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Archangel Anael - October 16, 2010

Question: Is the Sacred Triangle a triangle that points down?

Beloved, the Sacred Triangle (also called the sacrum in Latin [a triangular bone at the base of the spine at the upper and back part of the pelvis]) is like a triangle whose peak is indeed as illustrated at the bottom in the tailbone [it is like an upside down triangle]. This vibratory Triangle and Light that will activate the level of humanity during this period of late Fall this year is precisely the bone that will vibrate and awaken totally in you as announced by AA Michael earlier during the Celestial Marriage sessions, and it is called the Fire of the Earth.

Question: Could you describe the inversion of this triangle?

Beloved, this Luciferian and Archon falsification has existed for over 300,000 years in order to bully and dominate you (through the compression of matter called electromagnetic force [gravity]) so all of humanity in these carbon structures called bodies and the intermediate structure called the soul [this term soul is a 3D deception because we are really spirit] is confined. Thus in most of your traditions, whether they are of Eastern origin or others, it is taught the existence of a chakra (or energy wheel) called the third eye. This third eye chakra is the only chakra that does not not vibrate in circles but appears to some psychics who have seen them in the form of 2 petals.

These two petals represent the restriction of your 12 strands of DNA to 2 strands of DNA called Good and Evil. Thus, as seen in this same brain structure there exists what is called the amygdala, two prefrontal almond shaped lobes existing on the left and right part of the brain. These two amygdala that exist in the brain are a Luciferian result of Good and Evil. Even within your traditions, the occult knowledge which has reached you called the third eye or the sixth chakra shows that it is incomplete. Indeed a chakra by definition is a wheel, and this wheel by definition turns, and this is the case with all structures called chakras in your body except what has been called the third eye.

Moreover, this Luciferian symbol is essentially an eye in the middle of the forehead or at the top of a pyramid [as seen also on the US $1 bill], corresponding in this Luciferian illusion to the cosmetic symbol on the front of your forehead, claiming to give you perception, memory, judgment, and reasoning capabilities, but they do not connect you to your body of Unity now called the 12 Stars of Mary [or the restoration of the 12 strands of DNA]. Thus this Triangle of Fire is a fake Luciferian Triangle of Fire, set to point upward, located by the 3 points AL [Alpha at the top] and good and evil (We prefer to call them attraction and repulsion). The deployment of the 12 Stars and the activation of the 12 Stars of Mary ends this Luciferian illusion.

It is thus necessary to turn this triangle up side down so that this Al point that is on the top is now on the bottom [it now would point down and not up] near the root of the nose, which is the activation of true 3rd eye and not the Luciferian 3rd eye that locks you up within this matrix illusion [this sacred triangle and the 12 stars of Mary were discussed earlier with pictures by AA Michael on September 29 here]. This activation occurs at the time when the 3rd eye of the Promethean (or Luciferian) fire becomes the true Fire of the Spirit, so that you can then have full access to the brow chakra called the crown of the head. It is also seen in very old and stylized forms in what was called the Hat of Buddha [some of these images show Him with a crown or a braided cap]. Most of these teachings have focused you on the third eye so you would be distracted and not utilize the virtues called the 12 Stars.

Recently your resonance has activated a second triangle called the Triangle of the Heart or the new Tri-Unity and a third Triangle located within the hip bone. This vibration on your path will thus prepare you for your Eternity and your Unity. [According to these teachings this 3rd eye is linked to the Pineal Gland and is our Spiritual Inner Vision , and it is considered the Seat of the Soul located in the geometric center of the head. These Eastern teachings on the 3rd eye are erroneous and part of the Luciferian 3D matrix of deception. It is worn as a cosmetic so that people will think you are enlightened.]

Question: What Are the specific items that constitute the Triangle of the crown [head]?

Beloved, there are at this level 3 triangles. However the time has not yet come to reveal what they represent and how they are used within your physicality. During the 12 steps of the Celestial Marriages there are 5 new vibrational frequencies that are aligned along a vertical path on the head, and the activation of the 12 Stars of Mary during your Coronation are aligned along a horizontal path on the head thus forming a Cross. It is like the cross of the crucifix that is enclosed within other symbols and is similar to the Catharienne Cross [a fancy decorative symbolic cross] or the Cross of Toulouse [ ], showing you the balance of these four elements, rather than the restrictions in these falsified documents. There is indeed a connection between each of these 3 triangles: the crown Triangle called Attraction, Repulsion, and AL (now called the Fire of the Spirit), the Triangle of the Heart (called the Triangle of Tri-Unity or the new Tri-Unity of Christ, Mary, and AA Michael), and finally the Sacred Triangle of the pubic sacrum [these 3 triangles are located in the head, the heart, and the pubic areas respectively].

These triangles should now be active and vibrational in you. Some of you have seen that when activating the Stars called good and evil or clarity and precision [part of the 12 stars described earlier], the activation points of Christ and Michael at these existing energy circuits of Light are very real . Similarly, some of you will find that there exists between the Triangle of the crown, the Sacred Heart Triangle, and the Triangle of the pubic sacrum, a very special connection of energy that will be established in the coming weeks.

In the same way that there are 12 Stars of Mary there are also 144 different paths, corresponding to the 144 aspects of your
Merkabah prism. It is useless to describe on a mental level these 144 paths. Your consciousness just needs to merge these 3 points existing in the head, Heart, and the pubic sacrum so that all of these structures and corresponding functions are implemented at this time without having this complex intellectual knowledge.

Question: Does having a broken backbone interfere with activation of the Sacred Triangle?

Beloved, from the time when you are aligned with the vibrational Light of Unity, no further problems that exists at these structural levels (especially in bones which I remind you are crystalline) can disrupt anything related to this awakening. There is even a repair of these crystal structures existing in this physical body as a result of this vibrational Light.

Question: Why have I had this pain in the sacrum [lower backbone pubic area] for several weeks?

Beloved, there are human beings who have already awakened the fire of the Earth for several years now. Gradually as the weeks progress, you will see more and more people around you having these symptoms of pain in the sacrum, and those who are unfamiliar with this process of the 12 stars at the head will feel this pain that will be increasingly more intolerable in the head. Remember that whatever perceptions you have, whether at the head or the sacrum, the important thing is ultimately to access your inner essence through the door of the Heart (or the Sacred Triangle heart) and not through the sacrum.

Thus, some human beings have already lived the activation of the 12 Stars in advance without knowing the result. Similarly, during the Celestial Marriage, some people managed to travel during the earliest stages in their essence to live temporarily in their solar bodies of Light [OBEs]. To do this effectively you must have awakened the pubic sacrum. The energy that We the Archangels, the 24 elders, and all of the Intergalactic Fleet of Free Worlds pours on you will reach an extreme climax peak from October 20th of this month on.

This will climax with the events which I have already spoken of on the Sun and in your skies, and these waves of UFOs that were witnessed on Earth recently will only intensify now [these are preparing us for ET contact and evacuations]. This does not mean that these vessels are solely of the dark or of the Light. In the same way that changes and abnormalities on your Sun have consistently occurred for the past two days, these will increase as the end of your year approaches. This excitation of your Sun will match the agitation of the human ego and personality which can lead during this period to major changes. Everything depends on your individual capacity, whether you are connected to the interdimensional Merkabah so this can stabilize this human energy for all humanity in order to balance these energies of agitation. To do this you must establish yourself increasingly within your inner joy in the vibration of the Heart in Peace with ease and in Unity, regardless of the circumstances of your lives or the circumstances on this planet.

Question: Is it normal for those who very strongly felt the activation of the crown of the head on Sept. 29 to feel it a lot less today?

Beloved, this corresponds completely to the work of the alchemy and transformation that some now experience, while others have already experienced it and others will live it in a few weeks. The energy of the radiant crown of the head, your royal Coronation, is accompanied by the activation of the Cross in your head and the 3 Crosses in your body. This should lead to the transformation of the distorted Luciferian Triangle of Fire to the Fire of the Spirit. This fire of the Spirit is intended to activate the Tri-Unity Triangle of the Heart.

Thus for some of you, it is important that the energy of the radiant crown of the head is developed more to help direct the flow of these Light and Adamantine particles to your Heart, and for others to your pubic sacrum. The procedure that We give you is a collective process, and by collective I mean some of you have already experienced this at the beginning of Celestial Marriage earlier this year. Remember the portal of Light that first opened on this Earth opened on August 18, 1984, almost 30 years ago. At that time some human beings had already experienced the activation of the 5 new chakra lamps and the activation of the 12 stars, but they were very few in number. The major objective of the Unity of Light has been to do this collectively in order to trigger the blue crystal left by the Elohim Creators on this Earth more than 50,000 years ago because They anticipated the return of the Unity of Light at that time. They then advanced the creation of the inter-dimensional Merkabah on earth as you have done in your bodies.

Question: During meditations, what is the cause of pain at the back of the skull and a feeling that the eyes are uncontrollable?

Beloved, all of you who are on the advanced level of developing the 12 stars or the 12 strands of DNA have a specific job to be accomplished at this time. Some of you have a very clear perception of the Triangle of Fire while others perceive the Triangles of Earth or Air or Water, and still others have a unique or higher perception of one of these 12 points. This level occurs in each individually so there is no single method for all. Simply, there is a restoration in you of your Unity and the potential reactivation of your dimensional lineage as royalty. Thus the work that is done on one at the Triangle of Fire level will be performed on another at the Triangle of Earth or on one of the other points. There is no conclusion to be drawn except that this corresponds to restoring your Unity by establishing your individual Merkabah in connection with the interdimensional Merkabah.

This vibrational perception, as many of you have noticed, is becoming more intense during the energy effusions and these times of alignment. This is perfectly logical because since September 29 you are interconnected and interrelated collectively, at least for those who have realized their potential as Children of the Law of One. This is therefore an individual process that has been experienced during the Celestial Marriage, but it is also a collective process that concerns not only you individually but all of humanity and all life forms on the surface as well as those of Inner Earth. It is therefore quite logical that the amount of vibration, the amount of Adamantine particles, these particles of the Unity of Light, will see a huge influx occurring within your perception, your consciousness, and also directly in changes in your own individual consciousness.

Question: Could you tell us about the interdimensional Merkabah?

Beloved, the interdimensional Merkabah lives in each human being who has awakened his or her 12 stars. [Merkabah is the divine vehicle of Light used to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another. The basic shape of the Merkabah is a double tetrahedron which is a pair of pyramids, one inverted over another. The pyramids spin in opposite directions.]

Merkabah videos:

A Merkabah in a human is represented by crystals in the shape of rotating pyramids one inside the other, and there exists on Earth these same geometric shapes turning in themselves also. This Merkabah was until September 29 inactive. It was, like all structures of life in these carbon worlds, maintained by a crystal. In the same way that your living cells, whether human, animal, or vegetable, are made of crystal in the center, the Earth's core consists of a crystalline core. About 50,000 years ago 12 Elohim Creators united and created Atlantis, and they deposited on Earth a Blue Crystal. This Blue Crystal from Altair is the crystal that will allow each of you now to reactivate this interdimensional Merkabah collectively, and it will modify this crystal of inner Earth and thus help us join these Unified worlds.

On August 18, 1984 the impact of radiation from the Sirius solar system restored the first crystalline connection between the crystal of Sirius B and the center of Earth, which thus established an electromagnetic communication between the Sun and Earth and between the heliosphere and the central Sun. [The heliosphere is a protective shield of energy that surrounds our solar system. This protective bubble around the sun helps to shield the Earth from harmful interstellar radiation. It has weakened by 25 per cent over the past decade and is now at it lowest level since the space race began 50 years ago according to NASA. The magnetosphere and ionosphere are also a shield and are deteriorating to allow more energies to reach us, and they will not exist in 5D.] As you know, the heliosphere has been greatly affected by the radiation of the Central Sun of all galaxies called Alcyone.

Thus these Adamantine particles (such as viewed by Sri [Master] Aurobindo in his lifetime) were relatively low but are now beginning to show their effects. This is what you see as human beings individually in your head, your Heart and your lower pubic sacrum. This inter-dimensional Merkabah is the realization of the return to the Unity of your Earth, which has also found Her multi-dimensionality.

This vehicle of Light was not trapped by the Sun but was compressed around its crystalline core and is repositioned well above the ionosphere and the magnetosphere, ready to assist in our ascension process on Earth. Your inter-dimensional Merkabah as human beings is connected and affiliated with the Law of One [in Unity], and you can join in resonance with the Merkabah of Earth as a vessel of Light now. That is what has occurred since September 29th, and that is what your responsibility is now. Your service and your duty now is to establish this freedom in Unity.

Question: Could you tell us about the Elve worlds and their connections with humanity?

Beloved, I will try to explain it clearly now. This third dimensional matrix is a falsified creation which has locked up humanity until now. There is another creation that is parallel and super imposable to yours. Sylphs, Salamanders, spirits of Earth, Spirits of Fire, and Spirits of the Air exist in worlds that for most of you are invisible and have none of your characteristics. They have not been imprisoned in this matrix although they also evolved in the matrix just as you. There can be no crossings between these worlds and yours, even though there may be a means of communication [telepathy] allowing you and others to contact with their essence individually. Thus this elemental world is not related to human cell structures or dimensional lineages.

They belong to an original creation, always moving in a realm of reality invisible to your 3rd Dimension. They are present in worlds called Unified 3rd dimensional carbon structures [like Arcturus]. They are like an invisible skeleton but they do not communicate with those from other multidimensional worlds. They are allowed to travel multidimensionally in their own way and move in dimensions "parallel to yours" [parallel universes] but have absolutely no relationship to you. Similarly on Earth, just as there are humans and others in inner and extra-terrestrial worlds, there are humans and Delphinoids who nevertheless live but are not totally imprisoned in this Illusion who have been around for 320,000 of your years waiting for the moment when you will ascend so they can join you. And yet you have never until now communicated with them until some channels in the United States revealed this. [Some of us will meet these beings after ascension.]

Question: Why do some people feel the 12 Stars of Mary or the Triangles of Water and Air rather than the Triangles of Fire and the Earth?

Beloved, I am not sure I totally understand your question. Some humans feel the Triangle of Air more than another Triangle, while others feel the Triangle of Fire more than another. Each of these triangles corresponds to one of your bloodlines and one of your ET lineages. Consequently the 4 Pillars of Creation of the Worlds in all dimensions called the 4 Hayoth Ha Kodesh are represented on Earth by the 4 directions [north, south, etc] and the 4 elements [Earth, Fire, etc]. These four pillars are the foundation for the arrangement of all dimensions in all universes, all multiuniverses, all super-universes, and all dimensions in the cosmos.

Thus you are carrying in the same manner one of these 4 lineages. Each of your lineages is different. Some of you may have one or two lineages that are identical, not to be confused with the original multi-dimensional lineages that are yours also. These lineages are called stellar lineages, belonging to one element rather than another. Usually the Triangle of Air is connected to the worlds of Sirius while the Triangle of Water is connected to the Altair worlds etc..

Thus according to your lineages and by your physical structures related to these elements your body in this illusion, the activation of one of these Triangles will be done in a preferential way. It corresponds in some way (although I can not give more details now) to a gateway to your multi-dimensionality. Some of you will feel one point more than another. This point that belongs to one of these Triangles signals your affiliation to one of these points. On Earth there are preferred lineages which are now discussed by a number of traditions on all continents of this planet at present who are finding their origin that began long before this Archon tampering. Most of you are bound simply by your reptilian brain and your reptilian lineage. Thus the triangle of Earth is prevalent in a majority in humans, and there is also the Triangle of Fire. This Triangle of Fire is the result of the modification on some non-human cell lineages in this falsified dimension imposed by Lucifer. Nevertheless, I assure you, you also have lineages of Water and Air.

Question: What about sexual relationships?

Beloved as an Archangel it is very difficult for Me to talk about something that you call sexuality. What I can say simply is that sex is the temporary and ephemeral lighting of what is called the lower pubic Fireplace. The problem exists in a couple where one partner has enabled the Fire of the Heart, and that ignition of the lower fireplace during intercourse and orgasmic climax of this sex results in a Fire that has erupted from the Heart that literally engulfs and suffocates your partner, so there is a limit to this.

Developments now in the consciousness of the inner Self, in the evolution in the consciousness of essence, can lead some people to no longer want or desire sex. Thus the activation of your 4 Lineages and your royal Coronation will allow in you the reactivation of some strong natural potentials, resulting in your life here in this dimension the removal or modification of certain behavioral needs [which are not beneficial to you]. For others finally there will be a complete disappearance of sexuality, and this is completely natural. Understand that it is not desirable or even necessary nor feasible to seek to curb what is natural for you. If you want to make love, do it while being aware of the limitations imposed precisely by the Fire of the Heart.

[Sex is a sensitive topic that many parents and society do not wish to talk about. Many religions teach that all sex is evil apart from marriage and creating children, and there are taboos and laws that are created to try to prevent us from having sex that is natural and beneficial when done properly. Some even develop illnesses and other problems by not having sex, but it is up to each individual to determine this need. AA Anael admitted here that Angels do not understand human sex completely and He could not give suggestions for us on this, so His instructions were very basic only.

Some have learned that the most enjoyable and safe sex does not need or depend upon a partner, but this is a secret that takes time and practice to master. As we advance we will find that the differences in sexes tend to become less and less until at some point they will not exist as such. There will still be a basic concept that females are loving and males are forceful but in reality we will have both characteristics and will be united as one. If you define rape as selfish sex that is not done in love and respect for others, most sex acts would fall into this category.

As some have found the reptilian brain plays a large part in sex and much of it is negative. There are numerous accounts of women who have had enjoyable sex with reptilians, and that is the reason for this pleasure (we have their blood and some of their structures that are compatible). The 12 stars that have been taught are comparable to the 12 major strands of DNA that are being restored in all mankind, even those who will continue in 3D elsewhere. We have only had 2 strands (good and evil) until recently as the other 10 were removed by the Anunnaki to control us and keep us dumb. The reason for the Tower of Babel and the many languages was due to their desire to separate us so we would not live in Unity and resist their control. As the Bible said they were afraid we would become as gods which we are in truth.]

Question: Some vibrational processes today are very pleasant and others are extremely unpleasant. Why is this?

Beloved, the caterpillar does not become a butterfly without pain. Some become transformed without any pain, but this transformation of your structures and in particular those who must maintain a biological body go through significant changes both in the skull, the brain, and in various organs of the body. Thus it can lead to some forms of discomfort that are sometimes extremely violent that you call pain.

This should not however deprive you of pleasure because when the radiant crown chakra of the Heart is active (even before installing the Triangle of Tri-Unity) there is Joy [and this pain will not be noticed as much]. Nevertheless, some changes may be experienced as painful such as these events related to the lower fireplace or the pubic sacrum. So there are some perceptions at 12 Stars on the head, reflecting the change both real and concrete of your atomic and organic structures, and are not only related to vibrations or energy.

I will give an example that is very simple and that some of you have experienced during the 7PM meditations during your conscious work of service by this interdimensional Merkabah. Some of you perceive a certain heaviness in the upper or lower limbs or at their ends. This is simply intended to help you keep this biological body alive for the moment [pain can be helpful as it can reveal areas that need attention and care]. Otherwise, you would literally abandon the body so you could live permanently in your body of Light, but that time has not yet come. Your job (as We have said and as Archangel Michael has told you) is to live in the here and now [and not in the past as some do] in this biological body, whatever the reality of what you have discovered through your lives or your vibrations. The time has not yet come to fully become a butterfly [and live in a body of Light].

Question: What determines whether a person will ascend with or without his physical body?

Simply, Beloved, it depends on your inner level of consciousness and nothing outside of yourself. Some now will feel they want to take their body, but I must say that we will have more difficulty finding partners who wish to keep their biological bodies than those who wish to leave this body to access their eternity in whole. That is why most of you do not have access more than once to the beingness and essence of their body, otherwise We would have no one on earth among people to awaken. [Many who understand ascension would like to leave their 3D bodies now with the problems and limitations that exist here similar to those who have had near death experiences (NDEs) and did not wish to return to their old bodies. Although they thought they were in Heaven because there was so much joy and love they were still held as a prisoner in this 3D matrix in the astral worlds. This freedom will not come until ascension.]

Question: Could you tell us about the evolution of the brain?

Beloved, this 3rd dimensional brain you possess as a humanoid is similar to the reptilian brain, and this brain is based upon the same structure. Remember that the Luciferian Illusion confined your development of what is called a prefrontal cortex that is predominant in humans and damaged the temporal parieto and occipital lobes of the brain. This will be transformed within the new Unified 3D structures [which includes most of mankind], allowing the development of a lobe called the paralimbic cortex which was destroyed in man but is still found in cetaceans [mammals adapted to aquatic life] from Sirius [this is unknown to modern science now].

This paralimbic lobe will reunite you with all of Creation and put you literally in telepathic communication in a variety of ways that are called super sensory perceptions and connections with all of your fellow man and the entire universe [and animals as a network in constant communication]. This is valid for all carbon structures of the third dimension. This explains why those who were called the angels of the Lord (Vegans in the Unified 3rd Dimension) all have a very large head and a very big Heart. Man has no use for these heads because these lobes are not functional now. [Many ETs besides the Grays are seen as having large heads compared with the rest of their bodies for this reason. Their eyes appear to have goggles and are used so they can see us, because otherwise we would appear fuzzy to them just as UFOs appear fuzzy to us now.]

Now, the brain in the Unified Dimensions beyond these carbon based 3D worlds does not exist in either a body of Light (composed of Adamantine particles), a crystalline body, a silicon body, a triangular body or a diamond shaped body. The brain is only a tool to reflect something of a higher magnitude. This brain in the body that you live in was created by this matrix of duality on this world that began 320,000 years ago. You simply replaced what has been called the higher conscious paralimbic brain with what is known today as the reptilian brain. It is responsible for a number of automatic behaviors, whether predatory (in humans it is called greed) or anything else that relates to the anomalies of personality and the ego.

This intellectual characteristic is not like what you might think, but is derived directly from the activity below your perception in a consciousness that is called the reptilian brain. You are a totally unenlightened person now, subject to the dictates of your reptilian brain which is your original reptilian genetic inheritance and is linked to this falsified matrix. The very architecture of cetaceans, with their predominance of a paralimbic lobe, shows the difference between brain evolution (not evolution but rather conformation) of the human brain and the brains of cetaceans who themselves are not separated from this Unity. It is also the only kingdom present on the surface of this world that has maintained a connection with their Unity and the people of inner Earth. [It is well known that dolphins are highly intelligent and spiritual beings.]

The Reptilian brain: There is a part of your brain that exists for your survival called the reptilian brain, which is the original part of your brain. As humans evolved, our brains grew & other parts were added, such as the limbic system which deals with emotions & the cerebral portion which is the thinking part. The reptilian brain is located at the stem of the brain, very securely protected by the rest of the brain. When all other parts of the brain are non-functional, this part will still be ticking away, assuring your physical integrity survival. When you experience the emotion of fear, your reptilian brain wakes up into action and the rest of your brain shuts down. The function of this part of your brain is to support you either to fight or to flee. When you are in the emotional state of fear, you have two choices & everything you do will be based on one of these choices. Fear has many uses. It can be used as a warning to keep you from entering into a situation that might hurt you, it can be used to motivate you away from something such as a harmful relationship or a dangerous situation, or it can be used by others to control you. [One reason for terrorist attacks by the darkside is because they want to control you so you will ask for their assistance and consider them as the good guys. There is good and bad in everything in 3D duality.]

Question: Will these elementary lower worlds of the third dimension continue?

Beloved, they have existed for all eternity, even before the creation of this carbon based 3D world [20 million years ago, and these worlds will continue as a starting point for new life to learn on what are called seed planets]. This 3rd Dimension when it is United has no problems [evil]. This multi-dimensionality is simply related to access to your inner essence and beingness, an unlimited access to what is the characteristic of Star Seed Beings created by the Source so that you are free to explore and seed all of these dimensions for the Source. Some people for a long time have preferred to remain as spirits [without bodies] of the Source within Unified carbon based worlds and have remained there. Your own path is not to remain in status quo but to advance and find your multi-dimensionality. I remind you that by living in multi-dimensionality you do not have the same form and body in the 5th Dimension as in the 11th Dimension or in the 18th Dimension. You are free to explore all dimensions, provided that changes are made in your vibration, bodily shape and movement if one wants to explore these worlds.

Since these basic entities have chosen a permanent shape and form for eternity [they have chosen to remain in one type of body] their greatest wish has rightfully been granted. They therefore fall outside the concept of the law of duality existing in your world. It is comparable therefore to parallel but separate paths while still in their unified world, and it is possible to have access to both of these basic worlds. Since you are no longer limited to a carbon based form, you can have a body of Light, a body of Crystal, a body of Diamond, or a triangular body that can go to these elementary worlds [You have access to other higher dimensional bodies depending on the dimension and planet you will live on or visit]. Crystals are fixed in a structural form, regardless of the dimension to which they belong because it is their role to be the matrix of Life. Thus whatever the dimension of a planet or a star, the core will always be fixed in the first dimension as a crystal [all planets are multidimensional and their first dimensional core is stabilized as a crystalline structure].

Question: Could you elaborate on the ascension with the body?

Beloved, it all depends on the destination of the body in ascension because there are two levels of ascension with the body. There is an ascension with the body (to be qualified as intermediary and temporary) which is related to the first wave of UFOs that will receive you one by one, and those who ascend with the dimensional carbon based body within the Unified 3rd dimension will end up essentially on the worlds of Arcturus. There is also a final ascension with the body which concerns only a few people who must maintain this biological body until the end to provide them with some memory while in this new dimension of life, whether in the 5th Dimension and other much higher dimensions. Most of those who ascend will awaken without the body, which is not important to you now. [This would suggest that many will have their memories erased upon ascension. Past life memories are often best forgotten so new lives can be established without these hindrances. It is interesting that Arcturus is close to Ursa Major where Nibiru now resides.]

[Arcturus is a giant with a diameter about 18 times our Sun's and four times as much mass. Its surface temperature is about 1500 degrees lower than our Sun's but its much greater surface area results in an outpouring of energy at a rate making it 105 times as luminous as Sun. It is the brightest star in the constellation Bootes, and the fourth brightest star in the night sky. It is at least 110 times more luminous than the Sun, but this underestimates its strength as much of the "light" it gives off is in the infrared. The total power output is about 180 times that of the Sun. Arcturus takes its name from its nearness to the sky Bears, Big and Little Bears, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor. According to the Hipparcos satellite, Arcturus is 36.7 light years (11.3 parsecs) from Earth, relatively close in astronomical terms. Although it appears to us as a star in this 3D matrix duality it is much different because it is a Unified 3D world that is not influenced by our dualistic matrix.

Edgar Cayce: "Arcturus is that which may be called the center of this universe through which individuals pass and at which period there comes the choice of the individual as to whether it is to return to complete there [to learn] in this planetary system, our sun, the earth sun and its planetary system - or to pass on to other solar systems." ]

We have no more questions, thank you.

My comments: It appears that many will continue in their carbon based 3D bodies on a Unified 3D world like Arcturus that is designated as a teaching planet until they are ready to ascend to higher dimensions. They will be retrieved by UFOs from those Unified planets probably while in stasis, and their destinations are determined by the Angelic realms according to their need to learn more before they can advance. Those who are from the Pleiades and wish to return home will be lifted by starships that come from the Pleiades, and this applies to all who will return home from various planets and dimensions.

This 3D matrix has held us prisoner for 320,000 years and the jail cells will be opened so we can receive the freedom that we are due. Ascension will involve many levels and types of UFOs depending upon the destination of those they will retrieve. Remember that most ETs have carbon based bodies that age and die like the Andromedans who live to about 2000 and are then recycled into new bodies, and those who choose to remain here in 5D will live for eternity in higher dimensional bodies that can travel anywhere they want in time and space. Since there will be no time in Unity, travel to Arcturus and other worlds will be instantaneous.

There are some who will probably be taken to other 3D duality lower worlds of good and evil by darkside UFOs where they will experience starting over at the bottom in what has been termed hell. Most who ascend to 5D and above will not have or need bodies at that time so they will not experience any calamities or other Earth changes that will occur, and they will not need to be transported by UFOs because they will not have bodies yet. They will be fully conscious at that time and will be given bodies of Light at a later time that are stored now in the Sun.

Some will leave these 3D bodies and will be given diamond or triangular bodies or those appropriate for their dimensional transformation even up to the 24th dimension that they came from. The Anunnaki created beings without souls to work in African mines and there have been clones created by the darkside
also. Those beings without souls will be deleted and will not exist after ascension. Since our false sunlight is part of this 3D matrix that we do not see with our eyes closed, there may be no darkness or night in 5D when the True Light appears in 5D.

Many of these small triangular UFOs are US black ops craft and have a light at each tip and one in the middle, and you will often see these lights at night in UFO videos. Like most everything else of importance in these darkside programs they do not officially exist and many are financed by selling drugs worldwide, and they are involved in almost all drug dealing including Afghanistan and South America. Most of what is termed Ufology has some truth at an infantile level only and does not take into consideration Divinity or ascension.

Many do not understand that ascension will be a new beginning, and friends and family will be split up. We did not choose our children and most of our friends were chosen because of the neighborhood we live in so we will have entirely new lives. Most want a better 3D and are not ready for 5D and will get their wish. I feel that we are still in a higher 3rd dimension now and will skip 4D and move to the 5th dimension and density based on what has been given so far.

Earth will be much different in 5D and all planets and suns are multidimensional and appear different depending upon what dimension we are in, and planets that appear lifeless to us have abundant life in higher dimensions. I feel that Earth will be reseeded with new plant and animal life that is compatible with this new 5D also, and this has happened numerous times here throughout history. Hopefully this will be discussed at some time. Questions that I raise here are often answered later.

There are still unanswered questions about whether Earth and these structures around us in 5D will be carbon based or will be composed of higher dimensional material or both, and I theorize that since we will be creators we will develop our own higher frequency structures based on our needs and desires and will not rely on what exists here now in 3D, but that is purely speculation. Those who miss these memories can travel in time or space to relive these moments or experience new adventures without the astral realms that have tormented many at this time, and some may even have access to Star Trek style holodecks for education and enjoyment.

Imagine traveling to the New Jerusalem or the rings of Saturn or visit others who will continue their lives on Arcturus. Those in 5D will not have a limited brain and memory that they do now so they will be able to access and retain much more as all in 5D will be connected to a universal library and network. If you ask any advanced ETs they will admit they have no desire to remain in our 3D hell now, and that includes those in Inner Earth Agartha and Telos. All are awaiting ascension before we will meet them.

The topic of competition has been discussed recently, so I will elaborate on this problem now. This time of year many are focused on football and soccer and elections where winning is the only thing that matters, and if you lose you are a failure in life. The goal of society is to be rich and famous and we idolize these who have attained this status. If you are a servant or poor you are considered a failure, and most of our leaders are neither servants of mankind nor are they poor. Many will do anything to become rich and famous including what has been called selling their souls. Business (government is a Big business) is war, and to get to the top you have to step on everyone who gets in your way and eliminate your competition by any means possible including slander, bribery, and even murder.

Jealousy is always a factor in getting what you want (this can be seen in the coming elections), and most of those who are rich had to take their money from others by any way they could. Almost everything in 3D is opposite and a reverse of what it is like in higher dimensions, and this pole reversal will bring this change and this new Earth. Money and fame are fleeting moments in 3D and will only be bad memories in the future. Living in the Light in humility and simplicity and treating others as you want them to treat you is what is important now.

Many have at one time or another experienced the problems of back pains that were mentioned here, and some are so severe that they are unable to walk or live normal lives and are now confined to wheelchairs. There are many books that have been written on this subject that deal with their causes and cures that I will discuss briefly now. One cause for back pain is because many eat too much so that their stomachs are enlarged to the point where they distort the backbone and some discs are pushed away from the spine, so watching your diet can help this. Another problem is posture where people sit on a sofa or chair so their spines are bent out of shape and they do not exercise enough or sit up straight.

The spine is composed of flexible discs and is held in place by muscles, and when these muscles are out of shape they do not keep the spine in their necessary condition, so exercising the chest will help many find relief from these problems. Those with joint problems and arthritis may find relief using glucosamine-chondroitin tablets available as vitamins in most vitamin and drug stores.

Kundalini, a Sanskrit word meaning "circular power," is an individual's basic evolutionary force. Each of us is born with some of this energy already flowing. The amount available and usable determines whether a person has low intelligence, is a genius, or is somewhere in the middle. It is not just a matter of using what we already have, but of awakening the much greater amount waiting in the Kundalini reservoir located at the base of the spine [sacrum].

Kundalini is a natural force common to all of us. It is not a religion, although it is practiced by some religions and the process can enhance and develop each person's own religious beliefs. The physical body, cleansed and refined by the Kundalini, will appear youthful and be very energetic. It will seldom be ill (or illness will be short), will have great power, and be capable of paranormal feats.

From the book "Kundalini and the Chakras":

Since we are all individuals with our own history, physical conditions, personal and spiritual development, this Kundalini release acts differently with each of us. These are some of the symptoms which may indicate an excessive release of Kundalini, meaning before the system is ready:
- Unexplained illness;
- Erratic behavior;
- A feeling of "losing it" and difficulty coping with everyday life;
- Chills or hot flashes;
- Evidence of multiple personalities;
- Excessive mood swings: depression or ecstasy;
- Times of extreme dullness or brilliance;
- Loss or distortion of memory;
- Disorientation with oneself, others, work, or the world in general;
- Extremes in appearance (a person may fluctuate between looking years younger one moment and twenty years older a short time later);
- Visual effects: seeing lights or colors, geometric shapes, scenes from past lives, or future events.

One may compare the Kundalini, when a large number of waves are released all at once, to a garden hose turned on full force: if the spine is clear and straight, the force flows through to the top of the head unhampered; if blocked, twisted, or bent in some way, the free flow is stopped or hampered and the energy goes into the nearest area. A very sway-backed person, for example, will dump this energy into the belly and solar plexus area, causing intense emotions. A force that continues over a period of time may result in physical damage, stomach upsets, or even ulcers. Energy locked in the chest may make one may think of heart trouble. Blockage in the brain causes loss of memory and/or mental aberrations.

Sexual energy is a lower octave of the divine energy. People who accentuate their spiritual growth may be chagrined to realize that their sex drive is accentuated as well. Some people feel God is "testing" the genuineness of their desire to grow spiritually. This process is normal; when the energy of one octave is opened, the other octaves open through a resonating effect. But to keep from chasing prospective partners down the street, it would be wise to transmute some of the sexual energy into a higher form through meditation, or diffuse throughout the body and then, with mental direction, transmute it into healing, inner strength, creativity, joy, bliss, devotion, or enlightenment. Some people advocate celibacy during Kundalini raising or cleansing as a way of forcing the sexual energy to higher levels; but I think it should be each persons choice, and that choice may change quickly sometimes. The energies are intense enough during the Aquarian age that normal sex and growth can occur at the same time. If you find difficulty with whatever choice you have made, you may need to find alternatives.

Gulf News headlines: Fishermen sprayed while sleeping in group of 20 boats tied together are now under doctors’ care. Cleanup worker describes being sprayed: Throwing up foamy brown liquid probably blood. Biggest coverup in the life of the world - Oil everywhere. Crude Awakening. Coast Guard and law enforcement became the BP militia. Katrina was just a thunderstorm compared to BP’s oil catastrophe.

On CBS 60 minutes this week they finally acknowledged: "The national unemployment rate of 9.5% percent sounds incredibly high and of course it is, but it doesn't nearly capture the depth of the trouble, it doesn't count the people who've seen their hours cut to part-time, it doesn't count the people who've quit looking for work. If you add all of that together, the unemployed and the underemployed, it's not 9.5% percent, it's 17% nationwide and here in California it's 22%" [in truth it is over 20% nationwide when all factors are considered].

To understand these teachings fully you need to know mathematics, astrology, Hinduism, symbolism, numerology, science, Latin, and be a medical doctor, so that is part of the reason for my comments. Some of this teaching is for more advanced students who have been in these sessions for years, and hopefully my work will help explain this to many. There are some indications that we may start to see changes soon, but only time will tell.

Rich N


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hercolubus, Earth Changes, and News

Hercolubus secret video on 2001 (Not Nibiru)

Cristoforo Barbato, an Italian researcher, had written an important article about the Secrets of Fatima, focusing on the mystery of the untold Third Secret. Following this, he was contacted by someone who told him he was a Jesuit priest, working for the Vatican Intelligence Service (SIV), and who had important information to reveal. At first Barbato was skeptical, but the Jesuit was persistent; and eventually Barbato was able to substantiate all his claimed personal details. The Jesuit was exactly who he said he was.

At Barbato's insistence, they finally met in a public place in Rome in the year 2001. At that point the Jesuit gave Barbato a significant amount of information about the return of Hercolubus, which was being carefully tracked by the Vatican and others; and handed Barbato a two-minute videotape never publicly released, which the Jesuit said was Hercolubus filmed at close range from a classified Vatican-controlled space probe called Siloe. The Vatican informer told Barbato the space probe Siloe was equipped with a sophisticated infrared camera and electromagnetic impulses propulsion, and was assembled in Area 51(Nevada), and then orbited by an aircraft of the type "Aurora", a secret hypersonic aircraft.


Magnitude 6.9 [this has now been downgraded to 6.7 as usual. They would like to downgrade it to 2.5 if they could get away with it.]
Date-Time Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 17:53:14 UTC
Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 11:53:14 AM at epicenter
Location 24.843°N, 109.171°W
Depth 10 km (6.2 miles) set by location program


"I have had vertigo for the past 2 days requiring me to be horizontal. Yesterday my wife said " Maybe the earth is in a wobble". Right after she left for a class my friend Ron called me and said the sun rose over the mountains today at 8:30 am but yesterday the sunrise was at 8 am. He said the Earth is Wobbling".

Water on the Moon: a Billion Gallons

Water on the moon? Scientists used to think it was as dry as, well, lunar dust. But after a year of analysis NASA today announced that its LCROSS lunar-impact probe mission found up to a billion gallons of water ice in the floor of a permanently-shadowed crater near the moon's south pole. That's enough, said researchers, to fill 1,500 Olympic-size swimming pools, all from one crater. If there is ice there, it probably exists in other places on the moon as well. They also found silver, mercury, carbon monoxide and ammonia [along with plentiful titanium that is mined for use on Earth. The Moon has had bases there for decades, and life exists on the darkside of the moon that NASA has not told us about. Some of the UFOs that emerged from oceans and were seen by many are reportedly used to bring water to both the moon and Mars.]

V-Shape Craft over Moscow October 18 2010 Video
[This craft is V shaped and not triangular. It is seen as fuzzy because it is in a higher dimension and its glow probably is due to its burning in the atmosphere. Russia is more open to these UFOs than the US who only want to shoot them down. These UFOs are still not allowed to be seen close up at this time. Most ETs do not want to remain in 3D for very long because its density is very uncomfortable to them.]

My Comments: I try to show proof of my work when available, so most of this message gives data and links to back it up. Earthquakes are hard to forecast and depend somewhat on Mother Earth and what She will allow, and they appear to be increasing now along the Pacific Ring of Fire. When you are responsible for 7 billion people as Creator you prepare for a worst case scenario, but usually that does not occur. By traveling in time to the future you can see events that will occur, but specific dates are not available because there is no time in Unified worlds that Divinity lives in and some of these events depend upon our decisions and those of Mother Earth who still has free will now. HAARP has been reportedly shut down due to mechanical problems so these quakes cannot be blamed on that.

Hercolubus the Red planet is not the Destroyer or the dark Nibiru that some have called it, but is a Creator that will assist us in ascension. There is a Vatican video in the above link that shows Hercolubus for those that need proof. Chemtrails are back in full force and the darkside seems to say show me proof or else. These are reportedly CIA sponsored aircraft based in Texas and their actions are not for our good. Some say they are spreading the H1N1 flu again to sicken many so they will take these toxic flu shots.

There is a saying "money is the root of all evil", and when you analyze criminal data you will find that most crimes involve money in one way or another. Money is control and people will do anything to get it in order to survive including selling drugs and prostitution. It is not the love of money but money itself that is a problem, because when you have abundance you do not need money. There is so little time left in 3D that a new banking system would not help much but would only cause major problems that would take years to resolve, and we do not have years left in 3D.

I mention the coming winter as a major problem that should be considered because most of us can live in climates where the temperatures drop below freezing only when there is external heat that we provide. If there are major quakes along the New Madrid Fault the natural gas lines that are used for heating and for electrical generation in some areas would be cut off and many would die by being frozen to death. Unless the Gulf trade winds are restored to Europe there will be major problems there also, and that will only occur when the Gulf is cleaned up so this toxic water and air does not reach these areas.

About 20 million years ago Mary helped create this carbon based 3D Earth, and ascension will transform Her to a higher dimensional planet. This 3D matrix duality will be removed and these carbon based structures will not be around later. Gravity will not exist and our carbon based bodies cannot exist in this new environment, so those that remain will need higher dimensional bodies to live here. As has been stated here, when you travel to higher dimensions you need different bodies that are compatible with these frequencies, and these new bodies of Light will give those that remain this ability. They will not need gravity or any shielding from the new energies of the Sun and elsewhere.

Most people have no desire to know the future because they only want a better 3D, but this era is over. If they are not evacuated they will die and will need to be reborn elsewhere in their new carbon based bodies on other 3D Unified worlds, and many will not choose to be evacuated so there will be a need for stasis so they can be removed whether they want it or not. The new age teachings that things will get better as we approach 2012 and we will all be enlightened is not true. What has been foretold however will only be validated when these events occur, and only time will tell.

Rich N


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Archangel Anael - October 2, 2010

Archangel Anael - October 2, 2010

Question: Do the 4 Pillars belong to Aldebaran [a binary star system located around 65 light-years from the Sun]?

Beloved, the Pillars you speak of are the Pillars corresponding to that which is found in the head, corresponding to the center of your 4 lineages. These Pillars are your [ET] bloodlines. Aldebaran is not a pillar although it is has a stellar origin which is not really the same thing. There is no specific relationship, although some solar systems are connected preferably to one of these pillars. The Pillars that constitute you match your four lineages, corresponding to your affiliation in Spirit and in Truth and sometimes in the flesh, but have nothing to do with your stellar origin. Thus it is quite possible to have a pillar that resonates with the Air and with Altair [the brightest star in the constellation Aquila] and not be your stellar origin of Aldebaran. So there is no relationship between the lineages and origins.

Question: Could you talk about Venus?

Beloved, every planet in this solar system is not necessarily a result of that solar system [some have been towed from other galaxies or created here]. Indeed, the rotation and the characteristic gravity of Venus that you can see is not the truth of what Venus is [everything looks different in higher dimensions than they do here now]. Remember that you live in a falsified universe, and what you see with your eyes does not necessarily correspond with the [higher dimensional] vibrational reality. Thus with regards to Venus, from Our point of view what you call planets are to Us vessels [like our bodies and even UFOs], and they are that in truth. In the same way that an Archangel can appear or be represented in your world in a humanoid form [as a hologram], within the multi-universes and multiple dimensions an Archangel has nothing to do with the form that you visualize. Similarly, what you see and picture as Venus, either by physical laws or by your vision, has nothing to do with the multidimensional reality of Venus. Remember that you see through a 3D veil, and this filter prevents you from seeing the Truth. The real Venus is only accessible by the Heart, the inner vision and the direct higher vision, the inner knowledge and higher consciousness. Nevertheless, from your point of view it is obvious that Venus does not belong in this solar system in its original constitution. In the same way many planets that existed in this solar system in the original creation no longer exist now as they were destroyed [like Maldek which became the asteroid belt due to their scientific experimentation with hydrogen bombs. The US tried to detonate these devices in the 1950s but were warned by ETs that this was not permitted].

Question: Could you tell us about the animal kingdom and its current role?

Beloved, it is already conceivable that animals are not animals as you know them. This is a travesty that the Archons [the Anunnaki that created this matrix of duality] have in your language fiddled with what you call "animals". But, in the form that you see, what you call a dolphin is not a dolphin but a multidimensional being, and what you call a cat is not a cat but belongs to a lineage that is called felines. Similarly in other dimensions a lion that you call the king of beasts has absolutely nothing to do with this but is in fact of the Arcturian lineage so there is no comparison. Animals have a role as your companions in this 3D illusion, but there are some who were created by certain entities that did not necessarily want your good [like insects and reptiles]. So when you are asked not to judge, it is not only towards humans but also animals, as they have absolutely nothing to do with what you perceive of them within the unified worlds. Thus you will at some time in the future get used to walking with lions, catlike beings and even dolphins as friends. Those that you know and call animals are only an imitation of what they are within the multidimensional universes, so at this level they are only a masterful illusion of what you term as animals. [The Anunnaki created or modified many of these and also transformed the oceans into salt water over a 26 year period so that they could control us better according to Mr. Collier, and hopefully that will be restored.]

[Arcturus is approximately thirty-six light years from Earth and is the brightest star in the Bootes Constellation. They are a fifth-dimensional civilization that have come to assist us in our path of God-realization. Arcturian energy works to heal humanity emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. Edgar Cayce has said in his teachings that Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy. It is the fifth- dimensional civilization that is a prototype of Earth's future. Its energy works as an emotional, mental, and spiritual healer for humanity. It is also an energy gateway through which humans pass during death and rebirth. It functions as a way station for nonphysical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality. "The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch" describes it as the mid-way programming center used by the physical brotherhoods in this universe to govern the many rounds of experiments with "physicals" at this end of the galaxy. ]

Question: How do these Adamantine particles work on our structures [bodies]?

Beloved, the first Galactic portal opened on August 18, 1984 and established a connection and communication with the Sun of Sirius [and Creator]. More recently a number of connections with other solar systems and great distant suns have been established within this solar system to transmit these adamantine particles and the radiation of ultraviolet particles from The Source or the Holy Spirit Who are ultimately related to those adamantine particles. The pouring of these waves and density are increasingly important and this radiation is increasing at present. Remember that Mary announced that the Galactic Wave that hit the confines of this solar system on September 7 of this year gives you access to a number of increasingly large Adamantine particles that are reaching your structures now. So what is the role of these adamantine particles? Obviously in this falsified world what you call light or "photons" are characterized as waves or particles with a number of characteristics.

What you call Light is not true Light. These particles of Light within the unified higher worlds have characteristics of location, displacement and shape that have nothing to do with what you call photons. The photon is a less powerful form of light that results from the compression of materials that are related to the forces of attraction and repulsion [of duality] that were created by the rule of the Archons [Lucifer and the Annunaki], and this gives you the illusion of light. You do not see this Light with your eyes closed because it is not Light, since true Light is above all Vibration, Unity, and Truth in your inner beingness. These Adamantine particles will literally combine within your falsified 3rd density structures and will help create this transformation.

The first step is to combine these adamantine particles along the transmission of the spine or what is called Sushumna [these nerves run up and down the central axis of the body within the spine between the top of the head and the pubic sacrum], thus turning this into a receiver of Crystal Light that is called the etheric channel related to wellness, allowing you to vibrate at a higher frequency within your structures. Currently these adamantine particles now penetrate more deeply within your structures. These discharges were started by Archangel Michael in person when He traversed the Sun and established His reign in the Sun, thus opening the door for the Reunification of the Tri-unity that was called this summer the new Eucharist or the new Gospel. These Adamantine particles play a role in the liberation and your release from what is called this matrix.

These Adamantine particles are arranged in groups of 24, creating a Unified consciousness in Unity. This Unified consciousness has the ability to be intelligent and to transform these lines of thought. This thought becomes reality because the creative Light follows thought [what we think by intention is created and becomes reality as co-creators]. At that time, these adamantine particles grouped in 24s will be grouped in multiples of 24 to give what is called the moving Agni Deva [named after a Hindu deity], and they are building a set of Adamantine particles whose characteristics will bring your transformation while still in this 3D illusion. The Light of these adamantine particles can be observed in the sky some nights due east from 10:30 PM on, corresponding not to what you see in the Milky Way but located much closer to your skyline and horizon so you can more easily see them in the magnetosphere. These Adamantine particles are particles of transformation. They correspond in full to what We have called the Intelligence of the Light and this action of vibrational Light in you. So there is a fundamental difference between photonic particles (which are only lower and distorted forms of Light) and Adamantine particles which are in reality the true vibrational Light. It is through these particles - the Ultraviolet radiation, the radiation from the Source and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit - that will bring about this transformation in you if you allow them and surrender to them.

Question: What is the reason for the separation between the Archangels and Archons?

Beloved, these are moments long after the creation of this world when in 326,000 BC beings from elsewhere (that is to say they were not involved in this creation of beauty, which was mainly the creation of the Delphinoides of Sirius) arrived in this world to experience what is called separation. Their leader was one that was called Yaldabaoth [Jehovah or Allah to us], who brought with him a number of [fallen] Archangels. At the helm was Lucifer (who has since been transformed and found redemption). This Lucifer that you talk about is not the same Lucifer that existed at other times, and there is confusion about this [this is not discussed in detail however at this time], but initially a number of Archangels were involved in this experiment of separation. The purpose of this experimentation of separation was to make you believe (and indeed they themselves believed this also) that by compressing matter [making it much denser], compressing the beauty that exists within the worlds created by the vibration of Mary and her sisters [assistants], it was possible to grow and develop and return to the Light [while still maintaining this 3D veil and not knowing that we are members of Divinity ourselves].

This of course was false because Light does not need to grow as it is fully developed for all eternity. In these cycles the maintenance of these gravitational forces [gravity has a very important role in this 3D matrix] and the laws of attraction and repulsion (duality or the law of karma) only increased this separation more and more, and in all of these cycles that occurred during the past 324 thousand years, the separation became more intense as time passed [some have described this as an experiment that was allowed to continue during this cycle to see if mankind could return to the Light on his own while being separated from the Source].

Some beings, some designers and creators nevertheless have still maintained their presence. They are called the Elohim and most came from Sirius, but there were others also, a large number of Elohim Who did not lose their memory of this Light, so that when the time comes They will recover their Divine status [They probably lost some of their spiritual qualities during this rebellion at the time of the Lucifer rebellion and moved into lower dimensions]. So they sacrificed in a sense their essence and divinity [as we have until now by living in a lower separated dimension as we do], in order to accompany their creations until they return to the Light. Indeed, a creator is responsible for what he creates and that makes sense. Similarly, even within this falsified 3D matrix you beget children, even if they are not your children [we do not choose those souls who live in these bodies that we create] in Truth and the Spirit, and they are given this time for their growth. Within the unified worlds, a creator in some realms and some dimensions, is empowered to develop life by any means that seems beneficial provided there is no separation from The Source. And besides, they could not be created if there was a real and final break from the Source [this is only a temporary separation]. Nevertheless this matrix was reconstructed and the Archons [Illuminati] have continued to play their games of falsification and of illusion until this day.

For the past two years, since August 15, 2009 [when Nibiru left] and particularly since August 15, 2010, the 3D matrix does not replenish itself [it is slowly disappearing] because the laws of the Unity are recovering now in full. Some of these Archons who participated with those who came from the Big Dipper (called the reptilian Dracos) have found redemption of course. They and some Archons and some [fallen] Archangels have realized their mistake and have rejoined the Unified worlds [and the Light]. Similarly, those who for a century have locked you and imprisoned you in this matrix of Illusion, making you believe that you would come out of the womb by your free will [reincarnation is a recycling of souls and we have been imprisoned within this matrix and not allowed to leave], are now on a path of redemption and Reunification with themselves and with the Children of the Law of One.

Thus there is no formal opposition now to a return to the Unity within Gaia [the Archons or Annunaki that opposed this have left permanently]. Only a certain number of people now still play this role [the darkside], but We hope that with the power of your work of Unification, this Unification with your own Unity and with all others present in Unity will awaken this world so that those who have not yet accepted Unity may soon join all of us. This is a question in your temporal world of maybe days, weeks, or months [but not years as 3D is about over], but We still have time to restore in full the Unity without the gnashing of teeth and without pain. That depends on you and not on us and only on you and Gaia of course.

Question: In this new reality, what will become of Shamballa?

Beloved, it is now time to unveil the truth, even if it may shock you. These Masters of Shamballa, or Ascended Masters [as they call themselves] are beings who reached a stage of Samadhi and Enlightenment and Truth [intellectually], and they at one point believed they had arrived at freedom, but they are still locked in a creation of their own delusion that they have called Shamballa (not to be confused with Agartha, which has absolutely nothing to do with this). These beings have thus recreated in what is called the 7th sub-density of the astral plane a real world called Shamballa that they have called a government of the Light of this world. That is not true because these beings have never reached their inner self and essence and have never been released from this matrix [they are still imprisoned in this 3D matrix].

The release from this matrix has nothing to do with the release from the astral worlds. Thus, you must accept and live with some concepts that are not those that have been affirmed and verified or denounced, even within some lessons relevant to what has been called the will of good. By desiring to do good you will never discover the Heart [that many religions teach]; it only makes you discover the Luciferian truth, it makes you discover what has been called the Luciferian Illusion, and this truth is only an Illusion. Truth is only in Unity; it is beyond this world and this world of duality can never reach the truth. This was the case during the time of this creation by the Delphinoides of Sirius and some other beings before this 3D forgery. These carbon based worlds still have a bright future ahead of them, but many falsifications have existed in this world of yours.

As you know, there are Beings who exist in 3rd Unified dimensions and are not being imprisoned mentally in this matrix form [many who do not ascend will continue in these no evil Unified 3D worlds also]. So for example, these include some lineages like the Arcturians, and there are those who have been called by you Angels of the Lord [who probably appeared to us as a hologram] who are 3rd dimensional Unified Vegans (not to be confused with what has been called in your world the short grays [although they look similar] who have absolutely nothing to do with them). [Vega is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, the fifth brightest star in the night sky and the second brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere after Arcturus. Both Vegans and Arcturians are lower dimensional ETs who are thus easier to communicate and work with us.]

Now, what are called Ascended Masters living in Shamballa are beings who have reached a form of [intellectual and not spiritual] enlightenment that is not true liberation. This can sometimes be hard to understand. It is your responsibility to discover this for yourself, not through hearsay and not by your Luciferian vision but directly through the vision of the Heart. This is Truth so live in this inner Truth. As long as you rely on external teachings, whether it is from Shamballa, Mary, Christ, or even AA Michael, you are not on your Divine path. [Many secret societies and satanic groups like the Freemasons and Rosicrucians teach enlightenment that is only intellectual and not of the heart.]

We are here to bring you autonomy and freedom, but you can not be free when you subscribe to something other than yourself. This Independence, this Liberty is a responsibility. It results from the necessary destruction of illusions so that you are freed and removed from this world. It is up to you now to be what you want to be, and what you want to be is absolutely not dependent on your beliefs [an intelligence derived from external teachings], whatever they are. Believing in The Source does not reunite you with the the Source, believing in Unity do not restore you to Unity, believing in an illusion does not free you from that illusion. The only way to live is in your inner being and your essence. This Being and this vibration of consciousness is present only within the Heart, returning you to the Unity in truth, and it is not accomplished by thought or intellect, and that is admittedly not the same thing.

There is no question of whether My words are of the Light or not because they are the Light. Ultimately you are all Light, and all that has existed in this 3D Illusion will finally and ultimately allow you (if that is your desire and vibration) to find your essence and your Unity. There is therefore no need to attack and criticize others in a derogatory manner, there is no need to judge or be judgmental of others; it is only necessary for you to be at peace with your inner self. Seek the Kingdom of Heaven that is within you because when you establish yourself in your essence, at that point everything that is an illusion disappears by itself. There is no need at this time to denounce others, there is no need at this time to express any disagreement, because when you are in the vibration of your Unity, all is well and everything is perfect.

What each of you and others here and elsewhere around the world through these energy effusions by AA Michael have done has become a reality, and what was finally completed on September 29 [the festival of the Archangels and Michael] of this year was the reactivation the Unitarian crystalline grids to return this world to its Unity and allow Gaia to experience Her dimensional transformation. The rest, all the rest does not matter anymore, so be cheerful, be real, be honest, be ethical, be in your truth, as there is no other truth than in yourself, there is no Unity apart from yourself; everything else is a delusion and is only an external illusion. You do not have to follow anyone, you do not have to follow any master, you only need to follow your inner self so that you may find in yourself this Truth. When you accept this, you will no longer need to rely on an external master or in an outside counsel. Do not believe what We say, just Live it. [Most of us like to follow and worship others as gods and great teachers, and this is seen not only in the Roman church but in many others also. They can lead you astray and distract you from seeking the guidance only in your inner self as you live in the Light. Do not worship Christ or Buddha or any other being, for we are all equal as members and royalty of Divinity.]

Question: Is the Age of Aquarius still a reality?

Beloved, these eras are a reality because you are involved in a cycle. The transition from the era where you are now to this new era is like the pouring of water. This pouring of water is the symbol of the Holy Water, the Water from above or the Water of Baptism, replacing this 3D matrix on Earth with the matrix of this Divine Water and a return to the sacred Fire. Of course it makes sense because in other Unified dimensions these cycles are totally different from what exists in this dualistic matrix. These cycles are a reality that is taught in your biophysics and astrophysics. The Age of Aquarius is the outpouring of the Holy Water or the Water from above within this dimension, coming through what has been described by the Divine Mary as the restoration of the true Divine matrix related to the Triangle of Water on Earth.

Question: I receive channeled messages. What advice would you give me?

Beloved, this process called in your world channeling can take on many different forms. What is important to understand and experience is that this trans-dimensional contact must lie in the truth that you live in your structures [it is only authentic when you live in the Truth and it depends on your vibration]. Thus the quality of what is called your channel, the quality of what is called your own vibration that exists within and above the higher chakras or the chakra of the Heart, will depend on the truth of what is transmitted. Understand that the channel (in the sense you call it) is a process that has existed in all times, so when you telephone someone, you are not a random number, and even if you can recognize the person on the other end of the phone in the same way, what is the best proof that what you receive is a communication from the Light and not the ego or something that would originate from this matrix realm itself? The difference is essential.

From the moment you step into the Truth, that is your truth at that time, and what is channeled (or in other words exchanged) is above all vibration, and this vibration should be felt both by the one who receives these spoken words and the one who sends them. Thus, a connection with the realms of the vibrational Light of Unity will result in the activation of a number of signs that will be experienced. These signs are well known. They correspond to the activation of Nada (or the song of the soul) distinctly heard in either ear. There is the activation of the Crown chakra, but this is not enough because a number of events from worlds not of the Unity may also be manifested by the Crown chakra of the head. It is therefore necessary to perceive and feel the Crown chakras that exist within the head and the Heart, as it is the only proof that what you receive comes from the worlds of Unity. You should also understand that whatever you receive in any manner (whether through your ego, whether it is dark light or True Light), everything has a reason, even within this 3D Illusion .

Thus, there is no absolute truth but a relative truth that is established in you by what you receive [no one has all the answers and what is erroneous may also benefit you and others]. The important thing is to remember the phrase: "Judge the tree by its fruit", and that will determine if it is of your inner self or not? If you are established in your 4 Pillars: Ethics, Integrity, the Here and Now, if you are in the surrender of yourself to the Light and you live in humility and simplicity, whatever you channel will be of the Unity. Thus you must change your point of view and not simply consider who you are in touch with but what you are yourself, because ultimately if your Heart is pure and simple, at this time nothing bad can occur. The danger would be in your willingness at all costs to depend on your ego and not to receive this vibrational Light. You were told by Mary Herself a few days ago that you now are entering an era where communication, the era of a Pouring of Water, will give you access to your own memories and will allow your direct communications with the Angelic realms, the Archangels and what you call the Master (this is currently underway by your disconnection from the astral matrix).

But ultimately, if you are Unified in your Heart in Truth you may be either in a process of developing this communication or you may have already completed this process and have connected and have contact with the vibration of the One [Creator], resulting in the alignment of these 3 Fireplaces: the Awakening of the Kundalini chakras, the descent of the Shakti [the Divine feminine creative power], and the awakening of the Fire of the Heart. At this point you become complete and impersonal [your ego is gone] whatever the words and whatever the process of communication, and it is this vibrational Unity and this Unity of Light that is established. It is All about vibration. Be careful not to be seduced by words whatever they are but live in the Truth of the vibration, because this vibration does not deceive you. Ask yourself "does this message open my Heart or does it divert me from the Heart and lead me astray"?

[Channelers filter their messages through their minds and only relay what they themselves want to hear, and that is the reason why many only speak using sugar coated words because they do not want to hear anything else. If you want to hear Greek that is what you will get, and if your attentions are on the ghetto and its language that is what you will get in return. These messages are thus a reflection not only of the source but also of the messenger who relays them.]

Question: Why do we have access to knowing about our past lives if we are asked to forget them?

Beloved, access to memories that are called Akasha [the Akashic Records are information about your life's mission, purpose, past lives, and soul lessons] is only one step on your path of life. Some people live with full access to their memories of past lives while others do not. What was valid here a long time ago corresponds to the Transfiguration [transformation] and finally the Crucifixion [death to self and the ego]. The crucifixion can be experienced when the physical body is completely burnt [dust to dust] and destroyed [and a being is reborn in a new life]. That occurs precisely when this Akashic memory called the Akasha that exists within the matrix is completely dissolved upon death, thereby returning you to the Unified state in Unity without the ego. This memory loss however is not a requirement. Some have visions and memories of a few fleeting moments in past lives while others have a total knowledge of all incarnations, but for most people there is no memory of the past, even if you were the most prestigious and highly honored person in your previous life. As long as you are identified with a linear axis of time, even if you have knowledge of all the mysteries of the universe, remember that even St. Paul said in this 3D matrix, even if you speak in the language of Angels you gain nothing.

1 Corinthians 13: If I speak in human and angelic tongues but do not have love, I am a resounding gong or a clashing cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophecy and comprehend all mysteries and all knowledge; if I have all faith so as to move mountains but do not have love, I am nothing.

Knowledge of past lives is only a part of the 3D matrix, it is not truth because reincarnation is an illusion created within the matrix. You are not made to live and die; contrary to what you were taught and what you believe you are made to live forever in the consciousness of your inner self in the Light. Thus at one point, by entering the realms of the Fire of the Heart, these karmic memories, these Akashic memories are cleansed and destroyed because they are no longer important. What is important is to establish yourself in Freedom and not remember these past lives. If you are centered in the Here and Now [and not in the past], the Truth is established by you and you live in this Joy and are identified by your Joy and your Samadhi bliss and your lack of ego. The only truth is at this level. When you seek to know about your to a past lives, you are not living in your true self and you are not in the Here and Now (this was fully developed by the so-called Eastern traditions). Only by living centered in the Cross of Redemption between the Alpha and the Omega [as taught in the 12 stars earlier], in the Here and Now, can you find your Heart for all eternity. [Knowing about your past lives is only a curiosity and may be detrimental to your mental health now. Some learn by their past failures but many repeat them over and over again.]

Question: Why in this illusion is there more and more suffering now?

Beloved, what creates suffering? Suffering is a resistance to the Light, and disease itself is a belief [in your mind]. From one point of view, you say that diseases result from a number of imbalances in the diet, in thoughts, emotions or factors that you precisely call karmic. It is important to understand that this is only partly true. Suffering exists because there is no recognition of the Unity. By living in the Unity and in Truth, from the moment you awaken your Radiant Crown chakra of the Heart, from the moment that you are aligned with your 3 Fireplaces of course, whatever the existing achievement, this suffering disappears from your consciousness completely. This is the very principle of grace and healing that exists in these spontaneous moments of Unity. This Suffering is the result of the collective human resistance to the Light, and this opposition to the Light is related to the fear of the unknown and the fear of change because this is registered in the genetics of your brain and was grafted by the forces that forged this 3D world. Suffering in some cases allows the Light, by extreme compression, to crystallize and transform you into living in Unity in the Light and in Joy. This can bring about your escape as there cannot be suffering in Unity.

This Unity is a revelation of joy and an experience of the Inner Fire and the Fire of the Heart. This translates irreversibly into the complete disappearance of Illusions in you and outside of you and in your immediate environment. Remember what We have always said: "What the caterpillar calls death the butterfly calls birth." The problem is that the caterpillar suffers when it leaves the state of larva. So do you want your consciousness to be in the state of the butterfly or the caterpillar? Since there is no time, the butterfly is already here. This process appears to you as dynamic and linear when in fact it occurs instantly since time itself is a 3D illusion. This dimensional transformation is a transformation of consciousness. You can absolutely become a butterfly by going from one state to the other instantly.

There is only the belief in this dynamic, temporal and painful process that senses this pain. When you are established in Samadhi bliss, everything disappears except the Samadhi. When you establish yourself in your essence and your vibrational Unity, you become what you are in Truth. You are however still present in this 3D illusion because it is your role to be present here in human form even if you are still in this Samadhi state yourself, and by living in this bliss there is no room or time for suffering, so living in the Samadhi is the absolute cure to this resistance and suffering. The cure is not to oppose this change, for it is a transmutation from a lower state to a crystalline state that transforms this heavy density and weight into lightness and bliss in you.

Question: What was it like for those who did miraculous healings long ago?

Beloved, that was another time and another Truth. What you have learned today never existed in humanity for over 50,000 years. There can be no comparison today with the past as prestigious as it was, and there is no secret path, even that of Christ. These circumstances of vibrational consciousness have absolutely nothing to do with that. You should not focus on what happened this summer during Our teachings and energies, you must not focus on anything that is external, but you must return to your internal essence, return to your inner higher self. Absolutely nobody, no external person today can save you, only you can save yourself and nobody else. This was certainly not the case before the matrix entered into this phase of disintegration. Fortunately, some beings at that time and other times were able to somehow channel Christ for others. Today you are no longer in these times, and you are not in these projections that are identified with a past, and you are asked to escape from that philosophy completely.

You can not touch the inner Self by adhering to this although you can get pretty close. You can have the excitement of coming close to having these moments of ecstasy, these moments of tingling and excitement when you experience something, but it will never be a true experience; it will remain an ephemeral and short-lived experience occurring only under particular circumstances [and is not permanent]. Christ said "when 2 or 3 of you are gathered in My name, I will be with you", but you must become Christ-like and not just follow these teachings that He gave. These times are not the same as they were in the past. You no longer live in this time and this time is over in any case, and you should not cling to this time however glorious it was [many as they get older like to live in past moments of enjoyment rather confronting challenges that exist today and learning and advancing to new levels]. Now again, you are absolutely free to have your own beliefs, but remember that Truth is Joy. [Although the teachings of Christ and His Apostles and even the Archangels and the 24 Elders are beneficial they are only external. When we live in the Light and in our inner Divine self we receive all of the guidance that we need to advance spiritually.]

When you personally encounter the Truth, you experience joy and nothing can alter that pleasure, whatever the circumstances of your life. You will be established under the laws of Grace and Freedom where all obstacles will dissolve totally, and any dualistic abnormality does not exist any more. This is not an illusion but the truth that is increasingly important to human beings. On this continent and especially on other continents [Asia], there are people who no longer need to eat and yet they are like you and Me. When I say "you and Me", I mean you are made of Light. When you arrive at your body of Light, all that is not of that Light no longer has reason to be a part of your life. Thus even the need for food will disappear [you will be fed by the Light and will no longer need food. Many eat for enjoyment only and are thus overweight.]. They have discovered their realms of essence and their inner self. Again we are not in that time frame now.

We have no more questions. Thank you.

My Comments: In Unified dimensions that most of us will move to there is no time and no evil as we now know it, so for most the future either in 3D elsewhere or in 5D here on a new and Unified Earth will be much better. This will help us develop spiritually much faster because now we work most of our lives to survive, we are under constant attack and surrounded by wars and violence continually and do not have time to advance as many ETs do. There are still other 3D dualistic worlds that are called hell where some will need to experience much more before they are ready to join the Light, and they will not enjoy being king of the hill as they do now. I have often said that I felt that all life will be removed during ascension for several reasons: AA Michael said that those who ascend will not die but will receive eternal bodies of Light, and this would suggest that those who do not ascend will die or be evacuated. Both the Archangels and CM Aton said that there will be no gravity in 5D, so all life would be like a helium balloon that is released into the atmosphere never to be seen again. There will be no magnetosphere or heliosphere that we have now, and their purpose is to be like a shield that prevents radiations and energies from the Sun from reaching us, and this would cause all 3D life to decease without them also.

Many of the animals that we now see will not be around in 5D as some like insects were created to be a nuisance only, while others are used only for food (which we will not need in the future). The Annunaki were great geneticists and created many of the animals and food that we have here now, and some feel that dinosaurs were created as food for the reptilians who have lived here for millions of years since they are meat eaters only, and as Alex Collier said they considered Earth as their own property and humans as their slaves. A number of historians believe that most dinosaurs were killed during a pole shift that sent temperatures to below -200* F in what has been called the Ice Age. We will not have reptilians or sharks or other predatory creatures in the future, and "the lion will lie down with the lamb" as the Bible says. These animals will probably have full consciousness and we will be able to communicate with them telepathically also, and they will be our friends and companions. Some have even had ET pets now that have taught them spiritually through telepathy and this will probably continue in greater magnitude in the future.

The Akashic Hall of Records contains all of our actions and thoughts in this and past lives that are stored for all eternity for us to review at some time if we wish. Edgar Cayce spent much of his life traveling to this Hall in his dreams so he could counsel those who had physical and other problems. Many ET contactees like Mr. Collier have been shown details of their past lives, and as Alex said the details were not pretty and he did not wish to discuss them publicly. Some have become very upset when they view their history of previous incarnations, and one of the benefits of this policy of erasing these memories is that you basically start over with a new life, although karma from past lives frequently has an influence on many of the problems that we now have, and this needs to be cleansed. In the future those who move to 5D will live for eternity and will remember everything they have done in full consciousness, but this can be a problem because we are like many of those here over 40 who tend to get stuck in our ways and want to avoid change, but the goal for all life is to advance and learn new things and not continue in status quo.

Many ET contactees are chosen because they made great progress and provided assistance in their past lives, but this has little bearing on their current lives. As AA Michael said we could have been an assassin or a king or even a great spiritual leader from Sirius as some claim Obama was in a previous life, but that has little effect on our current life as we all start over again with our memories erased. This is a problem that ETs and even Masters have when they choose those they will work with because they do not fully understand this.

The Elohim are now leaders of the New Jerusalem and are now in the 11th dimension and are working toward the 18th dimension as AA Michael said earlier. It is truly amazing that we will have the power to create what we want and need in the future, but this power comes with responsibility and side effects if we do not use it properly. If we abuse this power we become like the tyrannical and oppressive king who in his next life became a skid row alcoholic and had to start all over again at the bottom.

On Oct 13 there were a large fleet of UFOs that were seen over NY city [ ] and over the Golden Gate bridge, and the population of the Chinese city Xianjang recently disappeared entirely (they probably ascended to higher dimensions like the Mayans did and disappeared completely). Some of these worldwide sightings were in part similar to the UFO that was seen shortly before the NY WTC towers were destroyed on 9/11 [ ], and some of these ET sightseers may be viewing the final days of 3D before they disappear so they could cherish these as memories while they are still around. A major NY airport and the local airspace in that area were closed on that day due to these UFO's, but other reasons were given of course for this so that people would not associate this with these UFO sightings. One spokesman said some of these were Zeta craft which are from another 4D world and are not of the higher Light.

Ex-NORAD officer Stan Fulham predicted earlier that a fleet of UFOs would hover over the Earth's major cities on October 13th. He said he receives his insight from a "transcended spiritual group," which consists of "very old souls who have lived on many different planets and spiritual realms." Originally, these entities planned to appear over a plethora of major Earth cities on October 13th, 2010. They had no intention of landing or communicating with the planet, instead opting merely to make their presence known in gradually increasing appearances. ETs grew wary of causing mass panic with their original 10/13/10 plan however and decided to just appear over New York City on that date. The reasons given for the choice of NYC was that it is an international city and a media stronghold. Some of the media as usual tried to claim they were just balloons as they did in Roswell, and ETs are getting impatient with these darkside coverups so we may see more in time. All UFOs are monitored and those that do not belong are removed during this crucial time and these last days.

Christ Michael Aton: "As to the recent October 13 date where it was put out there would be world wide [UFO] showings, ask yourself this question. DID WE state this, or was it the dark ones? A few craft were shown, some of our comrades decided to do this, such as the ones over New York city, but this was NOT our plan. In fact the dark are happy for it, because to them it shows we aren’t real since we didn’t show. Or they make it look like we put out false information when the show and tell does not happen. Notice there was a goodly deal of dark ones also suggesting it would be Operation Blue Beam [holographic images of UFOs]. There were in fact “blue beams” seen. They were not our blue beams. Operation Blue Beam will not happen on My watch." [ ]

There are reports that some of these UFOs had claws which would probably be these holograms if true, and there was a weather balloon that was released also so that they could say these were not UFOs. CM Aton said that the axis shift will continue and will result in more quakes and more sickness for us. This is being performed so that the coming pole shift will be less severe. The toxic Gulf pollution will remain local and will not affect the rest of this world as a result, but this will bring a colder winter to Europe because of this. He plans a mini stasis so that all of our darkside leaders can be removed at this time (this includes government, big business CEOs, and the media who have refused to cooperate) and a temporary government will take over so that announcements can be made. Also during this time the Gulf will be cleaned up since the pollution is so widespread now that at least 50% of it is oil and is what some have called the Dead Sea, and after that we may see ET disclosures and a new financial system also. For most this will be a period of readjustment that will show all that changes will soon begin and status quo will not be allowed to continue indefinitely. Those in dangerous areas during this stasis will also be removed so they will not have to die and be reborn elsewhere.

The US black operations are named as such because they are legally invisible and do not exist publicly, and Area 51 is one such program. The History channel aired a program that dealt with lawsuits by those who worked there and became very sick from their nuclear exposure, and the courts ruled that since it did not exist they could not be sued or held liable. Ben Rich (late president of Skunk Works) in 1995 said on his deathbed that these programs (given to them by the Grays) are 10,000 years ahead of public technology. “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine we already know how to do." Most of this technology like free energy is not allowed by the darkside because it would not bring them money, and they would lose some control over their slaves if this did occur.

Many speak of 2012 as the year of ascension and the fulfillment of the Mayan predictions in December of that year. The Archangels say that our Gregorian and the Mayan calendars are not accurate, and these changes will begin this or next winter according to OM. Ascension is like the Biblical allegory of the separation of the wheat from the chaff, and not all mankind are ready for this nor will they ascend at this time. A movie came out in 1984 called "2010: The Year We Make Contact", and these sightings may give us a glimpse of what is to come. The coming elections (if they occur) will reveal that many are fed up with Obama and his Democratic government, but the only choice is the return of Republican control and slavery which is no option or change but is a return to Bushism and 9/11 terrorism that he sponsored and endorsed. Hopefully this mini stasis will bring about these needed changes and end status quo, but only time will tell.

Rich N