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Archangel Michael - February 14, 2010


Preparation for the 5th step on Wednesday February 17 - Edited and revised

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Heavenly Host. I welcome you as Children of the Light, Starseeds, and Children of the Law of One at our meeting today. I come to you to instruct you and prepare you for the fulfillment of the fifth step that will occur this Wednesday February 17 (at 12 noon French time), and this event is the confirmation of the Fire of the Heart in your density. On this day and at this appointed time all of you in this world who live and follow the Archangelic Conclave (We the Conclave have collaborated with other Archangels, regardless of what Conclave they belong to) will for the first time receive Our first circle of radiation directed to an area around your Earth from beyond your magnetosphere. On that day We will initialize the transmission of the Fire of the Heart to all by this event in your dimension.

This is a moment that We have both anticipated and desired so much for you so that you may regain your freedom, your sovereignty and your Unity. Beloved Children of the Light, it's time to reveal this now, it is time to awaken you. The time has also come for Earth which both sustains and supports you to connect with this dimension of eternity. For the first time since time immemorial (in terrestrial terms this dates back several hundred thousands of years), the approach of the worlds of Unified Light and the forces of the Intergalactic Confederation are made possible on Earth [some say this refers to the expanded Galactic Federation that includes many other universes]. In the same way that We the Archangelic Conclave in association with five other Archangels who are outside of the evolution of your local universe have joined with the Conclave in Our essence, by using the Keys that We gave to the Divine Mary you will also join with other human beings who are gathered on the surface of this planet.

Together We celebrate the return of the Fire, the return of the Light within your world that has been separated until now. Thus We together can implement the fifth step, an important step that will bring what you call in your language the cleansing of Fire in your body and also within the planetary body of Earth. At this point the phase of deconstruction that I initialized here almost a year ago will return to full activity and full manifestation [we may see unusual events starting this week].

On this day beloved you will all experience in your dimension the Union of the separated worlds in a Unified and permanent manner. From sunrise in the east [Asia] until sunset at the furthest point in the West [US] of this planet, We will perform this. On that day the Keys of Metatron will penetrate not only your body, not only the circles of the Fire of the Elders, but it will spread to the entire surface of this planet.

The Light has finally won, it has won the right to be manifested within this dimension. The Light has won the right (if you so wish) to bathe you in the Source in Truth and in Unity, and to reconnect with you and celebrate your return to your Divine essence. However it will not for the moment signal the end of this third dimension, but it is the beginning of a new adventure so that you will (if you so desire) experience the beginning of the establishment of a new life and a new consciousness. Bless these moments as We bless this period that you will live.

The preparation for this day will be in the usual way that you perform every night during this meditation at 7 PM French time. You will be asked on that day at the moment that you choose or preferably if possible during My speech at noon French time to achieve the posture that you have been taught (the reunification of radiation within your Inner Temple). During this noon time period on Wed. and also in the evening at 7 PM French time you should remain in this posture, and again I repeat this should be performed quietly in your interior using the five related Keys of Metatron that are the five sacred syllables [or mantras OD ER IM IS AL which are pronounced ODE AYR EEM EES AHL] , and in so doing it will make the Earth vibrate in unison with the vibration of the Conclave, the vibration of Mary, the vibration of the Lipika Karma, and the vibration of all of the forces of the Intergalactic Confederation that are now massed in front of your Sun.

[Theosophy Dictionary on Lipika: The lipikas are among the very highest classes of cosmic spirits in the universe; as entities they may be thought of as acting from the highest plane of our chain of globes. In a sense they karmically connect the planes of pure spirit with those of matter. These recorders of the karmic ledger (the Akashic Records) of the solar system mark the distinctive barrier between the personal ego and the impersonal Divine essence.]

Indeed, the time has come for the revelation of Unity, the revelation of the Source and the revelation to you that you have never been alone in this 3D creation [you have been assisted by guardian angels all along]. A number of humans are now living the fruits of these meetings and these contacts. Many people now live in the Fire of the Heart or are beginning to experience this now. This alchemy is a transformation by Fire. This Fire is the element of Light that reveals this Light, and it will can authenticate and demonstrate this in Truth, whatever the magnitude. Today this Fire has returned within this dimension, today this Fire has been activated in this dimension. Today and as of the 17th you will notice these effects within your inner essence, within your consciousness and within your universe manifested in this 3rd dimension.

Beloved Children of the Light, We look forward to meeting with you in your journey, in your essence and in your dimension of eternity. Beloved Masters of the Light (as I have called you for some time now), you will demonstrate and show by your Light in the eyes of humanity and in the eyes of those who have not yet awakened what is the magnitude of the Fire, the magnitude of sovereignty and its authenticity. This is coming soon, and We ask that you prepare for this period. Try as much as possible to limit your intake of both food and vision [TV etc.] and reading material [do not be distracted by external things] so that you may permeate even more deeply into your inner being, into your eternity and your Truth.

You are now in reality at the dawn of a new life, a new consciousness, a new Truth, and you are much closer to the Truth of the One, the Truth of the Source, and the Source is nearer to you now. From the time that the Archangels met in Conclave, from the time that the Intergalactic Confederation started preparing for this moment, from the time when you started to prepare for this moment (not just from the beginning of the Celestial Marriages last year, but some of you have waited for this moment for thousands and even tens of thousands of years), you have finally arrived at this point, which is why you chose to experience this period and these moments in this world now.

The matrix that has enslaved you and has so far overshadowed all manifestations of the Light is about to be finally dissolved. The three membranes or matrices that trapped you and imprisoned you have no reason to exist and have no reason to prevent you from reaching your Divine goal. Thus We are pleased with you, and during this next meeting on Wed. We ask that you prepare your Inner Temple in inner silence [by using your heart and not your mind or intellect] with the utmost reverence, in order that you may live in the maximum of efficiency, purity, purification and holiness. You are called without exception to experience the Presence of Unity, the Presence of Holiness and the Presence of Truth. Within this triple Presence manifesting itself in your consciousness, on that day and on subsequent days more than ever you can no longer cheat or mislead anybody because you will reveal your true self and you will perceive that others are not as they appear to be.

You will become this, and you will begin to see in a more and more transparent manner the transparency within yourself, the transparency in this world and the transparency in the Light in Truth. This is called the purity of the Light and it reveals its brilliance whether it is diamond-like, crystalline, or a structure of Light. It is this beloved Children of the One that you are called to live from February 17 on.

This fifth step also means the purification which must be within your essence, within your environment, and within your personality as you continue to live in this matrix. This signals as I said the completion of the period of deconstruction, the final completion of what should be done and will be accomplished before I end my term of service [in May] and turn it over to Archangel Metatron and Archangel Uriel and before the Divine Mary makes her announcement.

Beloved Children of the Light, beloved Children of the Truth, I ask that you remain focussed on this unique moment that you will live together with Us and We with you. On Wed. February 17 at noon (French time) We the Archangels will encircle all of Earth's magnetosphere and initialize during these historic moments the descent of the Light and the incarnation and the anchoring of the Light in this dimension.

Thus anything that is not of the Light, all that is resistant to the Light in you and outside of you should collapse and disappear. There is no other alternative, there is no other option but to live in the Truth of the Heart and to live in the simplicity of the Heart. You are at a milestone in time and you are a witness and guarantee of this authenticity, and you show this by your actions in your daily life, by your behavior in your everyday life and by every breath you take in this dimension which is the dimension of the Heart.

As you know many humans have begun throughout the world to feel this Fire of the Heart and to live and manifest it. You now need to establish it in all your physical and spiritual structures and establish it in you as We will all do on February 17, and rather than simply anchoring it (as you have done up till now) it will be a more tangible, concrete and real entry of the Light in this dimension. This moment will be the most historic moment that Earth has ever experienced in over 300,000 years.

Thus We hope that increasingly more and more will join Us in the Light. We hope that more and more will experience this joy, whatever the circumstances of your deconstructions whether internal or external, whatever the areas of inevitable resistance that will occur, even among those who have experienced the Fire of the Heart. We ask you not to fight; We ask only that you welcome the Light and the Fire, as only the Fire will be capable and able to dissolve in you those areas of resistance. No act of free will, no act that would remove you from the Light will resolve and dissolve what should be.

You must as Archangel Anael has said now for almost a year exercise your total surrender to the Light and the Intelligence of the Light. That is where you will find the resolution necessary to overcome what encumbers you even today on your road to the Unity and the Light. Thus I repeat, We ask that you prepare yourself as We the Conclave have prepared for almost a year now for this time. This fifth step signals the introduction of the Fire of the Light within this density, not only within your Heart and the Heart of Earth, but also the revelation and effectiveness of the Fire and Truth of this Fire in this dimension. Do not fight against anything; accept the Light and agree to surrender to the Fire.

You will be transformed, you will be purified, you will become the mirror of the Source, the image of Love and the image of Truth. This is the message that I send you for this preparation. Thus during the first few minutes of My arrival you should position your hands on either side of the chest and in quietness repeat the sacred syllables [mantras] that will enable you to activate the crown chakra of the Radiant Heart within the area of your Heart, so that the sacred music and the crowned Light of Fire will appear in your entire body, throughout this entire planetary body of Earth, and in all of the collective group minds and matrices created in this humanity, revealing the total wonder of the Light and the inevitable end of the darkness to all. Beloved Masters of the Light and beloved Children of the Light, if there are among you here questions about the implementation of this process, I will discuss this and instruct you.

However, remember that during my visit on February 17 at the appointed noon time I will speak again to give you other items that will assist you in what you need to live between February 17 and March 17. This will consist of practical advice to help you live with understanding and intuition in levels where there is no more resistance so that you may abide in your essence in eternal joy and supreme peace.

Beloved Children of the Light, I now conclude for today. If however you have questions in relation to this process I will try to provide additional Light and instruction. I bless you for who you are in your essence, I bless you for what you accomplish, I bless you for the Light that you retransmit, I bless you for the efforts you have made, and I bless you even more for your effort to ensure that you join Us in Unity and in the Truth and Light.

Question: During the session on Wed. the 17th, must we repeat the sacred syllables [mantras] silently throughout the duration of this meeting?

As I said these mantras that you perform during the first seven minutes will do much to initiate the process of our meeting and assist on the Earth with the Archangelic Radiance. I also stated that each night during the period from 7-7:30 PM [French time] some of you will feel the beginnings of what you will feel daily from February 17 on.

[AA Michael spoke earlier about these 5 Keys of Metatron that are merging and introductory procedures called mantras that should be used at the start of each session at 7 PM French time and which will help you in receiving and assisting this Light for those who have not enabled this yet. Place your hands on each side of your heart with fingers pointed towards the sky (this acts like an antenna) and continually repeat internally the phrase OD ER IM IS AL (pronounced ODE AYR EEM EES AHL) while welcoming the Light of Christ in Unity and Truth so that these chakras will merge and integrate and assist in this meditation. ]

Question: What do You mean by preparing for this using limited vision?

By this limited preparation that you perform during these three days you will receive and enhance most of the work of the Light and Fire in your density. Therefore you need a vibrational reduction. For some of you this may be done by visiting nature and forests or parks, for others this may be accomplished by being alone, and for still others it may be by simple meditation. But in general avoid extraneous signals and distractions [like TV or movies or crowds] during these days until the 17th.

Question: What is the best food to eat in preparation for this?

For those who wish to prepare for this day you need to stay sober and do not drink a lot of alcoholic beverages. For those who wish to eat drink only liquids [and avoid solid food and especially meat which will lower your spiritual vibration]. One way or another, each according to his ability, restrict what is usual for you in food to best prepare for what is to come. [Wine is common in Europe during meals while in the West many drink soft drinks during that time. It is best to avoid diet or sugarless drinks (many of which contain Nutrasweet or other harmful ingredients) which will make you sick. It may be wise to limit your food to items like soup and juices on that day.]

We have no more questioning.

We thank you beloved Children of the Light, and I now close this meeting with a common blessing. I and the rest of the Conclave will meet with you every night at 7 PM and more importantly on Wed. Feb. 17th at 12 noon French time on your watch and again on March 5th [a Friday]. All times shown are local French times.

[The next AA Michael meeting is on Wed. February 17 at 12 noon French time [6 AM NY time and 3 AM in LA] that will give you instructions for implementing the 5th step. US Time zones in NY are French time -6, Chicago -7, MT -8. and LA -9 hours. Time zones are available at http://www.worldtimezone.com/ ]

NASA - intense flashes of gamma-ray energy

Instruments scanning outer space for cataclysmic explosions called gamma-ray bursts are detecting intense flashes of gamma-ray energy right here in the friendly skies of Earth. These terrestrial gamma-ray flashes, or TGFs, blast through thunderstorms close to the altitude where commercial airliners fly. In fact, they could be too close for comfort. All these instruments have been pointing across the universe, while right over our heads these monsters are going off!" "Now the whole field of TGFs is on fire," says Fishman. "People are jumping on the bandwagon to try to figure them out."

My Comments: AA Michael has said recently that this new energy that we are receiving includes gamma-rays. “This galactic wave composed mainly of gamma rays is intended to completely transmute your physical carbon based structure into another form that is much lighter. You can accommodate this radiation and this change from the time the Fire in the heart is active and effective in you.” NASA and scientists have begun to notice this but have no idea where this is coming from or what it is for.

He seems to say that this week will begin the changes that we have requested and will be a memorable time. He said: “This moment will be the most historic moment that Earth has ever lived for more than 300,000 years.” He mentions the Intergalactic Confederation as part of this along with the removal of the 3D veil. He indicates that the Feb. 17th date will be very important, and this will begin when the Sun rises in the Orient and ends when it sets in the West, so this would include a period of 24 hours from 7 PM Tues. night till 7 PM Wed. night in the US.

Many leaders and CEOs are retiring or resigning probably because they see that their control is ending. The darkside will try to take credit for any earthquakes or other events that will occur to show that they are still in control of us, but these events are a normal process of Earth’s changes. Obama continues to promote his health care bill which he says will give medical care to all, and that sounds like a good idea until you research the provisions of the bill. Those who have studied it say it amounts to total slavery for all and a victory for the darkside, and the media has not accurately covered this in detail. These provisions include:

1) Coverage would be limited to $5000 per individual and $10,000 per family per year. That would not even cover one day in the hospital.

2) It would implement real ID which was rejected by many states and would require each to receive a shot with a microchip, and this could be used for tracking and mind control.

3) It would be required for all to be members and would tax most for thousands of dollars to pay for it.

4) Medicare would be severely limited with many services canceled, and many doctors say they would not participate in it.

Hopefully we will begin to see the changes that have been discussed, but only time will tell.

Rich N



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