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Sheldan Nidle Oct 27


For many centuries you have exploited the Earth and wrenched from her such vital resources as metal ores; fuel such as coal and oil; and the basis of your wealth: gold, silver, and precious gems. This continual rape of Mother Earth has brought you to the brink of extinction, and now the crying need for an entirely new way of organizing, providing for, and maintaining your societies requires equally new thought. Historians and prominent philosophers who study your world daily see the ominous writing on the wall, and wonder openly if this society can indeed survive. Increasingly, theoretical science and philosophy go together down this road. Your civilization is at a crossroads; indeed, this watershed moment in your history was prophesied by your ancient and aboriginal peoples. It is the moment when what worked before now utterly fails and needs to be replaced by a new prime consensus. The Maya, the Aborigines, and the ancient Egyptians each explored this moment in their myths and calendars.

We come here to this beautiful blue-green realm at this most propitious time. We have tried to be very clear with you about why first contact is inevitable. It is the moment which deftly separates you from your recent past. We are ambassadors of change and divine emissaries of consciousness. Heaven and Lord Surea [high priest of Sirius] decreed that this period in your growth is to return you to full consciousness.

Hence, we are currently involved in a two-step mission: The first is to change the relationships in your society and government. To this end a number of programs were developed over the past few decades to ensure that Saint Germaine's largesse be distributed to the people. "Light workers" are to create a prosperity that alters decisively how the present power constructs in your global societies operate. Then, new caretaker regimes are to take these new relationships and swiftly form policies that free society from the tyranny of the wealthy and powerful, letting an age of renewed democracy and true free republics to flourish.

These are the prime objectives of our Earth allies. Our role is to watch, advise, and if necessary, use our good offices to cajole these things into being. This task is at once pleasurable and difficult: Many major governments have worked secretly to bring about a technology designed to impede what we are talking about. For example, they intended to stage a fake first contact event in order to discredit us with the public. We prevented such things in the past and continue to warn them against such activities in the future.

A special liaison team works with the positive factions in these governments to ensure that the transitional regimes come about. The success of this operation rests on both a legal and a financial foundation, the latter being ready to go. What is taking time is the legal pressure that puts an end to your present governmental tyranny. However, those in charge of this aspect are almost at the point of resolution, which means that the moment of glory and triumph is at hand!

The end point of this stage is first contact. It is the sword that slashes asunder the Gordian knot that is your dark cabal. The dark knows this and has fought tooth and nail to prevent this moment from happening. We are committed to a divine timetable and to a mass landing on your shores. These things are non-negotiable. It is time for the dark to step aside and permit all to occur.

Our patience is infinite; however, the timetable of the Divine is not. When that divine moment is reached, the ships are to land and the time for transformation arrives with us! We have legions of highly trained personnel to help you move quickly into full consciousness. All who wish it are to be transformed, becoming the human sustainers of this solar system and your new star-nation. You are to immigrate to Mars and Venus, and eventually to the reconstituted water-planet Pax [Maldek a planet that existed between Mars and Jupiter and was destroyed], the remains of which form your Asteroid Belt .

This move out into the solar system and then into the galaxy is your divine destiny. There, you can use your great abilities to unfold galactic history and to aid all of physical Creation. These are the reasons, among others, for our presence here and why we are pledged to carry out this mass landing on your world. We do this, of course, with the full supervision and assistance of Heaven. It is your divine Hierarchy that is to accompany us to Mother Earth's surface along with the people from Agartha.

This is the time for reuniting the peoples of the surface world with the Agarthans. It is the moment when the great discrepancies proclaimed long ago by the Anunnaki [like the Biblical Old Testament where they set themselves up as gods and the New Testament that was corrupted by Paul and the Roman church] can be disproved and truths long hidden from you be revealed. These disclosures will put an end to the fictions of the dark and allow Light to spread among you once more.

The Galactic Federation is dedicated to returning you to full consciousness. The present global conditions are ready to fold into the new reality that we have been describing to you. The current situation is rife with delicate matters that cannot be discussed at present. Major governments possess multiple resources which can be called upon in an emergency. Removing these one by one or, more rarely, in clusters requires great expertise and a judicious degree of force, followed by the means to prove the truth of what we tell them. This is happening as we speak and progressing to the moment of change. While we assist as needed, the denouement needs to be between the two major Earth factions: those of the Light and those of the dark. The time for the victory of the Light, and of yours, is imminent!

The ascension to full consciousness continues unabated. Heaven is preparing you for the next round of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes, which are to integrate you to the point where you are ready for the final steps which are to take place in Inner Earth. What we have been describing are the steps required to change the grand illusion that is limited consciousness, which will allow you to accept the Truths embodied in your fifth-dimensional state. The aim is to move you quickly into an acceptance of your True Self and your true abilities. This is to be accomplished by means of the landings and all that swiftly follows. Your destiny is to be a fully conscious one!

Today, we carried on our discussion of what is happening around you. A great change is underway, in which Heaven is to transform you all into fifth-dimensional, fully conscious Beings of Light. All this is transpiring according to the divine decrees of Lord Surea. The Creator is preparing you for a most wondrous surprise! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Rich N



Archangel Uriel - The Importance of the Earth's Ascension


The Earth is the last planet of your solar system to complete the ascension process, which is why your progress is being watched so carefully and assisted as much as possible. When the 13th planet [the 12th is Nibiru and the 13th is a new planet called Pax according to Sheldan] in your solar system is discovered, the ascension process will be complete. At that time your solar system will ascend and you will be able to see the other planets in their true form. This has been hidden from you because you have to complete the ascension process without assistance, as have the other planets.

You will know of the existence of other life forms and beings within your galaxy. The ascension will include your solar system and your galaxy and as you move into higher dimensions a new earth will be born for those who ascend and one for those who do not choose to do so. There are those who are required to stay within the third dimension and assist in additional aspects of the ascension process. They have chosen to do this and this is their contribution to the continuing energetic shifts in the Universe. All is in divine order.

Rich N



Starseeds and their Mission


Starseeds are individuals who feel excitement and longing upon learning that they might have originated from another world. They experience the aloneness and separateness that is the human condition, but also have the sense of being foreigners on this planet. They find the behavior and motives of our society puzzling and illogical. Starseeds are often most reluctant to become involved in the institutions of society, e.g. political, economic, health care, etc. Even at an early age, they tend to discern the hidden agendas of such conventions with unusual clarity."

Definition: "Starseeds" describe evolved beings from another planet, star system or galaxy, whose specific missions are to assist Planet Earth and her peoples to bring in the Golden Age at the turn of the millennium.

Starseeds incarnate into the same conditions of helplessness and total amnesia concerning their identity, origins and purpose as do Earth humans. However, the genes of starseeds are encoded with a "wake-up call" designed to "activate" them at a pre-determined moment in life. Awakening can be gentle and gradual, or quite dramatic and abrupt. In either event, memory is restored to varying degrees, allowing starseeds to consciously take up their missions. Their connections to the Higher Self are also strengthened, permitting them to be largely guided by their inner knowing.

Many starseeds are practiced in rapid "spiritual weight loss". Starseeds can throw off in a few years the limiting behavior patterns and fears that Earth humans might take many lifetimes to accomplish. This is because starseeds, having been on similar missions to other planets, are quite familiar with the procedures and techniques for raising consciousness. The concepts of star ships, intergalactic travel, varied psychic phenomena and sentient life forms in other galaxies, are, of course, natural and logical to them.

Starseed Mission

Because their task is the most difficult one to perform in a very dense dimension such as ours, starseeds were hand-picked from our galaxy and beyond. Few beings would volunteer to do such work at the risk of forgetting who they are and losing their connection with their divine Higher Selves.

Although starseeds make up a very small percentage of Earth's population, their mission is great and varied. Primarily, they must go through this physical life and attempt to remember who they are. When they make that connection, they are drawn to go through a transformational process to become whole, centered and connected with their Higher Selves. Once starseeds realize who they are, they can begin to help enlightened Earth souls to anchor light to Mother Earth.

Starseeds are also here in this Divine Intervention from higher dimensions down to our physical world. This planet cannot survive without the Divine Intervention decreed by our Creator. Starseeds provide the missing link in closing the loop between the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchies, the Elohim and the Time Lords who work in concert to help our planet. Starseeds are awakened and ready to anchor light, perform rituals, meditate and focus energetically upon situations that need to be changed for the good of all.

Starseed Self-Activation Process

For those who know they are starseeds, this is a ONE TIME ONLY activation process. For those who are not sure, this process will allow them to activate themselves. At this time, a lot of starseeds are not activated. Their energies are necessary to help anchor love and light to Mother Earth.

This is a 12-minute process:

1. Sit down, close your eyes, and start a series of three inhalations and exhalations. Inhale Light through the top of your head and down into your body. Exhale all of the stress and worries you have, down through your feet and on down to the earth for about one minute.

2. Place your left hand, palm up, on your left thigh. Your right hand should touch the area one or two inches below your navel. (This is an energy vortex.)

3. Ask the Earth Angels to come to activate this vortex center for you. Stay in this area for about four minutes.

4. Move your right hand up one or two inches above the navel (another energy vortex) and ask the Earth Angels to activate that area for you. Keep your hand there for about five minutes.

5. Now place a hand, palm up, on each thigh and ask the Earth Angels to send a confirmation that you have been activated. Wait about two minutes to receive it.

Now that you have been activated, you are ready to actively participate with the rest of the starseeds in doing rituals and in clearing and balancing your chakra systems. You are asked to stay attuned to learn other ways to help Mother Earth and the population, before the earth changes occur.

Self Multi-dimensional Energy Alignment

As has been explained in Sheldan Nidle’s recent updates, we, the Starseeds, and the rest of Earth’s population, have been aligned energetically through our multidimensional chakra system. However, due to Mother Earth's precarious situation as she labors to give birth to an ascending fourth-dimensional planet, the Galactic Federation scientists, the Angelic Hierarchies, the Elohim and Time Lords have had to prevent Mother Earth from birthing prematurely.

To slow her down, they have used new energy grid patterns and a different time frequency hologram. The direct result is that our multidimensional chakra alignment was disrupted. Consequently, many starseeds experienced physical, emotional and mental blocks that have caused pain and discomfort. To help us to realign and facilitate the work of the Earth’s Angelic realm, a self-healing technique was channeled through my healing guides. It is a simple method that anyone can do to help realign their energies.

The following is the self-healing method, which you can do while seated anywhere:

1. Sit down. Slowly inhale and exhale three times and wait until you feel quiet inside. Then proceed to ask the Earth Angels of Mother Earth to help you realign your chakra energies.

2. Put your right hand two inches below your navel (over an energy vortex) and open your left palm up over your left thigh. You will start to feel energy running through your right hand. Wait until you cannot feel the energy anymore, then remove your right hand, while keeping your left hand as is for the entire process.

3. Move right hand two inches above the navel over another energy vortex and repeat above steps. Remove right hand.

4. Place right hand over the energy vortex above heart. Repeat above steps. Remove right hand.

5. Place right hand over throat, where another energy vortex exists. Repeat above steps.

6. Place right hand over the energy vortex between eyebrows. Repeat above steps. Thank the Earth Angels for their help.

You will experience a release of energy from every energy vortex (chakra) and, when you finish, you will feel clearer, lighter and more balanced. Repeat this simple self-healing exercise every time you feel any kind of discomfort.

How To Become An Active Participant

1. Activate yourself as a Starseed.
2. Align your energy vortices periodically.
3. Be current with the information on the PAO web site.
4. Meditate as often as you feel the need to connect with your inner guidance.
5. Be prepared to help others during moments of crises.
6. Pass along the information you have to those who are ready to hear it.
7. Participate in global meditations and/or rituals.

Love and light, Bil El Masri



Thursday, October 22, 2009

Archangel Michael - The First of 7 Steps - October 17, 2009


The First of 7 Steps

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved Masters of the Light, I again faithfully meet with you now and as always We offer this to you so that you and only you may find your Unity, your Divinity, and your unspeakable joy by reconnecting with what and who you are, beyond the illusion of the 3D matrix that is now more quickly deconstructing before your eyes. Beloved Masters of the Light, I offer you My devotion, My respect and the thanks of all of the Archangelic Conclave for your work and the energy vibration that has raised you to a level that by My Presence today reveals to you the consciousness of your particular role that will be accomplished by My Radiance and the Radiance of the Source, and now also by the Presence of Archangel Uriel, the Archangel associated with the ultimate revelation of your conscious in your return to the Unity while still living in this 3D duality.

Excerpts on Archangel Uriel from: http://www.uriel.com/uriel/

******** Archangel Uriel has been called "the Lord of powerful action". Uriel personifies the Divine Fire that comes down from the Third Aspect of Deity--Universal Mind--penetrating each plane until It reaches the physical. There, the Fire ignites the fusion in the center of the Sun, the fission at the center of the Earth, and the kundalini at the base of the spine [the merger and integration of the Sun, inner Earth, and our kundalini chakras] . It creates worlds, universes, and life--which then await the quickening impulse of the Second Aspect to evolve and grow. The Book of Enoch describes Uriel as "one of the holy angels, who is over the world... the leader of them all." Later we read in the same book: "Uriel showed to me, whom the Lord of glory hath set for ever over all the luminaries of the heaven... the sun, moon, and stars, all the ministering creatures which make their revolution in all the chariots of the heaven." *********

In the physical structure of consciousness in this 3rd dimension you lost knowledge of your Divinity due to this agreement of Divine separation. AA Uriel is the Angel of Presence who now establishes in each of you the ability to vibrate and resonate within your ordinary consciousness the awareness of the Archangelic Presence. This Presence in yourselves is the vibration of your essence and the Vibration of Unity. On each and every 17th day of the month, during this whole period of 24 hours in addition to the Archangelic Radiance We will visit with and welcome in our meetings the Presence and Radiation of Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Presence called the Dove [He spoke of the Dove earlier but now explains this, and as many know this is a symbol of peace.]. As you now perceive We will accomplish these seven steps of vibration during the coming seven months [until May 2010].

On the 17th day of each month We will meet with you at 12 o’clock noon [French time] to bathe you with the energy vibrations so that you may acknowledge and reconnect to your ultimate Essence, your Divinity even in this 3rd density, so that you may gain access to your consciousness and essence. Thus Archangel Uriel, known as the Angel of Presence, by the Light emitted by this vibration to all inhabitants of this Earth, decided by mutual agreement with Ourselves, with the Conclave, with the Source, with the Divine Mary, and in agreement with the 24 Elders, to propose this reconnection to help you move increasingly in this Vibration so you may understand the Truth of your being as star seeds.

Of course in your 3rd dimension a number of elements tried to resist the establishment of the Light in one way or another. Some used illusions while other entities wished to shut you off from this Light, but Our only aim is to prove this Light to you so that you may ultimately eliminate the dual programs of action/reaction in this density created not by Us but by forces opposed to your freedom. Today We want and We desire you to be free and independent. Thus, the presence of the radiation of Archangel Uriel, coupled with My presence and that of the Source, will allow you to adjust and align yourself daily with the vibration and consciousness of your essence, even within your 3D body and your personality during this day.

This revelation should hopefully lead you to ultimately accept what and who you are [as Divinity] and you should not be misled by the illusions that you have been taught. We, the Source, Myself, and Archangel Uriel, bring you the vibration of Light, the vibration of freedom, the vibration of Liberty in your essence in Truth. We the Archangels chose this day (and not another) to make you experience the change of consciousness and the vibrant energy in conjunction with Our work for you, so that this will bring in you the necessary understanding of what the Light is and what it is not. Everyone welcome Archangel Uriel and welcome the energy from the Source.

Receive this overflowing of energy…

Within this vibration and this Light is the ability to resonate and reconnect with your Deity, your infinite reliance on the Source far beyond the limits intended by certain forms of life that have enslaved you and reduced your vibrational level. Today this vibration is the key to the global awakening in this dimension by this most noble energy from the Source. Together with that We will all achieve by these 7 steps the addition of these 7 new chakra lights that will turn on in you all the potential of your major chakra lamps.

The penetration of this vibration in this density and this Light by the grace of the Angel of Presence Archangel Uriel, by the grace of the Source, and by My grace, will give you the reality of what you are, if this is your choice and your desire. We can not wish for anything better or more for you than for your entire return to your Unity, your sovereignty, beyond the intimidation of this world and the illusions of the world order, and in contact with this Angelic Presence you will realize in your heart the Truth and you can move towards implementing it.

Whatever the fears that are used to maintain resistance to Light, they will be fruitless, because We have together overcome and defeated this opposition with the Light. This Light must be seen in its brightness and intensity. You, as Starseeds, as beings who have followed and participated in the Celestial Marriage, have the power to spread this Light and reveal it in this density. For this to proceed you need to welcome, resonate and open these doors in humility and simplicity. When you welcome the Resonance and Presence of the Archangel Uriel, when you welcome the Radiation of the Source and My Radiation, you connect with this intense Vibration in the Truth of your Being. Let us now welcome together this Triple Radiance.

What you now experience is what you will experience each day of each month by the establishment in you of the Presence of your own Light and your own Truth. Within this new foundation, even within this 3rd dimension, you will become Sowers of the Light, not by your will or by your decision, not by any interest, but only by achieving alignment between your persona and your essence. You can therefore experience what I have called the Archangelic Presence that floods and baths you in the Light of Love which is the Vibrating Light of Unity. You will become a hearth of vibrant and pulsating Love and Light anywhere on Earth. Let us welcome this together, united in Love and Truth.

This Fire of Love is the vibration, the Light, the illumination and the transformation from what imprisons you in this 3rd dimension. These days of illusion are numbered, the influence of this illusion on your destiny, your perceptions, your beliefs will diminish. Your field of consciousness at the level of your spirit will expand and vibrate to a new frequency where you can become (if you so desire) co-creators of the new Truth, co-creators of the new 5th dimension . For this to occur you must receive and experience this Angelic Presence within.

The very memory of that day will allow the readjustment of your consciousness by this vibration; it will be possible for you to literally reconnect with this vibration. If you agree to this, if you understand this you will see that many things will effectively change in you and around you by the vibration of your own Presence [you will also possess this Archangelic Presence as a member of Divinity]. Disorders, illnesses, imbalances will disappear spontaneously just by your Presence.

The circumstances of your life that you seemed troubled by will be alleviated by your Presence and your vibration. This is the capability that you requested and is now available: the ability to accommodate the vibration of the Fire of Love, to let it grow and reveal itself and prove to the world in silence and humility without any words, because these words are from you and are also from the Presence. You will be able to act within the Presence because this action reinforces the Presence, you will be able to meditate because meditation strengthens this Presence.

The right action, the right intention, the right glance will rekindle in you the vibration of the Fire of Love, this vibrational presence. You will if you wish find your total opportunity to be free, even within this density. More and more human beings who have now completed the Celestial Marriage [Unity with Divinity] are now realizing that they have this new ability to travel within their essence. What is offered today is even greater, because you're allowed, within the ordinary 3D consciousness and personality to experience this Presence and essence in Unity. This will allow you to reveal more of yourself in the Fire of Love, in the light of Truth to others. Welcome this energy.

Henceforth, the radiant crown of your heart or the heart chakra will be awakened, and the radiant crown chakra of your head will also be awakened by the keys of Metatron (that are becoming increasingly common now in humanity) allowing this in you and allowing Archangel Uriel to reveal this transformation in you and to you. Thus is born the new covenant and the new Gospel, the Reunification of the Gospel of Peace, the Gospel of Presence, so that you beloved Masters of Light may cultivate and maintain this Fire, this Love and this Light.

Your Liberation, your joy and your eternity are there in this new covenant. By abiding in this interior area and this vibration, you will discover many things that have been hidden and obscured until now. You can meet other minds in other dimensions. Because the vibration of the Heart, the Fire of Love, the Unity, and the multi-dimensional levels of Unity beyond this dimension are present in you, you have access to this now. This month, and during the period from October 17 to November 17, the first chakra lamp at the top of your skull, called Sahasrara will be activated and you can receive all of the Triple energies of the Source, of Archangel Uriel, and Myself.

[Wiki: Sahasrara, in position with 1000 petals above the head crown chakra is known as "the supreme center of contact with God",]

On the 17th day of each month We will breathe the intensity of this vibrational energy into your own physical body to produce little by little the entire Light and Presence in all your chakra lamps. All Humanity is now going through a major change, a change where the Light can be established, where the Presence can be established in your own life if you so desire. We understand that your desire may still be to maintain the experiences of this 3D illusion. In that case We fully respect your free will. Our love for you is eternal, far beyond the illusions and beliefs that you've established and that you will continue to build on. We see beyond your limitations and what We see is even greater than all your wildest dreams.

So we urge you to be what you want to be, whatever the choice, being fully aware that the only thing that can keep you from your choice (the choice of living in the Light of Unity or continuing to participate in the games of darkness) is fear. Only you can make this choice, and you must live by these rules of free will. We came to you and We will continue to come more powerfully in the Light and Love to propose this to you, but We will never impose this on you.

You must make your own judgments in your soul and conscience within yourselves. No one else outside of yourself can judge you. Only the vibration of the Light reaching a certain threshold which I call the Fire of Love and Revelation of the Presence will be able to set you free, because this is your choice, this is your conscience, and this is ultimately your life and your evolution. Activate this now, in full by this Triple Radiance, this Fire of Love, this Presence, within your crown chakra.

Beloved Masters of the Light, if you accept what We by My Triple Presence of energies offer you on the 17th day of every month you will be able (depending on your beliefs and your convictions) to align with the Presence, not only at the noon hour but during all hours of that day [thus you can join this meeting at any hour on the 17th]. The Archangel Uriel will pour upon you the radiant energy of the Presence. The Source will also accompany this Angelic Presence on this special day. Beloved Masters of the Light, I conclude my remarks with these simple words: thank you. I will be back later in the day to open a time for questioning that may be more practical in your daily lives. In particular what is conveyed is beyond words and includes the concepts of the Fire of Love and Presence. I propose now that you abide in this Presence in silence until the end of this meeting.

AA Uriel's Message -- The World is Ending --October 19, 2009
from: http://www.lightworkers.org/channeling/90648/uriels-message-world-ending-october-19-2009

The world as you know it is coming to an end. This is not an end of the physical world, which you fear may bring earth changes that will disrupt your life although some of the physical world will change. But your material world is an illusion that you create, it is a manifestation of the collective consciousness. This is the end of the world that Jesus spoke about, where the lion and lamb would lie together, the end of duality and polarity and the end of the world which reflects it.

Every beginning requires an ending and the world as it is in this moment must end in order for a new one to manifest. Rise beyond the limitations of the physical which creates fear because you believe that the world of your five senses is the only world that exists. There are many worlds beyond what you can see in the third dimension through your physical presence. To not fear the end of the world you must expand your thinking beyond what you can see and remember what you have been taught, that the partnership with ego and spirit, the blending of material and spiritual, the creation of heaven on earth, is the next step on humanity's journey.

What do you do when that which you have been working towards finally arrives? For some this is the end of a long journey. For others their work will take on new aspects and for many, the work has just begun. There are people who are hungry for new knowledge and understanding, those who are ready to take a leap of faith and need to know where they will land. The new world is being birthed at this moment and you are part of its creation. It is a new life, waiting for your guidance because the new world is your creation, it is your gift to the Universe, the creation of new hope and potential for humanity.

You have brought the human experience full circle, which includes the Earth's experience as an ego-based energy, and all ego-based structures are ending because they have fulfilled their purpose. The ending allows an expansion into higher vibrations of spirit, encompassing all you have been and creating new potentials. The earth will not die, as it is necessary for the next part of this unfolding journey. Be in joy for the new world is being created and you will create a smooth transition through your learning, guidance and love. Celebrate the end of the old world, be glad for the proof of your efforts and bring the new world in with love, gratitude and joy.

My Comments: AA Michael’s message is somewhat short, but He says that He would be back later that day to answer questions, so we may receive this part later after it has been finished. I feel that His explanations to questions we have are very important, but we should understand that due to daily decisions and realignments certain statements may be delayed or changed, although general principles that He gives will remain valid and beneficial to all.

His meetings are now limited to once a month after disappointing results from His intense weekly sessions that saw only minimal movements to the Light this year. It is my personal opinion that it will take more than increased energy to bring on a mass awakening that many new agers and even the angelic realms speak of but I am open to these actions. Most channelers say we will receive crystalline bodies while AA Michael says these bodies will be eternal bodies of Light, but this may be a matter of semantics and a misunderstanding only.

I recently mentioned controversial material that is sexually related, and AA Metatron spoke through a messenger about cosmic sex that will be available later. My feeling is that this is accurate because in the future we can have sex [orgasms] and children at anytime depending on our wishes without any side effects or even without partners. AA Anael said that angels have and enjoy sex also but that it would not be understood by us. Many have sexual thoughts daily, although the actions in reality usually involve only a few minutes daily or weekly or even yearly, and there are many taboos and it is little understood by most. Some get married for sex and find that after reality sets in and the honeymoon is over the passion has gone.

Some may have heard of the brilliant German scientist Wilhelm Reich who worked for the CIA in the 50’s. His job was to develop mind control programming 50 years ago, and he found that during the peak of sex [orgasm] the mind could be completely controlled. He said he was betrayed by those who hired him and all of his work was used for evil intent [what else is new], and he wished he had not participated in this. Insiders said that orgasm machines that had the same results were later developed and used by top secret black ops programs in their mind control programs but were not released to the public. This would have solved many problems with over population and rape if it had been disclosed. Many end up with unwanted results from sex when all they wanted was an orgasm, which is similar to eating when one gets hungry.

When ETs are mentioned people often think of the greys (those short beings with big heads who were responsible for most abductions) or other negatives, but we should be thinking of the Pleidians, the Sirians, the Ascended Masters, and those of inner Earth who are all working together along with Divinity in the ascension of Earth and its inhabitants to 5th dimension. Remote viewers said that during their visions of the future they were blocked at 2012. AA Michael said that by 2013 3D Earth will not exist and only those with bodies of Light will exist on the new 5D Earth. He has not yet spoken of decision time for our future that He said expired on Sept. 30.

USA TODAY: According to a new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll most Americans do not believe President Obama should have won the Nobel Peace Prize, and are divided on whether the award is a good thing, Sixty-one percent of respondents said Obama did not deserve to win the prize announced on Oct. 9, according to the poll; 34% said he did deserve the honor. When asked if they were personally glad that Obama won the award, 46% said they were and 47% said they were not glad. USA TODAY/Gallup conducted the poll Oct. 16-19, surveying 1,521 adults. The margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Washington Post: President Obama received a seasonal flu shot Tuesday afternoon, a White House official said. A White House physician administered the shot while accompanying the president on a trip to New York, where he is attending fund-raisers for the Democratic Party and a House candidate. The first lady and Obama girls had received their seasonal flu vaccines previously. The seasonal flu shot does not vaccinate against the H1N1 swine flu virus, and Obama is not in one of the groups -- such as pregnant women, health-care workers and those under age 24 -- designated as high-priority for receiving the scarce H1N1 vaccine.

I neither support Obama nor attack him but only await a change. Obama is still promoting flu shots and he said he will take the H1N1 swine flu shot later, so he is either ignorant or deceitful on this issue. If he became sick there are many waiting in line as walk in souls who would love to have that job and bring the change he promised but has yet to deliver. Unemployment and foreclosures continue to rise with no signs of improvement, and much of the world no longer uses the dollar.

Dr. Michael Salla on the Obama Nobel Peace Prize

“As the newly crowned Nobel Peace Prize winner, President Obama will have the necessary prestige and opportunity in Oslo to announce to the world the truth about extraterrestrial life. Doing so would open up the ultimate peace frontier - peaceful relations with galactic visitors. President Obama has a number of advisors and Cabinet officials who are familiar with the existence of extraterrestrial life, and the six decades long cover up of the reality behind UFOs. These include his Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair; his National Security Advisor, James Jones; his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton; his Director of Central Intelligence, Leon Panetta; and his NASA administrator, Charles Bolden. These officials have at various stages received briefings, either formally or informally, concerning extraterrestrial life. Behind the scenes of the Obama administration, there has been an ongoing attempt to lay the foundations for disclosure of extraterrestrial life, possibly as soon as the end of this year.”

Dr. Michael Salla on Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent

“An official announcement by the Obama administration disclosing the reality of extraterrestrial life is imminent. For several months, senior administration officials have been quietly deliberating behind closed doors how much to disclose to the world about extraterrestrial life. Dissatisfaction among powerful institutions such as the U.S. Navy over the decades-long secrecy policy has given a boost to efforts to disclose the reality of extraterrestrial life and technology.

Over the period February 12-14, 2008, the United Nations held closed doors discussions where approximately 30 nations secretly agreed on a new openness policy on UFOs and extraterrestrial life in 2009. The openness policy was implemented but never publicly announced due to threats against UN diplomats not to disclose details of the secret agreement. h The secret UN agreement was based on two conditions. First, UFOs would continue to appear around the world; and second, the openness policy would not lead to social unrest in liberal democracies. Both conditions have been satisfied making it possible for the next stage to begin – official disclosure of extraterrestrial life.”

There has been much talk about October 27 being an historic day in our future, the day that some say will bring exposure of the bankrupt US and actions by China and other nations and a possible banking holiday and shut down for up to one week. There are reports that some credit card companies are charging over 100% interest on credit cards [some would call that juice loans that can never be repaid] or canceling them without notice.

CitiBank starts closing Master cards without warning

Shannon Burdette tried to pay with her Shell Master card after filling up her gas tank this weekend but found the card rejected. Citibank would not say why the cards in question were shut down, issuing a statement that said only it continuously evaluates its products. No law, including the Credit CARD Act that has started to take effect, prevents banks from closing down credit accounts without warning [unless you have signed a long term agreement that specifies fees and longevity].

Credit card issuers all maintain the right, typically listed in the fine print on credit card agreements. Citibank is not the healthiest bank. In fact, Citi posted $8 billion in consumer credit losses for its third quarter last week, including both mortgages and credit cards. Like many banks with big consumer lending portfolios, Citi is expecting defaults on credit cards to rise in coming months. Credit card delinquencies typically track the unemployment rate, which is at 9.8 percent and is expected to top 10 percent soon [due to unemployment and the permanent recession. Like all major banks, trillions of useless derivatives are still hidden in off shore accounts that are not discussed or permitted under Basel 3 banking laws.] There are numerous reports that Bank of America has guards posted in many branches in preparation for anticipated problems that may occur soon.

AA Michael speaks here of 7 steps of energy that will be transmitted one each month until May 2010, so when these are complete I will merge them as I did with the 12 virtues. There are many scenarios that are being discussed now including the 3 days of darkness known as a magnetic pole shift. The magnetosphere was at a low level until today when there was a boost but it has not yet reached zero, and AA Michael was asked about it recently. His response was a basic no comment [this is not His job], and He said we should not be concerned about it as it will occur at some date, but we should focus on our spiritual inward development instead. There is also talk of NESARA and ET disclosure and status quo so the possibilities are endless, but only time will tell.

Rich N



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Archangel Anael Q & A September 20, 2009

Translated from French http://www.autresdimensions.com/article.php?produit=417

Question: Should I continue the energy exercises that I now practice?

Your truth is found within you, it has always been there in the Heart. It is yours to do what you think is good for you right now in order to master even more deeply the Truth of your Heart, the truth of your essence. This can be found by a veteran who has mastered this technique or it can be done simply by a child. Each stage of consciousness lies in simplicity. If you continue to perform this exercise in simplicity then do it. There are no obstacles, there is no one technique that is better than another, there are simply things that lead you in simplicity and others that divert away from it. Do you feel at ease by doing these exercises? If the answer is yes, then continue. If the answer is no, then change and stop this action.

Question: Is my way of living more favorable than another?

Some people today are attracted magnetically by world regions [and local traditions] where they live. This can sometimes be linked to the past resonance [former life], while sometimes it is resonant in relation to this current life. Again, the answer is what you feel in your Heart: If your Heart tells you to go there, then do it; If you question this and the answer that is received is not of your Heart or the vibration of your essence then do not do it. This is simple and it is the same on both your professional, family and geographical levels. However I would like to add something that is obvious to Us: the path of simplicity shows that this direction of change is beneficial. The path of simplicity is the way in which things are done easily and without barriers. If there is resistance, if there is opposition, it is your signal that it's not your way. Things must become simpler.

Some dictates and impulses of the soul now emerging in your consciousness direct you to necessary changes to the establish this in simplicity. This must again be in simply and without resistance. I refer of course to resistance and especially to external resistance. If you feel attracted to a place or a person but if things do not line up, it certainly is not of the Light. Why? Because the Light is Intelligent and Creative Intelligence is the Light, and it makes things still simpler and flowing as the Source of this Light is the Source.

There is no other alternative today because there is no longer the lower dimension that you experienced before, where a number of things in time sometimes took longer to materialize or occur. Today everything seems faster, you seem caught up in a whirlwind, both in the sense of what you want to do and in the sense of what you do not want to do. Whatever happens, this is the Intelligence of Light. When you have the inner certainty and you demonstrate this, you will not find any obstacle to your Unity.

Question: Could you talk about the Circle of Twelve?

The Circle of Twelve? Do you speak of the Circles of Fire of the Ancients? These Ancient Circles of Fire are structures (as has already been mentioned by others than myself) having been put in place a long time ago now in ancient times dating back over hundreds of thousands of years, where particular structures outside your dimension and your living realms were built that will eventually realign the Light with the axis within the Earth and within your own Light. There are seven Circles as you know. However, it is not yours to know where they are physically in their locations, but just to awaken this memory in you if this is allowed by you and is possible.

They are not, as I said, places of healing. They are places outside your dimension. They are places where you can in advance experiment with the energies of other [higher] dimensions. They are not multidimensional gates or locks. They are simply guides of Light. However, you can use this special vibrational radiance. It is actually more of Archangelic Radiance, but in these cases it is called the Radiance of the Ancients, who have also been called the Titans [in mythology] and erroneously the Nephilim, who had supposedly sinned with women [by having sex with them].

But there was no misconduct other than the spreading of these lies by the evil men who sought to enslave you. The Nephilim are highly-dimensional beings. They have worked to make this higher dimension arrive on Earth today so that we may all soon experience this, so you should thank them. The Radiance of these particular circles of fire actually are attracted to the twelve lamps [chakras] and twelve vibrations. It is directly connected also to the Light that is organized, intelligent and structured within the 5th dimension, as a hexagon is the characteristic of Light beyond your dimension. This will involve you soon.

Question: Am I on my right path?

Today, if you go the way of simplicity, the way of evidence of what is offered by Divine Providence (and this is not a pun) you are necessarily on the right path. Today, because of the presence of Light in your dimension, the attainment of the ultraviolet radiation and the different qualities of vibrational energies transmitted by the realms of Light, every human being is in resonance in his own way. However, if there is the desire in you to change by what I call the Hayoth Hakodesh [the angelic Seraphim], this corresponds to a reality that needs to be implemented in you. You are now at the final stage of adjustments for compliance and authenticity in your paths. This is strictly the Truth. Follow this Light and you will be transformed by the Grace of the Light in your new path.

Question: When we have a choice to make how can we determine the actual decision with the Heart?

Beloved, these choices may be different for one person or another, and it is not necessarily the same for one as for another, but you will be given a certain level of freedom because from the moment your Heart is open in all things, there is no correct single answer and the answer for everything is at a united level. So in these cases, you will find the necessary Unity for your choices and you are totally free in your choice, just as others are free to seek the truth, even if those paths seem contradictory and conflicting to you. This comes by learning that the ultimate freedom provided by the Heart for what you do is always to be oriented in the direction of the Light, in the sense of goodness within the meaning of the Truth and the Unity. So do not doubt this.

As and when the Light enters your field of awareness, this vibration and consciousness will show that you are stabilized in the Heart. Being stabilized in the Heart, actually, there is more opportunity to answer either yes or no because the answer is everything. It is yours to decide, not by the Heart nor the mind, but by the evidence [proof]. So, in some cases, the vibration of the Heart will be perhaps higher or more present than in the other cases.

It is your responsibility to make the decision for yourself and yet, if the vibration, its presence and pressure remains the same, you have at this moment, the free choice yourself entirely. By the Grace of your Heart that is open and alert you have answered this by your ability to choose in full transparency. There is no optional choice in these cases, no positive choice. You have total freedom to pursue your path to the Light that is one or the other because you are already in the Light, and making one choice or another will change very little the quality of the vibration that you have become. That is the simple answer, dear soul.

Question: Is it better to help others through information or by personal assistance?

Information is assistance. Today, the words and the vibration have as much power as the treatment itself. You must go without hesitation in simplicity, for the simplicity of what you are shows in what you do. As a therapist, you do not need countless techniques that have been needed to handle others because now you have the gift and with this gift you do not need to clutter their heads with these techniques. You just have to be and in your being you radiate this process in Light. So if you feel the desire to engage in this assistance then beloved continue.

Question: How should we act when we are a healer of souls [empaths]?

A healer of souls beloved is a state of being. This state does not need mastering. This is done by your own presence and by your own radiation. So, yes many souls here now are healers. They literally release trapped souls in pain and suffering from memories in their past experiences. These souls are stabilizers at the vibrational level, even if their sensitivity is often wasted in terms of this world [because they do not realize they have this ability or do not desire to use it to help others]. However, there is no standard technique. This simply consists of being and asking for assistance.

Question: I was talking about dead people [ghosts].

Me too.

Question: Is it always necessary or even useful to examine and explore past lives?

If you feel the need to enter at the ground level beloved, in what I call the Law of Grace, then you have to deal with this action/reaction [consequences]. The action-reaction is the duality that leads you inexorably to your reincarnation [and can bring pain and confusion to some]. To believe that you'll free yourself by exploring the past is an illusion. I even believe that Buddhists have said that themselves. There can be a complete release from all past actions that have caused you pain, but this release comes with love and only love and forgiveness by oneself [and a new start]. Then of course, if in your point of view, you understand and accept that you are beyond the action/reaction, you need to take the path of thanksgiving and accept it.

At this point, you will not need to know what was in your past or what you are now suffering because they will be transformed by the Light of Love and Truth. [Some ET contactees like Billy Meier have been shown their past lives on large screens, and this has helped them better understand themselves in their current lives. Until now memories of past lives have been erased so that we start over again after each incarnation, but this will change for those who will ascend into 5D.]

Question: I sometimes feel that my experiences do not allow me to meet enough good people in my life, especially persons with whom to share everything I encounter?

You must at this level dear friend have a change of consciousness. The vibrational state where you are at may help someone who is opposed to you here. You should ask yourself why do you need to be in his presence? Is it for support? He will need to be illuminated by what you are and it will assist the Light, and that will benefit humanity, even people you do not know. This is more important. Some paths go through the loneliness and the test of vibration in love, without being able to apparently share the reality of their Light with others.

Question: Is our simple energy sufficient to transform what might not be beneficial in our diet?

Dearly beloved, I doubt that if you eat arsenic your energy will transform it. So it should still be done within reason. As I said the important thing is not so much the quantity and quality of the liquids or solid foods that lead your digestive efforts to divert the flow of energy consciously to your Heart at the level of the solar plexus during digestion, but the important thing is the spiritual awakening in the Heart. The action taken by digestion brings you to the lower chakras [lowers your vibration], unless you agree to eat things much lighter and of the Light, but I have already spoken about this. You can with your hands and with your Spirit of course assist this but you can not radically change the chemical composition of the food, at least not for now [in 3D, but you will be able to later in 5D]. You can raise the vibratory rate of any food, but you can not fully transform it.

Question: How can we live as a couple when the other is not open minded to all this?

Well, my friend, if I can call you that, I said that we must understand that some people have never been accustomed to experience anything other than natural feminine sensibility that you ladies have possessed until now. The male is so made up that it was he who created these [male dominated] laws. These laws have deprived you of freedom and now they want to control you. Ladies, I do not call for revolution, I call on you to just remain in the calmness and serenity [as these days of slavery will soon end]. Love is not an empty word, Love is not a hypothetical addition; Love is now and if you ladies are in love, your men will take it or leave it. It can not be otherwise. You do not have to convince them other than by the vibration of your being. You should not demand the other to change. You must remember this as mothers and as women, understand it and be sure that those who accompany you will follow this [by your choice of companionship]. There is no need to try to convince [or change] them.

Man develops through force and control [in his macho role]. The woman makes changes by her sweetness. You must understand this ladies, and accept it totally. Many women today seek, within the relationship, to become merely human [and compromise and lower themselves to coexist with others who are on a lower level]. You are not created for that ladies: you are made to establish the home as a role model that will welcome and love the Lord. Your mission is sacred.

Men have wanted to deprive you through the various churches and spiritual movements and religions [many religions treat women as slaves and inferior to men], but it does not work because you are the foundation of life and you are the foundation of the Light. So you are what are you, and there is no need to seek to impose this on your men, for they will realize at that moment that love is very coordinated and it is Truth. There is no need to convince others of what you are. Do not try to communicate or prove this. You are the proof and you are the book [that all can read, so there is no need to consciously show others this]. So what more could you want? [After I typed this I heard a 3 second ringing in my right ear that seemed to say Amen.]

I note, however, that Archangels have no sex, even if We present ourselves as men. Our names have nothing to do with masculinity. We are androgynous. By even our eternity and our vibration, we are closer to you ladies, because we are like you at a higher level [women are generally more loving and compassionate while men are more violent and cruel].

Question: Will I find my child who has died on other levels?

Souls intersect and separate within this density by rules from the Lord during this journey and incarnation. You encounter a number of bereavements and separations, but also a reunion. This rediscovery that I expressed is not a reunion in the flesh but of the Spirit. The contact is possible. Remember my beloved, you are now in a period where the distance between the dimensions has almost disappeared. You are very close to eternity, you are very close to the dimensions of the Archangels and the plans of the Light, and you can contact in spirit those close to you who have traveled with you during some moments. They had to share with you some things through their sacrifice of incarnation. The sacrifice of a very young soul that leaves is a great sacrifice.

You must thank him because it allowed you to open yourself to other prospects and some truths. Today the touch, vibration and consciousness with souls that you've encountered has become possible because these souls often are no longer in the limbo of reincarnation [the place of waiting where those who die remain until a new body is available] but in the spheres of release, pending the timely adjustment and the dimensional transformation of this solar system to a higher dimension where you belong. This is coming soon. You must then rejoice because that which was hidden, what has been removed will return, not in the flesh but in the Spirit. So actually you will recover what you lost. This will remove the pain and the illusion of separation in you because there was never any separation other than in your current dimension.

Question: By transferring energy, I sometimes can not be sufficiently aligned.

My beloved, you must accept that you shall not transfer anything other than what We allow you to transfer. So you must transfer your gift in yourself and not by using the gift of what you call energy or consciousness outside of you. The alignment must be made at the time We choose, then you will be complete. At that time, there will be no obstacle that you will consciously encounter that is apart from you but only what is given you. There is no ego there, only Truth. You have to control yourself before you can seek something outside of you externally. This is very attractive indeed, but calling something external to yourself often prevents you from finding your internal essence and your truth.

You must first find your Truth and Essence. "Seek the Kingdom of Heaven and the rest will be added unto you." Then align yourself in the Unity and at that time the transfer will happen automatically, without any risk whatsoever. Do you understand that? As you abandon yourself to this by surrendering yourself to the Light, to the Truth in the fluidity of the Unity, everything becomes possible. Then you can perform this alignment. This is not a mental task but is a work of abandonment in relation to the Unity that you are a part of before touching the Unity of another. In short We ask you to live in the Unity. Rediscover the joy of being who you are and the rest will be added unto you, as Christ said. There is no other alternative.

Question: Why is Mary's mantle blue?

Mary can wear any cloaks of Creation. Her mantle is originally related to the Sirian dimension and the 18th dimension. This is the same cloak that AA Michael wears, the blue mantle of compassion, that you call the Blue Buddha of Medicine in other traditions. Mary is one who can also wear different robes of Light.

Question: When traveling, I have had very strong emotional feelings in some places. Why?

Beloved friend, this is an emotional memory, this emotion is the result of a memory. You travel into places where you already journeyed in other places at other times by other memories and emotions of others. In some of these trips you literally reconnect to the emotional joy or sadness or fear that you have experienced [in previous lives]. It is a reconnection with the energy of the past. [It is said that those who have bad dreams are reconnecting to bad experiences that they had in previous lives. Some may fear heights and ledges and experience bad dreams because they fell to their death in an earlier life.]

This is neither good nor bad. This is to live and to transcend and overcome. There is no need to look at any expense, origin or cause. Just understand these memories and recollections and emotions, because in your travels you've been there before in an earlier time. It happens to everyone who encounters places where they earlier traveled to, but you should not attach importance to this. Simply experience the excitement of this sudden reconnection, but this is not you now, for you are beyond all your past reconnections. You need to liberate and free yourself and find your current essence. As the Source said, rid yourself of any weight tied to your past, and remain as unencumbered as possible.

You are beyond the past [it is over and it is best not to dwell on this], for you are living in the present moment and are near your eternity. You may find at this moment an eternity through which memories are waking up in you. You need to free yourself of this without too much exertion. You must find the ultimate moment, the ultimate truth, and the joy gradually as you approach your central essence. It is now much easier to achieve this by meditation of the Heart and by stopping your endless trivial activities. In your lives many of you will find the common dimension of the Heart. You do not know yet how to stabilize this energy in your presence but it is a learning experience. It comes fast.

Satisfaction in your lives does not come to you in the business that you have, whether good or evil, but it is only in establishing your presence in the vibration of the Heart. So, do not attach importance to these emotional memories, for it belongs to the past and has reconnected with you, but you only need to find a reconnection to eternity at this moment. Every human soul has to perform this task. You are not what you've been. Although some say that you are the result of your past, this was true earlier but today, before the revelation of your eternity, before the revelation of Light, but you should be aware that you are beyond the roles you have played in the past and are of the Light and nothing else. [Many older people tend to enjoy reliving pleasant moments in the past and seek to escape the present turmoil, but these moments are over. There is only a need to focus on improving the current conditions and preparing for the eternal future.]

Question: What will become of the animals in this dimensional transformation [to 5D]?

Beloved I will only tell you that they will go where they should go. The animals have reception areas after dying [like humans]. There are many mansions in the Father's house for you, not only for human souls but also for the animal souls [they have various levels of souls also, and some are more advanced than some humans]. The animal soul is being personalized. Many animal souls are becoming aware of their individuality. So this is what is in store for your pets that you call domestic animals and certain breeds. These are being individualized [humanized] and will have a chance to find this individualization without being cut off from the Source because the Source has so decreed this. The worlds of division and separateness will simply exist no more, so do not worry either for the children or for the animals. [Some animals like insects and reptilians that will not adapt to this new world will end up elsewhere to continue their evolution, and the lion will lie down with the lamb.]

You should not worry in the sense of fear, but you should focus on your Essence and vibrate in your Heart to the Light. That alone is important. Everything else will be added unto you, as Christ said.

Question: What does the term service to others mean?

To serve others is not service, in the physical sense. This service may be merely a glance or an intention. To love and serve is to bless every human being you meet. You can bless them, then go your way. You must love every human being you meet, by a look, a smile, or by your attention. You do not need to engage in their lives intimately. You do not need to commit your all in aiding the sick or using so-called therapeutic healing. However, every human being is capable of loving. Love means attention. Love is a glance, Love is a vibration. This is sufficient for now. If you come to love a dozen people every day, without judging, without availing yourself of anything [not demanding anything from them in return], but only in the beauty of the moment, the beauty of a smile, the beauty of an intention, then your life changes completely, you can be certain of that. To love and serve is all that is needed. [Many children feel neglected by their parents and merely want love and attention.]

This does not necessarily include complex actions involving professional business or charitable investment or a particular investment in your family [spending a lot of money on others or giving to the poor is not needed]. Above all only attention and attitude is needed. To love and serve is all that is required, living in kindness without judgment and bringing your Light and your love and blessing is what is important. This blessing does more good than the hand you extend in assistance to those you can reach. This is Service. The gaze, attention, praise, without judgment is the best service you can give to all of humanity, to all people that you meet. You do not need to meet thousands of people every day in service. Some who live alone should merely try to show their love for others. Learning to love is as simple as that.

Question: Since my birth I have a gift to heal. Is this my right path?

Any gift is a gift of the Spirit. Any gift should be used, provided it gives you joy and enlightenment. There's no question beyond this. Is this the right way? The path is simply the direction that assists others, the path that leads you to experience this in simplicity is your path. The gift of healing is a gift that must be used with humility [some desire fame and fortune using these gifts]. Many of you have been called to live this. This may be a part of your life in the future, or merely an experience in this time period. You do not have to ask the correctness or accuracy of this whether to do this or not. If you do follow this path and it brings you joy in yourself and in others, whatever the means, then this is right and this is true. Do not let the mind dictate this or make you doubt what you should do. Truth and proof are not at the level of the intellect or the mind but in the reality that you produce and the result that is seen in others by what you do.

Question: What is the difference between the heart and the spirit?

The heart [this can also be translated as the soul] and the spirit [your eternal body and essence] are two different concepts, and any discussion of this is quite complex. The heart is polarization and attraction, the heart is the bond between the body and the spirit. The spirit is Unity and Light. The heart is tinted, the heart sees a veiled and a distorted Light that serves to demonstrate this to you in this density, but your essence is not the heart, you are not the body, you are the Spirit. In this sense it is what is called star seeds. You are an animated body of energy, what some have called a soul or a spirit, but you do not have all of the consciousness of your Spirit at this time.

All of your Spirit is waiting for you in the sun [in a higher dimension], it is your eternal body, your Body of Light or your Body of Crystal [that you will receive at the time of ascension]. You now have merely a spiritless copy of this resonance in this 3D life that you live. It is as if you left your coat (your interior Divine essence) in the cloak room to live in this 3rd density and you forgot what or who you are, and you live in this body sometimes at the soul level but rarely in the spirit level. The spirit is Light, the spirit is the absence of polarity [duality], the spirit is Unity. So there is a great difference between the heart/soul and the spirit, because the heart/soul only allows the body to communicate sometimes with the Spirit.

The heart/soul is an intermediate layer serving you in this density and in your experiences in this world. In addition, there is no heart/soul, there is only Spirit, the Spirit that you will find is eternity, your essence, and the Crystal Light. This body is where you will find this eternity. It is in reality a body that is not conscious. You may have a spark of consciousness, a fragment of authentic Light, but you are much more than that. You are not this body, you are not this heart/soul.

The body and the heart/soul are merely vehicles that you borrowed during this time period to reveal this to you in this experience in this duality. You are Spirit, Truth and Unity. The Spirit is not the heart/soul, much less the body. Soon you will be choosing between the 3D existence and the 5D essence, that is between the 3D body and the spirit [your eternal body]. How do you choose to live? Will it be in spirit, in eternity, in truth, or will it be to remain within the experience of 3D duality. Remember this: you are all without exception conscious of the existence and the reconnection through the Celestial Marriage of your eternal body of essence. This was decided by the Source, this was decided by the higher beings that are understood by your perception.

Question: What are the bright colors that we can now see in meditation?

The colors that you see with your eyes closed are the Lights from your 3rd eye. There are, as I have said on numerous occasions, different vibrational levels. Each vibrational level reached during the meditations using the 3rd eye, or even in other chakras, give you access to this colorful collection. This perception of colored lights is a level of energy.

The 3rd eye can create different shapes, different colors, leading you to the white Light. What you see with your eyes closed during your meditations is an indicator of the vibrational level that you have of course attained. The Light and the color that you view in your meditation is not the final outcome however but only an intermediary level. The ultimate goal is achieved in your ear because it is a more subtle vibration that color. The sound is a wavelength, in fact a more subtle level of your soul and your spirit.

So you must experience a number of sounds to get beyond this sound and enter eternity, where there is color, where there is more sound, but where there are shapes of silence, colors of silence, and sounds of silence. At this point you leave your body and you travel to the other side that is in eternity. At this point, you are allowed to live what many mystics have described (and they could not unfortunately truly describe this) in words [such as out of body experiences or astral travel] because it is beyond words. This relates to the unspeakable, and it touches the Divine, and there are no words for it. However there are indeed again mountains to climb, steps and prerequisites that are needed to be experienced [it does not come easy]. But you must understand that these steps are not the goal. You must go beyond color, beyond the light, beyond the sound to enter the worlds of beingness and eternity.

Only by the silence (Archangel Michael spoke of this at the last Celestial wedding and many of you have had difficulty achieving this due to a number of obstacles that We will try to remove) can you realize that, as you step into infinity, you step into the unspeakable reality of what you are beyond this appearance and this dimension. At that time the veil is lifted and is rent asunder for you, and your life will never be the same as you step into your eternal body of essence and you will thus straddle two worlds. You are not of this world but you will still be in this world because your mission will then be to transmit the language of Light, the language of the Fire of Love, not through words but through the radiation that you possess simply by being in Joy, unconsciously participating in the creation and the Song of Creation, by entering these dwellings of eternity, by receiving the eternal body of Light that awaits you in the sun. This is coming soon.

Question: What are the causes of cancer in children?

Cancer of a child does not come from the child but is inherited from the parents. The child accepts this vibration and sacrifices his body to enable the parents to free themselves of this cancer. However, this is not inevitable nor does it always happen like this. Many psychologists have understood and demonstrated this. This is simple to see - just review the history of the parents, and you will see that the primary cause and the foundational element of the cancer within the child's own body stems from his parents. Each child with cancer has a history of his parents suffering from this. The inner child must be found in the parent responsible for cancer. They are responsible but there is no guilt or blame. It is distributed by their vibration, related to their own experiences, and is manifested in their offspring through this genetic transfer from generation to generation. This is an important awareness to possess.

Helping children is an act of Love and Grace, but helping the parents recover solves the problem by preventing this in their children. Thus it is necessary to decode and trace the history of the injured child, not only in children with cancer, but more importantly to visit and assist one of the two parents. Finding and curing this cancer in one of the parents can in most cases alleviate the suffering of their children who allowed this in them at that time, and this will relieve the degree of suffering in their children. [There are numerous free or low cost for cures for cancer that are available that do not involve poisonous and costly chemotherapy or drugs. Publishing or promoting these cures however will probably result in actions by the Food and Drug Administration and even fines and imprisonment.]

There is in these cases an awareness and complete revelation of the Unity and bonding at the level of both the child and the parent. Thus each sign of cancer achieves a psychological and important connection in the history of one parent or both parents. Their power of Love is not true love [but is usually only a 3D delusion], and many parents fail to understand and give this Divine love to their children. Thus pressure is placed on the child to cure this cancer when the parent should have participated in this earlier.

Question: Could you talk about the Devil and Lucifer?

The Devil does not have to be seen as a horned figure, even if you have created it from scratch. Lucifer is not Satan. Lucifer was a rebellious angel who tried to create a dimension without the approval of the Source. He did not want to lose you, he did not want to lose his control over you [as leader and ruler]. He wanted you to find Unity and Divinity through a path that the Source had not authorized. It is quite different from the Devil and the one you call God.

God and Satan are the same person. The Source is the Father/Mother, and when you say the word God, the Devil is not far away. Of course, believing in God is believing in the Devil. God is the punisher [the Divine Source does not punish you or condemn you to Hell as some would have you believe]. God is the avenger, and the Devil is in exactly the same realm. The Source is not God. You must accept that the one you call the Father and the Son is not God in the Biblical sense.

God and the Devil are the same entity that opposes your freedom. These have been called the Archons [rulers] who made you believe that you were beings of freedom in this matrix. They caged you in prison and made you believe it was liberty. This will soon be revealed and you will accept and understand that. This will be revealed in consciousness and Truth. When Mary talks to you individually, you will understand that you are all His children, there is no God but there is a Goddess, a Creator, who is Mary. And she has a son and that the Son originated from Her. He is Christ, also known as the Risen One who comes as NIBIRU to bring you to the Light. There is no God, there is no devil, there are only frauds who have taken these two names to enslaved you for hundreds of thousands of years in this illusion. Thus humanity developed the falsification of Christianity, and what resulted? Men prayed, and the more they prayed the more they were attacked by the devil of course.

By praying to God you call on the Devil. In removing the Devil, you call on God. And yet, this is the same entity you mistakenly worshipped for literally thousands of years. It is only the Source Who is Love. There is a Father/Mother who is your primary Source. But when you say the devil, this amounts to pronouncing God. I know it is very, very hard to accept that. You've lived so many lives by saying that name that is not the truth, but it is the falsification that is desired by the forces of darkness, which today no longer exist in your dimension. There are only men who have served and who are trying to maintain their power over humanity. You must accept that.

When you are separated from Satan and God you will find the Source and you find Love, the infinite Love of Mary, the infinite Love of the Archangels and the Love of the Light Beings. You must return to your Unity. No external being will lead you to your Unity, neither God nor the Devil. Only you can access your Unity by yourself. Try it, take the step towards Unity. Take this step and move beyond what has governed your life for a long time, and you will find the Truth, and the truth shall set you free as Christ said.

Seek the kingdom of heaven, seek the Father, look to the Source, but do not seek God. God and Satan are one Archon [ruler and slave master]. They are a creation of those that have controlled you for so long. This formal disclosure will soon be revealed. Expect to experience moments that I would call exciting, because it is the Revelation of the Apocalypse. The Apocalypse is not suffering, it is revelation, it is when the masks fall and will be discarded permanently. The only problem is that many people, even by opening the door of the jail will not come out of prison, because they do not know what is outside the prison [they do not understand that they are now free having lived all their lives in slavery]. They are I would say comfortable in their 3D prison [and wish to continue in status quo].

You must display the Way of Light and show that in Unity, for there is neither God nor the devil, there is only Love, there is Joy that is in the Unity. Duality is a falsification of creation, it exists only because you associated with it and because you allowed it. Obviously it does not disappear simply by changing your perspective in two minutes.

But if you accept this and agree to begin to live in the Joy, Unity, and Love of the Creator and Creation, the Father/Mother, the Source, the One, you will fulfill a number of requirements and advance to the next level, and you will be set free. However, you have been surrounded by the seeds of falsification and imprisonment, and that is what you need to be free of today. I know my words are not always pleasant to hear, but they are a sign of the absolute truth.

Question: How can an Archangel such as Lucifer act in defiance of the Source?

Beloved, for some the reason is very simple to understand: you in this dimension and in other dimensions, whether you are an angel, an archangel, a human, an angel in the making, or you belong to non-humanoid dimensions [ETs], you are creators, and as a creator you are free [in your free will] to create what you want. The only requirement when you create something (and even the Elohim have done this) is to accompany your creation to the end of the cycle. [We will someday be Creators ourselves.]

Thus, some Archangels [like Lucifer and his followers] opposed the Source. They proposed something that the source did not want and did not approve of. However this resulted in an amplification of the Light. So when you are asked not to judge, We ourselves do not judge either. Those who have enslaved you should also not be considered as enemies and hated, because these beings who are now in the darkness may at a later time be brighter than you are now. Nothing is lost in the process, everything changes. It is not like what is taught you to believe, that is the annihilation of the soul or spirit [death does not end your existence for we are all eternal]. Every spirit is created to advance to completion, and that goal is to join the Source.

There are many mansions in the Father's house and there are many paths to the Father's House. These pathways of Creation are multiple and infinite. Some experiments, especially this duality, this attraction in this density have been mistakenly called "the Fall", corresponding to a level of experience. The Source as I said decided to conduct this experiment for a number of cycles [52,000 years]. Today, He no longer wants to continue this experiment, because you must find the Light [and
this 3D experiment is now over].

Thus there existed during the [undisclosed] battles in August, according to the plans of the Light, a surrender of the forces of Darkness in mass who chose to receive the Light and have joined the Light by the process of Our forgiveness. There is no limit to the grace and forgiveness from the Source, there is no limit to the Love of Mary. Every child, even rebellious, is His child. Even those who turn their backs on the Light are respected by Creation. This will be difficult to understand but nevertheless it is part of the experience of this duality.

So yes, when Christ told you not to judge, you do not know who you have in front of you. Only a great person can read the soul and the Spirit who is in front of him, because he sees the spiritual lineages, he sees the path of the soul and spirit. So yes, he can actually give an opinion but in no case can he give a ruling or judgment. The assassin of today, the fisherman of today may be the Holy man of tomorrow, and the Source said and I repeat his words: "there is no fisherman without a future, there is no saint without a past. Ponder that sentence, for it is the answer to all of what you have to live.

Question: How can we overcome our difficulties and limitations to express love?

You have not been accustomed to express love, you were not raised to express love. You have been highly reserved, you are beings of restraint. And yet you shine in a consuming fire of love and it takes courage to express it. There is no technique, there is no way to communicate to you how to do this. Take the first step. Ask the Archangels and ask Mary to open yourself to the reality of love in your life. Ask for the manifestation of love of His or Her presence, so that you yourself may become like Her. You will see that things will be understood. When Mary tells you that She responds to requests, it is strictly true. She is now here, never doubt this.

Question:What is the difference between the Father/Mother, the Source, and Mary?

It would be extremely difficult to explain with words, for there is no difference between Mary, the Creator, the Source and Father /Mother. Mary is not a female entity in the sense you mean. Mary as well as the Archangels are androgynous [sexless],. We do not experience the duality of the sexes. We fully have sex in the sense you mean, but this is beyond your understanding and your actual field of perception. So sometimes I express the concept of the Source Father/Mother and sometimes I express the concept of Mary the Divine Creator. But it is ultimately the same, not the entity, but the same consciousness.

Sometimes it manifests as a male entity, calling Himself Father or Babaji. Nevertheless, Mary never has been reincarnated in the sense that you hear and never regained a body after Her assumption. She still exists within the unified dimensions, Mary is present in the 18th and the 11th Dimensions. This exists near the Sun, within a vessel of light [a starship or UFO as some call it], ready to appear and receive you and welcome you. Her presence is realized more and more by many people. There is a difference between the presence of Mary and the Presence of the Source, the Father/Mother. There is a difference in polarity, as if you were watching two lights or a crystal, according to two different faces. But the reality appears in roughly the same way. It is easier however to share this in your dual polarity because in this incarnation and in this dimension you can be in contact with the Father the Source (Babaji) and with Mother Mary.

Question: You talked about the Father as Babaji. Omraam [Aivanhov] and AA Michael have recently spoken of the Father as Abba. Abba Eli.

This is exactly the same entity. Christ on the Cross said: "Eli Eli lama sabachtani."Father, Father, why hast thou forsaken me? The Father as named by Christ is also translated as Abba or Babaji Vibral in the original language and corresponds to the vibration of the Source. According to tradition, not by taking shape through the incarnation but by a process of creation of an adult body the Father may take any form He wants to show the form He wants, both in a drop of water and on a planet, and even within a solar system or universe. In some cases, He creates a body and manifests Himself in the interior of the body. It is difficult for you to understand and accept that the whole can be reduced to a body. And yet it does occur.

The Source is omnipotent, omnipresent and can be present in the grain of sand or may appear like the sun exploding at the other end of the galaxy in the same way. He is absolute consciousness so He may decide to create a form and live there in for a while. This was the case a few decades ago of a being that you called Babaji Haidakhan. [wiki: Haidakhan Babaji, or simply called "Babaji" is a name for Shiva the Supreme God in Hinduism by his students and devotees, who was a teacher who appeared in northern India and taught publicly from 1970 to 1984]. Christ, when He spoke of his Father who sent Him, spoke of the same entity that He called in Greek and Aramaic Abba Abba also.

Question: Is color what is seen when we are closest to the light?

Yes. The correct term is Vibration. True Light is vibration, it is not color, although color is the manifestation of vibration. However, acquiring the vibration corresponds to the vibrational Light, and corresponds to reality. Many people speak of the Light, many people see the Light with their eyes closed, but this Light is not the vibration. Thus, there are false lights which are not vibrational. Light is the foremost Vibration. If it is not vibrational, you have no way to verify what it is.

Question: What is the future of the couple [in 5D], knowing that we see more and more couples who are women, men [gays], and there are also many single women?

This is the case in your 3rd dimension . This is not the case in dimensions beyond your 3rd dimension. The concept of this force as you know, the very notion of what some of you call "twin soul" or "twin flame" is a distortion of the truth. By accessing the unified worlds beyond your dimension and therefore what you call a fifth dimension, you will find areas where nothing is partitioned, where nothing is separated. The unified consciousness works usually in the form of 24 units of consciousness which are organizing the Light in the fifth dimension. There can be a couple in the sense that you hear, from the moment the energies merge with the environment in the broadest sense, as you have described even in some disembodied [ghosts] communications, even in the astral world, corresponding to the loss of their body.

When you encounter an entity, you exchange a vibration. This could be likened to you in a sexual relationship but obviously this is not a relationship of body but of vibration. In the multi-universes and unified dimensions you will experience this aspect of energy. You will no longer be separated, so you do not need to live as what you call the couple. That does not mean that souls are not affiliated or connected in one way or another. But you can not be isolated and locked in a relationship whatsoever [it is not till death do us part as it is in 3D]. For any relationship is by definition open [ free as in freedom to come and go as you choose].

[People will be free to separate from a relationship at any time. What we consider marriage, couples, and family will be much different in higher dimensions. Many are married for convenience or because it is considered the proper thing to do. About half of all couples get a divorce statistically - I talked with a woman recently who has been married 7 times. Often when the money runs out by loss of a job or by other means a couple will divorce since many of our relationships depend on money, and lawyers make much of their fees in court fighting over settlements.]

Question: Is the ringing in the ear tinnitus?

What you call tinnitus is a morbid vision of your awakening to the power of your mind beloved. You must therefore stop calling this signal of the soul a disease that some call tinnitus. Many people today have this perception and this vibration. There are many sounds in the left ear (or right, actually) signaling the contact with the Unity of the soul and spirit. Thus, even if it is painful, they reflect the burst of Light and vibration within your density.

Recognize that this is a signal of activation in you of a certain number of channels that are working to free you. Some have had it for a very long time, while others have found it recently this year with the Heavenly Marriage, and this will increase. You are not sick, much less experiencing tinnitus [Free Dictionary definition: it is a sound in one ear or both ears, such as buzzing, ringing, or whistling, occurring without an external stimulus and usually caused by a specific condition, such as an ear infection, the use of certain drugs, a blocked auditory tube or canal, or a head injury. I have experienced this often, even at this time of writing. Sometimes it is louder than at other times but is never annoying. I noticed it only recently while some have had it for several years.]

Question: Is it possible that during the current transformation process when we were contacted recently the Light was damaged or disappeared altogether?

Of course beloved. What you call Light is not vibration, it is an astral and emotional event. It is openness to higher channels and higher dimensions through the closing of the astral doors. Thus the vision is not clairvoyance. Access to the vibrational Light is Light and information obtained by the astral channels. You must accept that. New doors open while old doors close. This is essential. You can claim the Light and the vibration of the Light and still access emotional and astral channels.

Question: How is it that alongside this we feel a loss of energy?

One door closes and another opens. It is not stable, oscillating between the emotional and the vibrational True Light. If there is no stabilization, then it is experienced as grief and loss and does not correspond to the Truth or the establishment of the Truth. Not being in the acceptance of this new Truth there is a loss of energy, because energy cannot incarnate. The door is opened at the head but this energy can not enter the sacred space of the heart so it stays in the head and turns into mental delusions, confusion, and agitation. The personality is bent on recreating what was lost but it is not possible.

Question: How do we overcome this to find our own path?

To overcome this it is necessary to surrender, to allow and to accept that this has really gone away. Do not focus on the things of the past whatever. Although a number of 3D gifts have been very pleasant and enjoyable, they are not of the Truth. The astral [3D] Light is not the true vibrational Light, you must understand this. The astral Light is only the reflection of this vibrational Light. It is an illusion as well personally. To open some doors for access to the vibrational Light you need to close the doors of the astral Light and the ego personality. As soon as it is integrated and accepted, the path can take place and the doors can open. There is therefore a process of change and grief. There is no need to revive what is dead and what must die.

My Comments: Be advised that some of this material is contrary to normal thinking and is what some call out of the box and may be offensive to a few. Some have said that much of what is given by channelers is simply recycled from the past and does contain little that is new. This cannot be said of this message, although some will not understand it because they still think in 3D and in the programming of our social standards. There will need to be a whole new way of thinking in all aspects of living in the future.

Archangel Anael said at the beginning that the energies that are being transmitted may or may not be beneficial depending on the level of each individual. If these energies do not benefit you then there is no need to continue, although daily meditation and communication with the higher realms is important for the spiritual advancement of each person.

The desired transformations from these energies, these 12 virtues affected less than 1% of the population rather than the 20% that had been anticipated and hoped for, but these energies will dramatically increase now and are demonstrated by the earthquakes that are now appearing. It seems that this number does not represent the entire amount who have joined the Light but only those who have been influenced by the energy sessions, so the number may be substantially more than 1%.

Much of what is taught by religions including the Bible is inaccurate or even deliberately deceitful. There is no God or Devil except in our mind, and when we worship god we are also worshiping the devil. The Old Testament speaks of one god or many gods that are worshiped, and sacrificing life and shedding of blood is an atonement of our sins, and this is totally in error, having been fabricated by those who wrote and compiled it. Jesus did not die for our sins as some teach, and there are many distortions like this in the Bible.

By merely asking for forgiveness in sincerity and changing our habits in the future these will be forgiven and forgotten. There is also no need to go through a priest to access Divinity or to confess our sins, as this is only a means of control. There is no heaven or hell, and many angels live in higher dimensions on Sirius not in the clouds as some would have you believe. Inner Earth is hollow and is not hell but includes an advanced area called Agartha that some will probably visit later. It is known as a garden of Eden by those who have visited it.

Brice Taylor, In her book “Thanks for the Memories” describes unbelievable atrocities and acts committed by our leaders that involved her as a slave, and she has many MK Ultra movies along with Cathy O’Brien that can be viewed on line. In spite of leading what some would call a sinful life that was beyond repair under the mind control program, she was often contacted by the angelic realm and told all would be forgiven and forgotten and she could start a new life at any time.

Aton said that Lucifer was uncreated over 20 years ago, and AA Anael was kind in His discussion of him, saying he was merely one who did not follow the desires of the Father but wanted to set his own rules. He no longer exists although the devil and Satan and evil do because this is part of our learning process, and our decisions are made using these tests to determine our future. Those leaders who likewise abuse their authority may either end up on the bottom to start over as slaves on other 3D worlds or may be uncreated also. Those who experience near death experiences [NDEs] usually speak of entering a tunnel of light and meeting an angel or even Jesus as one of my relatives spoke of. Some are given a choice of returning to 3D or are told that their time is not yet up so they must return. There is no judgment by these angels, and we ourselves review and evaluate our lives and determine our future at that time.

AA Anael said that we should not judge others because the skid row alcoholic may have been a king who abused his rule in a previous life or he may someday become a major spiritual leader in the future after he has awakened from his ignorance. He also talked about exploring past lives and the problems that it can create. This is one reason why we have our memories erased because we are unable to often handle these memories in our limited 3D bodies. Many ET contactees have been shown their past lives on large monitors aboard starships, and this may occur for some of us if it is beneficial and requested by us. Many of our past misdeeds are best forgotten.

He talked about the non sex of angels and our misunderstanding of these concepts in 3D. We often refer to Divinity as masculine when the Creator or Source is both masculine and feminine as Father/Mother. Some ETs are dual sexual, that is they are both male and female and can have children whenever they desire without a companion. A few humans are also born like this and are called hermaphrodites. Society calls these people freaks, but they are merely different, so we should not judge them because we may some day join these advanced ETs and have similar bodies.

To many people sex is considered as sinful and described in 4 letter words. Many women are taught that sex is only allowed to produce children, and enjoyment is sinful. AA Michael said that any sex act that people participate in that is performed in love and mutual agreement and enjoyment is beneficial and pleasing and normal. He did not say that those involved should be of the opposite sex or that they should be over 18 and married desiring children.

ETs generally say that same sex relationships are not immoral as we are taught, although the physical actions and techniques may be unhealthy. These relationships are often an excuse by some to attack others who are different than themselves. It is said that some gays were females in a former life and are unhappy in their macho male role in this life, and you will find many famous people and even leaders are either gay or bisexual. Obama said that he wants to change the don’t ask policy in the military, and as some have pointed out most of the military leaders have had similar gay experiences and are blackmailed for control to commit acts that they disapprove of and keep them in line because of this. It is said that over 10% of the military are gay and that over 25% of the world population are either gay or bisexual. Kay Griggs talked about blackmail and Secret Societies in the US Military along with corruption that is common:



There are many problems associated with the sex act including unwanted pregnancy and children, sexually transmitted diseases [STDs], jealousy, control, domination, sadism and rape, and it can become an addiction like drugs where people end up acting without thinking of the consequences. AIDS like the current flu virus was developed in US labs and both are patented and distributed by vaccines that are given free world wide in areas like Africa and the Far East by the World Health Organization. The purpose is to reduce the population and bring in money with research and treatment. It was hoped that the AIDS virus would result in a 50% population reduction but this did not occur.

Archangels have spoken of couples and our custom of marriage and family as being something that will no longer be relevant in the future. There will no longer be a need for money, which is a major concern (often resulting in quarrels) among couples now, and in Unity there is never loneliness but a constant communication and feeling of being in contact with others whenever we need and desire it similar to being on a network. A few now spend (and waste) large amounts of time on the phone to relieve this emptiness, but it will not be a problem in the future. Some will enjoy living alone (many now are doing this because they are financially able to) while others will live as families or couples or in large groups in communes.

He spoke of the feminine qualities that many (though not all) women possess as being a sign of possessing this Divine attribute, and he said that Archangels are more feminine in character than masculine due to their Divine love. Often however you see women taking on macho characteristics of men to compete with or control them, thus losing a part of their Divine qualities. Women sometimes after marriage change from an angel to a “wicked witch” due to hollering at their kids and setting themselves as bosses in the home while also managing a job to pay the bills, and many homes are run by the wife as some will acknowledge. To some men the home is not a castle but a place to stay away from because of the misery and suffering and control that they experience there.

Men are considered weak or “sissies” if they are compassionate and loving, and they thus show their macho manhood by their violence and fighting in gangs and sports and and the military. Those who join these groups are taught to be tough, to show their strength and manhood in battle through this group mind programming that even includes murdering innocents to show how tough they are. Earth’s future population will probably be composed of a large majority of females because they have more spiritual qualities than men.

He mentioned simplicity as a way to determine whether we should pursue an action or a relationship. If there is a difficulty it is probably best not to proceed with this plan because what is to be will line up and there will not be obstacles. People often go out of their way to carry out their plans and are usually disappointed with the result and wish they had not pursued it earlier. He mentioned the coming of Nibiru as being like Christ but did not elaborate on it, so it appears that it will assist in the future although it apparently continues to remain cloaked near the sun now awaiting further orders.

There is a report that the magnetosphere is still being stimulated or boosted by ETs to prevent its collapse and a magnetic pole reversal, so it appears that we are not yet ready for this event yet because many changes are set to occur yet even this year. This energy showed up last Friday on the far side as a burst of energy beyond the sun.

He spoke of our diet and its relationship to our vibrational level, saying that it does have some effect on us spiritually but is not of utmost importance. Those in Telos (inner earth) say that they are vegetarians and feel that this raises their spiritual levels. This will probably also become part of our lives in the future as our diets will change along with many other aspects of our lives. Those reptilians on board starships do eat meat made with food replicators, and hopefully we will see these mechanisms soon also after 1st contact, but ETs are generally vegetarians. Many women although being more spiritually advanced than men are uncomfortable about ETs, and this will take some adjustment in the future.

Some are aware that in July 1952 about 10 UFOs were seen by many above the White House and even covered in the Washington Post newspaper with pictures on the front page. ETs were very concerned over our nuclear bomb program that could even blow up Earth as was seen in the destruction of Maldek that was positioned between Mars and Jupiter and became the asteroid belt. This is one reason for the numerous sightings of UFOs after WW2. War pilots saw what they called Foo fighters which were from inner Earth, and these were a sign of their concern over these nuclear devices that can destroy the time/space continuum and even affect the souls of mankind, and they are now prohibited by ETs.

In 1954 President Eisenhower met secretly with the grey ETs and signed a treaty that allowed the alien abductions of millions in exchange for their technology that was about 10,000 years ahead of ours, and this can be seen in much of our multimedia and other areas. However most of this has been kept secret from us until now and used by what are called black ops (invisible publicly nonexistent projects often funded by drugs and other illegal sources), and even NASA is involved in this. The US president as chosen by the people is Earth’s representative in dealing with the ETs.

There was a report recently that Obama secretly negotiated a treaty to allow ET disclosure, and this was the reason for his receiving the Nobel peace prize. This would confirm some reports by David Wilcock and others if true, but until it is proven it is only words. There are also reports that the NASA Moon activity (or bombing as some have described it) was an attempt to destroy an underground ET moon base that of course failed, as these actions are not permitted. The angelic realm says that we should not judge the actions of others because these judgments may not be accurate and these humans may be transformed into spiritual leaders in the future.

David Wilcock said his "inside sources" have informed him that America is on the verge of a number of economic events including the dismantling of the Federal Reserve. He said the Illuminati's agenda could be halted by a full-scale disclosure of the ET presence. His sources have told him that such a disclosure is planned to occur before the end of 2009, and a 2-hour international TV special has already been booked that will introduce an alien species, similar to humans, to the world. Although this is a change in his thinking, he is still known as a new age guru and has little understanding of the role of Divinity and ETs in our future.


Probably the most important statement by AA Anael here is that in August many of the world leaders surrendered their powers and joined the Light. We saw little evidence of this in the controlled media, but there are indications from some insiders that this will become evident soon. They say that this occurred in Europe but has not yet been visible in the US, and it should be understood that most of the world controllers live in anonymity and are not recognized by society. We wanted change and elected Mr. Obama to bring this about, and hopefully this will occur. Time will tell.

Rich N