Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Galactic Federation and Worldwide Decloakings

Sheldan Nidle - Jan 5 2010

Note: I have included a message reportedly from Ashtar that duplicates Sheldan's latest work.

This is our year for contact! We are doing all that is necessary to bring the first contact conferences into being and our liaison teams are working diligently to make this a successful endeavor. So far we have recruited three major governments to go forward with these critical announcements. It is essential for our benevolent presence to be made officially known to you. Meanwhile, our Earth allies are completing the final elements of a hugely complex puzzle. The deliveries and legal changes of governance are very close to happening; the gold deposits are in place in a number of very secure depositories; and our efforts have assisted the Earth allies in preparing the many announcements that are to follow. In all, we are making sure that all these roads to first contact are laid for action as our divine schedule so decrees. Heaven continues to make you ready to accept our role in this divine operation. The Agarthans, too, are preparing to receive you and carry out your metamorphosis into full consciousness.

The scenarios now swirling around are growing in scope by the day. Our medical teams note that most of you have reached stages where a quick leap to full consciousness is easily doable. Those not within these parameters have been assigned new medical teams whose purpose it is to bring this group up to the standard of the majority. Our intent is to have all of you ready to be transformed within the timeframe stipulated by Heaven's decrees. Meanwhile, Mother Earth is starting to alter much more swiftly those elements on her surface that are to trigger her grand round of surface reconfiguration, and our planetologists are also reviewing what is going on in your solar system. Their reports emphasize how all your former water planets are mirroring what is happening on Earth. Even the Asteroid Belt is displaying changes that are a prelude to the reconstitution of the former giant water world we now call Pax. As you can see, change is prevalent everywhere, and the time comes for us to meet formally in a first contact.

Your last dark cabal, of course, has other plans. Their manic hubris in defying the Light is a ludicrous tragicomedy! Your world is now actually slipping out of this limited 3-D reality and becoming something much more compatible with full consciousness, and there is no way in the universe to stop these divine transformations! This has been obvious for some time and yet the dark ones persist in their bullheaded resistance and appear to lack the basic compos mentis to concede the field. Your world is at the crux where this present reality slips into extinction along with a host of appalling calamities.

This prospect is not what the Divine has in mind for you! It has been our policy in these messages to explain the decidedly upbeat nature of the divine plan for planet Earth, but there exists among some of you a sort of perversity that refuses to contemplate the possibility of an alternative, life-affirming future for you. Our messages and those expounded by like-minded others are intended to depict the horrors that the dark has in store for you versus the new divine reality that in actuality awaits you. The point has been reached to change the 'look' and 'feel' of your reality.

At the moment, most of you are experiencing both the anxiety and the joy that this change initially brings. You are in a narrow sideband of this new reality and are waiting for the concluding push to begin. We watch as Heaven furnishes the final elements that are to let loose the new reality, and in turn, the dark steps up the chaos and initiates its last desperate strikes. This below-the-radar clash is about to surface as the dark is finding it harder and harder to camouflage its activities. UFO sightings are increasing everywhere. The secret combat between us, as revealed by what happened at the end of 2009 in Norway, Russia, and China, is reaching the media's front pages in many parts of your world. A time of revelation is coming when the cat of disclosure is to be let out of the bag. We welcome this and all that it entails! Bear in mind that first contact remains the ultimate game changer.

We are here to fulfill a divine mission. Your present limited self-image has run its course, and a huge identity shift is about to overtake you. You are to move into a realm that resembles what your ancestors called "dreamtime." This is a world in which you exist simultaneously as both Spirit and physical body. It reunites you with Heaven while rooting you in the physical world that you are currently familiar with. It opens up new vistas and gifts you with abilities that you now consider unreal. This is the reality we live in and we know how simple it is to slide into this new realm. The traumas and painful circumstances that now overwhelm you daily are to disappear in an instant! Right now, these things still stare you in the face, and it is our job to help you to make this transition to full consciousness as soon as divinely possible.

Mother Earth is pursuing her path of transformation as well. Many parts of your planet are undergoing climate changes that are the result of a hyperactive Sun; society's runaway pollution of air, water, and land; and the warming-up of the surface by Mother Earth. All this is part of the preconditions for change. Your society forsook its responsibilities to Mother Earth long ago. This precious Being was literally raped by you as you scurried around to find the resources to maintain and advance your global 'civilization.' You are nearing a point where it is time to give back the energy that you so recklessly took without making the necessary acknowledgment to your gracious host. Doing this is part of the sacred growth that you are to demonstrate to your world, the Creator, and us. It is essential for you to acknowledge your past wantonness and begin to make the requisite amount of reconciliation.

The time ahead is about bringing together the elements that are to become the components of your new global society. This includes the revealing and the putting to use of a wide range of suppressed technologies. You have been cloistered away in a dungeon of lies and manipulated by the dark into believing in sciences and philosophies that greatly limit your understanding of self and your world. Every Ascended Master has looked this set-up in the eye and seen how truly bogus it all is! You are a Spirit in physicality of immense immortal Light. You are limitless! Getting you to believe this, and internalize this, is a basic step in your growth in consciousness. Many societies before yours made the choice to embrace this Truth, or simply perished! This time, Heaven brought us to mentor you and assist you in making possible this fundamental step in your growth.

Heaven's divine plan, together with the magnificent decrees of Lord Surea, shows unequivocally that you are destined to succeed in all of this! Our presence is merely the icing on the cake. The immediate future concerns your move toward higher consciousness, our arrival, and a massive, well-earned defeat of the dark. Your reality is now ready to shift, and an opportunity to allow this to begin is now presenting itself. Our Earth allies are about to turn the key of change which will let this all begin. As it does so, we intend to open the door to contact by getting some major regimes to tell you of our noble and benevolent intent. The time approaches for our formal introduction to you and for the start of your final move to full consciousness. Indeed some truly wondrous things are about to happen!

Ashtar - Dream Big Dreams Jan 4

Greetings, This is Ashtar.

The Galactic Federation has been finalizing the details for Worldwide Mass Decloakings. When it happens there will be celebrating on every country on Earth. It is hard to imagine the magnitude of it. There will be televised broadcasts of those who are double agents now, coming out to say We Did This! There will not only be Mother Ships and their Shuttles seen in the sky, but also new technologies not before revealed.

We will then pause a few days for Announcements so everyone can get a clear understanding of what has just happened. Have you taken in and thought about what this change will mean in your own life? Be prepared for that now. After you have wiped away the tears of joy, tears of release, then what will you do? Think about the Spiritual Service you came to Earth To Do. You all Have A Mission. This Mission evolves around selfless service to others. It is the reason you are on Earth now. Imagine, in a week or so, you have all the abundance necessary to carry out the Biggest Dream you can Imagine. There was a television show like this. The Teams were to give away as much money possible. It wasn't easy to do.

What if St. Germain walked up to you and gave you a Million dollars? What if he said he would pay you that, only if you can give away 1 Million dollars in the next 1 hour? Could you do it? Who would you give it to? For what reason? What if you wanted to give it to Animals, or the Sea? How would you figure out who to call? Begin imagining your own personal scenario now.

Dream Big Dreams because there are none that are impossible now. The only clue I will give you is, Make It Fun!! Spark Your Joy! Only by Selfless Service, Through Love will you find these answers. It will no longer be about surviving, it will be about LOVING. There will be no more fighting over things. There is enough abundance for Everyone! Love Each Other. Your Family is Here and We will Be Joining You and we will Dream into Manifestation a New Earth now. We will immediately show you how to travel in your own craft. Begin to imagine where it is possible to go now. You no longer need to be the Grid Keepers. You are free to move about at will, to fulfill your dreams. How did that change your Vision of a Dream? There are absolutely no limits now.

Be In Joy! Blessings,

My Comments: There are many that claim to speak for Ashtar so this is questionable like all work. He speaks of millions that we will receive and all would agree that this would be nice. There is plenty of ET gold so that is not a problem, but our leaders want to keep it for themselves and keep us in poverty and slavery. The area where the blue spiral appeared is a vortex that has experienced many UFO events in recent years.

You can see these 5 high quality Hessedalen Norway clips at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sm7YRCXFHVE

To understand what is going on you have to connect the dots because each has a specific job and does not share all of his work. AA Michael has spoken of the role that ETs will have now to bring about the Divine changes if allowed and if necessary, but time will tell.

Rich N



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