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Disclosure Time - February 28

Christ Michael - Things are Getting HOT
Christ Michael and Candace February 28, 2010

Dearly beloveds, it is time for another update. I have purposely awaited the setting up of Vince into his teaching mission and for Leonette to play her role. Candace chuckles on this because this time she is the one to chime in after the fact instead of leading with new work. We felt this would be useful in making this final attempt to connect with some of the dark brothers, this change. Now there have been ground crew distributing printed messages of Vince to known dark brothers who could become of the light and are mostly trapped by the financial situations they are in and need help out. We have had some ‘turn in their badges" so to speak, and hopefully others will follow suit.

This message will also be printed and delivered in hopes of more following the lead of those that have already done so. To these ones yet to come, it is imperative that you walk away and you have My word that you and family will be protected from the thugs, so you have not that to fear now. Understand that the normal people on this planet have an absolute right to hear the truth. You will find yourselves, in fact, heroes for your leaving the ranks and this will greatly assist us.

Your world is falling apart and that is becoming obvious. You have but a rather short time to defect to the light, which is service to others. Most of you are simply "stuck" which is what you have informed your guardians, and your guardians WILL arrange your safety if you but take My hand. This right now, for you to do so, will hugely relieve you of your karma acquired by your choices in this particular life. Brothers, it is not about the big house, the big salary, it is about SERVICE to mankind. If you take My hand, do you realize that even a cottage without a floor would be a mansion?

Now, we aren't moving you to a cottage without a floor, but depending upon who you are, you will either have protection similar to what Candace and other ground crew members have, or if that is not enough based on the situation in which you are currently locked into, you will be altogether removed to one of our areas underground, complete with your loved ones, and there you can spill your beans in complete safety without any worry whatsoever.

In this scenario, do not worry about those that will miss you outside your immediate families, and do not worry about the reactions of your families finding themselves underground. There are counselors to assist them. The people of this world must have truth. Now we could take over the airways and just do it, we do have the truth, but dear ones, that would cause a fear reaction and it is also important for man of earth to solve his problems. Thus this protection will allow man of earth to hear the truth from those who have LIVED that truth [whistleblowers and insiders not ETs will bring the truth to the public ]. I know most of you are NOT happy about your entrapment, and this offer is thus especially for you, as you have told your guides you want out of your circumstances, but you also know your family is at great risk and you would not put them to that risk. That is WHY this offer protects your family members and close friends.

Some of your close friends are also entrapped, and when they see you have safely left with your family they will do the same. You who are ensouled have the ability to let your guides, even if you don't believe in them, know your stance and as soon as you do so your protection will start. Regardless the truth will be told dear ones, but if you do not take this offer you will not be reducing your karmic debt, that is simply the law [and it will be held against you later]. Since you can inform your guides, there is also NO risk of having to make a phone call [to accept this offer]. Today, this very Sunday, many of you are going to receive this notice, and if not today, tomorrow on Monday. [Help the world know the truth about 9/11 and the darkside control of the world by distancing yourself from them and speaking out publicly at the appropriate time from protected areas.]

You see dear ones, Jupiter IS coming out for her unveiling. The thugs, some of them, are still ignoring this, and for them it will be too late. And it will be too late for you also. When it becomes easily visible, in perhaps 10 days or so, maybe a bit longer, as I said "easily" meaning OBVIOUS, then your timing is nearly up. For at that time this offer is only good for approximately 48 hours. If you are having difficulty "believing" this offer, you will believe it then; We hope at any rate.

It is better to do it now however, but I do understand your fear of doing it now because you have heard some nasty material about the underground areas. However, we took them over and have been cleaning them up since spring 2005, and preventing that which you fear. WE have removed all of the reptilians, which I did previously report, so they are no risk to you.

The underground living conditions are in fact very nice and you will have every comfort. Your new 9-5 jobs will be that of telling the truth ON CAMERA for our presentations in the near future to the world. Our Presentations, you ask? Yes, via our ground crew who will be carefully guarded so the telecasts [disclosures] can be given without interference, but it is those on the ground who must give these because of trust built before the people.

Now, back to Jupiter, your new mini sun of a year ago, last February. It has grown a bit brighter over the year, benefiting from the energies given it, and it's a little larger, but not a lot, but VERY bright and you will not mistake it. You have many amateurs on the ground with their backyard scopes eagerly awaiting it's appearance from behind the sun, and this time they will not be seeing a hologram nor any of the old appearance before we made it into a sun. In other words it's going to look like a sun. Understand dear readers, it is very far away yet, as just today, the 28th of February, it is in what you call opposition [on the opposite side of the sun]. This is about 7 AU's [about 650 million miles], and this time I will let your readers figure out what that figure is.

Not long ago Esu put out that in 7 days after this appearance of the white light, depending on the source which tampered with the information, it would be over. Some of the PJ material was tampered with [this is why 4winds messages were halted about 10 years ago] , and you are not going to experience 7 years of hell [Biblical tribulation]. You are going to experience stasis just as we have said on our timing, which is very likely going to be well past 7 days after the white light in the east appears. We are going to have the news [disclosures] before we go into stasis, and we are going to have some demonstration of the fact that star fleet is here [ET disclosures], after the basic truth is told regards your money systems, 911, and other black operative stories. So the timing depends on the news.

I decided several months ago to go ahead and pull the solar system further into the photon belt. We have kept you at the edges where the density of photons is less. And we are increasing our energy beams around the earth. Basically two types, gamma rays, which change your DNA and more photons and various colored light energies that will put pressure on the inhabitants.

We have raised the actual vibration of the planet again. Well, we do this all the time and it slips back to barely 4d [4th dimension], but during this intensive energy increase, the vibrations of GAIA and her matter, atmosphere etc, will be increased "artificially" to about 4.33. This is going to cause during the next couple weeks, some really intense "pressure" on the dark and on everybody. There is going to [lead to some] people anticipating something coming and some will be fearful and others in joy.

While We did increase some energies the middle of February, what is coming is greatly increased. Now to those gamma rays. Those moving up will benefit, as this will further the remodeling of their DNA so they can be lifted, those ones that will be traveling elsewhere, just prior to entry into stasis. In general these ones will thus not enter stasis but will find themselves aboard ship. There will be many landings about the planet, and these ones [will be] picked up in levitation beams. In order that there is NO fear of this process, We must have exposed our purpose on TV [evacuation] which must of course be done after the exposure of the thug activities, otherwise there will be too much distrust and some folks aren't going to stand in the evacuation beams.

Now, basically we are going to evacuate the planet for the changes. However, those staying with the planet will still be going into stasis because we do not wish for these ones to know too much, to have an experience aboard ship or underground. These ones must return bewildered and as they were of course and for their soul growth to get busy and participate. They would not even wish to do this if they lived a comfortable life on ship for the extended time of stasis. The planet will be put into the stasis before the magnetic reversal starts, and for those new readers, all life will be put into stasis at this time to protect it from the damaging incoming solar rays while the magnetic field is down and of course during the extensive earth changes to follow.

Now, as you have been informed by THOTH thru Leonette months ago, during the time the planet is motionless during that period, all that does not serve leaves, and it leaves dear ones, because "gravity" which you misunderstand is paused at this time. It is not gravity as you understand it, but more the centrifugal force. Gravity is the pressure of cold space upon the planet. But it does not press you to the planet, otherwise you would be pancakes. What happens is that something sort of akin to centrifugal force, again, your language and knowledge is not correct, so I must simply use the best available, ceases to exist, and that is what holds you on the planet. During this time all that does not serve disintegrates and flies off into space essentially.

And this will include those disintegrating [uncreated] robots and all the dark thugs that are not going to continue on this planet or continue anywhere [else in 3D]. Now their dark electrons that are misprogrammed will be collected so as to not have contamination again on this planet, and these will become part of souls some place else to cleanse. Adding small particles of dark entities to the soul enables earlier thinking and problem solving [they learn faster when they are surrounded by evil and have to make decisions].

This is a rather standard procedure, and these dark soul fragments go to other low 3D planetary souls to assist them. It is the nature of God, as covered with Vince, that is love, and developing souls are altogether so full of love, they run from darkness instead of confronting it and grow [from this]. Many of you here on earth thus received this similarly in the past and thus you "clear" up other's karma as it becomes your own, in this manner. You reprogram these electrons. Electrons cannot be uncreated, they can only be reprogrammed. Some of you lightworkers agreed to take on a heavy portion in fact, for this very purpose. [We take on evil and change it to good as we live in the Light.]

So when do we go into stasis? As stated above when the news [disclosures] is done and there have been some very obvious arrests [of major famous leaders]. Jupiter can stay visible for well longer than the 7 days that is in some religious material. The original teaching is that there are 7 days left once the white light in the East appears, and this is a common teaching on all dark planets when there is going to be a reversal and a cleansing. It gives people their last 7 days to change their minds. It is a fearful time for most [fear can bring change].

This white light 7 days before an evacuation and a pole reversal, whatever the case may be for a planet, is not always a nice new sun. Many times here right on your own planet it has been experienced [during mass evacuations in the past]. It is customarily a very large ship [like the New Jerusalem], accompanied of course by many shuttle craft for evacuations. The people of this planet at this time are so full of mis knowledge and fear that they are not likely to step aboard the craft. And of course, in this scenario with the coming ascension of the entire solar system and your planet, My planet in fact [it is solely My responsibility], turning the outer gas planets into suns [Saturn will be next], as has been explained before, is part of the process, and so your "white light" will indeed be your new sun.

And some folks engaged in religion are going to remember this from their teachings. Some are going to have soul memories and we are pretty sure the news [media] is going to suddenly be more correct for this reason. As above, to those entities in fear about walking away with their families, we assume you will very suddenly be changing of your minds.

So an estimate, again, only an estimate, but perhaps a month, after Jupiter appears [stasis will begin]. And Candace is going to place a link in this, because dear ones, it's about time and this little sun is on SOHO exactly as I promised, when the time was "right." Candace likes to call it "pulling rank" so yes indeed that happened and there was resistance. Do understand that if needed we can cause some delay in the show [timing is flexible]. So what about the hologram? Well beloveds, why not just wait and see? Candace isn't about to announce that Jupiter is indeed coming out until she sees it with her bare eyes, so I suggest you all be looking yourselves and awaiting until she sees it unaided with her eyes. Perhaps most of you will notice on the same day as she.

Now to our regular readers, this huge increase the next two weeks of energies is going to cause a lot of you various discomforts. And you are being heavily worked on at night to get your bodies up to snuff. Some of you will be stepping into those beams yourself and will do so if offered.
You are having this increase in quakes because of the energies from the last 2 weeks. Man must see and understand if you live where it is "dangerous" and you are to remain in body, for whatever reason, you will be lifted out or guided to a safe place, so please, if you are being guided, LISTEN. If you awaken say at night, and you live in an earthquake zone and you have this sense of something impending, follow your guidance and if your family member won't listen, you should go anyway, you can always come back if you are "wrong."

Some of you who read at AbundantHope are not staying with the planet, and have likely chosen to go to the new planet and serve there, and this must be in body, which is why if a craft arrives to take you, step into the beam, don't wonder if you should. If you didn't need to step into the beam, if you do this in "error", we can simply return you! Had there been a large tsunami from the Chile quaking, as an example, for those of you living in Pacific Islands, craft even now would be taking people aboard, so bodies are not lost. But heed all warnings of this type and get to high ground.

I cannot say exactly where the coming quakes are going to be or what time. This is all dependant on the mother [Earth] and where the energies cause plate movement. It is possible that California is going to get hit hard, so if you live there, be in preparation. And if LA goes into the sea, as we have said could happen, this is going to be "allowed" meaning I am not ordering stasis just for that reason [only]. But KNOW that all who are supposed to continue on this planet, or another planet, or for duties aboard ship, will be removed before any waves hit or out of harms way with a large fracture.

Now to the teaching by Thoth recently with Leonette. There is mentioned the percentage of body change needed to be preferably at 75%, and this is mostly accomplished except in the late comers, and during this next two weeks this is going to be harder on them than you, so be patient and loving. All beings are likely to be uncomfortable and this increasing energy will cause some folks to just check out [die]. There will be an increase in deaths and we shall await and see if the media is honest or not. Some who will check out are making their first migration to the mansion worlds also.

[Mansion worlds from the Urantia Book: The seraphim are very affectionate and sympathetic beings but are not sex-emotion creatures. They are much as you will be on the mansion worlds, where you will "neither marry nor be given in marriage but will be as the angels of heaven." For all who "shall be accounted worthy to attain the mansion worlds neither marry nor are given in marriage; neither do they die any more, for they are equal to the angels." Paper 38]

You cannot enter the mansion worlds in this body type on earth, so checking out [death] is necessary. To whom this happens mostly depends on their current health and fear level. You have had quite a bit of checking out already around the world but it's not been covered. We of course did interfere as much as possible with the swine flu, with team members entering known storage areas and decontaminating the deadly viruses in it, so the thugs depopulation effort was not successful, and dear ones this is a topic that is going to be covered during the public material.

We cannot say when the broadcasts will start and these are around just telling as much truth as possible, and there is the planned coverage of those already arrested and to be arrested. We take this one-day at a time [decisions are made daily]. There are huge teams in place behind the scenes and I won't say where behind the scenes. We do not know how long stasis will last. Longer than the earlier estimate of 2 years because of the axis change we are going to allow [magnetic pole shift]. That is why there will essentially be evacuation of the planet of life NOT going into stasis. [About 80% of the population live in dangerous areas that will need to be evacuated.]

Crafts will be constantly cleaning up the air as volcanoes erupt, to maintain plant life, but animal life will not be compatible with earth during the early months. Once the volcanism has stopped, and as oxygen is adequate, animals will be awakened from the stasis. That is the wild animals in general. Domestic animals such as those in zoos, feed lots and the like, where human care is needed will be removed elsewhere and not allowed to suffer. Or in some cases, like the massive animal farms for chickens and cows [for food only], these animals will just be immediately relieved of life so they do not suffer. Do not at this time worry about the pets, for there are plans in that arena also. This will be carried out in all arenas with as little suffering as possible.

Now, this is enough to digest for this day. I will likely be updating, or Esu updating more frequently in the coming days and weeks. The biggest purpose of this piece is for our darkened or entrapped brothers who need the material to have it hand delivered to them. Namaste beloveds, we are in the final times. Rest as you need to recover from your body work during the night and be kind no matter how bad you feel to others who are not in comfort from the increases energies.

[Christ Michael Aton]

Let the Sun shine in!! By Thoth and Leonette

Thoth: The Sun that you know as the giver of existence is about to take on another responsibility...One that is larger than Life and one that is about to usher into your awareness the meaning of everything that ever was and everything that is to come. Your Sun for which you depend on, to know night and day, to know time as you perceive it, to provide you with nutrients to sustain you and your world is about to unleash such potent forces upon your planet as to render your perception of everything that you know distant and shallow.

Remember in a previous discourse I mentioned that your Sun was being impacted by the rotating axes (axis) of universal frequencies, well more than that your dedicated Sun is also taking on an enhanced role in the ‘stepping down' of much higher frequencies as they come in from the Great Central Sun [Alcyone the brightest star in the Pleiades]. The frequencies from the Great Central Sun are so potent that they will obliterate everything that you know in your perception of time and space. As such there is a need to filter those frequencies to an extent by having your dedicated Sun absorb those higher frequencies within ‘His' body and then filter those frequencies in such a way to reduce what may be extremely harmful to the lower energies that reside at your dimensional level.

What do these frequencies do? I can hear you ask without you saying such. Well imagine if your sun with an iota of the strength of the Great Central sun can hold sway over life and death in your world, just imagine what a re-energized sun could do if it is not properly managed and coordinated. Your world is being flooded with intense photonic energy ...the cells of all life forms are being re-calibrated. The carbon blueprint that informed your flesh and bones is being transmuted, first to crystalline structures and then as the crystalline structures become fully on-line they become extremely receptive to photonic ‘particulates' which produce an alchemical effect and change the fabrication and roles of the cellular structures.

In other words your cellular structure starts vibrating to a higher frequency! Crystals and photons are carrier essences. In other words they can transmit and receive information of a finer nature. You will start to become more receptive to energies that are subtle. These are energies that you could not process before in the mostly carbon make up of your physicality. Understand this WILL have profound effects in how the perception of your world is processed. Already you are gradually tuning into imagery that was previously out of your range of perception.

Those that guide your well-being are allowing you to view alternative imagery in non frightening ways. One such way is within the dream state. You are also impacting your immediate environment by your thoughts and words in ways that were extremely difficult before. You think it and if like an instruction that goes out, the universe arranges to suit. This access is tied to your spiritual development. In other words, as you ‘mature' in your spiritual development your ‘abilities' become more definitive and more dependable. The wonder of it is that those, whose crystalline structural processes are accelerating and advancing, are the ones who are having more success with this perceived ‘phenomena' as this crystalline acceleration and advancement is tied to the Being's own advancing spiritual awakening and growth process.

This is NOT a coincidence. It is a fail-safe method to ensure that those whose growth processes are in line with the acceleration of the cosmic will, are the ones who are changing their core structures to receive the incoming intense photonic energies. Now this is the method whereby the wheat is separated from the chaff. Those who are not in line with the cosmic will cannot process the alchemical transformations [they will not ascend to 5D], which absorb these incoming photonic energies. As such they become vulnerable to what you may perceive as ‘harm' from these incoming energies.

Jupiter will be allowed a visual impact just on the cusp of the planetary crystalline upgrade when it reaches seventy-five percent capacity in most humans who have a dedicated role in moving with the earth to dimensions of Light and Life. This is to ensure that those who are to survive will not be severely impacted or extremely discomforted by the combined incoming energies of your dedicated Sun and Jupiter-the [new] Sun.

Once the FULL impact of the showing of the two Suns escalates then you know that other steps are going to be taken to preserve what needs to be preserved. The crystalline upgrade is averaging 65 percent in most cases some more some less, when the average is about 75 percent then it would be relatively safe and/or less uncomfortable to expose the planetary populations to the combined experience of both Suns. The final say in this rests with ATON who will determine the ‘whether we do' or the ‘whether we don't' and the ‘when we will', as the case maybe. However, given the parameters that are being worked with, the above percentages and scenarios are the ‘breakpoints' for visibility of Jupiter.

My Comments: I try to coordinate my work around Christ Michael along with the Archangels, ETs and Sheldan Nidle, but each has his job and agenda so they do not always coincide or agree with each other. It is interesting that this message appeared right after my work "The Masters Are Coming" and both show that the next few months will be dramatic to say the least with the expected collapse of banking and government. AA Michael said His work will soon end and that may also be a sign of this. Aton called Earth "My planet" because He has final say as Creator Son of Nebadon on all that goes on here and in this universe. Jesus (Esu) is the Planetary Prince of Earth and will rule it later.

Aton seems to say that 3D (or 4D as some say) is about over now and a new government and banking system will be short lived, but He did stress that there will be public disclosures of the evil acts like 9/11, the H1N1 flu that they created and spread, and our slavery for many years by the darkside. NESARA would only prolong our desire to continue in a better 3D and Earth wants the changes to begin now, so we will probably not see most of this implemented at this time.

The gamma rays which change DNA that AA MIchael discussed were mentioned here along with increased photons and various colored light energies that will put pressure on us and may cause sickness and uncomfortablility as we move further into the photon belt and a higher vibrational frequency. He mentioned those already arrested and this has reportedly numbered in the thousands, and many more arrests are to come soon with disclosure.

He mentioned this 4D frequency increase which probably means that we are now in 4th dimension and those who ascend will move to 5th dimension and a higher frequency that will require bodies of Light. This increasing energy during this month will affect many subconsciously, and some will not be able to adapt to it and will leave. We will finally see Jupiter as a 2nd sun in a few weeks, and this will be undeniable and will help some realize that the universe is changing according to Divine plans and will show them the proof they need to make their personal decisions and to awaken the starseeds, but it may cause more quake activity also.

He said earlier that the Jupiter unveiling would bring on stasis, so we may be at the end of our 3D cycle now and near the beginning of ascension. Stasis is similar to suspended animation where there is no time or any sense of existence, and it is needed because Earth changes will be so dramatic that most could not handle it emotionally, and it will prevent them from interferring with ETs who will clean up and prepare Earth for 5D, and some would not go willing to starships or inner Earth during this process.

The 8.8 magnitude Chile quake was offshore and did little damage compared to Haiti, but these will now increase in the next few years along with huge tidal waves as part of Earth changes. Atlantis and Lemuria will probably rise from the oceans in the next few years along with the destruction of most coastal areas and will be 10 or even 100 times more violent than what we have seen recently. All plans are changeable and flexible however and depend on our actions, decisions by Divinity and ETs, and events on Earth. Alex Collier spoke of a physical pole shift about 15 years ago that would remove all life, but it appears that things have changed since then and there will only be a magnetic shift and less damage because of the changes in consciousness of many.

He mentioned that those serving the darkside should leave and join the Light, even if it means forsaking friends and family and job, and He said that the door is still open but will soon close. Some may need proof like the light from Jupiter and disclosures to make this decision. AA Michael said relationships in 5D like families will change and some will split up, but that is not our responsibility because the angels make this decision. Most still want a better 3D and that will be arranged for them elsewhere.

There is much information available about the many underground cities that Aton mentioned like area 51 and Dulce that the darkside built for themselves and are now cleaned up and ready to be used by the Light. See The Dulce Book for a glimpse of what it was like there 15 years ago at .

Many have had side effects but merely consider them normal, and getting more sleep and daily meditation in the Light may help them to better adjust to this. It appears that we will soon see full disclosures of both ET presence and government corruption and we will get a glimpse of Jupiter our 2nd sun in the coming weeks, but the timing is flexible and is dependent on events here on Earth. This will be proof that many want and will hopefully cause many starseeds to join the Light, but the time is running out. Many messengers would have you believe that we will see things improve now as we approach 2012, but I feel that 3D is over and Earth changes and ascension will soon begin. It will take several years to clean up Earth and install structures that will be needed when we begin over in 5D, and I feel this will be complete before 2013. We may soon see this chain of events, but only time will tell.

Rich N


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