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AA Anael - September 29, 2010

Note: This was given after AA Michael's message on that day and answers questions related to that work. Images that were discussed can be seen in that work also.

Question: Could you elaborate on the terms: the Heart, the root of the soul, and the root of the Spirit?

Beloved, as you know, there are a number of points (these points have been called nodes by Sri Aurobindo), and they correspond to the intersection of a number of lines of forces [an energy matrix] existing in what is called the body of essence. We [the Archangels] are at a level that is well above what is called the subtle structures of the human being. Of course, sometimes there is a correlation between these subtle structures and structure of the body of essence and they are thus related. I remind you that the aggregation and collection of these Adamantine particles at the central area of the spine are beginning to deploy within your physical body.

The Heart chakra is actually related to Mary and is located directly between what you call your nipples and is the center of what you call the higher self or essence. The other 2 points are directly related to what has been called "the [Tibetan] Red Drop and the White Drop", corresponding respectively to the root chakra of the soul on the right side and the root chakra of the Spirit of the left side. These are the points that the beloved Sri Aurobindo described not too long ago to you as the embodiment the 12 Stars of Light that have now opened and have been manifested. These 12 Stars of Light are located in a row on each side of you, and within these 2 points [soul and spirit] your consciousness of Christ and AA Michael are revealed directly through your DNA.

There is therefore a radiant Triangle that is extremely precise, superimposed on the Radiant Heart chakra and the Crown head chakra that allows you to install in yourself this new Tri-unity, thereby reactivating your past [ET] memories, memories that are well beyond this world, well beyond this 3D Illusion. In the coming days and weeks and months that you are to live this, all of you in the same way will feel the golden coronation in your head [as Divine Royalty] and in the radiant crown of the Heart, and you will feel the settling of the vibrational presence of Christ, Mary and AA Michael in your structures. Remember that Archangels have participated in the creation of this world, and They have participated in the creation of your DNA.

We are witnesses to this and you will be awakening these memories also. So there is no need to understand it intellectually because you will realize this sacred Triangle and you will see it as Love, Truth and Beauty, for this sacred triangle is in fact the establishment of your new Tri-Unity. This sacred triangle involving Water, Fire and Air, is yours so that you can discover the new 5D Earth. There is nothing more to do than to vibrate in this, there is nothing more than accommodate this. The key to this door is and always remains your Heart. It is these 3 points of vibration that establishes you as Bringers of the Light, Children of the Light, that will awaken and bring redemption to all mankind.

Question: What is the opening of the Portal which Michael has spoken of on October 10?

Beloved, there have existed in this world where you live a number of portals. These Gates are in fact the establishment of certain connections to enable you to resonate both in yourself and in Earth a number of functions that were previously dormant and remained inactive by the gravitational compressive forces. The very first of these portals opened on August 18, 1984, and corresponded to the first day that the influence of the radiation of the blue light from Sirius came to this solar system. Since then meanwhile a number of doors and portals have emerged. As was unveiled to you by Archangel Michael, the appearance of this light in the sky one day last year that was called the day of the [Norway blue] spiral (which was discussed by Sri Aurobindo) is the opening of these interdimensional gates.

Similarly there are doors and gates in you, in this Illusory 3D structure and in your 5D body of essence stored in the Sun, which allows you by these electrical charges spreading within this body of 3D person to gradually build your new identity in Unity. Thus the 10/10 opening is the activation of a major portal corresponding to the activation within your DNA memory and the resonance of freedom for you included in the creation of this world and linked directly to Andromeda. On that day there is nothing particularly more for you to do except perhaps be more in humility and in service and in Unity. [It appears that nothing may occur that is visible to all on that date.]

Question: AA Michael spoke of a process using your fingers to activate the multidimensional collective Merkabah. Could you elaborate on this?

Beloved, the teaching by A Friend [Ami] of the Yoga of Unity in three parts [days] corresponds to the establishment and placement in you of your own Cross in the Here and Now [Hic and Nunc on the 12 stars chart which is on the left and right] and the Alpha and Omega [on the top and bottom thus forming a cross], to enable a number of things. This is given to you using your fingers by what you call Mudras [Hindu gestures using hands and fingers], allowing this to awaken in you the 4 elements [air, water, earth, and fire]. There is also a protocol communicated to you that activates point by point your Merkabah in you. The work in you that Archangel Michael spoke of is the interdimensional Merkabah that is collective [to all mankind] and will allow all of you to reunite your crowns and bring redemption [a return to the Light] to mankind and gradually increase this family in number and quality and assist the crystalline forces existing in you as well as in the Blue Crystal. The order is different. In one case you work on and for yourself. and in the other case the service that you render is also for all of this Earth and this solar system. Thus you will need to work not only on enhancing your spiritual development but also you should focus on serving others in Truth.

Question: Does this Blue Crystal have something to do with the Aquamarine crystal?

Beloved, the Blue Crystal is directly connected to this, and as Archangel Michael said this stone was brought to Earth by the 12 Elohim who sacrificed themselves during the creation of Atlantis which made it possible to prevent the death of the Spirit [we call it the soul] in you. This Blue Crystal was placed on Earth, and its aim is to return you to your Unity by these fields of shapes and energies that you have created and We have created in you also, and it is the promise of your return to the Unity. The color of what is called the Aqua [blue-green] Quartz is a perfect equal to this Blue Crystal, even though it is not a crystal of rock itself. The vibration is substantially the same, and you will understand that it is linked to the star of Sirius, even if this Crystal was made essentially by the Elohim of Altair [the brightest star in the constellation Aquila and the twelfth brightest star in the night sky].

Question: Is the approach of the Red Sun related to that of Alcyone?

Beloved in astrophysical terms there are a number of major changes coming to Earth from all areas in this dimension now. This includes the radiation of Alcyone that is called by your scientists and by Us the "Galactic Wave" along with the arrival of Hercobulus; these are modifying the electrical charges present in this solar system, and they have already made profound changes in your Sun's spectrum of radiation and they are not all the same energies [they work together but have different attributes]. In the same way that you also live your coronation [as members of royalty of Divinity], remember that the other planets and the Sun (which is the star that enables you to exist even if in a falsified manner) must be transformed also. Thus, the Sun emits in the yellow wavelength while the approaching Galactic Wave reveals a spectrum related to ultra violet and white light.

It is now more apparent that the Sun is becoming more cold and pale in color, and Its ultimate transformation will be into a red giant. This corresponds to the total arrival of the Light, not just the Galactic Wave but also the forces associated with Hercobulus [our Sun will be renewed and brought to life again by these energies], just as the Adamantine particles and also those that you have created yourself will trigger what We call the ignition of the Sun in you. As you know, other planets in this solar system have changed. Some even speak of a second Sun [Jupiter the second Sun has not been mentioned this year after its ignition in January of last year that was announced by AA Michael], but this term is not quite adequate.

Indeed, the largest planet of your solar system does not have the sufficient kinetic mass to become a true sun that can be understood as such, but that is not the important thing. I remind you that what matters is your inner being and essence. Conditions in your lives are changing and many of you are already experiencing changes in consciousness and lifestyle [and physical ailments also] that are very important, and the Earth must do the same [Earth changes like quakes]. This is indeed important but it is more important that you be in your joy, and by establishing your own Samadhi bliss you can better work and act in service to this world.

Question: What are the particles that sometimes fall and look like rain but are not rain?

Beloved, as you have seen, what is occurring on Earth is unusual. Obviously, those who do not watch the skies and only look at what worries them on the ground do not see them, do not perceive them. Now, and since the middle of your month of September, the Galactic Wave has reached the confines of this solar system and some particles have already reached the outskirts of your Earth. These are visible in the air to those watching and they do not look as they do on the ground. In looking up at some point during the night, you will see these collections of particles or Adamantine Agni Deva [a Hindu deity] moving, but they are actually waves of particles that look like white snow, reflecting the interaction of the matrix with the same falsified Adamantine particles. It is therefore not strictly speaking Adamantine particles but the interaction of these Adamantine particles that will partially disintegrate this matrix for the moment.

Question: Is it good or bad now to get too much sun exposure?

Beloved, I will say that there are 2 ways to gain exposure to the sun. There is a very physical method and a more spiritual method called meditation. Meditation facing the sun will fill you with Light, it will fill you with new vibrations and consciousness. The exposure to the sun in a physical manner can indeed under certain latitudes be dangerous. Everything depends on the intention with which you perform these actions.

Question: Do seals exist that are related to the Stars of Mary?

Beloved, the important thing is the activation of these stars because (as has been described by some of the Melkizedech) it is a form of communication with your essence that is more structured and is much stronger than what has been called the Silver String or the Gold String. These Celestial Strings are complementary as you know, allowing you to construct the body of Crystal or the Crystal Fountain so that you may reunite with yourself and since this evening reunite with each other also. There is of course vast knowledge related to your resonance with the 12 stars, but We do not want to burden you with this now. Remember that the only knowledge that is useful now is that of your Heart, so We have given you only the bare essentials that are sufficient enough to allow you to enter into your essence, so having these conscious points at the head in Unity and living them in Unity and Truth is sufficient for the moment.

We have given you two major circuits: the Hic and Nunc (the Here and Now in Latin) and the AL and OD (the Alpha and Omega) [these are part of the 12 stars in the diagram given earlier]. By focusing on this Cross that these patterns make, there is obviously other knowledge but they do not need to be explained to you now or even shown to you visually, because living in the direct knowledge and direct vision will make this appear self-evident to you, and the filter of the mind [intellect] in this case is absolutely worthless. We did not reveal the sacred syllables of the original teachings that correspond to the other 7 Stars of Mary because it is not important for you now, and the only important thing is the perception and the vibratory change in your consciousness, and the rest is only superfluous and unnecessary. I also remind you that through the Cross of Redemption you can focus on your 4 lineages, you can focus on the 4 most important spiritual virtues already named: Attention, Intention, Ethics and Integrity, allowing you to stay focused and aligned so you may live your essence in this world and in what We have called the Samadhi [ultimate bliss] in you.

[By paying close attention to what is actually going on and having an intention, you can manifest and create your future. Attention - then intention - is integrity. If you do not have personal integrity, you will not be able to stay in touch with your intuition, which is your connection to the Source, and your ability to manifest and create does not exist. Attention, intention, integrity, and intuition.]

Question: I can not activate each triangle of the Stars of Mary, the 2 and the 2 [the syllables AL-OD and IM-IS which form a cross].

Beloved, I note with pleasure that your happiness and Heart have allowed you to find out for yourself another application of this Yoga of Unity. That is the practice of the elements 2 and 2, the re-establishment of the 4 triangles, which are also called the 4 Horsemen, that correspond to the revelations of your bloodlines [as ETs]. These 4 points are called the 4 Pillars for indeed it is through the symbolism of the Cross that redemption [a return to the Light] is always carried out, not in the Cross of suffering [that the Roman Church teaches] but in the Cross of Joy. There thus exists in some of you more specific elements and reactions than in others. Some among you will have more Attention than Intention and more Integrity and Ethics than Intention, so there is a difference in perception [intention is of the heart and does not rely on knowledge or actions]. As you can see, you live by what that perception is based on.

So there are in individuals areas and stars [energies] that are more or less easily perceived. Do not try to deduce or conclude any interpretation, but live it in simplicity. Thus, some will be marked by the cross earlier and others (by the perception and function) will be marked by the fundamental Cross or the central Cross later, and still others will experience new paths and new ways. Live it, but do not try to interpret it with the mind; just live it and you will see the results in yourself. Again, the goal is not for now to overload you with a large amount of knowledge, because that belongs to the Heart which is immediate and does not need to pass this through the filter of the mind or seek any explanation because this will be received in you very naturally.

Question: Could you elaborate on the vessels which should appear in the sky?

Beloved, if you look a little at the heavens, you will see for yourselves that there are an increasing and unprecedented number of appearances of vessels in your sky. Obviously not all of these things are of the Unified Light but remember also that you do not all have the same destination [some will remain in 3D]. Some have chosen Liberty [in 5D] while others have chosen free-will and will continue in these carbon based 3D worlds. We cannot therefore provide an answer for everyone that is adequate to his own vibration and his own future, whether with the body or without the body [some will advance to higher dimensions that do not need bodies], so in your heavens a number of vessels have begun to appear. For now the ones you see are the vessels that we will qualify as the Vessels of Light scoutships. These in most cases are individual capsules of mother ships which We call vessels of the lower densities.

The vessels of the 11th Dimension, those belonging to the Marian Fleet (the 21 vessels of the Marian Fleet) are currently stationed as always in front of the Sun [and are invisible], and the fleet of the Intergalactic Federation of Light are gathered at this time on only one side of the Sun [some of which are visible to you]. If you are curious to view the images that are offered by your technology in the coming days, you will see that these vessels are lined up on the side of the Sun that is facing you. This dimensional approach is something that gives you a verification of Our existence, and We are all going through this reconnection with you, and you will visualize every day now the work that was described by Archangel Michael. We will be watching very closely your collective progress and not just your individual progress. Since the beginning of the Celestial Marriages as you have noticed, We have only emphasized the individual aspect, but now We emphasize the collective aspect of your progress also. As you enter this new dimension Christ and His work will become collective. This transition or change is extremely important. It reflects of course the transition to a much larger and more important stage [of collective consciousness for all humanity].

My Comments: Many people believe that all UFOs are the same, but that is not true. As AA Anael pointed out some are 3D craft and some are owned and operated by Divinity, and those that are frequently seen now are triangular antigravity nuclear powered US black ops darkside craft so discernment is needed. Some of these craft are from other 3D Unified worlds [no evil, only good] like the Vegans that will probably return its members back to their planet so they can escape this 3D matrix here and continue on with their development from where they left off at home. The reptilian Anunnaki and the Grays are forbidden now from being here and the astral realms that hold demons and ghosts will not exist in 5D and are being cleaned up now in 3D so they will no longer attack those who travel to other realms in the future.

There is a Film from Norway called "The Day Before Disclosure" that is 1:42 (almost 2) hours long and is available in HD (854X480) to watch on line free in 3 parts at and on DVD for a fee. The home of this Norwegian based production company is . Included in this film are pictures of UFOs seen during the past 60 years including the July 1952 sighting over DC of about 12 craft that were reportedly called Nordics that some of us have a lineage with and who are our family. This ET knowledge has been covered up by the darkside just as 9-11 was and the Gulf disaster now is, and the reason is because disclosure would show the world that our governments want us to believe they are the masters of our souls and we are their slaves, and this would also show the vast corruption in all realms of government, religion,education, and business. They do not want us to know that they are powerless and limited in what they are allowed to do and their weapons are like pea shooters that kids use to antagonize others.

The Disclosure Project [ ] headed by Dr. Steven Greer is discussed in this film where hundreds of retired personnel relate their experiences with ETs and UFOs first hand. Dr. Greer informed Obama of this personally shortly after he took office and his silent response was "drop dead and don't bother me with this again." There are also free books there that you can download like Alex Collier's Defending Sacred Ground and Bramley's Gods of Eden that are excellent. This is a good elementary background that introduces people to these secrets of the darkside but it is very limited, whereas my work is much more in depth and shows the past, present, and future of mankind from the mind of Divinity. Also discussed in this film was Roswell in which 2 UFOs crashed and dead and live orange-gray ETs were taken.

Dying Soldier Paul Epley Saw live Roswell aliens
He has 2 videos of his interview at and
Note: When Paul Epley finally talked publicly about some of his secret military activities the FBI showed up where he was working and said, “If you don’t keep your mouth shut, we’ll shut it.” These are the same ones that control your local police that you rely on and are not the good guys they claim to be.

About 20 years ago the US black-ops programs traveled to 2012 and found that Washington DC was under about 50' of water due to a pole shift, so they decided to build a second or backup government in Denver, most of which is housed under the Denver Airport with over 10 levels, and it is like a huge underground city. After it was completed they began to move the CIA and other terrorist factions (the media calls them Al-Qaeda) there so that when this occurs they could continue this darkside government. This was chosen because it is a long distance from the oceans and has relatively no earthquakes. Those Lightworkers who live in that area have found themselves under numerous attacks by the darkside due to their proximity to this Luciferian structure.

Gulf News: Winter could be the coldest Europe has seen in the last 1,000 years.,000-years
Scientists say the coming cold is connected to the speed of the Gulf Stream. That's the warm current of water that travels from the Tropical Atlantic up along the US East Coast and over to Europe. This Gulf Stream effectively brings warmer temperatures to Europe, especially during the cold season. The Gulf Stream, together with its northern extension towards Europe, the North Atlantic Drift, is a powerful, warm, and swift Atlantic ocean current that originates at the tip of Florida, and follows the eastern coastlines of the United States and Newfoundland before crossing the Atlantic Ocean. [This is to prevent Europe from receiving the poisonous waters from the Caribbean Gulf or what some now call the Dead Sea.]

Esu (Jesus) said this week that our world leaders promised to resign and allow a temporary government to take over similar to the NESARA plans that have been given by Sheldan Nidle and others. Just as everything else the darkside has said it turned out to be empty promises and lies, and they reacted by planning a world wide war against humanity that started recently with the bombing of the Houston Texas Ship Channel that is a vital port for incoming oil, and they started a media campaign in Europe and the US saying that terrorists would strike worldwide. This would occur in major cities on Earth probably using mini nukes that would kill billions, and it would allow the darkside to implement martial law on all humanity, and McCain has introduced legislation that would put those who opposed this in Nazi style death camps for life.

Esu said that because they have rejected this all of our corrupt leaders will be removed by any means available, and His use of strong language at that time showed He meant business and was probably a message to Kibo and those he works with that these 4 letter profanities are unacceptable for messengers who are servants of Divinity, so we should ask ourselves "Would Angels talk and act like that?" These are just words at this time until they are backed up with actions, and we will only see the validity of these words when all of these corrupt leaders are removed permanently, but only time will tell.

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