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Sheldan Nidle Aug 16, 2011

Selamat Jarin! We return with another report concerning your world! At present, we are tracking a number of individual unit commanders who are summarily defying the series of recent agreements, signed by a majority of your globe's nations, and a special amended codicil that was ratified by the American government only last week [promises broken as usual]! These groups of the military are on the verge of being neutralized by our special defense force. The peace of your world is being temporarily threatened. We have sent warnings to these various rogue groups and given them a date for their deactivation. We expect full compliance and a swift return to the condition pro ante. Several major governments sent similar warnings to these groups once this situation was made known to them. When this state of affairs is resolved, we fully intend to begin the rapid distribution of your prosperity funds and formal announcements by your new governments. The road to disclosure has hit only a small bump. Your prosperity and your new economic system are still on target for completion by the divine schedule decreed by Heaven and Lord Surea.

We are watching our Earth allies and seeing to it that those selected for major cabinet appointments in the new "caretaker" governance are ready and fully apprised of what is expected of them. A number of special Agarthan envoys are now evaluating how these new governances are to function during the first week of their operation. Every chosen administration has a series of tasks to complete. These include: announcements, special orders and a series of procedures that are to pump monies quickly into the "starved" economies of your globe. The first authorized moves of this new governance are intended to relieve the immense debt pressure on your world and get under control the "casino-like" atmosphere that has produced an exponential yearly increase in global debt ratios. The debt needs to be dismissed and a sound series of budgetary rules put into place that can truly evaluate how well each aspect of your various national governments operates. The crucial point is to shift from a "bottom line" to a more humane "spiritual line".

Right now, conditions on your world favor change. Although the dark cabal has been in control of your limited consciousness realm for nearly 13 millennia, their unrelenting iron grip has greatly diminished. We are watching how well our Earth allies and their Inner Earth cousins work together to establish the world that your new growing consciousness deserves. We have, of course, used our vast technological superiority to move this along when necessary. It is important that most of this special "work" be done by those who were born on your planet and know the true and vital nature of what they are accomplishing. Removing the immense degree of negativity from your reality is best done by those who have experienced it in one way or another. Another point to be made is that it has been way too long since the peoples of Inner and surface Earth cooperated as one. We are overseeing this process and it brings great joy to our hearts. The joyful prophesies of Heaven are indeed coming true. The time for disclosure is rapidly drawing nigh!

Disclosure is the principal event that will formally change your world. When we appear on your screens and are heard all over your planet, the reality in which you have lived since childhood will become unalterably different. The many myths about who you are, together with the quasi-scientific beliefs about your origins, will be quickly put to rest. You then will discover your true spiritual origins and your magnificent place in the cosmos. First contact is about a massive transformation of your reality, and of you. This procedure will come about in a series of rapid shocks that we and the Agarthans have discussed long and hard with your Ascended Masters. These talks led us to plan a series of special broadcasts that we intend to begin once disclosure is public knowledge. These messages need to be given in a way that brings this shocking information to you clearly and comfortingly. You will experience a state of joy and some confusion when the vast governmental agenda is revealed. We need to be gentle and to use these moments to prepare you for first contact.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! At present, we have forced a series of rogue military groups to stand down as ordered by the heads of state of a number of affected nations. These military units were threatening not only to defy the various agreements that had set the stage for new governance, but also to delay and force a sudden change in the way this new governance was to be implemented. Our Agarthan brothers and sisters were able to obtain their surrender and end any possibilities posed by this event. We are now preparing to move swiftly to the delivery mode, and to set a date for the first new government announcements that will put an end to the current global debt crisis and introduce the new monetary system to your world. Once these economic and monetary reforms are under way, these governments intend to begin the formal disclosure process. This will start with a special news conference given by the new American President [not Obama].

This news conference is extremely critical. It will introduce the Galactic Federation and Inner Earth to the people of your world. Evidence and top-secret files will be revealed at the beginning of this news conference. This opening will set the stage for similar news events to be held in other parts of your world. Disclosure will be announced with a general call for global cooperation and for the forthcoming release of a wealth of advanced technologies. The world is to go beyond conflict and prepare herself to welcome our Inner Earth and space families. Among these press events will be various spiritual phenomena that we, your Ascended Masters, fully intend to manifest on your world. This new reality is an experience of consciousness and of spirit: both need to be discussed equally. These educative programs will be only the beginning of events that lead up to first contact!

First contact is the next major watershed for your reality. It opens up the pathways that will lead to full consciousness and a full retrieval of information about your origins and your divine destiny. Our sacred task as your Ascended Masters is to be both provider and prototype for you. Heaven has set forth a process that is to return you to your full potential selves. This process is fundamentally divided into two stages: pre-first contact and post-first contact. These stages are also the times when the dark will begin to recede and no longer be viable in your reality. The moment in your history is coming when the old perceptions lose their power over you, and when our counseling and wisdom will at last become a strong and visible part of how you view your world. The Age of the Light and of enlightenment has arrived!

My comments: It appears that progress has been made recently and change is finally on the menu, but only time will tell.

Rich N


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

OM Aivanhov Q & A - March 2011

Note: This was given several months ago but is just as relevant now as it was then.

OM on March 6:

Question: Is there humor in other dimensions?

Everything is humorous, or rather everything is an excuse for Us to live in Joy. In interdimensional realms every encounter is guided primarily by the growth and development of Joy. Humor brings the expansion of Joy, so there is no need to worry. We are always acting like clowns, laughing and amusing ourselves and others.

Question: How can we deal with large losses of memory and with intellectual difficulties?

There is nothing to worry about due to the loss of neuron cells in the brain during this process, and everything is fine. You can not operate completely in this world and completely in another world, except for a few people who have worked a long time on this or that for this particular mission and have mastered it. This means only that you will become separated from this 3D reality by losing some of your neurons. That is not a problem unless all of humanity develops dementia [the darkside would like us to be dumbed down and become obedient to their commands as slaves], but all is well as it means that this consciousness is beginning to move into other dimensions. Obviously it can be annoying when you have an activity that is related to memory or intellect, but it is that way now and will be more pronounced, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Question: Is there a planet that has 7 suns?

Dear friend, we must not forget that the perception of the 3rd dimensional technical processes is profoundly different from reality. It is quite possible to have worlds in dimensions where there are any number of Suns, and this is entirely accurate. For example, Sirius has 3 Suns, this solar system has 2, one Sun [Herlocubus] of which is invisible to the naked eye, and you have solar systems in other multiverses which can contain a larger number of Suns as you know that are considerably greater than here, so it is not an illusion.

Question: What happens to those who will not reach the mental silence [shutting down the intellect and becoming guided by the heart and the inner essence]?

There will come a time when these obstructions will of necessity be permeated by the Light, but it will become easier if you remove these obstacles now. This mental silence will come at a particular moment when, after the necessary shock of humanity [disclosures and change], the mind will be so shaken in his beliefs that at some point it will be become necessary for all mankind to consider this. This process that you have heard discussed is called stasis, and you will live this, and when you are in stasis, there are people who will try to still maintain the activity of living by their intellect and social beliefs. You will be faced with something you have never experienced before, but all of a sudden the circuits are shut down and they are no longer operational. For most people these superfluous mental activities will gradually disappear. They have disappeared for now in those enlightened beings who have experienced the higher vibration. Some people, during periods of alignment, are unable to even have any other thoughts or mental activity. But that is normal, is it not.

Question: What is the role of dreams, and do they have a systematic role in our evolution and future?

Absolutely not. Most dreams are related only to your projections or concerns from the previous day. Dreams can be both good news and common every day news, and most dreams that you have at present are common. You have a lot of people on the planet who dream of the sun, of tsunamis, and of transformational fears because it is written in the collective consciousness. Dreams can cover a whole range of meanings, but we can not say that all dreams are related to the changing of your future course [prophecies]. Most often these dreams are only a projection of the 3D Matrix, even if the dream foretells something that will happen in these so-called prophetic dreams. Unitarian Dreams [those not of this dualistic 3D] leave you with a feeling and a vibrational perception that is much more important and elevated than just dreams related to the Matrix.

Question: Is it necessary to filter or energize water?

Dear friend, in my lifetime I blessed the food and the water that I partook of. It was a continuous action, and you can do the same. You can act externally by filtering the water with technology, with equipment, with crystals, and I do not know what else, but you can also act by your own consciousness and your own Light to absorb the water in you which is a form of blessing so to speak. We talk about food, but everything is polluted in this dimension, so what can we do? It is up to you to clean up your interior, and by doing this you will also clean up the exterior, which seems logical to Me does it not. So you can do whatever you want with the water, but it is clear that the work will be linked more today to your vibration.

You must not expect to turn water that is rich in pollutants like heavy metals [uranium or Corexit] that have molecules that are not healthy into pure water. You will not modify the structure of the water, you will not remove the chemical molecules or the metals, but it will have less impact on your bodies. Strive to enter a state of absolute purity so that your time and your energy focuses on all of the higher energies and not on your external clothes and duties. Today the most important quality is the inner energy and the Light that you receive. The rest will follow, and if it does not, it does not matter. [A favorite phrase of business is going green, but they are of course referring to making more money and has nothing to do with the cleaning up the environment. They like to talk about cloud computing which is their word for moving their business to the skies like UFOs.]

Question: Are sports activities compatible with receiving the Light?

Why not dear friend. You will not all become Buddhas by sitting around doing nothing.

OM on March 12:

Question: After the 3 Days of Darkness [the pole shift], will there remain two humanities or simply beings evolving in a Unified 3D?

Dear friend, there are many things that need to be discussed on this topic. First I will discuss the 3 Days. As you can see yourself, you are already evolving and you have not yet lived these 3 days. The Revelation of Light has speeded up faster and faster and will expand both exponentially and practically in the future. During the past several weeks and months your life on Earth has taken a turn which will soon reach a climax. How can you tell? You will change the derailleur gear speed on your bikes and you will move to even faster speeds from the spring equinox March 21 on. You will see things you have never seen on Earth until now, and this We have discussed many times. This is all part of the Revelation of the Light.

Now this would suggest that with two humanities living on a Unified 3rd Dimension on this Earth that Earth will remain as it is, even by uniting. That is not possible as the Earth will move into a new higher dimension. The 3rd Dimension of the Earth will be like a skeleton [ghost town], unable to bear life. Earth will ascend and will therefore pass into the 5th Dimension, and those who remain on Earth at that moment will be completely transmuted beings who have had their carbon bodies undergo transformation and who have received the cosmic radiations, galactic radiations, and the radiations of Earth. They will be overloaded and supersaturated with gamma rays that have transformed the DNA and the very structure of these atoms. They will become 5th dimensional beings.

The Unified 3rd Dimension will no longer exist in this universe [including Venus and Mars but will continue elsewhere]. The Unified third dimension is where consciousness is free and where certain beings like the Vegans, the Lyrians, the Arcturians, and the [3D] Pleiadians exist. Thus there are beings who will choose to die with this body and will get new [better] carbon bodies to continue elsewhere, and there are those who will wish to continue in a Unified 3D and will want to leave with this body [by evacuation] and incarnate again elsewhere (for those who want to and can) in Universes in other galaxies in other Universes and will live in a Unified 3D. Earth was never intended to stay in a Unified 3D, Earth will ascend. Ascension occurs only in the 5th Dimension, not at the Unified 3rd Dimensional level.

I will say now that during this time that you live on this matrix planet before the 3 Days of darkness and before the physical reversal and shift of the poles it is best to prepare your higher self for this now. More of you have awakened the radiant crown of the Heart, and We can say that through your past memories (not from past incarnations, but through your past ET dimensional lives and your stellar bodies of beingness) and through the sensations that you have noticed on the bridge of the nose at the crowns [the 8th -12th new bodies], many of you have found your new higher vibrations, and all of this makes you feel that by this you are already living at times in the Unified 3rd Dimension.

That realm is where joy prevails, where the duality realms of good and evil no longer exists, where there is no predatory control, and where fear no longer exists as part of the Unified universes of the 3rd dimension. Some of you already live in this state of consciousness that corresponds to this in full, but the Earth itself, after the 3D matrix grid is gone, will no longer be in this dimension. It will be in 5th Dimension, and its structure will not be the same at all. As for the 3 days of darkness, Mary said She will announce this 3 days before hand so that everyone everywhere on Earth will hear this Signal [and can prepare for it]. But you already know that.

Now, at least for the West, and especially in Europe and for you in this part of Europe [France], you are privileged because you now live this transmutation much easier (except for the recent head transformations [and the new 8-12 bodies]) than what is happening in some countries at present on some continents [like Japan, Egypt, New Zealand, and the Gulf of Mexico]. Those who think that nothing happens to those who do not live within their higher selves should look at what is happening around the Earth in other places. During these remaining 3D times, the shorter this time that I would call the Tribulation lasts (not in the sense of the Apocalypse, which began at the beginning of Celestial Marriage) the luckier you will be.

It is important to live so that you alter your life and live in your inner vibrational state of consciousness, and the more you move towards your inner being, the less that what is happening on Earth will upset you. An atomic bomb could explode next to you, and if you are living in Samadhi bliss, in joy or in your body of beingness (that is to say in the Unified 3D), and you will feel neither hot nor cold, but only the fire of the Spirit. Those who are still in the larva stage at this moment and who have not yet advanced into a butterfly will in one way or another cook in the heat, will they not.

Question: What is the most important protocol to practice today?

It is most important to completely surrender to the Light, to understand and to accept that you can not enter the Sanctuary of the Heart without going through a complete abandonment of your ego personality. You cannot battle the ego personality however, you can only open and welcome more higher vibrations. Today these vibrations on Earth, the accumulation of Adamantine Particles and the rush of this Light are such that everything We have given you is ultimately the most important thing you possess because you become the resonator and the retransmitter of this Light to others.

If you are able to forget your ego self, remove everything of your ego self in the future, and focus fully in the present by breathing, having an awareness of this breath, and feeling the air passing through your nose, feeling the Light and the vibration that is there, you do not need anything else. Now you can always by meditation serve the collective work that is done on the entire Earth at 7PM French time, and because of the liberation of the Sun and the liberation of Earth [from the control of the Annunaki] you can connect at any moment to this flow of Light. By connecting to this flow of Light and letting it shine through you you become transparent. Today you need to live with the attitude of possessing pure consciousness. You can follow all of the rituals of the world to the letter, but if you live under the control of the ego, you can never, regardless of the protocols, surrender to the Light and live in the radiant crown of the Heart. Living in this radiant crown needs to be balanced however because We still need you here on Earth [we need to still live in a limited manner here until the end of 3D].

You must understand that today there are millions of humans who have never even heard the concepts of energy or chakras, and yet these states of higher consciousness live in them. They have the Divine fire in the heart, they hear the drums, and although there is no energy that is manifested through this vibrational beat they are able to say that they feel and experience this peace and joy. That attribute today is the most essential quality to possess, but there can be no actual installation of this joy unless this higher vibration appears.

There are beings who on Earth have spontaneously abandoned themselves entirely to the Light. You have Indigo Children, you have people who have never followed a spiritual path or a religion but who already by the quality of the soul in their Hearts now spontaneously live these new transformations. They do not need protocols or rituals, what they understand is the energy they have received. They at specific times feel higher things and they feel the Fire of the Heart, living in a state of peace and a state of incredible joy, even though they express it differently and cannot to put it into words.

The important requirement is to connect yourself with the flow of Light, whatever the technique, so that this new consciousness is installed in you. It is like the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross [death of the ego]. You cannot become Christ yourself if you do not give way in full to the Will of the Light. As long as you decide to say "I want this or I want that," you are not be under the influence and the action of the Will of Light, but you are only under the control of the will of the ego. Obviously there are people who can make this transformation almost instantly, but for others it will take some time to mature and process this higher vibration. Each path is different, even if the final destination of every human being is profoundly different, and you will all finally have the same consciousness [although it may take a million years for some to obtain it].

Question: What is the function of crystals in these current developments?

The purpose of crystals is very simple. Crystalline matrices were created on Earth by the Master Geneticists of Sirius [dolphinoids] who developed life on this world. As on any planet where there is a new development of consciousness, they brought with them structures corresponding to the 3rd Dimensional world crystals that are related to the geometric shapes that have these wavelengths, frequencies, colors and special arrangements. These crystals are, as some have said, the first level of consciousness, and they have a certain form, but there is no way to alter them. They are completely solidified and fixed in a format and vibration that is related directly to the original vibration of the Source and of Christ. That is already in itself significant. All minerals that have crystallized have a higher vibrational capacity and may capture the Light much easier than humans can.

In all living organisms you have micro crystals, but I will not get into that because it would be too complicated to understand. Let's just say that the crystalline core of the Earth has been released [from the Dracos who imprisoned it] so that the influences of these crystals can reconnect to Sirius and can reconnect to the Source [Creator]. This is due to the arrival in this solar system of what is called the Galactic Wave which is under the influence of the galactic radiation, and you are fully in it now. Therefore the crystal is a resonator that can help you, but if you yourself become crystalline you do not need a crystal. If you are a crystal it means that you have become transparent and there is nothing in the ego personality at the level of your consciousness that opposes updating the Light. At this point you become a crystal and you do not need anything else. Crystals may be an aid during your meditations and some may feed on these Adamantine Particles which are bound in these crystals, while others will feed on Adamantine Particles by bathing themselves in the Sun.

Question: Could you speak to us about the concept of Grace in Unified Dimensions?

Grace is very simple, but explaining it is quite another thing. That is very important because you are present in this 3D separated matrix that is dominated by the duality laws of action/reaction that I and other teachers [who are now ascended masters] here at one time were controlled by also. For those who are not spiritually connected it can be called karma, and every action has a reaction. When you drop an apple, it falls. It is called gravity, and the essential law of this fraudulent universe is action/reaction. Grace is an action that does not have a reaction, the action is not consistent with the resulting action. [Laws like gravity do not exist in 5D.]

One might call it in your language positive action which is an unfolding of infinite Love [when you give love you should not expect something in return]. Love is neither good nor evil. Many forgers (the reptilian Dracos in particular in this world) wanted you to believe that Love was good and that the more good you were doing, the more good you would receive from the matrix, but nobody ever benefited from that. This is a fundamental belief that has been induced since time immemorial. The higher being and the consciousness which is in humans is spontaneously subjected only to the Law of Unity and as with any consciousness does not belong to this 3D matrix.

Being submitted to the Law of Unity means no longer being locked up and no longer being limited to a shape, a dimension, a place, or a time. This is exactly the opposite of what exists in this dimension because now you are limited by time, you are limited by space, you are limited by a bodily form, you are limited by a trapped consciousness. Everything is limited, that is the meaning of action/reaction. Beyond this Universe and beyond these falsified dimensions there exists Unified Dimensions where there is no limitation. When you think of the Source you become the Source yourself; when you think of AA Michael, you stand along side Michael. You are multidimensional, you are not localized in time and space, you are not limited to a given dimensional form. That is the is essential difference.

This false world has laws and these laws are valid only in these fraudulent worlds. The games of this dimension that have been falsified were somehow injected into your social beliefs because, as you are still living in these beliefs, you are still involved in this experiment. The result of living in the Unlimited Unity is Eternity. There is nothing ephemeral in the Unified dimensions which is exactly the opposite of this 3D world. The problem is that the separation from this multidimensionality was such that until now (until the 20th century) very few beings were able to somehow escape this matrix [like OM here and Jesus]. They left traces in your literature in terms of their experiences, but it was very rare [OM has some YouTube videos in French that show what he was like here on Earth until recently].

Question: Should we keep eating until we are no longer hungry?

Follow what your vibration and your consciousness tells you. Do not force yourself, especially in relation to food. When you force yourself, it's the ego personality that controls you. Light is Grace and abandonment, so by living under its action everything happens seamlessly in Unity and simplicity.

Question: There was a question of Vessels of Light recognizable by the 7 colors of the rainbow. Could this be falsified?

Totally. These 7 fake colors are not the 7 true colors of light. The higher vibration that is emanating has nothing to do with the visual senses but is related to the electromagnetic vibration of the Heart. When you see a light phenomenon, if this light is vibrational and authentic the Heart vibrates. If it is of the darkside the Heart does not vibrate. Now there are people who will feel attracted to the dark, and that is their destiny, but nobody can make you believe anything until you agree to no longer be a subject who will live by social beliefs but only by higher vibrational experiences. Either you live in the experience of Vibration, or you live according to your intellectual beliefs. If you live in your beliefs, you are of necessity wrong, but you wanted it that way.

Increasingly those who are locked in their mental limitations and religious beliefs will oppose those people who live in and have felt this vibration, and that you can more easily see now, even among those in the same family and in couples. You have people who are locked in their beliefs and spiritual paths, and you have people who are released from these 3D experiments, and that is the difference. As long as you ask whether you will not be deceived, then you are still living by your mental beliefs.

Question: How can we live better during what is happening now?

Everything depends on your point of view: are you a caterpillar or a butterfly? You must choose. Everything in your life now which remains within the 3D matrix will be defined according to these two things. The first: "When I see an event, am I a caterpillar or a butterfly, am I in the action/reaction of duality or do I live in the Divine Grace? Secondly, " Do I serve only myself or do I serve the Light of Christ? Everything boils down to this. The rest is frivolous.

Question: Is being disconnected even in everyday actions harmful?

That disconnection is beneficial because you are moving more and more toward your higher essence. When you are no longer at all capable of making your breakfast, it means that you are gone. What do you think happens during your passage to this Unlimited dimension? When your consciousness is fixed in dual tasks, whatever they are, you can not be living in the higher essence. Remember that during the states of meditation you spend more time completely in the higher vibrational essence in this dimension. You notice that even during ordinary activities you will ask for guidance in what you should do, and you feel you can master everything that belongs to this matrix, and paradoxically you become yet more vibrationally lucid and clear, but that is normal.

The best illustration I can give to you now is that you are like a cartoon character and your consciousness is projected into this cartoon character. Then one day the artist arrives (The Source) and modifies you and suddenly you realize that whole areas of you have been erased and you can now more consistently carry out your activities. Some people have come here to be leaders, some are here to make breakfast [as servants], while others don't even know what they are called for, but that is normal. Light comes completely to deconstruct and transform what was a limited consciousness. You can not still remain limited and become transformed into the Unlimited. Some here will say, "I am not limited but I am still not living in the Unlimited", but that day is coming. Some people need to remove a lot of things and others do not. One day you will realize that this world no longer exists and never did existed [but was an illusion].

Question: What is the function of the Galactic Federation of Light that involves us?

The first 3 waves which were announced by AA Michael have already occurred. The final step is when you see your whole sky (not just in one city but in the entire world) lined with UFO vessels [for evacuation?]. But that is the ultimate end is it not. The arrival of the Intergalactic Confederation allowed the penetration of Light into this world and is something that has been in preparation as you know for a very long time. The return of the Light has been anticipated by the Elohim from the beginning of this matrix falsification 320,000 years ago [when the Annunaki took over here]. The present stage, which is in its final phase has been implemented for almost 30 years since 1984 with progressive energy effusions and emissions, first from the Holy Spirit, then ultraviolet radiation and now radiations of the Source. So it has lasted hidden from mankind for almost a generation in order to bring the disclosure and explosion of light. You are in the very final phase as you know.

Question: In Your dimension how do You view the Source?

The Source is Light and Unity, everything is of the Source. The difference dear friends between you and Me is that I know and I have seen Him, and you only live with Him part time and not in entirety. The Source is everything. I will give an example that is very simple: most physical laws (which I have called the law of action/reaction) of the matrix are real laws that are at work. The evidence is that when you drop an apple it falls does it not, so the gravitational forces are electromagnetic forces which have been locked up and have bent the space-time continuum. You see the light do you not, you see the sun and you say that the sun rises and the night comes when evening arrives [the laws of 3D physics], but for Us you are still in the darkness because there is no real Light. Light is not what you see with your eyes, Light is not only the Light of the Sun, it is all of the reflections. Within Unified worlds We are the Source also and there is no separation. As I have said, everything is the One, and this notion of Unity and of your living in Unity is not a figment of the imagination but is an accurate vibrational concept.

When I say I contacted Mary and instantly We met, whether it was at Her home or at My home is not important. Even if We are in bodily structures of different densities there is no separation of densities, so I can simultaneously be in My Vessel and in the Vessel of Mary, I can simultaneously be in conversation with My other Grandpa (another Melchizedek) and at the same time be in another universe, so there is no longer a separation. Obviously for a separated being like yourself it is very difficult to understand. The best example I can give in discussing these 3D laws is that the laws of physics apply only within this falsified matrix.

You are a vacuum living in the void and We are full and complete, but you do not realize that you are empty. This body is not only a garment, it is also a Divine Temple in which you must refresh the dimension of your eternity, so it is not the only role. This was hidden from you and distorted and subjected to social beliefs which We all had of course when We lived here in 3D at one time. The Source seems very difficult to comprehend because it is a vibratory state where you are both a grain of sand and at the time a part of all creation in all dimensions. Everything is interconnected. This is the principle of living in the Unlimited Unity in Grace.

Question: Could you tell us about the Crystal Skulls?

What do you want to know dear friend? It could become very long and involved. The Crystal Skulls are memorial matrices. The Crystalline matrices which are the basics of crystals have been used here for 20 million years to prepare the crystals on Earth's surface first came from the crystalline matrix of Inner Earth which is connected to Sirius. The Geneticists of Sirius brought these crystalline matrices here so that all of these vibrational structures of this carbon based matrix could be developed.

The Crystal Skulls are linked to the final sacrifice of the 12 Elohim who came here to create Atlantis. Upon the sacrifice of their multi-dimensionality [They lowered themselves dimensionally to assist mankind at that time], they were densified as Elohim into a body of carbon based flesh without going through the normal incarnation [of birth] through a process of synthesizing [creating] a body composed of both carbon and silica. They lowered their vibrational frequency to bring the Metatronic energy of the heavenly Jerusalem to create Atlantis and were then sacrificed [died]. When they experienced their first death, as They were not from this world, what remained was the 12 Crystal Skulls of these 12 Elohim.

These skulls are carriers of the memory of the entire Universe, they are containers of Unity at a vibrational level that is well beyond what you call the crystals of the Source. They are memorial encodings, they preserve the memory not just of Earth's history but of the history of Unity itself, so it is far beyond this matrix. At the time of their arrival the Elohim, who densified their higher bodies and took on a carbon body brought from Altair the Blue Crystal so that every man who has awakened since late September and the first few weeks of October 2010 could assist in the development of the collective interdimensional Merkabah of Earth. These Crystal Skulls are in some way the fossilized memorial of the 12 Elohim of the last cycle.

OM on March 20:

Question: Can you talk about animals that are merely imitations of creation?

You have endless varieties of animals on Earth. Some like cats, whales, and dolphins that are extremely advanced as creations of the Light exist on other worlds while others are parodies that are not found in other dimensions. For example the dolphins on other worlds have an extremely advanced consciousness whose morphology and structure of Light are unlike the bodies that they have here on Earth. The dolphins come from Sirius, the lions and the leonine (who have an appearance of a lion) come from Arcturus, and you have satirical imitations that were grafted [created in labs] during this falsification. [Some animals were created for food, some were made to be a nuisance like insects, some are reptilians and their hybrids created in labs, while others have no benefit at all.]

You have for example a symbol that is not a race itself like the bees, and the bees as you know are related to Christ. They are a symbol that in my lifetime I deeply loved. [The honeybee, its honey, and its hive are emblems of sweetness. Milk and honey are considered rich and pure enough to be food for the gods. Because of the sweetness it produces, the bee is an emblem of Christ even though His words may sting those who disobey His teachings.] For you the parody of this is the wasp [they are only good for stinging us]. So you see, there are many creations that have materialized in one way or another on this Earth.

Some beings are much more evolved than humans on Earth [like dolphins and whales that come from much higher dimensions to assist man today on Earth], and some have agreed to become prisoners here, but they are not prisoners as such and still have their multidimensionality despite their forgery. They are free souls. Today they are disappearing from Earth as it is time for them to return home. You can mourn the dolphins and the whales when they die, or you can have the view of the butterfly and have the joy of seeing them return to their higher consciousness on their home worlds and no longer need to create carbon bodily structures [babies] in this forged world which will soon be over.

Question: How can we answer questions from others about the mass deaths of animals?

The time has come for them to leave Earth. In fact it is not you who are leaving the Earth but it is Earth that is leaving you, because the ascension of the Earth is concurrent and necessary prior to the ascension of humanity. There is no answer that you can give that will satisfy them. The only real way to be in Unity and surrender to the Light is to manifest it yourself by surrendering to the Light. Someone who asks you a question like that is someone with great questions, but these queries exist only in the intellect, in the mind. It comes only from someone who does not live in these higher vibrations, because when one lives in the vibrations of the Heart it is sufficient to be aligned and living in the Heart. It is not an issue because everything is agreed upon, everything is integrated into the Light of the One [Creator] which is the dissolution of this 3D Illusion.

Then of course, for one whose only reality is in this world, you cannot tell him it is only an Illusion. This is a good way to lower yourselves into duality because you will cause reactions, arguments, and objections. The only way to respond to this is to return to your higher vibration, to return to your Unity and to say what you want but only under the influence of the Light and not under the mental influence or the duality of action/reaction, because he will inevitably at some time in the future return to the Light. You will find in your immediate environment that many people are not willing to live this transformation that is underway and will only deny what is being said by attacking you, because for them you are just one of those crazy oddballs [who do not follow the beliefs of society]. True Light does not exist for them, and the only light for them is the light of day. Light is something they can neither conceive nor accept. Long ago I discussed two separate groups of humanities. One group lives in freedom while the other refuses to accept the Light. You will never convince them with words alone, so debates and arguments are useless and a waste of time.

Even when they see things in your skies that are much larger than what is seen today (whether they are the waves of Vegan UFO vessels or other UFOs during these 3 phases) you have people who do not want to even see them [or acknowledge that they exist]. They are in the skies but they do not see them. Why? Because they look elsewhere. Many people have been so conditioned by society to live lives that are so elementary and flawed (which fills them with some emotional happiness and gives them the desire only for money and security) that they refuse to acknowledge the Light. So what can you do for these beings? If you try to talk to them you will leave your higher state and your vibrational Unity. That is no way to help. We have to respect their freedom to believe as they want. You can only live in your higher vibration, but if you ascend too high in your vibration you will meet people who will be so affected by your vibratory state that they will feel sorry for you, because to them you are crazy [since you do not conform to society and its standards].

Are you insane? To them the answer is yes. Some of you know you are living in the vibration of Truth and have transcended the 3D illusion since the Celestial Marriage last year by activation of your chakras while others are still living in this Illusion. Telling him that he is living an illusion will not break him free of this illusion, as there has to be a vibration that makes him want to leave this Illusion. You cannot make someone advance in his thinking to the point where you are at. It is part of his freedom of choice, so avoid talking and getting into arguments because not only will it not change anything, but you will be literally sucked into lower vibrations on levels where there is no longer any Light. You have all seen around you people who will try to take you to places or vibrations that you do not want to go to so avoid this.

Question: What about the role of women on this new 5D Earth?

When you speak of the new Earth, will there be both women and men, will there be polarities, will sex continue in the sense that you understand? To ask this question presupposes that the new Earth will still have 3D life as you now know, but this is impossible. Those who imagine that Ascension will see a new consciousness emerge on Earth, where everyone will be beautiful, where everyone will be nice [like many new agers believe] is only an illusion. The 3rd Dimension on Earth will no longer exist at all. This 3D grid Planet will be totally burned out by the Light of the Sun, and the new dimension of Earth can not even be imagined in your understanding. On the new Earth, there are no women or men [or children], and there will be no sexual polarities.

Our polarities, We the Melkizedech, have a certain characteristic in Ourselves, but We have no male masculinity, even if we have beards in Our appearances, since these are now only vibrational aspects. The image that I project to you is not the form that I have in the 11th Dimension. Understand that interdimensionality is no longer limited to a form or a location. When there is a return to multidimensionality and Unity, you have a changeable form and you will live in a transformable realm where you are both here and there at the same time, you are both in this form and in another form [you can be both male and female at the same time in different bodies]. So for beings like you who are still carbon bodied, it is very difficult to imagine how this can be since you cannot imagine this and it can only be lived. Understand that a matriarchal motherly society that you now know is only an illusion because this present society will no longer exist [in either a Unified 3D or in 5D. Families will not exist as we know them now. OM is still projected to us as a male, and this will not disappear until the 18th dimension when we will become triangular in appearance.].

This Unified society encompasses all universes and all dimensions. There will be no limitation whatsoever, and it is very difficult to comprehend this because in this world in fact everything is limited. You are limited from birth until the time of your death, you are limited by a form, you live in a body, but when you are multidimensional you do not live in a body, you live in a multitude of dimensions and a multitude of bodies. We can hardly describe in linear human terms a better matriarchal society since that will not exist, at least not here [but only elsewhere. The job of raising families is passed on to other 3D worlds since all will be fully mature and conscious in 5D].

Question: Why does mankind not easily move into other dimensions?

For some the reason is very simple - it is called ego. When there is ego, there is suffering - when there is ego, there is resistance. The ego is limited to this 3rd dimension, the ego personality exists only in this dimension. So long as there is identification with the personality, there is identification with the ego and there is trauma because the ego is the negation of Light. Again it is a matter of perspective. What is known as trauma exists in the the ego, and liberation and Lightness exist in the higher essence, so it is a matter of perspective. Trauma exists when there is no surrender to the Light. You can not force anyone to come to the Light. There are people who want a consciousness that experiences this aspect of separation and the frictional forces known as the action/reaction of duality. It is their freedom and their right, but this new world on Earth will no longer participate in the forces of separation from Divinity.

Question: Why does humanity not pass easily into other dimensions without natural disasters [like death]?

Dear, what you call disaster [like death and change] We from Our point of view call liberation. Those separated from the Light call it a catastrophe, but what is a disaster? The dissolving of the illusion will give you the appearance of a disaster, but for Us and for those of you who live in Unity it is true freedom. There is the vision of disaster and suffering because the caterpillar does not want to die [it only wants to live forever as a caterpillar]. Today this is not death but is liberation, and you must accept that the caterpillar must die first. You can not be both a caterpillar and a butterfly at the same time. It is possible for some of you to travel and live your beingness in 2 realms, but for all on Earth liberation comes through what you might call an unimaginable disaster, but is this really a disaster? From the separated human point of view yes, but from the point of Unity it is called freedom.

If there is no liberation (if the matrix is not reformed as is usually the case every 52,000 years), at that time one could speak of a disaster because it fails to start over again in a new cycle, but there will be a liberation [because the Annunaki have been removed]. All souls are released today with the exception of those who wish to remain in a body of flesh to see what will happen, and that is their free will choice, so it is a matter of perspective. What you call a disaster We call liberation. The Earth will physically expand in its passing into its new dimension [there will be violent changes then]. Again it depends upon your perspective and the standpoint of your consciousness. Now you are free to decide to remain in this 3D illusion, but you will remain in the [Unified] third dimension [elsewhere]. Earth will make requests to those who refuse to allow Her ascension, but She will ascend regardless of what humans have decided. Remember that this is a disaster from a limited view point, but this is not a reaction to the Light. It is precisely the resistance to the Light that does this.

OM on June 3:

Question: Could you describe the different origins of the current Galactic Wave?

We must clarify this issue. As you know the solar system, like all solar systems and all Universes revolves around a center, and you return periodically to this center that is called the Galactic Center which emits gamma radiation in what is specifically called the photon rings or the photon belt, and this Galactic Wave re-energizes a connection to the vibrational Light. That was altered as you know by the bad boys [the Annunaki] who isolated and cut off and prevented Earth from reaching the photon belt and the radiation of the Central Sun, thus preventing the space/time vortex from being transformed, so the Galactic Waves correspond to this radiation.

This radiation, due to the confinement of the solar system, like other solar systems that are not cyclical, is not permanent. The radiation is focused on a space-time continuum band that is very special in which the solar system passes through it every 26,000 years. Meanwhile, as there were opposing forces to the Light that blocked all aspects of the space/time continuum every 4,000 or 5,000 years, the Light could not do its job. [Every 52,000 years the opportunity arises to bring a change due to the cosmic location of Earth in the galaxy. The Annunaki kept us from moving into this location until now by controlling the Sun, and by moving the Sun they were able to prevent our galaxy from moving toward Alcyone and its Light. Several years ago AA Michael, Mary, and the Galactics removed this control of the Sun and brought freedom to our galaxy.]

Question: What is the role of Sirius in this current era?

The central core of the Earth is a crystalline core that originated from Sirius, and this carbon based creation within this universe was made by the Master geneticists of Sirius. Mary and the dolphinoid beings who came from Sirius created this carbon based world in which free spirits have been able to experience a particular form which is the [limited] carbon based form [carbon based Earth is now like a spiritual kindergarten], so the Earth is connected by its central core to Sirius which is the Central Sun of this galaxy. Alcyone is the Central Sun of all galaxies and is of the Source. The radiation is related to Sirius A and Sirius B which are linked to the Master geneticists the Dolphins and are linked mainly to the blue light. The fusion of ethers which began at that moment was initiated by the blue color influence of the Holy Spirit which has flowed to Earth since 1984.

The white light, which itself comes from Alcyone which is the Central Sun of galaxies, and this famous Galactic Wave are now being deployed. Alcyone is the center of all galaxies, so each planet, regardless of its size, and each solar system are connected to a number of vibrational resonances. At the Source it is systematically mandatory. Without that the connection could not be established, whatever the dimension. It is then connected to a number of intermediate beings who are related among other things to the Hayoth Ha Kodesh [In the Kabbalah all angels fall under one of ten ranks: Hayoth Hakodesh, Ophanim, Erelim, Chashmalim, Seraphim, Malachim, Elokim, Bene Elokim, Cheruvim, and Ishim] and to what are called the underlying worlds of the triangular civilizations [those over the 18th dimension]. They can then extend their creations to new worlds where plantings of new life are made using crystals from Sirius or anywhere else for that matter.

OM on March 28:

Question: I recently had a vision of a feline cat face that is half-human during my meditation sessions.

Often this is a perception, either real or illusory, by the third eye of one of your previous ET lineages. This is a face that you may have had in one of your past lives. You may also see the body of a lion or a dolphin that you had at one time.

Question: What is this protective capsule in my eyes that allows me to see the Sun directly?

Many of you have noticed that the sun has a profoundly changed color. The quality of radiation is different now because you have captured the Adamantine Particles directly from the Sun, and some have found that they can look directly at the Sun. This is a kind of protective cap that is related to the protection of the retina and is not related to the Sun itself. This protection of your own eyes corresponds to the recent activation of the 12th body.

OM on August 29, 2009:

Question: It appears that Nibiru was evicted this month [of Aug. in 2009 from our universe]. Will this allow more room for the Light on Earth to enter and thus reduce physical and other adverse effects?

The extremely powerful geomagnetic effects, especially earthquakes, tidal waves and other events that are very devastating for this planet and its inhabitants have been limited so far. That is just the first step. This was done by the Intergalactic Confederation, the vessels of Mary, and the vessels of the Intergalactic Fleet Command. That showed the victory of the Light over Darkness that occurred in your heavens [but not here on Earth yet].

Question: Is it true that Mary Magdalene was the companion of Christ?

She was not merely His companion, she was His wife, and they had several children [this shows some of the lies in the Bible that was written by the Roman church].

We have no more questions, thank you.

Dear friends, I send you all My love and all of the greetings of the Melkizedech, and I convey to you all My blessings and all of the love that I have for you as you live now because it is wonderful. Remember that everything is love, everything is of the One. I will see you again very soon.

Sheldan Nidle June 21
Your world is reaching the magic point where it begins to transition into a new reality. The dark cabal [Bilderbergers], at its recent meeting in Europe, was at a loss on how to prevent it from happening. Our Earth allies have set up the final timetable for transforming your world, and the forces of Light are preparing to make the definitive push. Discussions with our liaison personnel are addressing how best to remove the dark's main agents [whether by force or surrender] and where to sequester them. Then, the subsequent trials are to be swift and equitable, as a long, drawn-out process serves no one.

This courtroom 'drama' will expose the true events and deliver proper verdicts on each individual. There is no need for this historic event to dwell on the excesses of "man's inhumanity to man." The goal is to explain this sorry history thoroughly, then make the emphatic point that a new epoch has begun. This is the purpose of laying bare what the dark cabal has been up to and the nature of the egregious deeds they had planned. As one of your proverbs says, "Knowledge is power." This knowledge is to accentuate the end of your exploration into the dark reaches of limited consciousness.

The new caretaker governments will first announce and fully explain their many programs. It is felt that a time needs to be set-aside for the world's population to absorb completely what has just occurred. Your reality is to be literally flipped on its head, and this needs informed and forthright commentary by both governmental and private individuals. After a period of assessment and activation, the next item on the agenda is disclosure. Disclosure is a unique, historic event. Your global society is predicated on certain commonly held perceptions. Disclosure, as it unfolds, will shatter these basic perceptions.

Wanderer of the Skies July 14, 2011
Know that if your leaders do not shortly come to terms with a Disclosure announcement, we will do so on their behalf since the time within which to acclimatize you to the changes necessary for Ascension grows shorter by the day. You will be brought the Truth and see it for yourselves. Your job, as Light workers, will be to spread the message as far and wide as possible so that all may know the Truth and dispel the fear that will inevitably arise from our unveiling. In the overall framework of time as you know it, this is but a short wait before the process can begin. Continue to keep your faith in us as we have in you. Continue your dedication to the Light, to Love, and to each other.

Wanderer of the Skies - July 22, 2011
The intervals between the windows of opportunity for Disclosure grows shorter each time we pass another of these [banking collapse] moments. As the time within which we are able to acclimate you towards Ascension grows shorter [time is running out on 3D], so do these intervals. There is yet another window of opportunity coming shortly. Whether your leaders take advantage of this opportunity [highly unlikely] is entirely up to them. However, they can no longer continue to squander the opportunities afforded them by our representatives working among you [although they will continue to do so]. While the recent past has been relatively quiet on the Disclosure issue [thank you Obama], we feel a certain window of opportunity is opening and so wish you to prepare, once again, for this [unlikely] possibility.

My comments: Independence Day is over and the US is still a British colony under the control of the Federal Reserve which is owned by the Bank of England. The US is under British law and its lawyers are members of the British bar, and programs like Social Security are under British jurisdiction. This status quo is not surprising but is disappointing. Many cities did not have fireworks displays this year or they were severely limited due to having no money to fund them, and they have laid off many workers because of foreclosures and low tax revenues. Things are not getting much better but the media does not discuss this.

I included the "Ready or Not" and "Obama Disclosure" in my work not because I felt they were from the Light but because they were good ideas that should have been implemented but have not been so far. The Obama Disclosure is a new age deception that began around the time he was elected, and he has had hundreds of chances to prove that it was accurate, but he has failed in every one of them. Obama continues to show that he wants to be king of the world forever with us as his slaves by repairing the bankrupt Federal Reserve while talking about cuts in welfare and Social Security and maintaining the trillions spent on the fake war on terror and the Nazi style alphabet agencies.

The Annunaki along with many of the reptilians signed the Anchara Alliance in 1994 and they agreed to switch sides, joining the Galactic Federation and promising to assist them, but their actions showed that they were double agents playing both sides, and they continued to seek slave control over mankind. They were evicted from our universe in Aug. 2009 and were sent back to their home in the Big Dipper, and their planet sized battle ship has been decommissioned and is not allowed to leave now. Those who talk about the return of Nibiru are totally ignorant of this. In 2003 Sheldan said that Nibiru would be placed in orbit where the asteroid belt now exists, but that plan has been canceled and Pax will be placed there. Some ETs are ignorant of this and still consider the Annunaki as friends which they are not.

ETs have said that some of mankind will continue their lives on a terraformed Venus and Mars which I do not feel is accurate since this universe will not exist in 3D in the future. Venus will be moved closer to the Sun after Mercury is removed and it will not be compatible with our 3D carbon bodies and Mars like Earth will probably ascend to 5D also. The asteroid belt that resulted from the destruction of Maldek will be transformed into a planet named Pax, and our moon will be placed in orbit around it according to Sirian ET Drekx Omega. He said Earth will exist only in 5th, 6th, and 7th densities after ascension which seems accurate.

One thing that has caused delays so far is that ETs wanted to use the courts to bring about change, and some are aware that this is a waste of time and an excuse to do nothing that is significant. Our courts and the entire legal system including the alphabet agencies and the military are generally corrupt, and they will only try to maintain status quo. Most of the judges are under darkside control using bribery, blackmail and even murder if necessary to maintain their dominance over us. They made the laws and will alter them or act behind the scenes to enforce them in their manner.

The legal system can be compared to gambling in casinos where the owners make the rules. If you win a lot of money there you will be accused of cheating and will be barred for life and placed on their blacklist, because when you win they lose, and that is not acceptable to them. Some casinos have a slogan in their ads that says "pays big" which is in reality "lose big" for most. They will bend the rules for their own benefit in order to make money for themselves. I have always felt that the dark cabal will not go willingly and will promise the Moon and the stars for us with delivery tomorrow in order to delay their demise and maintain their status quo. Unless the rules are changed and Divine intervention begins nothing new will occur.

The ETs planned to wait for the collapse of the fiat banking system so they could provide an alternative money system, but that too will not occur because the rules will be changed so status quo can continue. Several years ago banks were on the verge of collapse, and more money was printed while the banking derivative trading losses that left them hundreds of trillions in debt was kept secret by using secondary accounting books, and eventually the major crisis was considered over. As the saying goes "been there, done that", and they did not learn anything from it then. It is estimated that the US owes China almost $100 trillion and China has refused to foreclose on this debt so far, and this has not been discussed by the media or Obama and company.

Their teachers the Annunaki signed a treaty that they would stop the wars but continued their slavery and were recently removed, and unless this is done with our leaders also nothing will change. We will see no change or disclosures until policies change and intervention begins. There have been many promises that have been broken and much talk but little action so far. When Russia defaulted in 1998 the result was the birth of a new government and the collapse of the Iron Curtain/Berlin Wall, and our leaders do not want that to happen here now as they may be out of work and would lose their control over us. Russia is the only major critic of the US Nazi Corp. Recently Putin says the U.S. is 'parasite' on global economy which is putting it mildly.

Some religions teach that there will be 7 years of Tribulation in which the Anti-Christ will rule as was written in the Book of Revelation, and they teach that the righteous will be lifted during the rapture while the rest of mankind suffers in a hell on Earth, and Armageddon and WW3 occur at the end of this period. There is no truth in this, and the concept of the rapture was invented about 100 years ago by certain theologians as a way for the godly to escape this. The media exploited a prophesy by a radio minister (Camping) that there would be a rapture of the saints, and the world as we know it would end on May 21 which of course never occurred. The media used this as a reason for saying that 3D will continue as usual indefinitely, although the Bible says we will have new heavens and a new Earth. Divine Master Architect Sereti in 2005 said that 3D Earth will cease its existence by July of 2012 which gives us less than a year left, so time is running out and action is needed now.

We are now living in this Tribulation or Apocalypse as OM said here, and all will be lifted or evacuated before Earth enters 5D. Nuclear war has been attempted many times by leaders like "Bomb Iran" McCain, Israel, and the military, but nuclear wars are not allowed by ETs anymore. Some say that we elected Obama as our leader and deserved what we got, but the only a choice we had was between two darkside clones, between Obama a CIA puppet and McCain a war mongering big business puppet which is no choice at all. Most of our leaders have no desire to serve us and only wish to become billionaires and slave masters. Power is like a drug addiction that many do not want to give up.

Many of these concepts like not having families are so new even to ETs still in 3D that they are beyond our comprehension since we think in 3D only, and much of our dualistic thinking is distorted and is not pertinent to our futures, even for those who will remain in a Unified 3D elsewhere. The family is a sacred standard that is praised by society as the way for normal people to live, and much of what is taught is either a lie or an illusion. About half the children born are either unwanted or unplanned. Girls want boyfriends and boys want sex, and in order to keep them happy girls have to satisfy them sexually which often results in children that are unwanted and parents who are not able to take care of them and cannot afford them, often leading to what are called shotgun weddings where the girls will say "marry me or else" (I know many in that category).

The rich often send their kids off to boarding school to get rid of them when they are old enough, and they can say they are normal and that they did their duty to society by increasing the world population to 7 billion. About half of all crimes are committed within the family, but most of this goes unnoticed. One man said he won the lottery and confessed that most of his family wanted him dead so they could get his money, and divorce is usually centered around money as many millionaires have found out. A lot of kids say they feel like their parents don't love them and they are often abused, and many would love to leave home but cannot afford it. There are many other topics I have chosen not to discuss because they are beyond our 3D thinking.

In the future money will not be needed, and with the memory erasure most will start over with new lives elsewhere on a Unified 3D world with a child-like mentality. They will continue to live limited lives and will get old and die in time with their carbon bodies, but the lifespan will probably be much longer due to better living conditions and advanced technology like the Agarthan Light chambers that has been withheld from us so far. Hopefully the reptilian brains that we have will be modified. Children are born in innocence and are taught evil behavior by their friends, family, society, and the media, and this duality of good and evil will not exist for most in the future so they will not be under these influences. However 3D hell worlds will still exist for those who need drastic reeducation.

I try to take only the new and important parts that are interesting to me and to others and have also included several other works because they are relevant at this time. Much of this has been written over the last few months, and I have been waiting for the proper time, and that time has come. There are many ETs here now living in 3D bodies who are helping during the final days of 3D, but they also have an ulterior motive. By helping us and showing their love they hope to join those here in 3D who will be ascending to 5D and other higher dimensions and who will become eternal Unlimited beings as OM stated here, and some will be freely returning to their home worlds once they have escaped this matrix world. OM says He is Grand Commander of the Order of the Melchizedek and resides in the 11th dimension and like most He has no desire to return to 3D.

Some of us like Drekx (he said he lived in the 5th dimension at one time) are here now in 3D because we broke rules in higher dimensions and had to start over and relearn living in the Light before we can return. We are still living in the dark ages, my work has been a failure so far, and nothing has changed since change is illegal and against the darkside law. There is no good news here yet although my work shows that for most this 3D hell is nearly over, but only time will tell.

Rich N