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Esu Speaks on the Coming New World

By Jess Anthony Dec 26, 2009, 18:10

Jess: Esu, let’s try this. I ask to be open to hear what you have to say this holiday time of year. I see the insincerity and the disregarding of the intent of the season, but I also feel the warmth and the generosity of people who I are complete strangers. This is a time for awareness and change. I hope that it is time to move to a new phase as seen from your perspective.

Esu [Jesus]: Jess, let’s begin. There are many things I can say through you this evening. This is a time for truth, as you say, and a time for moving into a new recognition of the purpose of your existence on Earth. You are incarnated here to learn to be co-creators with God, as you perceive him. His purpose in creating this planet and guiding it through all its history of turmoil and role as the seventh and final bestowal planet was to provide a laboratory for his unique creations to grow and learn.

This planet has a distinctive purpose, and you all are here as his physical representatives to experience this dimensional paradigm. This experience is exacting, but you would not have volunteered to come here and experience it if you had had any qualms as to its power to overwhelm you ultimately. You knew it would be difficult, but you also knew that the lessons you would learn would be unlike anything you could experience anywhere else.

I say this to you to remind everyone that your reaction to any situation is the paramount issue you must deal with. In order to rise above your circumstances, you must assume that you will. If you fear being overcome, you will be. If you feel overwhelmed by circumstances, you are letting that become upper most in your assessment. Circumstances and situations are only what you perceive them to be. You are above all such limitations. If you are totally confident in your beliefs and activities, then you will not allow what you have previously perceived as a threat to throw you off your convictions. Your confidence and assurance will be obvious.

Let’s speak of your role in this, first, Jess. You have agreed to be my voice. This will entail much speaking and writing. This will not be a problem for you, and will allow you to connect with your own inner resources to be a conduit for what we both believe. I have certain topics I must address, and you will be the vehicle for me to do this. There will be political discussions, as well as religious instruction. I intend to address how the topics are connected as one spiritual truth. Political decisions should come from group consensus on what is the most inclusive and beneficial method of achieving common goals. Elected voices for the people should act as they have determined, not as other interests persuade them to act. Legislative votes are not made independently of the local community’s agreements. A representative is an extension of the people who have elected him or her.

Religion is now polarized into non-spiritual political camps that must be broken up and removed. Spiritual unity cannot be achieved unless people have a common understanding of the universal truths exemplified through the creation of the Christ Michael Aton. Denominational differences and clashes between geographical beliefs must be eliminated. The spiritual core of the different verbalized religious interpretations is still basically the same, but the paraphernalia of each warring ideology is increasingly militaristic and separate.

I will now speak more specifically about certain issues and topics. The banking situation as it now appears is tenuous and built on an unreal foundation. There is no currency backing up the mountains of printed fiat bills that are substituted for real monetary exchanges. This happened at the instigation of the Federal Reserve System through the Federal Reserve Bank in America [in 1913]. The metal based assets that were constitutionally determined to be the fiscal foundation of your republic have long since been spent or traded away for hidden agendas. [The Federal Reserve Bank law was created by only 3 Congressmen on December 23 in 1913 after hours, after the other Congressmen went home for Christmas, and these three collaborators stayed back and signed the Federal Reserve Act into law which is legal. It had the backing of major bankers at that time.]

The creation of the paper reserve note was planned to be a believable substitute for what was no longer available. The fiscal exchange system with its loans and credit packages was all a subterfuge to trick the general public into paying more than it owed. The only legitimate system of physical assets and metal based deposits is the vast collection amassed by the Office of International Treasury Control. This sovereign entity is structured so that it can manage what truly is the bulk of global resources without governmental interference.

This organization has only recently realized the need to have more efficient supervision of the management of its assets; an earlier, looser organizational structure allowed certain countries to manipulate OITC assets illegally. The money accrued through these fraudulent transactions has been confiscated and returned to the legitimate owners of the assets, the OITC. The governments, as a result, have been desperately trying to find substitute funds to continue programs they started with illegal investments. The amount of these illegal investments is extremely large and the amount of money now owed in exchange is beyond what is available for payment.

The global economy and financial system based on American dollars is ready to collapse at any moment. This is known in many international circles, and all aware of this crisis are taking steps to preserve what they can of their own resources. Without the underpinnings of an assumed financial foundation, many who have depended on their paper assets will be forced to rethink what their purpose in the face of new circumstances.

Warnings of this potential collapse have been consistently ignored. The only way to extricate many from the system will be for it to break up. Many are working with misgivings, and feel trapped in a system they did not design. These are ones that can have an invaluable role to play in a reorganized economic system based on fair exchange. Their contribution will take place as soon as the ground rules for a new system of payment have been established.

The idea of stasis is still in operation. The concept of pausing your linear time sequence to allow changes to be made beyond the scope of your current capabilities is the only alternative that will allow Earth to continue her ascension processes without complete geophysical restructuring. We are not intervening to solve your cultural problems, but are assisting Earth to ascend with you intact. You are part of the parameters that we are considering in determining when and how this assistance will be most helpful.

Your benefit will be a higher frequency of energy to connect with as your physical environment. You will automatically function more efficiently and your clarity of assessment of your situation will be greatly intensified. You will be aware of the unity of mankind. You will see the necessity of developing sustainable communities that work in symbiosis with the environment and with cultural organizations. You will understand how your personal identity fits into the larger picture and will seek to find ways to align yourself with this vision.

You physical environment is so critically endangered at present that the assistance of the galactic forces during the stasis period will only address the most serious problems. Others issues will be left for mankind to tackle, although with the continued advice and guidance of spiritual counselors. This interaction will be part of the redirection of man’s approach to recreating his existence on a transformed Earth. Old patterns will not work as effectively, and the need for spiritual collaboration will suggest new approaches that involve group decision making. Cultural structures will form the core of large associations. Representatives of the core structures will speak for the community in large associated groups.

Religious traditions will no longer be valid assumptions in the face of the reality of Christ Michael Aton and the history of his creation Nebadon. The presentation of the true picture of galactic development will make existing dogma and religious tenets pointless. The approach to spirituality will change to one of personal connection without the need for a liturgical intercessor. Personal responsibility will determine behavior, and the desire to find alignment with universal truth will eliminate the need for religious hierarchy or political control.

These issues I will address when I return. This will be the new world you face as you begin the next phase of your progression towards infinite light. I will be first a spiritual embodiment to most, but I will assume more physical form as you raise your own energetic frequency within the new Earth’s environment. You can see me when you are able to see me. I will appear as you expect me to appear.

These are my words to you this Christmas season. Let us all work to a better understanding of the connection we all have through Christ Michael.

Esu Immanuel Kumara [Jesus]

In the News:

Reported Nov. Memo on the Bank Failure and New Currency on Jan 15. A Deputy Economic Advisor to Obama as well as a Professor at a prestigious eastern school was called into a private meeting last week (this could have been early in November) with the President. He and others were told, "Between now and Jan 1st, 70 more big banks will fail and 70% of retail companies will be bankrupt. The President will allow them to make as much as they can for the Christmas holidays. Then on Jan 15 there will be a bank holiday and their new currency will be issued with a devaluation of 6 to 10 to 1. The source adds: I believe this why they are trying to keep the market and dollar up now with their lies on all the news outlets. Martial law can not be too far behind. [They probably want to issue a new fiat worthless currency like the Amero to make it appear that there has been a change.]

Yahoo news on a New Tea Party: "A new Rasmussen poll finds that the tea party movement's popularity is growing, so much so that it garners more support than the Republican party on a generic Congressional ballot. The poll hints that the burgeoning discontent among conservatives within the GOP threatens to splinter the party at a time when the popularity of President Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress are waning as we head into an election year.

The tea party movement was conceived out of antipathy for President Obama's economic stimulus plan and cultivated by groups like Freedom Works and conservative commentators such as Glenn Beck. Its guiding principals are centered around opposition to tax increases and the expansion of federal government spending. The movement rose to prominence when it organized highly-publicized protest gatherings across the country on April 15th of this year.

As reported by Talking Points Memo, the respondents to the Rasmussen poll were asked the following question: "Okay, suppose the Tea Party Movement organized itself as a political party. When thinking about the next election for Congress, would you vote for the Republican candidate from your district, the Democratic candidate from your district, or the Tea Party candidate from your district?" The response of all those who were polled was Democratic 36%, Tea Party 23% and Republican 18%. Further, the poll found that independents are more inclined to vote for a tea party candidate over Democratic or Republican candidates." [Some of the Democrats may have since that time joined the Tea Party due in part to Obama receiving the Nobel WAR prize. The total in the poll is 77% so maybe 23% voted none of the above as some have done for several decades.]

My Comments: If you listen to and believe the media and the government you would think that we are experiencing a minor recession that is almost over, and brighter days are ahead for us soon. The Federal Reserve fiat banking system has been around for almost 100 years now and has been the cause of much of our problems. Some estimate the US debt at over $200 trillion with China holding about 1/2 of it and wanting to foreclose at any time. Sheldan Nidle has stated that the US is the biggest world problem right now and that this is the place to start.

Some say that Obama in a former life was a Sirian spiritual leader, but that has no effect on his current life. Everything that he has done so far shows that he is a NWO puppet who wants to be king with us as his slaves. Most of the presidents for the last few decades are merely clones programmed to carry out the desires of the darkside. Casper has spoken of this Obama problem often, and he said that this week over 600 arrived from Europe and probably Asia to bring about some of the needed changes.

Money from the OITC is available to those countries who wish to help their people, but most leaders want to be kings and only enslave their people. Religion has been corrupted and distorted so that these groups can control and enslave their followers, and time travelers have said that in the future the Vatican will not exist along with most other religions like Islam, which treat their women as slaves and promote violence.
Most of the essential parts of the Bible have been deleted or altered. The health care that was passed is basically worthless and a distraction from the real problems that we have, and if states refuse to adopt it like they did with real ID it will fail in time.

Some wonder why stasis is an option in the ascension process so I will give my view on this. During Earth changes much of what will occur will not be enjoyable for most due to the probable +500 foot tidal waves that will appear along the ocean areas where most of the population live along with the many Earthquakes and plate shifts and the needed pollution cleanups, and they will need to be evacuated to other areas and 3D worlds to continue and thus avoid the birthing process, so this is the best way to achieve this. I feel that only about 10% of those here now are ready for ascension to 5D, and most of the starseeds are still asleep and unaware of their Divinity, so we may see other events that may help to awaken them before that time. Only one site has been chosen for these messages because of the many problems by those who claim to bring the works of Ashtar and others that are inaccurate.

PS: To those who have been abducted against their will it is best to remember the words of Alex Collier on greeting ETs when he said he did not want them to violate his space. Often by our negativity and lower frequency we welcome or permit them to control us. Soon they will be removed from this universe totally and this is now in progress and will be complete by 2013. By the end of October 2013, according to the Andromedan Council, all consciousness in this universe will be 4th density that is now 3rd density. Some of us, by that time, will actually be carrying 5th density light-bodies with us. We will also have experienced a natural pole shift of the planet of 17 degrees, putting the new north pole near Saudi Arabia. As far as implants are concerned, what I do know is that there are a lot of races that have been abducting people and putting implants into them, and it is a sign or seal of ownership. They feel that they own you [as their slaves]. Now, the Greys have done this a lot, because the United States Government gave them permission to do it. We were sold out, basically. I do know that many of the implants can be neutralized using a very strong ultra-violet light.
[from his book Defending Sacred Ground 1997. ]

Rich N


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