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Archangel Anael Q&A January 30, 2010

Question: Is the Bermuda Triangle a door?

Beloved, there are this planet in its interior and also on its exterior a number of structures called vibrational structures. These structures can be doors, gates, locks, vortices, or star gates. They are of various natures. Some provide access and travel within the matrix, which themselves have long been used by those who have been called the Archons [In Greek history archons were leaders and holders of the highest offices and had important judicial functions, and this can also be applied to mythological gods and ETs. In this context it refers mostly to negative ETs like the Anunnaki and those who work for them like the Illuminati who wish to keep us in slavery as they retain their rule over us].

This is also a result of the actions that We the Archangels have performed in the creation of a number of new doors in your environment the same way that We at present with the help of the Intergalactic Confederation are creating within the Sun and in its immediate environment a number of stargates to assist Us in the 3D matrix where you exist and to allow it to again be powered by the Light. Thus, there are very many doors.

What you speak of was actually a door that in the past was remotely linked to Atlantis. These doors are evolving and changing over time, and they are included in structures like the pyramids, and some are suspended in the air or are in inner Earth. These doors, portals, stargates and a number of other structures can now be seen for yourselves by the vibrational changes taking place on this planet, but of course they have nothing to do with who you are but relate to the length of day [some say days seem shorter now] and are called climate changes. There is an upheaval, a major transformation that is underway in this humanity as there is in the whole solar system.

Thus you must welcome these changes, and you should understand that these external changes were created for you in the first place and do affect you. The action that We perform on the Sun also takes place within your essence because the sun is the place where your eternal universal bodies of Light are stored.

Question: You said some time ago that the Light had won. It seems however that this is not the case.

The Light of course has won dear friend. The Light has become victorious, but there is simply a lag between what exists in Heaven and what is visible on Earth. A number of processes have occurred like the collapse of the financial system that was earlier foretold to you by OM Aivanov. The financial system has definitely collapsed, but nevertheless it continues its existence as if nothing has happened for some time. This illustrates to Us and you the difficulty between what happens in Heaven and the period of time until this appears on Earth. The Light has won because in the interstellar worlds at the level of the Intergalactic Confederation these obstructions related to these bad guys can no longer exist. Nevertheless on the surface level of your world there are a number of dark forces that are obviously still at work. They have not yet been completely dissolved by the Light.

Question: Is it not a responsibility for those people who are in the Light or on a path to accepting this Light to battle this sort of thing?

Beloved, you do not need to fight the dark but you need to simply live in and radiate the Light. The forces that created this matrix want only one thing: that you become involved in the darkness versus Light battle. The Light never fights. Archangel Michael provides the needed combat as He has often said. He told you last year on numerous occasions that your role is to to simply be [in the Light]. When you are you battle without using the energies that correspond to this level of reality.

The battles between good and evil, the conflicts, and the electromagnetic forces that you see are those which permitted the installation of this 3D matrix. Undoing the matrix requires this battle to move beyond the duality of good and evil. The fight you have to carry on is an internal struggle between your ego personality and your Divine essence so you can establish the Light and this essence in you. From the moment you radiate the Light, this Light acts by its own intelligence.

By your surrender to the Light (which I expressed last year) you can win without fighting, just by being yourself in your essence and your radiation; there is no other solution. From the moment you enter into a battle against evil, you participate in one way or another in the 3D matrix of duality. You are required to go beyond the duality of this good and evil battle to enter the Unity - there is no other way. This means that as you plan the battle of Light against darkness by utilizing the Light of a person or a social group you continually remain in duality, and you will not escape the duality of this struggle. The battle against the opposition dark forces present in this universe, and especially in this sector of the universe linked to the falsification of Light was created here a long time ago by the Archons.

Your only struggle should be an internal struggle; by growing in the Light, and by allowing the Light to transform you, you will manifest this more and more. Not until that moment will you understand the purpose of good and evil as has been stated by all the current religions on this planet. You live in a matrix. The goal of this matrix is to continue to exist. The only way it can survive is to make you believe that you must fight against evil by your goodness. The laws of karma were enacted not by the Lords of Karma as they were called but rather by the Archons, and they want you to believe that by doing good you will conquer evil, but if that were true all of humanity or the greater part of humanity would have already defeated evil and would have been released from the matrix.

Look at the forces linked to those attempting to enforce the Light. Light does not enforce, the Light is alive, the Light does not fight darkness. Light by its presence and its radiation dissolves the darkness. This is not the same as directing the Light against the darkness. It is necessary to surrender to the Light in Unity, and fighting the darkness only maintains the world of duality.

Question: When practicing this exercise during meditation every evening from 7-7:30 PM [French time] (this is a reunification with Divinity within your Inner Temple), my side effects include feeling a stream of fresh air on my face and a tingling in my left ear.

This corresponds to results of a very specific activation. In aligning with the triple energy radiations of the Holy Spirit, the Source, and the Ultra Violet relayed by the Archangels and the Conclave of the 24 Elders, you have been joined in Unity by these events. They are very numerous. I will not dwell on their descriptions, but all that is lived at this time corresponds to the installation of the fire of the heart.

Some will begin to feel pressure in the chest and breezes of air or heat on the face accompanied by various sounds and various pressures in the ear, along with a burning sensation or vibration at the crown chakra of the head or the heart. This merely reflects this activation in you of the processes related to the fire of the heart and the fire of Love.

Question: Can reaching your essence result in a feeling of harmony from morning to night and a feeling that nothing else exists?

Yes dear friend, the essence does that alone. There is a need to live within ones essence but also a need to live in this world that is detached from Divinity, thereby illustrating the parable of Christ: "You are in this world but you are not of this world". From the moment you are exposed to and experience this essence, you experience a joy, an unspeakable joy called Samadhi by the Orientals (as you have been told by Sri Aurobindo). Within the Samadhi you live in harmony with the whole universe, whatever the trials and whatever the difficulties of your own life. Everything is seen with a new look and consciousness. The essence is also accompanied by vibrational events in the crown of the head and the crown of the heart, and it is experienced in the ears and results in the ability to feel oneself as a whole being in those moments.

[Wiki: Samadhi is a Hindu and Buddhist term that usually denotes higher levels of concentrated meditation, or dhyana. In the Yoga tradition, it is the eighth and final limb identified in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. It has been described as a non-dualistic state of consciousness [a state of Unity] in which the consciousness of the experiencing subject becomes one with the experienced object, and in which the mind becomes concentrated and focused, though the person remains conscious.]

Question: Is it normal after such periods of harmony to have a feeling in this density of heaviness in this environment?

Beloved, this part is obviously the choice between living in the current density and its weight and experiencing the higher density of Light. How would you differentiate between the two states if you do not test both? The moment you experience this lighter and more joyful feeling permanently is when you finally leave this 3D illusion. [Some ETs say that living in 3D is like trying to exist in a pool of jello because it is so dense, and it results in a feeling of heaviness, tiredness, and depression.]

Question: During the 7-7:30 PM meditations I feel a heaviness in the feet and ankles that keeps me from lifting off the ground. Why is that?

This is a process of self-protection. Dear friend We need you to remain here on Earth until your time is up. We are doing just fine without you at this time. What I mean by that is that certain people are predisposed by contacting their essence to escape quickly from the body. What you sense is the floating of your body [an out of body experience] and if there were not these very precise sensations of this weight and heaviness in the ankles and feet you would have already joined us long ago [floated away].

Question: After the 7-7:30 PM meditation I feel vibrations in my legs and arms until very late in the day, so is this part of that process?

Absolutely. Some people experience very specific symptoms. We talk about weights that actually encircle the ankles, and this as I said is probably the need to remain incarnate. For others there is pain, and this shock could occur in the body or the limbs. It reflects a need for relief. On the contrary it is necessary to raise your vibrational level even more to alleviate these effects. There are many changes occurring in the energy structures and physical structures of the human being when you perform this work that We recommend daily at 7-7:30 PM. Effects can be many and endless. They of course are all about transformation. Do not panic, but you need to integrate and allow it to unfold.

Question: Why does being in some places lead me to burp or yawn strongly?

Beloved, for many people there has existed for some time modifications of your energy. This modification of the existing energy of the etheric eternal body may be altered at times when you are faced with external energies that are not in agreement with your higher body, and this results in yawning, burping and various other events including shortness of breath and heart palpitations, reflecting a process of readjustment of your etheric energy with the energy of the location that you are at. There is no need to worry. However, this is indeed an abrupt change to the existing level of the spleen chakra that corresponds to the input of energy in the body. These phenomena are vibrational readjustments.

Imagine that you are in a certain vibrational state and are comfortable with this energy and this consciousness in yourself, but that you are in places frequented by many people. Your particular sensitivity is modified by this energy and persistence of the walls, places and people that are around you. At that time your spleen chakra will react. In the same way, when you enter into your essence that protects you it triggers yawns and other phenomena that correspond to the change in energy distribution and the modifications of the vibration of the spleen chakra. This is quite normal in one way or another. [Being in a crowd modifies your energies and can cause some problems.]

Question: When we see fire occurring in our dreams is this a process linked to the Light or not?

Fire of course in the Judeo-Christian tradition is likened to hell. This is what the Archons want you to believe. Fire is related to the Light, far more than any other element. Fire is a purifying agent, fire is the agent of Shiva, the Hindu messenger of the Light. [Shiva is often depicted in Hinduism by a third eye and fire.] Therefore any manifestation of fire will within your structures correspond to things related to the Light.

Question: Do autistic children have a vision of things that we ourselves do not have?

Beloved, those you call autistic children are children locked in a social relationship who have shall we say unusual perceptions relative to the level of humanity. These are people with enormous suffering who are perfectly aware that they live in a world created as a matrix, but nevertheless they can understand what you yourselves do not recognize within this matrix. They can see the order of Light and darkness, which obviously creates a greater sense of insecurity among the souls here [we do not trust or understand them because of their higher level of perceptions. Numerous reports have been released that point to the vaccines that children receive as the cause for many of these medical problems.]

Question: How is it that there are no women among the 24 elders?

The 24 Elders are beings most of whom have all been incarnated on this earth since Christ visited [2000 years ago]. They bring a special energy because they were able during their lives to communicate a part of the Truth [as teachers and Masters. These may include Buddha and Mohammed and others.]. They are mostly Heavenly minded beings regardless of their origin, whether they are Eastern, Western, Far Eastern, or Arabic. It is important to understand that these beings were transformed in worlds as intermediaries and are very close to your world. Their goal is to steer and channel the flow of consciousness and the incoming waves of energy so that you can consciously and accurately adapt and react to this energy that is produced on Earth.

They are men [not women]. Obviously the unified consciousness was harnessed by the entity who created this 3rd dimension before your time in an era when this dimension was not yet corrupted by those who came later and whom I have called Archons [Illuminati]. Thus the unified consciousness cannot be performed only through the emission and control of energy. This is the role of man. The role of women is to manage, organize and in a sense distribute this energy, and that is the central role held by Mary.

Question: Were there female councils equivalent to the 24 Elders?

They do not exist in this density in which you live. This separated third dimension must use an energy that I would describe as masculine or [in Chinese] yang, if you prefer. The conclaves and assemblies of women are in general councils who work as geneticists and creators of worlds and are not involved in the rescue [reconstruction and modification] of worlds like yours.

Question: Does this mean that only men can save [intervene and assist] us?

Women are not here to liberate you. Entities such as women are here to create, and that role is far more important than that of liberation. On the other hand there is an important event in your history that is worth discussing. The Archons who created this dimension more than 300,000 years are mainly entities [negative ETs] who are of a rebellious masculine nature and are not female in nature [they lack love and compassion]. It is hard to imagine a woman rebelling against The Source [like men do]. This is also the case on the surface of your world: we can say that most crimes (even if there are specific women who are involved) are committed by men.

Beyond what I have expressed in relation to the polarity of creation that they perform, these are the two attributes most relevant to women. The existence of polarity, even at the androgynous [sexless] level is a reality only at the 18th dimension and above, since this polarity is that which initiates the creation of worlds.

Beyond the 18th dimension there are entities whose consciousness We can describe only as being neither of male nor female polarity or what is called the Ying and Yang [opposites like black and white] because at this level there is no polarity involved, but there is a very complex concept that is difficult for you to understand in your world, and this is misrepresented by what I call the Trinity.

From the 18th dimension on up, We go beyond the characteristic and therefore beyond the polarity of male and female in events that are related to a structure that is Trinitarian in nature that is a complementary form where duality (even if unified) has no more reason to exist. The place of women in these worlds no longer exists because there is no man either.

This division is sharp until you reach the 11th dimension. Once you enter the 18th dimension (as the Archangels to which I belong) there can be no male or female polarity. There is what you would describe as a condition where We have the qualities of both masculine and feminine polarities [dual sexuality]. There is therefore at this third dimensional level of duality and in some fifth dimensional worlds this aspect of separation where the appearances between a man and a woman are different.

Question: What is a crystal being and a being that appears like a rainbow in the sky?

Depending on the dimension of your stellar origin in your dimensional world you wear a particular body. This body may be Light, it may be crystal, it may appear as a rainbow in the skies, it may be like a diamond, like triangles, or finally it may appear like a sphere or a tube of Light like Archangel Metatron. Each form corresponds to a limit of consciousness at the level where it exists, but this limit is not a barrier and is obviously passable [we can have temporary bodies that are not normal in the dimension that we are in]. There is then essentially a vibrational difference. When I speak for example of a crystal body it is a body that belongs to the lineage of Elohim [we call them angels] existing at the 11th dimension. [Our bodies after ascension will be bodies of Light and not crystalline in nature as many have described, and they are beyond our understanding.]

A diamond body belongs to those entities of the more ethereal world of the 18th dimension as it represents the limits of the anthropomorphic manifestation [the bodily characteristics]. The Archangels themselves as you know have an anthropomorphic characterization that has been described in your tradition, whether Christian or Judeo or of the Far East. However it should be understood that the Archangels have bodies that have nothing to do with this bodily form that you see, even if We sometimes appear in that form to those We contact. We are well beyond this limitation, We are well beyond this anatomic configuration, even beyond most angelic forms that you can imagine or envision. So there are specific bodies that you use according to the dimensions that you exist in, or you can vibrate in different ways with bodies that are different and whose structures are different. When we speak of material and immaterial worlds you must understand that what for you is immaterial is to Us very material.

I would describe this difference by an analogy: the 5th dimensional world that will soon begin seems intangible and distant and different than what you live in this 3rd dimensional world. Similarly between the 11th and the 18th dimensions there are no barriers because We can communicate between them, but there are differences in the density of different bodily structures and different compositions and shapes [It is harder to communicate between 3D and 5D than it will be once we reach higher dimensions.].

So if I take the example of the 11th dimensional body it is a crystalline body that is silicon based. You have bodies that were created in civilizations and constellations that have nothing to do with your world and are monatomic gold based bodies [We were created on other worlds and planted here by ETs, and that is the reason for the many different races.]. The monoatomic [single atom] gold is an essential ingredient of this body. [That may be one reason why gold is considered the most valuable metal on Earth and why some use it in medicine that goes back thousands of years.]

Your essential constituent in this 3rd density, except for the water of course, is primarily carbon based. As regards the beings of Light and Crystal, they are silicon based. There are a number of particles and a number of ingredients which in you in this density are completely absent [and will be added later], but that would however be very difficult to describe at this time. The structure of an Archangel for example could be understood by what you would call in this density quarks and bosons [a class of particles, such as photons, pions, or alpha particles that have zero or integral spin and obey statistical rules permitting any number of identical particles to occupy the same quantum state] although the picture is not entirely correct. We are beings of pure light, but this pure Light has a number of characteristics of matter, even if this matter is not the same matter as yours. [Our carbon based bodies will not work in 5D.]

Question: How will the 3 days of darkness affect the world?

Beloved, the phenomenon known as catalepsy or stasis, or the three days of darkness corresponds to a specific moment in the history of mankind that some messengers described long ago, over a century of your earth time. This corresponds to a particular process, and indeed all of humanity must be involved in this phenomenon of stasis. Stasis will begin with the complete disappearance of what is called the magnetosphere, signaling the final and inevitable end on this Earth of duality. This transition from duality to Unity is accompanied by a change of consciousness in the same way that some of you have experienced so far (as Sri Aurobindo told you earlier), and this concept is a transition from one level of consciousness to another level of consciousness, except that here the period of change will collectively last for 72 hours [3 days].

No one knows the date, nobody knows when, because everything fits and everything changes from hour to hour and day by day, especially now. Remember that what is manifested in Heaven will later appear on Earth, but that latency is a function of resistance existing within your humanity and not at the level of resistance that has already been dissolved in Heaven. Thus all of the 24 Elders and the Archangels Ourselves permanently readjust the energy flow on this planet and the influx of consciousness depending on what we see on Earth. There is an extremely accurate mechanism which is currently at work on this planet and there are permanent adjustments that are made in relation to what comes. What we need (as Archangel Michael told you) is to have the maximum transmitters of Light, the maximum of Pillars of Light who have integrated themselves in this Light, because the more of you that there are the easier things will be for Us.

Question: Is it significant how we live [as we move to 5D]?

The new 5D world will become what you have made it, for you are the key. By your presence, by your vibration and your Light you will be able to change all its environments. But obviously there are places that are more conducive to the manifestation of your Light. What is most important is not the place but your presence in that place as beings of Light. That said, We the Archangels and other aspects of the Light may intervene on the scene to help, to focus, and to encourage you so that you are more effective in what is to come.

Question: How can we know if the information that is circulating is accurate?

What matters is not whether what is said is true or false; the important thing is how it affects you, the important thing is not the exterior truth but the interior truth. If what I say resonates with your Heart, then it is true, even if it is not accurate. Similarly what you read, what you face in your lives, will allow you to use your principles of resonance and attraction to determine its validity. So if you think evil, evil will happen; if you dwell on the dark thoughts, the dark will appear; if you believe in God, you will see God everywhere.

So it is with the human brain, but the brain is not the heart. Thus the discernment existing in the brain is different from that of the heart, because the heart depends only on your essence and is not dependent on external influences. As long as you use an external discernment to determine what is accurate and what is error you will not use your essence, because the only true perception is internal and not external.

Question: If karma is an illusion then what is our future after physical death?

Beloved, the good news is that there is no more physical death. Physical death was accompanied by an erasure of memory [of past lives] and your return in a new body in a process called reincarnation. That today is permanently over. The souls who leave the body at present are put in specific vibrational stasis. They no longer have the need or the obligation to reincarnate. Those who incarnate now in numbers are not reincarnations but are new souls who come to experience the end of this cycle. Karma is actually an illusion created from nothing by the Archons to lock you in a system and to literally trap you and require you to do what you do not want to do according to the free will principle of good and evil that exists in the minds of some races that have enslaved you here [the time for evil is now over].

Karma, the law of action and reaction is very misunderstood especially by people who live in the West. The karma that was created by this matrix has never said that you had to face the consequences of the actions of your reincarnations during the many centuries that you have lived. [When you die you do not have to suffer the consequences of the evil that you committed in previous lives or spend eternity in hell but you start over anew and all is forgiven.] Nevertheless the West, moving more often in action / reaction by its mind control and social standards (the mind also changes depending on these external influences) was quick to place these restraints and these limits on your freedom. But you are unlimited beings who merely have limited experience. Today, you must rediscover the experience of the unlimited. Then you must throw overboard all beliefs that have guided you until this day. The only responsibility you have is to find the Light that you are.

Question: We are told that souls incarnate voluntarily [and can choose to leave and incarnate elsewhere]. Is this true?

This is what you were told, that is what you believe. But never is an incarnate soul trapped in the matrix voluntarily, he is forced to reincarnate as there is no other choice. Being isolated in a separated dimension, you can not escape this dimension. Of course a number of systems have been created to make you think you could free yourself by your efforts and by undertaking a number of actions and thus escape the concept of karma. This is false. [The recycling of souls to restart in new bodies on Earth in 3D is over.]

Question: How can one explain the resurgence of violence in children?

This is extremely simple to understand. From the moment you see that you are not locked up, you are free to move about and you have no anger. But when the evolution of the soul and the spirit is emerging and you perceive the concept of confinement and imprisonment, what happens is like when you lock an animal in a confined space. You prevent it from going where it wants to go. How can it show its refusal to obey except by anger and violence? Anger and violence are part of this world because it is a world that was forced to obey and was enslaved by its rulers. Man was forced to face the laws of attraction and repulsion. Violence is the extreme result of this revulsion.

From the moment the whole of humanity begins to understand that this is a trap, that they are imprisoned, that they are manipulated and that there is deception, the only real solution to escape this is to accept the Light. A rejection and denial of the Light will only result in violence. Only transmitters of the Light, Pillars of the Light and those who have been searching for some time and who have awakened to the reality and the Truth of the Light and Unity are able to avoid this violence. This is unfortunately for the moment impossible for many young souls who are subject to a number of stimuli whose sole purpose is to lead to violence, whether through the media or through consumption of food, and everything in this world leads you inevitably to this action / reaction, and the most severe reaction is of course violence.

Question: Is knowledge about Christ still relevant?

The Light of Christ is not merely a beginning, the Light of Christ is an immediate illumination and transformation. Whoever meets Christ can never be the same; he is crucified like Christ, and you do not need to put it into words. He becomes for example a St. Francis of Assisi or a Padre Pio [an Italian priest] in your humanity. Hiding behind words like instruction and using concepts like vibrational energy has very little meaning to many. It removes you from simplicity and from Unity. You need to try to get closer to your essence. Again you can use external techniques. You say of course that putting hands on each side of your heart is also a technique, but this technique is designed to connect you to your essence without trivia and without initiation and to simply live in your essence at that moment. The final result is not the same.

Question: Do we have a role to play as humans in the preservation of Gaia [Earth]?

The answer is ambiguous, beloved. Gaia already made her choice of ascension, and She does not need you to assist Her. However you are in this world and you accompany Her, and you have been trapped like She has in this illusion, and you like Her are going through this emancipation and this end of slavery. Then of course you will support each other and you will mutually assist each another. There is a vibrational relationship, but Gaia does not need your help just as you yourself do not need the help of Gaia. Nevertheless you share the same ascension and the same dimensional transformation.

Question: What happens in the Divine plans to the so-called bad guys and those who assist them in this world?

Beloved, these beings are part of creation [they are here to help you learn]. They are also a part of the Source, even if they are far more distant from the Source than you, but they must one day return to the Source. There is no destruction of their souls [unless they are uncreated], and they will continue on until they are restored someday, so do not worry about them. Everything returns to the Source and all will return to the Light sooner or later. [Every soul will eventually ascend but it may take a million years and many lives to achieve this.]

Question: Who are they?

They are a part of yourself, they are the dark side in you that allowed their deeds and their actions. They are what you have not managed to advance yourself to today, not on an historical or original level, but only under today’s conditions. They are beings who have nothing human. They have a human form, they have the appearance, but nevertheless they are not human in the sense that you mean. They are not devils, even if they like to be called devils, gods, Archons, or absolute rulers. They are adorned with tinsel, they are adorned with decorations, they adorn themselves with false things, and they guide you and hope that you will follow them as a herd of sheep and they lead you where they want you to go. They can not imagine that humans can be free and sovereign beings by themselves. They are beings who see life as a form of domination and slavery, as a form of power over another but not over themselves, and in a relative measure they want to be their own masters because they have lived for much longer than you as incarnated beings in third density unified worlds separated from Divinity.

They are beings outside this solar system as well as your own, but in most cases they do not belong to this solar system. They have an origin according to very specific constellations. They are called by different names. They correspond to the so-called Dracos or reptilians and their partners or associates [like the greys]. But nevertheless you do not have to point the finger, as acknowledging them gives them power. If you exercise your own powers of Light they will not do anything against you. This has already been done in terms of the Heavenly Light at the 5th dimensional level in your solar system, and it remains now to instigate this truth in your ionosphere by the dissolution of the magnetosphere. This will happen in due course. Be certain that there is no pointing of fingers, there is no need to search, there is only a need to understand who they are and determine their features. Today everything must center only on your essence and your current life which has nothing to do with your history of past lives [they are in the past and do not affect you now or later] but has to do with your essence of who you are now in Truth and Unity.

Question: How can we integrate a professional life with striving not to live in duality?

This is impossible beloved. Everything in your world is a part of duality. This includes the concept of power, the concept of family, and the concept of work, for this world is built on duality and action / reaction and is separated from the Source. So therefore it appears increasingly irreconcilable. Balancing your life as you have learned so far and living in Unity is dealing with two totally opposite and different worlds, and yet you must continue living in this world and remain there until the appropriate time. Then of course for some of you things will get more strenuous. Obviously this is only temporary because the more you penetrate the mysteries of Unity, the more things will become fluid, whether in your family or in your activities whatsoever. Many things which have been encountered will still seem insurmountable now, and this does not happen overnight. We are well aware that as you live in the Unity as We do, you will need to simply focus on increasingly important matters and these challenges will be rectified, whether in your family or in your emotional, relational or professional lives. But you have to go this route, you have no alternative.

Question: In the case of physical or verbal assault, it is there a practical attitude for us to adopt so that we may remain in the Light?

Simply do not react to these assaults. Beloved, if this aggression occurs towards you or against you whether physical, verbal or otherwise, it is probably your fault for having allowed this in the first place. Otherwise this would never have happen. Therefore do not pass the buck to others elsewhere and blame them, but accept that the principle of resonance and attraction has played out its course [and learn from this so it can be repaired]. Because from the moment you enter the world of Unity, after the first phase of readjustment of course, you will live under the influence of the Law of Unity in synchronicity, abundance, fluidity, and truth. But until then of course you will find yourself confronted with things that will try to bring you back to duality and keep you from the Light. The trap is there. You should understand that what appears to you in the early stages of contact with the Unity of the Light are only manifestations of your own weaknesses related to a lack of clarity or a proper course of action.

Question: Does that mean that we should allow aggression in this case?

Beloved, understand that if you're attacked it is because you are in a resonance with aggression. This can not be otherwise. You attract to you what is repressed within you and is not apparent but nevertheless is present within you. So you therefore play into the hands by your reaction and maintain the duality to permit this, and that aggression is exhibited again and again. You attract to yourself who you are, nothing more, nothing less [criminals prefer to associate with other criminals]. If you attract flowers, then you are in the dimension of the flower. If you attract aggression it is because you are aggressive. It can not be otherwise in this world duality.

We have no more questions. Thank you.

Then in the words of Archangel Michael, dear starseeds, I leave you now for you to live in your Light and your essence. You will notice as the months unfold (and this has been constant for many of you already) that contacts with Our programs will be more and more assisted. Even if you cannot establish yourselves in this permanently, yet there will be incentives for many of you as Archangel Jophiel said two years ago in His announcing this time, hence you will be meeting with your guardian angel. Many of you have lived in a dazzling form at one time or another [in higher dimensions and have chosen to experience this 3D era and ascension now].

The important thing is first contact [ET or Angelic]. Once initial contact is established, you have time to access this permanent contact. So do not be discouraged, but try to progress to more accurately receive the influence of the Light and vibration in you. As and when you accept the influence of the Light in you in Unity, your life changes completely. Obviously I can not promise a bed of roses, but nevertheless it is often a carpet of roses that you can walk on. I send you all the love of the Archangelic Conclave and I say to you we will meet again very soon.

Sheldan Nidle Feb. 2

Right now the final touches are being put on a proposal for a United States regime change. A range of economic forces are creating an opportunity for the current administration to resign gracefully, thus allowing the caretaker government to assume power. The incentive behind this is the impending economic disaster which threatens to engulf the entire planet and, with it, the dark cabal. Adding to this predicament are the opposition within the military and the rising desertions of major factions within the American contingent of the cabal.

As the number of nations protesting their bankrupt condition increases, the cabal's power base weakens proportionally, throwing its central councils into a state of consternation. It is now hectically engaged in shoring up what remains of its dominion and bracing for what is to come. Many in the cabal's higher councils are beginning to see their downfall looming. So the time comes for them to accept the inevitable and prepare for the consequences of their defeat.

Meanwhile, our Earth allies are also putting the finishing touches on a series of economic and social programs which are to bring long-awaited financial prosperity, sovereignty, and good health to the peoples of Mother Earth. A financial system based on "hard" currency, real transparency, and debt forgiveness is ready to be announced by the nations of your globe. These new ways of doing things are the merest beginnings of a vast realignment of your planet's wealth and power.

However, personal sovereignty means that a great deal of responsibility is to be given to you, and this requires a comprehensive education program to explain the ins and outs of what is expected of you. Further, many long-sequestered technologies are to be unveiled by the new governments, which include radically different ways to educate you swiftly on a wide range of vital issues that you will be asked to decide upon. The means by which to interact meaningfully with your local and national governments is to be returned to you.

This fundamental realignment of wealth is a prelude to first contact. As you begin to solve many of the essential problems that have long plagued your world, you will find yourselves viewing your global society and Mother Earth in new and enlightened ways. The issues of man-made pollution and climate change can be addressed constructively. Information on the pivotal role of the Sun and the changes happening in your solar system can be thrown open to public scrutiny, generating open, global debate. In consonance with this, and a natural component of these many formal disclosures, is the UFO cover-up.

We much prefer to make contact with a society that has full access to the facts about the growing shift of consciousness and is actively and creatively engaged with its problems. Your society is rupturing under its burden of chaos and desperate for some form of drastic change! Everywhere, humans are facing their consciousness shift head on, and our medical teams report that many of you are searching for answers to many basic questions [due to unknown side effects].

My Comments: There are recent high level reports along with Sheldan's message that state that the Obama government will resign along with full disclosures and that is planned to start this month, but you will not hear about it until official public announcements are made. The darkside will do everything it can to delay or prevent this, but it has already occurred in higher dimensions and will occur here in 3D. About a year ago AA Michael said we will see a new divinely appointed government and it appears that the time has come to fulfill this.

I have spoken of NESARA so I will now discuss this in more detail. In the 1970’s a class action law suit was filed by farmers who had been cheated by banksters over fraud and deception. This dragged on for about 20 years with appeals and delays, and a few Congressmen drew up a law that expanded on that, and it was passed and signed into law by Clinton in 2000. It was top secret and all involved signed non disclosure agreements that if violated would put them in jail for life. It was to have gone into effect on Sept. 11, 2001 at 10 AM with this announcement, and that was one reason for the NY Twin Towers destruction on that date, and it was planned and executed by the secret government and blamed on Arab terrorists (hopefully this will be disclosed for all to see).

The details of NESARA include:

1) The resignation of all government officials and the dissolving of the alphabet agencies (CIA etc). A temporary government would be installed until new elections are held later.

2) The replacement of the Federal Reserve fiat banking system with a gold backed Treasury and currency.

3) Cancellation of all debts including mortgages and credit loans.

4) Vast payments from the St. Germain prosperity funds that would make everyone a millionaire.

5) All troops would be called home and war would cease.

6) The restoration of Constitutional Law in America at NESARA’s public announcement that will mean new laws and new lawyers.

7) The abolishment of the IRS and Income Taxes in US and the creation of a national sales tax on new, non-essential items as revenue for government. Essential items such as food and medicine, and used items, are exempt from the sales tax.

It has since been expanded to a global GESARA that will effect all if and when it is officially announced. Chris Story said that Obama signed this new NESARA initiative bill that will go into effect when it is announced but not until then. Christ Michael said that the vast funds would not be distributed at this time and we will not become millionaires, probably because it would create many problems and delay ascension, although some or many of these NESARA provisions may be installed soon.

The 3 days of darkness when Earth will stand still before reversing its rotation will probably begin the ascension process and stasis, and only those of the Light will be given this announcement by Mary 3 days before it will start so they can prepare for this. The Blue Light spiral seen in Norway near the North Pole was an opening of a portal or vortex that allowed for other starships and energy to enter and assist in the coming days, and there have been more stargates that have appeared since then including the one in the Gulf of Aden on Jan. 5.

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Project Camelot interviewed Aaron McCollum in a 90 min. video where he talks about this stargate along with his background in US black operations. Aaron reveals what he feels is happening in the Gulf of Aden and tells a bit about his own history with the U.S. Coast Guard and his involvement in false-flag top secret missions and special assignments for the secret government. It includes some errors and speculation but is generally accurate and gives some insight into what black ops programs are and their evil intents:

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A 2nd stargate is said to be opening soon around Miami Beach Florida near the Coral Castle, but that will not be covered by the media unless it is obvious beyond denial. The Coral Castle is a fascinating story of free energy and anti-gravity development that was kept secret in order to keep the owner alive because the darkside would have murdered him if it became public. Those who have seen stargates in US top secret programs say they look similar to the ones in movies. They appear as swirling patterns or spirals and are similar to the effect of draining a sink of water, and they are not caused by HAARP or Bluebeam although the darkside would like you to believe that.

Aaron spoke of the warships from all nations that have gathered in the Gulf of Aden recently to witness the stargate, and that scenario sounds like the battle of Armageddon in the book of Revelation where the armies of the world are defeated by the forces of Light in that area. The media has not covered this (of course) and Google will not allow pictures of warships on their maps, and it is an restricted high security area so planes are not allowed to enter and take pictures and would be shot down if they did.

Insiders say that there is a jump gate to Mars that the black ops have been using for years now that gives instant travel there, and is like a stargate or portal for travel. There is also a US base in Australia that has the lowest amount of gravity on Earth and is used for many launchings of craft to other planets. The Bermuda Triangle is a portal , and those who enter it disappear and end up in another universe, and there are portals in Japan and Norway and other areas of the world.

Alex Collier 10 years ago talked about the stargates and wormholes that have existed since this universe was created, and he said half are still functioning properly, and it looks like more are now being created as part of the reconstruction of the universe and Earth. It is interesting that the SciFi Channel has changed its name to the SyFy Channel to hint that much of what it shows is not fiction.

There has been much evidence of starship craft working around the Sun (this was also mentioned here) along with solar flares since AA Michael spoke of the Golden Light of the Sun. The quake intensity has risen to 6 magnitude levels at times and even an unreported 8 in China, but they go unnoticed because they are in unpopulated areas. NASA said that these solar flares will increase in the next few years and will destroy the power grid and cause much damage. The magnetosphere has been at a relatively higher level recently which probably shows that it will be a while before a magnetic pole shift.

AA Anael spoke of ETs like the Draco reptilians who came from other galaxies and took over, and they were responsible for most of the galactic wars in the past. These wars ended in a truce because like all wars there are no winners, only losers. Papa Bush reportedly told an acquaintance some years ago that he was a Draco and to prove it to her he shape shifted before her eyes.

David Icke has written many books and made numerous videos that describe this characteristic among the royal European families, and Princess Diana reportedly told some friends that she saw the British royal families perform this shape shifting on numerous occasions, and that was probably the main reason why she (or her hologram as some say) was murdered. Bush was the head of the CIA before he became president, and he reportedly was a Nazi from Germany who changed his name and later helped create the alphabet agencies in 1947 that were based on the Nazi SS structures and protocols and has been a major darkside leader.

The question of discernment was raised during this meeting, and this is a major problem with darkside MKUltra mind control programs and religions. Many believe they know everything and are the final authorities on all subjects, but Masters and ETs will privately acknowledge that no one has all the answers. There are many who spend their time attacking others who they feel are spreading disinformation and they set themselves up as know-it-alls due to their egos. Our duty is to spread the Light and not attack the dark.

The next AA Michael meeting is on Sunday, February 14 at 3:00 PM French time [9 AM NY time] that will give you instructions for implementing the 5th step that will occur on Wednesday February 17 at 12 noon French time [6 AM NY time]. US Time zones in NY are French time -6, Chicago -7, MT -8. and LA -9 hours.

[Time zones are available at

Obama announced this week that NASA will not go to the moon again. What he did not say was that the last time they went there the skies were filled with UFOs and the astronauts were told that they were not welcome and not to return. Most of what NASA says are lies or half truths and they are part of the darkside.

Europe is on the edge of financial meltdown, and Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland are slipping down the vortex and could take the whole EU down with it, and the UK and Germany are in a precarious position with probable defaults according to some knowledgeable analysts. The growing unemployment and foreclosures have started to have a substantial effect on local governments who rely on the tax revenue, and that will not improve until major changes are made, and hopefully that will be soon, but time will tell.

Rich N


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