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CM Aton - Time For A Real Change

We Have Thrown in the Rag. The Earth is Crying.
By Christ Michael & Candace November 1, 2009

Dearly beloveds, Christ Michael here to speak a bit after a rather long absence it would seem. First, let’s cover just a bit on what I have been doing. I recently posted through Daniel Raphael that I have turned over more day to day management to Machiventa [one of 12 Melchizedeks] and Monjoronson. There are some other planets that are part of the rebellion requiring a bit of my personal attention right now, in this body that I am using.

One planet is particularly having troubles, and this is in Orion. We are currently removing the last of the Reptilians also from that place, as we did on your world a couple years ago or so. I am doing much there similarly to here. This world I am often visiting for a few days at a time, is not quite as troublesome as your world, but longer away from light and life. It is not in a solar system yet facing ascension, but in time, it will also come in the Galactic Ecliptic and experience what your world is now experiencing for 3 years. It has yet to rotate directly in line. Your world actually entered a little earlier because we are towing you to a new energy stream, meaning the solar system is being towed, not just planet earth.

And regards the “towing”, Candace collects a lot of what she calls “crap” on GLP over this, as if we have little tow trucks or something. We have only to tow “planet X” [Nibiru] and the whole solar system comes with it. Every solar system has a “planet X”, and it is through these bodies that whole solar systems travel around their central stars. Your central star is Alcyone. And in time, in your new energy stream, you will be much closer to Alcyone, and thus not in the long dark period you have been in previously, of 11,000 years at a time. You will be “in the light” all of the time [no nightime or darkness], based on both the energy stream, and the effects of your 3 suns [including Jupiter], as Saturn will also be ignited in due time [it is a gas planet like Jupiter].

Regards being in that Milky Way galactic ecliptic, you should be noticing some of the rather rapid effects regards your ascension syndromes, and that of your animals. Most of you who are around animals should be noticing they are getting smarter too [they will ascend also]. The god particles remodel everything!!!! There will be a great surge in evolution upon your plane. Now, let’s get into the not so nice stuff. Despite the now 3 years of work, by the particles coming through to you, your dark ones just aren’t getting a hint yet and it doesn’t appear they will at all. We did hope some would awaken a bit, with their reptilian and Anunnaki controllers out of the way, but sadly, the difficulties remain huge.

Now Candace knew about OITC quite some time ago, but for safety reasons we did not provide her directly with the name of the organization. OITC as suggested before, IS GESARA. I hope all of you have visited the website, and viewed the excellent video’s if you are not yet convinced. If you are on dial up, find a computer, perhaps go to a library, where you can view them. [ ]

The results of going public with OITC, putting up the website and the like have been dismal. There is no money for guns, so the thugs are not interested. It is far worse than that actually. I don’t know yet today, what for sure has gone so wrong on this world. Usually confining thugs together gets results and an upliftment in the DNA, but this time it wasn’t successful. The angels that fell into the rebellion have done all right, but the other galactic thugs didn’t learn.

Out of concern for earth’s peoples in general, we have prevented a large array of 9/11 type [government sponsored terrorist] attacks. Russia has been most helpful in this endeavor since they have so many cosmospheres and have come into alignment with the divine plan. That allows for easier following of the rules of intervention on a planet. These rules however on this one, MY planet, are different.

We are going directly into stasis fairly soon. We do not believe bringing out Jupiter will be of any help, but nevertheless, we may or may not. It is placed as far out as possible in the corona from time to time and even has been exposed for short periods. It continues to upset the balance on earth more than we would like [like Earthquakes]. We wish to have that very slow reversal, so going into stasis first will bring that completely under our control. We have continued to keep a quiet sun for this reason.

Your scientists think that these few new suns spots are of the next cycle, but they do not understand that the Sun is also going to be completely monopolar [Unity with no more duality] and it will not thusly experience cycles. This is a slow transition into that state for the sun. We are placing ships so folks can see them at sunrise and sunset. This is not very effective either, because so many never even notice sunrise and sunset, which in normal societies are a time of wonderment and prayer each day. You have lost all of any holy cycles and the knowledge contained therein.

I would suggest that all of you during the remainder of time, sungaze each day where you have opportunity, and MAKE that opportunity. It will help prepare you. You merely stand outside preferably, or indoors if very cold or at work, and stare at the sun when it is low in the sky. If it is too high, you will know, you won’t be able to stare at it. This will raise up your energy levels a bit and help in remodeling your brains.

I was going to give more information more for the dark ones, but it seems completely futile to waste my breathe, so to speak. I do breathe in this body by the way. I will only say, that in ignoring the OITC, you ones completely blew it. There is unlimited help to this world through that organization, except for warfare [abundant money was available for benevolent projects but was never used. They submitted proposals to the G8 in 2005 for helping Africa and other poor countries but never responded because the leaders only wanted to take minerals and other commodities for profit without helping its people].

Casper, and Bellringer, your story is NEVER going to happen. I have my people in control, and that plan is NOT God’s plan and never was. Those monies, which were traded, could have been, but again, you lied and misused your trust. Some of the thugs actually stole legitimate funds started by private individuals and companies. Casper, I do know who you are and your purpose. These monies you keep writing about, are Bush et all funds, and illicit funds at that. The metals that sort of backed them, will be fully returned from where they sit, as they are NOT yours to continue to worsen the conditions of this world. The IMF and similar organizations and banks will be dismantled during the stasis, and the precious metals returned and placed in safe keeping. That Gold in the hands of the IMF, even though being “sold” is not for sale, and will be recovered physically for use after the return.

I suppose you all want the date of stasis. No bananas on that dear ones. Candace will still go first, for her team, and they will be notified, but the rest, you will just find yourselves when it happens wherever you should be. To put out any date, the dark ones would attempt something more than they have attempted, and will also be off to “safe keeping” or so they think, before it happens.

The magnetosphere is truly ready to flop. Flop it does, the vortexes will collapse on each other. We will be going into stasis BEFORE this happens, again, so that we can control this, which is probably why we will likely not bring out Jupiter. We will continue with showing ourselves at night, sunrise, and sunset, until stasis. Your world, as above, is so out of sync and the rumors of what makes up the appearance of God at the time of cleansing, is all over the place, and we are sorry, but Jesus still isn’t going to gallop across the sky on a White Horse to gather the saints, er Christians [rapture].

There are many at this time leaving for the mansion [higher] worlds, and you have excess deaths. There are also, as Esu mentioned in his last piece, the beginning of people becoming ill from the released custom illness [H1N1 flu], and more than the Ukraine are in great fear right now. The news just doesn’t reach the United States, and you have in increase in this in the United States and it’s being labeled swine flu, and it is not. You do have some better health care there, so it’s less noticeable.

China faced a severe time during the “bird flu” days. This was an direct attack on them [genetically engineered in labs and distributed to kill many Asians], and they did place several areas under extreme quarantine, and even removed several small towns of people entirely from the face of the earth to stop the spread. We did intervene with some help in that scenario.

As to the swine flu vaccine, we have been going into the labs and disabling the virus that is contained therein. This is only to keep what little peace remains on the planet in it’s final days. Many have petitioned to not allow the planet to go into complete chaos and prayers were answered. But this cannot continue beloveds [3D is over], because of the pollution to the planet. We cleanse some places as we can, and we leave some of it, to be seen, so you would all learn, but you did not.

We will be studying [this experiment] for a long time, just why the people of this planet did not learn, over the eons. We will also be studying for some time, just why the star seeds did not awaken in greater numbers. In fact, the star seeds have been some of the problem. They have become incredibly blind. Their higher selves, to use that word, have been unsuccessful in finding opportunity to download monads into the bodies being used. This is a perplexing condition.

The “higher self’ knows, but the lower self of the incarnation has been most resistant to hearing “from above.” Yea ones are not fully incarnate into the body, your energies are too high, and the communications go through the “silver cord” so to speak, and the silver cord develops “shorts”, and the message is not received. Usually the ascension process of the DNA makes the communications more accessible, but this did not happen for many.

I am back here to stay until the planet is in stasis, the issues with the other planet and my need to be there are resolved at this time. I needed to personally attend the issues with the reptilians there. Beloveds, the reptilian form has not been successful. These ones are still very cold blooded. Those who did develop worthy souls will continue on in other forms but basically the reptilian form is being gradually removed from existence. They develop on climatically hostile planets, and that hostility seems to be difficult to overcome. Some of you who read here are preparing for various difficult jobs ahead, and thus I am giving this little detail. Such is the nature of overseeing the creation and all that develops from it.

I will ask many of you to lay back. Do not continue to attempt to educate those around you in these last days. I think Candace can even stop if she wishes on GLP, because as the energies “churn” more, the dark are getting very nasty. And the dark includes family members who are not awakened for some of you. It is not necessary for you all be faced with the increasing intolerance and insults. Just be quiet and look the other way.

It can be deadly to upset some people in these times. Just do the yes sir or maam, when faced with ridiculous requests and surround yourselves in your protective light. Mormon underwear will NOT do that job! Talk about people who do not think, thinking that underwear will keep you safe. That is a sad example of how good teachings are taken down on this planet. That church is the worst for the corruption of teachings given it long ago.

Do NOT frequent bars and the like right now. Those who get drunk are going to act out even more, and as fear spreads from the rumors of illness and the like, people are going to drink more, use drugs more, and become more dangerous. Do not intervene if you see any sort of disagreements in public, and even at home, if there is danger. Walk away. Your lives may be at stake.

Now, I have something to share with you. This has been a very long and very difficult process for myself. My universe became infested. Some of this infestation was from other universes; some of it developed in front of mine own eyes. I have mentioned before, we must get a handle on this strange, not seen before darkness that has infested the lighted creations. It is very intelligent. Your movie on Artificial Intelligence, touched on this. Some of it is artificial. Some comes from machines learning to think, which have no sense of right or wrong, no God sense and then not being handled properly by those that control machines. Races also have stolen DNA and in the laboratory, downgraded it to make slaves, who also have no God sense of right and wrong.

Creation is old. These problems however did not exist in the first 6 superuniverses. It is in Orvonton they manifested. And this must be solved. I am a very “open” Creator Son to finding ways to deal with this. It was my purpose in fact before I came to Nebadon. I have long studied this, and we planned ways, actually to attract some of this to Nebadon, and concentrate it, and get rid of it. And many of you who read this material are volunteers unto that service. This must be stopped.

It is not easy for me emotionally, myself. I do not enjoy having to uncreate something. All universes do face problems of this nature however, there are some life forms that develop that are not satisfactory. But what was a most difficult situation, was mine own angels that “went south” to use your human phraseology. These are my personal creations, and it is not easy to walk from family. Do not your own selves face difficulties with children who seem to not turn out so well? Thus the story of the prodigal son, conveyed by me. I have let my ones to go out and err, in hopes they would come home with new wisdom, and that worked fairly well with the angels of mine and Nebadonia’s creation.

Some failed. Lucifer failed, and when welcomed back, that was his failure, he would not undergo any further rehabilitation to relearn and chose his uncreation, and that was heartbreaking. He was not the evil Satanist suggested on your planet, but awfully misguided, and he did let his ego get the best of him. He did want to be his own God, and you still see remnants of this in the new age teachings. You are to come into alignment with the creation, if you wish to climb that big ladder ahead. He made many management errors. So we let him have earth, my seed planet, for a time, along with the thugs, and he did realize eventually that he had bitten off more than he could chew and that he could not be “god” of Satania, in the manner he had hoped.

We still have a great deal of work ahead. I have shed many tears myself, yes, the spirit form of mine, while it doesn’t shed literal tears, nevertheless I have cried. And so has Mother Nebadonia. This was not an easy journey. The plan of placing the thugs together was not altogether successful. These warring groups just don’t seem to get the message, and they have been repeatedly “welcomed home” [join the Light and all will be forgiven] or rather the offer made, and it doesn’t take. This is my universe, and I am going to have to do some more un-creating. We are all learning from this, and I know we will be nipping the problems in the bud much sooner.

We so have to develop ways yet, to foresee these sooner. We should have not allowed quite so much freedom of will in developing young worlds. Often these worlds have been given, as yours was recently, technology they are not ready for by others [by the greys that was mostly kept from the public and used for control], so tough new guidelines are going up regarding the evolutionary and lower “heaven” worlds [new rules and less free will].

The higher councils of Orvonton have seen the light, so to speak, and know there must be some toughness, otherwise, much will be swallowed up into black holes. Black holes are not understood by your scientists. They are the garbage dumps. There are too many. This is an enigma too. What does happen to them, in time, is they become suns again, the matter, as it is compressed gets quite hot, and thus explodes. Nothing is ever lost, but we sometimes also get suns where we don’t want them yet!

This is because black holes are the densest matter can become, and they aren’t “moveable.” No “tug boats” designed yet that work. We sometimes have to move some formations out of the way instead. When these explode, huge amounts of matter are released for re use. They do not “suck” in additional matter as some of your scientists suggest. But they are imploded matter where a creation went wrong, and the like attracts like rule functions.

In summary, we are going into stasis at my command. I have been back and forth dealing with this other issue that was necessary, but I must also be here personally for the initiation of stasis. We have thrown in the rag [the time is up]. The earth is crying some more and the pollution continues to worsen, and the lives of other classes of beings on this world are to be taken into consideration, as this is a seed planet, and it is going back to it’s purpose. The DNA forms that are not in alignment will be removed by the process of the magnetic reversal [pole shift], more so than we have covered to date. And then we start over. Understand, I said DNA forms [bodies], NOT souls, which include that soul/spirit in plants and animals. Souls on earth will mature in healed forms [new bodies].

Namaste, Christ Michael [Aton]

On Machiventa Melchizedek:

The actual incarnation of Machiventa Melchizedek began near what was to become the city of Salem, in Palestine about 2,000 BC. He was first observed by mortal man on that eventful day when he entered the tent of Amdon, a Chaldean herder of Sumerian extraction. And the proclamation of his mission was embodied in the simple statement which he made to this shepherd, "I am Melchizedek, priest of El Elyon, the Most High, the one and only God."

When the herder had recovered from his astonishment, and after he had plied this stranger with many questions, he asked Melchizedek to sup with him, and this was the first time in his long universe career that Machiventa had partaken of material food, the nourishment which was to sustain him throughout his ninety-four years of life as a material being.

And that night, as they talked out under the stars, Melchizedek began his mission of the revelation of the truth of the reality of God when, with a sweep of his arm, he turned to Amdon, saying, "El Elyon, the Most High, is the divine creator of the stars of the firmament and even of this very earth on which we live, and he is also the supreme God of heaven."

Within a few years Melchizedek had gathered around himself a group of pupils, disciples, and believers who formed the nucleus of the later community of Salem. He was soon known throughout Palestine as the priest of El Elyon, the Most High, and as the sage of Salem. Among some of the surrounding tribes he was often referred to as the sheik, or king, of Salem. Salem was the site which after the disappearance of Melchizedek became the city of Jebus, subsequently being called Jerusalem. Had Machiventa remained for any long period on earth, his physical mechanism would have gradually deteriorated; as it was, he terminated his bestowal mission in ninety-four years long before his material body had begun to disintegrate.

My Comments: Stasis can occur at any time (even this month) and will signal the start of Earth changes and ascension, so the zero point magnetosphere and pole reversal will probably not be seen by most. AA Michael was disappointed that the energies did not bring a great transformation that should have occurred this year, and Aton discussed this puzzling problem also. Even many star seeds who should have awakened are still asleep, and I feel that this is the result of the media programming, mind control, and a concerted effort to prevent our DNA from being restored. ET contact and disclosure probably would have awakened some, but it does not appear to be part of the plan at this time. The 12 virtues are a process of meditation, chakra balancing and activation that is taught in Asia but is not discussed much in the West and takes usually about 10 years of training to perfect and master.

AA Michael said that Sept. 30 was the final date for each to decide his future as a being of Light or remaining in status quo in 3D darkness elsewhere, so it appears that this is still valid. Aton said we should not oppose others or argue with them but remain in quiet humility, which seems to say that it will do no good because their minds are already made up.

AA Michael also spoke of Christ Michael Aton as the Son of the Creator who occasionally united with Jesus (Esu) to experience 3D 2,000 years ago. Divinity resides in "Heaven" while we reside in "3D Hell' here on Earth, and it is difficult for Them to understand us, thus the words of Jesus "I and My Father are one" was the desire to experience some of our 3D woes by living in human bodies for a while. AA Michael also said that He would lower His frequency to better understand and communicate with us at this time. In my work I try to act as mediator by viewing both realms and showing the progress or lack there of.

As He said the reptilians including the Anunnaki have been a major problem in all galaxies due to their cold blooded structure that does not advance spiritually as desired. The galactic wars were mostly the result of the reptilian desire to control and enslave those they conquered. It is time to do a house cleaning to remove these from our universe and either send them elsewhere or uncreate them as they are beyond repair and will not be able to ascend. According to Aton some of the delay was due to His work on Orion that had similar problems like Earth where many of the reptilians resided, and this has been cleaned up, but time is running out and it is now time to clean up Earth so it can start anew with those who are ready to ascend with it. ETs are assistants but Aton has the ultimate responsibility and sets the timetable and procedures in this universe of Nebadon. Aton seemed to say that many of the problems here now were caused by ETs from other worlds so my ET discussions were not appreciated and outside contact will be increasingly limited from now on.

The flu shots that are given have been neutralized and no longer pose a threat and will not cause sickness as was intended by the darkside. This shows some of the ET and Divine prevention that has gone on unnoticed by most. In a seed planet like Earth life starts as a seed and grows and evolves from plants to animals to humans as part of the plan. Making robots to work as slaves like the Anunnaki and greys did and the Zetas want to do sidesteps this process, and these do not have souls and thus will not be part of the ascension process here. Due to the use of artificial light and other technology we no longer sleep after the sun sets so do not observe or benefit from its energy directly as some more primitives live. It appeared that AA Michael felt His work was a disappointment because little has changed, so He has limited His work to once a month meetings with the next Nov. 17. Winter is upon us and time is running out so it will probably begin soon or wait till next Spring but only time will tell.

Rich N


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