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Archangel Michael - The 7th Step - April 17, 2010

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Children of the Light, beloved Starseeds everywhere on the surface of this planet I bring you My blessings, My thanks and the thanks and the blessings of all the Archangelic Conclave, along with greetings from all of the Intergalactic Forces of Light and vibration. Today We welcome together the arrival of the 7th and final step that will take us to May 17. Today begins the last and essential step in the deconstruction of the illusion of your world. Together both We and you have worked within the Unity and the Truth to establish the foundations of a new world and a new dimension.

During this final month [until May 17], all that will be deconstructed will be completed. During this period as I predicted the Fire of the Earth now ignites and the Fire from Heaven today for the first time in many millennia meets the Fire of Earth. This awakening signals for you the transformation of your Kundalini chakras and the awakening of the Kundalini chakras of Earth that all Messengers and prophets have foretold since time immemorial, and this will be carried out now. Rejoice for it is time to celebrate the awakening of the Light and the establishment of justice in Truth and the coming of the Lord of Light within your density.

During this next month, the only escape will be in your existing Interior Temple in the Fire of the Heart, the Fire of Earth and the Fire of the head. Together these three hearths will merge to realign and promote access to your essence. These Vibrations of Light will become more and more intense every day in order to remove the remaining obstacles to the establishment of the Truth. Nothing that has been corrupted, nothing that is an illusion, nothing that is darkness may survive during this period, both in you and outside of you. A new world is emerging in you and around you. You will become builders and creators of a new dimension and a new unified life finally connected to the Source by anchoring the Light that you have manifested on this entire Earth. Beloved Children of the Light and Children of the One, I say to you, live in Truth, Light and Unity. Build your inner sanctuary by abiding in your supreme inner Peace in your Heart in Truth and in Unity.

This final 7th step will not result in the end of My meetings but in the end of deconstruction arranged and organized by the Archangelic Conclave and all of the Intergalactic Confederated Forces of Light. A Number of unusual events that I announced over a year ago will become visibly common within your environment and your separated dimension. Nothing should alarm you, whatever these basic events that have already occurred on the surface of this planet and those which will soon become visible. You should focus all of your attention and your consciousness on the Fire of your Heart, the Fire of the Earth and the Fire of your head. The Fire of the Earth meanwhile will carry out what the prophets foretold for the coming times, and these times are here now. You should walk in this final step by establishing the reign of justice and the establishment of what had been called by St. John “The Sword of Truth”. This final seal has been opened today and you will now move into the ultimate revelation of your Unity and your Truth. Be in peace, be joyful, be Unified. Together now we pause to receive the Fire of the Earth by the Fire from Heaven.

Receive now this effusion of energy ... [pause]

Beloved Children of the Light and Starseeds, today and during the coming month I ask that you particularly find opportune moments to reunite with your realms of Supreme Peace in the Fire of the Heart and the Fire of the Earth. Remember that the only way you may help humanity in this transition is to establish yourself more firmly in the Truth in the Fire of the Heart and in your alignment with the Source. At no time shall it be necessary to seek any action that will return you to duality.

Do not worry about the chaos of this world. What needs to disappear will collapse to make way for the new, to make way for the Unity, the Joy and the end of this fraudulent matrix. This matrix called the separated 3rd Dimension is living its final hours and its last moments. Soon, very soon, Mary, the Divine Mary will initiate her announcements to each of you who will live this. On July 17 of this year for 24 hours from midnight French time until 1 AM in the morning the next day in all countries of this Earth, you should be devoted to the unification of consciousness by the revelation of the keys of Lord Metatron which are Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. I will return precisely on May 17 at 5 PM [French time] to explain this.

You will live unique moments, moments where you will discover what you until now have forgotten: your eternity. We welcome you and We wish that you welcome Us, whether in your interior temple, in your essence, in the vessels of Light, or in your vessel of essence. We will contact you shortly so you may together experience the final steps that separate you from your return to Unity. The era of tribulation has finally begun. These hardships should not worry you as you are protected and integrated by the Light and Grace.

Ask for My help individually, and I will be there because you are now the Lights shining in the night. Your light is seen, identified and recognized by Us. Wherever you are on this Earth, whatever the situation, whatever the moments you have to live, seek the help of the Archangels and the Intergalactic Confederation. We will be with you and among you. You have merely to establish yourself firmly and decisively in service to the Light by receiving all the outpouring of My Radiance, which will now be seen by events in the sun and the comets, and in connection with Gaia [Earth] by the Fire of the Earth and the mobilization of the air and this Fire in the air.

Welcome this effusion of energy ... [pause]

Beloved Children of the Law of One, during every moment of this last step of the Fire of the Earth, you should be listening to your intuition and follow your perceptions in your inner essence in order to be protected and to be where you should be in due course. Do not refuse any guidance from your inner essence, your Guardian Angel or the Light. Only these elements should guide you in the Fire of the Heart in your conduct, your travels, your institutions, and in how to best achieve this final step. Under these conditions you will receive this information and insights, resulting in you a growing Peace, an establishment of Joy in Unity and an insight of what is at work within your physical body, in your subtle structures and also in the four elements of Earth [the Ground, Water, Air, and Fire] that now have complete freedom to do as they please, and these four elements in total freedom strive to accomplish the complete deconstruction of this illusion.

A new world is opening to you as I have said and the foundations are now being laid. Among you those brothers who have not yet joined the realms of Unity will be called upon to answer this final call from the Forces of Light and the Intergalactic Confederation to establish this in Truth. You can not force anyone, you can not lead anyone where he does not want to go. Remember that the only way to help all of humanity and Gaia [Mother Earth] herself, is to establish yourself in your triple chakras: the radiant crown chakra of the head, the radiant Crown chakra of the Heart and the Sacred Triangle [the pubic chakra]. Only by realizing the ignition of this Triple dwelling can you best understand Unity with the Source and no other way. It is your responsibility to find peace, serenity, and above all Unity. There is no other alternative than the establishment of this Unity in you so that you do not experience the hardships that are now here. These do not concern you Children of the Light if you agree to remain in the Light and Unity.

I refer to the words of John in his Apocalypse dictated by Christ [the Book of Revelation]. It contains in total all that will now be accomplished on this vibrational plane in a coded symbolic format. You are assisted, you are not alone, but you must only remain in the Truth. The Sword of Truth must determine what should be in you and outside of you to enable the world to be reborn in this new dimension. Many things will occur on Earth and in the Heavens, but you must abide in the Grace of the Light, the Grace of anchoring the Light that you have established in Truth, in Unity, and in Peace, and especially in your integrity. There is nothing more important than that you establish this within the Fire of your Heart, there is nothing more important than to be what you really are. Leave aside everything that is not of your Divine essence, leave aside all that is resistant to this. This is the only way to support the Fire of the Earth and the Fire of your structures so you can advance to your Unity.

Welcome this effusion of energy ... [pause]

Beloved Children of the Source, beloved Sons of the Law of One, the Fire that you feel in the interior of your structures, the vibration that is quickly being perceived in your overall physical and subtle structures is the Fire of freedom. You should not worry because this Light does not burn everything; it burns only what needs to be eliminated in your Interior as well as on this Earth. Accept therefore the Fire, receive the Sword of Truth as you accept Christ and as you welcome Mary and Lord Metatron. I am at your side, just call on Me and I will answer. Within the Vibration of Fire you will find areas that until now were closed to you. In this Light you will find peace, in this light you will find Christ, you will find your dimensional Light, your own Master of Light. Only this is important.

Everything else will fit in perfectly in your lives compared to the same quality of Light that you have developed in your body and your Heart [the more Light that you have the more successful and enjoyable your life will be]. Everything else will be established on the principle of the Law of Attraction and resonance indisputably with ease. Nothing should disturb you. Satisfaction, Peace, and Joy will be your choice and your domain as soon as you release what should be eliminated. What needs to be removed is the illusion, what should be released is all that has helped to maintain this matrix for all of humanity. Today and every day all the vessels of the Intergalactic Confederation and We the Archangels are now closer to your dimension. Soon the influence of this vibratory Fire will be widely visible and audible, even for those who until now have not received Us. We come because We participate with you in the same service to the Source and the same sense of service to the Truth and Unity. The whole Conclave and all the Forces of Light will accompany you.

Being established within your Heart, being established within the Unity and the Sword of Truth will at all times assist you in achieving this and will help you decide to leave what is not of the Light, what is not of the Unity, what is not of the Truth. Your trust and surrender to the Light and to the will of your inner essence is crucial. You can connect to the Light and the Forces of Light at any time of day or night during the 7th step. In a personal way I will be with you (like tonight from 7-7:30 PM) in a more forceful presence to help you establish the Fire of the Earth, and I will also be with those of you who have already experienced the reunification of the Radiant Crown of the head with the Crown Radiant Heart and the Sacred [pubic] Triangle.

At that time some of you will discover your creative potential, you will rediscover your Unity, your spiritual history, your parentage, and your spiritual foundations. You will communicate to some with the elements and you can direct these elements [as co-creators]. You can then use your powers of Unity, not for [selfish] power but to keep you integrated in your Unity and in Truth. This new access, these elemental forces, will be the direct result of the activation of the Fire of the Earth. The elements will obey you both inside and outside of yourself. [We will be able control the elements of nature to some degree.]

Welcome this effusion of energy ... [pause]

Beloved children of the Light, if there are any questions regarding the experiences and the establishment of the 7th step, I will try to clarify it for you before detailing the appointment for our next event.

We have no questions.

Thank you. Beloved children of the Light and Starseeds, remember that I am with you, if you call on Me. I will be with you from 7 PM to 7:30 PM tonight, and I will meet with you for my closing deconstruction speech on May 17 when I return in the company of the Divine Mary to formally speak. I bring the blessings of the Source, the blessings of the entire Conclave and all the forces of the Intergalactic Confederation [those of the entire cosmos] and My personal blessings. Receive all the Love and Fire of Creation.

The next meeting is on May 17 at 5 PM [French time] and this will conclude the 7 steps.

My Comments: This is the final session that Archangel Michael leads, and starting next month Archangels Metatron and Uriel will take over and Michael will assist in the background. The focus of this meeting is the merging of the crown head chakra, the heart chakra, and the public chakra. He frequently mentioned that the Intergalactic Confederation (those ETs of the entire cosmos including our universe of Nebadon) will give support, and OM said that disclosures and 1st contact will begin in May, and everything seems to be building up to that.

A period of major reconstruction has begun and is starting to become visible to all. The LA times said "The volcanic pall [covering] over Europe shows no signs of disappearing" and the fallout of the volcanic eruption in Iceland continues. This ash may mix with the air like it did after 9/11 in NY and could cause many health problems and kill much of the vegetation and crops and cause food shortages world wide. This is just a glimpse of what is to come, and HAARP is not responsible for it.

Chris Story said: “In June 1783, an Icelandic volcano named Laki erupted, opening a fissure 15 miles long, which spewed out tons of lava, dust and acidic, poisonous gases, for eight months. Most of Iceland’s sheep and cattle died from eating contaminated grass, while some 25% of the population died of starvation or inhalation of toxic fumes. A thick, poisonous fog descended over much of Europe. The sun faded and thunderstorms proliferated in the gloom. Many people died, with a recent survey of parish records in Britain having concluded that some 11,500 additional deaths, above the norm, occurred in 1783, probably triggered by heart and lung disease.” [This may occur again this year world wide.]

This [Icelandic Eruption] is just the beginning, warn scientists

The near-invisibility of the ash swirling in vast clouds over Britain and Europe has magnified the confusion and trepidation brought about by the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull. Now the uncertainty is set to increase still further, with scientists warning that, based on the volcano’s historic behavior, the eruption could be “just the beginning” [airlines may be grounded for a long period of time]. The mountain may continue to blow out ash sporadically for a year or more. Ash has been spewing out since March 20, when a 500-yard gash opened on the shoulder of the volcano. Bjorn Eriksson, who runs the Hotel Ranga in Hella, a few miles southwest, said locals had been expecting it.

“We’ve been experiencing earthquakes since January,” he said. “At first just one or two a day, but increasing rapidly [sounds like California].” A few days after the first opening, another vent broke four miles up the mountain, 600 ft beneath the glacial ice cap. Eyjafjallajokull has erupted twice in the past 1,100 years, the last time in December 1821. That continued for more than a year until January 1823. Andrew Hooper, an expert on Iceland’s volcanoes at Delft University in Holland, said: “There is a very real possibility that the volcano will continue to erupt on and off for months."

Most of the population will need to be evacuated at some time, and that is the job of the Galactic Federation, and there are unconfirmed reports of cloud starships in the area now (they have been seen over Moscow and Mt. Shasta and other parts of the world recently). They will send a beam of light so that those who walk into it will be lifted and not die if they stayed, but some will not do this, and this is one of the reasons for stasis that the Archangels have often mentioned.

Stasis will allow their removal so they can continue their lives elsewhere whether they want it or not, because ascension is also judgment day where the wheat will be separated from the chaff. People are more willing to enter a beam of light from a cloud because they feel that "god" is helping them escape by creating a stairway to heaven, so we may continue to see cloud ships for a while until people adjust to ETs and the vast cosmos that we will someday unite with. Both the Archangels and Sheldan seem to say that all life will be removed during Earth changes.

There has been no major discussion of our future eternal bodies of Light that are stored in the Sun as was promised by the Archangels, so I will speculate on this subject using what data has been given so far. It may be that this is still being formulated and subject to change, or there may be other unknown reasons for this silence so far. Sheldan Nidle said Sunday that the inner Earth Light Chambers can transform those who ascend into 20 year olds who will never age, so this may also apply to the children, most of whom would choose this option if available once we enter 5D. The family as we know it may cease to exist since there will be no need for children to replace those who die. Some women may choose to become men and vice versa, and males may become more feminine by having more love and compassion while females may become more masculine by having more strength and freedom. We will become more community and globally and universally oriented as ETs arrive to join and assist us since the quarantine will be over.

Sheldan also said that we will be able to shapeshift into any form that we want, so we may even be able to choose how our new bodies will look as well. Most ETs live only a few thousand years and do age and die, so we will be more advanced than them. We may someday be able to sit in front of a screen and download vast amounts of free knowledge and will no longer need to attend schools (which for many are baby sitting their kids and teaching them bad habits and erroneous and useless information and introducing them to bad companions and gangs), and all knowledge of the ages and galaxies may be at our disposals. Many contactees who have visited starships have experienced this, although our 3D brains are limited as to how much we can absorb at this time, and some have seen their past lives and accomplishments. Hopefully we will also each have our own personal holodeck for education and enjoyment like what is available on many starships, and these will be far better than any 3D TVs that are now being introduced commercially.

Sheldan said that Masters can travel by intention and thought and can instantly create a portal, a Star Gate, or Worm Hole and can travel to anywhere they want to. Divine thought becomes Divine Light, then Divine Space, and then changes into energy patterns [like sacred geometry that AA Metatron teaches]. That is how the Elohim created this Galaxy and Solar System. He said that replicators will be available after 1st contact along with free energy modules that can power a house or village, and some have seen these demonstrated personally. Einstein said that matter can be converted into energy, and that is how ETs get rid of their garbage and waste according to Sheldan.

I foresee that in the next few years many skyscrapers will collapse due to these increasing energies and quakes and tidal waves, and most who are left will live in rural and suburban areas in small communities. Those who live along the ocean are in a dangerous area and should move if possible. When you build a new house you have to tear down the old one first, and bulldozers are starting to deconstruct Earth so that a new Earth can be built. What would take a year for us to build a major building can be accomplished in a day by ETs, and many of their buildings are living conscious beings who can adapt to our desires and can be easily changed for those who like to redecorate a lot.

CM Aton said that a number of media sources have agreed to participate in the disclosures of corruption by our leaders, and others (like sheep) may join them when the avalanche of news begins. When people see how they have been lied to by governments and religions they may demand a real change. Children are more open minded and aware than adults, who tend to remain in status quo and find change hard to adjust to, but change will come whether they want it or not as 3D is over. A Vatican insider said that its library has books that go back to Atlantis and beyond, but like everything else of importance they have been withheld from us because it contradicts their teaching.

A Friend [Ami, one of the 24 Elders] said: Jehovah of the Old Testament and Allah of the Koran are both Yaldabaoth, the entity separated from the Source who, accompanied by certain Archangels, created this 3rd Dimension. Since then the fallen Angels whose chief was Lucifer have found redemption and returned to the Light. Yaldabaoth has not yet found redemption, but He will one day. It is obvious that these demigods were not of the Light and Love, and Judaism and Islam show this by the teachings in their books and the violent actions of their followers. Wars are for control and slavery and money, and that has been the history of Israel and Islam from the start.

The Archangels said that on Aug. 15 of last year the Light became victorious over the dark, and it is starting to be manifested here now but has a long way to go yet. Little has changed so far, and our leaders act as if this status quo will continue indefinitely. Maybe the time for change has come, but only time will tell.

Rich N


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