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Archangel Michael - Integration Of The Virtues 3rd stage

May 9 2009 translated from French

NDR's comment from France: After carefully reading the following details you should have all the elements to follow this guidance and thus allow us to save precious time in responding to the many questions we receive. Archangel Michael has offered to accompany us and to enable the transformations in relation to 12 "virtues" or " 12 stars of Mary" in 12 stages, one per week. Michael comes each week during a period by an alternating of information and a transmission of energy adapted to the "virtue" integrated that day.

You can participate in this support:

* Anywhere you are
* In simple receptivity (no special connection is needed)
* Extending your arm and legs uncrossed (preferably sitting, the soles of the feet on the ground, or lying down or standing)
* Participate during the 72 minutes of Michael's meeting from the specified starting time (or at least any 20 minutes at your convenience from among those 72 minutes)
* The date and (French) time are indicated.
* Each time is given to us by Michael as his interventions, the next one is Sunday May 17 at 15:00 (3:00 PM French time), [9:00 AM NY time, 8:00 AM Chicago, and 6:00 AM LA].
* For the record, the previous meetings took place Saturday April 25 (1st stage), Saturday May 2 (2nd stage), Saturday May 9 (3rd stage).

We do our best to ensure that you find the transcript of these sessions on our site within 24 hours after these meetings. At any soon, therefore, in Spirit ...

I am Michael, Ruling Prince of the Celestial Militia. First let Me thank you and bless you, Children of Light, who have come from all over the world to join this family of the universal brotherhood of Light. On this day comes a stage that I would describe as a major pilgrimage of your soul, your destiny, your path and especially your return to the worlds of the Unity and the worlds where no darkness exists. Today, during this outpouring, and the days that follow, you will witness the milestone of your Celestial Wedding signaling the return to your unfailing truth, your Unity, your Light and Love that you are, for all eternity.

It is not for Me to tell you why you chose this path that you arrived at here more or less recently to enlighten, to change, and to allow the transformation of the surface of this [3D] world in which you now exist to become a bright future filled with Light. As you know, I intervene on the surface of this world and also on the whole of this solar system, over a period of 14 to 16 of your months [the timing is still somewhat flexible].

I am now present during this period to return your heritage to you and the Light of what you are. You must not be afraid because these days are days of joy for those who chose or will choose to join us here, including Myself and the representatives of the Divine Conclaves of the true Light to bathe you in the energy of the Source, the consciousness of the Father and the truth of your entire being.

The time has come to move from your separated world to unification. This means that at your own pace and according to your potential and your ability you will reach a level of consciousness where separation, darkness, sadness, and fear do not exist. Today, from now on, the outpouring of the radiation of ultra-violet energy you receive, for most of you, in your head, will now enter directly into the Temple of your interior, your sanctuary of Unity, to remove the last veils of illusion about what you are, the Light that you are, and the role you have to play to enable the entire Solar system to attend the wedding in a return to the Unity. Beloved Children of the Law of One, Son of the One, this is a time for great joy.

Do not be misled by the events occurring around you or away from you. They must not affect you in any way because the Light is truth, the Light is protection, the Light is Love, and under the influence of Light and Love, absolutely nothing can happen to you. Today, during this important festival celebrated by many peoples throughout the Earth [Victory Day 1945], you will start to feel the force of the ultra-violet radiation at the level of your heart, which means you will vibrate at a frequency [Schuman Resonance] that none of you have known or experienced at this level before and a number large enough to allow starting the process of restoring the unity of this separated world into its unification and to his glory. This is the first outpouring of the ultra-violet to the heart. ... An effusion of energy ... [Pause]

Now you are, all of you that attend this communion, carriers and transmitters of the Light. This Light which is your divine right of inheritance will allow you to declare what you are, to show all of your power over yourself and your power of Light and spirituality. This week this new virtue marks the activation of what I have called the return to Self Unity with your solar plexus [abdomen] viewed from your separated [3D] world. Today you reconnect with your Divine affiliation, you reconnect to the Source of your Eternity. Today you reconnect to the fullness of who you are. Today is truly a day of joy.

This joy, as you see, can never be based on individual external circumstances, but your lives will be fulfilling the promise of your return to the Light. Doors that were sealed, which shut down access to your Unity are irreversibly open to all humanity and all beings who will make this choice and travel this path. This is the second outpouring of the ultra-violet to heart. [Pause]

Beloved Children of Joy, this time signals the execution of the oath where you return to the Unity, however the path you now travel. As your days pass you will see a force, a consciousness, a new reality. It will illuminate in you what your traditions, in different parts of this planet, called the "fire of Michael".

To date, the number of human souls in incarnation, having had the opportunity to access this transformation of the heart by My sword were very few. Today, every soul on this path that surrenders to the will of the Light, that allows the energy of the Father (as you call it), sees this as a possibility to be completed in a short time .

This Virtue or principle is the blessing that will be given to you, individually, collectively, by the chorus of those whom you call the Seraphim angels. They will reveal and awaken your inner fire, your eternal fire that some call the Divine particle. Whatever name you attach to this reality, to this truth, it is up to you to feed this fire, nourishing the Light and Love that is what you really are, for all eternity. The completion of this stage of your Celestial Wedding is your reunion with the Light.

This is only made possible by a number of specific astronomical events which Myself, all the Archangels, the Council of Melchizedech, the angelic realms, the Choir of Seraphims, and the angels of the Lord so appointed, are given in order to align with your life and manifest your truth during this duality and for all eternity.

As we accomplish these Celestial Marriages with Divinity, which will take you to the start of your summer [June 21], you will see that the number of people who align themselves with the true Light, the Light of Christ, will form an army of Light, a peaceful army that, by the single action of love in the search for truth, the search for Unity in yourself and also around you, will transform this world.

Do not be concerned with the phenomena that I called "the deconstruction." This is part of the influence of the Light. As the links and the long established barriers to your deity are dissolved, you will enter deeper into your inner sanctuary to live fully very soon the entire energy of the Seraphim . This is a new outpouring of the ultra-violet energy to the heart.

Beloved members and children of the Unity, as you accept and allow this fire in your heart, it does not burn; this fire only illuminates and fills your entire being, and obstacles, doubts, fears, misunderstandings, and suffering will no longer exist. Obviously this cannot be achieved for most of you in an instant.

This explains My presence now among you for this sufficiently long time, as I want to be absolutely certain that all the Masters and Children of the One truth, without exception, can attain and reveal this Truth and become enlightened. Circumstances outside your inner state will, as your time progresses, have an increasingly small importance and will move away from your focus. The only requirement is your total surrender to the Light and your total surrender to the energy of the Father.

As the greatest Light bearer [Jesus] said: "Father, Your will be done and not mine." It is only through this allegiance and this oath with the Light and the Love that you will find total peace, the total Unity and the totality of your radiation of Love and Light in order to allow your bodies (and also with the bodies of your brothers who do not permit their own control and the control of the Light of the Father) to radiate this Light.

Your role will be important. Remember that the bearers of Light must be transmitters of this Light. We can do nothing without you. Only you have the ability to enable the world to move towards the path of the Light. We who relay the energy of the Father through multiple channels that you accept can not force this Celestial union, regardless of Our dimensional levels, on those who still move between Light and darkness, between fear and joy, between Unity and duality, or give them access (if that is the choice of their soul) to this radiation.

The move to the Light and the Love of the Father is the only way, the only truth, which We now request that you accept. There's nothing more to do. There is no ritual as some of you have known in the ancient world because rituals belong to the ancient world. The heart, the revelation of your heart, the pressure of ultra-violet energy in your heart, cannot mislead you.

Only doubts can create a sensation or a feeling of deception. Nevertheless, to live this outpouring of ultra-violet energy fully in your higher chakras (now and henceforth in the level of your heart chakra) will allow every person of goodwill, to make allowances, to make choices and receive knowledge, infallibly, whether it is for the Unity or whether it is for the separation and the ego. It cannot be otherwise.

All of the lives that you have lived in this world have long been divorced from the Light, and you have imposed barriers between yourself and the Light. This will no longer exist. The only truth is your Light, your control, your abandonment and your energy. It permits no one else, not even Me, to impose this path. The only path is that of the Light in the Unity, or a return to the duality and experience a separation from this higher incarnation.

The only choice, the only alternative that you are asked to make is this: do you want to return to the Light and its guidance and your essential truth, or do you want to continue your indecisions of incarnation. We will not impose, and you will not have to impose this choice on anybody.
The only way to be in accordance with the will of the Light, the desire to love, is simply to offer the intensity and quality of this radiant energy to yourself and to others around you.

You will discover as your days pass the real meaning of what is known as mastering self, the real meaning of what a unified life devoid of personal interests or personal desires is like. You will very quickly see that your consciousness can not deceive, it can not hide, it can only clarify and illuminate your life and your exterior existence. I wish, before continuing the outpouring on behalf of the conclaves, on behalf of the Upper Room, on behalf of Circles, on behalf of the Ancient of Days, on behalf of the Angels of the Lord, to express our gratitude and our deep love for the suffering you have endured to get to where you are today. You are blessed by the radiation of ultra-violet energy in your Essence. [Pause]

As your days pass you will see in your interior and your exterior, that you will get more and more deeply into a state of transparency that allows penetration by a form of radiant energy higher than visible light, and there will be no duality that may affect your journey. Light is Love. Light and Love are Supreme intelligence. This Supreme intelligence, if you let it work in you and through you (regardless of the ongoing deconstruction of this world) allows its entrance to be a soothing balm for yourself and others.

Peace will be with you daily and will no longer be your hope, but your reality. The glory of the Unity, the grace of Light turns you into beings of action and results in beings of Unity, to be ethical, to be eternal beings especially in transparency. This transparency is a state which will let the inner Light shine on the world completely according to your increasingly expanding transmissions of Light.

The effect of these absorptions of Light is cumulative and, in your terms, exponential. Nothing, absolutely nothing can hinder or delay the path of Light within your being, whether social, physical, animal, vegetable, mineral or other form. This moment corresponds to what some have called the traditional birth of Christ or the second coming of Christ. So if you wish, if that is your aspiration of soul, you will become as Christ. This is not a belief. This is not a faith. This is the truth of proven consciousness that is offered on this day and in the days ahead.

Beloved Children of the Law of One, I will soon leave you to absorb the outpouring of ultra-violet energy into your head and into your heart during the short time that is still available. However, one last thing: as the days pass you'll meet those who do not fully understand yet, the insane ones not of the Light. The Light will radiate from you. Obviously, the mental perception of the mind, the understanding of personalities are still divided at this time, but will be struck by the reality and truth and beauty that you live.

However this is part of your learning to never again depend on the teachings or the words of another, but to only see the power of the Light that you have become. This learning period is an essential aspect of growth in order to accelerate the stability and maturity occurred on this day and in the coming weeks for your new birth, for those who join us in increasing numbers . There can be no external obstacles that will stop you. The only obstacles that can arise in this journey of joy that will bathe you with joy will be the remains of your separated [3D] personality that allowed you to act this way now.

Even then you should not punish or judge others but accept it and move on with the grace and power of the Light that you will become. You may request My presence, My Radiation, My power, and My assistance at any hour that passes during your coming days. We are unfailingly connected. We have intervened so that you can find all of your Unity, your entire Godhead, all of whom you are and not what you think you were.

I bring you My blessing, My love, My protection and we will work now, during the limited time, in the silence of the heart to receive the Light, the Unity and your Christ consciousness. The inner circle of the Divine Council told Me to tell you that your next meeting for the outpouring of ultra-violet energy, in the glory of the Unity of the Father and the Son, will be held on Sunday May 17 at 15:00. Be blessed. Receive our gratitude and welcome it now in the stillness and peace from the Father.

My Comments:

The intense energy data on the farside of the sun started on May 3 and has continued in varying degrees since then, and if it is truthful (there is always a doubt as the source is unreliable and is as deceitful as NASA) it appears that this energy did not reach the nearside nor will it reach us because it has been absorbed by the sun so far. This happened around May 7 which Michael gave as an important date.

This is the same activity that occurred in early February after NASA privately said Jupiter ignited, so it is possible that maybe Jupiter did not fully ignite or lost its solar energy and had to be reignited after being pulled back behind the sun to absorb its shock waves. Jupiter appears to be part of the energy required for ascension and may be a reason for delays that have occurred recently. There are still no official photos of Jupiter from NASA even though they said we would see it this month. This is only a possibility and will be revealed in time.

Schuman Resonance is the frequency of the Earth's natural electromagnetic resonance. It has been observed that this Resonance has been increasing in frequency since the late 1980's, when it was 7.8 hertz, until today when it is approximately 12 to 13 hertz. Time will appear to speed up as we approach the Zero Point. A 24 hour day will seem like 16 hours or less. Consequently, climate disturbances will occur, we will see an increase in volcano and earthquake activity, and world tensions will arise with increases in erratic human behavior.

Once we reach the Zero Point, possible results could include a flip of the magnetic poles or the sun to rise in the west and set in the east! Our physical body is changing as well as we approach the Zero Point, our DNA is being “upgraded” to 12 strands making us more intuitive. Also, the Zero Point flip may introduce us to the 5th dimension.

Gregg Braden from Awakening to Zero Point: "Planet Earth is going through a Collective Initiation as frequency increases and Earth's magnetic field is slowing down. Earth's magnetic field will stop at 13 cycles per second, zero point magnetic field. By 2012 we reach 13 cycles per second. 13 = zero point. At that time, the planet will stop rotating on its axis, pole shift, souls will go to sleep for 3 days, after which the planet will spin in the opposite direction. "

We have been divorced from Divinity for millenniums and the time for us to be reunited is at hand. This will be a period when the veil of ignorance will be removed for those who choose this path. Little visible evidence of change has been given so far, and most of this week's shortened message is a repeat of previous work with no questions answered, so it may indicate that some changes in Divine plans have been or will be made or that events did not go as planned due to free will of all matter including our planets and the sun.

Time will tell.

Rich N


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