ralph Waldo Emerson were able to move to places like Walden Pond in order to escape this and communicate with nature, but most don't have this option.  Some have had out of body experiences (OBEs) or NDEs that they say equate to this joy, but these are still in the matrix astral realms of duality and experience both good and evil.  When Edgar Cayce traveled daily to the Akashic Records he said he could not linger on his way because some of the doors lead to what has been called hell, and even some who have had NDEs when they died have entered what they called hell which is life without Divinity before they returned to life.

When prophets like Nostradamus had dreams and visions normally they connected to the astral plane and the results were often accurate.  He said there would be three AntiChrists:  Napoleon, Hitler (he called him Hister after the river), and Bush (Mabush the Draco), and he purposely encoded all his work to keep from being murdered.  [ ].  Others have had visions and there are some remote viewers who are somewhat accurate, and they too access the astrals. A lot of the spiritual messages that come to us come from this plane and are not always from those they claim to be from.  Many communications like this originate from the astral plane which makes the source of the work of many messengers questionable, and mind control and filtering often have some part in this.

The Angels do not use the word God since we create our own gods and devils to worship.  There are many gods that are worshipped, and having grown up in a predominately Jewish community I realized early on that their only god is money although they go through Hebrew sacrificial rituals to appear to others that they are spiritual.  The Old Testament and the Koran should be called Books of the Anunnaki since they focus mostly on sacrifices to this reptilian demigod that could more appropriately be called Godzilla, and this shows in their hatred and the murders of those that oppose them.  This teaching of making sacrifices to the gods for their sins has also been continued in Christianity.  There are a few good passages in each, so they do have some benefit. 

The Angels continually say that Jesus did not come as a saviour for our sins as Christianity teaches, but He came only as a teacher of Divine truths.  Only we can save ourselves by surrendering to and living in the Light, and even Jesus cannot do this for us.  We should not worship Jesus Christ or Mary or the Angels because we are them also, but we do not know it now.  December is half over and status quo continues as usual, so we may not see any changes until next year at the earliest, but only time will tell.

Rich N