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Archangel Michael - March 17, 2010

NDR in France: By attentively reading the detailed indications which follow you should have all the elements to follow these 7 steps that will enable us to save invaluable time in the answers to the many questions which are addressed to us. Thank you for your cooperation!

Archangel Michael accompanies us in living the transformations related to the 7 steps on the 17th of each month. He meets with us during each session by alternating information and overflowings of energy. Michael or speakers from other realms may also meet with us a few days before each session to instruct us in certain elements concerning the meeting to follow.

You can participate in each session wherever you are in the world in simple receptivity (without a direct connection) with your arms and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting with both feet on the ground, or by lying down or standing up). This meeting of Michael lasts approximately 1 hour from the hour indicated. The hours indicated correspond to the French time on your watch. The sessions of Michael are not done in public unless indicated otherwise.

The dates of the 7 steps are October 17, 2009, November 17, 2009 (with preparation on the 13th), December 17, 2009, January 17, 2010 (with preparation on the 10th by Sri Aurobindo), February 17, 2010, March 17, 2010, and April 17, 2010 [the last step]. You can find all the transcriptions on our site [in French] under the heading “messages to read”, as well as audio recordings under the heading “messages to be listened to” (except for that of December 17, 2009 which took place in silence exclusively in the overflowing of energy). You can find on our site the transcriptions of these sessions usually within 24 hours after the session. We will talk with you again soon in spirit.

[The next AA Michael meeting is on Sat. April 17 at 7 PM French time [1 PM NY time and 10 AM in LA] that will give you instructions for implementing the 7th and final step. US Time zones in NY are French time -6, Chicago -7, MT -8. and LA -9 hours.
Time zones are available at ]

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. Beloved children of the Light, children of the law of One and star Seeds, wherever you are on this planet, rejoice. We arrive today for the two last steps of my meetings within this 3rd density on Earth. Today more than ever I approach you as I have never done until now. We the Archangels carry out Our contract and agreement. We breathe into your consciousness the necessary energy on the level of your magnetosphere as well as on the level of the galactic heliosphere in order to release all of your spiritual body called the body of essence. This has now been carried out for the past few days. Today We arrive at the sixth step.

Today within your density, within your consciousness, the Fire of Ether is activated. The Fire of Ether will be transformed in you children of the Light by the reactivation of circuits of consciousness which until now were deadened and non-existent in you. The arrival of your body of Light to your normal consciousness will make it possible to carry out this merging energy necessary in certain structures so that you may receive the Master of Light, Christ. Thus as you open in yourself today via these circuits of consciousness you will receive new perceptions and a new consciousness much nearer to the Truth of who you really are.

You who are Children of the stars and Beings of Light and Masters of the Light can then in turn rejoice because the Source of inexhaustible Joy is now available in your inner essence. There you will draw the strength, the courage, the will power and the hope of creating your new Heavens and Earth forever Unified with the Source. Rejoice because from today on the promise of the return of the Master of Light is fulfilled. The return of the Master of Light in you by the awakening of your dimensional Unity, by the Joy and the Truth, and by the new transparency will be yours progressively during the remaining time that is left.

As you know I will end My role of deconstruction on this Earth on May 17. I will however remain present but will turn over leadership to Archangel Metatron and Archangel Uriel Who will continue the revelation and the initialization of the last keys of Light. Today this Fire of the Ether is thus activated. This will transform in you new perceptions and a new consciousness. These new energy circuits will be activated in you and this will allow you to carry out what you are in Truth and in Unity. This body of essence and this spiritual body definitively releases you from your prison and transforms you and reveals to you your true selves and your essence.

This consciousness of your higher mentality will be an alchemical transformation of the mental consciousness enabling you therefore to reunify your essence with the One [Creator] within the Unified worlds while continuing to live in this 3D world for the moment, if that is your choice. Beloved children of the Light, this Fire of the Heart and this Fire of the Ether will enable your entire energy to be transformed so you can vibrate in unison within the Unified consciousness, allowing you to not only be awakened but to awaken in you the whole extent of your potentials which until now were inhibited by the matrix.

Today more than ever We congratulate those of you who have accommodated the Light and who have dared to go beyond the duality and those beliefs and illusions to find the stability of what you are in Truth. Today this Fire of Ether is activated in you. This Fire of Ether is here to burn and dissolve what needs to be removed in order to enable you to leave your own dwelling so that you may accommodate Christ. This will occur very soon for you in a few weeks. You will cherish this because you will be One [in Divinity] and you will never be alone again. The separation of the planes, the separation of dimensions will end if you wish it to. More than ever human beings awakened in their dimension will be able to communicate with the other dimensional realms which until now were closed to you. Your eyes will awaken in you, and your eyes will see what no other human being in incarnation has seen before, whatever his level.

Today We no longer speak of levels [of separation] but of brotherhood and Unity because you are all brothers and sisters. Those who still resist and who have not yet joined because of some unknown out-of-date principle of duality will soon join Us. Do not have any fear or concern for this unfolding because this plan of the Light is perfection. This is now established on this Earth, and there no longer exists any opposition that could delay or prevent this outbreak of the Light, this blossoming of the Master of Light within your density.

Above all the Master of Light must be born in you in your Interior Temple, allowing you to live the Unification of yourselves with Him [Creator] and to carry out the Union of your consciousness in order that you may enable the new Eucharist [the commemorating the Last Supper by Christ] which consists of unifying you with Him, just as He unifies with you. Guided by His Intelligence, guided by the Intelligence of the Light, and strengthened in your interiority and you essence, you will be able to face with Joy, lightheartedness, transparency and integrity the Fire of the Light of Earth.

At the time of this next step [on April 17], this Fire of Ether will be transformed into the Fire of Earth. I will return next month at the same day and same hour [7 PM] in order to explain to you what your new paths of consciousness, your new spiritual bodies and the final ignition of the twelve stars of Mary within your consciousness within your head are, as well as the total ignition in you of the Fires (the Fire of heaven, the Fire of the Heart, and the Fire of Earth), Fires that will definitively return you to your freedom. The Fire of Love, the Fire of the Heart, and the Fire of Totality will within this humanity work for the establishment and the reestablishment of the Truth within your dimension.

With thousands of people connected to Us the Archangels even at this moment, We will all together in our planetary meeting benefit from the transmission of the Archangelic Radiance and the Radiance of Christ together with the three energy transmissions during this session, and We begin now (if you really desire this) with your reception in simplicity of the Truth and Unity. The Light of Christ is now present in Truth and Unity within your Interior Temple. I instruct you to place your hands as you have when you performed in your daily session at 7 PM (NDR: your hands should be placed on each side of your chest above your heart near your shoulders with your fingers pointed towards the sky [like an antenna] and your thumbs lying flat in your palms as pictured on this link) in order to allow this reception in your heart and to guide you to your Christ consciousness within your Interior Being. Together let us welcome this.

Receive this overflowing of energies...[pause].

Beloved children of the Light, if you wish let Us continue with My instruction. I spoke to you about the Fire of the Ether in you. It obviously also corresponds to the manifestation of the Fire of Ether on the planet on which you live, thus do not be astonished if the activation of these new energy circuits in relation to the Circle of Fire of the Elders modifies what occurs on the level of the elements on this Earth [quakes]. A certain number of preparatory readjustments to the dimensional transformation of this planet are now activated or are in progress. The Fire of Ether travels on Earth in the same way that it travels in you. The collective global consciousness advances also. Within this human collective consciousness there still exists a certain number of resistances, a certain number of oppositions to the reign of the Light. Those will also be dissolved by the elements of the Fire of Ether. [The collective global consciousness is so important that if we all got together and agreed on the establishment of the Light we could literally become co-creators and move mountains.]

These elementary demonstrations related on the deconstruction, the dissolution of the dark, and the arrival of the Master of the Light will continue to work on this Earth. You should not be alarmed, you should not be offended, but you should rejoice because it is about liberation and freedom and the reestablishment of the Truth, whether that is on a continental, a social, an economic or a political level. All sectors of your life have to change and harmonize themselves so that you can proceed to the Unity, the Truth and the Light. That is ongoing and is in progress and will be reinforced as of today.

Beloved children of the Light, all that is asked of you is to sit and welcome this Fire of Ether in you so that this Etheric Fire also appears on Earth without resistance and suffering. We thus ask that as many of you as possible (this is increasing in numbers daily) each carry this out and take part in this daily session of the overflowing of energy every day from 7 to 7:30 PM French time. This work is crucial.

As We have repeatedly said to you We can assist you but the final solution belongs to you alone. It consists of cultivating this in you, thanks to the Fire of the Heart and the Fire of the Ether, whatever the vibrational accomplishments of your consciousness, whatever the new energy circuits activating themselves in your physical structure. This should be accompanied in the heart by Joy, by transparency, by Truth in humility and simplicity. Be humble, be kind, and be loving. You will once again only find this power in you as you live in the Light which penetrates you and nowhere elsewhere.

The Earth needs to be accompanied by this during her expansion which is at hand. This will result in more and more movements of the tectonic plates and the awakening of volcanoes and manifestations of the wind. Many celestial phenomena (some among you have already noticed this for more than a year) will appear in greater numbers in a way both visible and indisputable because there will be during this time both a collective and an individual revolution. This revolution is directly related to the influx of the Light. You should not judge the actions of others whatever their reactions.

You must remain as close as possible in the principle of thanksgiving and to not again return to the law of action and reaction which would only lead you to a return to duality. You of the Unity should advance more and more to your interior Light in confidence and surrender to it. The key to your happiness in every sense of the term is on this level and nowhere elsewhere. Work in silence, radiate the Light, radiate the Unity and accommodate the Master of Light [Christ]. The Fire of Ether has a certain number of characteristics. It can, for those who have not yet activated the Fire of the Heart, allow the manifestation of the Fire of the ego [which will show your true self]. This will lead to a revolt among some of your brothers who are still locked up in egotistic illusions while they continue to refuse to surrender to the overflowing of the Light and the Truth of the Light.

Do not be alarmed but welcome more and more this Truth in you which is yours for the asking. It will at some point also be received by your brothers, have no doubt of that. The surge of energies and the increasing bombardment of cosmic radiations (coming from your Sun, the Source, the Ultra-violet energies and the entire forces present in the Intergalactic Confederation) in your consciousness will accelerate in you this awakening and will assist you in the Truth which must be established on Earth. I emphasize that nowhere will those which are opposed to the Light find relief as long as they do not return to the Light.

There is still time to return to wisdom, there is still time to return to the Love, because you are all without exception beings of Love created in Love and by Love, there is no other alternative. Some experiments have been conducted that have led you to experience what you experienced, but this is in the past and is over. Very little time still exists and this past will become only a bad memory by the celebration of the Light when the rejoicings of Love arrive. Do not maintain your old habits, do not maintain your old illusions, do not let weaknesses control you, but align yourself with your essence. The Fire of the Ether allows that in you.

The work of the Archangels has actually released and freed your essence. This body of Light that you anticipate, this body of Light that you are awaiting and hope for is now close to you today. It will accompany you and penetrate you more and more, enabling you to live the reality and the Truth of the Light beyond all material alternatives, beyond all sufferings that have existed and are still being maintained for the short time that exists in this dimension. This Light is a soothing balm, this Light is a release [from 3D].

You are the Light, you are henceforth (if you wish it and allow it) free beings. Work within this dimension to announce this good news and to especially radiate this Light. You yourselves individually will become a Vessel of Light, a Vessel of Light that allows some among to travel and explore dimensions which were closed to you [in out of body experiences] until now, but you must still remain anchored in this 3D reality.

We need your assistance because those who still have not joined the Light do not understand it or are afraid of it. We (both you and Us) will work unceasingly until the last minute so that every one escapes his slavery and receives his freedom and his Truth. We are here for you, We are here to accommodate you, We are here to release you, but only you alone can ultimately do this. We encourage you to align yourself more and more often with the Light. Whatever your activities yet present within this world, whatever the roles that you hold onto with it, these roles that are achieved are nothing compared to what you really are.

You must merge what you are with your actions. What you are is Light, what your are is majestic, and you should translate this majesty in your daily acts, in your relationships, and in your engagements. We are relying on you, We count on you to go until the end of this Dimension. We love you. Be confident of our undeniable Love, our undeniable presence, our undeniable radiation. Only the fears that some among you still have can harden you and prevent you from living the Truth of the Light. There exists no other obstacles other than certain parts of you that do not want to die if you were to live in the Truth, and nothing else can oppose that. We welcome for the second time the vibrations of My Presence and that of the Master of Light. I request that you now put your hands in the proper position.

Receive this overflowing of energies...[pause].

Beloved star seeds, beloved children of the Law of One, the Fire of Ether will also be transformed on the level of your sky as I said by particular demonstrations occurring within the cosmos such as you see now and also within your sun. These modifications have already started and they will soon be visible around the sun at night [?]. Remain centered in your Interior essence.

What will come in you and to you is your Unity and nothing else. Accommodate all that will be presented to you in the fluidity of the Unity and in synchronicity, because you will express completely the principle of resonance and of attraction, because henceforth you will become co-creators of your own reality during the own course your life in what you do in this density for the common good of others and for your own good.

Strengthen in you the Truth; strengthen in you the vibration of the Fire of the Heart and the radiant crown chakra of the head. And now for some among you the triangular chakra of the pelvic sacrum cavity will be rekindled, awakening in you what has been called by tradition the Kundalini. This will rise in you and ignite and add its own Fire to the Fire of the Heart and the Fire of the radiant crown chakra of the head. This triple Fire will enable you to face the Truth by what will come and to align you more with the Fire of Love and with the radiation of the Source which will appear to you in a more visible way. This will awaken in you what needs to be and will burn the last contaminants, the last impurities which have prevented you from living in your essence. Only you can accomplish this in your heart.

You are now skilled craftsmen, you are now at work to help awaken the Fire of Earth. As of this month if you wish it, it is advisable that you allow these energies to be established on the level of your pelvic sacrum. This Fire will be kindled, this Fire is an upward Fire in which the goal is thus to activate your kundalini and to add its own Fire to the Fire of the Heart and the radiant crown of the head, making you beings awakened to your full potential, your full Truth, your Light, and your connection with your Guardian Angel, your essence, and with Us the Archangels and with Christ. The hour of separation is over if you wish, the hour of reunification has arrived if that is your desire.

While speaking about your desires, you must understand that during this period many needs which were yours in a usual way will decrease. That relates to your diet as well as to your social behaviors, and your sexual behaviors and your needs for food will be reduced. You will be thirsty for Christ and you will thirst for brandy wine [and other liquids]. Do not hesitate to drink water, do not hesitate to hydrate yourself because the Fire requires that. Within this awakening, within this vibration of the Kundalini, you will become beings with full potential, beings of full Truth. This occurs now within your physical structures and will occur within the structures of Earth and at the same time on the surface of the Sun.

Never forget that what you will see in the Sun is only your eternity that now arrives in you. You do not have to fear the Sun, you should love it because it is yourself in another dimension, it is yourself on the level of your essence. Christ comes from the Sun because He is the Spirit of the Sun, just as I Michael succeeded in penetrating the Sun in a direct way there only a few days ago. In the same manner you will be penetrated and enriched by the Sun. The Sun is Fire, the Fire of Ether existing in you on the level of the Heart, the level of the Radiant Crown of the head and, henceforth on the level of your pubic sacrum.

By aligning these 3 triangular pubic points in you, you will allow the Light to irradiate in you completely, you will allow the Light to awaken this in you. You do not have anything to fear because that is your goal, that is your desire. When you request the Light you request the Sun; when you ask for the release [from 3D] you call on the Sun; when you request Unity you call on the Sun. It is that which is now occurring by the Sun and by Christ. For the third time welcome the Light of Christ in Truth and Unity together everywhere on this planet.

Receive this overflowing of energies..[pause].

Beloved children of the Law of One, let Us now continue. I will finish my session with these words: henceforth I am at your disposal on an individual and collective capacity. Benefit from these moments of alignment by these triple energies in you and ask for and call upon My Presence, My Radiance, My protection, not a protection of any darkness but a protection and amplification of your Light. This must grow still more and more. I will return in a more precise manner in order to initialize the Fire of the Earth on April 17 at the same hour. I will be with you during the requested session from 7 PM [to 8 PM French time April 17], so you should welcome Me in the same posture. You will be able during this special period of alignment to ask for My Presence and My Radiance.

In the same way the Master of Light [Christ] is approaching your consciousness, and you will be able progressively during the days and the weeks to come to call upon and express this Master of Light to others. He comes as more than your best friend, and He is like your brother, your big brother in simplicity and Unity. Welcome Him in the same way in simplicity and Unity. He is here to perfect your Light in order to initiate you into His higher dimension. I thus say to you in a formal way that April 17 at the same hour will thus signal a completion of a year of My work within your consciousness and within your solar system. All of the Archangels working with you in the liberation of this solar system present to you Their reverence, Their thanks, and Their greetings. We thus will remain together in communion now after these words. Let us welcome this energy.

Receive this overflowing of energies...

Beloved children of the Law of One, I leave you now in the ignition of your triple Fires. If you need precise details concerning the Fire of Ether or my next intervention, I will let Archangel Anael answer your questions at the time of His next arrival [these sessions are usually at the end of each month] . I transmit to you my Love and the Light of Christ. Let the Truth go with you, and let that Light accompany you and bless you. Goodbye.

My comments: Archangel Michael spoke of the new eternal body of Light only briefly, and hopefully He will elaborate on this later since it is so revolutionary to our way of thinking. He also mentioned that we should eat less food and be less preoccupied with sex in the remaining time that is still left and spend more time on our spiritual development. Food is the cause of many health problems that we have because many eat too much or eat foods that will make us sick (like diet drinks), and overeating can cause diabetes and other problems and prevent us from reaching a higher vibration.

He mentioned the Ether energy, and it has been called by many names including orgone, a quantum sea of energy, and zero point energy, and that is free energy that we could use if allowed to by big business. Free is not a word in their vocabulary, and money for themselves is the only concern that they have. Tesla talked about this free energy over 100 years ago as a viable option, but he did not understand the greed and depravity of man. He said one time in passing that he was not from this world, and some believe he was originally from a higher dimension on Venus and that his mother left him here to be adopted and raised by others. He tried to help the military halt wars with his inventions, but they were only interested in continuing these wars and developing their arsenal of weapons. He probably gained his advanced knowledge in dreams from other ETs that he communicated with.

The earthquakes have recently stabilized somewhat below the 6.0 magnitude, but these will dramatically increase, and life will not be a bed of roses as some want us to believe, as there is good and bad in everything in 3D. Some like to promote capitalism as opposed to socialism because they do not understand these terms. Capitalism means money and control and the almighty dollar, and everything that is done depends on money. Socialism is misunderstood because people do not want to consider that we should all be equal and should assist each other and share everything in a utopian society, and that is the true meaning of socialism. Many charities are formed as tax shelters by big business, and its recipients are usually its executives and the organization itself, but it does look good as public relations.

Socialism has been twisted and distorted to mean government control of us which is what the NWO (New World Order) wants, and this is the goal of Obama and the Obamacare bill. Many want free medical care for all but do not know what the bill is and have not read its 2,000 + report. If they did they would get very angry and call for all who approve it to resign. It includes a $5,000 individual and a $10,000 limit of coverage per family per year, new taxes for each to pay, everyone is required to be a member whether he wants to or not, real national ID would be implemented, Medicare and other programs would be extremely limited with much coverage removed, and the list goes on and on. The passage by the House is about “smoke and mirrors” and half truths and omissions, and no one has yet explained truthfully all of the provisions of this bill to the public so they can decide for themselves.

My work includes my translations and my commentary along with other work and timely news based on what I feel is relevant at that moment. There is always a possibility that some of it may be “lost in translation” because many words have multiple meanings, and it is necessary at times to consider what was taught in the past and to also coordinate it with the works of others. You can tell five people the same thing and each may see it in a different way, and semantics is always a problem. Our language originated from the Sumerian language and is of Orion ET origin according to a Friend (Ami) and is very limited, and in the future telepathy will be used as it can be understood by all and can convey the true intent of our words.

Most of what is said has hidden meanings and the 3D veil still exists. Much of what is important is at a higher level that needs explanation, and some of my comments may even assist those in France to better understand what has been said. I feel that in time my opinions will in general be seen to be accurate, but they are just words until they are manifested in actions and no one has all the answers, and decisions are made daily depending on our needs.

Little has changed visibly so far, and there is much talk but little action. Hopefully we will see obvious changes that will be undeniable to all, but only time will tell.

Rich N


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