Friday, January 1, 2010

Christ Michael Aton - The Time Has Arrived

Greetings, this is Christ Michael (CM) Aton speaking. Now I have a few updates for you regarding Jupiter, stasis and the pole shift, as well as all the other things going on here. We're all quite bust I assure you. Now, I have my hand right on the stasis button, ready to push it at any moment. As soon as Jupiter is unveiled we will go into stasis. I specifically requested Jupiter be unveiled at this point and time as to speed up the shedding of the magnetosphere.

We are ready to unveil her once and for all! Now, once we unveil her, this will create a roundabout effect. It will "power up" Jupiter (as earth has it's own corona of ascension energies) and it will help strip the earth of her magnetosphere. Now don't worry, we'll go into stasis AS SOON AS this happens. We don't know when the magnetosphere will fly off, but we have a very good idea. A month or two from now it should be gone. Jupiter should appear in your morning skies any day now as we will tug it and pull it to get it where we want it.

It is very precarious business tugging a star like Jupiter...we will continue energizing the magnetosphere as needed so as not to disturb the delicate balance of earth's life forms. Now many of you are wondering what stasis is like. Now it goes like this: one moment you are walking down a paved street and the next moment you are standing in a field of daisies! (laughs) No not literally, but the weather should change drastically within the coming seconds that you are out of stasis. You won't even know what hit you! (Although I assure you WE do). As for the pole shift, this will happen during the magnetosphere dropoff. There isn't much I can say on that just yet.

I wish to convey to you an urgent message of GREAT importance. We are NOT waiting too much longer now...we may not let the magnetosphere do it's thing naturally so we are going to wait ONE MONTH for it to crap out. If not, we are going IMMEDIATELY ahead with stasis! Dark Ones, if you have ANY idea what you are up against you will back down NOW. I will NOT tolerate any thievery, debauchery, or miniscule games of ANY KIND ANYMORE. Now, As for your plans to throw a Russian satellite into one of your satellites, it is NOT HAPPENING. That satellite is of HIGH importance to the Russians and OUR game plan so back off now, before you do anything stupid. If you try to interfere one more time, we will come for you. We WILL throw the NWO out of business I assure you. That's all for today.

Christ Michael ATON of Nebadon

My comments: Archangels have stated that when you die your soul is placed in stasis or sleep while you await a new body or the 5th dimensional transition. It is a period which may last for years but since there is no time it appears to be almost instantaneous. According to CM Aton the plan is for stasis to begin in about a month (the end of Jan.) and a zero point magnetosphere and pole reversal is planned for a month later, but we will probably not see that. This reversal will start ascension and it appears that all life will be removed, and those who ascend will be given new Light bodies and will not die.

AA Michael said that those who ascend will receive eternal bodies of Light and Alex Collier said that these Light bodies are 5th density, so if this is accurate it appears that those who ascend will skip 4th density and will move directly to 5th density and 5th dimension as we return to Unity with Divinity. Most ETs are still in 4th density so we soon will advance beyond them.

The decision on who will ascend is determined by the angelic realms and is based on the records stored on the New Jerusalem starship that is reportedly in place over Mexico, and this is also used for evacuations when necessary. Those who are clones have no souls and will be deleted (and that may include Mr. Obama), and those who are not ready will be placed on other 3D worlds until they are ready to advance to a higher level. It is said that at some point all will ascend but it may take a million years and many lives and errors for some to learn their lessons and move up. The goal of all mankind is to ascend to becoming angels, and new worlds like Earth are being created all the time and need angels to assist them to learn and grow.

The original stasis ascension plan was formulated in 2005, and the Jupiter ignition was attempted in Dec. 2007 but was not successful. It was again attempted in Jan. 2009 when Jupiter was behind the Sun, and it ignited but was unstable and may have been reignited several times since then. It was planned that after the Jupiter ignition stasis would occur and ascension to 5D would begin. AA Michael said on Jan. 22 that this ignition would occur and there is much evidence that it did happen a few weeks later.

We will see Jupiter before stasis so that we have an idea that changes will begin and this is evidence that what has been said is true to those who still doubt. It may be unstable and cause earthquakes which could also bring some attention to this. At this time there are numerous 5 point quakes and a few 3 point quakes in California. The pole shift will bring on many unpleasant events (like quakes and tsunamis) but will probably bring Earth back to its normal axis, and this will probably eliminate the seasons we now have and stabilize the teutonic plates.

You can view "official" Earthquakes at:

We may not see this zero point magnetosphere and reversal because stasis will have started before that time, and Jupiter will appear different to us in 5D than it does now and will probably be much more stable. AA Michael said that in 5D there will be no darkness or evil like there is now in duality. All options are available for disclosures but they probably will not be seen until after ascension and Earth changes may last several years. WE may see UFO decloaking if necessary and parts of NESARA briefly at this time, but these will probably wait until after ascension. Aton seems to say that the shock and awe plans are a last resort and will not be used unless necessary, and I have explained there are many nasty events that are planned this month to bring on more NWO slavery to all.

Chris Story [ ] said that if Obama and Company do not allow changes by Jan.1 INTERPOL has the right to arrest any one who resists them, but this is only talk so far. As the Archangels said the magnetosphere will not exist in 5D and this is part of the reason for bringing out Jupiter now. There have been delays and revisions and this may continue, but I feel that time is running out to move on as deadlines approach, but time will tell.

Rich N


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