Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hercolubus, Earth Changes, and News

Hercolubus secret video on 2001 (Not Nibiru)

Cristoforo Barbato, an Italian researcher, had written an important article about the Secrets of Fatima, focusing on the mystery of the untold Third Secret. Following this, he was contacted by someone who told him he was a Jesuit priest, working for the Vatican Intelligence Service (SIV), and who had important information to reveal. At first Barbato was skeptical, but the Jesuit was persistent; and eventually Barbato was able to substantiate all his claimed personal details. The Jesuit was exactly who he said he was.

At Barbato's insistence, they finally met in a public place in Rome in the year 2001. At that point the Jesuit gave Barbato a significant amount of information about the return of Hercolubus, which was being carefully tracked by the Vatican and others; and handed Barbato a two-minute videotape never publicly released, which the Jesuit said was Hercolubus filmed at close range from a classified Vatican-controlled space probe called Siloe. The Vatican informer told Barbato the space probe Siloe was equipped with a sophisticated infrared camera and electromagnetic impulses propulsion, and was assembled in Area 51(Nevada), and then orbited by an aircraft of the type "Aurora", a secret hypersonic aircraft.


Magnitude 6.9 [this has now been downgraded to 6.7 as usual. They would like to downgrade it to 2.5 if they could get away with it.]
Date-Time Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 17:53:14 UTC
Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 11:53:14 AM at epicenter
Location 24.843°N, 109.171°W
Depth 10 km (6.2 miles) set by location program


"I have had vertigo for the past 2 days requiring me to be horizontal. Yesterday my wife said " Maybe the earth is in a wobble". Right after she left for a class my friend Ron called me and said the sun rose over the mountains today at 8:30 am but yesterday the sunrise was at 8 am. He said the Earth is Wobbling".

Water on the Moon: a Billion Gallons

Water on the moon? Scientists used to think it was as dry as, well, lunar dust. But after a year of analysis NASA today announced that its LCROSS lunar-impact probe mission found up to a billion gallons of water ice in the floor of a permanently-shadowed crater near the moon's south pole. That's enough, said researchers, to fill 1,500 Olympic-size swimming pools, all from one crater. If there is ice there, it probably exists in other places on the moon as well. They also found silver, mercury, carbon monoxide and ammonia [along with plentiful titanium that is mined for use on Earth. The Moon has had bases there for decades, and life exists on the darkside of the moon that NASA has not told us about. Some of the UFOs that emerged from oceans and were seen by many are reportedly used to bring water to both the moon and Mars.]

V-Shape Craft over Moscow October 18 2010 Video
[This craft is V shaped and not triangular. It is seen as fuzzy because it is in a higher dimension and its glow probably is due to its burning in the atmosphere. Russia is more open to these UFOs than the US who only want to shoot them down. These UFOs are still not allowed to be seen close up at this time. Most ETs do not want to remain in 3D for very long because its density is very uncomfortable to them.]

My Comments: I try to show proof of my work when available, so most of this message gives data and links to back it up. Earthquakes are hard to forecast and depend somewhat on Mother Earth and what She will allow, and they appear to be increasing now along the Pacific Ring of Fire. When you are responsible for 7 billion people as Creator you prepare for a worst case scenario, but usually that does not occur. By traveling in time to the future you can see events that will occur, but specific dates are not available because there is no time in Unified worlds that Divinity lives in and some of these events depend upon our decisions and those of Mother Earth who still has free will now. HAARP has been reportedly shut down due to mechanical problems so these quakes cannot be blamed on that.

Hercolubus the Red planet is not the Destroyer or the dark Nibiru that some have called it, but is a Creator that will assist us in ascension. There is a Vatican video in the above link that shows Hercolubus for those that need proof. Chemtrails are back in full force and the darkside seems to say show me proof or else. These are reportedly CIA sponsored aircraft based in Texas and their actions are not for our good. Some say they are spreading the H1N1 flu again to sicken many so they will take these toxic flu shots.

There is a saying "money is the root of all evil", and when you analyze criminal data you will find that most crimes involve money in one way or another. Money is control and people will do anything to get it in order to survive including selling drugs and prostitution. It is not the love of money but money itself that is a problem, because when you have abundance you do not need money. There is so little time left in 3D that a new banking system would not help much but would only cause major problems that would take years to resolve, and we do not have years left in 3D.

I mention the coming winter as a major problem that should be considered because most of us can live in climates where the temperatures drop below freezing only when there is external heat that we provide. If there are major quakes along the New Madrid Fault the natural gas lines that are used for heating and for electrical generation in some areas would be cut off and many would die by being frozen to death. Unless the Gulf trade winds are restored to Europe there will be major problems there also, and that will only occur when the Gulf is cleaned up so this toxic water and air does not reach these areas.

About 20 million years ago Mary helped create this carbon based 3D Earth, and ascension will transform Her to a higher dimensional planet. This 3D matrix duality will be removed and these carbon based structures will not be around later. Gravity will not exist and our carbon based bodies cannot exist in this new environment, so those that remain will need higher dimensional bodies to live here. As has been stated here, when you travel to higher dimensions you need different bodies that are compatible with these frequencies, and these new bodies of Light will give those that remain this ability. They will not need gravity or any shielding from the new energies of the Sun and elsewhere.

Most people have no desire to know the future because they only want a better 3D, but this era is over. If they are not evacuated they will die and will need to be reborn elsewhere in their new carbon based bodies on other 3D Unified worlds, and many will not choose to be evacuated so there will be a need for stasis so they can be removed whether they want it or not. The new age teachings that things will get better as we approach 2012 and we will all be enlightened is not true. What has been foretold however will only be validated when these events occur, and only time will tell.

Rich N


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