Thursday, April 15, 2010

ET Disclosure and Demands - 1952

12 UFOs visited Washington D.C. on July 12, 1952

There was a Washington DC visit of over 12 UFOs in July 1952 (documented by the Washington Post on the front page and available on the Post web site at one time but which has since been removed) who demanded that Earth stop detonating nuclear devices, which DC refused. This 1952 D.C. UFO incident was from July 13 to July 29, 1952 over Washington D.C by a benevolent ET group reportedly known as the Nordics on consecutive weekends on July 19–20 and July 26–27.

ETs were afraid that Earth would be destroyed like Maldek was and which became the asteroid belt. Sheldan Nidle said that this belt will be rebuilt into the planet Pax and will be placed in the area that the belt now occupies. The Greys later met with Eisenhower in 1954 secretly and signed an agreement that allowed the abduction of millions and the performance of genetic experiments, and they gave us advanced technology in return. Most of what we now use is a result of this cooperation (TV, computers, fiber optics, free energy, time travel, etc) although most technology has been used for building war machinery and has not been released to the public, since it would remove government control and give us more freedom, which they do not want.

This may be a good time to have another DC massive UFO visit like the one in 1952 along with disclosures and a demand to end the corrupt USA Corporation and the implementation of NESARA. This would require the resignation of all leaders and the replacement of the Federal Reserve with a new gold backed currency and a prosperity fund distribution to the world.

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