Saturday, November 6, 2010

Archangel Michael thru Malika von Meister

Message from All the Forces of White Light, Including the Cosmic/Spiritual Hierarchy, Mother Earth, Animal Kingdom, Galactic Federation of Light, Councils and Inter-Galactic Civilizations
by Malika von Meister August 12

The Sacred Heart, the Golden Cross of alignment with the Divine, and the Balance of the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine, is now available to All. The expression of the Sacred Heart allows one to expand Divine consciousness in the ever-expanding exploration of Source Creator of Itself. When perfectly balanced in this sacred heart center, we have the conscious Knowing that what we do to another we do to ourselves. The Sacred Heart is the most important attainment of human civilization on Mother Gaia, and will be transmitted to the rest of the Cosmos in this next Cosmic Cycle that We are All excited to be immersed in.

It has already begun on the etheric levels of your Earth plane, and will formally have begun once your mass-decloakings take place. Pray for assistance if anyone would like to in fully balancing and integrating the Sacred Heart within your consciousness. We applaud you for the permanent Peace that Humanity is in the process of establishing on Mother Gaia, which is the catalyst for the first permanent peace that your Universe will know.

Much joy, love, peace and abundance awaits you as you become members of The Galactic Federation of Light. You will be the teachers and transmitters of Peace throughout the Cosmos in this next Cosmic Cycle of Love and Healing. Congratulations on your imminent success and we look forward to the grandest party your Universe will have ever known!!

Archangel Michael and Huush Muulem Council October 6, 2010

The Huush Muulem Council is a group of 12 beings that sit on the Karmic Board. They are from an ancient civilization of elders that incarnate specifically to anchor the energies of wisdom and knowledge across the east/west axis of our Universe.

"As you know, Archangel Michael has been the being to oversee the end to duality in our Universe. He has very amicably caused the Anchara Alliance to occur which is to bring duality to an abrupt halt. We, the Huush Muulem Council, of the Karmic Board, wish to impart a peaceful message to all of humanity regarding these most joyous end times. We, the Huush Muulem Council of the Karmic Board and Archangel Michael, wish to say unto you:

The War Will Stop. It is in these end times we deliver this message on the Ray of Wisdom and Karmic knowledge that unseen forces at work for your benefit have uplifted humanity's status to the platform of "Ascension in Progress". It is at this time that if one merely prays for peace and abundance, it shall be granted. The manifestation of these things will emerge in a smooth and efficient manner. The more people that pray for mass decloakings, the faster it shall occur. As the number of people praying becomes exponential, mass decloakings will happen instantly. Everything is in place for this to manifest, except for a few last minute items to be done by the Earth Allies that are on our list."

Archangel Michael & the Spiritual Hierarchy: New Cosmic Cycle of Love and Healing - October 20, 2010

Today (October 20, 2010) heralds the New Cosmic Cycle. The old Cosmic Cycle of Duality and the balancing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine has just been completed. The most recent sightings of the Galactic Federation of Light are preparing the mass consciousness for mass decloakings. As Lord Sananda has previously declared to Malika, the New Cosmic Cycle will be about Love and Healing. It will be likened to the 3rd chakra or Solar Plexus. In this previous Cosmic Cycle where duality played itself out and is likened to the 2nd chakra, it culminated in the transcendence of duality and the balancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies in all dimensions, planes and realities.

In this New Cosmic Cycle I, Lord Michael, and my wife for eternity, Lady Faith, will again be leading the Cosmos through this next Cosmic Cycle. The 3rd chakra is the expression of Self, and the power to express Self. In order to access this power, one needs to transmute the lower planes of existence, of presence, of creation. In the new Cosmic Cycle we will be learning to fully embrace the knowledge of who we are and the ability to express it, both as Divine sparks of Source consciousness, and as individual manifestations of parts of the whole.

The Creator has given me permission to quarantine the Dark so that it can wreak no more havoc throughout the Cosmos. This will take some time in Earth time, but is already under way. This is because Heaven has decreed that the evolutionary awareness of the previous Cosmic Cycle has attained critical mass, Cosmically speaking. This new Cosmic Cycle will be a joyful one of restoration, repair, blissful relationships and Self-expression. Although duality exists in the lower dimensions, the need to transcend darkness and duality will simply no longer exist. This new Cosmic Cycle will continue until all are loved and all are healed. The Dark will have the opportunity to play out their lessons, reabsorb themselves back into Source, or come to terms with and balance their karma. The Law of Karma is an eternal one mandated by Heaven that as you sow, so shall you reap. Bad karma can only be mitigated by performing actions that either directly or indirectly negate the bad karma.

We, of the Spiritual Hierarchy, have watched duality play itself out to exhaustion. As the Dark has made it a science for an inexorable long time on how to destroy and manipulate, and therefore control Creation, no stone has been able to be left unturned, in order for Peace to exist throughout the entire Cosmos. We congratulate all of the players, lightworkers, pure hearts, and Saints, not to mention Mother Earth and Her kingdoms, including the animals, for being the brave and valiant warriors of Love and Light that have pinnacled this new Cosmic Cycle of Love and Healing where all we be loved throughout the Cosmos, and all Creation will be healed, and will reach all four corners of the multiuniverses. Keep up the good work, as all will be coming to a physical point of completion very soon, and on time for the 2012 shift to occur.

This will be permeated and adorned with acknowledgment of All for their efforts and accomplishments, whether in physical body or not, and All will come to see All who have been behind the scenes, as well as on the front lines, that have been the catalysts for this shift to occur. We, the Spiritual Hierarchy, have hearts full of gratitude for all the brave souls that have caused the shift in consciousness to occur. You are truly at the apex point, which will be soon followed by massive celebration and healing of all planets and their kingdoms. Our hearts are filled with the nectar of ecstasy and joy in the future reality of vitality, bliss and abundance for all sentience.

We bid you farewell for now, and peace and eternal blessings.


I, Malika, would like to express Gratitude and Love to the Creator, Archangel Michael and the Spiritual Hierarchy, for the continuous and endless blessings, that you constantly bestow upon Creation, known or not known. You are the breath of life to Creation as the gentle breeze reminds us to breathe. We love you and thank you for your Heavenly Grace and Light always. All of our hearts pulse to the same Cosmic beat. Malika von Meister is an intuitive spiritual healer, minister, Reiki Master, animal communicator and advocate for the Animal Kingdom and Mother Earth. She works with many Forces of Light from Mother Earth to the Galactic Federation and the Cosmic Hierarchy on a daily basis to accelerate global peace.



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