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Archangel ANAEL Q & A October 31, 2009

Question: You said that some of us at the time of ascension will become Guardians, but whom and what will we guard ?

The Guardians beloved are by definition beings who will find themselves on the dimensional level of inner Earth. Given the recent decision of the Source to cut short the separated third dimensional experience, the people who are Guardians will be able to handle the vibration within the existing inner-Earth systems to allow for expansion of Life in the unified 3rd dimension at this time. [They will assist in the transition of Earth’s surface into Unity while still in the 3rd dimension.] There will be no distinction strictly speaking between these Guardians and those of you now assisting here who are either people or non-human humanoids.

There will no longer be a separation from these Guardians. Some of you will become Guardians also, depending on your ascension plans, but it may obviously be different depending on your stellar origin, on your Divine Source [spirituality] and your position. Thus, each going his own way, each will return to his home and assume those duties that are his [some will leave Earth and return to their home planets when their work is completed]. People who are called inner Earth Guardians will be the Guardians of life on the third dimensional Unified Earth surface.

Question: Is it important to know our stellar origin?

Yes it is. But the revelation beloved is not appropriate at this time. You all have a stellar parentage. You all have four dimensional spiritual affiliations which may interfere with, or are different from your stellar origin. However I am not permitted at this time to reveal this. This is a revelation that occurs at the completion of your journey at a specific time and at a timing which corresponds to a higher vibratory octave [ascension] that you can reach and allows this revelation. The revelation of your stellar lineage, the revelation of your spiritual affiliations is anchored in your new life and your new dimension. However there is no problem with being curious in an intellectual sense. Proving that you belong to this lineage or that lineage does not help you much as you have not yet experienced this vibrational revelation. There is no way to reveal what the level of your stellar energy or your spiritual affiliations is other than by yourself. [Some of us are from higher dimensions who have chosen to live this 3D experiment.]

Question: Why am I still afraid of snakes and troubled by hearing about the reptilian brain?

Beloved, this fear is inscribed in the depths of the memory cells in your body that you live today. In fact, you all keep more or less buried deeply inside of you the notion of a fear of reptiles. Why is that? It is, of course, due to your initial fall in this dimension, desired and caused by the Demiurge creator gods and the reptilian people. However, you must understand that, well before the rebellion event (if we can call it that) the reptilian people and particularly those called the Dragon people were extremely advanced, far more than you are today, even beyond your current stellar dimension. These people were called Dragon Masters and geneticists in the same manner as beings from Sirius, and especially the Dolphinoide [dolphin human] people were creators. [The reptilian Anunnaki were masters at creation and DNA manipulation also. Not all reptilians are what we would call evil and some were highly spiritual beings at one time long ago. It is said that dolphins are so advanced that they have the ability to heal broken bones almost instantly if needed, although they are careful on how they use this ability and they desire to keep it secret and not arouse attention. The Navy tried to use them in warfare but found they were too intelligent to participate and would not cooperate in assisting acts of war.]

Both groups of people have been the source of many experiments in the multi-universes and the multiple dimensions. They have enabled the creation and manipulation of life in many dimensions and in many locations, until some of the Dragons [Dracos], imbued with power, decided to create a separate matrix apart from the Source [they were responsible for many of the galactic wars and they considered us their slaves]. Thus it is therefore written in you and placed somewhere inside you, to fear these beings, whatever your stellar origin, regardless of your affiliations or your spiritual foundations. However some of you still have associations or spiritual connections with these lines. [This is the origin of the Illuminati who have ruled Earth until now and are being removed.]

Question: What does service consist of today?

Beloved, you must understand the meaning of the word "service." What is serving? Service can be understood as a giving of self. But it is important to consider this question: to whom do you give service and who are these servants? You were created in this dimension to serve your gods [in this duality]. However this is an illusion. Service is not love [but slavery]. The vibrational radiation is not service but is a state of being and essence. You must in your essence reject participating in this type of service. When you are in your spiritual essence at this time you will naturally serve, but if you serve without knowing the essence that you are, then you get into a relationship of dependency that is not freedom but slavery. These often used words are double sided. [Many “public servants” merely serve themselves and the darkside. Religions teach that as you serve others you will earn a place in “heaven”, and this is the reason many work in churches.]

This concept of duality is extremely common in all spiritual teachings. The most important desire for human beings is to make you believe that you work in the direction of service. The Bhakti Yoga as it is called in the East is offered or sold as a way to reach enlightenment. This is partly true and partly false. You can spend your entire life in the service of a cause, in service at a chapel, or in the service of a group without reaching enlightenment. Thus there is truth and there is also error.

However, from the moment you learn of your multidimensional Being in your current dimension, from the moment you connect or reconnect yourself to your stellar multidimensionality , from the moment you verify your spiritual Divinity, you are necessarily in service, but this service is not the same form as the service imposed on you, where you are told that you will find enlightenment through this service. Thus you must understand that there are numerous services, and the forces of darkness still play on this notion through this duality of words.

The examples are numerous. For example, when you talk about the United Nations, it is a parody and imitation of Unity. [Many of the “charitable” organizations like United Way , World Health Org., and Help Save the Children are not serving humanity as they should but are merely extensions of the New World Order. It is said that only 30% or less of the money in many organizations is passed on and the rest is overhead, and some of their CEOs are millionaires.] The New World Order [the Illuminati NWO] is a parody and mockery of Unity, for they are forces of separation [and not Unity], and the dichotomy that you attempt in this dimension has always reversed the process whatsoever [what you think is black is really white and what you consider good is evil]. Thus, the word service, which in the human mind is a noble sense of dedication, is self-serving, is falsified in the sense of service, which is not quite the same thing. Thus, you can see the lessons related, for example, to some of what you call official lodges [like the Freemasons, Shriners and Vets], that adhere to these attributes and are in this classification.

But are these organizations useful? That question is fundamental. When you demonstrate (beyond words and concepts or philosophies) with that energy that you provide in service to these organizations, will it serve the Source? The Source does not ask anything of you. The Source asks only that you be in the Divine Unity. And from the moment that you accept the Unity, this service is produced spontaneously and naturally without effort, without any commitment, and that is profoundly different from the meaning of service that is offered or sold by some lessons or teachers or groups.

Question: If Unity can bring abundance can abundance lead to Unity?

Beloved, each path is different and you must necessarily understand that abundance is experienced differently by each. Some people are in abundance and find Unity in abundance while others will find Unity through deprivation, and thus the lack of abundance. There is no absolute rule. Wealth does not automatically lead to Unity, and abundance can often lead to duality and separation. There is no absolute rule that abundance leads to the Unity. What abundance are we talking about? Material abundance is not spiritual abundance. [Wealth often results from compromises and actions that are self serving, and many who are wealthy have gotten to that position through treachery, bribery, blackmail, and abuse of others.]

Spiritual abundance does not come through poverty but by the intelligence of the Light and not by your own will. For some abundance can be just having enough food to eat every day, while for others abundance may be the ability to travel at will in a particular car. For still others, abundance is to have a large bank account. For some people, this will bring them closer to the Unity, and for others it will keep them away from their Unity, and these financial pressures will only keep them in duality. There is thus no relation between abundance and your unique path.

Everyone reacts according to his own impulses and his own experiences at the level of the incarnation of the soul. Nevertheless, spiritual wealth has absolutely nothing to do with material abundance, even if this spiritual wealth is reflected sometimes in a life of material abundance. But remember that when you experience and encounter the Unity in you, the abundance is of utmost importance in relation to your spiritual vibration and the abundance of the Unity in you. At that time the rest will follow, and it follows without exertion, without effort. This is the difference between this abundance and the abundance that you seek to safeguard you against the inconveniences and perils of life.

This is profoundly different from the abundance that occurs from the moment you receive the Unity. I will give a simple example to illustrate this: say you need to solve a problem that requires an investment, and you need a certain amount of what you call money. Either you have the money or you do not have it. If you resist the Unity, you will make every effort more or less [illegal or otherwise] depending on your ability to acquire the money that you lack. A person who lives in the Unity does not have this problem. This abundance comes spontaneously by reconnecting to the Source. At that time, you will be given a solution and this abundance will manifest itself in a way that is very different from that of the person who lives in duality and therefore resists the Unity.

In one case there is a resistance to the Unity to acquire abundance while in the other there is a surrender to the Unity to receive abundance. This does not have the same connotation or the same result, even if ultimately everyone arrives at the same conclusion. In one case you acted by choosing to remain in the Unity, and in the other you chose to act apart from the Unity.

Question: What about those people who perform service for humanitarian causes?

Beloved, people who engage in an act of service through a number of organizations involved, despite their desire to assist in a humanitarian sense, continually maintain their duality. It is very different to provide assistance of food and medical care, because although this service helps others it maintains duality. The important thing is not in helping others, the important thing is that others help themselves so they no longer need your help. The only way to help, in Truth and Unity, is to demonstrate the quality of your spiritual vibration and your Light. The darkside has fully understood the principle of duality, since it is they who created it. Having established this principle of duality, it works this way in all areas of life.

What does this mean? This is very simple and you will understand it very quickly. Imagine that you create a problem and you also provide the solution, leaving humans wandering bewildered with this problem [like creating and unleashing viruses so that people will spend money on doctors and medicine, or keeping them poor and working them as servants and providing them with low paying jobs while a few wealthy prosper]. Everything has been created on this planet in the modern industrial world that you live, since very ancient times, for these evil beings. There is this notion of goodness, this level of righteousness. This feeling of course will occur in humans by the act of doing good. But doing good produces consistently wrong results.

Similarly, you should ask the appropriate question: how do you explain that, despite the law of karma, people who do evil do not suffer harm? And they tell you they will suffer later in life. And what if I tell you that [in this life] they never suffer the harm they have done, because they obviously are protected from their action / reaction. Now, if you do good due to a sense of deep love, as is the case for some people, and you provide all your help and dedication in any service, if I told you that you will still maintain and remain in duality, what is your answer? And yet, this is true. The best assistance is not given by providing medicine, food, or medication. The most important contribution you can make to others is to liberate them from the duality of good and evil. Thus you can above all only work in the absolute service to the Source while being in the essence yourself .

Some have chosen to sacrifice, to be of some good to those around them, whether they are saints or mothers who has devoted their lives to their children. The performance of sacrifice does not result in liberation. When you sacrifice you become a servant. By becoming the servant of another, you give up your freedom. That does not mean being totally indifferent, but you must first seek the Kingdom of Heaven and the rest will follow. From the moment you find the Unity (and today it is becoming increasingly true) you will be in service naturally. This is different from sympathizing and serving emotionally or affectionately in this belief. Thus all humanitarian agencies without exception that have been created by mankind are the same forces of power that govern and enslave you .

Question: Could you tell us about the Incan alphabet letters of Fire and its usefulness?

The letters of the Incan Fire alphabet are directly related to the Mayan alphabet which is the Acado-Sumerian alphabet [of the middle East]. This has the same origin as the Viracochas who visited the Incas and also before visited the Maya and have the same origin. This alphabetic utility is now available to you, but of course there are many other tools also. They are numerous and include using crystals, water, using sounds and sacred alphabets [that can used for both good and evil]. I urge you, especially at this time, and depending on the vibrational outpouring in your solar system, to connect to what is easiest for you.

This teaching will not transform you. The transformation does not come from a teacher [you must do this yourself]. It is your responsibility to live in the Light and this transformation can be obtained (or at least facilitated) by the use of certain techniques, certain protocols. But nevertheless, the most important thing ultimately is to open your Heart and these tools are only mechanical techniques. However I understand that within the human consciousness it is necessary to perform a number of rituals because it is included in you.

Question: Is feeding on Prana exclusively an evolution related to Unity?

[Prana is a Sanskrit word literally meaning 'life-force', the invisible bio-energy or vital energy that keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. It's all about creating balance to open psychic awareness, and the nature of reality and one's place in it. [ ]

Beloved, to answer the first part of the question living on prana requires an understanding of prana. It is the future of humanity after this dimensional transformation, from the fifth dimension and dimensions beyond, to no longer require food in the sense that you now know. You can actually feed on ether energy and forces present in the Light. There is no need to ingest [eat] anything. However, in your dimension this mastering of Prana is not proof of Unity [and anyone can perform this]. However some people in Unity actually have no real need to eat food [some live off the Sun Light only], even within this dimension. But be careful not to make this an absolute rule [do not try this yourself until you are ready].

You can be in the Unity and eat, you can be in the Unity and make love, you can be in the Unity and no longer make love, you can be in the Unity and no longer need to eat. The necessary vibration is what suits you, what fulfills your needs, but you will need to adjust to this vibration. Certain needs will disappear but others will not disappear. Thus, there is no absolute rule to this level. That does not mean that everyone has to be able to experience the prana to be in the Unity. In the same way you have people who are bulimic [who live on little or no food] in the Unity. [In our society many eat much more than they need to, and far too many are over weight. There is an emphasis on having good tasting food around, and people eat for pleasure instead of nourishment and necessity.]

Question: Are there many people on Earth who feed only on prana?

This is not for your humanity at this time although there are a few. Some have mastered prana and the pranic forces and may actually feed on prana because they have mastered certain criteria in this dimension, but it is not proof of their being in Unity. Understand that you can have all the powers of this world [and still be missing the Divine essentials]. Remember what St. Paul said: "you can move mountains, you can have faith to move mountains, you can communicate with the angels, but if you lack Love, if you lack the Fire of Love, you have nothing. " You can acquire all the powers in this dimension, you can acquire the powers of an authentic and pure premonition [ESP] without being in Unity.

Precisely, Unity may be shown by these supernatural manifestations, but Unity is a state of being independent of external events whatever. However, in some cases Unity is also accompanied by external manifestations [miracles and healing]. But you should not be fooled by external events whatever. This is not what should guide your participation in Unity. Again I refer to you yourself. What should guide you is your ability to vibrate at the Heart and nothing else. As long as you focus on external recognition [fame], related writings, related experiences, even becoming holier, you have strayed from your path.

Some have said that at one point you need to erase all role models from your consciousness. Only by removing all these models of perfection will you become your true self. As long as you try to show your godly beliefs outside [and act like the Pharisees], you are trying to imitate others who are role models, and you are trying to be like others , but you are not living your essence in Unity and Truth, and you are still in bondage.

[Society makes standards so that all will be pressured to conform. Essentially by conforming we become “sheeple” who follow each other rather than thinking for ourselves. We are taught that to be normal we should marry and have kids, but many marriages end in divorce and many kids are unwanted and neglected. ETs say that much of what society teaches is not accurate, and if you want to know something you should reverse the answer to the opposite conclusion. You often hear people say they are quitting their job to spend more time with the family, but the real reason may be their desire to leave the rat race and a miserable job or because they were told either leave or you are fired. Much of what people say is at best half truths and is often total deceptions, and much of what the Archangels say is totally opposite of what you have been taught.]

Question: When we walk in the Unity, should we discuss our experiences that we have had with others?

Beloved, of course the desire to communicate what you experience to others orally, in writing or emotionally is quite logical for humans. The human being is by nature a communicator in this dimension. I am not referring to your stellar dimension. Within this dimension that you live you want to communicate. The problem is that in expressing what you experience you leave the Unity. Unity is something that is communicated by your vibrational radiation. Just being in this state of presence will communicate this to others. From the moment you try to put into words what you have lived, you unalterably leave the Unity.

Similarly, when you are asked not to judge and you understand the meaning of this teaching, it becomes an important learning process because you see, because you know full well that a particular person, that a situation is totally false, but it is not for you to denounce him, because if you denounce this person you lower yourself to his level and you then move away from Unity. Leaving this world of duality can only be done in your essence and the resonance of your being. It must be done by living in the Unity, and by simply being the transmitters of the Light, as Archangel Michael said, you become the sowers and representatives of the Light. This does not require words, it requires a spiritual vibration which is not the same thing.

Question: Is it true that birds are descendants of dinosaurs?

Birds belong to different dimensions and to different evolutionary lineages than those of dinosaurs. I remind you that some winged dinosaurs that you call birds are not birds but are mammals, and some that you call reptiles are mammals also. There is no correlation or possible comparison between a hairy animal, an animal covered with scales, or animals covered with feathers. The feathers will inevitably refer to the ethereal dimensions, but it has nothing to do with this.

Question: Could you tell us about the Elohim and Nephilim?

Yes. I will give you an extremely accurate description. The Elohim are crystal beings belonging to the 11th dimension and approaching their status as 18th dimensional beings. The Elohim are creative emissaries, they are what was commonly called gods, Master Creators and geneticists. Nevertheless, they participate in the initialization of a cycle [such as we will soon begin] and a special creation. The Nephilim are beings belonging to totally different dimensions. They do not belong to the dimensions of crystal beings but are located in dimensions in relationship to Sirius and to the 18th dimension.

The Nephilim are beings that can take on and possess a body of flesh. They are not malevolent like those beings that have been described in the scriptures [Genesis]. Obviously the Bible has falsified the whole of what were the Nephilim. The Nephilim were the great Beings of Light who were called the Titans or the Giants. It was they who built the Circle of Fire of the Ancients. They are the ones who were alive on Earth at that time. They performed a number of creative actions related to the Source, but the actions of the Dragons forced them to withdraw and not return to this duality. Before retiring, and in relation to the approach of these Beings from the Great Bear [Ursa Major - the Constellation that Is home to the Big Dipper], they were able to create a number of structures, and by their extremely extended vision prepare for the return of the Light that you will now live.

Question: On what date did the creation by the Elohim occur?

The word creation must be balanced, it is not a question of Creation as such. It is about a creative contribution within an existing Creation, which is not the same thing. The Elohim do not have the ability to create a new world in whole, just as the geneticists from Sirius did not have the ability to create a world in whole. The world must be created by a number of forces called elements. These elements are themselves created by the Hayoth Ha Kodesh [The Holy Beings whose role is to preserve the development of creation] or the Cherubim. Thus to create a world or to create a dimension requires knowledge and vibration and a certain amount of skills.

The Elohim do not create a dimension, they breathe a particular dynamics into that dimension. They are however called Creator Gods. The Nephilim themselves did not create anything but developed an experiment that was created by beings with whom they were associated and who were called the Dolphinoide beings of Sirius from the 18th Dimension. The real creators now on this earth are those who have made the crystalline matrix that existed long before what you called the human races.

These people who created crystalline submissions and crystalline resonance to support life in multiple dimensions and in multiple directions within the solar system belonged to people who have limited human characteristics. They were the great coppered Dolphins of another Sirius [not Sirius B]. That happened 20 million years ago. [There are many good books that talk about the crystalline sacred geometry and the matrix of both Earth and our bodies that we live in. It is very complex and can take years to fully understand this and is tied to our chakras and those of Earth.]

[ The crystalline matrix: "The human body is a sophisticated, multi-faceted antenna system comprised of a crystalline matrix that is constantly transmitting and receiving (transceiving) all manner of informed energies. The matrix is mainly comprised of two special types of crystals known as piezo and liquid crystals. Piezo crystals reside in the bones, intestines, teeth, and in the collagen arrays of connective tissue such as ligaments, tendons and cartilage. They convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. Whenever these physical tissue components are stressed due to activity, the crystals are compressed into a deformed shape. When the stress is released, the crystal rebounds to its natural size. The deformation of the crystal shifts its positive and negative charge centers, thus creating an external electric field. This is known as piezoelectricity [and is the basis for solid state electronics]. The strength of the field generated is directly proportional to the amount of stress put on the crystal."

Sacred-Geometry books:

Kundalini and the chakras: ]

Question: Are the conscious physical experiments with different bodies in the 3rd dimension by the process of creating humanoids a creation of the darkside?

This existed long before the arrival of the darkside in this density in forms of humanoid life, but they did not look the way you do today because obviously it was 20 million years ago. These embodied Beings on Dimensions extremely high, having been brought on this Earth (by the fusion at some point) of the consciousness and the crystalline matrix (and not the matrices related to darkside life), were humanoid forms of nature called Dolphinoides.

These Dolphinoides were a cross between humans and dolphins. They moved in the air [by flying] and not in water, and are not like you. The first that came as an expedition in a humanoid form already existed before the episodes of darkside, since the Nephilim existed 300,000 years earlier. But I've not specified the duration of preexistence in this dimension. There are now skeletons of giants that exist, found in various places around the world and whose timing could show that they existed here millions of years ago. However, while having the humanoid form, they were not human. With the humanoid form, they were not the same size as you are [but much bigger]. You should also understand that most Starseeds now embodied in a human body are from this last cycle. Some of you have been here for a number of cycles. This can be traced back more than 300,000 years or precisely 320,000 years. [He did not answer the question about recent clones and replicants and hybrids made by the greys or the reptilians that was asked.]

Question: Is there a link between the civilization of giants and the giants of the Canary Islands?

Totally. The Giants were divided into different parts of the world. They lived on top of nearby mountains and seas.

Question: What about those living with schizophrenia. Are they worthless ?

Any human entity can be handicapped at some point in his existence. However, I do not think the majority of cases of schizophrenia are called that. Schizophrenics have one foothold in this reality and another foot, or part of their consciousness in another reality. What you call external pain is not existent pain for them because they have access to dimensions that you do not. So again it depends on your point of view. Your perspective is related to the lack of communication with these forms of life called schizophrenics.

However these forms of life have a purpose. In the same way a parent having a Mongolian child would have a certain kind of suffering, through this suffering there is culmination of a number of things experienced both by the parent and the child. However do not even consider a schizophrenic or a Mongolian as being inferior to you. They are more often far superior to you on a vibrational level. An explanation in your language is multi genetic. There are many genetic factors that can interfere with a normal life. But in no case can you equate these elements with being handicapped. This is not an absolute rule, much less a comparison, because due to certain disabilities they can possess certain attributes similar to those of a psychic medium.

Question: What is the next evolution after the mineral, plant, animal, and human life?

The next step is not a superman as you understand it because now you are not yet men here in the human sense. That is why we need a number of new genetic materials [DNA] so that the real human (a special form of biological body) may be revealed to you in a different density that is a humanity not separated or cut off from the Source.

In general of course evolution is constant in Creation [or should be]. What I mean in general is however that there are lineages that I would call unchangeable [and do not evolve]. This includes the Archangels. We are the guardians of the 18th Dimension. We provide the back and forth flow of consciousness and information between the Source and the other dimensions. Thus We must stay unchangeable. The Source can travel to all dimensions. Humans, when they are no longer separated from the Source, will be able to travel to a number of dimensions located beyond your current human limitations [in eternal bodies similar to astral traveling]. The loss of your 3D humanity means moving to a level of consciousness that is for now a level of your consciousness that is unthinkable, unapproachable, in one way or another [similar to describing our eternal bodies of Light that await us that are beyond description and our understanding].

The evolutionary goal of man is of course to ultimately be an Angel, but being an Angel is not necessarily what you think. There are many varieties of angels within many dimensions. Thus I will give you an example this: those we call angels of the Lord are Vegans who have bodies of the unified third dimension [and who ascended from lower dimensions and were not created as the Angels that we know of].

They are called angels of the Lord, but are they equipped with wings to the extent that you understand? Absolutely not. They have human characteristics that are very close to yours, but with profoundly different measurements, and these Angels are not necessarily winged beings. Remember also that We the Archangels, in Our higher dimension, even if I show Myself to you as I have done, I maintain in this vibrational state a special characteristic that is not the reality of who I really am. However, when I travel to the 5th Dimension I clear my vibration and cannot reveal the way that I am in my original [18th] dimension.

Thus the Elohim, when They descend onto this vibrational plane and are seen on Earth , Their crystal body no longer exists. The crystal body is covered in dust and is covered with skin. It is again a human body and yet this body has not gone through the usual transformation. Similarly, when the Source takes shape and materializes in a body, it is due to some form of conception and transformation so He can travel to the third dimension. And yet this body has the common attributes that you have. However, the Consciousness that lives in this form is nothing compared with your consciousness, yet has the same vehicle [body or container] as yours. [Note: My comments in the text are in brackets.]

My Comments: The Elohim are 11th dimensional beings who are working toward an 18th dimensional level as beings of Light according to AA Anael. One contactee who met with the Elohim said that they wrote the Urantia book which should be considered the true Bible.

When AA Anael described the Elohim He said that His description was highly accurate because He had a first hand knowledge of this. Many fail to understand that Angels, Masters, and ETs, although vastly more knowledgeable than us still have a limited knowledge and do not know everything. Just as there is what is called compartmentalization in the military and governments there is also a limited sharing of knowledge within higher dimensional beings, partly due to their focus on their particular responsibilities and also to maintain security.

In the News:

Instead of announcing ET disclosure as Obama should have the media said that he plans to propose that additional troops be sent to Afghanistan, which will mean more troop deaths and more coffins to be shipped home that are usually filled with drugs as has been the custom in the past (thus bypassing customs inspections), and this brings in more money for the secret government. That action itself could be considered a war crime. Some say he is a spiritual leader from Sirius, but his actions in his first year in office only show that he is an Illuminati puppet. He has a free will like all of us, I continue to await a change in his policy but have not seen any yet, and my words are a challenge and a call for change.

Mafia boss John Gotti during his trial was asked if the mafia sold drugs, and he answered that the biggest drug dealer was the US and the mafia could not compete with that. Provisions of the health care reform bill allow micro chips to be shot into those who are treated, and these can be used for more mind control. Opponents say that those who have insurance will see their premiums rise substantially to support this program, and some want this to be mandatory for all whether they want it or not. Some have talked about NESARA and other funding, but until the corrupt leaders and banksters (banker-gangsters) are removed most people will not get much if anything. The Copenhagen climate conference could be an opportunity to introduce non polluting free energy that is not allowed at this time.

Prison spoke of a new war tax: "Not content with savaging American taxpayers with two huge new financial burdens during an economic recession, in the form of health care reform and cap and trade, close allies of Barack Obama have proposed a new war surtax that will force Americans to foot the bill for the cost of protecting opium fields in Afghanistan, paying off drug lords, and bribing the Taliban" [which is the real purpose of our being there along with the energy they produce]. China now owns 47% of the United States’ total debt and it continues to grow, and there could be foreclosure at any time unless repaid.

Alex Collier said he was told by Andromedan ETs that the greys caused the black plague in medieval times by dropping toxic spores from their ships onto much of Europe during the Middle Ages resulting in the deaths of most Europeans, and similar scenarios are suspected here now. They know their time is up, and they want to go out with a bang. Since I exposed the virus patents, the media and CDC have quietly stopped promoting vaccines or diagnosing those who are sick as having H1N1 flu.

Sheldan Nidle said this week: “Your suffering reaches a point where Heaven hints that a direct approach is required, as your transformation cannot continue to be delayed by the dark. Lord Surea [of Sirius] has issued a solemn decree to Heaven's local Administration that the divinely right moment has arrived to bring down the dark and its many arrogant minions. This decree opens up many possibilities for us as we probe your world for a way to initiate disclosure. At this time we are leaning toward a special conference where a formal joint announcement can be made. Yet to be decided are time and place. We are also working with our Earth allies to end the power of the USA Corporation and to set up an interim regime. Our ships and crews are trained and ready to carry out the vital "go" order from Heaven. We wait and we act in accordance with what we have been told. Mother Earth is also ready to transform. Indeed, the entire solar system is beginning to change in consonance with the divine plan. All this is tied to your move into full consciousness.”

Lord Surea is a member of an advanced council of Masters who determine the procession of events here on Earth and what is allowed as we move toward ascension in 5th dimension, and no one being has the authority to make these decisions. The US is a bankrupt corporation, not a democracy as many think, and we are still essentially a colony of England with Obama as CEO. Lawyers are still members of the British Bar, and under the original 13th amendment that the colonies passed (but which has since been purposely edited and buried) these lawyers are not eligible to practice or make laws.

Some analysts say that the US will collapse in the next few months due to the $100 trillion + debt (which does not include the trillions of worthless derivatives owned by major banks), and there is a report that troops stationed on foreign soil are being called back to the US in anticipation of a financial crash of the dollar and a civil war early next year, although this withdrawal is also a provision of NESARA.

The dollar continues to collapse while gold reaches new highs, and many countries no longer accept the dollar. According to some reports the Pentagon rank and file is close to open rebellion, and Obama’s days are numbered if he continues in status quo. If Obama and his associates continue acting as they have for the last year we will probably have 3 more years of worsening conditions and a probable collapse before that time. Only ET first contact and a new Divinely appointed government will bring the needed changes and a universal awakening, and hopefully that will occur soon.

Time will tell.

Rich N


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