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Archangel Anael June 12, 2010

Question: Are electromagnetic waves [like HAARP] really harmful?

Beloved, the ability of your vibrational awareness in Unity is well beyond the capabilities of the vibrational technological means existing in electro magnetic waves present on the surface of your world. Your ability to enter into your essence ensures that your ability to transcend the limiting frequencies that exist in what you call electro magnetic pollution, which were real and are still very real today. Understand that I am not saying they are not harmful, but your consciousness has the capacity itself to transcend and overcome these waves.

Question: Is prayer an obstacle to the elevation of our consciousness?

Beloved, it depends on what you call prayer. Prayer of the Heart is a raising of your consciousness. Prayer repeated like a religious litany in the mind does not elevate your consciousness, but on the contrary it only reinforces these dualistic beliefs [ceremonial words in many religious meetings are often merely a ritual of the mind and have no benefit]. The Heart must be the driving force in this procedure. From the moment the consciousness approaches the Heart it can request that as you pray this prayer will be an act of grace in your return to Nature while dealing with earthly or with other completely materialistic activities. It all depends on the intention, the point of view and the consciousness that you put in it. Thus I cannot say that the prayer is an obstacle, but for some prayer is a religious belief and nothing more, whereas for others it is a means for real elevation. Everything depends thus not on the prayer once again but on the intent in oneself in relation to his own heart. [Prayer can be considered as a friendly chat with your Divine Father or a communication with those of higher dimensions during meditations.]

Question: Is experiencing death from a physical point of view by a suspension of breathing and vibration (shaking both internally and externally) a step on our path to the Light?

Beloved, it is not a real death but a "minor death". This process is entirely consistent with what occurs during the change of consciousness which corresponds to a stopping of breathing. This Pulmonary and cellular respiration is a key to directly mastering this on the level of the Heart [breathing has an important role in connecting with Divinity during meditations]. At that time, this is a "minor death" and not death with a big D [it is similar to many near death experiences. Those who have experienced these NDEs usually have life transforming experiences].

Question: Are the three days of Mary [the pole shift] going to happen before September 29?

Beloved, you will be warned and told by Mary three days (72 hours) before these three days [of the shift] occur both individually and collectively. Each person will hear in himself this announcement of Mary. I can not reveal the details of the announcement of Mary, but She will have 72 hours before what is called the three days [of the pole shift]. Until this time of course there are vibrational opportunities for Us Archangels along with the various Councils, the Conclaves and the Intergalactic Forces of Light to shine some of Our vibrational qualities on your world. But We are not masters yet [We have no ability to start this process Ourselves] and the reactions of the human consciousness are limited compared to the influx of Our unlimited energies. However the Intergalactic Confederation and the Divine Mary are now Masters during this passage of time [They have this responsibility alone] even in your 3rd dimension. She could make Her announcement at any time during this period between July and late September of your year [it is Her responsibility to announce this Herself].

Question: Do the three days of catalepsy [the halt of the rotation of Earth] concern the whole earth or just some individuals?

Beloved, what is called the three days is for all of humanity and your ability to enter a trance [stasis] is tied to your allowing this accommodation of the Light in Unity. During these three days those people who have awakened will be in a trance like state of peace while unenlightened beings will become restless and run in all directions in chaos. Now understand that these three days are not three days of darkness; it depends on the location of Earth where you are at for you to draw the necessary conclusions. What has been called in your prophecies the West will experience three days of darkness and what has been called the other side of the globe [Asia] will see three days of light.

Question: If no one knows the date, will all of this happen in two days or 1000 years?

Beloved, what date do you want? Do not confuse the three days [pole shift] that will be announced and lived with the end of this dimension, which is another mechanism and an entirely different event, for indeed no one knows the day nor the hour, but this date falls within a maximum time frame and has a deadline. This maximum time [the 3rd dimensional end after the pole shift] can be any of a thousand years, but it will only be a maximum of one year and four months. Within this [16 month] period anything is possible today at an extreme level. Indeed, no one knows the date, but there are astronomical and astrological calendars that are very real and very concrete [unchangeable], and have been described by certain people [the Mayans] that you call primitive, having already lived this ascension hundreds of years ago. These people left you calendars, but these calendars have been falsified in their dates, the same way that your Gregorian calendar has been falsified. [They instantly disappeared from Earth by ascension and many historians have wondered what happened to them.]

Similarly there are events that will occur in your existing solar system. These meetings are part of a terrestrial calendar which you can now see, and this you cannot deny. The influence of the radiation from the center of the galaxy [Alcyone] is at its peak from August 15 of this year and will continue for a little over a year. During this period everything is possible, but actually no one knows the day nor the hour, but those of you who have ears to hear and eyes to see can not deny this, even when We tell you to observe these happenings on Earth. All of the volcanoes on Earth are awakening, the entire oceans are dying as was announced by St. John himself [2000 years ago in Revelation]. The times that were foretold are the times you now will live; they are not tomorrow, they are not in a thousand years, they are now. The end of this time now belongs to no one [it will come naturally by no effort of any being]; it will result solely from the interaction of cosmic forces finally ending this 3D illusion. This can occur in an instant or it may perhaps take some time, but will not take an infinite amount of time. [Many believe that life on Earth will go on for thousands of years in the same fashion that it does now, and they are in for a rude awakening some day.]

Question: How are rogue waves of 30 meters [100 feet high tsunamis] related to current developments?

Beloved, there are a number of new phenomena occurring in your 3D matrix. I just mentioned the awakening of the volcanoes, and I earlier mentioned a number of marine pollution and underwater problems. There are many changes currently occurring within this solar system and not just on the Earth, thus ending the isolation of this solar system and the separated worlds, and thereby ending all gravitational and electro magnetic forces as you know them. This is ongoing and affects all consciousness on Earth itself as you described, and this was also described by a Friend [Ami]. Thus the Earth enters a period of dimensional expansion and transformation, but it also expands its reach both physically and materially, resulting in an increase in the radius and circumference of the Earth and is directly connected with the expansion of inner Earth and relates to the influences brought by the companion of your sun known as Nemesis or Hercobulus according to your scientists and the ancients. [The Earth is increasing in size as the plates shift.]

[CM Aton said that at the time of the pole reversal or 3 days that is spoken of here there will be no gravity and all lower vibrational life will be cast off into the atmosphere and will be gathered up and placed elsewhere. The magnetosphere and ionosphere will not exist after this event. The primary responsibility of Mary is to announce and coordinate the 3 days of the polar shift.]

Question: Will we see Hercobulus?

Beloved, Hercobulus has been visible in the sky since August 15 of 2009 [this date was given as the moment when the Light became victorious over the dark]. However, some of you may only perceive it in the spectrum of radiation on this planet by its infrared emissions, and it is now a dying sun. You cannot thus see it with the naked eye and your normal retinal vision and you will never see it with your normal vision, but you can nevertheless see the existing effects of this on Earth as well as on all of the moons and planets of this solar system. [It can only be seen by infrared cameras and telescopes and is a cause of some of the global changes we are now seeing. Many confuse this with Nibiru.]

Question: What is the difference between Nibiru and Hercobulus?

There is a difference between them, and they are not the same thing. There is a vessel which has negatively been called Nibiru, associated with the Annunaki and those who have falsified this world by their leaders Yaldebaoth [Jehovah or Allah as we know him] and Lucifer. This so called planet is not a planet but a spherical vessel [a UFO] which allowed the installation of gravitational forces limiting and imprisoning this world, as it did in 90 other worlds that have been deprived of their Unity [Earth is not the only planet that has experienced 3D duality]. This vessel Nibiru has been deviated from its course since last year [in August [?] and is no longer near Earth]. There is however another vessel now, a vessel of Light that is authentic and vibrational that is also called Nibiru, so there are two profoundly distinct Nibirus. This is not our doing but understand, and as you can see in this world, counterfeiters like to use anything that has existed and present it to you in the reverse. This has occurred in religions and beliefs in the role of Christianity, which has been made [and distorted] by those elites who have enslaved you and want to continue to enslave you for a little longer. There are two Neberu or Nibirus, and there is one Hercobulus. There is no link and no direct relationship between Hercobulus, Nibiru and Neberu.

Question: Could you elaborate on the phrase "the last shall be first"?

Beloved, this can best be understood and interpreted at different levels. The first shall be last can be seen at the vibrational level. Indeed, many humans have been transformed and have lived in Unity for the past nearly 30 years. They are now elderly. There are also today human beings in large numbers who have awakened and those who are now awakening today that are what you would call the last, but they are the first since they will be the first to achieve this new dimensional transformation. The oldest among them will be responsible for ensuring the establishment of new rules of life in this new 5th dimension. They will thus have to join together and live in groups at a later time so they may gather and receive the different lessons from this new vibration of Light in the Unified dimensions.

Question: The Bible says that Satan will be chained for 1000 years and then released. What is this?

Beloved, this is a very literal view of what St. John wrote [in Revelation]. The beloved Sri [a term for Master] Aurobindo has clearly stated that these writings were above all vibrational and not literal. Obviously they will be confirmed, just as all these prophecies will be, only at the moment when the announced events are carried out and not before. Until that time it is pure speculation, as has been the case in all of the announcements made by these prophetic messengers. Until an announcement is fulfilled, it can not be understood or realized. Thus, when you consider the concept of the establishment of a thousand year reign [of Christ], is it an allegory or only of a temporary duration, and you must wait until the end of times to determine the answer to this question. There is therefore no need to answer this question in your mind and no need for you to try to understand what will happen at that time.

As was stated by a friend [Ami], We the Archangels along with the entire Stars [13 female assistants] of Mary and the whole Conclave and the Intergalactic Forces of Light have insisted that you need to focus more on the vibrations happening today to you, because only at this level is there a solution. Anything else will be a distraction and will only alienate you more and more. Within your life until now you could make sense of things and define your beliefs based on your relationship with these religious texts, but you would lose all sense of leadership in the weeks ahead if you continue to follow this path. As you know you need to choose to either to live in the new or to remain in the past.

Question: What advice would you give to someone who is struggling in his work?

Beloved, it is not for Me to instruct you in this or to determine the conduct of each of you. Everyone according to what you see and feel in the depths of your soul and cells today should accommodate only what is good for yourself. Of course, there are temporal considerations that come up during the normal course of your lives as you can see. This question could be repeatedly asked indefinitely. Thus for example a young person who plans to begin studies today may ask the question of what will happen to his studies now that this world is destined to disappear [is this a waste of time and money]? Again this is a problem of consciousness. You need to be guided by your own consciousness and not by material or financial considerations related to the usual modes of operation in a limited consciousness. Everyone must find his own path according to his vibrational feeling according to his own consciousness and should depend less on the beliefs of society or yours personally, and every answer is relevant to your own level of consciousness only. There is no absolute answer therefore to all, but responses are different for each person and each path.

Question: What is the burning sensation on the forehead or the back of the head that we may feel?

Beloved, this involves the 12 points of the Radiant Crown chakra at the very top of the head. At this Radiant Crown of the head there exists precise areas in relation to a return of this vibrational activity. Some of them are known to you while others will be announced and collected during your summer. Each of these points has a spiritual function in connection with a spiritual attribute. Each point is connected vibrationally also with one part of your physical bodies. Thus the existing heat points in the back of the head are directly connected to the point that I call Omega, that is to say the end. This Omega is directly connected also to your cerebellum and the ability of the cerebellum to be the transmitter of consciousness to thus eliminate within your structures and within your consciousness all negative unconscious influences and beliefs that have been built up in your life with no questions asked. These points will appear to you progressively during your summer. As has been said, it is not necessary for now to understand these functions, but merely to live and feel this vibration. This is necessary for the establishment of spiritual functions connected with these points. It is not the understanding which will create the function but the vibration which will activate the function.


Podcasts and MP3s from James Fox on the Real Gulf Oil Problems

Sheldan Nidle June 15 2010

We come before you once again! Much has happened, and the time for new beginnings is upon us. Once the new governments are in place, we fully intend to assist you by introducing our technology to plug the various seabed leaks that have formed. Our technology is needed in order to plug the holes in the Gulf and return the seabed to a more normal condition. It is wise to ban any further drilling in the Gulf's seabed, as the Gulf of Mexico contains a number of potentially dangerous fault zones that do not need to be disturbed further by drilling. These zones are capable of creating earthquakes that can affect the major cities that extend from the coast of eastern Mexico to southern Florida. There are also several volcanic ranges on the seabed that could easily exacerbate the damage already done by the oil spill. The main focus has to be containment. There are now activities on this seabed, and on an adjacent one in the Atlantic, which are being set in motion due to the fact that the remains of Atlantis are found there. The kind of great uplifting happening in the Coral Sea near Australia is also about to be discovered in this region of the Atlantic. In general, the seabeds of the world's oceans are becoming unstable, and a new series of landmasses is preparing to rise to the surface [Atlantis and Lemuria]. Similar activities are found in your lower atmosphere where increasing toxicity threatens all life.

Your atmosphere is under attack as your secret government is covertly spraying more and more toxic metals worldwide [chemtrails]. Electronic ionization is likewise affecting the very nature of this life-giving mixture of common and rare gases. We have neutralized enough of this to irritate the dark cabal and prevent more than the occasional death caused by these noxious compounds. We badly want to do more [but are not allowed at this time]. This has on occasion led to some atmospheric showdowns with their ships, and our victories are sad occasions for us. The dark is relentless and quite immoral. If they cared about you at all, they would have resigned long ago. Instead, these ones maintain a dogged, never-wavering arrogance that cannot accept the inevitable. Your coming-together in defiance of the dark is a very courageous and necessary act and we applaud those of you who have made this commitment! As you move forward, know that you are not alone. Our Earth allies and a growing team of groups and individuals are determined to set you all free from your dark oppressors.

This desperation is heightened by the seizing of the dark's assets by our Earth allies. It is clear to these ones that they cannot now stop your divine transformation from limited to full consciousness. They also know that the timeframe set up for their seizing control of the world is almost up. They have used time-travel technology to distort your timeline, and this project, while not without some success, has nevertheless blown up in their faces. Yet, they are ever hopeful of discovering ways to keep you at bay while they ponder what to do next. Each such deliberation has yet to yield an answer to their problem. We have the perfect solution: resign! Of course this is the avenue they want to avoid above all. Nevertheless, our liaisons working with our Earth allies have made a number of agreements with them to do just that: resign!

These agreements can only come into play once the dark sees that all hope is lost. Only then will these rapscallions give up. Until then, they will act as though these agreements don't exist. For our part, we see that our Earth allies make sure that the tomfoolery perpetrated by these rogues does not cause too much mischief. Nonetheless, the incident in the gulf is a dozy! We have worked with Mother Earth's Hierarchy to ensure that this massive ecological disaster has boundaries, and we intend to fully rectify this situation once a new regime is installed in America. The present regime is severely limited by those in the government who are deeply indebted to their corporate partners in crime, and these scalawags cannot even come close to solving these enormous ecological problems. The only course is to legally put a new regime in charge.

Our task is to work behind the scenes and manifest a new regime and global change. This new reality can quickly end the debt crises and usher in new governments dedicated to ending the UFO cover-up and permitting us to be publicly disclosed. Then we can openly use our ships, together with your assistance, to solve a number of problems, including the massive Gulf oil spill. These spills and other ecological disasters are a by-product of a dark cabal gone completely loopy! There is no way that these things are not part of a massive program designed to force you and this sacred globe to surrender to their wildest visions of power and control. But Heaven has other plans! You are destined for the Light, and the time to realize this has come at last!

My comments: I find the messages of Archangel Anael to be the most informative works on this site, and most of these presentations are unique and available nowhere else. He mentions the volcanic activity that is now increasing, and there are indications that the Gulf gusher or "spill" as the media call it (this is done to minimize it and say that it is not important) is actually an active volcano itself, and any attempts at capping it will fail, and BP has acknowledged that they have failed so far to achieve this. Both BP and Obama and company are continuing a massive coverup of the real problems that include not only pollution but toxic fumes that will sicken and even kill many who are exposed to this, and these levels are thousands of times greater than are healthy. The dispersants that BP are using are so toxic that most countries will not allow its use, and their only purpose is to break up the crude and lower it from the surface so that it is hidden from our view, and this will only restrain any attempts at gathering it up at this time.

There are plans drawn up to evacuate thousands from that area and this is set to begin later this week, but this will probably not occur because this amounts to millions who will be affected and this will last indefinitely, and there is no place to permanently house them, and most would rather remain there in their homes than leave. This cover up will probably be like that of the Iraq vets, many of whom got sick from depleted uranium and other exposures that were explained as mental and psychological only. The few insiders who aware of the real dangers plan to move, but the majority will remain and develop unexplained illnesses and will eventually die prematurely. The Obamacare program only covers the first $5,000 of coverage and is insufficient for almost all of these treatments and is useless. The Gulf of Mexico is part of the Ring of Fire volcanic activity that will now increase in intensity in time, and it may be renamed the Dead Sea in the future until ETs are allowed to restore it. Hopefully these salt water Oceans will be restored to fresh water as they were in the past. Iceland is part of the Mid Atlantic Ridge fault line that goes directly through its center and I feel that during Earth changes Atlantis will emerge along this fault.

OM spoke earlier this year about disclosures and ET 1st contact in May, and I feel that this Angelic plan was accurate and was approved by Creator but it was over ruled by the Spiritual Hierarchy, so this may occur in limited amounts later or may be canceled completely and only begin after ascension in 5D along with a new government and new financial system. I feel that this Hierarchy is still living somewhat in the dark ages and has not considered the impact of ETs and their desire to assist in rebuilding a new 5D Earth. The new energies have caused some awakening but I believe new technologies like the Internet and PCs and works like mine have assisted more to bring enlightenment to many, and this came mostly from the ET greys although their motives were purely selfish. ETs are now only allowed to monitor and prevent major problems and can only be seen during mass evacuations at this time.

AA Anael finally cleared up the misunderstanding about Nibiru and mentioned that in 5D there will be no gravity, and this concept along with our eternal bodies of Light is difficult for us to comprehend. Gravity brings much of the denseness that that we feel in 3D and this lack will help to lift us spiritually also. There is also emphasis in this session on the pole shift and the possibility that it could occur at any time. It is unfortunate that there has been very little change so far that could assist in the awakening of many and show them that these works are accurate. There is a galactic timetable and a deadline that is fast approaching and time is running out. These are merely words until we see the results and only time will tell.

Rich N


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