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The Masters Are Coming

Methusaleh thru Helen Engel April 9, 2009

Helen: I felt a stirring. Does someone wish to address me at this time?

Methusaleh: Whenever your doorbell rings, you answer it. We knock on your door, and you let us in. We have great news.

Helen: Welcome, and the news is also welcome.

Methusaleh: A certain strategy has now been worked out that will involve a great many people. It is one that calls them to declare themselves. Those who will declare themselves will be greeted by Masters. In the very near future those Masters will show themselves openly, will walk among those who have declared themselves. At that time the teaching will begin. Each one who has declared himself or herself will become aware of which talents will be called upon, in order to serve his fellow human being.

Helen: I know that you are Methusaleh, because you taught us about talents.

Methusaleh: Yes indeed. Those of us who know which light worker we will connect with, are overjoyed. I will tell you more when the time nears. It will be in less than a year [early 2010].

Helen: Thank you, dear Master.

Methusaleh: We are an army, and we are putting on our uniforms. We have had our drills, and we are about to set our path toward SUCCESS. Because of the gifts that I have been given, I am aware of the talents of each one of you. Although you may not have been able to bring them forth at this time, you will be able to do so in the coming months and years ahead. This is the truth. You are a special force, a special army, and you will receive special training. Every day you are surprised by what occurs, and this will continue. There are many more Masters to come, there are many more doors to open. This is but the beginning, and when you have resources at your finger tips, then your talents will truly come forth. Be at peace, continue to rest until the big day, and that is the day that we will appear before you, and we will give you our blessing.

I am Methusaleh, and my heart beats with joy at the privilege of being with you and speaking to you, and teaching you, and spreading the good news. Amen, beloved.

Helen: Thank you Methusaleh.

Methusaleh and Sananda on the Collapse [of Government and money] through Helen Engel January 17th, 2010

Methusaleh: I am Methusaleh.

Helen: Master, I am joyful that you have come. Please continue.

Methusaleh: Great events are pending, or are approaching. Many of our Heralders have been advised, and will confirm. There is a great agitation about, regarding world finances. This is prior to chaos. When the chaos finally arrives, you will see the true hearts of men and women, great and small. We ask all of our Lightworkers to behave saintly, in the manner of true Masters. Keep control, do not slip into fear.

Be aware of the need around you, and work to fill the need. Be careful and firm. Take control of every event as it arises. Watch how the leaders operate in Haiti, and do likewise in every moment, within your own community. If it is possible, begin a Swap Cooperative so that members of your community will trade services, without money. This is an urgent need. Do not go into debt, live frugally.

I rarely speak of doom and gloom. I must speak of what will occur, because the more you prepare for it, the less will be the hardship. Live within your means. The dark clouds will fade away gradually. We will arrive on your shores when decreed. Creator weighs the odds in every situation, and wisdom will prevail. There is but a short time. You may send this to the Brothers and Sisters, so that they can prepare. I am with each and every one of you. We send peace and love. Amen.

Sananda confirms Methusaleh's Message

Helen: Are you Sananda?

Sananda: Yes, beloved. I wish to confirm what Methusaleh has asked you to record. I wish to add my words. You [Brothers and Sisters] are in the frontier. You are cared for, you are observed, you are loved. The years of training, of faith, of love, are recorded in your history file. We ask you to open your hearts to those who are unaware. There will be a time of need. Prepare for it now, in the few months ahead. There will be more sightings, and a few more natural disasters, then will come the collapse. Those of you who are telepathic, now is the time to ask for guidance, and you will receive it, and you will send it forth. Others will believe you, because you will speak truth. My love for you has no bounds.

Helen: Thank you Sananda.

Angels Speak

Helen: I feel the Angelic Presence, and sing Allelujas. Who is here? Who wishes to address us?

Unknown Angel: Happiness is ours, and happiness we bring to you [all Earthlings].. We bring joy to the people of Earth. If you visualize how one of us hovers around every human being on Earth at this moment, you also would be filled with Eternal Joy. Nothing similar to this has ever occurred on Planet Earth. Through a special decree of The Source, we have descended to Earth. We are here.

What do we bring? First we bring the love of the Source of all Love. Secondly, we bring the joy of heaven. We cannot bring heaven to earth, but we can lift earth to the parallel plane of heaven. This we will do when it is decreed. In the meantime we are preparing you. You have seen a child crawl, and then stand up, and finally, with great hesitation, take that first step. No one holds the child's hand; he must step out on his own. One step.

We are beside you, and we watch, as you are about to take your first step into the New Reality. You will leave the past behind. You will look forward with excitement, and a bit of confidence. When this moment occurs, please remember that we are right there with you, encouraging you, and ready to grasp your hand lest you should fall. The music of heaven has descended to Earth. Soon you will hear it, and you will dance for joy. Blessed Ones, it will not be long.

Helen: Who calls? My station is open.

Unknown: Out of the valley we come. We are those who are being freed to assist in the Great Beginning. Many of us have resided in the Valley of Sorrow, the Valley of Fear, the Valley of Sadness. The Great Energy is changing that. Doors are opening for us. We come to be with you, to walk beside you, to guide you. You will not see us physically until our realms have blended.

Many of us were social workers, doctors, healers, pastors who served. There came a time when we could serve no longer. We are becoming available again, and we are grateful and ready to be of assistance. In the days to come you may feel as though there is someone in the room, or that events are occurring because of angelic assistance. When this does occur, think of us, acknowledge us. In the past we were called angels, now you may consider us as your brothers and sisters who have slipped through the veil and walk by your side. We are come to lighten your load. We come with the permission of the Master.

Helen: Thank you for this wonderful message. I can personally confirm that what you tell me is true. Recently three of my deceased brothers and sisters and my husband contacted me in one night. An uncle was able to reach me. You [who address me] all express great joy in being able to communicate with us. We welcome you, and send you our love.

Helen: Who calls? Welcome, my station is open.

Minstrels: We are the Minstrels. We wish to advise you that the Elemental Kingdom will also care for you. The Ground Crew and the Underground Crew work daily to minimize the damage at the surface of earth. We shall continue to do so.

Helen: Thank you for coming and for providing this information. [ Three Minstrels from the Elemental Kingdom have been communicating with me over a period of two months, and keeping me up to date on their Kingdom.]

Minstrels: The sun will come through brightly and will cleanse much of the pollution, smog and poisons. The oceans will begin to clear, as if by magic. This is our work. All changes in Nature are brought forth by the Devic Kingdom. We receive our instructions from Creator, through our own leaders. We are a tightly knit group, always working in an orderly fashion. That is why we can bring order out of chaos. Many lighthearted souls will be aware of our presence, and will communicate with us. We are also Heralders, as you.

Helen: Who calls? Come in, my station is open.

Unknown: When you arise, little one, there will be a different world. The date of January 18, 2010 has been heralded as the Day of the Great Beginning. There will be fireworks in the sky. These are a sign from the non-human kingdoms that Earth and its nearby territories are alive with life, with life of all shapes and kinds. Let us salute each other, as the fireworks begin. Let the people know that this is a joyous outburst from the Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Kingdom that all is well. Release yourself of yesterday and begin the new day. It is coming, it has come.

Helen: Thank you. Goodnight.

Two Messages from Methusaleh thru Helen Engel Jan. 17 2010

Helen: Who calls? Welcome, please introduce yourself.

Methusaleh: Whenever there is joy in heaven and on Earth, simultaneously, the skies light up and the angel chorus rings out. This is one of those times. The work that this little band is doing is greatly appreciated. We are the Collective. We shall continue to guide you, inform you about events, and converse with you over the coming year. While the mass First Contact [ETs and Masters] may not occur in the first half of the year, there is a possibility that private visitations to Amiable Contact members can be arranged. Please advise your fellow light workers that we are most anxious to speak telepathically with them. Because our frequencies are partially blended, all that is needed is intent, and they can connect with us. Peace and joy to all .

You are loved. I am Methusaleh.

Helen's Background: Helen Engel has been telepathic for 30 years and taught telepathy for five years. She is the author of "Sananda Course in Telepathy" dictated from the Pleiades by Sananda, the one who was Jeshua [Esu] and was called Jesus. [ ]

On Methusaleh: Most people know that Methusaleh lived longer than anybody else -- in fact, almost a 1000 years. Methusaleh's name was given to Enoch, his father, by God. The name that God have him was a sentence, and his name describes his relationship with God, a reflection of the parents' relationship with God. God told Enoch to name the baby Methusaleh, and in the Hebrew 'Methusaleh' means, "when he is dead it shall come." Enoch walked with God and descended in a chariot or starship as we would call it and did not die and his son lived 969 years and followed in his path.

Ascended Masters [ ] include:

Gabriel, twin flame of Hope, Archangel of the fourth ray of the resurrection and the ascension flame [twin flames are similar to companions to us].

Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth (green) ray of truth, healing, science and music.

Jesus the Christ, a World Teacher

Jophiel, twin flame of Christine, Archangel on the second (yellow) ray of illumination.

Kuan Yin, compassionate Saviouress, the Bodhisattva of Mercy, ensouls the God-qualities of mercy, compassion and forgiveness; and serves on the Karmic Board as the representative of the seventh ray (violet ray).

Kuthumi, World Teacher and Master Psychologist, serves with Jesus.

Maitreya holds the office of Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha. His name means “loving kindness.”

Mary, Mother of Jesus and twin flame of Archangel Raphael.

Michael, twin flame of Faith, Archangel on the first (blue) ray of God’s protection.

Raphael, archangel of the fifth ray of truth, wholeness, healing, science, precipitation, the abundant life, music and mathematics, divine complement of Archeia Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Saint Germain, twin flame of the ascended lady master Portia the Goddess of Justice, known in his final embodiment as le Comte de Saint Germain, the Wonderman of Europe. He brings the gift of the violet flame for the alchemical transmutation of consciousness.

Sanat Kumara, known as the Ancient of Days, one of the seven holy Kumaras, serves on the third ray bringing the gift of love and the gift of the threefold flame.

Uriel, twin flame of Archeiai Aurora, archangel of the sixth ray of ministration and service.

Venus, twin flame of Sanat Kumara.

My Comments: On the Passover last year April 9, 2009 Methusaleh reportedly told Helen "The Masters are coming in less than a year", but to many at that time it did not make much sense. That would put the Masters arrival around Easter of this year which is the time that St. Germaine's propsperity funds will be available. AA Michael said this month: “This moment will be the most historic moment that Earth has ever lived for more than 300,000 years”, so when you connect the dots it appears that the Ascended Masters along with the Galactic Federation will visit us around Easter and bring the changes we have requested. Only Time will tell.

Rich N


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