Friday, December 4, 2009

Brief Banking Update by Christ Michael

By The Big Cheese, aka CM/Aton Dec 4, 2009

Good Morning dear readers of Abundant Hope, some of you may be reading Chris Story and others, talking of China calling it's debts or similar stories, and this is true beloveds. Plus much more that is hinted at or not reported going on. Now, it is very possible the bank holiday which means closing of the banks for a time to re do everything that banks do when there is bankruptcy, could be before Christmas and since the Federal Reserve Bank itself is involved, it may be all or several countries, but surely the United States. Therefore, keep cash on hand, as plastic will not work.

Now regards Chris Story's story on NESARA, this is NOT the NESARA whereby Americans would receive large amounts of money, as that was canceled long ago as we have covered. However, there is still effort to arrest and remove the thugs from the USA and possibly other places, and put in other measures, such as temporary leaders. The bank holiday could be very long, as there is NOTHING in place that is satisfactory at this time, including temporary leaders of the USA, but perhaps the pressure on CORP USA will cause them to capitulate, thus allowing the proposed temporary government.

So please have cash on hand for needed necessities. You can use larger bills first, until businesses run out of smaller bills to give change, and then have plenty of smaller bills on hand for purchases. If you normally pay say $40 to refill your car, you could use $20's for that, so gage your cash use on your expenses. If you normally shop for over $100 in groceries, you can use a $100 bill for each $100 purchased and smaller bills for the balance. It could happen there will be NO money for change, as retailers may hold the smaller cash coming in for their employee needs.

There is plans to keep this silent enough, so there are not runs on banks other than by insiders. However, get your cash NOW in case for expenses that are NECESSARY. Not a good time to make unnecessary purchases. Understand this could happen after Christmas, because the thugs want every last cent, but it could happen any day now. BE WISE beloveds, I should not have to detail any more for you. You should stock some food also again if needed. You can delay some of your Christmas spending for later you know and just tell family and friends you will do it after the bank holidays, and at sale time.

I would also suggest in your planning you do not depend on your own preconceived date for stasis. The people of this world NEED to see the results of their carelessness, and know we can start the stasis at my discretion, and assist the Magnetic Pole Reversal [a zero point Magnetosphere] at my discretion. However, it will be sooner rather than later, and if you wish to buy anything during the bank holiday, if it should occur before stasis, and it is likely it will occur before stasis, unless something else interceeds, such as a massive earthquake, you should have some money on hand. I am your Big Cheese........ plan well.

Magnetosphere status:

My Comment: Some would call this fear mongering, but I see it as a need to wake up and prepare for possible problems during events that may soon occur. Decisions are made daily depending on what is happening here, and my comments about US bankruptcy and collapse should be taken seriously. Chris Story has spoken of NESARA which requires a resignation of all US leaders, and he said that Obama [reluctantly??] has now signed papers allowing this. The vast amounts of NESARA money that was hoped for will not be available as this is no longer an option. Time will tell.

Rich N


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