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Comments on Christ Michael Aton - Time For A Real Change

Comments on Christ Michael Aton - Time For A Real Change

There is much that was given by Aton that was hinted at but not fully explained or understood, so I will try to connect the dots as I see it. Aton mentioned that Planet X (Nibiru) is the central planet that is towed and used to bring us into the galactic alignment with Alcyon, the Divine central sun and source of this new energy. I feel that in order to achieve this it is necessary that it be in a position near the Sun which is the center of our galaxy. This has been confirmed by some at times but is not seen now and is cloaked at this time. Some say that we will see this later.

He said: "The DNA forms that are not in alignment will be removed by the process of the magnetic reversal [pole shift], more so than we have covered to date. And then we start over. Understand, I said DNA forms [bodies], NOT souls, which include that soul/spirit in plants and animals. Souls on earth will mature in healed forms [new bodies]." (The brackets are my comments.) What He is saying is that all life will be removed from Earth while changes and clean up occurs on Earth. All life will die or be removed, and according to AA Michael those who will ascend will receive eternal bodies of Light at ascension that are much more advanced than the ETs. Stasis will occur but it will only prevent us viewing the removal of all life because most can not handle this and we will not see this occurring.

Will a new government and NESARA occur as some have said and why has this not yet occurred? Aton is the "Boss" and all things must be approved by Him. This change over would require much time, probably several years and I feel that it will not occur myself. As Aton said the poles are ready to reverse due to the low Magnetosphere, and they are not being boosted by ETs any more. It will take several years to clean up Earth, and I feel it must be done by 2013 which seems to be the deadline.

ETs, although thousands of years ahead of us in technology have not developed spiritually as desired and this technology may be part of the distraction. They live usually several thousand years, but AA Michael said we will have eternal bodies of Light so will be much superior to them. We have movies and TV and video games that do not help spiritually but are merely a distraction, and we work many hours a day to pay the bills and take care of the family and do not have time to meditate and develop spiritually as we should.

The Phoenix Journals are beneficial for all in understanding certain concepts but were halted 10 years ago, so living in that time frame is not valid now. Even living in stasis as planned several years ago is not valid because changes have been made this year. The plan was to ignite Jupiter in December 2007 and place all in a suspended cryogenic state while Earth was cleaned, a new government and financial system was to be established and available after this event when the wheat would be separated from the chaff during these changes.

However Jupiter did not ignite as planned so it was delayed until late January when it successfully became a sun. This was announced by Aton in early February and unofficially acknowledged by NASA. It also showed up as large dark spots on the Farside but was erased when it was disclosed by me. The former Enki (now ST in BG) said at that time that a huge explosion had occurred and he warned that it was coming our way. However because it was behind the Sun at that time the energy was absorbed and never reached us. It was occasionally exposed to view on Earth but due to its instability and destructive power was pulled back and will probably not be seen at this time. After ascension the plan is to also ignite Saturn which is a gas planet like Jupiter, so there will be light all the time day and night.

David Oakford's encounter with his guardian angel shows several important concepts. First it shows that most of what is going on here in 3D Earth is withheld from us so that we will progress spiritually on our own as part of the 52,000 year Divinely approved experiment which is now over. The veil is still here and our understanding is still very limited. Second it shows that we are here to progress spiritually, and the goal is to join Divinity in Unity which many ETs have not advanced to. Those who are not ready for ascension will end up on other 3D worlds to continue in the learning process. Alex Collier said in his videos that we are a special group who are above other ETs due to our unknown Divinity, and they envy us for this.

I have often commented on the new age movement, so I will clarify this now. These teachings include chakra activation and balancing along with meditation which are very beneficial to all and are part of the teachings of Archangels. The problem with this is that it is limited and does not include an understanding of ascension, Divinity or ETs. David Wilcock and others have often said we will all become enlightened and all will ascend by these new energies, and this has been proven to be inaccurate and misses most of the essential teachings. There is much more that needs to be understood in order to progress spiritually as we become United with Divinity.

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