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Archangel Michael - March 17, 2010

NDR in France: By attentively reading the detailed indications which follow you should have all the elements to follow these 7 steps that will enable us to save invaluable time in the answers to the many questions which are addressed to us. Thank you for your cooperation!

Archangel Michael accompanies us in living the transformations related to the 7 steps on the 17th of each month. He meets with us during each session by alternating information and overflowings of energy. Michael or speakers from other realms may also meet with us a few days before each session to instruct us in certain elements concerning the meeting to follow.

You can participate in each session wherever you are in the world in simple receptivity (without a direct connection) with your arms and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting with both feet on the ground, or by lying down or standing up). This meeting of Michael lasts approximately 1 hour from the hour indicated. The hours indicated correspond to the French time on your watch. The sessions of Michael are not done in public unless indicated otherwise.

The dates of the 7 steps are October 17, 2009, November 17, 2009 (with preparation on the 13th), December 17, 2009, January 17, 2010 (with preparation on the 10th by Sri Aurobindo), February 17, 2010, March 17, 2010, and April 17, 2010 [the last step]. You can find all the transcriptions on our site [in French] under the heading “messages to read”, as well as audio recordings under the heading “messages to be listened to” (except for that of December 17, 2009 which took place in silence exclusively in the overflowing of energy). You can find on our site the transcriptions of these sessions usually within 24 hours after the session. We will talk with you again soon in spirit.

[The next AA Michael meeting is on Sat. April 17 at 7 PM French time [1 PM NY time and 10 AM in LA] that will give you instructions for implementing the 7th and final step. US Time zones in NY are French time -6, Chicago -7, MT -8. and LA -9 hours.
Time zones are available at ]

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved children of the Light, children of the law of One and star Seeds, wherever you are on this planet, rejoice. We arrive today for the two last steps of my meetings within this 3rd density on Earth. Today more than ever I approach you as I have never done until now. We the Archangels carry out Our contract and agreement. We breathe into your consciousness the necessary energy on the level of your magnetosphere as well as on the level of the galactic heliosphere in order to release all of your spiritual body called the body of essence. This has now been carried out for the past few days. Today We arrive at the sixth step.

Today within your density, within your consciousness, the Fire of Ether is activated. The Fire of Ether will be transformed in you children of the Light by the reactivation of circuits of consciousness which until now were deadened and non-existent in you. The arrival of your body of Light to your normal consciousness will make it possible to carry out this merging energy necessary in certain structures so that you may receive the Master of Light, Christ. Thus as you open in yourself today via these circuits of consciousness you will receive new perceptions and a new consciousness much nearer to the Truth of who you really are.

You who are Children of the stars and Beings of Light and Masters of the Light can then in turn rejoice because the Source of inexhaustible Joy is now available in your inner essence. There you will draw the strength, the courage, the will power and the hope of creating your new Heavens and Earth forever Unified with the Source. Rejoice because from today on the promise of the return of the Master of Light is fulfilled. The return of the Master of Light in you by the awakening of your dimensional Unity, by the Joy and the Truth, and by the new transparency will be yours progressively during the remaining time that is left.

As you know I will end My role of deconstruction on this Earth on May 17. I will however remain present but will turn over leadership to Archangel Metatron and Archangel Uriel Who will continue the revelation and the initialization of the last keys of Light. Today this Fire of the Ether is thus activated. This will transform in you new perceptions and a new consciousness. These new energy circuits will be activated in you and this will allow you to carry out what you are in Truth and in Unity. This body of essence and this spiritual body definitively releases you from your prison and transforms you and reveals to you your true selves and your essence.

This consciousness of your higher mentality will be an alchemical transformation of the mental consciousness enabling you therefore to reunify your essence with the One [Creator] within the Unified worlds while continuing to live in this 3D world for the moment, if that is your choice. Beloved children of the Light, this Fire of the Heart and this Fire of the Ether will enable your entire energy to be transformed so you can vibrate in unison within the Unified consciousness, allowing you to not only be awakened but to awaken in you the whole extent of your potentials which until now were inhibited by the matrix.

Today more than ever We congratulate those of you who have accommodated the Light and who have dared to go beyond the duality and those beliefs and illusions to find the stability of what you are in Truth. Today this Fire of Ether is activated in you. This Fire of Ether is here to burn and dissolve what needs to be removed in order to enable you to leave your own dwelling so that you may accommodate Christ. This will occur very soon for you in a few weeks. You will cherish this because you will be One [in Divinity] and you will never be alone again. The separation of the planes, the separation of dimensions will end if you wish it to. More than ever human beings awakened in their dimension will be able to communicate with the other dimensional realms which until now were closed to you. Your eyes will awaken in you, and your eyes will see what no other human being in incarnation has seen before, whatever his level.

Today We no longer speak of levels [of separation] but of brotherhood and Unity because you are all brothers and sisters. Those who still resist and who have not yet joined because of some unknown out-of-date principle of duality will soon join Us. Do not have any fear or concern for this unfolding because this plan of the Light is perfection. This is now established on this Earth, and there no longer exists any opposition that could delay or prevent this outbreak of the Light, this blossoming of the Master of Light within your density.

Above all the Master of Light must be born in you in your Interior Temple, allowing you to live the Unification of yourselves with Him [Creator] and to carry out the Union of your consciousness in order that you may enable the new Eucharist [the commemorating the Last Supper by Christ] which consists of unifying you with Him, just as He unifies with you. Guided by His Intelligence, guided by the Intelligence of the Light, and strengthened in your interiority and you essence, you will be able to face with Joy, lightheartedness, transparency and integrity the Fire of the Light of Earth.

At the time of this next step [on April 17], this Fire of Ether will be transformed into the Fire of Earth. I will return next month at the same day and same hour [7 PM] in order to explain to you what your new paths of consciousness, your new spiritual bodies and the final ignition of the twelve stars of Mary within your consciousness within your head are, as well as the total ignition in you of the Fires (the Fire of heaven, the Fire of the Heart, and the Fire of Earth), Fires that will definitively return you to your freedom. The Fire of Love, the Fire of the Heart, and the Fire of Totality will within this humanity work for the establishment and the reestablishment of the Truth within your dimension.

With thousands of people connected to Us the Archangels even at this moment, We will all together in our planetary meeting benefit from the transmission of the Archangelic Radiance and the Radiance of Christ together with the three energy transmissions during this session, and We begin now (if you really desire this) with your reception in simplicity of the Truth and Unity. The Light of Christ is now present in Truth and Unity within your Interior Temple. I instruct you to place your hands as you have when you performed in your daily session at 7 PM (NDR: your hands should be placed on each side of your chest above your heart near your shoulders with your fingers pointed towards the sky [like an antenna] and your thumbs lying flat in your palms as pictured on this link) in order to allow this reception in your heart and to guide you to your Christ consciousness within your Interior Being. Together let us welcome this.

Receive this overflowing of energies...[pause].

Beloved children of the Light, if you wish let Us continue with My instruction. I spoke to you about the Fire of the Ether in you. It obviously also corresponds to the manifestation of the Fire of Ether on the planet on which you live, thus do not be astonished if the activation of these new energy circuits in relation to the Circle of Fire of the Elders modifies what occurs on the level of the elements on this Earth [quakes]. A certain number of preparatory readjustments to the dimensional transformation of this planet are now activated or are in progress. The Fire of Ether travels on Earth in the same way that it travels in you. The collective global consciousness advances also. Within this human collective consciousness there still exists a certain number of resistances, a certain number of oppositions to the reign of the Light. Those will also be dissolved by the elements of the Fire of Ether. [The collective global consciousness is so important that if we all got together and agreed on the establishment of the Light we could literally become co-creators and move mountains.]

These elementary demonstrations related on the deconstruction, the dissolution of the dark, and the arrival of the Master of the Light will continue to work on this Earth. You should not be alarmed, you should not be offended, but you should rejoice because it is about liberation and freedom and the reestablishment of the Truth, whether that is on a continental, a social, an economic or a political level. All sectors of your life have to change and harmonize themselves so that you can proceed to the Unity, the Truth and the Light. That is ongoing and is in progress and will be reinforced as of today.

Beloved children of the Light, all that is asked of you is to sit and welcome this Fire of Ether in you so that this Etheric Fire also appears on Earth without resistance and suffering. We thus ask that as many of you as possible (this is increasing in numbers daily) each carry this out and take part in this daily session of the overflowing of energy every day from 7 to 7:30 PM French time. This work is crucial.

As We have repeatedly said to you We can assist you but the final solution belongs to you alone. It consists of cultivating this in you, thanks to the Fire of the Heart and the Fire of the Ether, whatever the vibrational accomplishments of your consciousness, whatever the new energy circuits activating themselves in your physical structure. This should be accompanied in the heart by Joy, by transparency, by Truth in humility and simplicity. Be humble, be kind, and be loving. You will once again only find this power in you as you live in the Light which penetrates you and nowhere elsewhere.

The Earth needs to be accompanied by this during her expansion which is at hand. This will result in more and more movements of the tectonic plates and the awakening of volcanoes and manifestations of the wind. Many celestial phenomena (some among you have already noticed this for more than a year) will appear in greater numbers in a way both visible and indisputable because there will be during this time both a collective and an individual revolution. This revolution is directly related to the influx of the Light. You should not judge the actions of others whatever their reactions.

You must remain as close as possible in the principle of thanksgiving and to not again return to the law of action and reaction which would only lead you to a return to duality. You of the Unity should advance more and more to your interior Light in confidence and surrender to it. The key to your happiness in every sense of the term is on this level and nowhere elsewhere. Work in silence, radiate the Light, radiate the Unity and accommodate the Master of Light [Christ]. The Fire of Ether has a certain number of characteristics. It can, for those who have not yet activated the Fire of the Heart, allow the manifestation of the Fire of the ego [which will show your true self]. This will lead to a revolt among some of your brothers who are still locked up in egotistic illusions while they continue to refuse to surrender to the overflowing of the Light and the Truth of the Light.

Do not be alarmed but welcome more and more this Truth in you which is yours for the asking. It will at some point also be received by your brothers, have no doubt of that. The surge of energies and the increasing bombardment of cosmic radiations (coming from your Sun, the Source, the Ultra-violet energies and the entire forces present in the Intergalactic Confederation) in your consciousness will accelerate in you this awakening and will assist you in the Truth which must be established on Earth. I emphasize that nowhere will those which are opposed to the Light find relief as long as they do not return to the Light.

There is still time to return to wisdom, there is still time to return to the Love, because you are all without exception beings of Love created in Love and by Love, there is no other alternative. Some experiments have been conducted that have led you to experience what you experienced, but this is in the past and is over. Very little time still exists and this past will become only a bad memory by the celebration of the Light when the rejoicings of Love arrive. Do not maintain your old habits, do not maintain your old illusions, do not let weaknesses control you, but align yourself with your essence. The Fire of the Ether allows that in you.

The work of the Archangels has actually released and freed your essence. This body of Light that you anticipate, this body of Light that you are awaiting and hope for is now close to you today. It will accompany you and penetrate you more and more, enabling you to live the reality and the Truth of the Light beyond all material alternatives, beyond all sufferings that have existed and are still being maintained for the short time that exists in this dimension. This Light is a soothing balm, this Light is a release [from 3D].

You are the Light, you are henceforth (if you wish it and allow it) free beings. Work within this dimension to announce this good news and to especially radiate this Light. You yourselves individually will become a Vessel of Light, a Vessel of Light that allows some among to travel and explore dimensions which were closed to you [in out of body experiences] until now, but you must still remain anchored in this 3D reality.

We need your assistance because those who still have not joined the Light do not understand it or are afraid of it. We (both you and Us) will work unceasingly until the last minute so that every one escapes his slavery and receives his freedom and his Truth. We are here for you, We are here to accommodate you, We are here to release you, but only you alone can ultimately do this. We encourage you to align yourself more and more often with the Light. Whatever your activities yet present within this world, whatever the roles that you hold onto with it, these roles that are achieved are nothing compared to what you really are.

You must merge what you are with your actions. What you are is Light, what your are is majestic, and you should translate this majesty in your daily acts, in your relationships, and in your engagements. We are relying on you, We count on you to go until the end of this Dimension. We love you. Be confident of our undeniable Love, our undeniable presence, our undeniable radiation. Only the fears that some among you still have can harden you and prevent you from living the Truth of the Light. There exists no other obstacles other than certain parts of you that do not want to die if you were to live in the Truth, and nothing else can oppose that. We welcome for the second time the vibrations of My Presence and that of the Master of Light. I request that you now put your hands in the proper position.

Receive this overflowing of energies...[pause].

Beloved star seeds, beloved children of the Law of One, the Fire of Ether will also be transformed on the level of your sky as I said by particular demonstrations occurring within the cosmos such as you see now and also within your sun. These modifications have already started and they will soon be visible around the sun at night [?]. Remain centered in your Interior essence.

What will come in you and to you is your Unity and nothing else. Accommodate all that will be presented to you in the fluidity of the Unity and in synchronicity, because you will express completely the principle of resonance and of attraction, because henceforth you will become co-creators of your own reality during the own course your life in what you do in this density for the common good of others and for your own good.

Strengthen in you the Truth; strengthen in you the vibration of the Fire of the Heart and the radiant crown chakra of the head. And now for some among you the triangular chakra of the pelvic sacrum cavity will be rekindled, awakening in you what has been called by tradition the Kundalini. This will rise in you and ignite and add its own Fire to the Fire of the Heart and the Fire of the radiant crown chakra of the head. This triple Fire will enable you to face the Truth by what will come and to align you more with the Fire of Love and with the radiation of the Source which will appear to you in a more visible way. This will awaken in you what needs to be and will burn the last contaminants, the last impurities which have prevented you from living in your essence. Only you can accomplish this in your heart.

You are now skilled craftsmen, you are now at work to help awaken the Fire of Earth. As of this month if you wish it, it is advisable that you allow these energies to be established on the level of your pelvic sacrum. This Fire will be kindled, this Fire is an upward Fire in which the goal is thus to activate your kundalini and to add its own Fire to the Fire of the Heart and the radiant crown of the head, making you beings awakened to your full potential, your full Truth, your Light, and your connection with your Guardian Angel, your essence, and with Us the Archangels and with Christ. The hour of separation is over if you wish, the hour of reunification has arrived if that is your desire.

While speaking about your desires, you must understand that during this period many needs which were yours in a usual way will decrease. That relates to your diet as well as to your social behaviors, and your sexual behaviors and your needs for food will be reduced. You will be thirsty for Christ and you will thirst for brandy wine [and other liquids]. Do not hesitate to drink water, do not hesitate to hydrate yourself because the Fire requires that. Within this awakening, within this vibration of the Kundalini, you will become beings with full potential, beings of full Truth. This occurs now within your physical structures and will occur within the structures of Earth and at the same time on the surface of the Sun.

Never forget that what you will see in the Sun is only your eternity that now arrives in you. You do not have to fear the Sun, you should love it because it is yourself in another dimension, it is yourself on the level of your essence. Christ comes from the Sun because He is the Spirit of the Sun, just as I Michael succeeded in penetrating the Sun in a direct way there only a few days ago. In the same manner you will be penetrated and enriched by the Sun. The Sun is Fire, the Fire of Ether existing in you on the level of the Heart, the level of the Radiant Crown of the head and, henceforth on the level of your pubic sacrum.

By aligning these 3 triangular pubic points in you, you will allow the Light to irradiate in you completely, you will allow the Light to awaken this in you. You do not have anything to fear because that is your goal, that is your desire. When you request the Light you request the Sun; when you ask for the release [from 3D] you call on the Sun; when you request Unity you call on the Sun. It is that which is now occurring by the Sun and by Christ. For the third time welcome the Light of Christ in Truth and Unity together everywhere on this planet.

Receive this overflowing of energies..[pause].

Beloved children of the Law of One, let Us now continue. I will finish my session with these words: henceforth I am at your disposal on an individual and collective capacity. Benefit from these moments of alignment by these triple energies in you and ask for and call upon My Presence, My Radiance, My protection, not a protection of any darkness but a protection and amplification of your Light. This must grow still more and more. I will return in a more precise manner in order to initialize the Fire of the Earth on April 17 at the same hour. I will be with you during the requested session from 7 PM [to 8 PM French time April 17], so you should welcome Me in the same posture. You will be able during this special period of alignment to ask for My Presence and My Radiance.

In the same way the Master of Light [Christ] is approaching your consciousness, and you will be able progressively during the days and the weeks to come to call upon and express this Master of Light to others. He comes as more than your best friend, and He is like your brother, your big brother in simplicity and Unity. Welcome Him in the same way in simplicity and Unity. He is here to perfect your Light in order to initiate you into His higher dimension. I thus say to you in a formal way that April 17 at the same hour will thus signal a completion of a year of My work within your consciousness and within your solar system. All of the Archangels working with you in the liberation of this solar system present to you Their reverence, Their thanks, and Their greetings. We thus will remain together in communion now after these words. Let us welcome this energy.

Receive this overflowing of energies...

Beloved children of the Law of One, I leave you now in the ignition of your triple Fires. If you need precise details concerning the Fire of Ether or my next intervention, I will let Archangel Anael answer your questions at the time of His next arrival [these sessions are usually at the end of each month] . I transmit to you my Love and the Light of Christ. Let the Truth go with you, and let that Light accompany you and bless you. Goodbye.

My comments: Archangel Michael spoke of the new eternal body of Light only briefly, and hopefully He will elaborate on this later since it is so revolutionary to our way of thinking. He also mentioned that we should eat less food and be less preoccupied with sex in the remaining time that is still left and spend more time on our spiritual development. Food is the cause of many health problems that we have because many eat too much or eat foods that will make us sick (like diet drinks), and overeating can cause diabetes and other problems and prevent us from reaching a higher vibration.

He mentioned the Ether energy, and it has been called by many names including orgone, a quantum sea of energy, and zero point energy, and that is free energy that we could use if allowed to by big business. Free is not a word in their vocabulary, and money for themselves is the only concern that they have. Tesla talked about this free energy over 100 years ago as a viable option, but he did not understand the greed and depravity of man. He said one time in passing that he was not from this world, and some believe he was originally from a higher dimension on Venus and that his mother left him here to be adopted and raised by others. He tried to help the military halt wars with his inventions, but they were only interested in continuing these wars and developing their arsenal of weapons. He probably gained his advanced knowledge in dreams from other ETs that he communicated with.

The earthquakes have recently stabilized somewhat below the 6.0 magnitude, but these will dramatically increase, and life will not be a bed of roses as some want us to believe, as there is good and bad in everything in 3D. Some like to promote capitalism as opposed to socialism because they do not understand these terms. Capitalism means money and control and the almighty dollar, and everything that is done depends on money. Socialism is misunderstood because people do not want to consider that we should all be equal and should assist each other and share everything in a utopian society, and that is the true meaning of socialism. Many charities are formed as tax shelters by big business, and its recipients are usually its executives and the organization itself, but it does look good as public relations.

Socialism has been twisted and distorted to mean government control of us which is what the NWO (New World Order) wants, and this is the goal of Obama and the Obamacare bill. Many want free medical care for all but do not know what the bill is and have not read its 2,000 + report. If they did they would get very angry and call for all who approve it to resign. It includes a $5,000 individual and a $10,000 limit of coverage per family per year, new taxes for each to pay, everyone is required to be a member whether he wants to or not, real national ID would be implemented, Medicare and other programs would be extremely limited with much coverage removed, and the list goes on and on. The passage by the House is about “smoke and mirrors” and half truths and omissions, and no one has yet explained truthfully all of the provisions of this bill to the public so they can decide for themselves.

My work includes my translations and my commentary along with other work and timely news based on what I feel is relevant at that moment. There is always a possibility that some of it may be “lost in translation” because many words have multiple meanings, and it is necessary at times to consider what was taught in the past and to also coordinate it with the works of others. You can tell five people the same thing and each may see it in a different way, and semantics is always a problem. Our language originated from the Sumerian language and is of Orion ET origin according to a Friend (Ami) and is very limited, and in the future telepathy will be used as it can be understood by all and can convey the true intent of our words.

Most of what is said has hidden meanings and the 3D veil still exists. Much of what is important is at a higher level that needs explanation, and some of my comments may even assist those in France to better understand what has been said. I feel that in time my opinions will in general be seen to be accurate, but they are just words until they are manifested in actions and no one has all the answers, and decisions are made daily depending on our needs.

Little has changed visibly so far, and there is much talk but little action. Hopefully we will see obvious changes that will be undeniable to all, but only time will tell.

Rich N


Monday, March 15, 2010

ET First Contact in May

OM Aivanhov - March 6, 2010

Well dear friends, I am extremely happy to instruct you in practical matters which touch your life every day and I want to help you in your spiritual advancement. I send to you of course all My greetings and My full strength and Love for what you will live in these moments. I will now answer any questions that you may have.

Question: In your opinion, will the Light be established on Earth in 2012 or in May 2010?

First contact [by ETs and disclosures] will begin in May 2010 and will be finalized well before 2012, at least We hope so, and there are many reasons to believe that it will be much sooner than 2012. In any case, for a number of humanity it is certain, and those [who are able to accept and are desirous of this event] grow day by day. The wakeup call [disclosure] is a phenomenon which takes time to initialize on the level of the global consciousness, but once it is launched it will seem like an avalanche or a snowball that can only accelerate [and there is no way to stop it].

[I moved this to the top here because of its importance and relevance in the near future. This will bring changes to all and may cause some to reconsider their lives in relationship to family and employment, and OM discusses this in detail here.].

Question: “A Friend [Ami]” suggested that we closely observe the sun. Is it advisable to do this by normal [internet or other] techniques or should we view it with the naked eye?

With the naked eye you will have many adverse effects. The eyelids should obviously be closed at that exact moment. I recall that I said that my initiation and my spiritual awakening took place by looking at the sunrise on a beach. It is there that I saw a certain number of things that started the mystical and important processes in me. I do not urge you to look at the sun directly of course, but I believe that when a Friend said to you that you should look at the sun, it was to become conscious of information on the sun concerning the solar eruptions and the demonstrations which occur on that level from the sun because there are many now.

For those who do not know Us, We the 24 Elders are around the sun in one of Our [many] Mother ships [starships or UFOs as we call them] and We travel around the sun. These vessels are obviously seen by the telescopes that observe the sun. We are there, and many more vessels are still arriving at the present time from the borders of various galaxies to assist you and Us in the processes of ascension that you will soon experience.

Thus when He said we should observe the sun, you have two ways to observe it. You have the visible signs around the sun and in the sun which can be located by your modern technological means, and secondly you have a mystical process which is related to your awakening and which is a direct connection with the energy of the sun and in particular with the rising of the sun, but the only condition obviously is not to open your eyes because you would burn the retinas, but the following two ways of proceeding are valid and recommended.

One concerns the announcements of precise events that must occur [the sun will stand still before the magnetic pole shift and Jupiter as a sun will be visible at sunrise] and the second corresponds to your inner essence and the increase of your connection with your solar star the Sun and thus with your spiritual body [which is stored there at this time to be given us at ascension].

Question: What is the difference between x-rays such as those we use with our technological means and those which are related to our current spiritual evolution?

They are all at the same frequencies. What You call X-rays are in a certain frequency band. The X-rays which are used to do what you call radiographs [X-ray films] or other types of therapies do not have the same power as the X-ray electrons which arrive from the sun. You have two categories of radiation of Light: X-rays and gamma rays. X-rays come from the sun and gamma rays come from various places in the galaxies [outside of our universe like Alcyone].

The gamma rays are much softer than X-rays. X-rays have the characteristic of breaking down the protein chains and the DNA, and they have a transmutational effect like Fire, whereas the gamma rays do not have the same effects at all. If you observe what has been occurring for the past two to three years, there has been an increase in gamma rays which are very important.

The gamma rays were made possible by the blocking of X-rays from the sun, and for two months now these X-rays have once again started to awaken you in an extremely important way. The gamma rays have an action on your DNA. It is that which is called the radiation of the Source, the Ultraviolet radiation. The radiation of the Holy Spirit also is another characteristic of the gamma rays. X-rays are there “to break down” and destroy a certain number of things related to this duality. They both (gamma and X-rays) are called Light, but within this Light there are multiple frequency bands of which the effects are not all the same ones as at the spiritual and the physiological or psychological levels.

Now, it should be well understood that the X-rays which are used in your allopathic medicine [using doctors and drugs] do not have any spiritual effect on you of course. As you know however they have many [adverse] side effects in the destruction of matter, but they do not bring a natural awakening, whereas the X-rays which come from the sun have the ability to break down resistances in you, and it is especially these X-rays that are more numerous and significant on Earth during the last two months that can “break down” certain resistances which are still present at the surface of this planet.

Question: What do you think of the phenomena of natural disasters which are occurring now?

They are related to the deconstruction and they will soon be related to the dissolution of and separation from the dark as was made clear to you by Archangel Michael, and this is a process that will now become fully established and performed. It started very mildly last year and has now started to reach its peak in the ultimate phases and is no longer in the preparatory phases, and they are real phases of the total deconstruction of what must be deconstructed. You now have two ways of viewing that, and I could say even three depending upon your point of view. The first point of view is completely dualistic, that is to say, these areas which are destroyed correspond to the negativity of the human beings who live there [like Haiti]. That is heresy to believe that the negativity of humans is able to start earthquakes [some Christian evangelicals have asserted this recently].

The second point of view (which is again dualistic) is to say that the hearts are in suffering because they died during their sleep, or they died when they were at school or in other places. In fact, from the point of view of Unity (which corresponds to a much broader vision of this process and corresponds to what was taught by Myself and others) it is like a process of ascension without the body. Thus one should not prematurely lament these deconstructions, because when they appear to you and you mourn they will negatively vibrate the fibers in you and will only lead to your suffering and pain during these moments.

The hearts which are dealt with after this period of mass deconstruction are directly accommodated and prepared to await the phenomenon of ascension without the body [the body will be replaced with an eternal body of Light]. If you are really living in Unity [and not in duality], you will even say that they have a much better opportunity than many because they are evacuated [by ETs] before they experience the much more terrifying events that are to come.

Question: Is there an easier method to reach our interior silence?

The inner silence that occurs [it allows us to use our heart instead of our intellect] after the note Si [or Ti or the note G] is heard is a process which must be established naturally. A certain number of techniques have been implemented by the Archangelic forces and by Ourselves to enable you to accommodate certain energies like interior silence that occurs after the Ti sound [the G note] and the Song of the Heart that [Lady] Nada will establish in you, and after the energies of the radiant crown of the head flow entirely and merge into the radiant crown of the heart.

This is a preliminary measure only and there is no rigid technique strictly speaking, but it is something which must establish itself in you. In the same way you will soon experience another type of sound (if you can call that like that) which corresponds to the Chorus of the Angels, but this Chorus of the Angels will occur only when there is a direct connection established between your essence and your ego personality, not only in you but on the entire level of your planet. That will occur in a few weeks with the establishment of the final step [on April 17], and some will begin to hear the Chorus of the Angels at that time. This interior silence cannot be activated entirely in a permanent way however until you definitively leave this body in ascension [to 5D].

[Do is A, Re is B, Mi is C, Fa is D, So is E, La is F, Ti is G - these are the 7 notes of the octave scale from the Sound of Music movie 1959. This is part of the solfege sound principle that uses tones for healing and spiritual advancement. See and . This is also tied to the sacred geometry and the Merkabah that AA Metatron teaches along with the chakras.]

Question: Why are some still sought [attacked] by disincarnates [disembodied spirits or ghosts] from the astral realms when they work in the Light and the Unity?

Working in the Light and the Unity does not prevent you completely from experiencing duality, for without that you would have definitively left the duality of 3D by your incarnation. You nevertheless are indeed protected by certain vibrations [by living in the Light]. It should be well understood that there are demonstrations related to the astral entities or disincarnates who are not completely released yet from 3D, and We cannot catch everyone to put them in a state of stasis while We are awaiting ascension. Thus there are some who indeed exist here, but they are very rare though they do exist nevertheless. [They will not exist in 5D.]

Just as the entities who have hidden in the astral worlds have no place to live any more, they are therefore required to some extent to still exist on Earth [they are not yet uncreated]. But if you experience these events that does not mean that they should be fought, for that would only draw your attention to a weakness in you in relation to the Light and the Unity.

The entities (even the disincarnates) as you know enjoy the remote regions [where they can hide], and they will nourish on your Light that penetrates through the dark regions. These remote regions are perhaps your fears, they are perhaps the crystallizations of certain things which are related to that which you have lived or quite simply with certain dark behaviors which you have not yet cleared. But you do not risk anything by experiencing the unpleasant side of this kind of demonstration. Therefore the solution is to seek in yourself those remote regions which remain that allowed this to occur [and clear them].

Question: When we receive care from a hypnotizer could this present problems on the vibrational level in those efforts that we make, such as during the sessions in the evening at 7 PM?

The answer lies in understanding the functions and procedures at that time of both you and of the hypnotizer. There is Magnetism and there is magnetism, in the same way that there is Light and there is light. How does the hypnotizer work? Are these energies electrical and magnetic, are they energies of prayer, is it of the Light and Unity? There are many forms of magnetic hypnotizers I would say.

Therefore each case depends on the energy of the hypnotist and his consciousness, and the one that works for you is the right one. Now in regards to this energy therapy, in the broad sense it should be understood that there are techniques (whatever they are) which are based on duality that use the opposition of good and evil technique. If the hypnotizer imagines himself as one who will drive out evil by good then he acts under the laws of duality [and it will not help since that does not work].

If you act in service to the Unity which is the Unity of Light and the awakening of the consciousness to Unity, it is obvious that this therapeutic type of magnetic action that comes from a being who still adheres to the old beliefs and the old operating processes is somewhat harmful for you. It can not be otherwise.

This means that you can not claim it is a Unity procedure by using a duality procedure. This is the same principle that can be compared to other entities. Because, in ancient times and even in my life (I have given many teachings about this) when you have astral [negative] entities in you, that corresponds to faults in you, and everyone during my lifetime had various entities which we carried around. These entities today have not yet disappeared [although they will in 5D]. If your consciousness decides to fight against these entities, you are on the vibrational level of duality, even if you called upon the Light for assistance [many demonic exorcisms do not work because they use dualist techniques].

If on the other hand you called upon the Unity, it is enough for you to use your vibrations more and more so that the entities can be taken down immediately and in a natural way. It is not the same thing and therefore the vibration level is absolutely not the same for you, even if the result is the same and the entity disappeared. In one case you adhered to and you reinforced the beliefs in the duality, while in the other case you released yourself from the duality and the beliefs [and live in Unity].

Question: How can we help people who are more evil around us, especially young people, without going into the duality process?

It is very difficult because there are beings at present (but we should not judge them because in fact they may perhaps be the first to ascend) who are in total resistance and opposition to the Light, and the more you speak to them about the Light and the more you move to their vibrational level, the more they will attack you in one way or another. It is unfortunately inescapable and inexorable. But it is necessary to have patience and to endure, because at any given time these beings which resist the Light are not in opposition to the Light, but simply they do not understand or have knowledge of the Light. For them this is a dream and a fairy tale. They are in a world where the only light that they know is that which they see during the day.

They cannot imagine that there are vibrations and Lights coming from elsewhere. They have beliefs, they are in opposition to the Light, not because they are opposed to the Light but because they do not know what it is, and these beings are perhaps more advanced than you. Simply they will wake up at a later time [it may take many lifetimes and millions of years to do this]. I know that they are not always easy to deal with in the family as couples, as children, as parents, etc, and at work also, because once again (I already used this expression) you are between two worlds, and that is also a challenge. This is to encourage you to advance even more towards more Light and more alignment and more vibration. There is nothing else you can do unfortunately. And that is what you see around the world, is not it?

Question: What is the feeling of total emptiness that can be felt in the body or in spirit?

This I believe was called the change of consciousness by Sri Aurobindo. It is the moment when you stabilize your personality in your essence. At this time there are many who fall asleep. But it is really a time of transition, it is a sort of transitory vacuum between the passage of duality to the fullness of essence. Many of you live in these effusive energies during the daily 7 PM period, do you not, and also at other times when you place your hands near your heart and you recite the mantras. That makes it possible (if you desire) to experience this change of consciousness. Nevertheless not all are aware of this essence change afterwards. Many fall asleep because the vibrational level is such that you do not have the possibility of consciously living it at the moment. But this a very precise phenomenon of change which occurs by this vacuum and is a change of the consciousness from one state to another.

Question: What is the influence of the tobacco and alcohol on the vibrational evolution?

Alcohol has a very special influence because you have certain alcohols that support the vibratory growth, and this includes champagne. On the other hand, you have alcohols which warm the blood, like wines for example and which also allow a vibrational increase but which are too violent compared to champagne [and may cause those who drink heavily to also become violent]. Beware, I do not say to you therefore that you should consume champagne, wine, or any other alcoholic beverage without stopping, and I speak of consuming only moderate amounts of alcohol as you well known [do not get drunk].

Tobacco is different because there are those who need to protect themselves precisely from the astral [negative] entities by the use of tobacco. Because tobacco is also a sacred herb which was intended to protect us from the astral realm and which was used by certain traditions precisely to limit the astral influences at the time during certain ceremonies [this has been used by the native Americans and the shamans]. That does not remove you from these entities, but it adds in some way to the vibration of the astral body and prevents it from perceiving or feeling the presence of the entities of the astral realm.

However if there is excessive smoking you will also attract astral entities of course. It is all a question of balance and dosage amounts. It is necessary to differentiate the specific uses, the precise effects, and the resulting goal to determine if the use is improper or beneficial, even for sacred plants of course. [Most cigarettes have harmful and addictive additives and can cause lung cancer and emphysema and other breathing problems. Some states are beginning to see the benefits of marijuana and have legalized it for medicinal purposes.]

Question: Why is it that when we communicate with the Light, we sometimes also get the impression that we regress and move away from this Light?

Yes, the yo-yo up-down effect is something that is inevitable in your spiritual advance. The progression is never linear in each other as you noticed, whatever the path that you follow. There are always moments of exaltation and moments of joy in living in your essence or on the contrary in your regression and sorrow. It is logical, it is extremely logical, even when the process of awakening takes place entirely unless you remain in Samadhi 24 hours a day [a state of Divine bliss in a coma like state], which is impossible.

Even the greatest Mystics did not remain in Samadhi 24 hours a day. Take the example of a great teacher that you read about (because there was much literature written about her) who was called Sri or Master Anandamayi Ma [also known as Anandamoyi Ma, a Hindu spiritual teacher and Guru from Bengal India and considered a saint by many (1896 - 1982)] who could spend weeks in Samadhi without eating, drinking, or moving. But at any given time she also experienced a low point. This high/low, low/high movement is unavoidable in duality. Without it there would be no possibility of maintaining life within the duality. [There is good and bad in everything in 3D and there are times of joy and times of sorrow for all.]

Moreover, even the Source [Creator God] when He materialized in a body lived periods of extreme suffering, because for the Source to materialize in a 3D body it is also necessary to participate in the duality, and the time of this materialization [this reportedly occurred in the 1980’s] lasted only a few years [He did this so He could also experience what it is like for us to live in 3D]. It should well be understood that from the moment when you put a foot on this Earth you will of necessity spend much of your time in high and low experiences. Nevertheless, it is the reality of living the highs which enables you to find relief during the lows. That is very important for you to understand.

You have a Friend [Ami, a member of the 24 Elders] who spoke earlier (and I will not reveal his name but will leave it up to him to tell you who he was)) and he also, when he experienced his awakening (as a very young person) spent the remainder of his Life trying to find the mechanism that had triggered his awakening [so he could live that experience permanently]. He centered all his consciousness and all of his Life on the precise mechanism of his awakening into the Light. But do you believe that, even while living alone in his cave in Samadhi [a state of deep meditative contemplation which leads to higher consciousness], he spent all his life in Samadhi [in spiritual bliss]? Spirituality, even among the most high does not prevent the disadvantages of the duality.

Question: If one regards somebody as being an imbecile, is this a judgment or is it merely an observation?

I would answer both. The important thing to say is “he is an imbecile, but I love him anyway”. When you say: “he is an imbecile”, it is a judgment. On the other hand, when you say: “I love him even though he is an idiot”, it is no longer a judgment, and perhaps he may also think of you in the same way. It is said: "only idiots never change their opinions”. [It is said that many never change after they reach 40 years of age and cling to their beliefs and traditions.]

There are many on Earth at present who have problems with this concept of judgment because they were told: “you should not judge or you will be judged also”. Yes that is true, but that was not Christ who said this. That teaching was transformed and corrupted, and in fact this sentence belongs to the demigods and is not the Truth of the Light.

One is made to believe (and we all believed it, even me in my lifetime because we were subjected to this law) that from the moment when an evil deed is committed one is going to pay for it [in hell]. Well, that is not the whole truth except for the fact that it will delay our returning to the Light. At this moment do not believe that if you live in goodness you will be rewarded with goodness, or that if you live in evil you will rewarded with evil, because you are still in this duality of 3D. [Many do not understand this because they are stuck in 3D teachings and traditions.]

Beyond duality there is only your essence and your action of thanksgiving, and there is neither action nor reaction [like the teaching sin brings punishment that is taught in duality]. It is not quite the same thing. I do not mean by this that it is necessary to do evil or good; it is necessary to do neither one nor the other, for one needs to only dwell in his essence and his inner strength [and everything will flow properly in Light and Love].

From the moment that you are in the right vibration and alignment in your awakening (if you want to call it that ), you pass under the law of synchronicity [the experience where two or more events that are apparently unrelated occur together in a meaningful manner, and these events would unlikely occur together by chance. wiki], under the law of fluidity, into the principle of attraction and resonance where you will attract towards you what you think and what you are [everything will come together in a meaningful way in your life.]. If you are really in the Unity and the Light what will appear to you will be of the Light [criminals are attracted to other criminals].

You can call that Divine Providence, you can call that Grace, whatever you want, but it is this principle which is at work. I hear the wheels of your brain spinning trying to digest this. There is a forward movement and then there is a reverse movement like gears in a machine - moving forward and moving backwards. This thinking process helps to purify and raise your vibrations. Realize that we all (when I say we, it includes even me in my lifetime [1900 – 1986]) adhered to beliefs because that was our reality, so these beliefs that we now still perceive have no meaning now.

The more the consciousness rises and expands, the more it realizes that the beliefs were created in an artificial way to enslave you, and that sometimes creates a great vacuum when we find ourselves left without beliefs because all fundamental doctrines that we have been taught are shattered. When we find ourselves free and independent and sovereign beings, we will find this freedom scary to be a human being [like the slaves who were freed after the Civil War and returned to their owners because they had no concept of freedom and nowhere to go]. Because we were all imprisoned all of our lives in 3D we have difficulty accepting that we are sovereign beings who will find total freedom.

Question: It is still difficult to be stabilized in our essence because we see-saw in episodes of “up-down” feelings. In addition you said that reaching these states that we have already achieved could give us access to a very great freedom. How can these two aspects be coordinated?

It is very simple. This is a characteristic of all beings in all the traditions and all civilizations and all people who have understood this freedom? There are beings, and you can see them everywhere, who are now free. What Does that mean? Being free means not being controlled at work, not being controlled any more by another human being, whether that is as a couple, by your children or by your parents.

Freedom can obviously involve your working life, but you should note that by living in your heart or your Spirit, you will be more and more inspired to leave these dualistic situations, situations where the duality is maintained, whether that is at work or with a companion, whatever the activities which until now have seemed easy for you to endure day to day but which will become extremely difficult to maintain in the future.

In these cases I would ask: what prevents you from moving towards this freedom? And if you answer me yes “, but money”, “yes, but this”, “yes, but that”, I would say that you are not ready for this freedom, it is as simple as that. This freedom and this vibration of freedom is obtained only on the condition of cutting all the chains that enslave you of course. Do not depend on what the rest of the world will think [think for yourself]. This is not a call to revolution, but it is necessary to clearly understand the intricate details of a situation, a decision, or a process and consider their outcomes.

If you wish to live more and more in the vibrational realms of Unity, you cannot continue to go to work every day in a bank [and rely on money for satisfaction]. If you wish to live these moments of freedom and Unity even more, you cannot be constantly with a spouse who will attack you and who prevents you from raising your vibration. It is a question of logic. [Many women will find that they will not see their husbands after they ascend and will no longer need them or enjoy having them around.]

Obviously as you experience the vibrational realms of your essence and Unity more you will need to grow because releasing this in you is the only way to find freedom and this vibration. But everyone should go at his own pace. Some among you are afraid to give up all and others are afraid to resist what is evil because you are afraid that with your beliefs you will miss out on this or that. You cannot claim the freedom of living in your essence while maintaining certain beliefs or certain structures of operation within the duality. It is as simple as that.

There comes a moment which is different for each person when the weight from your consciousness is such that it is necessary for you to dare to change your course and thus to remove these chains. Without that it will be increasingly more difficult, whatever the names of these chains that enslave you whether it is a husband, a wife, a child, your work, etc. There will come a moment when these compromises are no longer possible. Without that you are only deceiving yourself, and by deceiving yourself in the vibrations which you live you will only make matters extremely difficult, much more than if you maintain things which are not right. It is these ethics and the integrity that will come to you that touches all the sectors of your life.

Question: How can we raise our vibratory rate?

Initially there is a very simple procedure: eat healthy, eat little [most eat much more than they should], drink liquids, avoid poisons, and have a healthy life. Immerse yourself and spend your time in nature and in particular around trees which are cosmic antennas which collect the vibrations of the gamma rays and the X-rays and which can soften them and retransmit them to you. Then be prudent: do not judge others. You can observe if you want, but do not judge, do not condemn others. Then find quiet spaces for yourself in periods that you call meditation and prayer so you may return to your essence, but what you call it is not important. You should release yourself from all of the chains or as many of these chains as is possible in any case that enslave you whatever the price you will pay, because there is no price big enough to live in freedom.

Nevertheless, if you decide to go towards freedom, this vibrational ascent is largely dependent on what is happening now [disclosures and changes that will soon occur] and by energies from various radiations which you will receive and which We transmit to you. The vibrational ascent is complete provided that you do not continue to consciously maintain the chains and the false beliefs.

You have several options and choices: food is one, but that is not enough. This means that you can eat organic if you own a bank and have a lot of money. Progressively in situations in your relations with other people who are extremely burdensome, what was bearable for example a year ago or even two years ago will in the coming weeks seem intolerable to you. What was tolerable one year ago will become more intolerable now, so how do you handle these cases?

It is a decision which should be made by each of you in your heart and your consciousness. There are times when the conscience requires you to break free of this to release yourself. There are compromises which were possible to maintain until very recently. You have a typical example in certain couples of course where one evolves and where the other does not want to evolve, and where it was once tolerable but now becomes intolerable.

[Marriage is an institution and for some it is like being in prison. About 50% of the marriages end in divorce, and many more would like to separate but can not afford it. In the future when the relationship is over it is time to separate and move on, and since we live eternally it is not “till death do us part” for we will not die any more in 5D. Money will soon not be a problem, so that will help some become free.]

It is similar in your professional situations. What seemed to you in the beginning to be enriching, whatever the money sums that you made, now becomes confining and burdensome to you now. So what can you do with all that money? Your mental intervenes by saying “oh it is not necessary that I leave that job because I will have no money”, or “it is not necessary that I leave such and such a person because I will find myself living on the streets”, but to that I would answer as Christ said: “Oh you of little Faith. Let the dead bury the dead and follow Me”.

Therefore, it is not a question of following someone else, it is question of following yourself. It is necessary that you know what you want. You will be less and less able to live by compromising when you live in the Light, and there will come a time soon when you will either choose to live in the Light or maintain your existence in darkness [elsewhere]. Do you want to move towards the new or do you want to still maintain the old and status quo [which will soon be gone]? And that will become increasingly crucial.

[Many are trapped in bad marriages and bad jobs and would like to escape, but due to a lack of money and support are unable to break these binds of slavery. It appears that the time is near when we will be able to break free from these chains that bind us, and there will of course be total freedom in 5D which appears to be soon.]

I remind you that from the moment that the Light reaches the Earth [and replaces the darkness] you will experience it on the level of your consciousness. These situations [by your rejection of the Light] will only give you discomfort and a lack of integrity and transparency, and you will not be able to support them any more, and that is only logical. It is necessary to move more and more towards simplicity, it is necessary to advance more and more towards the Joy and the principle of attraction, resonance, and fluidity in the Light. If you place yourselves under this influence everything will turn out fine.

This will be accomplished by the Light itself and by your guides [guardian angels], so that from the moment that you choose freedom things will unfold with ease. There is certainly among you here those who have already decided to make this change and who realize that it is not as complicated as what they thought it would be. They have discovered realms of freedom which they did not even conceive of being possible because of their engagements and commitments, whether professional, family, social, political, or whatever you want to call them. It is necessary to choose what you want: either the Light or the dark, and any compromises [or sitting on the fence by indecision] will be less and less possible in the few moments that remain.

Question: Are these vibrations [of the Light and] Love?

These vibrations are not always Love. It is necessary that these vibrations be identified by the Heart, for when you use your heart you will understand this immediately. In this phenomena these vibrations in general enter through the chakra crown [above the head], but what penetrates the chakra crown includes beings who are connected to the Black Light [of the darkside], and they are also connected to the 7th chakra [at the top of the head]. Therefore, when you feel a vibration in the head, that does not mean that it is of the Light, it only means that there is a vibration, but you do not know which Light is penetrating you.

On the other hand, when you feel the vibration in the Heart, it is the only place where the dark can never ever penetrate. Therefore, the guarantee of the authenticity of the Light and the Love is of the Heart and nothing else. Nevertheless this Light must penetrate somewhere in you until that time when you are reborn with the Fire of your Heart.

The Fire of the Heart is the creator of Love. The Fire of Love and the Fire of the Heart are the same process occurring on the level of the chest. But you initially received these energies by opening your entry in the head. But beware: if you do not feel the Fire of the Heart, you do not have any means of knowing if that feeling is a vibration of the Light unless you become completely psychic and clairvoyant, and it is like your looking through ice to see the color of the Light which is above your head.

It is important that this is understood with the vibration of the Heart, for that is the guarantee of the authenticity of Love and the Light and nothing else. But you can act as if you have Love, you can act like helpers of mankind who want to help everyone and cherish children in the street [like those in the Peace Corps and other NWO groups], and you may even believe you act in Love but still lack the vibration of Love. Love is Vibration, Love is Fire, and it then becomes a behavior and part of your life and not the reverse.

Question: Is rainwater important for cultivation?

Extremely important. Rainwater, whatever the pollutants which one sprays in your clouds with vaporizations by these planes [chemtrails], is carrying the highest radiations in the amount of X-rays and the gamma rays. Thus rainwater is certainly water that is nearest to the cosmic vibrations, even if it is polluted chemically. What I mean is that if, for example, you have a kitchen garden and you use rainwater, that is much better than tap water or even than the water from a well. [Tap water contains chlorine and fluoride and other hazardous chemicals. Fluoride is a highly toxic waste byproduct of the manufacture of aluminum and is discouraged in most of the world except the US. It is used in the US because local water suppliers are subsidized and paid to include it in their water.]

Question: How can we best preserve and store rainwater?

In itself, from the moment when it is stored it is not subjected to the influence of the solar or lunar radiations, and for rainwater plastic blocks the vibrations which come at the same time from the sun and the moon, because arriving on Earth they were already modified and falsified, so to preserve rainwater I would say use plastic. That is not the case with water that you drink. Isn't plastic an insulator of electricity? Therefore if you put water in plastic, it will be isolated from the electromagnetic influences. But do not drink this water, and I speak about rainwater for watering vegetation only. Now, if you want to drink this water, it should be purified. But do not spread it on top because it would be too much strong at the cosmic level.

Question: What will become of the minerals, plants, and in particular the trees [in 5D]?

The trees are the major intermediaries between your falsified 3rd dimension where you are incarnated and the Light. In the worlds of Light there exists the equivalent of these plants but they have different structures than yours do in 3D. When I say that this world will dissolve, expect to find yourself in a different world. It should be understood that I have a structure and an appearance. Even if I am a being of Light, I still have an anthropomorphism [physical form]. I have strands of hair but they are not made up of the same matter as on your material body. [We will need different bodies as we move to the 5th dimension.]

An Archangel has a form which is different according to the dimension where He is present. In the same way, the matter constituting other dimensions also has the shape of matter but it does not consist of the same components. In fact different components do not appear or exist within your density except in the form of traces. X-rays are arranged to create forms. The propagation of X-rays does not have a wavelike linear appearance. It is in your dimension but yet it is not in our dimension [in the same manner].

We do not have any more questions, we thank you.

Then dear friends, I wish you much, much Light, and especially do not forget that you are the Way, the Truth and the Life [just as Jesus said He was]. You do not have anything to seek outside of yourself. As long as you seek externally for guidance, that simply proves that you are not ready to live in the Unity. You absolutely have all that possibility in you, and it is not a belief, it is a Truth. But you need to live this Truth in order to release all of your other external [false] beliefs. You cannot adhere to an external savior, you can not even cling to an entity of Light (those who claim that they are) if you are not that Truth, if you yourself are not in that vibratory state. As one well known person said: “as long as you follow someone you are not on your right path”. To be on your proper path you need to follow yourself and to live in your inner essence.

As long as you follow someone on the outside, even if he is greatest of the Beings having traveled the Earth like Christ, you are not on your proper path. Christ asked you to forever follow Him when He said: “come and follow Me, let the dead bury the dead”. That means that He asked you to imitate His way, that you should become like Him, and not to follow Him as an external character, which is completely different [do not worship others as gods or saints].

May you discover your dimension of Eternity today, but you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven without becoming like a child again. To become like a child again means living in simplicity, being very simple. It is that which will arrive in you and will assist you in your life by destroying all that is not simple around you, and it is as simple as that. We wish then to welcome you into the Light and especially We wish for you to welcome Us into your dwellings very soon. As for Me I say to you it will be very soon. I bring all My blessings and all My Love to you. Go towards your inner self and your essence because there is only you, the rest is merely an illusion. You should conduct yourselves well, and We love each of you and especially you beloved. Goodbye.

from Sound Wave Energy

We have entered a "new age" of holistic healing for ourselves, and our planet. Our consciousness, and awareness, are rapidly expanding, and our bodies are beginning to rebel against all of the unnatural substances we have used to "cure" ourselves of this disease, or that one. As a result, many of us are now choosing to take an active role in our health. No longer content to passively swallow the latest "cure all" treatment that comes along. Many people believe that light and sound therapy are the tools for true transformation of all levels.

Specific frequencies have the ability to bring a myriad of changes, both positive and negative, to the body. Among some of the beneficial changes are: increased vitality, circulation, calmness, well-being, personal growth and empowerment, energy, balanced emotions, harmonious personal growth, even a deeper connection to our Source through spiritual growth. Sound healing represents a natural, alternative, holistic approach to wellness for body, mind, and spirit.

Resonance is a basic principle that affects everyone and everything, all the time. This same principle applies for a person in need of physical healing, and/or mental and emotional transformation. The correct frequency reminds the body's energy field of its original blueprint, and brings it into harmony. When we are in the presence of a person who is expressing joy, the energy field of their joy brings our own joy to the surface, so we resonate together. This is true of other manifestations of this principle, in both positive and negative ways.

My comments: The seven main chakras that are discussed by the Archangels and Masters are listed bellow and are aligned along the spinal column and the head:

1) The crown chakra is located at the top of our head.

2) The third-eye chakra is between and a bit above our two physical eyes.

3) The throat chakra is at the Adam’s apple.

4) The heart chakra is in the middle of the chest.

5) The solar plexus chakra is centered in the diaphragm area.

6) The sacral is the seat of the soul and is in the lower belly area.

7) The base or root chakra is at the base of our spine in the pubic area.

There are 5 lesser known chakras that are located in the thymus area, hands and feet. In total, the human body contains 144 spiritual centers or chakras. By learning to use these tools that are provided we can better access higher dimensional entities and grow spiritually.

The Bible states that there will be a new heavens and a new Earth and that includes everything including plants, animals and humans. There is a saying that heaven for some is hell for others. Many want a better 3D but everything will soon change. Those in higher dimensions do not spend their time watching TV or other entertainment or working over 40 hours a week to pay the bills or getting drunk to relieve the misery of 3D, but they spend much of their time communicating with and assisting others and developing their own spiritual advancement. Much of what is taught in schools is erroneous and useless in our lives as many adults have acknowledged.

We are the only beings in this universe who use money, and it is a means for control and enslavement. Since it is needed to pay for necessities and luxuries those with money can demand that others serve them and do as they say whether they want to or not. Copyrights and trademarks are part of these restrictions and will not be needed in the future because we will create everything we need as co-creators and will have access to all knowledge and technology that is available in the cosmos along with assistance from ETs we will soon meet that will be shared with all.

Some like myself do things for people for free and ask for nothing in return, and this will probably be the trend in the future as we all will become “one big happy family” as the saying goes and will help each other. Those who will not fit into this family will end up elsewhere. Divine Love is giving of self without desiring any compensation which is much different from what we call love (which is usually only selfish), and Jesus was a good example of this Love.

The internet was created decades ago by educational institutions as a means for freely sharing all information, but big business has tried to take control of it so they could make money from it. Corporations like Microsoft have attacked Linux (which is a Windows alternative) and Open Office (which is an MS Office alternative) and other free and open source software but have been unsuccessful so far to stop them.

Primitive ETs trade with others to acquire goods that they need, while advanced ETs can create anything they need including food and tools, and there is no need for farms or factories. Earth was a major trading post at one time due to its location in the galaxy, and Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by laser blasts by the Anunnaki according to the former Enki because they were killing the galactic traders there.

Sheldan visited Agartha in inner Earth and marveled at the living and conscious crystalline houses that can adapt to the desires of their owners at any time and the always present sunlight there, and this will be available in time here on the surface also. We will soon meet them and they will assist us as we ascend into 5D, and almost all beings in this universe are already at that point at this time.

Disclosure is important because most have no idea of the corruption of our controllers (leaders). Papa Bush reportedly said that if people knew what he had really done they would find the nearest tree and hang him from it immediately, and this could also apply to many others. Many are involved in murder, bribery, blackmail, embezzlement and other criminal activities in their work, and they only wish to maintain a status quo so they can continue this treasonous activity.

The bankrupt Federal Reserve is owned by the bankrupt Bank of England which is owned by the bankrupt Rothschild family, and it will be replaced with a gold-based currency from the Treasury. We are still a British colony operating under British law using British lawyers and paying the Queen, and she still receives our taxes and administers Social Security and other programs.

There are those who say that we should solve our own problems without Divine intervention but that has gotten us nowhere so far. Our leaders talk about a change and we even elected one who promised this, but he has yet to deliver on it and things has gotten much worse since he took office. It appears that the time for a change and a new beginning is here, but only time will tell.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Disclosure and Changes

Esu [Jesus] Says Prepare for Changes
By Jess Anthony Mar 11, 2010 - 9:38:53 AM

You ask about the sort of preparations that should be made. This is a topic with many answers that address many sorts of people on Earth. Those who have an awareness of changes to come will prepare in one way, and those who have turned against any guidance will find they are facing an unexpected prospect. Some also are fence straddlers, to use that expression, who are waiting for the best opportunity as they see it. They think they can go either way, but they will be surprised when their indecision becomes their decision when other options are withdrawn. The future of this planet and its inhabitants has been determined, and all human decisions must either agree or disagree with the determination.

To speak of the timetable is to begin to categorize decision making. Christ Michael Aton prefers to let events reach their peak on Earth in the context of a galactic timetable that is ongoing. Man's efforts to counteract this stream of galactic events are pointless and will be futile. Geophysical changes are happening on Earth despite the platitudes and assurances of calm the government officials broadcast. People numbed to possibilities and eventualities are easily manipulated. Manipulated populace will work and sacrifice for those manipulating them without any recognition this is happening to them. This servitude will provide a work force and resources for the benefit of only a few.

The level of manipulation is so extensive that it seems impossible for man now to break out of the straight jacket he has been placed in without help. We have debated on the best way for this to occur for the last five of your years. Our assistance has always been contingent on man's willingness to recognize his situation and ask for help. The numbers of those becoming aware has increased each year, but there has never been sufficient to act on their own as a revolutionary force and overthrow the controls.

Part of the seduction has been a perceived need for comfort along with a lack of any true power to make decisions on the nature of their existence. Man has been taught that comfort and satisfaction is the status quo provided by those shaping his existence. He has forgotten that he creates his existence and that he has the power to change it. Those controlling the nature of his existence are only doing so because man has allowed this to happen. Man has given up his control and opted not to maintain an ongoing dialogue with Christ Michael and his spiritual guides.

This perception is changing as third dimensional existence on Earth has moved into a higher frequency of energy input. Man's perceptions are shifting their focus to take into account the broader universal truth of Christ Michael's vision of Earth as a seed planet. The time is now for this to move into its next phase of evolution. Unfortunately, the changes that are beginning on Earth are understood and embraced by only a percentage of its current inhabitants.

Most will not see the necessity of vast geophysical realignments and cultural changes. This group will either continue their current [3D] experience elsewhere [on other planets], or opt out of the process completely [be uncreated]. It is always the individual's choice, although alternative possibilities are restrictive and final, in some cases. The geophysical upheavals [quakes and tsunamis] and unpredictable weather scenarios will allow many to leave their existence here. This is not a punishment, but an inevitable evolution that must occur on Earth. Man's choices have determined his ability to grow with Earth.

Those opting to stay will be protected and taught how to adapt to the new environment that will be created. The scenario for this to occur will be approximately as outlined in earlier discussions of preparing for stasis and the changes that will occur during this period. The new event will be the introduction of a visible Jupiter to begin a period of revelations and emotional turmoil. This evidence will cause many of the straddlers to make a decision.

The time is now to look for the new Jupiter. The second sun will begin appearing in the sky around the time of the other sun's appearance [at sun rise]. The small burning orb will be seen in tandem with the larger, more vivid sun your solar system revolves around. This sun now seems brighter because it is sending out waves of increasingly powerful energy. The hydrogen gas that has provided its light traditionally is becoming the more atomically stable helium, with greater intensity of energy it can release.

The plans that have been developed call for a definitive sighting of Jupiter first, followed by commentary that speaks of its origin and source and the reason it is necessary to speed up the changes on Earth. The outline of Christ Michael's intentions for this planet will be introduced, as well as clear explanations of the many reasons they have not been achieved thus far. The broadcasts of this information will be coordinated from aboard ship, not on Earth, although assistance and links to the global system of broadcasting will be utilized to maintain the continuity of the sections.

Once man begins to see the depth of the depravity he has been living in, he will, in larger numbers, begin to make changes. Self reliance and personal responsibility will begin to be a consistent mode of thinking, rather than a belief that someone else is controlling the situation and making all the decisions. As his expectations for existence become harder and harder to satisfy, man will begin to fall back on basic necessities. He will realize that personal preservation is more important than external acquisitions.

The timetable of events you wonder about is inevitably in flux, determined by natural reactions that are uncertain. Earthquakes can be anticipated, but not completely predicted. We have the ability to work within the limited timeframe that is available and provide assistance where it is needed. We expect certain stress points to give way with the increase of energy that Jupiter will provide, but the sequence of occurrences is unknown.

You should be prepared for great changes to begin. The outline I will give you is tentative, based on a variety of factors such as man's reactions, the Earth's response to increased pressure, and the state of the magnetosphere. Jupiter's visibility and recognition will trigger a public questioning that will allow us to begin to provide answers. This will be accompanied by a collapse of criminal public institutions and an end to economic manipulation. Evidence of theft and global fraud will be presented openly.

This disclosure will be the prelude to an extended period of stasis to allow a galactic intervention to moderate the necessary changes without a typical period of destruction and starting again. Plans for coordinating this phase have been worked out, and Earth's inhabitants will continue in the locations and dimensional levels they have chosen. The decimation of population that has been talked about is the result of conscious selection by the inhabitants, not as the outcome of some kind of punishment. The ascension of Earth requires certain parameters, and the inhabitants here now with the ability to choose have chosen whether they wish to stay or relocate. Compassion and support for the decision are appropriate.

Sheldan Nidle March 9

At present, the Earth allies have instituted a worldwide Intelligence blackout to demonstrate to everyone that they are applying the necessary security measures in anticipation of the first domino of the changes. The "roadblocks" are now self-imposed as our Earth allies slow down their operations in order to make sure that all potential opponents are removed from any position where they could cause delays to the immense global changes. So far, the remnants of the dark cabal have shown no proclivity to further hinder our Earth allies' good works. The final agreements are in place, as are the funds to carry out the numerous governmental and financial changes. All is in readiness for the grand plan to be implemented. Meanwhile, our inner ring of ships around Mother Earth is prepared to carry out its many pre-landing assignments. Our Earth allies are fully aware that Heaven has given us all the "green light" to act when the time is ripe, and to this end, we have recalled our various planetary patrols and stand ready to act!

For her part, Mother Earth is accelerating the preparatory stage of a series of massive, global earth changes. Your planet and her Spiritual Hierarchy tell us that time is running out, and it is therefore essential that some sort of pre-evacuation warnings be issued. Pursuant to this, the waiting interim governments comprehend the need to reprioritize their schedule of changes, and we are working with them on plans that meet the Earth Hierarchy's criteria. The most pressing issue is to ascertain how best to prepare each of you for the much reduced time span before departure from the planet surface becomes necessary. A general intensification of planetary activity is also being noticed by your astronomers, who see an upsurge of unaccountable activity happening throughout your solar system. The heightened activity is affecting the space stations and shuttles in near-earth orbit and has lead to the cancellation of most rocket-propelled, manned space missions. In fact, your seriously panicked secret governments are using their antigravity fleet in a desperate bid to avail themselves of a hi-tech escape plan.

The dark cabalists' attempts to defy Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy are typical of them, but fear is now compelling them to physically challenge our clearly stated prohibitions: we have informed them in no uncertain terms that their operations are limited to the planet and its atmosphere; likewise, the Agarthans have banned the cabal's craft from Inner Earth. This puts the cabal in a predicament that has only one solution: to surrender, and to do so ASAP! Your lovely planet is turning to the Light and it is time for you to be informed of what lies ahead. Your dark elites' sources of information have made them vividly aware that their physical survival is now at stake. It is essential for them to surrender and permit our Earth allies to get on with the announcements detailing what is to happen and why. Mother Earth is in the final stages before serious earth changes begin. Further, Heaven requires you to be informed that you are not alone in the galaxy and that your space and spiritual families are here to bring you, with Love and grace, back into full consciousness.

This process of divine change has been tampered with by the dark and its endless infernal schemes. Our task has been to counter these infamous activities and to keep your changes to Heaven's timetable. Our multiple star-nation command board meets daily to put together programs ensuring that Heaven's decrees are carried out. No single star-nation has the power to thwart these divine operations. We are acting as one to guarantee that Heaven's commands are accomplished by means of this first contact mission. To this end, we have set up a series of guidelines that our diplomatic missions are extending to the Earth allies and various governments on your world. We have made it very clear that this is the time for action. Your long-suffering planet makes it evident, too, that the string of delays that has punctuated the recent past must end. We are advised to plan for all possible contingencies and to be ready to carry them out at a moment's notice.

Our fleets are at the ready, and we have compiled a series of back-up announcements to cover any eventualities we may face. These range from simple, forthright announcements informing you of our existence and the need to start mass landings, to emergency broadcasts warning you of imminent earth changes that require us to evacuate you from your surface homes. In the case of the former, we can then also address the secret technologies and set the timing for our arrival on your shores. In any event, we greatly prefer that these broadcasts be delivered by the interim governments. Mother Earth desires, above all, to see far more progress than is happening at present. Those actions that set the stage for an interim world need to happen. We cannot overstate the importance of this. Our purpose here is to shepherd what is now underway to a smooth and rapid success.

Our deep involvement in your affairs has afforded us many new and interesting insights into the dark's operation on your world. We were told about its modus operandi long ago and have spent the past two decades seeing it all in action. The extent to which the dark has been able to change you from a strong, integrated Being into a weak and compliant one that is so divided against itself that you actually "die" after a few decades is quite astonishing. Happily, Heaven is reintegrating and restoring you to your former power and abilities so that you can contribute significantly to the unfolding of the divine plan in physicality. We gleefully look forward to this wondrous transformation and intend to welcome you back with great fanfare. Your hard-won wisdom has the power to accelerate certain consciousness-oriented developments now brewing throughout this galaxy.

This galaxy is undergoing a vast transformation toward the Light. Everywhere, formerly dark star-nations and immense empires are becoming less dictatorial and more inclined toward personal sovereignty and individual rights. There, everyone is highly motivated to develop a Lightbody and to transcend the limitations of 3-D physicality. This longing has enticed many to focus on what you are going through, and so it is in everyone's best interests for us to advise and mentor you back into full consciousness. Besides, you are part of our space family. Humans were given the gift of a Lightbody and Heaven has protected it from destruction. The following chapter of our joint history is predicated on your return to the Light, so you can see that this sacred transformation of yours is most important to us.

The pressure-cooker that is first contact is boiling over! It is imperative that the agenda drawn up between our Earth allies and us now be completed. First, we need to get the waiting [new] caretaker governments into power, together with the prosperity fund [NESARA] deliveries which will kick-start the gold-backed financial system. Then we are to co-sponsor the unveiling of a series of remarkable new technologies, adding ours to the pot. Third, we need, together, to address Mother Earth and quickly remedy her current condition. You need to adopt a whole new set of perceptions and come to honor her role in your evolution. She is a living Being and you are her invited guests. You need to become independent, and fully responsible guardians of her diverse ecosystems.

My comments: OM Aivanhov said "First contact will begin in May of this year and will be finalized well before 2012, at least We hope so". I will finish His message shortly, and most will find it very informative to say the least. May is also when AA Michael will conclude His term of service and hand it over to AA Metatron. As Michael said last month: “This moment will be the most historic moment that Earth has ever lived for more than 300,000 years”, and it is generally believed that this refers to the time when the Anunnaki created mindless slaves from apes to mine for gold in Africa, and we have been in slavery ever since that time. We will soon see Jupiter as a 2nd sun although it will be much smaller in size than our Sun, and this will help some decide to join the Light and show others that universal changes are in progress. OM also said that chemtrails have chemically contaminated our water along with many other side effects, and these continue on in defiance of warnings that have been given.

Disclosures will be coordinated from aboard ship and not from underground cities as was originally stated, and this will probably include a take over of all network media since the darkside controls it and will not willingly allow this. It will include disclosures of 9/11 and other so called "conspiracies" that are in fact accurate, and some of this video was developed several years ago and includes those insiders who have top secret knowledge of this. Most of the important information has been declared high security and has been withheld from us for over 60 years.

The Us and Israel have been attempting to attack Iran for many years so that they can start Armageddon and WW3, but have not been allowed to in the past nor will they be able to in the future, and the darkside continues to talk about HAARP as being the cause of the many violent quakes recently so they can say they are still in control, but these quakes are natural Earth changes that will only intensify in the future and many will need to be evacuated because they live in dangerous areas. Sheldan discussed this and the ET plans and announcements that will be made for this, and this is one reason for 1st contact and ET disclosures. We need to become independent of Earth's ecosystems and get off oil usage which is a lubricant for the plates that are shifting and a cause of some of the quakes that we are having and is also a reason for the extensive and unnecessary pollution that we have now.

Alternative 3 was a plan developed about 50 years ago to make the moon and Mars habitable in the event of a catastrophe on Earth that the leaders and elite could go to in an emergency like the one they are now facing where they can continue their lifestyle and control, and bases have been set up for this purpose. The elite however will be grounded and will not escape either to their underground bases they have built or to Mars, and will remain here to be held accountable for their actions and discipline.

The eternal body of Light that we will have in 5D will be discussed on March 17 according to a Friend Who is one of the 24 Elders. As was stated time is running out and major events are in store for us in the next few months, but only time will tell.

Rich N