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Archangel Michael - The Fire of Love - January 10 2010

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Heavenly Host. Beloved Masters of the Light and beloved starseeds, receive My blessings and the love of all of the Conclave. In one week of your terrestrial time [Jan.17], you will inaugurate the passage of the 4th step. This step is certainly the most important event since the Celestial Weddings. It is one that will enable each of you according to your own pace to reveal and carry out the Fire of Love. In the two previous steps, you were invited to merge the radiant crown chakras of the head and of the heart.

[AA Michael spoke earlier about these merging procedures that will help in receiving this Light for those who have not enabled this yet, so I will repeat them. Place your left hand on your forehead and your right hand over your heart and continually repeat the phrase OD ER IM IS AL (pronounced ODE AYR EEM EES AHL) while welcoming the Blue Light and the Light of Christ in Unity and Truth so that these chakras will merge and integrate. ]

This is a fundamental introduction to receiving the understanding and revelation of the Fire of Love, or the Fire of the heart. This will happen from January 17 on, although some of you already accomplished this a month ago. This Light is reflected by heat from the chest, a lamp that does not burn, yet it is indeed a Fire that ignites in you your most sacred and eternal affiliation to the Source in this dimension.

Beloved starseeds, in the same way the triple radiations that We send to you, coupled with the vibrational energy radiated by all of the 24 Elders and the vibrations of the Divine Mary, will connect with you in your chest to achieve the Fire of the Heart. However only you can open this door and only you have control over this. Some have not waited for January 17 to experience this stage, and those who have followed the celestial weddings have already achieved this, while others will experience this a little later.

However, the intensity We need from you is the Fire of love, because this Fire will complete the work of deconstruction that I have performed with you. This deconstruction is completed or will be completed before I give way to Uriel the Angel of the Presence and to Archangel Metatron [in May]. Beloved Masters of the Light and beloved starseeds, a number of Melchizedeks intervened to give you the necessary prerequisites on a spiritual and material level in your lives, to allow the illumination of the Fire of Love .

I stress these few words: you can not enter the Inner Temple and receive the Fire of the heart if you allow any element of your personality to interfere with this transformational process. Thus from January 17 on We will merge in you (for those who are ready) and integrate on this Earth the triple radiation of the Holy Spirit, the Source and the ultraviolet radiation plus the Blue and the Golden Light radiations which will be updated by Melchizedek on January 17.

With the vibration from the Conclave and the 24 Elders, the double crown chakras [of the head and heart] will become one. This oneness is represented by the Divine Mary, the Creator of this universe by transforming the forces opposed to the Light so they no longer have an influence on you. Thus We will restore to you the principle of Unity and the Trinity through the merger of the radiant crown of the head and radiant crown of the heart with the help of the Archangelic Conclave and the circle of the 24 Elders, and this will reunite in you the circle of Fire and the Fire in your heart.

At the center of this merged double crown chakra resides Mary. Thus We unify all of this ionizing radiation and that which will soon arrive in your solar system to achieve the necessary alchemy and transformation of your DNA. The Fire of Love and the Fire of the heart will now (by the vibration of the entire Archangelic Conclave, the 24 Elders, and the will of the Divine Mary) be performed every evening until the end of My meetings in May from 7 PM - 7:30 PM [French time]. During this half-hour, all of those who desire to receive this radiation will be reunited within their Inner Temples.

This will help you with the techniques you already know, things I communicated earlier (NDR’s comment from France: receive the Blue Light into the Crystal Fountain of the heart) by the pronunciation of the sacred syllables (NDR: OD - ER - IM - IS - AL) and place your hands on either side of your Heart, and thus leaving your hands free to enable the Fire of Love in you (NDR: your hands should be open with palms facing each other about 20 cm [8 inches] apart, fingers and thumbs pointing towards the sky, positioned in the area of the nipples - which is the center of the Soul and the Spirit).

[Place your hands over your chest at each nipple with palms facing each other and with your fingers pointed up towards the sky and continually repeat the phrase OD ER IM IS AL (pronounced ODE AYR EEM EES AHL) while receiving the Blue Light. This requires only the first few minutes of your mediation time and up to fifteen minutes at the most as part during this half hour period daily.] This should be done every day from 7 PM - 7:30 PM [French time if possible, although it can be done at any convenient time. US times are 1/2 hour starting at 1 PM in NY, Noon Chicago, 11 AM MT, and 10 AM in LA]. It will now be possible for some of you to live the Fire of the heart permanently.

However, this first communication is important because it allows you to gradually locate and reset this procedure as you cleanse the remains of your personal ego in the Fire of Love. You will then succeed in establishing the bridge between the conscious Light of the Source and all of yourself. Your sovereignty will be definitively established, but remember that these are not empty words but are actually a vibration and a presence of the Light in the middle of your chest.

You can claim your sovereignty and your spiritual state so that this vibration will be finally established in you. You have a number of months to achieve this however, so do not be alarmed if you do not complete this vibration and receive this Fire on January 17, as this path will in time lead you to your central Divine essence. The resistance associated with your personal ego, your fears and your failures will be eliminated. We will help you with this every night between 7 PM - 7:30 PM [French time], and We will help you enter into your essence so you may reconnect with your Divine self in full.

Beloved Masters of Light, beloved children of the Light, I convey congratulations from the Conclave for your continued work, congratulations for having undertaken this journey for your release from this matrix that is now disintegrating before your eyes. The forces of Light now surround the entire planet in vessels of the Intergalactic Confederation [UFOs] both dimensionally and very close by. We do not want to appear formally before your eyes just yet [by decloaking] however. We want the maximum number of human beings to regain their freedom, sovereignty, and essence in joy and in Light. Only by increasing the number of people changed by the Light who have joined this dimension of the Fire of Love and raising their spiritual levels will We choose to show Ourselves to you and merge with you. The revelation of the Master of Light [Jesus??] is close; however you have to prove yourself and be your own Master of Light. [He may be speaking mainly of the Earthly reign of Christ that will occur later.]

This will manifest itself in your consciousness usually by peace, joy, and love, and you will be unable to harm anyone in any form whatsoever. Any harm done to yourself or to one of your brothers or your sisters, to any elements of Nature and life in Unity, will result in a depletion of the Fire of Love in you [and lower your vibrational frequency]. This Fire of Love is evidence and a guarantee of your authenticity and your truth, and there is no other alternative. We judge Our plans and Our magnitude by this Light, and it is proof of your ability to ascend, transform, elevate and possibly evacuate [teleport to UFOs or travel to inner Earth] should that become necessary.

There is no other way for you to find that Light in you and to display that Light to others. This Light is vibration, this light is illumination. It is your responsibility to let it ascend and grow in you. Abstain from everything that could affect this Fire, anything that could harm this Love and this Truth. You are asked to demonstrate integrity, honesty, certainty and faith. During this limited time until the end of my speech today you will need to stabilize your essence and establish ultimately who you are.

Beloved Masters of the Light, We are happy to welcome you within the Intergalactic Confederation of Unified Worlds of the Source (if you so wish). We the Conclave and all of the Melchizedek encourage you to experience these galactic areas beyond the limited areas you are now confined to as often as possible in your life to find the vibration of this Inner Fire. Whatever your pursuits, whatever your business, you are responsible to feed this Fire so that this Fire of Love may in time engulf you and allow you to receive the flame linked to the Light that comes to you.

Beloved Masters of Light, all radiation and vibrations which are now coming to Earth, that We call Supra-Mental are the Light of the galactic wave announced a long time ago. This galactic wave composed mainly of gamma rays is intended to completely transmute your physical carbon based structure into another form that is much lighter. You can accommodate this radiation and this change from the time the Fire in the heart is active and effective in you. Do not rely on words, do not rely on behavior, trust only the vibration and the perception of this Light in the interior of your chest. There is no alternative in your development and your movement towards the Light (if you desire this deep in your soul). Beloved starseeds, We hope that every day more and more will receive this Light and demonstrate it to others.

Thus you will dissolve your personal [negative] matrix and the matrix of all Humanity. No force can resist the Fire of love, except your personal resistance and your fears and failures. It is your responsibility therefore to live now in this Light, and to let this show in every act and every breath of your life. This will be more or less easily accomplished depending on what level you are at present in this incarnation, which I remind you is only an illusion compared to what you are in other higher dimensions . You are in reality beings of Unity, you are beings of Light, so reveal this natural Light in you, this natural Light that is in you and of the Source.

The Source is Fire, a Fire that does not burn, having been transformed in this dimension into a Fire that already burned. Fire can never burn your consciousness; Fire can only burn a body that is not made to live in the Light and in this Fire. You will then enter into the Light on a level of events that are related to My presence within the elements of this Earth. The cold is also a condition sometimes necessary prior to arriving at the Fire. However, the cold should disappear both in you and outside of you to make room for the Divine heat and Light. The Source is Fire, the Source is Light, and His Love is Fire; you are Fire and you are Love. It is your responsibility to prove that, it is your responsibility to show it initially every day and as soon as possible in every moment of your life.

Beloved Masters of the Light, I will meet with you next in person on January 17 at 5 PM [French time] so you can (if you wish) turn on this Light. Everyone should welcome Me and be connected to the Sky and Earth, connected to your interior essence, and aligned to your interior essence with hands placed on each side of the Heart. My speech on that day will only be a few words, and then We will work together to ignite this Fire of love in all mankind on the planet, and especially in Gaia this Earth, for She has been waiting for this moment for so long. The hour of liberation and freedom is fast approaching. Thus We will display and awaken the Fire of Love in Gaia, delivering on the promise of Christ's sacrifice two thousand years ago by having shed His blood so that this time may arrive. Today it will no longer be necessary to shed His blood but to warm this blood in your chest and the blood of the Earth, and this warm blood will in turn awaken Gaia Herself also.

We will meet next on January 17 at 5 PM [French time] so that We may together live the baptism of Fire. Beloved starseeds and beloved children of the Light, receive all Our blessings today as We change the period of noon to a daily single period of 7 PM - 7:30 PM [French time] to accommodate the combined radiations of the 24 Elders, the Archangelic Conclave and the Divine Mary. Beloved children of the Light, before you leave do you have any questions that only relate to this program and to the establishment of the Fire of Love?

Question: In pronouncing the sacred syllables, should this procedure be done silently or out loud?

It should be done silently during the first minutes or the time necessary for you to activate the crown chakra of the head and the crown chakra in the heart, if this has not been already accomplished.

Question: Are the hands required to be held continually near the Heart throughout this protocol?

No, the initial process requires only between a few minutes of your time and fifteen minutes at the most, depending on your available time to receive the Fire of Love.

Question: Should we always start by welcoming the blue light?

You can also use these gestures in order to receive the blue Light in you. Nevertheless, what will be activated in you from January 17 on is the Golden Light, corresponding to the Fire of Love.

Question: Is cold a prerequisite to the installation of Fire?

In some cases yes, but this is not an absolute rule. Some people must go through a reduction of their ego by highlighting and acknowledging their weaknesses and brutal shortcomings in order to access what they need. This was experienced during this month for many people on the planet in their lives [by the cold weather]. This is not punishment or judgment but concentrates on what should be focused. The cold in you is the reverse of Fire.

Question: Will our diverse and varied blockages hinder the installation of this Fire?

They may at first. But nevertheless, as many more human beings open to the Fire of Love, they will act on the matrix as a collective and these individual matrices will relieve those who could not activate this Fire of Love. You should therefore be extremely precise in our appointments, punctual and efficient in order to allow as many go to the Fire of Love as a collective united entity. There is therefore as I said no need to worry. This will not be accomplished by everyone as of January 17 but will be made during subsequent steps.

Question: Is the appointment with the Assembly of the 24 Elders now at 7:30 PM [French time]?

Everything is replaced by this period of 7 PM - 7:30 PM [French time].

Question: And the appointment of noon?

Everything is replaced by this new period of 7:00 - 7:30 PM [French time].

Question: How can we alleviate pain in the ankles appearing during this process?

This has nothing to do whatsoever in regard to pain manifested during these processes. They correspond to the burning in you that must be performed to purify and increase the Fire in the heart.

Question: How can we relieve the physical discomforts it may cause?

That explanation is too long and complex. What you have to do and what you have to focus on is only your receiving of the Fire of the heart. The bodily reactions, the psychological reactions do that translate into stages of purification where what should be burned will be burned. It is not therefore necessary to attach importance or consciousness to these discomforts .

Question: Outside of the time that You indicated from 7 PM - 7:30 PM [French time], will we be able to practice this at other times of the day?

Yes, depending on your needs [and opportunities], depending on your perceptions of the Fire of Love. Remember those times when you receive the Fire of Love are blessed moments as these moments must become your eternity. So yes use these moments at any time, even outside the announced period to cultivate it. [It will not be a collective session though which is better for all who participate and for Earth also.]

Question: How can we differentiate between the manifestations of the heart related to this procedure and those that are related to a physical problem?

It is not the same vibration or even the same consciousness. When the Fire of the heart is activated, you will live in the Unity, and Light invades your head and body; you are in a state of joy and Unity. I think this is not the case in the pain that is experienced in your body.

Question: On January 17 will this meeting be simply a vibrational energy or will it include a question and answer exchange?

It will be a vibration, and it will also include words from Me, but without an exchange of answers.

Question: Is what is happening now in the global climate linked precisely to this galactic wave?


Question: What is the foreseeable evolution of these climatic aspects?

The burning of your entire solar system in the Fire of Love and Solar Fire.

Question: Is the cold that we see outside an invitation to leave us cold?

By the principle of attraction and resonance, yes obviously [those who receive the Fire of Divine Love will receive its warmth also.].

We have no more questions. Thank you. beloved Masters of the Light and beloved starseeds, I beg you to accept my Light and I say to you I will return on January 17.

All times shown are local French times.
Time zones are available at

US Time zones are NY -6, Chicago -7, MT -8. and LA -9 hours.

The daily 7 PM - 7:30 PM [French time] meeting is 1 PM NY time, Noon Chicago, 11 AM MT, and 10 AM in LA, although these energies are available all day long.

The next regular meeting is January 17 at 5 PM [French time] which is 11 AM NY time.

Sheldan Nidle Jan 12

A new planetary politique awaits while various caretaker regimes take shape and new agreements between them are announced. This new milieu is primed for first contact and a series of startling broadcasts which will include the introduction of technology long-secreted or carefully suppressed by former regimes. These events will throw up myriad questions that are to be addressed before we arrive on your lovely shores, and to this end our Earth allies are equipped with a long list of succinct and enthralling answers for you.

This final period preceding deliveries resembles one of your action spy movies! Across your globe many self-serving individuals are working with the dark to sabotage our efforts and stall change, but this shortsighted endeavor is now reaching its foregone conclusion. Too many groups and governments are tiring of this ultimately futile espionage game as they come to see clearly that the old ways are simply no longer sustainable. Varied moneyed interests and their government counterparts are finally tumbling to the fact that a new and very different system is essential and that attempting to patch up the old construct is actually counterproductive and thus a waste of time. Yet, a whole batch of intelligence agencies tied into the old web refuse to let it go.

The legal machine now unified against them expands upon the penalties to be exercised against the cabalists with each passing day. Many ranking members of this cabal have been captured and subjected to due process of law, but those still at large and in positions of power are even more adamant that surrender is not an option. Their intractability leaves just one option: their complete and utter rout. This is now being arranged. The economic instability of your world leaves the cabalists teetering in a reality they are not used to; namely, facing the collapse of the few resources they have left.

Our plans are to initiate a more assertive first contact operation if the dark is somehow able to delay matters beyond the divine timeline. To this end we have carefully noted what the dark has in its armory. We possess the appropriate countermeasures to prevent any sort of engagement with its 'hi-tech' secret armies and space forces. These cabalists do not fully realize what they are up against. If the more assertive first contact begins, we intend to neutralize their weaponry and permit the new caretaker regimes to gain power.

As we have continually stated, Heaven decrees this first contact and the Divine has ordained your immediate return to full consciousness. This means that the rebellious dark and its minions are no longer in charge of this reality. Heaven informs us that your realm is to return to the fifth dimension with all hands on board! That journey is over. It is the moment to be joyful and to reunite with your space and heavenly families. A new world of abundance, incredible abilities, and divine responsibilities awaits you!

My Comments: Archangel Michael said: "The forces of Light now surround the entire planet in the vessels of the Intergalactic Confederation, now both dimensionally and very close to you. We do not want to appear formally before your eyes yet however. We want the maximum human beings to regain their freedom, sovereignty, and essence, in joy and in light." He seems to say that at this moment decloaking is not needed, and what will occur will remain veiled for a while until we are more receptive, although every option is available if necessary, and this could occur later this week or even next month, but this will occur at some time sooner or later along with disclosures. He spoke of the coldest weather in history that has hit most of the world, and this shows that the NWO global warming was a fraud that was promoted to install an energy tax that would bring in more money for the wealthy few.

In the News:

Chris Story: At 4:30 pm UK time on Tuesday January 12th 2010, it was reported to us that the Chinese Lien Holders and the British Monarchical Power Lien Holder foreclosed on the US Treasury, which implies also the Federal Reserve (as the two are joined at the hip through TARP and TALF). We were told that whereas the Lien was ‘attached’ on or around 6th December 2009, actual foreclosure took place on Monday 11th January. [Foreclosure by the Chinese on the Federal Reserve implies that China now owns it and can do as it pleases. When you control the money you control the organization (corporate US) as well.] Certain irrevocable measures were taken in Europe at 9:00 am London time which we are not permitted to report, requiring the Settlements transfers to be completed as mandated and required, as of Friday January 15th 2010. The consequences of non-compliance with completion and closure of the Settlements payments by the end of this week may be dramatic. We have been advised what the consequences may be but we choose at this juncture to refrain from revealing what we have been told. It's too sensitive.

Obama reportedly told high level financial advisors in Nov. that on Jan. 15 there will be a bank holiday and a new currency will be issued with a devaluation of 6 to 10 to 1. Some think that martial law can not be too far behind, and there are reports this week that Obama signed provisions for martial law. By a devaluation of this magnitude it could mean that $100 will soon be worth maybe only $10 or $20, and this could cause riots and civil war when this is revealed. Jan. 15 is appropriate because it is a national holiday and ML King's birthday. There are pictures of this currency on the web that shows it to be backed by the Federal Reserve which itself is bankrupt. This could however be canceled or altered by the Chinese who reportedly now own the Federal Reserve and the US. Even the Rothschilds have reportedly said they will provide some of their gold in a new monetary system as long as they can maintain their luxurious living standards and control. Maybe we will see changes or we may see a continued (downward) status quo as usual, so there are many options and scenarios.

There have been numerous earthquakes so far this week including Haiti which registered a 7.0 magnitude that may have killed up to 1/2 million people so far, along with numerous 5+ quakes along the Pacific Ring of Fire and a multitude of smaller quakes in California. Christ Michael said that we may see Jupiter by the end of this month accompanied by larger quakes, and this week it is obvious that many have appeared world wide, and their magnitudes seem to be increasing. Many are becoming impatient waiting for a real change and our ascension to 5th dimension and a removal of the darkness that surrounds us now, and time is running short, but time will tell.

Rich N


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