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Archangel Michael - January 17 2010

French editor's note: by reading the directions detailed below you should have all the elements needed to follow these 7 steps that will save valuable time in responding to the many questions we receive. Thank you for your cooperation! Archangel Michael is with us to guide the transformations related to these 7 steps by a meeting on the 17th of each month [with April 17 being the last]. These sessions by Michael include an alternation of information and energy transmissions.

Michael or others may also be involved a few days before each monthly meeting to give some information to prepare us for the meeting on the 17th. You can participate in this session anywhere individually by resting with your arms and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting in a chair with both feet on the floor, or by lying or standing). Michael's sessions last about 1 hour during the time indicated, and all times shown are local French times. These sessions are not open to the public unless otherwise stated.

The dates for the 7 steps are (1) October 17, 2009, (2) November 17, 2009 (preparation on Nov. 13), (3) December 17, 2009 (an outpouring of energy only with no transcript), (4) January 17, 2010 (preparation was on Jan.10 and later by Sri Aurobindo on Jan.12), (5) February 17, 2010, (6) March 17, 2010, (7) April 17, 2010 [the final session so there are 3 remainig sessions]. We do our best to ensure that you find a transcript on our site of each session within 24 hours after the meeting. We will talk to you soon, but until then we meet with you in spirit.

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Heavenly Host. Beloved Masters of the Light, beloved Starseeds, as promised today We are gathered on this entire planet to realize for some of you your baptism of fire, and for others of you your alliance with and integration in the Light. You enter today on one level into the recovery in your Interior Temple in this dimension of the Fire of the Heart, the Fire of Love, the Fire of the Light and the Fire of Truth. As I said a week ago, some of you today are now living that baptism and alliance, while others will wait until later to rebuild this within their Inner Temple. You have before you a period of several months to update and implement the Fire of Love, a sacred covenant with the Source that will return you to your multi-dimensionality, to your essence and your Truth.

Together We plan to do this for those of you who are with Me and who accompany the realization of that vision. Beloved Masters of the Light, We congratulate you on the work you have undertaken for almost a year now to go beyond the matrix in which you live, to meet with who you really are for all eternity. So I ask you to place your hands as I had requested on both sides of your Heart (as described on January 10) so you may welcome and collect the reunification of all of the radiation that has come to this solar system and to Earth in installments and in parts. Since last week We have been actively preparing you now to experience the Truth of the Fire in the Heart. Today We the Conclave, Myself Archangel Michael, all of the 24 Elders, Mary, and the Divine Source, have reunified Our ionizing radiation energy to you, and this is now.

I ask you all together to welcome this energy for the next half hour in silence so that We can awaken in you and on all of this Earth the Baptism and Covenant of Fire. Delivering all of this now, receive the activation of the first Circle of Fire from the Circle of Elders, powered by the 24 Elders. With this overflowing of energy receive the activation of the entire Archangelic radiance, joined by the Circle of Fire of the 24 Elders in reunification. Receive the activation in the center of this double interlaced crown chakra of the heart the vibration of Mary, receive the entire Fire of the Source into your Inner Temple. With this overflowing of energy you will experience in your inner temple the alchemy of the Cosmic Cross and the Four Elements. Experience it now in silence.

Beloved Children of the Law of One, some of your teachers have explained to you the conditions for maintaining and lighting the Fire of the Heart so I will not repeat it. It is your responsibility to enhance and maintain this fire. This Fire is a guarantee of your ability to access your essence and in time access your own dimensional transformation. You do not have to worry about anything other than the intelligence of the Light and the supreme intelligence of the Fire of Love in you, which along with the Celestial Unity will resolve in its own way all difficulties inherent in your lives and your circumstances caused by those internal problems that you call diseases or evil situations. Immediately place your consciousness in the Light and the Fire of the Heart, and the Light of the Heart will act to ensure that your life is a symbol of Unity, fluidity, synchronicity and ease.

It is your responsibility to stay focused in this vibration in your Inner Temple. All of the rest without exception will result in your ability to maintain and develop the Fire of your Heart in your lives. Now beloved Children of the Law of One, remember my words: this ignition, this baptism and alliance will happen from today on, and also for some of you gradually over time, because some will wait to have experienced the last three steps in order to purify what must be cleansed in order to be elevated in the Fire of the Heart. Do not be concerned for those of you who have not yet lived this, and I say to those who already have experienced this today or have for some time now, welcome to your multi-dimensionality.

Henceforth as you know, all the forces of Intergalactic Confederation stand ready around the globe to ensure that the Light is manifested in this world and that the dissolution of this dark matrix is completed. We urge you dear friends, dear brothers, dear humans in this density, not to believe anything other than your own Heart, for this Heart which is animated and lit by the chakra lamp is the obvious answer to all your problems in this life at this time.

Simply live this Fire of the Heart, simply place your consciousness during the daily periods from 7-7:30 PM [French time], or wherever possible, in moments of doubt, in moments inherent in this duality that is still present, so you may recharge your batteries and reunite and reconnect to who you are in eternity. These few words are what I have to say. Together now, We welcome the Fire of Love and the Golden Light [of the Sun].

Receive this overflowing of energy. By reconnecting to the Source and to the Fire, you participate in the awakening of the Fire in this current planetary initiation. I thank you, and may you be blessed in that Golden Light and the Fire within you. I will return on the Sunday before February 17 (on Sunday, February 14) at 3:00 PM French time [9 AM NY time], to give you instructions for implementing the 5th step that will occur on Wednesday February 17 at 12 noon French time [6 AM NY time]. Until then, the blessing of all the Forces of Light and the Intergalactic Confederation welcome you with open arms in Unity. You are blessed, you are loved and We thank you. Welcome this overflowing of energy, and I tell you very soon. Let's stay together, even in silent communion in the Fire of Love and Light of the Inner Temple.

[Time zones are available at
US Time zones in NY are French time -6, Chicago -7, MT -8. and LA -9 hours.
The daily 7 PM - 7:30 PM [French time] meeting is 1 PM NY time, Noon Chicago, 11 AM MT, and 10 AM in LA, although these energies are available all day long.
The next regular meeting is Feb. 17 at 12 noon [French time] which is 6 AM NY time, 5 AM Chicago, 4 AM MT, and 3 AM LA.]

Sheldan Nidle Jan 19

Your world continues to tumble in the chaos invoked by the dark cabal, but now this dire shadow is dissipating with each passing day. A number of major governments are on the verge of collapse and the next forecasted round of economic distress approaches, which promises to be more deadly and more inclusive that the last. We notice also that the capability of the cabal to control its remaining resources is lessening. Our Earth allies are assiduously focused upon their prime task, and our liaisons and ambassadors tell us that a major breakdown of the dark is quite close. This perception is supported by the spiraling panic displayed by all sections of the cabal as it grabs at any and all possible delaying tactics. Despite this manifest disarray some dark-ruled governments still hang on, but it is only a matter of a few divine moments before disintegration overtakes them. Until then our Earth allies staunchly continue to finish them off and replace them with new caretaker regimes.

Mother Earth has spent the past year accelerating her progress toward full consciousness - the first step of which is a general reintegration of her shifting tectonic plates. This procedure has resulted in major earthquakes in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans, as well as in the seven continents, and is accompanied by sizable volcanic eruptions. Sealing the tectonic plates is to begin along the following parallels of latitude: 19.5º and 70.5º in the northern hemisphere and 19.5º and 70.5º in the southern hemisphere. This stabilization is allowing Mother Earth to receive vital data from the Sun and our galactic core, permitting her to set up the next stage of her changes, which involves cleaning and upgrading her atmosphere. At present many ecologists are convinced that Earth's climate change and her declining physical state are warning signs of an accelerating extinction pattern auguring some sort of approaching cataclysm. In fact, they are the first intimations of a new global ecology and a fully conscious Earth.

Heaven is providing the life-support and the divine surgery. As with all operations, regardless of the duration of the surgery, the time comes to end it and proceed with the healing phase. This time for healing is close. The large-magnitude earthquakes now sweeping the globe are a sure sign of this, which is why we constantly refer to the need for, and the imminence of, the immense changes to the way your society operates. Right now you are a huge burden on Mother Earth. The dark cabal remains hardened and shameless in this regard and continues with its massive daily violations of her and, indeed, you. It is our deep desire to resolve this impasse as swiftly as divinely possible!

The dark is hanging on by a mere thread. Before you lays a choice of a grim and quite dreadful future which the cabal offers, or the glowing one preferred by Heaven and decreed by the divine plan. As we watch things unfold, we prepare palliations to speedily remedy the deadly conditions planned by the dark. The ultimate alleviation is of course first contact. We constantly ask Heaven about the timing of this longed-for event, and she continues to advise us to be at the ready and listen carefully to the reports of our diplomats and liaisons. We have daily meetings with our advisory boards and maintain constant communication between them and the main governing board. These confabs are all geared toward putting together a well-coordinated first contact scenario. We have planned this operation in a million different ways, each taking into account your myriad cultural, religious, and linguistic differences. The primary plan is more than ready to go, and we wish to implement it the moment Heaven so approves.

Your world is presently a strange brew of science, diplomacy, and an artful use of financial resources. The gold required to back your new currencies is in place. The new banking procedures that change profoundly how money is exchanged around your planet are likewise in place. What remains is the formal implementation of a more equitable financial set-up, and this was generally agreed upon a few months ago. This pivotal agreement lies at the heart of what is now transpiring. Right now, the old Dumbarton Oaks treaty signed near the end of World War II [in 1944 with the establishment of the United Nations] and its many subsequent revisions that are dominant in your world. A new agreement based on a basket of six principle global currencies tied to worldwide debt forgiveness is battling for supremacy. Our Earth allies confirm that a slew of governments are on board with this proposition.

To date, this operation has greatly weakened the Federal Reserve and forced a reappraisal of what the US has become. Europe and the East have been able to force concessions that threaten to bring down the USA corporation, and this is compelling the dark cabal to finally recognize that its surrender is at hand. Our Earth allies are working closely with certain ancient secret societies and selected individuals with deep ties to a number of Ascended Masters. The purpose here is to deny the dark's access to its magical connections and help these dark masters see that their time is up. The Light is shining brightly on your world, and one-way or another the back of the dark must be broken. Heaven has appointed several of our own Ascended Masters to use their divine influence to hasten your deliverance.

First contact is a process of discovery for us; each day brings new lessons and wisdom. We watch you and your planet and wonder about the Universe. You have become more than a most unusual first contact mission; this operation involves us in the integration of the old Anchara Alliance fleets, which means incorporating tens of thousands of star systems into a hugely transformed Galactic Federation of Light. You are the sacred instrument that is fulfilling many old prophesies and demonstrating the unbeatable nature of divine Love and Light. The dark on your world has scarcely yet tasted the fruit of its misdeeds, but this is changing fast. You are about to experience the power of the Light as it weaves its transformation in your life and world.

My comments: Some have said that the recent Haiti quakes were caused by HAARP, but in olden days people felt that this activity was a judgment by the gods on an evil people, and human sacrifices were made to appease these gods. HAARP was created about 1995 and can not target minute areas like Haiti only, and it did not create the great San Francisco quake in 1906 estimated at 7.8 or others that came later. The Jan. 12 Haiti quake occurred around the time that the Fire of Love was announced by AA Michael on Jan. 10, and the deep freeze ended in the US at that time which may also be a factor. Haiti had a 5.9 quake on Wed. Jan. 20 and is included in the Pacific Ring of Fire which is appropriately named. It is easy to see that quake activity has increased recently and this trend will continue as part of Earth changes, although most high magnitude activity in unpopulated areas will remain unnoticed.

The pictures of mass graves are hard to view, but this is just a glimpse of the next few years because over 80% of the world population live in dangerous locations that will face similar fates. Either they will have to be evacuated or buried in mass graves, and that is the job of the Galactic Federation. The Andromedan ETs told Alex Collier that by mid 2013 there will be a 90 degree physical pole shift, and this usually results in 1/4 mile high tidal waves and -200 degree temperatures world wide which would remove all life from the surface. You will find that government estimates of those who died in the Haiti quake are probably half the actual number as is typical of downplaying such events, and some quakes are erased or modified by the USGS. Similar false data was given about 9/11 deaths that was about 5 times what was officially given.

Yahoo news: Senate Democrats on Wednesday proposed allowing the federal government to borrow an additional $1.9 trillion to pay its bills, a record increase that would permit the national debt to reach $14.3 trillion. It is needed to allow the federal government to issue bonds to fund programs and prevent a first-time default on obligations. Congress has never failed to increase the borrowing limit, but it will take 60 votes to pass the legislation under an agreement by top Senate leaders [which requires some Republican support to pass.]. Many know that China will not loan any more money to the US or buy their worthless bonds. The Massachusetts Senate Race that was won by a Republican this week shows that many are against the Obama health care legislation and the corruption of the Democrats to push through bills that the public does not want, and this will thus maintain some support for the opposition. Reuters news said this week that one in 7 US mortgages are in foreclosure or are at least 1 month delinquent in payments, and this should only increase this year.

The biggest obstacle for world change is the US, Obama and Company, and the bankrupt Federal Reserve who only promote status quo. According to Chris Story China has not yet foreclosed on the Federal Reserve and INTERPOL has done nothing significantly yet, and so far this is only talk on their part. What we are waiting for is the moment Heaven approves and wishes to implement these changes, but time will tell.

Rich N


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