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Archangel Michael - September 29, 2010

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Children of the Light and Children of the Law of One, this Love, this Unity and this Truth are in you and with you now. Beloved Starseeds, I come to you as announced in the same way that Mary will come to you tomorrow [Sept 30]. I am here to introduce a number of elements in direct relation to the work done during these 13 days that have just passed. The 12 channels [or stars] of Light that will return you to your Unity and your Truth are now active on Earth as they are in you also. Thus the Cross of Life of Redemption has activated your crown and allowed all of your brothers and your sisters on this planet to find their Unity and Truth in a new Unified world, thus restoring the rule of the Source [Creator], the rule of Liberty, the laws of freedom, and the rule of your Unified Being. Thus in you and on this Earth, the truth of this new Tri-Unity [the new Trinity] transforms you by the fusion of the energy of Mary and Her resonance, the energy of Christ in you and His resonance, and My energy within you. This new Tri-Unity, entering into you and being established in your crown allows you to realign with the Source.

This entire solar system is now ready to live this dimensional transformation in Truth, and each of you can live the remaining time by developing your consciousness and your vibration. You also by your Unified prayers need to allow the 12 Stars of Mary and the teachings revealed and unveiled by a friend [Ami] in the Yoga of Unity, to assist in the ascension of Gaia, and this will enable you to receive your freedom. A major crystal (the famous Blue Crystal that was created by the Elohim in 50,731 BC) is now active on earth. It is your responsibility through the 12 Stars of Mary and through My blue ray (which was visible in your sky here almost a year ago [the blue spiral in Norway]) to establish in yourself your multidimensionality by raising your vibration, your consciousness and that of all structures on Earth, and now your destiny is in your hands and in your Heart. We the Archangels and all the Stars of Mary and all Melkizedech have accomplished Our work, Our communion, and it is up to you now as Children of the Law of One and sowers and anchors of the Light to awaken yourself and to awaken Gaia [Earth] also. This inter-dimensional Merkabah of Gaia is now connected and in tune with the major Blue Crystal created by the Elohim.

You have awakened in yourself the breath of truth and the breath of freedom, thus ending your prison sentence if that is your choice and your vibration. By practicing (consciously [mentally only] or by physical gestures) what was given to you by a friend [Ami], you can activate the Ouroboros circle around your head [an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its tail which signifies starting new cycles and a new life]. You can accomplish this by pointing with your finger starting from the AL [on your forehead] on the left diagram below and going counter-clockwise with each of the six points until you reach the OD [at the back of the head].

Repeat this in the same manner as seen in the right diagram going clockwise by pointing to the AL then and repeatedly pointing to the six points on the right in progression until you reach AO on the back of the head. Performing this on you will work directly through you and through the Crystal Blue field to bring the ascension of the planet (see diagram below). Thus you will fulfill your own prophecy and you will accomplish for yourself by your prayers using the 12 Stars and by your Coronation of Life through the Cross of Redemption [as members of Divine Royalty] the ascension of the solar system.

The 12 stars
as seen on the head are chosen using your index finger one at a time:

Alpha is the beginning

Bien is goodness

Clarite is Clarity

Hic and Nunc means the here and now in Latin

Unite is Unity

Amour is Love

Omega is the end


Profondeur is depth and intensity

Mal in Latin means bad or evil

AL and OD are part of the mantra OD-IM-IS-ER-AL and are known as the beginning and the end here:

AA Michael: These Adamantine particles and various other radiations are now penetrating your solar system, and your remarkable work as Children of the Light can now be considered as the ultimate step, and this final stage is now underway. You will be able to experience the fields of inter-dimensional shapes each evening at 7PM [French time] until the end of this 3rd dimension, simply with your finger or without your finger [mentally only by visualizing this] in the few minutes or longer that you need to achieve this. [There is no mention of words here but it might help to start this meditation by repeating the mantra OD-IM-IS-ER-AL and it is pronounced ODE-EEM-EES-AIR-AHL.]

You have complete freedom while you are on this Earth to strengthen the construction and the energization of the collective inter-dimensional Merkabah because that is what this procedure achieves [as co-creators]. Having created this foundation, you are connected to each other by the Heart and the Light. Within this linkage and this guidance you, as Children of the Law of One, will be able to perform and complete this magnificent work. Starting tomorrow [Sept 30] Mary, by the announcement of Her Royalty and Her unveiling of this on Earth and by Her presence and by Her Light, you will continue this collective work together and become unified by the Heart and the vibrational Light establishing the ultimate connection to the Sun so it will come closer to Earth and initiate its transformation into a star, that is to say the Red Star [this probably refers to Hercobulus, a red star that has returned as a companion to the Sun and is 3 times the size of Jupiter and only visible by telescope in the infrared spectrum. Both Hercobulus and the Sun will probably merge as One in consciousness.].

This Red Giant is slowly opening to you the last room, which for many of you is not yet fully active yet (this corresponds to your pubic sacrum chakra), allowing the water [Mary in the sacred triangle shown below] to regain the original matrix penetrated by the Cosmic Fire, the Fire of the Sun, and the Fire of your Heart. This will allow you to activate the collective inter-dimensional Merkabah and will thus achieve this magnificent task.

You are now numerous enough on Earth [the number who are ready to achieve the necessary tasks is now sufficient] so that We will support you by Our presence within your structures of unification and the new Eucharist [the Holy Communion] of Christ, Mary, and AA Michael, activating in you, in your Heart, the inverted sacred triangle formed between the central point of your Heart chakra, the root chakra called the Spirit and the root chakra called the soul. This will be established in you and it will make it easier to develop your Samadhi [a state of ultimate bliss], your enlightenment, and your fulfillment, allowing also those of your brothers and your sisters who were undecided until now to in turn join with the Intergalactic Forces of the Unified and Free Worlds. Your skies are now changing immensely as many of you can see, and many other things will occur also during this period. Be sure to strengthen your connection and your essence on this Earth so that this transformation process, this alchemy will be accomplished with ease. Keep in mind that you need during this period to remain in humility, simplicity and reverence so that you can perform this step.

You will also very soon see in your heavens demonstrations of the Vessels of Light [UFOs] and vessels of the Unified 3rd Dimension [like the Vegans]. This will be an answer to your request, this will be an answer to your Light, and this will confirm that your ascension is in progress. [It appears we will finally see uncloaked starships unless it is overruled again.] You are now at the exit door of your prison, the vibration of the Heart is settling now fully within the triangle of the Tri-Unity and is revealed in your Heart by the joint vibrational presence of Mary, Christ and by My Vibration, and it is reunited in a single presence in your Heart [the sacred triangle], allowing your fire to fertilize the Water and allowing you to be who you really are.

Together We (you and Us, you on Earth who are now crowned [as Divine royalty] and redeemed [have returned to the Light] and We the Archangels) will increasingly through the communication and the connection of the resonance of the collective inter-dimensional Merkabah, allow My highest form to be seen as a vessel of Light, the I Am in Truth, beyond My visible and anthropomorphized form at the right time [I will be seen to you in My triangular higher dimensional form]. These triangles correspond to what was described to you in person by a friend [Ami] and by Metatron (NDR in France: incorporated in the "Stars of Mary" in the "protocols" of the site), corresponding to what is happening today on Earth.

The Stars of the Unity, the Triangle of Fire, Water and Air that twinkle in the firmament are now active in the new Tri-Unity of your inner temple again, inhabited entirely by the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Unity and the Spirit of who you really are, well beyond what you have believed that you are until now, well beyond your illusory identifications with this body and these mental structures that have been taught and imposed on you by those who have falsified the Unity and have turned away from the Source. I propose therefore (for the first time on this Earth) that you live together in the awakening of the Tri-Unity. We now welcome and honor Mother Mary Who initiated [created] and promoted this creation which is rightfully by His [Creator's] Love for you and in you, and this is the result of the resonance created by Her vibrational Light so that you may receive your royalty and redemption. Welcome together the first part of the sacred triangle that is established between the heart chakra and the chakra of the Spirit in direct resonance with IS-IS [Mary], welcome together the first part of the Tri-Unity . ... Receive this vibrational outpouring of energy now...

The Sacred Triangle has 3 basic elements:

Christ is the Air

Michael is the Fire

Mary is the Water

Beloved Children of the Law of One, Children of the Source, activate now the second part of the Tri-Unity, connecting your Heart chakra root to the Spirit, also known as the Master of Light and Christ. ... Receive this vibrational outpouring of energy now...

Beloved Starseeds, We now receive the third part, merging the chakra of the heart and the chakra of the Spirit. Many of you have met this One called on this Earth Christ Michael and We bring together Christ and Michael. Michael is with you and within you.... [It appears to refer to the Unity of Christ and AA Michael. It often happens in higher dimensions where beings will join together as one to experience certain events.] Receive this vibrational outpouring of energy now...

Today for the first time in many years the new Tri-Unity is revealed and awakened in you. Reunify IS-IS [Mary], KI-RIS-TI [Christ], and AA Michael, to definitively establish and seal for all eternity your return to the Unity now.... Receive this vibrational outpouring of energy now...

Beloved Starseeds, every evening at 7 o'clock [PM French time and around noon in the US], for a minute or for as long as you need and even if it suits you for several times a day, selecting the 12 Stars point by point [choose one point at a time with your finger and move to the next point]. Beyond balancing the cross it is important to activate the 12 Stars by pointing from AL to OD [the front and back of the head] and IM-IS [left and right side of the head above the ears] on you for this activation of the 12 Stars point by point on the left AL to OD and the right AL to OD which will feed this magnificent vessel that is the Unified Earth. She [Earth] is counting on you and We are counting on you to spread out and illuminate even more of the gates of Light.

Many deadlines are waiting for you and for Us in this final countdown in time. A major portal will open [on 10/10], allowing distant Lights (both vibrational and Unitarian) to be manifest and seen so you may celebrate with those who are called the inhabitants [ETs] of Andromeda [I have often spoken of Alex Collier and his teachings from the Andromedans since he has a better view of the future in 5D than most others]. This is a return to your Unity, your beingness, your love and your eternity. This portal that a number of authentic mediums and channels of the true Light have announced will open on the 10th next month (October 10, 2010).

On that day it is your responsibility to especially awaken the Crown chakra and trace the sacred triangle [in the chest] so that your new Tri-Unity will be unveiled in this humanity and will transform your inner temple that is given life by the Spirit. These events (both vibrational and conscious) in your head and in your Heart and in your [pubic] sacrum chakra, should not disturb you [not cause you discomfort or pain], although We are well aware that this may be uncomfortable initially for some of you. This simply reflects the adjustment to what you are in Truth and Unity.

The Triple Crystalline Portal Opening on 10-10-10

The number 10 represents Rebirth. The triple 10-10-10 of Oct. 10, 2010, brings in the triggers of completion of journeys, returns to origins, perfection, fulfillment, the return to unity, and closure for those of us ready (after the wild past 10 months of 2010) to move through another 3D triple Initiatic Doorway or portal/gate and move up another important energy stair step during fall 2010.

Close Encounter with two Southern Right Whales and the transmission of the New Light Code Activations for the 10/10/10 Portal.

AA Michael: By practicing the Yoga of Unity (NDR: this is described in 3 parts by a friend [Ami] ) in the Crown head chakra, the resonance of the Tri-Unity, the new Eucharist [the Lord's Supper and the Holy Communion], the new Alliance of Liberty and freedom, and the Announcement of the New Gospel [this will replace the old gospel of the Bible which has many errors] you will become complete. I will return on October 16 at 3PM [French time] and I ask you to be present in your inner essence, in your Temple, in your chakra crowns and in your Tri-Unity. [I am working on these 3 Ami messages along with many other recent works and will hopefully post them when they are finished.]

We will all vibrate together at that time: the Archangels, the 12 Stars [assistants] of Mary, the Forces of the Intergalactic Confederation of the Free and Unified Worlds, and all of the 24 Lipik Karmic that you call the Melchizedek, and you all will live at a higher octave [frequency and vibration] that will complement this collective Merkabah. The return of [the New] Jerusalem, the Dove, is amongst you now [over Mexico in cloaked form and is invisible to us at this time]. You will discover little by little who you really are [as Divinity] beyond your individual lives, beyond the darkside projections, beyond the suffering of this world. You will discover your [ET and other higher dimensional] affiliations, your basic elements, and your stellar origin, and the more advanced among you will discover your original form [as beings from higher dimensions with different ET bodies and destinations ultimately].

Remember that the most important thing is to stay humble in simplicity. I will not open a period for questions tonight, but I will let Our Ambassador Archangel Anael speak through this channel, and He will answer any questions about the practical implementation of what you are to experience now until the end of this third dimension. Connect together if you wish to the three points of the Heart [the sacred triangle in the chest]. On the left side of the triangle is Christ the Spirit of the Sun and on the right is Myself [AA Michael] and We are reunited as One. In the diagram Mary [known as IS-IS] is pictured below and forms the third part of the triangle (editor's note: see diagram above).

Beloved Children of the Source, it is time for your Freedom. This 3D falsification and all that is erroneous will cease to exist. Never be satisfied until you find who you are, and do not hold any resentment or regrets. Establish yourself in joy and in love, and finally establish yourself in the service of all humanity. Beloved Children of the Source, on behalf of the One [Creator] and on behalf of Joy, on behalf of the Conclave, Christ, and Mary, that Love, Truth and Unity are yours. I will see you on October 16 at 3PM [French time] so that We may all together work in Unity during this hour. Until this hour, remain in Love and Unity and Truth.

Using The New Keys Of Metatron

AA Metatron:
Dear children, I come once again by request with information about the use of My keys of vibrational energy in this dimension. When chanting either mentally or aloud repeat the keys OD-ER-IM-IS-AL and IS-IS-IM-AL with the hands in the shape of a shell (see the picture), and visualize and feel the vibration of KI-RIS-TI in your threefold flame. KI is the blue vibration of Archangel Michael, RIS is the platinum vibration of Christ and TI is a pink vibration of Mary [the new Trinity]. You will feel your entire universe vibrate, you will feel all your atoms illuminate if you do it at least for 10 minutes three times a day. If you can not do it three times a day, do it at least once a day in the first 10 minutes of the hour of power like 0:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00 and 21:00.

If you pay attention to this process, you will notice that it forms a Holy Cross [with the head, heart and hands] in linear time counting on your clock in a clockwise or counterclockwise form. Do not worry about changing your frequency; just do it with your heart in sync with the mind so that everything will be transmuted in a satisfactorily way according to your level of manifestation of energy. Manifesting your mastery is nothing more that accepting your independence and responsibility for 100% of the manifestation in polarities that is part of your being. The Source is for each one as We are at a distance of one vibration of the Divine Love from you and is manifested in purity and truth. So it is. Be in the peace of My love and blessings.

I AM Metatron

OM on Hercobulus and Nibiru

OM: Orionis (Who was head of the Melkizedech at that time) first spoke to you about Hercobulus through this channel. He said that Hercobulus would be visible and it is now visible [using infrared telescopes and is known by the darkside and the Vatican but is kept top secret from us now]. It was also spotted in the year that He said and was confirmed by others in that same year. It is visible but not to the retinal vision since this star called Hercobulus (it is a star and not a planet and is larger than Jupiter, 3 times the size of Jupiter) is only visible in the infrared spectrum. It will become visible to the eye only when it passes in front of the Sun because it does not rotate in the same sagittal plane [it travels vertically from the top to the bottom] and rotates 90 ยบ perpendicular in relation to other planets. Events that you see on Earth are the result of the combination of the Sun and Hercobulus, which will assist the development of your beingness and essence which is released in conjunction with the Galactic Wave that hit this year.

It is the presence of Hercobulus whose gravitational pull is precise and immense that is finally bringing the Light of Orion. This Light of Orion is called the "Giant's shoulder". It brings the arrival of the Light that comes from Orion, the Light of the Father, the Light of the Source [Creator], and the Light of Alcyone. The Light of the Mother [Mary] is from Sirius C and the Light of the Father is the Light of Orion.

We removed one planet from this solar system. This planet [or UFO as it really is] was a reverse copy of the real Nibiru [New Jerusalem] and is known as the vessel of the Anunnaki, and in particular the vessel whose commander in chief is the one you call God or Yaldabaoth [we call him Jehovah or Allah]. Yaldabaoth was returned to the Big Dipper [in the constellation of Ursa Major ] so there only remains the true Neb'Heru [Nibiru], a vessel that was called long ago the New Jerusalem.

It is led by the great Elohim Who sacrificed themselves on Earth earlier, and They have now returned as announced last year, and it is visible in your sky [to Us Angels but it did not appear to mankind in the skies over Mexico yet, and I felt at the time that it was overruled and was thus cloaked and remains hidden from our view now] because it happened in your solar system. It is here and of course there is Hercobulus also known as Nemesis and the Avenger.

It is time to state that the name that was given to it is not the name We have given to it: to Us it is Hercobulus, the companion of the Sun, the reunification of what has been separated, changing the carbon based body of personality that you were to the new 5D Spirit you will become. That is the meaning of what is more accurately named Hercobulus Nibiru, and it reflects the destruction of the illusory third dimensional matrix, the annihilation of the forces of attraction and repulsion [duality] that have trapped you by the Luciferian Promethean Fire.

My comments: Some who have seen Hercobulus say it is Nibiru or Planet X, but there is no truth to that. What has been seen in infrared near the Sun is not Nibiru but is Hercobulus, a red dwarf and a dying sun that has returned to its spot near the Sun, and it is now here to team up with the Sun to bring about a new universe and a new Earth in the 5th dimension. Hercobulus is not the Avenger or destroyer that it has been called but is the Creator that will bring change.

The Vatican has even released movies of it using infrared cameras that show its immense size but has no idea what it is. OM does not mention Anu or his son Enlil of Nibiru so they may have been uncreated and considered beyond hope. The New Jerusalem is still cloaked over Mexico unfortunately, and if it would have appeared it would have brought major changes to Earth and awakened many, so there is still status quo here now.

Yaldabaoth and the Anunnaki Nibiru were removed from this solar system last year shortly after the New Jerusalem and the Elohim arrived and they have been banished and exiled to Ursa Major and will never be allowed here again. It is unfortunate that the New Jerusalem starship is still invisible to us, and this shows that not everything we see here can be seen or understood in higher dimensions and the religious teaching that some like the Angels and ETs and Masters are all knowing is not true. There are numerous ways to cloak and make objects invisible including bending rays of Light around objects and moving to higher dimensional frequencies that are beyond our vision, and some of these are known and used by the darkside US black-ops programs.

One Elohim contactee (Michael from Maui) who visited this New Jerusalem starship in 2007 when it was parked in the rings of Saturn said it was truly overwhelming and is hundreds of miles long and self sustaining, and it holds the records of all life forms including plants and animals and their spiritual development and progress.

These Angels use this to determine our future based on our desires and progress and send us where we will best be able to further advance and learn so we may someday become Angels ourselves as the goal for all life is to advance to the next level. There is no heaven or hell as religions teach us, and this teaching was created so that we would have a reward or punishment for service to these religions, and even Creator and the Angels live on planets in higher dimensions and not in the air above Earth as many are taught.

There is no Hell in the inner Earth, and those who have seen it call it a Garden of Eden, although there are 3D hells on other worlds where many of our leaders will probably spend many of their lives as slaves until they learn to treat others in love as they wish to be treated themselves. Using the five sacred syllables or the mantra OD-IM-IS-ER-AL along with these actions of receiving the 12 stars that are given here will help in meditation because it is an invitation to higher dimensions that we wish to communicate with them and receive their assistance. This mantra OD-IM-IS-ER-AL is a reversal of DO-RE-MI and is probably pronounced ODE-EEM-EES-AIR-AHL and the mantra KI-RIS-TI is pronounced KEE-REES-TEE and has been compared to Christ and Love. As OM pointed out these mantras are not related to the musical scales but come from ETs.

In Her latest session this week Mary said She helped create Earth 20 million years ago and it was like Heaven here until 320.000 years ago when some (the Anunnaki and Lucifer) took over and created the 3D duality and Hell. It was probably after that time that the Elohim left rather than battle these dark ones and Hercobulus was cast out of this solar system also, but They have now returned to restore this universe to the way it was long ago.

Her main role now is to monitor and announce the pole shift or the 3 days of darkness as it is known to all of mankind 3 days before this will occur, and all on Earth will hear it, the trumpets will sound, and all of the seals will be opened as mentioned in the book of Revelation. This will be the beginning of the ascension process and Judgment Day when as Mary said we will see ourselves as we really are. This teaching was given to John 2,000 years ago, and although it will probably not occur word for word as foretold it is a glimpse of what is to come.

The Seven Seals - Wiki

The Lamb opens the book with seven seals. Each opening of a seal is followed by some event or series of events. When each of the first four seals is opened, a horse and its rider appear and are described. These are commonly referred to as the Four Horsemen / Four Horses of the Apocalypse. The opening of the fifth seal is followed by a vision of those that were "slain for the word of God". (Revelation 6:9).

When the sixth seal is opened, there is a "great earthquake," and signs appear in heaven. (Revelation 6:12-6:14) Also, 144,000 servants of God are "sealed ... in their foreheads" in Revelation 7. When the seventh seal is opened, seven angels with trumpets begin to sound, one by one. The events of the seventh seal are further subdivided by the events following each angel sounding their trumpet. This seal is opened in Revelation 8, and the seventh angel does not sound until Revelation 11.

In summary:

* First Seal - Religious Conquest, White horse
* Second Seal - Conflict & War, Red Horse
* Third Seal - Famine & Drought, Black Horse
* Fourth Seal - Death, green or Pale Horse
* Fifth Seal - Vision of martyrdom or martyrs
* Sixth Seal - Cosmic Disturbances or Heavenly Signs and the marking of the 144,000
* Seventh Seal - Prelude To The 7 Trumpets of 7 Angels & The Final Judgment

On Oct 25th OM said "Only the Earth knows when the 3 days of darkness [pole shift] will occur, but We know that this will happen on a night that is extremely cold. These cold nights can be this winter or next winter, but understand that there are [Galactic] deadlines, and as you know in the Unified dimensions time does not exist. This time is not in 3 years or 10 years but is now, and that is why We want to prepare you in a formal way for these events that will occur."

This will signal the end of 3D and the beginning of ascension and the transformation into 5th dimension. It appears that all life will be removed from Earth at this time and those who ascend will receive eternal bodies of Light while the remaining will either die or be evacuated or both, and it is not a better 3D but a new beginning for Earth and all mankind.

AA Michael seems to say that we will start to see change around 10/10 that may include contact with the Andromedans at that time; however this may be overruled, delayed, or canceled. The Andromedans have said they could not understand why we would need money to live here, and many of us do not understand money also since we have been enslaved with this all of our lives and it is as necessary to us as air and water.

Money separates mankind and keeps us in slavery and we do things that we would not otherwise do in order to survive, and it is part of our slavery in 3D. Alex said that the Andromedans are 50,000 years ahead of us technologically besides being highly spiritual also, so they would make good teachers and leaders and examples for us. Portals continue to open and allow travel almost instantly from planets hundreds of light years from us like Andromeda, and there have been many openings since this universe was created with more being added daily.

AA Michael last year talked about a new government and a financial system that has already occurred in Heaven but has not yet appeared on Earth, and He did mention here that we may begin to see changes in the skies and even experience ET contacts soon that many of us have requested. Bank of America and Chase are delaying foreclosures due to fraud (most of the mortgages written in the last 10 years are fraudulent), but most of the NESARA "gossip" that was released recently has yet to materialize, and since the time is so short it may not matter what happens.

In the Gulf news: The number of people who have been sickened in the Gulf due to continued spraying of BP Corexit and benzene poisoning from the toxic fumes continues to sicken many and reports say over 50% of the residents now have significant illnesses with some even vomiting blood, and the media and Obama and company continue to cover up the problems and say that it is all over and everything is back to normal (lies and more lies).

Only visible signs will awaken many to the truth and hopefully status quo is over and change will be allowed to proceed, but only time will tell.

Rich N


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