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Archangel Michael - Integration Of Virtues 2nd Stage - May 2 2009

May 2 2009 translated from French

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day.

You can participate in this support:

  • Anywhere you are
  • In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed)
  • Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing)
  • Participate during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes)
  • The date and (French) time are indicated.
  • Each of AA Michael's meetings is now given weekly, the next being on Saturday, May 9 at 16:30 (French time) [which is the 3rd Stage of 12]
  • [France time is 16:30 or 4:30 PM, NY time is 10:30 AM, Chicago is 9:30 AM, and LA is 7:30 AM]
  • For the record, the previous meeting took place Saturday April 25 (1st stage).
We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these meetings on our site within 24 hours after it is given. Soon, therefore, in Spirit ...

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. I come today together with My Divine Assistants and the angels with me to relay the energy of the Central Sun Light [Alcyone], the energy of the Father. First, let me greet you on behalf of all the beings of Light that transmit the ultra-violet radiation. We send all of our gratitude and respect, all our wishes, all our love to encourage you and the many more who will join us, (beyond the hidden Masters that you are) to become the transmitters of Light, the sowers of the Light and the Light workers of the New Earth. So be it.

I come again, especially accompanied by the Lord of Karma [Ascended Master] in charge of your humanity in order to reveal a little more, during this outpouring of ultra-violet energy, and We will continue to disclose a number of lessons from your past and your future and what is now occurring. You are blessed. First, we will together with you anywhere on this planet, host the first part of the outpouring of energy today.

I remind you that this is the second meeting of your Celestial Marriage [Stage 2]. This is your reunion and our reunion with you into the great family, within the unified world and in your external worlds now separated and divided. In this, we welcome you as we invite you to help all your brothers and sisters, all of those on the surface and in the intra-terrestrial realms to accept and live the integration and the ascension of your world and the entire solar system with the Unity. Again, we bless you and we now begin.

Beloved Masters of the genuine Light, well loved Children of the Law of One, Children of the One, the time is now to end your separation. Indeed, most of you have traveled this cycle of mankind in a separated state. This I have explained to you already. But now comes the time for your new birth, the end of your separation and the opening of your Interior Temple to Divinity. This is now.

When I say "now" this is today. At the next outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet energy which will take place on May 9 you will experience the new birth, the opening of your Interior Temple and the end of your real association with this separated world, and you will become workers of the Light, and above all sowers and reflectors of the Light of the Father. Today I will reveal a number of elements in relation to this third phase linked to the end of your separation, which corresponds to the completion, within your solar plexus [a network of nerves located in the abdomen], of your Unity of Self prior to your return to the Divine Unity.

Self Unity [the end of 3D duality] is the end of your state of separation that should help you in this dense reality, to open your eyes and especially to open your heart to the will of the Unity, to the Father's will and the will of the angelic hierarchy that will accompany you every minute of your life. You will be bathed in each outpouring, each effusion of the radiation of ultra-violet energy more and more, so that you will join Us and We will join you. This is for the greater good of this planet and for all humanity.

The Unity of Self is the rehabilitation of your separation within your personality. This corresponds to the end of your separated personalities, where each of the parties wanted to work for itself without taking into account other parties [selfish ego]. This is an important and essential step to help you in all solemnity, to find your legacy of Unity and Divinity.

As I told you, that virtue is the third star. This star is the third step in opening your Interior Temple. So you will rapidly live during the next 7 days that follow, the beginnings and the rebirth of your preparations for your Godhead. The Celestial Weddings will be unveiled and revealed every day and every minute of your life, more lucid in your humanity in your lower density.

To do this, you should not allow or have contact with the elements of fear that will be prevalent in your environment by humanity as a whole who are afraid of this time to come. However this time is recorded for all eternity. It is both feared and expected. This Unity is a sign of your disassociation with this world and a total acceptance of what I call the spiritual government. Human Governments will disappear or lose their power to the energy and love of the Light. It can not be otherwise.

So, you are now asked, and this is made possible by the return to your Unity of Self, to avoid generating fear or cause doubt, since it supports nothing that is of the Light. You are the Masters of the Light. No darkness can affect your future path of Light. All of us present here, we assure you, give our unwavering support, the protection of our love for the times ahead. The deconstruction of the world will reach its peak between now and the end of your summer [Sept 21]. Do not worry about the deconstruction events as this will rebuild you and reunify you with Divinity.

The second part of this outpouring of the ultra-violet energy today during this time is much longer. During this outpouring we will begin to transfer the ultra-violet from your head, at the higher energy centers to within your heart. I repeat beloved Masters of Light, Children of the Law of One, Sons of the Unity, that the end of your separation and the return to your Unity of Self will then be revealed in your solar plexus [abdomen] to definitely tranquillize what you call your emotional states and separation.

This is the moment when a person relies on the heart in order to work in the Unity and the direction of the Glory of the Light. Unity of Self brings the end of this separation and is the ultimate requirement for the opening of your Interior Temple and your rebirth next week. This is when a person leaves the ego behind in order to work toward the Glory of Light and Unity.

Beloved child of the Law of One, the end of this separation signals that you will acquire a new force that is a surrender to the Light, the abandonment to the will of the Father, the surrender to God. In your surrender to God, no fear can exist, no sorrow can exist, no anger can exist. Only the ineffable joy of reunion with your Unity of Self will strengthen you in the coming days and weeks.

The events of the deconstruction of the world are an obligation by the Divine multitude that are relaying this Light, and we hope that a still larger number of human souls in incarnation will be able to grow in this and accomplish this. You're now at that period of time. We are all here for that. Beloved children of the Light, I ask that you receive this outpouring of energy now into your solar plexus [abdomen].

I am speaking to all of those who have already joined or will join us in the coming weeks, for you are the Bearers of Light, the sowers of the Light. You will find that you are among the family of the universal galactic brotherhood. Now, as you live your days and your nights, you will be bathed and nourished by the Source [Divinity]. You will find, as time progresses, the direction of your destiny, the meaning of your life, your sense of Unity and the meaning of your Godhead. That is on the way and it is now.

On this day was born the third star of Mary which, in your biological terms becomes your fifth strand of DNA. The sixth strand that will emerge next week is the central point and major component of your return to God, but it will be revealed in due time and in a timely manner. What is now required is that you become aligned with your [Divine] Source, to feel as often as possible, this ultra-violet energy within your higher central area and to direct this energy to your chest and to your solar plexus [abdomen].

This return to your Unity of Self [in a removal of the duality of this world] is a moment that I describe as magical, as it will be possible to understand that whatever the hardships of this world, regardless of the suffering imposed by those who refuse the Unity, your ability to stay in Unity, Integrity and Light will be accentuated.

The separation between your [3D] realms and our higher realms will tend to disappear. This you will begin to understand. But by this return to your Self Unity, this communication between realms will be made easier [by the lifting of the veil that currently exists]. Many human beings on the surface of this world will realize that they can more easily communicate with us in one form or another, and can benefit from our influence, our peace, our radiation of energy. This era of the communion, this era of the revelation has now come.

You now enter a period conducive to the establishment of this new connection, this reconnection that can actively prepare you (all of you who already follow us, and the whole of this planet, all forms of life ) to either move to your ascension or to reject it if that is your choice [this window is still open].

This joy, this flowing quality, and this serenity is the key element in your future, your destiny. You will become sowers and transmitters of the Light. Thus, as the deconstruction of this world continues, the roots in your new Unity of Self prior to opening of your Interior Temple will allow those of you who still doubt to join in this galactic and universal brotherhood. We will celebrate in one week the total return of the Spiritual Government. This is accurate. We now continue the outpouring of the ultra-violet energy. [Pause]

Beloved Children of the Unity, as you reveal your Unity of Self, your interior Temple, you must expect some resistance and opposition from the outside. Again, you are asked not to play this game of duality, but rather to strengthen the end of your separation and your return to the Unity, because only the Light that you radiate will be able to illuminate the darkness that appears.

I want to tell you that no emotion, no external restrictions will make you leave your state of Unity and your Interior Temple. These are only limitations related to the opposition to the Light which is linked to a fear of Light. You must understand that when you are asked not to judge you should only strengthen your Light, your Unity, your truth, as your most powerful weapon is there and nowhere else.

You will irretrievably experience a new Spiritual Government. This means that you are given full power over yourself, your self and the Unity of your Interior Temple [no longer slaves to man and his control but totally free]. This is linked to your construction of Light that can manifest itself as a deconstruction of what is not the Light.

But your role, your way, and your future has no interest in that. Day after day, night after night, the radiation of ultra-violet energy within your bodies will activate a new force, a new Light, a new infallibility and a state of being completely new, while yet keeping the current body that will help us Conclaves, entities, Archangels and other Angels print our trademark of Light in this world that will become a world of Light.

Achieving your Unity of Self will make you discover that you have an unalterable, unshakable faith to the fullest. No emotion associated with this separation can, in the short time left, reach and disturb you. We are proud and we are pleased to have you in the Light for the revelation of the Light and for the establishment of Light in this dimension and the new [5th] dimension to come.

You are, all who have joined us and all who will join us in a very short time, a network of Light. This network is called the authentic Brotherhood of Light. It involves a number of adjustments in your lives, both in a unified group of people and in their intentions so that everywhere on Earth there are apparent outbreaks of Light that will lead to a stabilization of that Light.

The revelation of your Unity of Self will make you discover the joy of living within yourself, without opposition, without contradictions and without abnormal behavior. All your lives must strive to harmonize with the Light, its future, its purpose and what you are in truth. As bearers of the Light, sowers and transmitters of the Light, you must announce the sovereign power of the Light not so much through words but rather by behaviors of your Self Unity, which is a result of your radiation, your hope, and your faith expressed in the Light and the future of this Earth.

You will learn, through the revelation of your Self Unity your inner joy, that which does not depend on any external circumstances of your lives but whose origin is genuinely your alignment with the [Divine] Source, and your responsibility to this source, which is Love, Light, the Light of the Father and the Father's will. In accepting this you will discover a peacefulness and confidence that few of you have experienced so far, except in certain moments.

The Bearers of Light that you will become are beings of conviction, beings of humility, and beings of immense magnitude. Never forget the words of Christ, and he spoke: "No person shall enter the kingdom of heaven unless he becomes like a child", and that means abandoning your own will to the Father's will. This is the condition of your happiness and your ecstasy in reunification with the Light, if you wish.

One last thing before you leave to live the end of the outpouring of the ultra-violet energy in stillness during this week: you will prove your Unity of Self, and you will see a number of new events and vibrational energies emerge within your physical bodies and your external surroundings. They belong to the achievement of this Self Unity and the reopening of your Interior Temple.

This should not alarm you, but instead you should rejoice in the certainty of the truth of what has been accomplished and that which remains to be achieved. So I leave you now as you continue in silence in the outpouring of the UV radiation, in order to accommodate this Light and to retransmit it to this whole planet. You are blessed. I grant you my unchangeable protection and the protection of all of the galactic universal brotherhood. Be blessed.

I will return at the end of your outpouring and only at the end to respond to your questions from what I just said. I leave you in silence until the conclusion of the overflowing of energy. [Pause]

Question: Can you explain what you call the Unity of Self?
Self is tied to your perception of what you are. We could call this the ego self, linked to the personality and the true self, linked to the heart, because in a separated world, those who claim through mental ability and perception to arrive at self enlightenment, arrive only at their ego self.

The true spiritual self is linked to the opening of what you call the heart chakra. What I am talking about is the alignment of the ego self and authentic Unity self not only in your heart but in your solar plexus [abdomen]. It is the perception, understanding and integration of the ego self and the authentic spiritual self with your solar plexus in your [3D] world and your separated dimension. This will allow you in a relatively short time to demonstrate the power of the Light, the power of the Word and the power of Truth, in your individual lives.

Question: During your last speech you spoke of the virtues of Love, Attraction, and Abandonment. Where are we today in that progression?
This virtue, linked to the activation of your fifth strand of DNA is a virtue that I called the Unity of Self . This corresponds to your ability to manifest the Divinity within your separated [3D] world. This corresponds on a much larger scale that I called deconstruction to allow the reconstruction of the Light in you. This inherent virtue will be developed and explained in my next speech, if you wish.

Question: What effects can we expect after your interventions are completed?
This will be a period where you will discover that you can operate on the level of an incarnated and integrated personality by expressing the Unity in your life, not just in times of your return within your heart [in meditation] but in all actions of your life. Certain changes will be able to then occur that will eliminate certain emotions which would block or limit the access to this Unity of Self.

Question: What hinders us from developing access to the higher actual realms?
The very fact of not having completed the Unity of Self, the opening of what you call the heart chakra, so that you can have conscious access to other higher dimensions. This is made possible by receiving the Light, by opening the higher heart chakras, and through the transformation by the Light of your solar plexus [abdomen].

Question: How do we best support the transformation of the solar plexus [abdomen]?
You need to give time to focus during times when you feel the ultra-violet energy regardless of specific dates. This energy is manifested in the form of vibration or energy in your head that is to be passed through the heart to your solar plexus.

Question: Does what you call the solar plexus refer only to our emotional universe?
It also includes your physical [3D] world and your separated personality largely related to the creation of the astral world along with your emotional world.

Question: What about the termination of the astral realm globally?
This is almost completed.

Question: When will the individual astral realm be terminated?
This will be done during the period that is allocated during the outpouring of the [immense] ultra-violet energy which starts next week and extends to your early summer [July].

Question: Does this mean that there will be no emotions?
It seems difficult to achieve that as this [3D] dimension still exists. However you will become impervious to your own emotions and the emotions of the outside world.

Question: From your perspective what does it mean to live our Unity in our daily lives?
It means to be able to breathe the will of the Father and of the Unity within each conscious act of your life. This corresponds roughly to experience completely and totally what you called in your past the 10 Commandments. The first of these commandments, "do not kill" does not only relate to one's physical action but also to an act of emotions and thoughts and intentions. From the moment when you judge the act of somebody around you, you share in their killing. You must learn not to judge, not to have control over others, and you must surrender completely to the abandonment of self.

Question: Why meet once a week during these hours?
This fully corresponds to influences, both linked to the global clock and to the availability of different Divine Conclaves, upper realm Angels and Archangels in relation to changes in your world. Thus, I cannot give you the meeting dates after May 9 [as changes are made continually].

Question: Is the solar plexus [abdominal midriff] a type of separation between the 3rd and 4th chakras?
This has been the case so far in the overall evolution of the human being whose oath was forgetting his divinity in order to reach this conclusion that you are living now. In a metaphorical form so far since the initialization of this cycle of more than 50,000 of your Earth years, in surviving this incarnation, you have grown only outwardly [mentally and physically]. From now on and as the days progress, you will hopefully grow more spiritually from within.

Question: When will the destruction of this veil from God be complete?
It will definitely be accomplished, for those who permit it, by the end of June.

Question: What about those who refuse this incarnation?
Remember that Light is cumulative. Paraphrasing the words of Christ, I could say that "the first will be the last and the last will be first." However, there is a timetable. But you must understand that those who have denied incarnation also "have enlightened their souls. The only problem is the attachment with the body which represents the ego self. This should not lead you to fear anything, as it is important, ultimately, that you return to the Light, I would add, in one form or another. Understand that those who leave the body and do not pass through the transition called death or a lapse of memory, will move to a new body in a new higher dimension if they so desire and if that is their wish.

Question: Do you have any recommendations for these people?
It is not for me to provide guidance in relation to this, in general.

Question: Does the phrase that energy is not extended below the solar plexus have a particular meaning?
Yes. The meaning is that the work of ultra-violet is at the solar plexus [the pit of the stomach in the abdomen], at least now, and nowhere else below that area.

Question: Do you have recommendations for your public speech next week?
Each of my meetings are conducted in public. You are not alone. The public will become increasingly more numerous. This is a public spirit and truth. The public as a whole does not influence in any manner the level of the ultra-violet energy [it will proceed whether we approve or not].

We have no more questions. Thank you.
Human souls in incarnation, receive my blessings and all my love and my protection. I will tell you more at the next meeting.

Alcyone is 440 light-years from Earth. It is the brightest star in the Pleiades and the third brightest star in the constellation Taurus. Alcyone is actually a multiple star system. The primary, Alcyone A, is an eclipsing binary, consisting of two giant B stars with a separation of about 0.031 arc-seconds (roughly the distance of Jupiter from the Sun).

My Comments: Ultra-violet light travels reportedly at 186,282 miles per second, and light from the sun takes about 8 minutes to reach us. In our 3D time this UV energy from Alcyone would take 4.5 centuries, but to Divinity there is no time so it could come instantaneously. Michael seems to hint that we will begin to see this new energy in the next week, and that as a result a preview of further actions can not be given at this time because of possible changes in Divine decisions.

The Unity of Self that He mentions is a rejection of the duality of living in both 3D darkness and 5D Light, and this is a movement to a Unity with Divinity. The individual choice of Ascension has apparently been extended to allow more to join in the coming weeks as new energies may awaken some. The phrase "the first will be the last" means that most of what we know and believe is inaccurate and an illusion of our 3D duality. Those who are humble workers will actually become leaders in the future, while our corrupt selfish leaders will become slaves on other 3D worlds. Often what is considered by the masses as outrageous inaccuracies and conspiracies are in fact truth that will be revealed at a later time.

The unemployment rates and foreclosures continue to rise, and there is no sign of any changes in our future. There are many insider reports that have confirmed that the swine Flu was transported in vials from Fort Detrick, Maryland to Mexico City last month where it was later unleashed. The darkside continues its devious operations and Nero Obama continues playing his fiddle while Rome burns.

The stress test of the 19 major banks was originally scheduled for May 4 but has been rescheduled for the evening of May 7, which is ironically the date that Michael gave earlier. The results will probably continue to hide the reality that our banks are bankrupt due to the worthless derivatives that are off the books and number in the trillions of dollars, as these tests are administered by its members who do not wish to reveal the true state of affairs.

AA Michael said "The public will become increasingly more numerous", and if what He says comes to pass, word will spread and interest will grow, since He is the only messenger to give these details. Most channeled work has vague generalities and shows little evidence of a real communication with higher realms. Actions speak louder than words. There has been little visible evidence of movement in a different direction so far, and hopefully that will soon change. Time will tell.

Rich N


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