Wednesday, November 4, 2009

David Oakford's Near-death Experience and a Visit with His Angel

In early summer of 1979, David Oakford was 20 years old and having problems dealing with his life situation. His childhood was not designed to enable him to properly deal with life in general. He had no self-esteem and everything he did to find peace within just did not work. He was pretty miserable then and felt lost and unloved. He turned to drugs and alcohol.

He needed to find the peace within himself and he felt it calling him. It was at a party that David had an overdose of drugs and had a near-death experience. His near-death experience is one of the most profound you will ever read. The following is his near-death experience testimony which also appears in Kevin Williams' book Nothing Better Than Death.

He talks about his near death, his meeting with his guardian angel, his unknown divinity, his Life Review, and his awakening.

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