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Archangel Anael Q&A - February 13, 2011

I am Archangel Anael. Beloved Children of the Light, beloved Starseeds, please accept and receive My presence and My love. I come to you today not as an ambassador of the Conclave but in an Archangelic relationship of Love and communication to answer any questions that you now have that are related to your future.

Question: Can the Angels and the Archangels that we contact have any communication other than in an auditory or a vibratory mode?

Beloved, the role of the Archangels is primarily vibrational. The meeting of the Archangelic Conclave that has existed for some time now enables the direct and diffused Light of the Source [Creator] and the different radiations from Ourselves and the Elders and the Stars [12 assistants] of Mary according to the quality and level of the response of humanity on the Earth and that of the entire solar system. Our first contribution is above all a vibrational communication. Now individually some of you may have more privileged communications in tune with Our roles as possible Guardian Angels in certain embodied humans, as I do with some that I also assist.

The number of humans among you who have felt this just by listening to Me and by being in a receptive mode has increased since My recent presence. There are modes of communication that are related to your vibrational affinities and your abilities, as well as to Our vibrational resonance as Archangelic consciousnesses, that are being manifested to you much more easily now than ever before. These forms of communication are highly variable however. This may involve the establishment of a conscious communication with your consciousness through the perceptions of your consciousness and your vibration due to Our presence in you.

We also have a major role (as well as five other Archangels that We have not yet named) in the Creation and the events of this world since time immemorial and eternal. So your participation in this incarnation brings with it what I would call the visible results of Our presence in you through your various DNA vibrational encodings existing in your most inner structures. An Archangelic role can thus be expressed by different means. For each of the Archangels this process may involve extremely precise and accurate vibrational functions and powers assigned and allotted to Them by the Source according to the multi-universe where each performs His work.

Archangel Uriel is now responsible for ensuring the process called the pole reversal and the tilting of Earth. [Each Archangel has a special role that He is responsible for and focuses primarily on that task, leaving others to do the work they are assigned to. We may see Earth return to its normal axis that is now tilted. Earth's axial tilt is now at 23.44 degrees which gives us the four seasons of the year, so there may not be seasons as we know them in the future.] This reversal and this shift is currently underway involving a total vibrational presence in person by Archangel Uriel and Lord Metatron. This will have a major vibrational impact and expression on the collective consciousness of both mankind and Earth.

Remember that Our Archangelic dimension is now much closer and more present in your skies, in your Consciousness and in the Consciousness of Earth, and also remember the major role that We played during the creation of this carbon world (that was not falsified at that time) in agreement with the Master Geneticists of Sirius. Today We only restore the original Light and your connection to the Source of this Universe and its transformation on dimensional and vibrational levels that are much more ethereal, much lighter compared to what you and We call your carbon structures [our 3D atmosphere and our bodies are very dense and uncomfortable]. This communication is therefore primarily vibrational. Again this may for some people involve a much more personal meaning that is in direct resonance with preexisting attractions.

Question: May a Guardian Angel appear to us in a sound or a noise?

Beloved, the manifestation of a Guardian Angel can be expressed in an extremely wide range of experiences ranging from your encounter with your Guardian Angel in your dreams to very physical encounters, where for example you would avoid dying from being crushed under a boulder that you were not intended to die from [there are many stories of those who were rescued from drowning or had other experiences that showed that their time of death had not yet arrived and were thus rescued]. These actions of the Guardian Angels are expressed in a wide range of extremely varied circumstances.

During the year 2008 on Earth, Archangel Jophiel, the Archangel of Knowledge who replaced Lucifer, made a stronger contact with your Guardian Angels possible, and some of you have experienced this already. Many have now discovered this ability to be in touch with not only your Guardian Angel and the Archangels, but also with a wide range of higher worlds that are different from your world, and you have met with ET beings of the Light who were once like you and who have ascended beyond the astral realms and are now incarnated beings living today in multidimensional realms.

This corresponds to the collective consciousness of Earth and your own individual consciousness, which is literally a quantum leap for you, so that you may be closer to what is called the 5th dimension and to therefore live in your Unity and your Unification. This has made you much more sensitive, perceptive, and aware of the Angelic worlds and the Unified worlds. Remember above all that this Unified consciousness is a consciousness manifested through a vibration. Whatever form this vibration may take, this contact is described as an intimate and personal relationship between your consciousness and the consciousness of a multidimensional being, which is above all a vibrational experience that is felt, and this presence results in the modification of your own structures and the real activation of what are called the chakras, particularly the Heart chakra.

This connection can actually manifest itself in many different ways. Understand that this trans-dimensional contact (between your separated 3rd dimension and your Unified dimensions) begins at the moment the receiver is ready to make this contact in whatever form that it takes. It is undeniable that today many people are in touch and in tune with My consciousness as well as with other Archangels. In the same way human beings who are now incarnated like the Elders have joined today to support your vibration and may get in touch with you as soon as your consciousness is focused on them.

Also understand that our multidimensionality allows Us to show up in multiple places at the same time and space and yet be profoundly different each time a communication is made in a style that is distinctive and different depending on the consciousness that We are addressing. [Those who ascend to multidimensional levels may be able to be in multiple places at the same time. Divinity acts differently and communicates differently with those they meet depending upon their spiritual levels and their cultures. If you are a doctor your communication with Divinity may be different than if you were raised in the ghetto.]

Question: Is the Earth hollow or not?

The Earth is absolutely hollow, but not in its entirety. The Earth is hollow in some parts of the world, and there are continents where there are particular lifestyles in an area called Inner Earth [like Agartha]. These Inner Earth worlds are occupied both by lineages of humanoids and dolphinoids. They have existed there precisely since the beginning of this 3D matrix forgery so that they may preserve this consciousness for eternity. These beings are located in certain areas. Thus the Earth is hollow in some places and not in others. These hollow locations are home to the so-called Unified life forms, even if they are carbon based or in some cases silicon based. These Inner Earth worlds correspond to dimensional and interdimensional portals that connect exclusively with the so-called Unified worlds.

This allowed the level of the Unified carbon worlds to maintain some form of communication and cohesion, allowing the Light to still be present on the Earth and not having left it. The crystalline core of Earth is a reality that even your scientists know today. Earth's core like all planets has a silicon and crystalline matrix core that is linked directly with the original crystalline matrices from Sirius (it does not have a molten core as you are taught). Thus these crystalline matrices in certain areas of these Inner Earth worlds are in the form of the outgrowth of the crystalline core of the Earth. These crystalline nuclei and crystalline growths are resonators that maintain the cohesion of Earth and also a connection with both the Source [Creator] and with Sirius.

These Inner Earth beings, whether humanoids or dolphinoids, were responsible for the care and preservation and communication with these crystals called the crystalline matrix of the central core of Earth and of inner-Earth. The recent release which occurred on Earth [the removal of the Annunaki and their control] corresponded to the total elimination of some electromagnetic gravitational forces that tried to imprison the crystalline core and prevent the connection of this crystalline core of the Earth with Sirius and Alcyone. This explains the release of a number of radiations being trapped within the Earth that are seen today as cosmic rays coming from the center of the Earth and from some of these structures below the surface of the Earth.

Question: When the reversal of Earth occurs, will the crystalline core in the center move toward the exterior as a result?

Beloved, I will try to explain what it means to you with an elementary description. A crystalline core is in place at the center of the Earth as it is in the center of all planets. This core can not move outwards, otherwise of course the planet would no longer exist. On the other hand, the influence or radiation of this crystalline core is deeply different depending on the worlds and dimensions that are discussed. Thus, the release of the crystalline core of the Earth can enhance and increase the vibratory intensity of silica that corresponds to the crystalline core, allowing Earth to experience a vibratory growth in consciousness and a growth in your consciousness as well.

Question: Where did the Archons [Annunaki] get the knowledge necessary for such a fraudulent deception?

Beloved, this is knowledge that you have had in your sciences for over a century [starting with Tesla]. The implementation of gravitational forces can be carried out with any metallic material, preferably iron [because it has the most magnetic abilities and is dense]. From the moment this metallic mass follows a particular orbit around a star, it is quite capable (if its volume is sufficient) of altering the curvature of the time-space continuum and can thus induce a form of forgery and a concealment of the source of this activity from others. It is from this principle that the Archons and their servants [Illuminati] created this fraudulent hoax which has existed for a long time.

This does not require advanced knowledge. This simply requires possession of a sufficiently large mass of metal [of planet size]. The original solar system of the Archons in the Big Dipper was extremely rich in ferrous iron type metals. They could therefore build in their dimension, which at that time was United, a kind of planetoid vessel [Nibiru] that was extremely rich in iron and was magnetic also. When they approached a certain solar system this allowed them to cause this system to close in on itself and thus cause a falsification. This was based on forgery, and this action resulted in an extremely precise process of genetic changes in the consciousness of existing bodies in the humans present at that time. This was sufficient enough to create what you have now.

[Nibiru was removed and exiled from our solar system on Aug. 15, 2009 and will not return. It is back in the Big Dipper constellation which will continue to be a Unified 3rd dimensional solar system. Those who talk about Nibiru being here are mistakenly talking about the brown dwarf Hercobulus that has returned to our solar system and is positioned near the Sun. It can only be seen by infrared telescopes that NASA and the Vatican have, but they have kept this hidden from us until now.]

Question: Do these Masters Geneticists have a name according to their function?

Yes. There are of course many conscious lineages of geneticists, depending upon their stellar origin and their original dimension. These are not all equal in the genetic sense, just as you now have with your geneticists on Earth. They are much more than this, and as Prime Creators they are able to arrange geometric shapes associated with specific crystal structures so that they may seed and plant new life in a specific form. The DNA structure of life is therefore modeled based on the crystalline structures that are seeded onto a new world. This world Earth was seeded here 20 million years ago by the Master Geneticists of Sirius who evolved from the 18th Dimension [and this was coordinated by Mary at that time]. There was no human involvement. They were what has been called the Great Dolphins or the copper-skinned dolphinoids standing and measuring 3 or 4 meters [9 to 12 feet tall], but they were not part of this carbon world. [There are many dolphins that have died in the Gulf recently due to Corexit poisoning.]

Question: How is this Archon [Annunaki] intervention related to these Masters Geneticists?

Simply, the Archons usurped the title of Creator and took over in this role. First they called their leader Creator, the one that you call Yaldebahoth, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, or Satan. He is the same entity who is called the Creator of this world by many religions, but of course he never had any role in the creation of this world. This only resulted in your confinement in a separated third dimensional reality apart from the Source. The Archons are not creators, much less Master Geneticists [they can manipulate DNA in labs but can only create life from other forms for their own use]. They were originally beings of consciousness working in other dimensions a bit like the triangle beings belonging to the 24th dimension, and they watched the construction and studied the architecture of these worlds but were definitely not a part of Our Divine consciousness. They usurped this creator function and title to misuse their knowledge about these different architectures linked to the metallic, magnetic, and planetary movements.

Question: What is involved in the process of the caterpillar coming to an end as stated by Omraam Michael [OM] Aivanhov?

This process currently involves the accumulation of Adamantine particles. These particles of Light or Unified Adamantine Light replenish in some manner the framework of your supramental or etheric eternal body of essence existing in at least the 5th Dimension. This accumulation literally weaves itself into a new canvas of Light, the same as it is within your eternity, which explains the changes in your consciousness that usually occur at the moment for those of you who have awakened.

This explains the variety of sounds perceived as the sound of the soul, which begins to mix with the sound of the Earth, giving you at ear level perceptions of new sounds that are confusing, that are no longer sounds of your soul or your Antakarana [a bridge of Light between the lower and higher self] but are more the sounds of Earth mixing with the sounds of the soul. Earth emits a frequency. The native people understood this perfectly and were able to perceive this beat and this sound with their feet or their ears. Today this is being reinstalled in humanity because today the Earth is becoming free again. Thus the merging connection between the Sun and Earth is nearing completion, resulting in the transformation of the Sun and the solar system.

Question: Can people with tinnitus experience these phenomena?

Beloved, what you call Tinnitus [the perception of sound within the human ear in the absence of corresponding external sound, often accompanied by hearing loss], is a medical term. The Song of the soul is often taken for tinnitus. The difference is that tinnitus is an isolated experience while the song of the soul comes from perceptions related to the activation of energy centers corresponding to the tinnitus, which is in fact the soul. If there is a simultaneous presence of this sound, then it is not tinnitus if at the same time there is a perception in the Radiant Crown of the Head. This does not mean that the sound of the soul cannot mingle with a pre-existing tinnitus condition.

[I am now hearing a low level high pitched tone while sitting at my computer (which has a fan), and when a fan is blowing I can often hear Angelic humming or garbled conversations. It disappears when there is no fan noise. This is called Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and is defined as electronically generated noises that resemble speech and is prevalent during periods of white noise like that of a fan. Some feel they are of paranormal origin, and ghost hunters use this technique on TV to detect these sounds.]

Question: How can we help animals make this dimensional transition?

Beloved, I will say that you do not have to help animals, but rather the animals will need to help you. This dimensional ascension or transformation will be experienced by plants and by animals in a way that is extremely natural. It is a process that I describe as innate and natural, unlike you who need to reacquire your Divinity that was lost by your separation.

Question: Is the quantum leap in the month of March a passage into the fourth dimension before we move to the 5th dimension?

Beloved, this transition into the 4th Dimension has already begun for some time. Many human beings, showing signs of activation of their body of essence, are already living in the 4th Dimension, which is not a dimension of life or of human consciousness, but exists more for the Archons [and is part of the astral realm that reptilians and other dark beings live in]. This 4th Dimension is only an intermediate step to the 5th Dimension but is by no means a viable dimension of living for you permanently.

Question: Why will some people ascend with their bodies?

Beloved, this is because the DNA of these people is a carrier of certain memories. These are not memories of past lives (which have no need in the unified world) but is primarily the memory of certain special experiences, making them books or libraries (depending on the case) that We need to preserve so they may be teachers later to others. [We will all have our past life memories erased so we can begin anew without these encumbrances. This includes our actions, families, friends, bad karma and habits, the languages that the Annunaki gave us to separate us, and anything else that would prevent us from having a new beginning so that we can begin over again with a clean slate. Almost everything we know is half truths and lies and is a reversal of the truth].

Question: What will happen at the ascension of these beings? Where will they go?

They will be transported to other Unified 3rd dimensional worlds in what are called the huge Arcturian mother vessels, and a transfer of information will be made between their quantum DNA electronics and some of their crystalline arrays , and this is comparable to the transfer of computer data to another hard drive. After this data transfer these people can then leave their bodies to access their eternal dimensions [5th and higher] with this data intact.

Question: What is the starting point for the teaching of soul families?

There is within the falsified worlds a bond and a link between the body of the ego personality and the Spirit. This link has been called the soul. This soul belongs irrevocably and unavoidably to the 3D matrix and does not exist within the Divine Spirit. Thus in extensive experiences that you have had in this incarnation, certain links, resonances, attractions and repulsions were created between some souls and yourself. At the Spirit level, these soul families have no meaning because the soul belongs only to the 3D matrix. Thus, talking about a soul sister or a twin flame at the Spirit level makes no sense since it is an intermediate level only.

Think of it as merely a principle of attraction and resonance that exists along paths of relationships as one might say. The Unified Spirit that is located at the Sun [our eternal 5D Light body] has no use for these intermediate realms. The word soul family was created just for the matrix, but remember that the concept of family is an invention that exists only in separated worlds. Your only family is a spiritual family in a vibrational dimension that is related to your Spirit, your stellar dimension, your stellar origin, your ET home, and your dimensional lineages. But in no case does it have any connection with what is called the soul. [Families will not exist in the future because we will all be part of one big family in Unity.]

Question: Why is Alcyone, the Central Sun of all of the galaxies, located at this time in our own galaxy only? Is this a form of privilege for us on Earth?

Beloved, remember that the vision of the matrix that you have of your cosmos is completely false. What you see in the skies is not the truth. The true essence of the Light is at the level of what physicists call black holes or a vacuum, which is definitely not empty. To say that Alcyone is in fact only in your galaxy is not accurate. Alcyone is present in all galaxies. [There are many super universes besides ours.]

Question: Will the soul finally disappear after Ascension?

For people who find their multi-dimensionality, yes entirely. The soul has no purpose. Only the Spirit remains [the soul is only an intermediary state between the body and the Divine Spirit].

Question: Can the practice of conscious breathing during times of meditation activate the various crowns?

Yes. This is part of a number of exercises that have been described by some elders now for over 2 years. But remember that enabling the Crown of the Heart can not be fully completed until you are surrendered entirely to the Light, that is to say, from the moment when the ego ceases wanting anything for itself.

Question: Can beings work on our physical bodies at night in areas that have failed?

Beloved, it is not only possible but is certain. Those involved may be the Unified 3rd Dimensional Vegans who are angels of the Lord as you call them or it may involve Angels from other dimensions. These interventions are sometimes necessary to allow you to have a better reception of the Light and a better transformation. This will become increasingly more obvious to a growing number of human beings now.

Question: Do the Pleiadian ETs have the same role as the Vegan ETs?

Yes. There are three categories of ET beings belonging to the Unified 3rd Dimension. First, there are Angels of the Lord or the Vegans, intervening in individual visible vessels [UFOs] that have been described both in the Apocalypse of St. John [ ] and by one of your insiders present on Earth in the early 20th century known as Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). These are individual vessels. The role of the Angels of the Lord is to ensure that the ascension is going according to established rules and is in compliance with respect to the plans of the Light. The Pleiadians of the Unified 3rd Dimension who are now here concern themselves more with other beings besides the Vegans who now incarnated here [who will be returned to their home planet] or with the Vegan vessels. [The Pleiadians are generally at a higher and more advanced level than the Vegans. There are also Pleiadians who have ascended to higher dimensions and are not part of this program now.]

Finally, there is a third category of beings from the Unified 3rd Dimension [Arcturians] who unlike the Vegans and Pleiadians are typically humanoid [they look just like us] and who themselves operate from large Mother vessels which may not approach too close to Earth [and small scout ships are thus used for work on Earth. It appears that Pleiadian craft will be used mostly for evacuation and those rescued will be transferred to Arcturian motherships. Large UFOs close to Earth would have a devastating affect on Her and would act as a magnet. The Arcturians will help evacuate life and will transfer most of them elsewhere in their huge ships so a new era can begin for all]. Thus there are three groups of ET beings belonging to the 3D carbon based worlds who are in total synchronicity with the ascension that Earth is currently experiencing.

[Vegans appear to us like the small greys that measure about 4 feet tall. Pleiadians reportedly appear to us more like humans but are taller, some approaching 9 feet with long pointed ears. Those who have been Pleiadian contactees like Billy Meier describe them as the perfect human model physically, intellectually, and spiritually. The main problem that Billy had was with his wife who opposed everything he did (maybe she was jealous of these ETs in their relationship with him) and his family (who tried to capitalize on his fame and make money off this). All contacts were severed several decades ago because of these problems and the lack of progress.]

Question: Can we do something to better integrate these energies?

Beloved, the intensity of the discharge of Adamantine particles and radiations from various sources like the Sun and other influences, and especially those from the Archangelic Conclave, does not allow the let-up of these intense energies. You will integrate with these each at your own pace, depending on your ability to metabolize this energy individually. Some of you will no longer sleep while others will sleep all day. You must each adapt to this energy based on your needs. There is no way to change that. This will increase more and more each day as We have taught since the beginning of this year. The important thing is not so much to live in discomfort in your diet [like those who give up meat for Lent] or in limiting your activities, whatever they are, but to strive for more Light, more vibrational consciousness, knowing that this period will not last forever.

We have no more questions, thank you.

Beloved Children of the Light, beloved Starseeds, I Thank you for your presence here, I thank you for your reception, for your support and for Our ability to communicate with you. My love goes with you. Call on Us as I and other Archangels have said. They will tell you the same thing. We will answer your call. We say to you that We will meet again with you very soon.

My comments: The New Madrid Fault that was discussed recently is known to be primarily in the area along the Tennessee-Arkansas-Kentucky border but it does in fact start in the Gulf of Mexico and extends up to the Great Lakes. Those from the future say that a new ocean will form starting at the Gulf and will end up at Lake Erie, splitting the US into two parts, and it will be so wide that bridges cannot be built to cross them. Some are aware that 5th density has such a thin atmosphere that no planes will be able to fly and thus UFO technology will be needed to travel.

This ET technology has been available for many years but has been forbidden, just like free energy that was developed by Tesla 100 years ago. There is no need for using oil or nuclear power, but this is necessary so our leaders can make money and control us as their slaves. This Madrid fault line has many problems including natural gas pipelines and the power grids that run along that area and service the North with heat and electricity. Sometimes revelations in my work may cause revisions in plans, and the CME solar bursts of energies had little destructive force here which was probably due to ET intervention and prevention, but there is only so much they can do. There have been numerous UFO sightings recently in that Madrid area at night which may confirm this.

The memory erasure was discussed here and confirms my speculation earlier. This is very important in our new lives and is a usual Divine process for mankind as we move on and forget the atrocities of 3D. Some ETs do not have this benefit and tend to not evolve spiritually, and this can be seen in Enki, an Annunaki reptilian who played god in the Old Testament. He still believes the crimes of he and his Anu family were justified and feels that Nibiru will return to cause the coming pole shift, but it will not be involved in this or any other events as Nibiru has been decomissioned by Divinity and is not allowed in this universe any more. Many ETs have little knowledge of Divinity, and this can be seen often in their work.

A "quantum leap in the month of March" that is mentioned here suggests a major change is in store for all mankind, and hopefully status quo is over, but only time will tell.

Rich N


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mary - February 3, 2011 - Evacuation

I am Mary, Queen of the Heavens and the Earth. My beloved children, I come to you as I promised in December. This is the end of this stage of the reversal passage that you have now completed, ending with the opening of the mouth [the 11th body and the preparation for our new Divine life]. Today I would draw your attention to a number of essential principles. The first of these is that you must be more open minded and alert to all external events and to your inner consciousness that you experience because many details are communicated in this manner. Many details essential to your future and your changes are communicated by your perceptions and your dreams in this way to increase your consciousness.

Today many of you will see and feel Our presence, My presence and that of many other Light Beings at your side and close to you, reflecting Our meeting imminently within your skies and within your consciousness. Therefore you should become more open and more attentive to the signs occurring around you, regardless of how they occur. These signs of the Light happening now on Earth are given so that they may develop in your consciousness a better understanding and discernment of what is of the Light, of Unity, and of Love and what is not of the Light.

The second point I would like to draw your attention to is that you should become more focused on expressing and conveying your love to others. By radiating what you are, you are aligning yourself with the Adamantine particles that are accumulating in your bodily structures physically, and this will allow the Light in you to shine and manifest itself around you. There are of course some people who are not willing to receive and experience the Light at this time. Do not worry, do not be offended with this as it is part of the natural progression of things. You are asked as always to try to continue to love unconditionally, to radiate who you are as Divinity, accomplishing nothing other than shining the Light. Today you have this new ability to radiate the Light, to manifest this in your life to others, not just within your own consciousness.

We need your Light so that this Light establishes its reign on this Earth and makes it possible for the final transformation of consciousness in all mankind. This realization should occur as soon as possible, thus allowing you to avoid a certain number of elements because these elements are absolutely inescapable and painful if ignored. They are in fact due to the rapid establishment of the Light within your separated world that will allow this to be completed as early as possible in spite of the illusions and the various forms of darkside manipulation.

So do not worry about what is happening in this world, in your environment, or even near you, because everything contributes to the unveiling of the Light and the installation of this Light on Earth. Do not judge the reactions of your family, do not judge those who oppose the Light. The only opposition today is in fact from some people due to their fear because the Light is an unknown element and is frightening just as Starships of the Light can be scary at first to accept. They are departures from your distorted reality, a reality that is quite different, profoundly different from what has been experienced by humanity so far. Continue then to remain aligned, continue to live in joy and vibrate within your Heart so that the Light shines through once again and becomes established step by step around you, just as it is in you.

It is time to bring the Light to this world, not just to sow it but to anchor and stabilize this Light on Earth. Be focused on the Light, think of Love in every breath you take in your life. Your life must be full of Light in your actions, your thoughts, and your behaviors and in all of your relationships whatsoever. Do not judge others because this judgment is opposed to the Light. Judgment belongs to your darkside world only, it is not a part of the Light of this world. Today you experience a new world in you, resulting in new perceptions in you as you observe changes all around you on this planet.

The elements announced earlier by Lord Metatron have arrived in increasingly intense visible demonstrations at this time, and some are awakening to the truth around you as a result. These elements are not opposed to the Light but correspond to the establishment of a new reality and a new Truth and your transformation into a new consciousness, a new body and a new Unity that you have finally discovered. Be alert to signs that are sent by the Light, be attentive to events in your own consciousness and your own vibration, because they reflect in truth what you now experience.

Everything is in harmony. The Light is proceeding according to a Divine plan and the installation of this Light on Earth is occurring now. The ascension of Earth follows a harmonious rhythm, nothing is disharmonious or inappropriate. This is only the view of the ego personality, which sometimes will see darkness in what is not darkness but is only a new Light of what has been hidden, falsified and manipulated until now. The opening of the mouth and the absorption of the Adamantine particles of Light are the fastest steps to your final processing and the final processing of Earth also.

Some of you are more advanced than others and are already living more important and intense moments as you return to your Unity during these final days. Some may call it fatigue or a feeling of being somewhere else or in another realm, but you are in fact being connected to a new dimension of your life and nothing else. Just follow the movement, do not oppose or resist it, but remain in Love, in Truth, and in the Light so that this final work of transformation is achieved for your good as well as for the good of this Earth. The quality of your alignment and the quality of your peace will result in Peace on Earth, causing the turmoil to end, and this chaos will not last forever. Everything depends on you and it depends on Earth also.

We have made Ourselves available to assist in your work, and We will continue to move closer to you as time progresses. We are getting closer to those of you who are more privileged and open so that you may sense and feel Our presence at your side and in your consciousness. Some of you now have greater abilities to get in touch with your ET Space Brothers of the Unified Light, or with Others like Myself or with one of My sisters, or with the Elders. This is a natural and spontaneous response to the Light that you have emitted from yourself as you become the Light also. We have long said that the realms of interference called the astral worlds are becoming increasingly weaker [but still exist now]. Today these higher contacts are becoming increasingly more visible in your skies in larger numbers and to you individually.

The third wave, as has been called by various Archangels, is a demonstration of the ET Forces of Light in your Heavens that is growing and will intensify even more. This should not unduly disturb you as it is, by your resonance and harmony the response of the Light to your individual Light as Light Meets Light. The darkness is revealed and unmasked by the Light, albeit with varying degrees of difficulty according to your consciousness. But remember not to judge others because those of you who reject the Light are not in a position of formal rejection but are more in fear or in a manifestation of the ego that refuses to be transformed.

Do not dwell on that judgment. Continue to shine, continue to live in your inner being, continue to Love, because it is in Love that you will realize around you your own personal paradise. Whatever today's difficult circumstances that some of you have to deal with emotionally in your environment with your family and your profession, do not judge because they too will change. They will also ultimately accept the Light even if they are not able to integrate with and live this harmonious transformation at this time. This transformation will take place anyway, it can not be otherwise, since Earth will ascend regardless.

Again do not look for any dates. The only important dates are those of Our sessions when We transmit these radiations of Light energy to you, and Archangel Michael and Lord Metatron will very soon give you precise times to merge your Light with Our Light so We may all carry out this reunion of the Light together. Beyond that, Earth's events follow at their own pace. They have arrived now, they are here, they are at your door. You are in the end times and this is proceeding as scheduled. This end should be a celebration because it is a new birth, it is the passage and transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly, so what should you fear?

Do not send any fear to those who are watching you and are concerned or are curious about you, waiting to see what emanates from you, because this will bring a greater number who will choose to join the Light when they observe you. Indeed, the Light is contagious, and the more you radiate this Light, this Peace, and this Love, the greater the number of human beings who are able to transcend their fears and thereby support the ascension of Earth that is in progress. I remind you that a number of signs will be more visible both on Earth and in the Heavens, and a number of signs will also become more apparent within your consciousness.

Again, this is quite normal and logical and represents a culmination of a process started for you some time ago. This time has come, these end times are here. We are with you, We are approaching ever closer in Our consciousness and Our Vessels of Light to your dimension and your consciousness. We continue to carry out Our plans so that these higher dimensional worlds can approach and replace your separated dimensional matrix. The hosts of the Galactic Fleet, especially the Vegans, Arcturians, and Pleiadians are now present in your atmosphere [still cloaked], and the Motherships are closer also. They will be seen by the contacts that We choose, and they will soon be visible to all within your skies.

This is ongoing, this revelation is underway. It follows a logical path, leading to a revelation of the Light to all in Peace. Remember that as I said and as many Elders have told you, the Light is intelligent. Trust in the Light, surrender yourself to it and it will resolve all of your obstacles, all your problems. The Light on this Earth is now more than ever active in your consciousness, but it asks for your trust, it asks for your inner peace, it asks for your faith in the noblest and purest form in order to carry out the action of this Light in your very lives in whatever aspects arise.

If a problem arises, whether in your body or in your environment, call on the Light to smooth all of these difficulties. You must do this in confidence and consciousness because it is in truth the action of the Light that will assist you. In a few weeks there will be an important appointment with Archangel Michael on February 28 at 5PM French time. Depending upon the progression of this work itself, We will announce our next appointment formally by Myself and My sisters [ My 12 assistants] so that all may realize and become conscious of the Radiance of the 12 Stars of Mary and Myself also for the first time ever on Earth.

This will be announced in late February by Archangel Michael. This great moment is a moment of renewal, just as Spring arrives at this time also [with its new life]. It will transform and elevate you into even greater Light and Truth. Gradually, the persistent difficulties whether in your lives or in your environment will subside. This is the normal action of the Light, it can not be otherwise. Trust in the Light, have faith in who you are [as members of Divinity], have faith as Starseeds in your dimension, even if you do not have full access to this dimension of eternity yet. All of the events that are coming your way are bringing you more and more access to your eternity. It is happening now, but it happens to everyone at his own pace and his own ability to surrender to the Light.

A new milestone has been reached. It should allow many people to experience more easily these processes that you yourselves have already lived for many years. The time is truly here, so whatever happens on this Earth or in your environment, stay centered in your Heart. Every minute, every breath of your life must be in a consciousness focused in your Heart and in the vibration of your spiritual Heart. Obviously, by the activation of the Cross in your head, the interdimensional Merkabah is strengthened now as you also feel the vibration of the Heart and the vibration of your pubic sacrum. The 3 hearths [heart, head and pubic areas] are now extremely active on Earth as well as for an increasingly important number among you. So be confident that whatever happens, whatever your media says, whatever you perceive in your environment, the Light has won as you well know. It now stands in all fullness and in truth.

These are the few words I need to give you now. These are words of encouragement for the establishment of even more Light, more truth, and more Love in your life and in those around you. Love yourself, love life, love all beings whoever they are whether humans, animals or plants. Do everything in Love and through Love, do everything in the Light, accompanied by the vibration of your consciousness, and everything will proceed according to your state of consciousness. Light can transform and remove darkness. If the darkness emerges in you and is dissolved, then you do not risk anything, and the result is only that you will live in more Joy and interact with Us in a more and more formal and sensitive manner. Those are the words I give you tonight. If there are questions concerning this, I will try to provide additional enlightenment.

Question: What is the role of the Vegans, the Pleiadians and the Arcturians?

The Vegans, as you know, are now here in small individual starship vessels, which, by their very presence in your environment, spreads the Light, and they are closest to you [because they are of the 3rd dimension like you]. The Pleiadians are essentially in the same role, but they are in larger vessels than the Vegan capsules. As for Arcturians, they are themselves involved in a very specific process called evacuation. They will intervene when necessary for those of you who have decided to keep the body and who also have the capacity in terms of Vibration to receive this. Their intervention will occur soon but is not yet on the agenda, but there are in fact 3 stellar groups of ETs that are at work for now in your dimension.

We have no more questions, thank you.

Beloved Children of the Light, My Motherly Love goes with you now. Our next session [apart from February 28] will be formally determined by Archangel Michael whenever it is necessary. This will certainly be during the month of March and can occur at any time that is necessary according to the global circumstances, conditions, and the solar, galactic, and cosmic events that may occur. As for Me, My Mother's Love goes with you. All of the Intergalactic Confederation of Free and United Worlds are now with you also as you experience your own new birth and the new birth of this Earth. We send you all of Our peace, all Our love. May the Truth penetrate you so that you become who you really are as beings of pure Light, beyond the delusions of this world. I will see you again soon.

My comments: The Vegans and the Pleiadian ETs are here now to bring home those who are originally from there and wish to return home, while the Arcturians in large motherships are responsible for those who want to evacuate with their bodies. It should be understood that if they do not leave voluntarily they will die and will need to be reborn elsewhere with a new carbon body. It appears most will end up on Arcturus to continue in a Unified 3D environment with their memories erased to start over with a new beginning. They will forget their past actions, their friends, their family, and their languages, all of which would be a deterrent to them in their new lives, and there will be a relearning and adjustment process and ultimately a better future for all, free from our current slavery in this matrix duality.

There is a paradox that now exists: Mother Earth wants to wait for all to be evacuated before the pole shift begins, and those in charge want to wait for this shift to begin before any actions are taken, so this non-action can theoretically continue indefinitely, and someone has to take the first step. Those who refuse to leave will die and have their souls collected and transferred to the appropriate location according to their needs and spiritual development later. There appears to have been a decision to cancel the new governments and banking (because there is so little time left and would only be a distraction and of little use anyway), and there may be limited disclosures so that we will be prepared for evacuation by ETs. Poof said this week "The trustees have completed their work so we are at an ignition point of flipping this world onto the new banking system." This flipping is a hint of what is to come, and this new banking is still a possibility, although this is a repeat of what has been spoken of for a long time and will only be verified when it occurs.

Last year Mary said She was responsible for announcing the pole shift 3 days before hand so we could prepare for it, and Her job has now changed to helping coordinate this evacuation where all life will be removed. There has been little discussion so far dealing with those who will ascend to 5D Earth except that it will involve the new incoming Adamantine particles that will transform us into eternal beings of Light who will never again go through the birth/death cycle process. Those who refuse to evacuate may be placed in stasis (sleep) and removed involuntarily or may be left to die without intervention and start over in a new body elsewhere.

Alex Jones on a Pole Shift from
There has been talk that some in the government expect a magnetic pole shift around March 15, 2011, but that is only a guess as it could occur at any time, and that is up to Earth Herself. It will occur sooner or later irregardless. Alex Jones reportedly had a call last week that mentioned this shift and he posted his response to this this week on his web site appropriately called prison planet. "According to some experts, the world’s weather is about to get even more chaotic as a result of natural climate change that we can do absolutely nothing to prevent – and even though global warming alarmists may exploit the consequences to advance their own political agenda, paying a carbon tax to Al Gore will not lessen the impact of a potentially catastrophic magnetic polar shift.

"In layman’s terms, the most apocalyptic outcome of a polar shift would come as a result of the the poles flipping, with the south pole becoming the north pole and vice versa. The good news is that on average this only happens every half a million years, but the bad news is that it hasn’t happened in roughly 780,000 years, with some experts warning that the planet is overdue. Pole flips have been known to happen only 50,000 years apart. If it happened, a complete pole shift would cause “superstorms in the future with winds as high as 300 to 400mph…which “would totally destroy anything they came into contact with on land,” writes Terrence Aym for

"In between these flips, the magnetic field can become quite weak and chaotic, causing “turbulence” in the field, which can effectively cause weaker gaps in the magnetosphere,” writes Mike Adams. “These magnetic gaps or weaknesses can allow outside influences that normally would not penetrate the magnetosphere to reach deep into that magnetosphere, theoretically all the way down to where birds fly at very low altitude,” adds Adams, making a case that pole shifts are to blame for recent mass bird die-offs."

He is referring only to a magnetic pole shift which is nothing compared to a physical shift that will occur. Note that he uses this to promote ads on his site, so there is a money motive like most sites. This pole shift will remove all life, and that scenario is not considered by Alex at all since no one wants to hear it. There is as usual a mixture of truth and error in this work, but since it comes from a relatively conservative site it is worth noting, and the timing is important now. Plans are continually changing as developments arise, so it is difficult to give a concrete view of the future as such, although some events are set in stone like this pole shift and will occur in any event. What the future brings is uncertain, and only time will tell.

Rich N