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Archangel Michael - Shock and Awe - Dec. 12, 2009


I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Heavenly Host. Beloved Masters of the Light and Starseeds, please welcome Our presence and receive Our blessings and love during this meeting today. I come to you, accompanied by the presence of Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Presence. Beloved Masters of the Light, I tell you now that by the end of this year the Light will return within your density, not only to those who have received the Light but to all of humanity. In a few days of your time this true integration of Light will come to all on Earth. This final integration includes a global awareness [the 3D veil will be lifted] and marks the end of your isolation and separation from your universe. You will now return to the level of the Light and the Unification that you truly are.

As I said I will return in a few days prior to this to give you the conditions that will allow you (if you want) to receive the triple Radiation of Light in Unity in your essence, in yourself, in your Unity and in your reliance on the Source. This is mirrored at the individual level for those who are ready to merge the radiant crown chakra of the head and the radiant crown chakra of the heart in you so that these two crowns merge, blend and fuse in the middle of your chest. The merger of these two radiant chakra crowns will from December 17 on, individually and for those who are willing, accommodate the Master of Light in your inner temple and at the collective conscious level of all humanity. This signals the revelation of the Light to all mankind.

Together you and all of Us including the Archangelic Conclave together with the Circle of Fire of the 24 Elders will bathe all of humanity in the Light, a Light whose main function is to Unify your true essence for all eternity, beyond the veils of illusion and beyond this veil of materiality. Be of Joy and as I repeat do not be disturbed by the external events that may shock you. This Light will be awakened in you in this dimension, which for most of you was hidden until now. Beyond your essence, beyond even your access to this beingness, you will find in yourself and in this dimension the intensity and the Truth of Light.

During this month between December 17 and January 17, you will establish this foundation in your inner temple, in your Heart, merging with the energies of Christ and the energies that are Mine. You will realize in you, both individually and collectively (We hope) the truth of Unity, the Truth of Light and the Truth of Love. As the spokesperson of the Ancient Master Sri Aurobindo, I come to you in Truth, Unity and the elements in order to remove the darkness that still remains in your own temple and within all of Humanity.

[Wiki: Sri Aurobino (1872 –1950) was an Indian nationalist and freedom fighter, poet, philosopher, and yogi. The central theme of Sri Aurobindo's vision is the evolution of life into a "life divine". In his own words: "Man is a transitional being. He is not final. The step from man to superman is the next approaching achievement in the earth's evolution. It is inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner spirit and the logic of Nature's process".]

Anything that restrains or divides must cease. Anything that maintains the illusion and falsification will become a dead letter. Together with Our assistance, along with the Circle of Fire of the 24 Elders, you will understand the truth of the Light on this Earth, in its vibration both internally and externally for all.

This Light is a Blue Light, it is the mantle of Mary; She is My coat and Her coat is the coat of Buddha. This Light is compassion, this Light is understanding, it is a reunification for you and signals the opening of your sacred tabernacle and the opening of your Heart to the Unity in this dimension. By the power of the fire of love, by the power of the vibration of Unity and the triple radiation of the Holy Spirit, the Source and the ultraviolet energy, We will allow the blue Light to appear in all humanity.

Beloved starseeds, many things will be yours, in your consciousness, in your lives, and in what you need to establish as a rule on this Earth and in other dimensions. You are here to establish the reign of truth, the reign of Integrity and the reign of honesty. Together we will achieve that. As you know, and as was announced recently by Master Sri Aurobindo, you are now and for a few days in your final entry into the Light of the higher supra mind here on this Earth. This will perform a shock to the system like no other, an amazing revelation of Our Love. Many people who were hitherto sleeping will awaken and understand this.

Do not go judge others or condemn external events that oppose the establishment of this Light. This is not your role. You are asked to prepare yourself internally, you are asked to focus, to align yourself and to especially welcome the Light of grace because the Blue Light is Grace, the Blue Light is love and compassion. It is your responsibility to receive this Light, to bathe in it, and to spread this Light to others. This deconstruction will soon end. You do not have to worry about your future because it is now at this present moment, and reveals the Truth of your Unity. Throughout the Celestial Weddings We together initialized a number of processes and activations to prepare for what is to come.

Between the end of this year and January 17 We will see the establishment of and the path to access your 4th chakra lamp that will activate your heart chakra completely. Today the radiant crown chakra of the head is activated a little more each day, allowing you to direct this flow of Light into your Heart. You need to do this, but there are many ways to access and to arrive at this. This will enable Archangel Metatron to restore and authenticate in you the Keys and the Light of Metatron. This is to occur in the radiant crown chakra of the head. Within your radiant crown of the Heart is the home of Christ the Light, in Unity and in Truth. Combining these two areas and these two pronunciations will connect and tune the chakra crowns to Unify and merge these in your Inner Temple.

I will personally return to all on Earth at 12 noon [Thursday at 6 AM NY] on December 17 French time for an hour so that you can achieve this integration. What you have to do is to simply repeat in your mind (mentally) the phrase OD ER IM IS AL, activating the fire of the crown chakra of the head and repeating it over and over, making sure that you welcome the Light of Christ in Unity and Truth so that you may allow your vibrational consciousness and your Truth to activate. I am now here on this Earth in My radiation and presence and manifestation in this density [I have lowered My frequency to be part of this ascension process.].

Do not dwell on the external chaos around you but rejoice in your reconnection with Divinity. This vibration will occur (and has already partially occurred in some) within your radiant crown chakra of your head at what We have called the Bindu [a dot that is cosmetically applied to the forehead in Hinduism, and some call it the 3rd eye chakra] or the Crystal Fountain. It must now enter into your heart and this conscious vibration in your Heart chakra must in turn rise to meet and merge with the Bindu on your forehead.

By the internal pronunciation [silently] of the phrase OD ER IM IS AL and by allowing the Light of Christ in Unity and Truth, you will assist this by using your hands as follows: your left hand is placed at height of the Crystal Fountain on your forehead to receive and host the Blue Light. Your right hand should be placed on your heart chakra and you should should silently repeat the phrase OD ER IM IS AL so that the Blue Light of your Heart will gradually merge on the forehead with the Crystal Fountain or 3rd eye. By performing this gesture and repeating this gesture it will allow you (if you wish) in your structure to integrate fully with the Blue Light.

[He mentions the phrase OD ER IM IS AL that we should silently repeat which is basically the reversal of DO RE MI FA SO LA TI. It should probably be pronounced as ODE AYR EEM EES AHL. ]

Beloved Children of the Light, the Archangelic Conclave and the presence of Archangel Uriel have been major contributions in preparing you for the return of the Light. By connecting to the Source, by connecting to your Unity, you also vibrate at a different octave [and higher frequency] in your Truth, and your essence will seem easier to connect with and experience. Some of you will begin the phenomenon known as dimensional transformation or ascension both conscientiously and in full. Many of you will perhaps decide to finally leave this dimension [and move on to a higher dimension]. This decision is not of the personality but is a decision of the Intelligence of Light, the intelligence of the vibration in you. The external events related to the elements will now enter into their full power.

Do not worry about human reactions, resistance and oppositions that may occur around you and in this world, in government, or in all institutions of power. These will disappear so that you will collectively find your sovereign Unity. During this period you will prepare for the reception of the Golden Light that I will discuss during the 4th step [in January].

What we will accomplish together in Unity on December 17, at 10:00 in the morning [4 AM NY] you can reproduce every day together on this planet, and We will be with you, and We along with the Circle of Fire of the 24 Elders will be with you and together We will achieve this. Thus the Blue Light that We will evoke will call on the consciousness of the Divine Mary so that it can enter your dimension. We will establish a communication channel between your dimension and the higher dimension of the Divine Mary. Do not worry or be concerned about anything but this Light. You have enough to do by concentrating, integrating, digesting and manifesting that Light.

The eternal feminine attributes [Love and compassion] will return among you, the Master of Light will return in this vibration. Do not believe any human being on this planet who would claim to be Master of the incarnated Light. The Master of Light [Jesus] will return as He left in the air. He is not incarnated so do not seek it in a body. This is a trap and a delusion. Stay focused on yourself and live in peace, soak up the Source, rediscover your sovereignty and let all the systems of control that have prevented your access to what you are dissolve themselves. You do not need to fight, you do not need to resist, you simply have to be who you really are, you have to live that and nothing else. Do not allow yourself be carried away by emotions or ideas. Simply live in the Light of Truth.

Beloved Masters of Light, the whole Conclave is pleased by what you have done so far on this Earth, the courage that you have possessed and the joy that you have manifested to live that reconnection of who you really are [in Unity with Divinity]. All the illusions of this world are falling and this is irrevocable and immediate. There will be no further delays and I announce to all those who still resist the establishment of Light that We, the Conclave, the Source, the 24 Elders of the Circle and all of the Intergalactic Confederation, will not allow any resistance by those who oppose the establishment and the coming of the Light.

We have nothing to impose on you. We simply desire to restore the Truth, to restore the kingdom of Light, and to restore the reign of Unity. This is now. By the end of this year, many things will change. Maintain the Light of the Heart, preserve the vibration of the Blue Light in you, experience this ineffable joy because this is Unity. Do not fear, do not build or repair, do not hope, but simply live in and transmit that Light, and that is now.

Beloved Masters of the Light I will now give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you need further clarification on in relation to what is now occurring and what is to come, so that We can share these collectively with all of our beloved starseeds.

Question: Should we still reconnect with the energies at 12 noon until the date of next March?

Beloved from today on you may utilize this work I have given from the 17th on daily at 12 noon French time [6 AM NY], during a time period that is acceptable to you, a few minutes or an hour at your convenience and your method. I will leave the master Sri Aurobindo, overseer of the 24 Melchizedeks, to speak in more detail about this later. The work of the Circle of Elders will continue between 7: 30 and 8 PM [French time - 1:30 PM NY], and you simply need to accept this energy relayed to you by the 24 Melchizedeks. A Number of vibrations will arrive in you. During the vibration of the Circle of Elders you will also have the vibration and the Radiance of the Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Presence. [The Circle of Elders and AA Uriel appear to also transmit this energy daily in the evening in France, and this will be available to the US in the afternoon.]

Question: What will it take for those who did not prepare during the Celestial Marriages to connect with these energies ?

Beloved starseeds, as I have said from the beginning of the Celestial Marriages, a lot of people do not yet know of Our presence. Nevertheless, this will be revealed to them by the same process without necessarily their putting this in words. They will be connected to the Source and their Unity in the same way [the opportunity to receive the Light is still available]. You are the first to become transmitters and the Pillars of Light. But remember: the first shall be last [to leave when this dimension no longer exists].

Question: Should we expect unpleasant side effects or changes on a physical level?

In yourself individually these effects are obvious and normal. Many things have changed in you already. You will move into an era of honesty, integrity and purity. There will be a transparency of your Being. Thus you will eliminate interference, eliminate what does not allow you to participate in the Light and Unity. You do not have to work on it, you have merely to accept the Intelligence of the Light and in particular the Blue Light. This will work to calm and purify you in the Fire of Love. The vibrational perception will be extremely powerful in you at the radiant crown chakra of the head and the radiant crown chakra of the heart that some of you call Kundalini.

The cellular vibration of your entire system will change. You will become impervious to anything that tries to prevent your Unity in your immediate environment through changes produced by systems that resist and oppose the Light. They [the darkside] do not have long to live. The Light, as I said earlier this summer, has finally won over the darkness. This Light won the right to be established in this dimension and will allow you to return (if you wish) to realms of Unity, realms of Light both real and authentic. However, by simply focusing within these vibrational areas now and in the coming month, during quiet moments in nature, moments that you would call meditation, by not wanting anything, you will be aligned in the Presence and the vibration of the Blue Light . Call on the Light Blue, call on Uriel the Angel of Presence.

Question: Will animals be affected by the same kind of transformation at ascension?

The whole of creation (including those who have been misled in this dimension) must return to their former level and their Unity. As I said it involves all of the solar system, all of humanity and the whole Earth, and this will begin on December 17.

Question: When You say that "the first shall be last," what does that mean?

This simply refers to a given time. Although beloved starseeds most of you have participated in the Heavenly Marriages and have in yourself awakened to who you really are, in this sense you are the first, but also you will be the last to leave this dimension. As I have stated you have a role to be the foundation and stabilization of the Light in this dimension. By your presence and your status in this dimension, you stabilize by your Unity this interaction in this dimension and you allow your brothers, your sisters, the animals, plants and all of creation to regain their Unity. This role of yours is essential and of utmost importance.

Question: How should we best act towards our children?

As has been said by many speakers, you do not have to worry about each other [you are not responsible for their actions and they will make their own decisions]. You have simply to live in the Light and transmit this Light. The rest will be done by the intelligence of the Light. Gradually as you advance more and more in the radiance of the Light Blue, you will find that things will become obvious and things will become easier. This is the essential characteristic of the intelligence of the Light. Trust is part of it, whether in your life, in your family, or in your surroundings. Ask for the Truth, and by simply being in the Truth everything else will bring out the best in you and will be in line with the intrinsic desire of the Light.

This is what the Archangel Anael taught you by your need to surrender to the Light. Remember and never forget that Light is intelligent, that it is related to ultraviolet and Adamantine particles that are linked to the Source and the Holy Spirit and as of now to the Blue Radiation. All Lights in Unity are intelligent. If you live under the influence of this surrender to the Light, if you allow your Unity to be centered in you and you connect to the Unity and these Lights, absolutely everything will go well. You do not have to worry about your safety. As Christ said when He walked among you: "Is the bird concerned about what it will eat tomorrow?” You enter into the Age of Innocence [like children], you enter into an era of intelligence and Unity.

Many things in your lives will change and will be established in a smooth and flowing manner. You do not need to oppose or resist [in negativity] but you need to simply receive and accommodate the Truth. I would even say that in doing this you will be where you must be and in the place where you will be needed during the coming events, and you will be able to conclude what you need to accomplish.

Question: What is the difference between the Blue Light and the Golden Light?

The Golden Light is a different octave frequency. So far We have described all energy as being without color. We discussed the Ultraviolet energy that is invisible to your eyes, which is a vibration and radiation. We have together talked of this radiation of the Source and the Holy Spirit and have lived within this density where you are now. Today is the first time I use the word colored light. The Golden Light is the light of liberation and freedom. It is the Light that makes you full in your essence. It is the Light of the Sun, and this Golden Light is reserved for January 17.

Question: What is the phenomenon seen in the sky over Norway as a Blue Light coming from a spiral? Is this related to Your energy?

Beloved Starseeds although I asked for your question on this matter, you should simply connect to your inner Being and not listen to what has been broadcast in different stories. This is false. This Light is the anchor in your dimension and the opening of the first inter dimensional portal that has been revealed to all mankind. The second portal opening will occur shortly. When I say shortly this will be in a number of days at the other side and the opposite end of this planet at the Antarctic South Pole. At this point you will know that this time has come. [These portals allow other ETs to easily enter this universe and assist in our ascension.]

The time has now come for the Blue Light to pour into you completely. Our deconstruction will then be complete, and you will bathe in an unfathomable Love. Then of course until the last moments of humanity in your dimension, everything will be attempted by the dark forces of resistance and the powers that are still trying to control you so that you do not understand and acknowledge the Truth. But it is too late. More and more Starseeds have awoken and are not reacting in violence but in the affirmation of their Light, their truth and their integrity.

This is what has now enabled Uriel the Angel of Presence to accompany you and everyone without exception and allow you to vibrate at a different higher level. So yes the inter-dimensional portals allow Light to enter into your dimension in a visible and collective manner. It is also a way for the Inter-Galactic Confederation to deal with any eventuality. All options in [advanced ET] hardware are open for use if necessary. Everything depends on how the forces of resistance oppose this. They will be shown their limits [and their weaknesses]. They will understand that the burden and slavery and the weight you were under is almost over.

As responsible Beings (on the level of the Conclave, the 24 Elders and the Inter Galactic Forces), We will be ready for any events. In this sense We have created visibly on the surface of this world a vortex (the one that appeared and the one that will soon appear) in direct relationship with the inner Earth world, the extraterrestrial [ET] worlds, and the ultra-terrestrial [higher dimensional] worlds. This does not mean as I stated that the Inter Galactic Confederation will necessarily intervene in a visible way but that the Light will intervene in a clearly perceptible way. The rest of the plans will adapt to these events.

Question: What about the installation of twelve stars of Mary?

The twelve stars of Mary were part of the installation of Celestial Marriages. When you activate the five points with this higher vibration you permit the rotation of the radiant crown chakra of the head, connected directly related to Metatronic keys. The remaining seven keys enable all of the twelve points of the crown chakra of Mary to be revealed later, from the moment you transform the crown chakra of the head and the crown chakra of the heart, through six points of vibration located in the heart (which you have been taught for over a year by one of the 24 Melchizedeks, the Lord Ram). These six points of the heart will merge with the five points of the head plus another point, thus forming the Unified Radiant Crown chakra in your whole being, visible both in the head and in the level of the heart. But this is not for now. [The Metatronic keys are complex and will be revealed at a later time.]

Question: Do you have information on the period of the 3 days of Earth's rotational halt [a zero point magnetosphere before a magnetic pole shift and Earth's reversal]?

This will occur when the Divine Mary announces this to each of you individually 72 hours [3 days] before this event. You do not have to worry about that yet. Simply receive the Light, knowing that you will be warned before hand. In any case this will not occur until that announcement by Mary and that has not taken place yet. [It appears that this is being controlled by Divinity using the Sun and that it will be set in motion at the proper time.]

We have no more questions, thank you.

Beloved Masters of the Light, beloved Starseeds, anchors and transmitters of the Light, I will see you next on December 17 [this Thursday], individually and collectively. There will not be any spoken words during this hour but My presence will simply be in you. I will return on January 17 to explain the fourth step that will take place. I will return a few days earlier than this Thursday on the Sunday before the 17th [Dec. 13] and will meet with you at 10 AM in the morning French time [4 AM NY time]. You can also connect with us on this day. At this time I will give the principles so that you may live in the Golden Light coupled with the Blue Light. Please accept and receive in you all of the radiance and appreciation of the Archangelic Conclave. We welcome you to your eternity, We welcome you to what you really are [as Divine beings], beyond the facade in which you now live. We bless you, We cherish you.

To convert French time to US times you can use the world time zone http://www.worldtimezone.com/ . Paris France is GMT +1, NY is -5 GMT, Chicago -6, MT -7, and LA is -8, so that in NY you would subtract 6 from the Paris time. Paris has been given as the area even though Biarritz is the location of the web site.

My Comments: It appears that the change that we have requested will finally occur in the next 30 days. This may include the assistance of the vast Galactic Forces that are positioned close by if needed to bring the end to this reign of terror by the darkside. Decisions and revisions are being made constantly as needed, and hopefully those who are still asleep may awaken and join the Light and ascend to a new 5D Divine world. This will begin when the Blue Light vortex in the southern Antarctic is viewable, and this portal opening will probably occur in the next few weeks. Hopefully those leaders who are still playing both sides will reveal their allegiance to the Light and assist in this transition. If the darkside opposition continues we may see a massive UFO decloaking and full disclosure. Those who refuse to cooperate can be removed at any time. The darkside feels that they have advanced technology, but it is like a child’s toy in comparison to what the Federation has at its disposal.

AA Anael said that in August many world leaders joined the Light verbally, but indications are that some may have returned to their evil ways since that time. Anunnaki leaders Anu and Enlil reportedly were offered similar terms, but by their actions they refused and are no longer around. Alex Collier was told that Earth at one time was a fresh water planet, but that the Anunnaki on Nibiru transformed the oceans to salt water over a 36 year period so that we could not drink it and thus expand their control over us, as fresh water is an absolute necessity for survival. Hopefully the oceans of Earth will be restored to their original condition during the coming changes.

I have spoken briefly of NESARA so now I will try to discuss this in more detail. In the 1970’s a class action law suit was filed by farmers who had been cheated by banksters over fraud and deception. This dragged on for about 20 years with appeals and delays, and a few Congressmen drew up a law that expanded on that, and it was passed and signed into law by Clinton in 2000. It was top secret and all involved signed non disclosure agreements that if violated would put them in jail for life. It was to have gone into effect on Sept. 11, 2001 at 10 AM with this announcement, and that was one reason for the NY Twin Towers destruction on that date, and it was planned and executed by the secret government and blamed on Arab terrorists (hopefully this will be disclosed for all to see).

The details of NESARA include:

1) The resignation of all government officials and the dissolving of the alphabet agencies (CIA etc). A temporary government would be installed until new elections are held later.

2) The replacement of the Federal Reserve fiat banking system with a gold backed Treasury and currency.

3) Cancellation of all debts including mortgages and credit loans.

4) Vast payments from the St. Germain prosperity funds that would make everyone a millionaire.

5) All troops would be called home and war would cease.

6) The restoration of Constitutional Law in America at NESARA’s public announcement that will mean new laws and new lawyers.

7) The abolishment of the IRS and Income Taxes in US and the creation of a national sales tax on new, non-essential items as revenue for government. Essential items such as food and medicine, and used items, are exempt from the sales tax.

It has since been expanded to a global GESARA that will effect all if and when it is officially announced. Chris Story said that Obama signed this new NESARA initiative bill that will go into effect when it is announced but not until then. Christ Michael said that the vast funds would not be distributed at this time and we will not become millionaires, probably because it would create many problems and delay ascension, although some or many of these NESARA provisions may be installed. Some say the Fed may shut down even this week.

The 3 days when Earth will stand still before reversing its rotation will probably begin the ascension process, and only those of the Light will be given this announcement by Mary 3 days before it will start so they can prepare for this. The Blue Light spiral seen in Norway near the North Pole may have been sending a message to the world leaders like the star of Bethlehem that was seen 2000 years ago. A similar Blue Light will be seen at the South Pole that will be a sign that these changes will begin, and it may be part of the Unification of Earth while still in 3D and an opening for other UFOs to enter and assist in the coming days.

AA Michael spoke about the procedures that will help in receiving this Light so I will repeat them. Place your left hand on your forehead and your right hand over your heart and continually repeat the phrase OD ER IM IS AL (pronounced ODE AYR EEM EES AHL) while welcoming the Blue Light and the Light of Christ in Unity and Truth so that these chakras will merge and integrate.

Maybe this will truly be a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for a change. Time will tell.

Rich N



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