Saturday, May 22, 2010

Archangel Michael - May 17, 2010

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Army. Beloved Children of the Light, beloved Starseeds, on this day I along with the Conclave have concluded this period corresponding to the deconstruction by the Celestial Marriages and the 7 Heavenly Steps. Today I, along with all of the Archangelic Conclave seal forever in your inner temple, within the cells of your consciousness, the return of the vibrational Light in your dimension.

Starting today the whole Conclave gives total freedom to the Divine Mary as We prepare for the arrival and return [to Unity] in your dimension. Beloved Starseeds, beloved children of the Law of One, now is open to you the possibility of your return in a total and definitive way in Unity and in Joy to finally return to the Source. Beloved children of the Light anywhere in this world wherever you are in this dimension of eternity, all forces of the Light have assembled for your meeting now. A number of events related to deconstruction have arrived today, and they will now be revealed in their full intensity.

More than ever it is time to rejoice for this is an hour of Joy. This is Our reunion that We have waited for for so long and We can finally celebrate in you and with you. All Beings of the Intergalactic United Confederation of Light have now come into your realms of life in your world. The angels of the Lord have now set foot on Earth, and the Fire of the Earth awakens all life everywhere both on your Earth and in you. The time has come to live and fulfill this promise which was announced, predicted, and prophesied (whether by the prophets, by the Angels and Archangels, or by your vision, which in the end is your own perception and discernment), and this time [the Great Tribulation], both expected and dreaded, has now arrived.

All of the Archangelic Radiance is now definitely in the hands of your Creator, in the hands of the One Who prepares for His return. As He left He now returns, this One so named Christ. As you know, as I announced during that time between the end of March and the Day of Unification of the global consciousness [July 17], you have two months to fine tune your inner preparation, to keep and maintain your Inner Temple in a condition of openness and Joy. It is time to drop the final trivia and all the illusions of your world [and get your house in order as the saying goes]. One world dies and another is born. This is not the end but the beginning.

You have arrived at the point of the least amount of Light that this world can endure. The Fire of Earth, the Fire of Light, and the Fire from Heaven are now returning in full strength and activity. This Light is revealed to your eyes, your consciousness, your Heart, and all of your cells every minute. It is now there with you and We have performed and delivered to you Our vibratory Light, Our genuine Light . You have the freedom today to enter the ground floor of the mansions of eternity in all lucidity and consciousness. Today you can find your freedom, although a number of events must occur within your humanity in order to fulfill this promise and prophecy. Rejoice beloved children of the Law of One, the time is now here; it is time to open your interior temple so that you may be baptized in the Spirit by the Fire of Truth.

The first coming of the One Who was called the Christ helped to seed and prepare this planet so that when the time comes you may respond to the impulse of Christ and join the realms of essence, the spheres of Eternity and the absence of limitations. During these next two months you will be able to align with the power of the Light, and those of you who have not yet realized and demonstrated your desire for absolute freedom will be able to experience your awakening and ignition, enabling you to live within the unlimited eternity. The limitations of time are over, the time of Illusion is nearing completion, the time of awakening of humanity collectively has come. That moment is engraved in your spirits as it signals your return in Truth to the Unity and the understanding of what you really are and not what you have lived in this illusion.

During these next two months the alignment of your hearths and your chakra lights will allow your consciousness to enter into the fields of Light so that you may be intensely prepared for the activity that has been called the tribulation. This catastrophic period is not meant for you, it is for those who are still luke warm, for those who have continued to turn their backs on the Truth and the Unity in their Hearts. Starting today the four elements, Fire, Water, Earth and Air will combine their actions in your lives in this world to accelerate what the Conclave and I have started.

It is necessary for you beloved children of the Light to accommodate this work in you also. Rid yourself of useless activities and proceed more substantially in your essence and in the vibration of your head, the vibration of your Heart, and the vibration of your back [the chakras are all aligned to the backbone]. Within these vibrations you will find the Source of all bliss and the solution to all of your problems. You will not have any time to cling to what you were; what you truly are exists inside of your essence, what you are is not seen in your appearance, it is not in your possessions, it is not in these shackles; what you need is to live in your freedom for you have now been set free. You lost that freedom by your experiences, by your choices, and by what has been called the fall. This fall was not your fault. This is history in the sense that you understand and is now over.

Today the vibration of Light will reveal itself to you more and more every day. A multitude of brothers and sisters like you in this density will discover the nature of their essence and the nature of Eternity. You are not alone, you have now joined together with Us, for ultimately We are at your side. Your eyes do not see Us yet except for some of you, but all of what you might call the Ships of Light and the fleet of vessels of Mary are now arriving in those realms closest to your dimension. This signals the disintegration and the progressive disappearance of everything that is not of the vibrational Light but is the illusion of the economy, the illusion of the division and the separation of the consciousness of mankind and anything that helped to falsify, distort and deceive you in your relationships with each other.

Your eyes will gradually open, your Heart will open up more and more to the experience of the Fire of the Heart, the intensity of the Truth, and the intensity of the Unity in you. Those who resist will not survive in this illusion. Beloved children of the Law of One We welcome you with joy in your new found Unity, and you will be more of a soothing balm for those of your brothers and your sisters who will not for the moment be able to receive what you have already acquired today until this Illusion has definitively disappeared. Beloved Starseeds, this Truth is more beautiful than you could ever dream. Truth is freedom for you, and it will free you completely of all areas of darkness, all areas of duality that you have developed in this dimension and that you have oppressed in this illusion of suffering and duality.

We will come to you when you welcome Us by invitation. Our meeting point is right here on Earth. A number of events corresponding to the total and final solution to everything which hinders you from becoming beings of free will shall be completely destroyed so that you may experience your ultimate freedom. The Fire of the Earth has awakened, the Fire of Heaven has begun to manifest itself in your dimension and will alter the entire atomic structure of your world.

The Earth itself is undergoing a transformation unprecedented since its creation. Some of you may be aware of certain physical manifestations, but for many others they were hidden and will remain hidden until the end by those of the darkside who still want to have control over you. Our power is complete, and We will ensure that all human beings find their freedom. Those who refuse to grant this freedom and who wish to remain in power and subjugate others, whether by economics, by emotions, suffering, disease or by anything that has kept them in control will be excluded [removed] from this world first.

Many of your brothers and sisters upon the day of unification which will be implemented in full on July 17 of this year may also have access to this dimension of eternity. Many of you need to change, many of you still have to move towards more authenticity and Truth. Proceed to this, because in this authenticity, in this truth, all will appear in simplicity to you, whatever the complexities that are manifested in this world that is in this disintegration phase.

The Fire of the Earth is thus named because it represents the activities of your seabed [plate shifting] and volcanic activity, and that simply reflects the truth of what I say, and that will only increase now. Many illusions of your world that have seduced you will be forgotten and disappear [and will seem like a bad dream in the future]. Rejoice because this removal will bring for you unexpected freedom, even among those of you dear Starseeds who already have the Fire of the Heart, the Triangular [pubic] Fire and the Sacred Fire of the head. You do not have any idea of the beauty that will come into you as you prepare for the return of the Master of Light. The chaos of this world will be the exact opposite of the blessing that you will experience in the inner essence in you.

Do you vibrate and transmit the blessing of the Light or the chaos of this world? There will be no alternative, it will be either one or the other, either suffering or joy, either bliss or despair, you have total freedom to choose one or the other. Every day now and beyond this 1/2 hour period at 7 PM each day [French time], during the first ten minutes of every hour you will see an outpouring of the Archangelic Radiance, an outpouring of the Archangelic Conclave and the 24 elders.

The Thirteen female Beings correspond to Mary and the twelve Entities Who are women working with Her and Who will also work with you during the first ten minutes of every hour both day and night. This will give you the opportunity to experience the preparation that will reveal the Divine Mary to you, allowing you to experience the construction of the Bridge of Light uniting yourself with your essence and the unified dimensions so that you may welcome, receive and feel the presence of Mary and Her call for your return to the Unity. I will let the Divine Mary express more precisely what will happen to you during Her own announcements later.

Beloved Starseeds, beloved children of the Law of One and children of the Truth, once again rejoice because the time has now come, the time is here. Everything that was written about and prophesied will be accomplished before your very eyes. All that was involved in these writings will bring your release, and never ever forget that whatever happens in this world, though it will disintegrate before you, is the work of the Source in all His fullness, and this will bring you the realization of yourself in your unified dimension.

The elements will be activated in you, enabling you to achieve this unified consciousness. New phenomena, new perceptions in your own subtle structures in this realm and your physical body in this dimension that you live in will awaken in you. These vibrations will transform you further, major changes in your mood will be created and will bring an easier access to the Inner Dimension of Peace, Serenity, Unity, Truth, and Beauty. Move towards simplicity, towards beauty. The more you align yourself with your essence, the better things will occur and the better you will be able to console your brothers and sisters who have not yet had the opportunity to reach this state of grace.

During the first ten minutes of every hour of every day until July 17 you will see in yourself the influence of the presence of Mary and the influence of the presence of your essence in your own ordinary life. You will therefore by this new consciousness be literally compelled to join her. By doing this you will simplify your life, you will simplify what you are and you will accomplish what you desire. Those of you elsewhere who have not yet believed or accepted this vibration and consciousness that We have given you that allows you to return to yourselves will be realized by you at this time.

Remember: "The last will be first". Do not worry [about coming in later than others]. Within this inner vibration, within the light of the Heart in your Unified consciousness there can be no needs, no deprivations or suffering. Many elements of resistance will try to ingrain in you the need to continue in your resistance. Greet the Light and this resistance will leave you, welcome the Light and you will find peace. Mary is there waiting for you.

That which is from Heaven comes not to punish you as some falsifications have wanted you to believe. How could a mother punish her child [some unfortunately treat their children very cruelly and violently in their anger]? Mary comes from Heaven, accompanied by Angelic and Archangelic associates along with a multitude of conscious beings far removed from yourself both in form and in vibration, and they will accompany you on your return to the unified worlds in freedom. We urge you, if that is your desire, to be aware of this during this period of the first ten minutes of each hour. You will see for yourselves that during this period new vibrations will settle in you and changes will occur during these times.

This is designed to prepare you dynamically in a real and intense way. The first meeting with your essence also signals your reunion with your Creator and the Divine Mary and prepares you for the return of Christ from the Heavens. Beloved Starseeds, beloved children of the Light, you are establishing by the grace of My presence and the Grace of the Archangelic Conclave accompanying Me in this realm and this Earth the ability to rehearse living these first ten minutes now together at this time.

Receive this Outpouring of Energy ... [Pause]

Beloved children of the Law of One, every day and every hour the Light knocks on your door. Thus every day and every hour you will experience for yourself the effect of this Light in your life. Whatever your business in this world, whatever your age or job, whatever your status, you will have the opportunity to live, to understand and to hopefully integrate with the Unity beyond the veils of illusion that have covered this up to your consciousness. You will realize more and more what it means to have Joy, what it means to have this presence of Unity in beauty and simplicity.

Your eyes will never be the same as you view yourselves in this world. You will be uncompromising, but you will be Love. You will be without pretense and you will live in the Truth. All of this is now, this is not tomorrow, it is not in a few years, it is now. No matter what becomes of this Illusion, it should disappear completely. Light has now been established in this kingdom in your dimension. For many your eyes will begin to see, your Heart will begin to live anew.

These next two months are a period of intense preparations. During this period you and others will, depending on what you already lived, experience a number of insights, a number of flashes, that sometimes will call on you to change this or that. If you move in the direction of the Light, I repeat, everything will be easy and synchronous. If you turn your back to the Light, it will become increasingly difficult and complicated. Moving in the direction of the Light will provide your consciousness with a joy that you have never known in this dimension.

Since the beginning of this deconstruction and the beginning of the Celestial Marriages We have asked each of you to not focus beyond what is necessary on the deconstruction of this world. Soon nothing in this deconstruction can escape even the blind, even those who do not yet recognize Us and therefore do not understand this. Whatever they will call it, whether they describe it as destruction or terror, this is not true because the Heart understands what is actually occurring. The deeper meaning of this activity is to pave the way for your return home, the deeper meaning is a reconnection with the essence that you really are. Thus Mary will remind you to live and welcome this in your Heart, paving the way so that these prophecies are fulfilled.

The Fire of Heaven, the Fire of baptism is now at your door. The Galactic Waves, the radiation of the white light, and the related resonant radiation of AA Metatron that will occur during the implementation of the [Galactic] Crossing are expected to begin during your summer and will fulfill this promise. This is an invitation to let your Heart live, to let your consciousness become unlimited and influence all that you are in truth. As for Me, I will be gone during this period of two months as you establish yourselves in this Unified Dimension. I will return and be present with you more formally and more directly on July 17 at 5 PM [French time] to speak again during this interval of time, and I will through this messenger and in a multitude of other channels available that exist among those who are the messengers of Mary welcome the words and Vibration of Mary. These messengers will receive and welcome the first message of Mary.

On July 17, the day of the penetration of your entire solar system by the radiation of the central sun [Alcyone] will begin, and from that day on without exception whether the Heart is open or not all will hear distinctly and clearly the words of the Divine Mary. Some of you who are messengers of Mary, those who have already ignited your chakra lamps will establish contact between your interdimensional consciousness and will open the limited to the limitless and to Mary Herself.

No doubt will be possible by any falsification of technology [such as Bluebeam and other tools of the darkside] because the vibration of the Heart in this exchange will be very real for those who live in and also for those who have turned away from the light. Beloved Starseeds, I would also like to tell you the feeling I have (if indeed I can speak for the Archangels, but these are probably the best words I can find) of deep joy and a profound peace and a sense of communion that We the Archangels now have for all of you individually and collectively. Beloved Starseeds, before I leave this room and turn this over to the Divine Mary, if you have any questions about what is happening now and what will happen every day, I am willing to shed further Light to your Heart so it has the best possible reception for what is to come.

Question: During this period is it necessary to change our way of eating?

Beloved Starseeds, you will sense this for yourself, not by any mental decision. Your body will tell you, you will sense very clearly what is good and what is not good for your Unity and your essence. Do you force anything. Just let the truth settle in you, follow the Truth, and things will flow with joy in a simple and brilliant manner. Some of you may feel the need to eat more, but for many of you this will be the reverse. [Many do not realize that what and how much we eat can have a great effect on our lives and can even make us sick.] Your needs, whatever they may be on the outside world, will decrease as your inner needs in connection with the Heart grow in conjunction with the vibratory Light, with Mary, and in relationship with your essence. Very few human beings will not be affected by these first ten minutes of every hour. Your Heart will be your infallible guide. Listen to the vibration, listen to the sound, listen to the Truth, the Beauty.

Question: Who are the women who accompany Mary?

Beloved Starseeds, in the same way that there is a circle of 24 elders (of male polarity with male energies), there exists around the Divine Mary a circle of twelve Beings Who have been embodied on the Earth and Who have brought the Vibration of Mary to its highest level. I am not allowed to reveal the names of these Beings. They accompany Mary in Her Revelation, in Her announcements and in the establishment of Her Kingdom.

Question: What is the role of the Warriors of Light?

Beloved Starseeds, the Warrior of Light is a peaceful warrior. He is the one who understands that the Unity is Truth and that duality is an illusion. He is one who acts within the Unity and not for good or for evil [duality]. There is in this Warrior a willingness to exist in oneself in the Truth in the Heart and only that. The Light is established, the Light appears, the Light is. You become your own warriors of Light from the moment your consciousness is complete and you welcome the radiant Fire of the Heart and the chakra Crown as hosts of Heaven and Earth within your limited structures. A Warrior of Light does not fight, a Warrior of Light has established clearly in himself this Unity in relation to this world.

Question: Can sons and daughters of the Light live all these phenomena without having a special knowledge?

Beloved Starseeds, I answer positively yes. There are now a multitude of human beings (unfortunately for Us the numbers are still too small), and yet already they are larger than they were before the intervention of the Conclave began. These beings are discovering their Inner dimension. By discovering their unlimited dimension, there is no need for knowledge because the Light is sufficient in itself when it turns into a limited consciousness. Never forget that the Light is the answer, remember that the Light is obvious when it comes to consciousness. From that point on, the entire lives of these beings, conscious or not, believers or not, will see the existence in Our Dimensions of Our Presence among you or elsewhere and will live this in absolute lucidity. I will add that the vibration of the Unified Consciousness and the Revelation of Light now settling more intensely, more powerfully and importantly during the first ten minutes of every hour will obviously return to each one and will reveal that the Light is here.

Question: How can we begin the protocol during the first ten minutes of each hour, and moreover is the daily period of time between 7 and 7:30 PM still relevant?

Beloved Starseeds, regarding the first ten minutes of every hour, whatever your activities, from the first day or the first few weeks on you will very quickly feel the impact in terms of what you call your lights or chakras. There is therefore no specific proposal or special conditions needed to receive this consciousness. Again the Light will appear in your lives, it will become tangible, visible, and perceptible. With regard to the periods we have implemented so far between 7 and 7:30 PM daily, you can continue to work within these times if you so desire.

But keep in mind also that as you perceive this action of the Spirit in you during the first ten minutes of every hour, it will become possible, simply by raising your consciousness to align with and receive in you the joy, the Samadhi [in Hindu it refers to Supreme bliss] and what I have called and what a Friend [Ami] called the separation of consciousness within the whole [you will become more conscious spiritually and less conscious of the chaos and distractions around you]. If you feel it is necessary use any means and individual techniques that may help you, but I will not give you any additional tools Myself. Your consciousness is now sufficient in itself more and more. When you have for a few days or weeks seen and felt the vibration of Light in you, nothing will be as before and this will affect every day and every week that passes in more and more people.

Question: Is Canigou a Vortex? If it is, what does this mean? [Canigou is a mountain located in the Catalan Pyrenees of southern France.]

Beloved Starseeds, there are a multitude of what you call vortexes. Today each of you as Starseeds has become a vortex. Inside this vortex your Radiant Heart crown chakra, the Radiant Crown chakra of your head, and your [pubic] sacrum chakra, have merged so you may live in the Truth. Of course, there are on Earth a multitude of vortices, but we encourage you to focus on your own vortex. The answer to your question is yes.

Question: How can we live these first 10 minutes of every hour in the night?

Beloved Starseeds, each person lives differently. Some of the more advanced will be awakened while others will sleep the sleep of the enlightened. There is no difference. Once you start receiving the vibration of Light in your chakra lamps, whether in the morning, the evening, or at night, the fact of changing your consciousness from an ordinary to an expanded awareness will become obvious.

You will never have to ask questions about what to do in such moments as you travel within the limits of these realms. Your consciousness will be increasingly active so that you may live in this Unification and this joy. Some of you from now on will receive states of consciousness that have been described by some in ancient times who have awakened as experiencing some mystical phenomena at that time. For you there will be no doubt of this fundamental reality.

Do not try to live what is not yet available to you, what is not your concern at this moment. Leave it to the performance of the Light because you may just need to be in a more receptive mode, but it does not require doing anything except waiting until later. Live every minute in full consciousness, in full awareness. During every minute of your life, try to be humble in simplicity. At the right time you will receive a rapid emergence of Light in your chakras and your consciousness will process this. You will thus clearly enter into it at that time .

Even if the outside world becomes less and less obvious, your consciousness will become increasingly evident in an unlimited manner. You do not have to worry about anything due to your lack of unlimited consciousness because absolutely nothing opposed to the unified consciousness can occur in your life. You do not need to learn, you just have to accept and welcome this, and you will understand it, and most importantly you will experience the goodness of the grace of Light and the opening of your Heart totally. Obviously as I have said, some of you will become privileged messengers who will come into contact beyond your wildest dreams with multiple forms of Life and Beings of Light that you will meet. Whether that happens to you or not, your consciousness will open in the same manner.

Question: How should those who have a gift as a messenger react when they have encountered closed doors?

Beloved Starseeds, from the time the gift is established within the Heart, the Law of Attraction and resonance plays at a maximum level. Closed doors can not exist when you are in resonance with yourself.

Question: What is planned for young people in this message today?

Beloved Starseeds, I'm not sure I understand the meaning of this question. I have said on numerous occasions through this messenger and through other channels that you have to worry about nothing other than establishing the Light in yourself. These young people as you call them, these children are ready. There is thus no need to worry about anything other than yourself. The best way to be of service and assistance is to let this Light settle in you and let it radiate from you. Any questions that may arise from a relative related to what you call economic or physical conditions or mental conflicts is only related to the Truth of the Light which is here today.

Question: What is the role of the mineral, plant and animal worlds in this evolution?

Beloved Starseeds, this issue is too long to explain and would detract from the consciousness of the Light. From the moment you welcome the chakra lights and open your consciousness and enter into the unlimited essence of Samadhi and ultimate Joy, this type of question can no longer exist. Each kingdom has its own vibration. This Creation and sovereignty are chosen by you in this world and share the same illusion that is present in this world.

Each kingdom will return to its reliance on the Source eventually, but having said that, the illusion that some realms have lived has persisted and will continue in this alteration of truth and this deception in duality. This exists precisely to maintain the opportunity for some to rediscover the unlimited as you have today. This kingdom has advanced despite the falsification because this ascent is the very essence of life. [This duality of good and evil exists so some can grow and advance to higher levels of spirituality, and duality will continue in some areas of the cosmos because of this need.]

I will not comment on the vegetable and animal kingdoms although it is also important because they also follow their own paths of ascension. Again all answers will appear clearly and directly by going where the solution is in the Fire of your Heart, in the vibration of the Radiant Crown of the Heart and in aligning and merging these triple chakras. Absolutely all of the answers without exception are available there.

Question: What happens to those who have died?

Beloved Starseeds, the answer has already been given on numerous occasions. The deceased for the most part are in a position of waiting, a stasis, preparing to go when the time comes to a world that matches their vibration which is obviously not the world as you now know since it will dissolve completely [3D Earth will cease to exist]. Some souls of course will still be incarnated or reincarnated in this new world in an even more important manner.

Some of these souls are reincarnations, others are souls and spirits who want a brand new but shorter experience of separation and duality [they will continue in 3D elsewhere for a short period until they are ready for 5D] as a unique opportunity offered to them because now the dissolution of these worlds will begin and disappear. The dissolution of this world corresponds to a decree by the Source that no longer can any being within these multi-universes and multiple dimensions be separated from the Source. It is therefore a unique experience of truly living only temporarily in this separation from the Source.

Question: Does the alignment with the Source allow the healing of physical problems?

Beloved Starseeds, each case is different, but in the end you must keep in mind that this body you are called to live in will simply disappear, although this consciousness does not disappear, quite the contrary. For this the body must dissolve completely. [We will all have new bodies.]

Question: Before the deadline of July 17 is it important to seek to attain a higher level of forgiveness?

Beloved Starseeds, the Light is forgiveness, the Light is Grace. By living in the Light you will naturally forgive.

Question: Is the Love that one feels from the crystals a resonance of love that we carry within us or is it a universal love?

Beloved Starseeds, both are possible.

We have no more questions.

Thank you. Beloved children of Light, remember that during my silence in this channel, you have the opportunity, as I told you to call on Me. Also remember finally that in the same way that Christ exists in your interior AA Michael exists in you also. Remember this: you can call on Me, any request from the Heart will obviously be heard. Beloved Starseeds, I propose that you welcome for a few minutes (this is my greeting before giving way to the Divine Mary) all of the Archangelic Conclave. I say unto you that I will return on July 17.

Receive this Outpouring of Energy ...

Archangel Michael - Free Yourselves From Ego
Lucia G - May 18, 2010

Archangel Michael: You all need to free yourselves of ego; it is time to begin this work within. The truth is that it should have been done already, but there are a lot of people still awakening; this is very important. We will repeat that through many channels, the necessity of all of you liberating yourselves from Ego, and in addition connecting with your consciousness. It is important now, because when it is time for you to be rescued you will need the energy and vibration of love in your heart chakra. This you need to practice. [Many Lightworkers have an ego problem and negativity that they do not wish to acknowledge or change, and this can be seen in their attitudes of superiority and narrow mindedness. They feel that they know it all and their brothers are ignorant.]

The contact with your soul mates will help, because it elevates your vibration. What you need to understand is that the higher vibration will help you to be rescued. Miracles don't just happen! Part of the work is yours, and it has been said many times. What I'm saying is that it's not enough to read all this information that We've been sending. You need to make time during the day to exercise your light by sending out love. Meditation doesn't have to take one or two hours, it can take fifteen minutes. Use the syllables OD, ER, IM, ISS, AL, as I have taught you.

[This mantra is the reverse of DO, RE, MI and is pronounced “ODE, AYR, EEM, EES, AHL”. By saying these words at the beginning of your meditations you are inviting Divinity to join and assist you, and Michael said these are the keys of Metatron. ETs say that most everything is a reversal of what really is, and to understand 3D you must often see and do the opposite of what society says.]

Use the energy that is entering, it will help you to open your conscience. Everything you need is here, especially to help you. Now, you need to use your intention. Humanity, use your intention! Send love to Mother Gaia, this is an exercise. Your vibration need to get higher starting now, at any moment we can be here to rescue you, and we need for you to do your part. Don't worry about the children or the animals, for them it's easier because the children are already at a higher level of vibration.

We are talking here about the people that are still in negativity; this negativity forms a dark egregore [layer] around Mother Gaia making it even more difficult for her purification. We are helping with the cleansing, but we need for you to do your part by not sending negativity. Transform, recycle the energy through an inner reform, expanding this way your consciousness. The negative attitude will prevent you from being elevated to the crafts.

How many times do we have to come here to alert you about the same things? The answers are inside you, inside your heart. The access you have to the akashic memory is higher with all the energies that are entering. Liberate yourselves from ego, and with that the ascension will happen to Gaia and to all of you. We need you. We need your energy to be in a higher level. Everybody is here working a lot and without a break, so that everything will go forward as we planned. I love you all very much. Feel my embrace.

I am Archangel Michael.

Sheldan Nidle May 18

We [the Galactic Federation and inner Earth Agartha] work within the divine framework given us by Heaven, and the Light is busily altering your reality so that you will be ready to make the big changes when so decreed by the Creator. One of these times is now approaching. Your dark cabal is to be moved out of the way and prevented from further impeding what needs to be done before we land. This can be done in two ways; the preferred one is to quickly complete the many recent agreements we mentioned above.

Another issue under discussion at these meetings is the new economic system and the delivery of the abundance programs. A key element in the US is the "Farm Claims," which form part of the legitimization of the new banking system in America. It is essential to dismantle the illegal Federal Reserve which constitutes the foundation of the present economic system first set up at Dumbarton Oaks in 1944. These Claims kill the entire present system, leaving the way open for a successor.

To this end, a number of new proposals were enacted by various economic committees. These regionalize the Dumbarton Oaks system; set up a new range of gold-backed currencies; and re-charter the International Monetary Fund. Once this is made public, the new system will drastically reorder international finance. Charged with global debt forgiveness, it can serve as a transition to a true economy based upon global abundance and consistent universal prosperity. These conditions segue into what we call consciousness economics.

Mars, Venus, and Pax (many know her as Maldek) will also become new homes for you [there are many new worlds to explore and develop that await us]. As you assume your guardianship roles, you will become conversant with lines of thought and realities only dreamt about. Galactic society to us is a most beautiful state of mind and being. You are in direct contact with Heaven and her infinite Orders and Hierarchies. You are able to converse with the Elohim and the physical Orders and Administrations. You will have an innate wisdom on how the Divine Plan is to unfold and are able to apply it. Together with others you can use your powers to manifest the Divine at will.

Mother Earth knows that what we are talking about is ready to manifest. She has therefore put out a warning to all concerned that the time for these changes is now. She has been severely handicapped in her present limited state and dearly wishes you to leap into the next level of consciousness. To instigate this, she has increased the scale and frequency of earthquake and volcanic activity. The danger posed by the Icelandic volcano to transatlantic and European air travel is one such warning. Mother Earth's sacred Hierarchies tell us that Heaven needs to give us the green light for direct intervention. All this is something that Mother Earth wanted to have happen much earlier on in our first contact timeline. In fact, now she is egging us on to get to the finish line much earlier than we had expected!

This is a moment when some tumultuous things are to happen: your many societies are to be exposed to us and your beliefs will be severely challenged. Your perceptions of reality will be swept up into a massive paradigm shift and your level of consciousness raised to that of Angels. Your technological base will vault into a sphere that will seem like magic, and your lives, for a time, will take on a dreamlike quality. Indeed, full consciousness quite resembles a lucid dream that you have the ability to change at will and where miracles commingle with magic. Such a realm has been home to us for millions of years, and it is our delight to share this magnificent way of living with you, and in the process spread Divine Light to this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy.

My comments: OM said earlier this year that changes would begin in May, and there was much skepticism even among the highly enlightened about this, but it appears that the time has come and Creator has demanded this to start now. We are talking about full disclosures and a new government and monetary system that AA Michael and others have discussed for over a year and that Sheldan has also confirmed, and this will be carried out no matter what opposition is presented by the darkside.

By popular demand it appears that Archangel Michael will still have a strong presence beginning in July, and Mary has now joined the meetings to give Her messages along with those of AA Metatron (whose native language is English) Who will preside over these meetings starting on June 17 at 5 PM French time. He said here that we should focus during the first 10 minutes of every hour of every day in a spirit of meditation and not merely a 1/2 hour in the evening as has been the practice in the past. Not only have the times been extended but the number of Divine participants have been expanded also to include more and more, and this trend will continue now as we move closer to ascension.

Many new agers believe that things will get better as we approach this ascension and transformation and that the new energies and DNA will transform our bodies so we can adapt to 5D. There is no truth to this as these new energies will cause violent events on Earth similar to the tribulation that was mentioned here and we will need new bodies at this time. Our 3D bodies are made to live 100 years or so and die and can not function in higher dimensions and will need to be replaced.

Christ Michael Aton said that Earth will be given full power to begin changes that She wants but which have until now been limited, so we may see much more violent activity like 10+ quakes, 100 foot tidal waves, and other events now. He said “Jupiter will be brought out just enough to assist the mother [Earth] but no more at this time”, although decisions are updated hourly and can change. “Man must open his eyes and it seems that this will only occur when he faces a situation which shocks his very psyche”, and change usually only comes through adversity and what has been called shock and awe.

CM met with a major leader this week and was told to “drop dead” (although he used stronger four letter words). Some who have experienced “hell” (which is a total separation from Divinity) and have returned to tell about it say that most of the language they heard consisted of 4 letter profanities, and those of the Light who use such language are telling others that they are speaking from hell and are not to be believed or trusted, and any sites that use such language are considered by many as unworthy of consideration.

Christ Michael said that over 260 puppet masters have been removed from the Earth surface in the last few days, and I feel that all who do not want to work with the Light should also be removed so that this work can proceed without obstructions. This includes Obama and company (whom Esu said will be removed because he is not eligible for that position), the European royalty, and any other Illuminati who oppose this change. Most of our leaders would rather die than give up their powers and control, and many will hopefully get that wish. ETs say that living in 3D is miserable and is like hell compared to living in higher dimensions due to the dense atmosphere here now, and this does take a toll on those who have come from higher dimensions to assist us at this time and they probably wish it would end soon so they can return to better conditions elsewhere.

Many ETs have little understanding of Angels and the spiritual hierarchy although they do believe in Creator, and we on Earth have much more knowledge of this, although most of it has been intentionally distorted by the darkside. The Gulf oil problems continue and BP finally admits it has lied and covered up what has been going on, and there are reports that parts of Florida may be evacuated due to the toxic fumes that can make many sick, and that area has a large number of elderly who are more susceptible to this than others.

Siraya (the Father of the super universe of Orvonton that includes our universe of Nebadon) said this week: “In the remaining days ahead, you will experience life in a different total manner and I want you to understand, as a matter of reiteration, that Creator deems it necessary that all should follow suit in the task of preparing for the grand ascension phase and there should no longer be any delays in the process in this Local Universe. According to His Mandate, His Sons are to implement, by various means proper to Their Own Creative Style, the actions that will result in the direct participation in the ascension process known to you.” [They will be given full authority to do whatever is necessary to complete the task of ascension.]

Some of what I say is merely speculation, but it may help formulate our future that Divinity will implement soon by proposing new ideas. Time has run out and the deadline is now here, and there will be no more delays as the Source has declared it is time to end 3D forever and bring on our Unity with Divinity and a new Earth in the 5th dimension. May is almost over and little has visibly changed so far and many are disappointed at this. What I say here is only a fantasy to some or they may feel that it is deliberate deception, and some will want undeniable proof before they will take it seriously. This is the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new and glorious cycle in 5D, but only time will tell.

Rich N


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