Friday, April 30, 2010

Velgan - Angel of the Lord - April 21, 2010

Greetings People of Earth. I speak during this meeting to all brothers in Christ on the surface of Earth who have awakened in themselves one of the three Hearths [chakras]. I am Velgan, a representative of the Vegan constellation of Lyra where most Vegans originated. I am at the moment and have for a number of years been invisible to your eyes, and I am a leader of certain organizations of the Intergalactic Confederation of Light obedient to Christ [Michael], obedient to the Supreme Commander of the Forces of Light. I am part of what has been called in your writings the angels of God. We are creatures in humanoid form, having an appearance similar to yours.

We are part of what you call the Unified third dimension [united with the Creator], and as such We are for the moment the Only ones who can intervene in a concrete, visible, and tangible manner in your dimension. Our role and function within your realms is mainly to ensure that during this reorganization certain forms of evacuation and certain transfers are performed at the proper time and under the best possible conditions for you.

I intervene through this messenger [in France] who has known of Me now for a very long time, to begin to give you some details about Our mission and your mission in this period that you are about to live. When I speak of this period, I am speaking in your linear Earth time of the period from today until the final stage of ascension of your solar system.

Our responsibilities will be at different levels. I am not here to talk about this intervention yet, I am here simply to specify and give you information about a number of Our interventions that have already occurred in your density during your sleep at night as We work by your side during your sleeping phase, and during sleep itself. We work during this time to repair in you what needs to be accomplished so that when the time comes you may endure what you will have to seamlessly, simply and without any problems whatsoever.

We take steps to construct and repair in you a number of items that you call chakras, allowing you in time to adjust to the call of Light at a convenient time. For this We perform a number of interventions. These are about your physical structures, as well as what you call your etheric [spiritual] structures. Our forms can sometimes surprise you, so I want to say that We can come to you in a half-sleep and drowsy state, and by so doing We are formally announcing the famous Orion Greeting that was communicated by Orionis [Archangel Jophiel] before His departure.

We are part of a particular sector of the universe. Our experiences in this world’s separated matrix are like yours, but We are one step ahead of your progress so that We may better guide and prepare you for what is to come [We were like you at one time]. Thus from the beginning of your month of May, and during a number of months that follow, We will invisibly intervene with you individually at first for those of you who require ultimate adjustments, preparing you to live what is to be lived. So do not be alarmed if you see the presence of some of Us.

We move in general at your bedside in groups of threes or fours in order to work as quietly and easily as possible. We measure between 1.20 meters and 1.40 meters [4 1/2 feet] in your system today. Our features are covered with what you would call a second skin, or a combined cloak that adheres to Our bodies. We appear in particular in your sight to have a rather unusual fashion of glasses made of slabs of transparent obsidian [volcanic glass], allowing Us to better understand the details of your physical and subtle anatomy. Our role is limited for the moment once again to preparing and improving your vibratory condition so that you will function more effectively. Thus it behooves those of you in the days and weeks ahead that We will contact to not be offended or afraid of Us or Our activity.

Here is some basic information that I need to give about Our presence at your bedside. We strive to prepare you for some events that must occur in a very short time within your linear time. For now I will not discuss the different phases of Our purely physical intervention in your realms. We will only answer your questions about Our interventions on the etheric projected level of our mental telepathic forms at your bedside. This important information has to be announced quickly of course before the month of May.

Question: What are the types of actions that You will take?

Our work on each human being may be different. It is literally removing areas of darkness and persistent imbalance of your chakra lamps in order to achieve what I would call a perfect ignition of these hearths in you. The techniques that We use are unknown to you. They technically involve super bright Light techniques, merging the mental waves with the technologically luminous ones.

Question: Why do You sometimes appear cloaked in a white suit?

In some cases during certain types of interventions some of Us are required to protect Our heads. Our bodies are what you call highly sensory and are indeed a bit too sensitive to some of the waves emitted in your surroundings [like microwaves, ELF waves, and other frequency waves that have recently been developed]. But the color of our combined uniform packages is indeed white. We voluntarily have no distinctive logo on these outfits [many ETs have logos on their uniforms stating their origins or organizations].

Question: Why does this appear blue to us?

This is due to a diffraction of light from our solar system and is seen by your eyes that way. It is actually white but is radiating in the blue spectrum.

Question: Do you come in starships?

We are the only beings in the Intergalactic Confederation Who might intervene in vessels that will qualify as physical. The characteristic of our vessels of intervention upon Our arrival in your world through the intergalactic portals that exists in the areas of Earth is described as small vessels. We do not have within this solar system what are called [large] Mother-ships.

Question: How can we differentiate a vessel of Yours from those of the darkside?

Quite simply by the quality of radiation emitted by Our own vessels. Those of you who have opened one of your three chakras can have no doubt, if this is a great concern to you. [Those who have met advanced ETs say they feel an overwhelming sense of Divine Love while in Their presence.]

Question: Do You also visit people who are not informed about what is happening?

We do not intervene in an etheric way using mental telepathy nor are We seen physically by most, but only by those who have three open chakras [the crown head, heart, and pubic chakras]. This excludes any person you would call in a spiritual sense who has not activated at least one of these three chakras. There is therefore no risk of confusion. Our role is limited as was defined in your Bible as an Angel of the Lord.

Question: Where does the name "angels of the Lord" come from?

It is that which was first used in the Old Testament by the prophet Ezekiel and by the prophet Elijah. The name has remained and was then taken by some Apostles and some Apocryphal Gospels [those deleted from the Bible by the Roman church as not being compatible with their teachings].

Question: Does that mean that You have already intervened on our planet?

On numerous occasions. Again our role is limited to a single type of intervention on certain human beings who are identifiable and have been identified.

Question: How do you locate these people?

By the Light emitted by you and in a more conventional way by what you call implants.

Question: By implants are those that You Yourselves have installed?

Absolutely. Most often this occurred in early childhood.

Question: How have these implants been introduced into the body?

They were installed directly by a physically intervening process of dematerialization of bodies that exist within your density and the rematerialization of these bodies in Our vessels, and a rematerialization a second time back to their original location if possible [similar to Star Trek teleportation]. Our interventions usually use a vibrational technique which for you is very strong and results in what you call sleep [stasis]. There are personal changes of sensory perceptions and most often are in conjunction with unusual sounds [those who have experienced this have expanded knowledge and can sense things that many cannot].

Question: How can we cooperate with you in a just and responsible manner?

For now you have no choice. We work on what is needed within your structures and what is essential to adjust so that you can experience the transitional ascension that is most suited to your path. We are not here to chat with you, We are not here to share knowledge in the sense you mean. We are here to accomplish an extremely precise mission and nothing more.

Question: What is this mission and how will it occur?

I said that I have not come to reveal this to you now. This explanation will be given when you receive an audio message in your Heart from Mary [we may hear from Her during the May 17 meeting].

Question: You said that we should quickly spread Your message?

This is so those who have ignited at least one of three chakras are not offended or frightened by what might be experienced in a semi-conscious state during their night's sleep. This limited information that will be circulated is needed to avoid what you call fear and to provide comfort. We are more advanced and beyond all creatures of the Unified third dimension. We have followed the evolutionary path so that We have never developed any bodily characteristic that you call emotion. We do not know and do not live the emotions that you live [and thus We do not fully understand all emotions that you are experiencing now]. Some of Our presence, regardless of Our vibrational and very powerful appearance, is at the level of the Heart, and We may seem distant and cold from your human viewpoint in this dimension, whatever the case.

Question: Is where we live of importance to your activity?

We can find you anywhere on this planet.

Question: What do you expect from us until the announcement of Mary?

If possible Trust, Surrender to Christ in the Light and immobility.

Question: By immobility do You mean we should remain motionlessness during your activities at night?


Question: Is there a favorable position or not?

No position is likely to interfere with Our intervention.

Question: What are your criteria for selecting children to put the implants in?

Above all those of Our own race and our own people [Vegans] who have incarnated on this Earth. Secondarily those I would describe simply as ground crews.

Question: What is the role of this team on the ground?

To prepare for the coming of the Light and the end of this 3D matrix.

Question: Does this implant have any other functions than tracking at this time?

For the vast majority no. For some it is like a skylight window, but this is not the right word I'm looking for ... more as a web cam on your world [so We can view what is going on through your eyes].

Question: Will we see you when our three chakras are lit [and merged]?

For some of you yes. If you are called upon to see Us and if We have something to do with you, but not all enlightened beings will see Us. This does not mean that We will be invisible, but We will not need to show Ourselves to some who are awake in a tangible way.

Question: Will You manifest Yourselves only to those who are from Vega?

I have stated that We are watching you all, and We operate as well with those from our people, our race, and also with the ground crew and some of those enlightened beings who are to be moved from those places where they now live [evacuated].

Question: Are Children who are born today all tracked?

No. There is no need now. Those who are born enlightened beings are born enlightened beings.

Question: So will You accompany us until the end?

We will intervene. The word accompaniment is a bit much.

Question: Will there be many interventions with each person or just one?

In most cases our response is unique and limited to one time, but it can occur two or three times.

Question: Are these implants detectable by our 3D means such as radios and scanners?

Yes because they are implants that you qualify as 3D.

Question: There is much talk of implants but in a sense it is quite negative.

This is true [many implants that have been described are from the greys].

Question: How can we distinguish between those tracking implants of the darkside and yours?

You have no way of knowing just by the implant itself .

Question: The difference is at what level?

At the Vibrational level and with the Orion welcome (editor's note: it is explained in the "Protocols"). Apart from Our clothes, our thermoformed coveralls, and our white suits there are Our eyes and the visor that covers them. The white clothing and the quality of radiation that We radiate shows that We are devoted to the Intergalactic Confederation as Servants of the Lord.

Question: Do You call the Lord that which We call Source, or is this another particular entity?

It refers only to Christ and to no one else.

Question: Is this Lord Christ the one we call Christ Michael [Aton]?

Completely. Christ can wear many different bodies of Light according to His role at that time [He may inhabit other forms and bodies].

Question: Why can those not of the Light not do the Hello Orion greeting?

For two reasons. In terms of their galactic origin, those who are not part of Our human physiology have an incompatibility that exists and cannot make this action. As for those of your brothers who are misguided and in the dark this is contemptible for them.

Question: Upon this dimensional transformation [ascension], can we choose our future destination?

You should understand and you were told repeatedly that nobody, absolutely nobody, has this choice on Earth. Everyone will go where his vibration will carry him, and it is certainly not dependent on his will or desire. The decision time has passed. This corresponded to a window of time prior to the meeting of the Conclave that was conducted by Archangel Jophiel more than two years ago and is now closed. [Our future destination was decided over 2 years ago.]

Question: Will we be notified by You of the place where we will be taken?

We will not tell you, We will take you there. There is no need, except in your head, for you to know where you are to go. From the time the final plan starts, things must go very quickly. We will not have time to philosophize or instruct you. This will be a time of great activity, and We are here only for that.

Question: At what period of our terrestrial time do You think your intervention will begin?

The sooner the better, but We are used to waiting and being patient. It is not We who decide this, it is not you.

Question: Is it Christ who decides this?

This is the only entity who is able to decide this.

Question: Is living this moment during this process a major element?

For the vibration, yes.

We have no more questions.

Thank you humans for attending this meeting, and We also thank those of you on the entire world. We thank you on behalf of My people [Vegan ETs] in this mission for receiving these few words and details. With that I can only wish you the best and greatest of enlightenment both for you and your future. Be confident that We will see you soon.

My comments: Velgan is a Vegan angel who was originally as we are now but Who ascended long ago, and He still maintains His existence in the 3rd dimension to make His work easier. For some it is hard to understand why He would choose to live in 3D when he could be living comfortably in higher dimensions. Most other angels were created as servants of Divinity and are still in higher dimensions and occasionally move to lower dimensions in Their work.

Because He is still in 3D He understands us better than most (though not totally as He has experienced no emotions which is a big problem for us in 3D), and He is a good example of the angels that we may someday become due to His main focus on assisting others in His work. Alex Collier said that we have more emotions than most ETs, and many respect us for this and wish they had this broad range of feelings that we do. This of course also leads us to anger and violence and sorrow in our 3D world of duality.

The Divine goal for all mankind is to someday ascend to angelic status like these Vegan who became angels. The main purpose of this discussion is to make us aware that some of us will be visited in our sleep and we will be repaired so we can serve until the end of 3D, and we should not be concerned if we experience this. Many have chosen roles that we will play although we do not yet know these roles, and some bodies will need to be strengthened and reinforced for our coming roles in ascension.

The implants that He spoke of are a common way among ETs to locate those that they wish to communicate with among the 7 billion people on Earth, and Sheldan said he has one of these. When we speak of ETs we should understand that most of us are from other planets in previous lives and were planted here many eons ago, so when we speak of “aliens” we should include ourselves in this category also. He briefly spoke of the process of stasis and Christ Michael Aton Who has the final responsibility for ascension and a new Earth.

Mayday, Mayday (the word comes from the French phrase venez m'aider, meaning "come and help me"). May is here, so let the changes begin.

Rich N


Friday, April 23, 2010

Archangel Michael - The 7th Step - April 17, 2010

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Children of the Light, beloved Starseeds everywhere on the surface of this planet I bring you My blessings, My thanks and the thanks and the blessings of all the Archangelic Conclave, along with greetings from all of the Intergalactic Forces of Light and vibration. Today We welcome together the arrival of the 7th and final step that will take us to May 17. Today begins the last and essential step in the deconstruction of the illusion of your world. Together both We and you have worked within the Unity and the Truth to establish the foundations of a new world and a new dimension.

During this final month [until May 17], all that will be deconstructed will be completed. During this period as I predicted the Fire of the Earth now ignites and the Fire from Heaven today for the first time in many millennia meets the Fire of Earth. This awakening signals for you the transformation of your Kundalini chakras and the awakening of the Kundalini chakras of Earth that all Messengers and prophets have foretold since time immemorial, and this will be carried out now. Rejoice for it is time to celebrate the awakening of the Light and the establishment of justice in Truth and the coming of the Lord of Light within your density.

During this next month, the only escape will be in your existing Interior Temple in the Fire of the Heart, the Fire of Earth and the Fire of the head. Together these three hearths will merge to realign and promote access to your essence. These Vibrations of Light will become more and more intense every day in order to remove the remaining obstacles to the establishment of the Truth. Nothing that has been corrupted, nothing that is an illusion, nothing that is darkness may survive during this period, both in you and outside of you. A new world is emerging in you and around you. You will become builders and creators of a new dimension and a new unified life finally connected to the Source by anchoring the Light that you have manifested on this entire Earth. Beloved Children of the Light and Children of the One, I say to you, live in Truth, Light and Unity. Build your inner sanctuary by abiding in your supreme inner Peace in your Heart in Truth and in Unity.

This final 7th step will not result in the end of My meetings but in the end of deconstruction arranged and organized by the Archangelic Conclave and all of the Intergalactic Confederated Forces of Light. A Number of unusual events that I announced over a year ago will become visibly common within your environment and your separated dimension. Nothing should alarm you, whatever these basic events that have already occurred on the surface of this planet and those which will soon become visible. You should focus all of your attention and your consciousness on the Fire of your Heart, the Fire of the Earth and the Fire of your head. The Fire of the Earth meanwhile will carry out what the prophets foretold for the coming times, and these times are here now. You should walk in this final step by establishing the reign of justice and the establishment of what had been called by St. John “The Sword of Truth”. This final seal has been opened today and you will now move into the ultimate revelation of your Unity and your Truth. Be in peace, be joyful, be Unified. Together now we pause to receive the Fire of the Earth by the Fire from Heaven.

Receive now this effusion of energy ... [pause]

Beloved Children of the Light and Starseeds, today and during the coming month I ask that you particularly find opportune moments to reunite with your realms of Supreme Peace in the Fire of the Heart and the Fire of the Earth. Remember that the only way you may help humanity in this transition is to establish yourself more firmly in the Truth in the Fire of the Heart and in your alignment with the Source. At no time shall it be necessary to seek any action that will return you to duality.

Do not worry about the chaos of this world. What needs to disappear will collapse to make way for the new, to make way for the Unity, the Joy and the end of this fraudulent matrix. This matrix called the separated 3rd Dimension is living its final hours and its last moments. Soon, very soon, Mary, the Divine Mary will initiate her announcements to each of you who will live this. On July 17 of this year for 24 hours from midnight French time until 1 AM in the morning the next day in all countries of this Earth, you should be devoted to the unification of consciousness by the revelation of the keys of Lord Metatron which are Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. I will return precisely on May 17 at 5 PM [French time] to explain this.

You will live unique moments, moments where you will discover what you until now have forgotten: your eternity. We welcome you and We wish that you welcome Us, whether in your interior temple, in your essence, in the vessels of Light, or in your vessel of essence. We will contact you shortly so you may together experience the final steps that separate you from your return to Unity. The era of tribulation has finally begun. These hardships should not worry you as you are protected and integrated by the Light and Grace.

Ask for My help individually, and I will be there because you are now the Lights shining in the night. Your light is seen, identified and recognized by Us. Wherever you are on this Earth, whatever the situation, whatever the moments you have to live, seek the help of the Archangels and the Intergalactic Confederation. We will be with you and among you. You have merely to establish yourself firmly and decisively in service to the Light by receiving all the outpouring of My Radiance, which will now be seen by events in the sun and the comets, and in connection with Gaia [Earth] by the Fire of the Earth and the mobilization of the air and this Fire in the air.

Welcome this effusion of energy ... [pause]

Beloved Children of the Law of One, during every moment of this last step of the Fire of the Earth, you should be listening to your intuition and follow your perceptions in your inner essence in order to be protected and to be where you should be in due course. Do not refuse any guidance from your inner essence, your Guardian Angel or the Light. Only these elements should guide you in the Fire of the Heart in your conduct, your travels, your institutions, and in how to best achieve this final step. Under these conditions you will receive this information and insights, resulting in you a growing Peace, an establishment of Joy in Unity and an insight of what is at work within your physical body, in your subtle structures and also in the four elements of Earth [the Ground, Water, Air, and Fire] that now have complete freedom to do as they please, and these four elements in total freedom strive to accomplish the complete deconstruction of this illusion.

A new world is opening to you as I have said and the foundations are now being laid. Among you those brothers who have not yet joined the realms of Unity will be called upon to answer this final call from the Forces of Light and the Intergalactic Confederation to establish this in Truth. You can not force anyone, you can not lead anyone where he does not want to go. Remember that the only way to help all of humanity and Gaia [Mother Earth] herself, is to establish yourself in your triple chakras: the radiant crown chakra of the head, the radiant Crown chakra of the Heart and the Sacred Triangle [the pubic chakra]. Only by realizing the ignition of this Triple dwelling can you best understand Unity with the Source and no other way. It is your responsibility to find peace, serenity, and above all Unity. There is no other alternative than the establishment of this Unity in you so that you do not experience the hardships that are now here. These do not concern you Children of the Light if you agree to remain in the Light and Unity.

I refer to the words of John in his Apocalypse dictated by Christ [the Book of Revelation]. It contains in total all that will now be accomplished on this vibrational plane in a coded symbolic format. You are assisted, you are not alone, but you must only remain in the Truth. The Sword of Truth must determine what should be in you and outside of you to enable the world to be reborn in this new dimension. Many things will occur on Earth and in the Heavens, but you must abide in the Grace of the Light, the Grace of anchoring the Light that you have established in Truth, in Unity, and in Peace, and especially in your integrity. There is nothing more important than that you establish this within the Fire of your Heart, there is nothing more important than to be what you really are. Leave aside everything that is not of your Divine essence, leave aside all that is resistant to this. This is the only way to support the Fire of the Earth and the Fire of your structures so you can advance to your Unity.

Welcome this effusion of energy ... [pause]

Beloved Children of the Source, beloved Sons of the Law of One, the Fire that you feel in the interior of your structures, the vibration that is quickly being perceived in your overall physical and subtle structures is the Fire of freedom. You should not worry because this Light does not burn everything; it burns only what needs to be eliminated in your Interior as well as on this Earth. Accept therefore the Fire, receive the Sword of Truth as you accept Christ and as you welcome Mary and Lord Metatron. I am at your side, just call on Me and I will answer. Within the Vibration of Fire you will find areas that until now were closed to you. In this Light you will find peace, in this light you will find Christ, you will find your dimensional Light, your own Master of Light. Only this is important.

Everything else will fit in perfectly in your lives compared to the same quality of Light that you have developed in your body and your Heart [the more Light that you have the more successful and enjoyable your life will be]. Everything else will be established on the principle of the Law of Attraction and resonance indisputably with ease. Nothing should disturb you. Satisfaction, Peace, and Joy will be your choice and your domain as soon as you release what should be eliminated. What needs to be removed is the illusion, what should be released is all that has helped to maintain this matrix for all of humanity. Today and every day all the vessels of the Intergalactic Confederation and We the Archangels are now closer to your dimension. Soon the influence of this vibratory Fire will be widely visible and audible, even for those who until now have not received Us. We come because We participate with you in the same service to the Source and the same sense of service to the Truth and Unity. The whole Conclave and all the Forces of Light will accompany you.

Being established within your Heart, being established within the Unity and the Sword of Truth will at all times assist you in achieving this and will help you decide to leave what is not of the Light, what is not of the Unity, what is not of the Truth. Your trust and surrender to the Light and to the will of your inner essence is crucial. You can connect to the Light and the Forces of Light at any time of day or night during the 7th step. In a personal way I will be with you (like tonight from 7-7:30 PM) in a more forceful presence to help you establish the Fire of the Earth, and I will also be with those of you who have already experienced the reunification of the Radiant Crown of the head with the Crown Radiant Heart and the Sacred [pubic] Triangle.

At that time some of you will discover your creative potential, you will rediscover your Unity, your spiritual history, your parentage, and your spiritual foundations. You will communicate to some with the elements and you can direct these elements [as co-creators]. You can then use your powers of Unity, not for [selfish] power but to keep you integrated in your Unity and in Truth. This new access, these elemental forces, will be the direct result of the activation of the Fire of the Earth. The elements will obey you both inside and outside of yourself. [We will be able control the elements of nature to some degree.]

Welcome this effusion of energy ... [pause]

Beloved children of the Light, if there are any questions regarding the experiences and the establishment of the 7th step, I will try to clarify it for you before detailing the appointment for our next event.

We have no questions.

Thank you. Beloved children of the Light and Starseeds, remember that I am with you, if you call on Me. I will be with you from 7 PM to 7:30 PM tonight, and I will meet with you for my closing deconstruction speech on May 17 when I return in the company of the Divine Mary to formally speak. I bring the blessings of the Source, the blessings of the entire Conclave and all the forces of the Intergalactic Confederation [those of the entire cosmos] and My personal blessings. Receive all the Love and Fire of Creation.

The next meeting is on May 17 at 5 PM [French time] and this will conclude the 7 steps.

My Comments: This is the final session that Archangel Michael leads, and starting next month Archangels Metatron and Uriel will take over and Michael will assist in the background. The focus of this meeting is the merging of the crown head chakra, the heart chakra, and the public chakra. He frequently mentioned that the Intergalactic Confederation (those ETs of the entire cosmos including our universe of Nebadon) will give support, and OM said that disclosures and 1st contact will begin in May, and everything seems to be building up to that.

A period of major reconstruction has begun and is starting to become visible to all. The LA times said "The volcanic pall [covering] over Europe shows no signs of disappearing" and the fallout of the volcanic eruption in Iceland continues. This ash may mix with the air like it did after 9/11 in NY and could cause many health problems and kill much of the vegetation and crops and cause food shortages world wide. This is just a glimpse of what is to come, and HAARP is not responsible for it.

Chris Story said: “In June 1783, an Icelandic volcano named Laki erupted, opening a fissure 15 miles long, which spewed out tons of lava, dust and acidic, poisonous gases, for eight months. Most of Iceland’s sheep and cattle died from eating contaminated grass, while some 25% of the population died of starvation or inhalation of toxic fumes. A thick, poisonous fog descended over much of Europe. The sun faded and thunderstorms proliferated in the gloom. Many people died, with a recent survey of parish records in Britain having concluded that some 11,500 additional deaths, above the norm, occurred in 1783, probably triggered by heart and lung disease.” [This may occur again this year world wide.]

This [Icelandic Eruption] is just the beginning, warn scientists

The near-invisibility of the ash swirling in vast clouds over Britain and Europe has magnified the confusion and trepidation brought about by the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull. Now the uncertainty is set to increase still further, with scientists warning that, based on the volcano’s historic behavior, the eruption could be “just the beginning” [airlines may be grounded for a long period of time]. The mountain may continue to blow out ash sporadically for a year or more. Ash has been spewing out since March 20, when a 500-yard gash opened on the shoulder of the volcano. Bjorn Eriksson, who runs the Hotel Ranga in Hella, a few miles southwest, said locals had been expecting it.

“We’ve been experiencing earthquakes since January,” he said. “At first just one or two a day, but increasing rapidly [sounds like California].” A few days after the first opening, another vent broke four miles up the mountain, 600 ft beneath the glacial ice cap. Eyjafjallajokull has erupted twice in the past 1,100 years, the last time in December 1821. That continued for more than a year until January 1823. Andrew Hooper, an expert on Iceland’s volcanoes at Delft University in Holland, said: “There is a very real possibility that the volcano will continue to erupt on and off for months."

Most of the population will need to be evacuated at some time, and that is the job of the Galactic Federation, and there are unconfirmed reports of cloud starships in the area now (they have been seen over Moscow and Mt. Shasta and other parts of the world recently). They will send a beam of light so that those who walk into it will be lifted and not die if they stayed, but some will not do this, and this is one of the reasons for stasis that the Archangels have often mentioned.

Stasis will allow their removal so they can continue their lives elsewhere whether they want it or not, because ascension is also judgment day where the wheat will be separated from the chaff. People are more willing to enter a beam of light from a cloud because they feel that "god" is helping them escape by creating a stairway to heaven, so we may continue to see cloud ships for a while until people adjust to ETs and the vast cosmos that we will someday unite with. Both the Archangels and Sheldan seem to say that all life will be removed during Earth changes.

There has been no major discussion of our future eternal bodies of Light that are stored in the Sun as was promised by the Archangels, so I will speculate on this subject using what data has been given so far. It may be that this is still being formulated and subject to change, or there may be other unknown reasons for this silence so far. Sheldan Nidle said Sunday that the inner Earth Light Chambers can transform those who ascend into 20 year olds who will never age, so this may also apply to the children, most of whom would choose this option if available once we enter 5D. The family as we know it may cease to exist since there will be no need for children to replace those who die. Some women may choose to become men and vice versa, and males may become more feminine by having more love and compassion while females may become more masculine by having more strength and freedom. We will become more community and globally and universally oriented as ETs arrive to join and assist us since the quarantine will be over.

Sheldan also said that we will be able to shapeshift into any form that we want, so we may even be able to choose how our new bodies will look as well. Most ETs live only a few thousand years and do age and die, so we will be more advanced than them. We may someday be able to sit in front of a screen and download vast amounts of free knowledge and will no longer need to attend schools (which for many are baby sitting their kids and teaching them bad habits and erroneous and useless information and introducing them to bad companions and gangs), and all knowledge of the ages and galaxies may be at our disposals. Many contactees who have visited starships have experienced this, although our 3D brains are limited as to how much we can absorb at this time, and some have seen their past lives and accomplishments. Hopefully we will also each have our own personal holodeck for education and enjoyment like what is available on many starships, and these will be far better than any 3D TVs that are now being introduced commercially.

Sheldan said that Masters can travel by intention and thought and can instantly create a portal, a Star Gate, or Worm Hole and can travel to anywhere they want to. Divine thought becomes Divine Light, then Divine Space, and then changes into energy patterns [like sacred geometry that AA Metatron teaches]. That is how the Elohim created this Galaxy and Solar System. He said that replicators will be available after 1st contact along with free energy modules that can power a house or village, and some have seen these demonstrated personally. Einstein said that matter can be converted into energy, and that is how ETs get rid of their garbage and waste according to Sheldan.

I foresee that in the next few years many skyscrapers will collapse due to these increasing energies and quakes and tidal waves, and most who are left will live in rural and suburban areas in small communities. Those who live along the ocean are in a dangerous area and should move if possible. When you build a new house you have to tear down the old one first, and bulldozers are starting to deconstruct Earth so that a new Earth can be built. What would take a year for us to build a major building can be accomplished in a day by ETs, and many of their buildings are living conscious beings who can adapt to our desires and can be easily changed for those who like to redecorate a lot.

CM Aton said that a number of media sources have agreed to participate in the disclosures of corruption by our leaders, and others (like sheep) may join them when the avalanche of news begins. When people see how they have been lied to by governments and religions they may demand a real change. Children are more open minded and aware than adults, who tend to remain in status quo and find change hard to adjust to, but change will come whether they want it or not as 3D is over. A Vatican insider said that its library has books that go back to Atlantis and beyond, but like everything else of importance they have been withheld from us because it contradicts their teaching.

A Friend [Ami, one of the 24 Elders] said: Jehovah of the Old Testament and Allah of the Koran are both Yaldabaoth, the entity separated from the Source who, accompanied by certain Archangels, created this 3rd Dimension. Since then the fallen Angels whose chief was Lucifer have found redemption and returned to the Light. Yaldabaoth has not yet found redemption, but He will one day. It is obvious that these demigods were not of the Light and Love, and Judaism and Islam show this by the teachings in their books and the violent actions of their followers. Wars are for control and slavery and money, and that has been the history of Israel and Islam from the start.

The Archangels said that on Aug. 15 of last year the Light became victorious over the dark, and it is starting to be manifested here now but has a long way to go yet. Little has changed so far, and our leaders act as if this status quo will continue indefinitely. Maybe the time for change has come, but only time will tell.

Rich N


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sheldan Nidle - Slave Planet - Apr. 17th, 2010

Note: This is from Galactic Jack's notes of Sheldan's Saturday Apr, 17th Lectures. He covered much more, but these are the most pertinent points to our near future.

In 1995 the Treaty of Anchara was signed by the Light & the dark [Anunnaki]. If this event had not occurred there would have been an emergency landing by the G.F. because in '96 this would have become a slave planet & I mention this to let you know how close the dark was to taking complete control of our planet. This is the main reason why it's taken so long to unwind the dark tentacles & get the Announcements done. Nesara will not be announced but other instruments & names will be used that will bring in those benefits to all of us including back taxes returned from the 1960's or from 1913 [when the Fed was created], so all your income taxes will be returned. The Galactics may use holograms to complete all deliveries in less than an hour. The 1st Announcement will be in three hours & it will take place 24 to 48 hours after deliveries. Disclosure may be 2 days up to 2 weeks. The 1st Announcements will include Resignations already obtained & charges of war crimes etc, plus debt forgiveness.

The new dollars will have 2 to 10 times more buying power & transferred on a one old to one new basis. Those with fed dollars outside the country will have 60 days to transfer them in the U.S. Those in the Prosperity Programs will receive all their funds in the 1st delivery & 95 to 98% will have to be given away in 30 or 60 days [to others]. In 3 months a second wave of prosperity programs will be available for 30 days to sign up at the same amounts as those received in the 1st programs. UFO Disclosure will take place in 2 to 3 weeks after announcements. Hidden & suppressed technologies will be released by 2 weeks after announcements. This includes free energy devices & Water to clean the body & planet, check...Perfect Science.

Climate change is now caused by the Sun discharges, Mother Earth preparing for Ascension, and humans destructiveness & pollution. A large coronal discharged happened at the same moment of the Chilean Earth Quake. And as you also know Mother Earth is in her Birth pangs. 1st Contact will be 3 to 4 months after Announcements & 2 to 3 months after that People will move to Inner Earth cities or the spaceships to return home about 5% now as it was 15% but people are either disappearing (leaving) or dieing naturally. This timeline could speed up or even be extended a bit. The first week after 1st Contact there will be interaction with the Gal. Fed. personnel & the Ascended Masters. In the first month there will be a G.F. technology transfer & education. In the 2nd month Cleansing & Renewal of Earth's Ecosystem. In the 3rd month full consciousness training & finishing our reunion with the Inner Earth Agarthans.

In the 4th month begins the evacuation to Inner Earth or the starship Fleet. WE will become Fully Conscious Beings who Can do anything that is Divinely Right; Like travel at the speed of thought to any part of the Galaxy or Universe in less then a second; Shape shift even to the opposite sex (this will be popular in L.A. no doubt) & Interacting with environment on a physical to spiritual level in the deepest & most intimate ways by communicating with, interacting & even improving it thru a powerful love & natural abilities.

These are from my [Jack's] notes of Sheldan's Saturday Lectures, he covered much more but these are what I felt were the most pertinent points to our near future. Mother Earth's spiritual Council is talking with the Spiritual Hierarchy about speeding the announcements UP [time is running out fast]. And that action the G.F. took as stated here that Your dark cabal had set up a scenario that we needed to neutralize, and this we have done. The ploys of your cabal to derail contact have failed! in the 4/6/10 update was a fake invasion which Sheldan related to me at dinner quietly. Also the Galactics have been replacing the oil removed from Mother Earth to smooth out the plates realigning. Our physical, emotional & other changes relate to Mother Earth & the Announcements, so how does it Feel? Unknowably Clear in the Glow of Healing Grace.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

ET Disclosure and Demands - 1952

12 UFOs visited Washington D.C. on July 12, 1952

There was a Washington DC visit of over 12 UFOs in July 1952 (documented by the Washington Post on the front page and available on the Post web site at one time but which has since been removed) who demanded that Earth stop detonating nuclear devices, which DC refused. This 1952 D.C. UFO incident was from July 13 to July 29, 1952 over Washington D.C by a benevolent ET group reportedly known as the Nordics on consecutive weekends on July 19–20 and July 26–27.

ETs were afraid that Earth would be destroyed like Maldek was and which became the asteroid belt. Sheldan Nidle said that this belt will be rebuilt into the planet Pax and will be placed in the area that the belt now occupies. The Greys later met with Eisenhower in 1954 secretly and signed an agreement that allowed the abduction of millions and the performance of genetic experiments, and they gave us advanced technology in return. Most of what we now use is a result of this cooperation (TV, computers, fiber optics, free energy, time travel, etc) although most technology has been used for building war machinery and has not been released to the public, since it would remove government control and give us more freedom, which they do not want.

This may be a good time to have another DC massive UFO visit like the one in 1952 along with disclosures and a demand to end the corrupt USA Corporation and the implementation of NESARA. This would require the resignation of all leaders and the replacement of the Federal Reserve with a new gold backed currency and a prosperity fund distribution to the world.

Rich N


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sheldan Nidle - April 6 2010

Selamat Jarin! We come with many things to discuss with you. Our Earth allies are working with our liaison teams to prepare the world for the announcements that are to follow the deliveries of your prosperity funds. The major banks of your globe are awaiting the fate of the US Federal Reserve Bank because when this bank and its cohort in [Bank of ] England collapse [owned by the Rothschilds], the new global banking system can come on line in earnest. Until then, various methods are underway to force the recalcitrant banks out. All other components of this changeover are ready and waiting and under starter's orders.

China, Japan, and a host of other nations are completing the steps to prepare for the moment when the present US administration is replaced by the American caretaker regime. This new governance is to formally mark the start of a period of friendly cooperation among nations. Most of your survival stresses are to be alleviated once the present US government passes from the world scene. The dark cabal and its hubristic manipulation of the American and Soviet governments are primarily responsible for the past sixty years of discord.

Your history is at a massive turning point. The dark cabal, which has been the de facto power behind the global scene, is on the verge of throwing in the towel, and its demise results inescapably in the full disclosure of our existence and of a veritable constellation of advanced technologies! At a stroke, you are to take a scientific leap of several centuries, and this demands a corresponding evolutionary jump on your part into higher realms of mind and heart.

A new perception of yourselves and Creation must spring into being, generating a collective experience of Love, the higher emotions, and the potential that is full consciousness. You are embarking on something unique, and this something will challenge you and leave you ready for the wonders of full consciousness. Furthermore, Mother Earth is egging you on as there is little time left for you to dawdle. You are engaged upon a path of fantastic possibilities and unimaginable rewards. Until now, you have shown little of what you are capable of by way of mutual assistance but once you align with the Divine, Service becomes your highest calling!

Your society is shifting from a survival-based orientation to one of service and responsibility. Exciting research in the fields of psychology and medicine in general includes the study of creativity and the brain's astonishing cognitive skills. This advancement springs directly from your rising consciousness, fueling the new focus on your intuitive cognitive abilities. Your scientists are reaching toward aspects that hint at full-consciousness faculties and that attest to a human potential which transcends the current bio-scientific paradigm.

This calls for a new societal and scientific model that can embrace concepts that take you far beyond your conventional wisdom. In all spheres of endeavor, things are either in a state of chaos or actively indicating new ways of perceiving how your world really operates. The past millennia of "normal" are transiting into something completely different. You sit on the brink of this reality and are already sliding quickly onto a path which includes first contact!

Your world is in fact already fully entwined with us, and our job is now to move us both toward open first contact. However, due to recent developments, the seamlessness of the previous first-contact plan has been replaced by some possibly bumpy interactions. Your dark cabal had set up a scenario that we needed to neutralize, and this we have done. The ploys of your cabal to derail contact have failed! This has led us to intervene much more fully and quite a lot earlier than anticipated into your affairs, with our liaison teams working more closely with our Earth allies.

This has also necessitated more frequent contact between your major governments and us. Your ranking military commanders have proven to be very helpful in explaining what is required for effective and legal regime change. Also, many academicians and members of your diplomatic corps have contributed valuable insights about effecting change. The key to change is a coherent stewardship supported on occasion by our technological superiority.

The dark cabal is an expert on how to manipulate and control you. Our earth-bound advisors have educated us fully in how this works and we intend to use this data to move your society from endlessly tottering on the brink of change to actually seeing the changes manifest. We incorporated our recently gleaned information into a proposal which we submitted to our heavenly advisors for approval.

They recommended various modifications, and we are now implementing their suggestions and thereby altering what our Earth allies are doing. This new thrust emphasizes the rapid completion of all goals affecting the ascendance of the caretaker regimes. It is of paramount importance that these new governments begin to work together to set up the more equitable financial system, institute global debt forgiveness, and end the global UFO cover-up as well as the government-backed terrorism that plagues your world.

Once again our tasks have proliferated and we are now even more deeply involved in your affairs and working closely with Mother Earth. Our scientists are using the expertise of our Agarthan brethren to better understand what it is that Mother Earth now needs to have happen. You have a big responsibility to Mother Earth, and this divine service links you to Inner Earth and allows you to forge a wondrous bond with your Inner Earth cousins. We have watched their tremendous dedication to your home world, and they are very ready to mentor you and demonstrate how to transform your great Love for Mother Earth into action. This knowledge encompasses your Moon and the resurrection of Earth's two former celestial companions. This subject brings us to a chapter of your untold history which we will leave to the Agarthans to tell.

Your solar system, like Earth, is using her increased activity to prepare for her shift into a fully conscious fifth-dimensional reality. The large outer gas planets are adjusting the electrogravitic fields that hold everything in balance. This huge field stretches around your solar system like an immense placenta and is now readying to birth your new reality. The many noncorporeal Beings [ETs] who reside in your solar system are joyously waiting for the moment when you can easily communicate with one another. They have a truly inexhaustible knowledge of this system and all its planets, and can fill you in on how the trans-Martian planet Pax was destroyed and how it is to be reconstituted by the Elohim. This is a mere glimpse of the world that is to open up for you once your full consciousness is restored.

Recently our Galactic Federation medical teams have reported that many of you are having lower backaches, shoulder pains, and heart, liver, and kidney problems. These assorted maladies are due mainly to the bringing in of the diaphragm, new heart, and thymus chakras. These new centers are tied in to the awakening of various meridians that have been long dormant in you. These meridians are eventually to be integral to your body's more extensive nervous system. One of Heaven's first goals is to bring out of dormancy as much of your physical self as possible, and these aches and pains are part of getting you to a place where your final leap into full consciousness, with the help of your Inner Earth Light chambers, can easily happen.

Inside Information Update 4/6/10 – Restore America Plan

The following comes from several ‘real’ intelligence resources, my research and insider sources.

1. There is no shortage of funds for future recovery. Trusts [St Germaine] have been established for every administration and these trust funds are available for proper disbursement. There are vast sums in very high trillions available for Social Security which will not be affected.

2. The military has already informed obama that he is no longer Commander-in-Chief.

3. The closed door emergency meeting of the Federal Reserve on Monday 4/5/10 did discuss the financial default and how to respond to the people’s declaration. They are in panic.

4. There is a “Gag Order” on the governors and other officials who are served. If they say anything, they lose their option to sign on or resign. In short, they will be removed by the military.

5. We are simply sovereigns. Beware of any article using “sovereign citizens”. This is propaganda by the PTB.

6. FBI at high levels were informed about the plan before delivery.

7. Fulford is aware of activities and a participant on worldwide recovery on an international level.

8. There is an international participation in the program(s) which will become more evident in the next few weeks.

9. Bonding will not be available for corporate entities. They will have to operate in the de jour government under the constitution.

10. Corporate government and entities cannot access the C.A.F.R. funds without the bonds.

11. All Bonds have been “arrested” by the republic and cannot be used by the corporate government and entities. The arrest of the bonds-from the U.S. Corporation down to the smallest country will cause a stoppage in all activities. They cannot conduct business as they are not ‘bondable’.

12. Corporate Courts cannot conduct any business without bonds.

Remember – If it looks like Nesara, acts like Nesara and functions like Nesara but spelled differently ---- IT IS THE RESTORE PLAN

Obamacare HR 4872 Final Bill - Limitations are on page 25

(A) ANNUAL LIMITATION.—The cost-sharing incurred under the essential benefits package with respect to an individual (or family) for a year does not exceed the applicable level specified in subparagraph
(B) APPLICABLE LEVEL.—The applicable level specified in this subparagraph for Y1 is $5,000 for an individual and $10,000 for a family. Such levels shall be increased (rounded to the nearest $100) for each subsequent year.

Napolitano: Supreme Court to Strike Down Obamacare
Friday, March 26, 2010

President Barack Obama is one of the worst presidents ever in terms of respecting constitutional limitations on government, and the states suing the federal government over healthcare reform "have a pretty strong case" and are likely to prevail, according to author and judicial analyst Andrew P. Napolitano.In an exclusive interview with Newsmax. TV's Ashley Martella, Napolitano says the president's healthcare reforms amount to "commandeering" the state legislatures for federal purposes, which the Supreme Court has forbidden as unconstitutional.

"The Constitution does not authorize the Congress to regulate the state governments," Napolitano says. "Nevertheless, in this piece of legislation, the Congress has told the state governments that they must modify their regulation of certain areas of healthcare, they must surrender their regulation of other areas of healthcare, and they must spend state taxpayer-generated dollars in a way that the Congress wants it done. For those who oppose healthcare, the Fox legal expert says, the bad news is that many of the legal challenges to healthcare reform will have to wait until 2014, when the changes become fully operational.

[Andrew P. Napolitano is a former New Jersey Superior Court Judge and now a political and legal analyst for Fox News Channel.]

My Comments: In the final 2319 page Obamacare bill dated March 17, 2010 it is stated on page 25 that coverage will be limited to $5,000 for an individual and $10,000 for a family. It is like buying a $1,000 insurance policy and paying $1,000 a year in premiums, so it is useless for most and it is not necessary to read any further. Most of the provisions will not take effect until 2014, and some wonder why all the emphasis on passage now. Many feel that it was a plan to get more funds for the bankrupt US Corp. using this as collateral by selling bonds and printing more fiat money, but China and most of the world will not buy these anyway and it appears that no more bonds will be sold.

There have been several 7+ earthquakes recently in non populated areas with little damage, and the quake activity will continue to increase as the energies from the Sun and the cosmos increase. Esu said that we will not see Jupiter at this time because it would cause many more problems like this. According to OM 1st contact and disclosures will begin in May, and these messages seem to confirm this. These are merely words so far and only time will tell.

Rich N