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Velgan - Angel of the Lord - April 21, 2010

Greetings People of Earth. I speak during this meeting to all brothers in Christ on the surface of Earth who have awakened in themselves one of the three Hearths [chakras]. I am Velgan, a representative of the Vegan constellation of Lyra where most Vegans originated. I am at the moment and have for a number of years been invisible to your eyes, and I am a leader of certain organizations of the Intergalactic Confederation of Light obedient to Christ [Michael], obedient to the Supreme Commander of the Forces of Light. I am part of what has been called in your writings the angels of God. We are creatures in humanoid form, having an appearance similar to yours.

We are part of what you call the Unified third dimension [united with the Creator], and as such We are for the moment the Only ones who can intervene in a concrete, visible, and tangible manner in your dimension. Our role and function within your realms is mainly to ensure that during this reorganization certain forms of evacuation and certain transfers are performed at the proper time and under the best possible conditions for you.

I intervene through this messenger [in France] who has known of Me now for a very long time, to begin to give you some details about Our mission and your mission in this period that you are about to live. When I speak of this period, I am speaking in your linear Earth time of the period from today until the final stage of ascension of your solar system.

Our responsibilities will be at different levels. I am not here to talk about this intervention yet, I am here simply to specify and give you information about a number of Our interventions that have already occurred in your density during your sleep at night as We work by your side during your sleeping phase, and during sleep itself. We work during this time to repair in you what needs to be accomplished so that when the time comes you may endure what you will have to seamlessly, simply and without any problems whatsoever.

We take steps to construct and repair in you a number of items that you call chakras, allowing you in time to adjust to the call of Light at a convenient time. For this We perform a number of interventions. These are about your physical structures, as well as what you call your etheric [spiritual] structures. Our forms can sometimes surprise you, so I want to say that We can come to you in a half-sleep and drowsy state, and by so doing We are formally announcing the famous Orion Greeting that was communicated by Orionis [Archangel Jophiel] before His departure.

We are part of a particular sector of the universe. Our experiences in this world’s separated matrix are like yours, but We are one step ahead of your progress so that We may better guide and prepare you for what is to come [We were like you at one time]. Thus from the beginning of your month of May, and during a number of months that follow, We will invisibly intervene with you individually at first for those of you who require ultimate adjustments, preparing you to live what is to be lived. So do not be alarmed if you see the presence of some of Us.

We move in general at your bedside in groups of threes or fours in order to work as quietly and easily as possible. We measure between 1.20 meters and 1.40 meters [4 1/2 feet] in your system today. Our features are covered with what you would call a second skin, or a combined cloak that adheres to Our bodies. We appear in particular in your sight to have a rather unusual fashion of glasses made of slabs of transparent obsidian [volcanic glass], allowing Us to better understand the details of your physical and subtle anatomy. Our role is limited for the moment once again to preparing and improving your vibratory condition so that you will function more effectively. Thus it behooves those of you in the days and weeks ahead that We will contact to not be offended or afraid of Us or Our activity.

Here is some basic information that I need to give about Our presence at your bedside. We strive to prepare you for some events that must occur in a very short time within your linear time. For now I will not discuss the different phases of Our purely physical intervention in your realms. We will only answer your questions about Our interventions on the etheric projected level of our mental telepathic forms at your bedside. This important information has to be announced quickly of course before the month of May.

Question: What are the types of actions that You will take?

Our work on each human being may be different. It is literally removing areas of darkness and persistent imbalance of your chakra lamps in order to achieve what I would call a perfect ignition of these hearths in you. The techniques that We use are unknown to you. They technically involve super bright Light techniques, merging the mental waves with the technologically luminous ones.

Question: Why do You sometimes appear cloaked in a white suit?

In some cases during certain types of interventions some of Us are required to protect Our heads. Our bodies are what you call highly sensory and are indeed a bit too sensitive to some of the waves emitted in your surroundings [like microwaves, ELF waves, and other frequency waves that have recently been developed]. But the color of our combined uniform packages is indeed white. We voluntarily have no distinctive logo on these outfits [many ETs have logos on their uniforms stating their origins or organizations].

Question: Why does this appear blue to us?

This is due to a diffraction of light from our solar system and is seen by your eyes that way. It is actually white but is radiating in the blue spectrum.

Question: Do you come in starships?

We are the only beings in the Intergalactic Confederation Who might intervene in vessels that will qualify as physical. The characteristic of our vessels of intervention upon Our arrival in your world through the intergalactic portals that exists in the areas of Earth is described as small vessels. We do not have within this solar system what are called [large] Mother-ships.

Question: How can we differentiate a vessel of Yours from those of the darkside?

Quite simply by the quality of radiation emitted by Our own vessels. Those of you who have opened one of your three chakras can have no doubt, if this is a great concern to you. [Those who have met advanced ETs say they feel an overwhelming sense of Divine Love while in Their presence.]

Question: Do You also visit people who are not informed about what is happening?

We do not intervene in an etheric way using mental telepathy nor are We seen physically by most, but only by those who have three open chakras [the crown head, heart, and pubic chakras]. This excludes any person you would call in a spiritual sense who has not activated at least one of these three chakras. There is therefore no risk of confusion. Our role is limited as was defined in your Bible as an Angel of the Lord.

Question: Where does the name "angels of the Lord" come from?

It is that which was first used in the Old Testament by the prophet Ezekiel and by the prophet Elijah. The name has remained and was then taken by some Apostles and some Apocryphal Gospels [those deleted from the Bible by the Roman church as not being compatible with their teachings].

Question: Does that mean that You have already intervened on our planet?

On numerous occasions. Again our role is limited to a single type of intervention on certain human beings who are identifiable and have been identified.

Question: How do you locate these people?

By the Light emitted by you and in a more conventional way by what you call implants.

Question: By implants are those that You Yourselves have installed?

Absolutely. Most often this occurred in early childhood.

Question: How have these implants been introduced into the body?

They were installed directly by a physically intervening process of dematerialization of bodies that exist within your density and the rematerialization of these bodies in Our vessels, and a rematerialization a second time back to their original location if possible [similar to Star Trek teleportation]. Our interventions usually use a vibrational technique which for you is very strong and results in what you call sleep [stasis]. There are personal changes of sensory perceptions and most often are in conjunction with unusual sounds [those who have experienced this have expanded knowledge and can sense things that many cannot].

Question: How can we cooperate with you in a just and responsible manner?

For now you have no choice. We work on what is needed within your structures and what is essential to adjust so that you can experience the transitional ascension that is most suited to your path. We are not here to chat with you, We are not here to share knowledge in the sense you mean. We are here to accomplish an extremely precise mission and nothing more.

Question: What is this mission and how will it occur?

I said that I have not come to reveal this to you now. This explanation will be given when you receive an audio message in your Heart from Mary [we may hear from Her during the May 17 meeting].

Question: You said that we should quickly spread Your message?

This is so those who have ignited at least one of three chakras are not offended or frightened by what might be experienced in a semi-conscious state during their night's sleep. This limited information that will be circulated is needed to avoid what you call fear and to provide comfort. We are more advanced and beyond all creatures of the Unified third dimension. We have followed the evolutionary path so that We have never developed any bodily characteristic that you call emotion. We do not know and do not live the emotions that you live [and thus We do not fully understand all emotions that you are experiencing now]. Some of Our presence, regardless of Our vibrational and very powerful appearance, is at the level of the Heart, and We may seem distant and cold from your human viewpoint in this dimension, whatever the case.

Question: Is where we live of importance to your activity?

We can find you anywhere on this planet.

Question: What do you expect from us until the announcement of Mary?

If possible Trust, Surrender to Christ in the Light and immobility.

Question: By immobility do You mean we should remain motionlessness during your activities at night?


Question: Is there a favorable position or not?

No position is likely to interfere with Our intervention.

Question: What are your criteria for selecting children to put the implants in?

Above all those of Our own race and our own people [Vegans] who have incarnated on this Earth. Secondarily those I would describe simply as ground crews.

Question: What is the role of this team on the ground?

To prepare for the coming of the Light and the end of this 3D matrix.

Question: Does this implant have any other functions than tracking at this time?

For the vast majority no. For some it is like a skylight window, but this is not the right word I'm looking for ... more as a web cam on your world [so We can view what is going on through your eyes].

Question: Will we see you when our three chakras are lit [and merged]?

For some of you yes. If you are called upon to see Us and if We have something to do with you, but not all enlightened beings will see Us. This does not mean that We will be invisible, but We will not need to show Ourselves to some who are awake in a tangible way.

Question: Will You manifest Yourselves only to those who are from Vega?

I have stated that We are watching you all, and We operate as well with those from our people, our race, and also with the ground crew and some of those enlightened beings who are to be moved from those places where they now live [evacuated].

Question: Are Children who are born today all tracked?

No. There is no need now. Those who are born enlightened beings are born enlightened beings.

Question: So will You accompany us until the end?

We will intervene. The word accompaniment is a bit much.

Question: Will there be many interventions with each person or just one?

In most cases our response is unique and limited to one time, but it can occur two or three times.

Question: Are these implants detectable by our 3D means such as radios and scanners?

Yes because they are implants that you qualify as 3D.

Question: There is much talk of implants but in a sense it is quite negative.

This is true [many implants that have been described are from the greys].

Question: How can we distinguish between those tracking implants of the darkside and yours?

You have no way of knowing just by the implant itself .

Question: The difference is at what level?

At the Vibrational level and with the Orion welcome (editor's note: it is explained in the "Protocols"). Apart from Our clothes, our thermoformed coveralls, and our white suits there are Our eyes and the visor that covers them. The white clothing and the quality of radiation that We radiate shows that We are devoted to the Intergalactic Confederation as Servants of the Lord.

Question: Do You call the Lord that which We call Source, or is this another particular entity?

It refers only to Christ and to no one else.

Question: Is this Lord Christ the one we call Christ Michael [Aton]?

Completely. Christ can wear many different bodies of Light according to His role at that time [He may inhabit other forms and bodies].

Question: Why can those not of the Light not do the Hello Orion greeting?

For two reasons. In terms of their galactic origin, those who are not part of Our human physiology have an incompatibility that exists and cannot make this action. As for those of your brothers who are misguided and in the dark this is contemptible for them.

Question: Upon this dimensional transformation [ascension], can we choose our future destination?

You should understand and you were told repeatedly that nobody, absolutely nobody, has this choice on Earth. Everyone will go where his vibration will carry him, and it is certainly not dependent on his will or desire. The decision time has passed. This corresponded to a window of time prior to the meeting of the Conclave that was conducted by Archangel Jophiel more than two years ago and is now closed. [Our future destination was decided over 2 years ago.]

Question: Will we be notified by You of the place where we will be taken?

We will not tell you, We will take you there. There is no need, except in your head, for you to know where you are to go. From the time the final plan starts, things must go very quickly. We will not have time to philosophize or instruct you. This will be a time of great activity, and We are here only for that.

Question: At what period of our terrestrial time do You think your intervention will begin?

The sooner the better, but We are used to waiting and being patient. It is not We who decide this, it is not you.

Question: Is it Christ who decides this?

This is the only entity who is able to decide this.

Question: Is living this moment during this process a major element?

For the vibration, yes.

We have no more questions.

Thank you humans for attending this meeting, and We also thank those of you on the entire world. We thank you on behalf of My people [Vegan ETs] in this mission for receiving these few words and details. With that I can only wish you the best and greatest of enlightenment both for you and your future. Be confident that We will see you soon.

My comments: Velgan is a Vegan angel who was originally as we are now but Who ascended long ago, and He still maintains His existence in the 3rd dimension to make His work easier. For some it is hard to understand why He would choose to live in 3D when he could be living comfortably in higher dimensions. Most other angels were created as servants of Divinity and are still in higher dimensions and occasionally move to lower dimensions in Their work.

Because He is still in 3D He understands us better than most (though not totally as He has experienced no emotions which is a big problem for us in 3D), and He is a good example of the angels that we may someday become due to His main focus on assisting others in His work. Alex Collier said that we have more emotions than most ETs, and many respect us for this and wish they had this broad range of feelings that we do. This of course also leads us to anger and violence and sorrow in our 3D world of duality.

The Divine goal for all mankind is to someday ascend to angelic status like these Vegan who became angels. The main purpose of this discussion is to make us aware that some of us will be visited in our sleep and we will be repaired so we can serve until the end of 3D, and we should not be concerned if we experience this. Many have chosen roles that we will play although we do not yet know these roles, and some bodies will need to be strengthened and reinforced for our coming roles in ascension.

The implants that He spoke of are a common way among ETs to locate those that they wish to communicate with among the 7 billion people on Earth, and Sheldan said he has one of these. When we speak of ETs we should understand that most of us are from other planets in previous lives and were planted here many eons ago, so when we speak of “aliens” we should include ourselves in this category also. He briefly spoke of the process of stasis and Christ Michael Aton Who has the final responsibility for ascension and a new Earth.

Mayday, Mayday (the word comes from the French phrase venez m'aider, meaning "come and help me"). May is here, so let the changes begin.

Rich N


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