Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sheldan Nidle - Slave Planet - Apr. 17th, 2010

Note: This is from Galactic Jack's notes of Sheldan's Saturday Apr, 17th Lectures. He covered much more, but these are the most pertinent points to our near future.

In 1995 the Treaty of Anchara was signed by the Light & the dark [Anunnaki]. If this event had not occurred there would have been an emergency landing by the G.F. because in '96 this would have become a slave planet & I mention this to let you know how close the dark was to taking complete control of our planet. This is the main reason why it's taken so long to unwind the dark tentacles & get the Announcements done. Nesara will not be announced but other instruments & names will be used that will bring in those benefits to all of us including back taxes returned from the 1960's or from 1913 [when the Fed was created], so all your income taxes will be returned. The Galactics may use holograms to complete all deliveries in less than an hour. The 1st Announcement will be in three hours & it will take place 24 to 48 hours after deliveries. Disclosure may be 2 days up to 2 weeks. The 1st Announcements will include Resignations already obtained & charges of war crimes etc, plus debt forgiveness.

The new dollars will have 2 to 10 times more buying power & transferred on a one old to one new basis. Those with fed dollars outside the country will have 60 days to transfer them in the U.S. Those in the Prosperity Programs will receive all their funds in the 1st delivery & 95 to 98% will have to be given away in 30 or 60 days [to others]. In 3 months a second wave of prosperity programs will be available for 30 days to sign up at the same amounts as those received in the 1st programs. UFO Disclosure will take place in 2 to 3 weeks after announcements. Hidden & suppressed technologies will be released by 2 weeks after announcements. This includes free energy devices & Water to clean the body & planet, check...Perfect Science.

Climate change is now caused by the Sun discharges, Mother Earth preparing for Ascension, and humans destructiveness & pollution. A large coronal discharged happened at the same moment of the Chilean Earth Quake. And as you also know Mother Earth is in her Birth pangs. 1st Contact will be 3 to 4 months after Announcements & 2 to 3 months after that People will move to Inner Earth cities or the spaceships to return home about 5% now as it was 15% but people are either disappearing (leaving) or dieing naturally. This timeline could speed up or even be extended a bit. The first week after 1st Contact there will be interaction with the Gal. Fed. personnel & the Ascended Masters. In the first month there will be a G.F. technology transfer & education. In the 2nd month Cleansing & Renewal of Earth's Ecosystem. In the 3rd month full consciousness training & finishing our reunion with the Inner Earth Agarthans.

In the 4th month begins the evacuation to Inner Earth or the starship Fleet. WE will become Fully Conscious Beings who Can do anything that is Divinely Right; Like travel at the speed of thought to any part of the Galaxy or Universe in less then a second; Shape shift even to the opposite sex (this will be popular in L.A. no doubt) & Interacting with environment on a physical to spiritual level in the deepest & most intimate ways by communicating with, interacting & even improving it thru a powerful love & natural abilities.

These are from my [Jack's] notes of Sheldan's Saturday Lectures, he covered much more but these are what I felt were the most pertinent points to our near future. Mother Earth's spiritual Council is talking with the Spiritual Hierarchy about speeding the announcements UP [time is running out fast]. And that action the G.F. took as stated here that Your dark cabal had set up a scenario that we needed to neutralize, and this we have done. The ploys of your cabal to derail contact have failed! in the 4/6/10 update was a fake invasion which Sheldan related to me at dinner quietly. Also the Galactics have been replacing the oil removed from Mother Earth to smooth out the plates realigning. Our physical, emotional & other changes relate to Mother Earth & the Announcements, so how does it Feel? Unknowably Clear in the Glow of Healing Grace.


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