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Archangel Michael September 30, 2009

Translated from French

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Army. Beloved children of the Light, beloved Masters of the Light, beloved humans who have during these months awoken, those whom I would call the first wave of the awakening of humanity, today and tomorrow you will continue to grow and transmit this Light to your brothers and sisters. I congratulate you from the Source for your alliance and your assistance, to seek your highest state, your state of beingness in your dimension as Star seeds and your affiliations and your spiritual relationships that radiate again the breath of the Divine Presence, the Fire of Love.

My work will continue along with the Conclave and all participating entities of Light, one way or another [despite setbacks and limited response] until the ascension of your dimension, and We will continue to work to establish and demonstrate this. Thus during the months between now and the end of My scheduled work in May 2010, We designate that on the 17th day of each month We will meet in Unity and Truth through the power of Our Spirit, through the power of the Enlightened Ones, and all who unite together to promote the energy radiation and these effects on all humanity. On the 17th day of each month, for 24 hours from midnight on, wherever you are, We will bring you this Light, We will send a vibrational energy that is higher than Earth has ever experienced until now so that you may use this to live the final moments in 3D.

Today, especially in the wake of the influx of the radiation of energy on your Earth, We can work together, We will work on the 17th day of every month for the Glory of the Source, of the One, in the Glorious Truth of the Light and its Vibration. By simply keeping your eyes closed, sitting rather than lying, with the palms of your hands facing the sky, stretched toward Heaven, allowing your whole being to receive and resonate the Celestial Marriage [Unity] We can update this in your environment and on the entire surface of the Earth [as it is in Heaven]. Together you as Star seeds will awaken yourselves to the truth that We the Archangels and the Source, the One have possessed for all eternity also with beings of various groups from many dimensions, working for the Light and its revelation in its authenticity. Today we now welcome in these moments the Radiance of the Source in its entirety.

Receive this overflowing of energy…

We serve you and We work together with you to reunite you in joy, even beyond this present undertaking. You will be rewarded with everlasting joy, a Joy that you earned, and your reward will be a vibrational expansion of your body, soul and spirit. We will greet you with a unified world in this dimension and in multiple dimensions if you receive us in Unity. This time is a great time to be living at this moment now. Your Light of Love must be equal to your faith and your experience at this time. Never forget who you are: you are Seeds of the Light, Masters of the Light and Star seeds, perfect, without delusions and beyond this world of 3D illusions. Welcome the Source in all its entirety.

The Conclave, all entities of the Light, and Myself pledge our unwavering presence in recognition of who you are. Receive Us, We are here to assist you and to love you. With Us you are free, with Us the Source moves into you and reconnects with you beyond this 3D illusion. It is time to go where your choices have led you, where your vibration has guided you. Stay in the magnificence of the relationship to Light.

You now have the opportunity with every breath of your presence in this dimension to achieve this because today the obstructions that held you back, the mechanisms that enslaved you within your inner being have today been unlocked and have set you free. Never again will false words within your dimension be permitted due to the true Light of the Source. This time, this space/time continuum will be gone in no time. You must abide in this peace for the few moments that remain.

We welcome you. Receive this overflowing of energy…

As I said recently you can count on Me, you can count on all of Us. When you call on Us with the voice of the heart in sincerity, We will answer as you requested, for the Glory of the One, so that the Glory of the Unity and the Light will be restored to all of you on this Earth, all who have acknowledged (or who are still in doubt for the moment) the Truth of what is achieved within the human consciousness, even on this Earth to completely remove the shackles and chains that have enslaved you. If you wish, if you desire, you can do this. We know because for Us as entities of Light this has already occurred in heaven. You still have to update and reveal this on Earth in your dimension.

Beloved children and star seeds of the Light, We bring the love and the joy, the vibration of the beloved Father and the Son, to wherever you are, to lead you to understand and live in Truth, in the Truth and nothing else. The Love, the Vibration of Light, the multi-universes and multiple dimensions of the Mother/Father, the Source, are not separated as has been, and it now ends. Let's welcome all the vibrational energies as We gather in a few moments in silence. I repeat that on the 17th day of next month, I will speak words of Truth at 12 noon French time for 1 hour. But also, beyond the space of an hour from midnight for 24 hours, My vibration is the closest to what you are. So accept my blessings and greetings from the Source, the Conclave and all authentic Beings of Light who serve. Welcome this in silence. I love you and bless you for what you are.

Receive this overflowing of energy…

My Comments: Archangel Michael’s message this week is short and somewhat disappointing. It appears that He feels He has been unsuccessful with the transmitted energy sessions because so few have joined the Light this year, with only less than 1% of the population having been transformed instead if the 20% that He had hoped for. His work will be now limited to once a month meetings starting next month and will continue until May of next year when His term of service will be over. His next meeting will be at noon French time on November 17.

New agers say that as the energy increases more will join the Light and become enlightened, and channelers have spoken of this often. However the results so far this year show that little has changed so far despite all of the reported energies. A good example of this is the work of David Wilcock in his many books and videos. David says nothing dramatic will occur before 2012 except that we will become more enlightened by these energies.

AA Michael may now limit His activity because the results were disappointing and He may leave the work to others like ETs and mother Earth [Gaia] to make the needed changes. Some have questioned His words and wondered why many of the events that He spoke of have not yet occurred. He said that there would be a new Divinely appointed government, that the 3D veil would be lifted, and that we would see signs in the skies and numerous Earthquakes and other activities, most of which have not yet appeared. He also said that the decision time of each soul on his future destination is over with the movement to October, and hinted that this month we would start to see major changes. The changes in the bankrupt US has been delayed for a month due to the extensions voted on by Congress.

We still have free will to determine our own futures, and the Angelic realm is limited in the amount of intervention that is allowed by the Father and the Councils. Those who disobey these rules could end up like Lucifer and either start all over elsewhere or be uncreated. AA Michael can only act within the path that is permitted Him, and most of what He spoke of will occur in time. If we had more evidence and proof of His words the response would probably have been better, but the veil still exists and the media continues to spread half truths and lies. There is much misinformation by messengers so that a great deal of what is presented is inaccurate, and it is hard to separate the truth from the lies so proof is important to us.

It is interesting that this week we have seen many 5+ quakes and tsunamis [tidal waves] with the increased energies that He spoke of, and He said this will increase immensely now. He said that the new Jerusalem is now in position over Mexico. Its purpose is to help with evacuations and it stores the soul records of all living beings, probably including animals who also will advance during ascension. I feel that most of those along coastal areas will be affected by quakes and tidal waves including UK, Hawaii, and Australia. It is estimated that 80% of the population live along the coast and will probably be affected in the next few years during these Earth changes and plate shifts.

Esu on Evacuation:

Esu (Jesus) said this week that “We lifted a number of you in South East Asia” this past week, and those who will continue in 3D elsewhere will be lifted by tractor beams or dematerialization like in the Star Trek movies (which are more real than most know), and they can continue elsewhere without going through the birthing process again. The underground cities that have been constructed world wide could house some of these remaining here and others may be placed on board the numerous starships that are near by now. Those in safe areas inland will probably be placed in stasis while the cleanup and changes take place. This procedure is an experiment that if successful will be used on other worlds in the future.

Esu said that we may see this Earth magnetic pole shift and rotational reversal at any time, even this month as Earth tries to throw off the negativity and restructure and cleanse herself, similar to the way a dog shakes after being in water. It can happen at any time so predicting it is useless due to alternate realities and various paths that we are faced with, and plans have been made to prepare for this at any time that this will occur.

Esu spoke of the flu virus that the dark manufactured and spread but did not mention the inaccurate propaganda from the media. It is reported that all military will be required to take these flu shots, so like everything in 3D there is a good and a bad. If the soldiers are sick from these shots (which is likely) they may be too sick to fight and will not continue to spread terror or murder innocent people as they have been doing so far. If our leaders were required to take the flu shots that the public are encouraged to take we could see a change in leadership also.

The medical profession and drug companies say that any sickness is the result of germs, and taking medicine will cure this, so you should see your doctor for a prescription. This of course brings in money and often results in side affects and more sickness. People often have problems during winter because of sinus reactions to the cold, and they call this the flu when it is just a reaction and not a sickness, similar to the chills you get in winter which are likewise not a illness caused by germs but merely a reaction. Some may find that taking a zinc pill [50 mg] daily will prevent or even cure sinus problems that many have in the winter. Vaccines are usually manufactured using a portion of the disease, and many who are healthy and take these shots will only get sick.

So far the only actions that have been taken have been in prevention and limiting the power of the darkside and there has not been much visible intervention. Esu said we may yet see Jupiter briefly although it is unstable now and plans are flexible. Changes will probably only occur when Earth’s movements and its reversal and polar shift begin, and that will start the ascension process.

Time will tell

Rich N


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