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Archangel Michael February 17, 2010

The 5th Step - February 17, 2010

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Heavenly Host. Beloved Children of the Light, wherever you are on this Earth who attend this meeting We announce the installation within your magnetosphere of the whole Archangelic Conclave which now has five assistant Archangels Who are from outside of your Solar System. Together We will connect through the Keys of Metatron [the mantra OD - ER - IM - IS - Al] to the worlds of Light within your world, and not just at the level of your consciousness, but also at the astral and etheric levels of all life within this Solar System. This period that We will usher in together during these minutes from noon on today will prepare you to dissolve and remove the veils of illusion that you have maintained in this density that have cut you off from the Light.

I will return after these common energies merge in you later to explain this 5th step and what it means in the coming month for both you and Us until the 6th step is given on March 17. At that time the resistance inherent in all human beings both individually and collectively (resistances resulting due either to your own fault or because of the changes occurring in this world) will be removed, and this will give you knowledge so you may be liberated and free [knowledge is freedom] whatever the consequences of your experiences and your consciousness. Thus during the coming month what is unveiled today signals during this period the removal of the ego self and those barriers in your individual consciousness so that the Light may be established in you.

As you know, the term of My service ends in three months [May]. There will then occur other major and unique events in the history of mankind. But before going any further (if you like) We should all understand that by the silent repetition of these five related Metatronic keys ( OD - ER - IM - IS - Al) [It is pronounced silently as ODE AYR EEM EES AHL] and the positioning of your hands on each side of your Heart (there is a diagram at the bottom of the page in the above link) you can connect to Us in this fifth step.

Receive this Effusion of energy [pause]...

Beloved Children of the Light, this full and conscious connection with the Light is now established. This connection will have an impact on you and will be incarnated in you during the coming days. It is during this period that you have to live that a number of instructions, a number of important principles regarding your submission to the Light will be given so that you may surrender to the Light in strength, confidence and faith.

I will leave further discussion later in the day to a spokesman for the Melchizedek, the venerable Sri Aurobindo who will speak with you at 6 PM [French time] tonight so that you may start to early experience the radiation of energy at 7 PM today [the daily 1/2 hour of meditation] under ideal conditions. As for me, I will now reveal a number of general principles to you: you are close, much closer, to the period called the Revelation. This Revelation is both internal [in you] and external [around you]. This principle of Revelation will be accompanied by both internal and external events in your density, all of which must be used for deconstruction in you and around you so that you will be in full. It is in this sense that you must develop trust, faith, and the certainty of your essence and your final eternal destination. [This may refer to the Book of Revelations in the Bible, a book that was given word for word to John by Jesus according to the Archangels.]

A bridge is now established. All radiations of the Holy Spirit, the Ultraviolet energy, and the Light of the Source are now available to increase your consciousness and your vibrational level, so that this final imprisonment by the ego and this separation from Divinity in you and around you will end. I am not saying that this period will be easy, but you will be supported by your joy, you will be supported by the vibration of your Divine essence and the vibrational connection between you and Us and between Us and you.

This Fire of the Heart that is associated with the alchemy and transformation of the two radiant crowns [the head and heart] will intensify. Some of you will receive this vibrant and exciting Light in your entire body, and throughout your body these areas of resistance will disappear. They require no attention by you other than your focus on your alignment to the Light and your vibration. This is the only way to dissolve in you and around you what needs to be removed so that you may be able to move beyond the lines of least resistance, to ease these lines gracefully. A number of elements opposed to the Light are in their final hours and are living on borrowed time. Do not be fooled, do not get involved with reckless reactions from this.

This should be and this must be achieved in you in full in order to allow the 6th step on March 17 so that you may accommodate at this time the Light of Christ, the Light of the Master of Light within your density. It is now in Spirit and in Truth from that time on. Some of you already have the ability to communicate in one way or another with the Master of Light. This arrival is made possible by your work and those assisting Us. Again on behalf of the Conclave and on behalf of the five visiting Archangels, We bring you greetings, thanks and blessings.

You will soon receive the fruits of your labor, the fruits of your hope, the fruits of your faith [most of the results of what we do to assist the Light are hidden from us]. You still have to pass this difficult stage corresponding to the purification of the ego, to purify your emotions so that you may live in total confidence in the Light. You through your personality and mentality can nothing. Only the influence of the Holy Spirit, only the radiation from the Source, only the ultraviolet radiation, only your confidence and your faith will work by themselves and by the Intelligence of Light within your structures.

I will return on March 17 at 5 PM French time, and I will then ask you everywhere on Earth to join with Me in the same position as today (with your hands on both sides of your chest and fingers pointed toward the Heavens), repeating silently in your inner temple the phrase that you know: "I welcome the Light of Christ in Unity and in Truth." This will establish the connection in your inner temple with the Master of Light. Until then, We will continue together for a few more minutes to enhance this connection that will be for you an assurance of your service within this period.

Beloved Masters of the Light, We welcome you in our Kingdoms in compassion. It is necessary that the mental turmoil and doubts in your head are silenced. It is your responsibility to cultivate this inner silence, to keep your house clean, so that you may permit the return of the Master of Light in your midst. This vibrational quality today matches what you have now experienced for many weeks at the Radiant Crowns of the Head and the Heart not only at 7 PM or 6 PM as some believe, but in all hours and minutes of your days and your nights. Make good use of this and utilize it.

The Fire is cleansing, the Light is purifying, the Light is now active, so allow it to work within your structures. I will speak with you again on March 17th at 5 PM [French time]. You will at that time interact with the voice of the Lipika Karma [they connect in your karma the planes of pure spirit with those of your material world that are the very highest classes of cosmic spirits in the universe] at 6 PM on that day, giving you advice at different levels, allowing you to more finely align the vibration which now will become permanent in you and around you. The Archangelic Conclave today and the five visiting Archangels send Our blessing to you so that We may align ourselves with you as you align with Us in the sacred syllables [mantras] uttered in silence of your Inner Temple. I bless you, We love you, We salute you, and We encourage you.

Sheldan Nidle Feb 16

At present, several important events are being readied to manifest. First, is the matter of your new gold-based banking system. This fairer and more transparent financial system is already being secretly implemented in a number of nations. These test runs are proving to be quite successful and this opens the door for its general acceptance by your world. The series of messages is being delayed by the actions of the failing US Federal Reserve Bank, which is still able to do hatchet jobs on any financial "upstart" attempts. This institution is aided in these attacks by several closely aligned Central Banks.

However, these activities are soon to cease as the Fed sinks deeper into bankruptcy. The huge amount of gold to back the new currencies and the easier-to-implement international banking rules are catalyzing a global landslide of support for the changes. Second, is the global debt-forgiveness program. Nearly 200 nations signed on to this worldwide project. The objective is to start off the new system with a tabula rasa [blank slate] since most debt was incurred fraudulently.

In conjunction with this is the continuing work to collapse a number of major governments that have become part of a global corporate state run by the dark cabal. These instruments of power are also approaching bankruptcy. When these regimes were put in place, a dissolution clause was incorporated in their "secret compacts," which allows for these crippled states to be replaced by temporary caretaker administrations. A series of court-approved documents sanctions our Earth allies to appoint the successors.

These legal instruments set up the framework for the lawful removal of several governments, including that of the US. In consonance with this, certain immoral and illegal international activities of these dark regimes can also lead to their removal, and in the same vein, lawful constitutional restoration is stipulated in the US Constitution. America is the chosen child of Ascended Masters like Saint Germaine and Hilarion. She plays a central role in the unfolding of the transitional world that is to welcome our first contact mission, and it is thus essential that America return to her original course.

This brings us to global prosperity. Around three centuries ago Saint Germaine perceived that a huge fund would become necessary to bring the world out of want. He therefore maneuvered the ruling heads of Europe to establish his World Trust, which was divided into three parts: the first permitted these rulers to set up secret national trusts under the banner of Saint Germaine; the second was a non-disclosure trust that was to accumulate and then mature at the start of the 21st century.

Its selected benefactors were to be "Light Workers," and this trust was to be open for payment during two cycles each year, after Easter and Christmas. While it was maturing, these cycles would add to the Trust. The third was to fund the Saint Germaine Foundation, which was to oversee the Trust and ensure that stipulated payments were carried out according to the secret original documents. As you know, the dark cabal is blocking these payments. It fears the consequences of vast sums being disbursed according to Saint Germaine's plans.

Our Earth allies are working with great diligence to ensure that these funds get distributed to the proper recipients. A long struggle underway since the end of WW II is coming to an end. The exceptional greed and astonishing stubbornness of the dark ones has delayed this program from the start, and in the last four decades their level of hubris reached dictatorial proportions, greatly increasing their chances of success.

However, you now have a global monetary system that has imploded and which, like the Titanic, is sinking into the inky depths of total collapse. On the bright side, this development opens up an opportunity to dislodge those who so willfully stand in the way of your world's much needed prosperity. The coming regime changes are allowing our Earth allies to push deliveries forward, coupled with the release of the sequestered technologies. These subjects will be part of the announcements that the caretaker governments are to broadcast formally once they assume power.

These matters tie in with first contact. We are committed to getting you to the point where the machinations of the dark are eliminated, and this operation is indeed approaching an imminent resolution. In the meantime, Mother Earth is busy establishing the groundwork for swiftly transforming the surface of the planet. At present the surface world is a three-dimensional reality, while Inner Earth is five-dimensional. The frequency dichotomy point, or layer, occurs where the gravitational discontinuity is located, approximately 800 miles beneath the surface. This area has been assaulted by your secret governments since before WW II. The Agarthans have been watching this activity closely: it was a project originally begun by the Anunnaki and their dark off-world cohorts, and in the late 1990s a number of dark governments continued these aggressive endeavors.

This covert conflict has taken something of a back seat in the past few years as the dark turned increasingly to using climate change and other aspects of Mother Earth's changes as potential weapons to terrorize you. The dark cabalists also used the chemtrails project to influence your health by messing with your many physical changes. We are coordinating our efforts with our Earth allies to minimize much of what they are dabbling in; also, these technologies interfere with Mother Earth's rising consciousness and thus need initially to be somewhat neutralized. We have, more frequently, used our atmospheric scout ships to vaporize the more deadly output of these dark projects, and have grounded the cabalists' scout ships and certain of their weapons-carrying ships to express our deep displeasure at their ongoing nefarious policies.

The present moment in your history is a great turning point. The dark has controlled this reality for nearly 13 millennia. This control included the manipulation of not just you but also Mother Earth. Now, you are beginning to transform into fully conscious Beings of Light. This process is a sign from Heaven to this dark cabal that its "moments in the Sun" are ending. It is time to comprehend what is going on and simply to let it happen. This capacity seems to be beyond the dark minions. The number of secret programs they possess is vast, but these highly sophisticated (to them) technologies are mere garden tools to us. We have watched a multitude of primitive planets grow over millennia into fellow Galactic Federation members, and this experience endows us with the knowledge to recognize that in your case "this too will come to pass."

The reality you live in is transforming at a rapid clip. Your world is under the aegis of the divine plan and Heaven's and our guidance. The dark cabalists continue to kid themselves about reversing or at least altering what is occurring, but this belief is daily being challenged, proving that the Divine is to have her sacred way. Despite the evidence, the dark ones remains adamant that they can find a solution before it is too late. We have been telling them over the course of many face-to-face meetings that their strategy is doomed, as first contact and the return to full consciousness is a sacred given. What is happening to this reality precludes any sudden reversals, but all this falls on deaf ears. So, what is brewing is bound to shock them. Just know that the changes are imminent and that the party is getting ready to roll!

My Comments: Sheldan spoke this week of Saint Germaine, one of the main Ascended Masters. He was called a saint by those who knew him because they highly respected him although he was not recognized as such by the Catholic Church. His life was during the 1700's, and he was in both Europe and the US and was reportedly influential in formulating the Constitution. He is known by all major financial personnel as the creator of the prosperity funds during that time and is said to have known the secret of alchemy where he could create gold at any time and had vast amounts in his possession that he used to benefit others. These funds were established 300 years ago and have a value now of about $10 with 40 zeros after it (the price of gold has increased exponentially since then) which in todays dollars is enough to make everyone a multimillionaire if distributed worldwide and would give all their freedom from the slavery of money and control. It was planned to be distribute around the year 2000 but was delayed by the darkside through 9/11 in 2001.

Some say that it should be available only after ascension, but it would not have the benefits it would now because much of the population would not be around at that time. These funds have high security status and many professional hackers from Microsoft and China have reportedly tried to break in and have not been successful. They have a time lock on it like those vaults in banks and it is only open around Easter and Christmas, so the next period would be around April 4th, and we may not see a new financial system for a month yet. Obama spoke of a new currency last year that would have a value of around 10% of the dollar and leaders have been discussing this option recently. This devaluation is due to the fact that the US has insufficient gold to back it up because the Ft. Knox "gold" is only gold plated worthless metals that have little value. It would mean that $100 would only be worth $10, so you could buy a $300,000 house for $30,000 and your $50,000 salary would be only $5,000.

There would be a problem with other currencies however because a $ 3 gallon of gas would cost $30 and a $10 item from China would cost $100. However if the new currency was backed up by the St. Germaine prosperity gold funds there is plenty of gold and no need for this, and this is what is now being discussed. However when you you provide the funds you have control on how they are used, and most leaders want only to keep this money for themselves, so a change of leadership is a requirement for this to be implemented.

Along with this new currency would be a cancellation of all debts like mortgages and loans since most of the financial debt that is in the $100's of trillions is due to fraudulent trading of derivatives that are only listed in separate books and are illegal under Basel 2 laws. As many have mentioned the darkside has been blocking these funds until now, and it is not a part of the OITC which is a separate source of prosperity funding.

Obama will reintroduce his health care bill this week that is basically the same one he promoted before but with new decorative packaging and a revision of the passage procedures to make it easier to approve. The US corporation is bankrupt and any changes will only bring a reduction in service and more taxes and control. We need a new government that serves the people and a new currency that is based on gold, but that is not desired by the darkside now because they only want to further enslave us.

AA Michael spoke of the 5 Keys of Metatron, and He has now defined them as the 5 syllables of the mantra OD - ER - IM - IS - Al, so I have updated my work to include this. The Archangels have said that 3D is a reversal and distortion of the higher realms, so this mantra is DO - RE - MI backwards. By placing your hands on both sides of your chest at midway position near your heart with fingers pointed towards the sky and repeating these 5 syllables silently at the start of your daily meditation you can more easily connect with higher realms and these energies. [It is pronounced silently as ODE AYR EEM EES AHL]

Some Westerners do not understand these Eastern teachings and feel that this procedure is occult. It is merely a tool that can be used by all to contact higher dimensions, and it is also used in Satanic worship today by the darkside also. About 100 years ago Aleister Crowley (some called him Satan incarnate) used these tools to connect with higher dimensions and communicated with beings that appear to be the greys. This contact may have later assisted in their introduction to the Nazis whom they helped in WW 2 to build primitive UFOs (they did not use them since they couldn’t drop bombs from them), and Hitler’s persecution and holocaust was later distorted and used by the Khazarian Jews as an excuse to invade Palestine and settle there after WW 2 to continue the Nazi traditions.

Edgar Cayce 60 years ago used these procedures in his work to connect with the Akashic Records to assist and council others. These records contain all of the thoughts and actions of our past, present and future, although the future can be changed by us and there is no predestination as some theologians have taught in the past. Nothing in time goes unnoticed or is forgotten and will be used to evaluate our future destination.

The next AA Michael meeting is on March 17th at 5 PM French time (11 AM NY time and 8 AM in LA], and He will at that time give you instructions for implementing the 6th step. US Time zones in NY are French time -6, Chicago -7, MT -8. and LA -9 hours.

Time zones are available at

The next period for NESARA and the St. Germaine funds would be around Easter time which is April 4th so we may have to wait for a month to see any substantial changes, but time will tell.

Rich N


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