Friday, September 30, 2011

Cosmic Architect Sereti

Sereti - July 4, 2005

I AM Sereti. My Presence has been made possible by the addition of four Living Ones into your etheric channel which allows Me to descend to this channel. I am a form of Light intervening not only in the destiny of your people but in the destiny of this entire solar system and in other planetary systems. Nevertheless it is appropriate that I give you some information regarding events that will occur in the next few years in the development of your human, philosophical, spiritual, and structural cycles, and in the psychological evolution of your beings and in the rebuilding of your solar systems.

Our radiance only begins at the 18th dimensional level and extends up to the 31st dimension which is thus the final dimension that is accessible to any radiance isolated from the Light before returning to the original Source of all Light. The degree of evolution of Our radiances is deeply different from your incarnated humanity and does not have any similarity of evolution to or involvement with yours. 

Our role involves a radiance of Light that allows the planetary systems and other solar systems to align themselves with Our radiances so that the Source's matrices may be formed and relocated via dimensional stargates in order to allow the transformation of entire planets and solar systems, and through Our radiances We are able to use this radiance in order to move you closer to the Source of the Central Sun of the galaxy [which the Annunaki have prevented so far] and to other central suns in order to take part in the evolution of the Father, the Mother, and the Child in connection with the Law of One.

There are similarities existing between the planetary spheres and your own energy vortices. First the planet Mercury will be absorbed into the solar protosphere [the clouds of gas and dust in space], thus involving a release of sizable energy in your own terrestrial atmosphere [this apparently means that there will be massive explosions and that Mercury will be demolished and will not be a planet here after that time]. An extremely intense expansion of the central area of your planet Earth inside the crystalline core will also occur [resulting in earthquakes], and the amplitude of radiations in your own inner bodily areas will also become larger. At this time your crystalline bodily structures will vibrate in order to transform certain components into other components, which are an etheric cleansing for you.

The Moon will disappear at that time [it is no longer needed and will be reportedly moved to an orbit around the new planet Pax]. At the time of this transitional movement of the orbit of your planet around the Sun, Earth will stop spinning with the result that half of Earth will be in full daylight during the three days whereas the other half will experience three days of darkness. Shocking and appalling noises will be present in the atmosphere of your planet. During this delicate phase the awakened beings will be put in a state of catatonic stasis [sleep] in order to avoid damage being done on the cellular, cerebral and biological structures [and for possible evacuation].

During these 3 days, the planet Venus will move closer in its terrestrial orbit to the Sun as it was long ago [Earth will also move closer to the Sun]. At that time the solar radiation will change its appearance (for those who will have the chance to see it) during these 3 days, and the radiation will change color. You will begin to feel these new radiational effects which will be made up of unusual gold Light which is already present in the blue radiation of the galaxy 's Central Sun. This will be seen as the influence of Our blue radiance, We who are the Blue Guides of Sirius. [Saturn will probably also ignite soon like Jupiter has and they will appear as blue stars in 5D.]

These 3 days of either darkness or Light will take place in the final phase of ascension, and human beings who are capable of surviving this vibrational change will be gathered together [and evacuated?]. After these events which will happen on this planet one voice [Mary] will speak to you in your left ear and will tell you 72 Hours before these events begin. You should be ready then (you will be informed at that time) to move away from all towns, to move away from electrical structures, and to go to safe areas. There will not be any electricity or any means of transportation on this planet at that time. You should have candles and purified water, allowing you to stay at the same place for the entire 3 days of Light or darkness in order to prepare your body for this ascension phenomenon, the reunification process which will happen after the implementation of these geomagnetic, electrical and human events occur on this planet. [This appears to have changed recently and all life will be removed.]

Question: Who are you?

We belong to a group of beings Who live in the Central Sun [at higher dimensions], having never experienced the phenomena of incarnation [birth] like you, but have evolved from the 21st, the 24th, and the 31st dimensions, and for some among Us from the 18th dimension. We are able to express Ourselves and communicate with you up to a certain point. That was made possible by the activation of your 6th and 11th dimensions. We are beings who do not have any appearance or any human form that is defined as a biological entity. Our form is a radiance of pure blue colored Light.

Question: During the “three days” will France be in darkness?

It is not known at this time [2005]. That will depend on events that will occur, but there are indeed strong indications that your country will be covered in darkness since most of the Atlantic and the continent of Asia will be in darkness also. Australia and certain parts opposite to this surface of the planet [in the Southern hemisphere] will be in the Light. The sun will be blocked in some areas while certain other areas will still be in the Light [during these 3 days when Earth will stop and then reverse its rotation].

Question: What are the “appalling noises” that you spoke of?

The stopping of the rotation of Earth and the sudden radiations from the violent entrance of the cosmic solar winds of your planetary system onto Earth.  [Some have already reported strange noises in different parts of the world at certain times.]

Question: What will cause this paralysis and the halt of this rotation?

It will be induced of itself by the electromagnetic radiations and their power [zero point, not Nibiru]. You will be warned by the voice of the celestial Mother Mary that will be heard in the left ear for everyone at the same time which will warn you precisely 72 hours [3 days] before the beginning of this transformational process.

Question: How can we prepare our bodily and spiritual structures for this event?

Live in neutrality and simplicity, develop a higher consciousness of your inner selves. Your conscience must be more refined so that you increasingly have a much clearer understanding of things which belong to the Light, and you should separate yourselves more and more from things which do not belong to the Light.

Question: When will these events [darkness and pole shift] occur?

These events will occur during this seven year period between July 2005 and July 25, 2012 [which is the deadline for the end of 3D.  It will not wait until Dec 2012 as many now teach.]

Sereti October 26, 2010

My name is Sereti. I am a Blue Guide from Sirius, I am a Regent [Ruler] of your Universe that exists within this sector of the Super Universe.  I come to you with greetings, love, and respect in order to continue my speech that began in July of 2005.  I need to tell you that you are living in a 7 year period of time [the 7 years Tribulation spoken of in the Bible] that will result in a number of local modifications of this universe and specifically this part [since it needs the most work]. I have already described a set of changes that will occur during this period.  Today we enter the final days of this seven year period, which will lead you to the end [of 3D] before July 25, 2012 as I announced on my first visit.

The timing of this universe is not only related to your time but also to other areas [our universe also has an effect on other universes] where times are superimposed and layered together, resulting in a necessary modification to a given cosmos like yours where these modifications will be observable to all.  The modifications of these universes which I command and assume responsibility for occur within extremely rigorous frameworks that are in resonance with the Master geneticists, the planners of Life, and the controllers of Life. These modifications of which I am a part of are not made to control you, but to control the orderly arrangement of the overall design of the new solar, planetary and galactic unfolding which will soon occur.

Our goal has always been and always will be the Unity of all beings and the Unity of consciousness, regardless of the expression of this consciousness, regardless of your dimensional and stellar origins and your lineages.  We make no such distinction between any forms of consciousness. From our state of consciousness, this consciousness is one and indivisible, even if it is still fragmented and separated. Our vision goes far beyond what you call life and consciousness. Our vision includes components that will not be perceptible or intelligible to you now. That is why We are at times called organizers, planners and those who have the responsibility to carry this out. Right now the movements of various planetary bodies in the solar system will undergo major adjustments, and that revelation is hidden by the mere fact of diverting your consciousness in this density where you are from these events.

What we call the Fire (the Fire of the Heart, the Cosmic Fire, and the Fire of the Spirit) is the first manifestation of consciousness in transforming your world. This is meant only to return this part of the solar system and this universe to being members of what is called the Intergalactic Confederation of Free Worlds.  At this time humans will (if that is their vibration) rediscover their essence of the Spirit and their stellar essence that is well beyond the changes in this dimension.   At this time there will be a revelation to you by your vibration of who you are as well as your relationships with all of the planets, moons, and life forms in the Sun in order to return you to your original alignment with what I call the Unified Harmonic worlds. These United harmonic worlds are directly related to what are called the Keys of the United Metatronic Light.

The considerable modifications occurring in this universe are made possible by the reactivation of these harmonics in you, corresponding to what you call your DNA. Thus begins a total realignment of this planet with other planets and with the sun in harmony with the Unified worlds. This realignment will subject all lives and all  consciousnesses to being in total resonance with the reunification of the triple energy radiations which were largely developed by the Archangels who are responsible for this preparation.  These multidimensional aspects which were thus inaccessible to you until now have become accessible.

This will result in the end of your isolation, the end of your confinement and will thus make visible and perceptible what has not existed until now. This period will last precisely for 1 year until October 27, 2011. Absolutely all the aspects of what is called the multi-dimensionality will become visible and perceptible. That will result, as certain Melchizedech [like OM] have said to you, in a shock to you because what has been unknown will be revealed [It appears that full disclosures will occur by the end of October of this year].

In the same way that the planets are being readjusted with this alignment by modifying certain aspects of their living, their atmosphere, their axis [by a pole shift], their slopes, their rotations, and even their dimensions, these changes are also on the way for you. The  outermost planets have already experienced this realignment, resulting in perceptible and visible adjustments which however remain hidden from your consciousness by those who want you to remain ignorant as their prey and slaves. This is over.

Question: Will there be beings in the 5th dimension who are present to help us begin this new life?

Yes as well of many others. At the end of this cycle there are not only beings of the 5th dimension who you will assist you,  you will perceive the presence of what are called your ET space brothers [and sisters], those of Inner Earth, Archangels, and Angels in various forms from different dimensions who will be visible to assist you.

Question: Is it true that some Elohim have fallen?

Some of them in this incarnation decided to go even further in the process called the fall but did not fall in the sense that you think. This was a [voluntary] descent into areas more personified and even more dense than what you have experienced [during the time of Atlantis]. However, the memory of what they are will one day return to them in other places. There is no fall in the negative sense as you yourself have fallen in this dimension. This fall is neither a punishment nor an inconvenience, it is only an experience.

Question: Could you describe to us the Heavenly Jerusalem?

The Heavenly Jerusalem is a perfect example of a vessel of Light and presents itself in a form of what you call a dove or Merkabah.  It is a transdimensional vehicle built in such way that it can appear within your consciousness at certain periods, such as at the end of this cycle which you are now in that started 52,000 years ago, and it will help bring the initialization of a new cycle.  Its appearance signals the end of this cycle of time.  It will assist you in a search for your eternity and your return to the Source.

Sereti - September 6, 2011

My name is Sereti.  I greet you humans incarnated in this world in the Love and Peace of the One [Creator]. As part of my words now I will give a logical continuation of my previous meeting. It has now been over 6 years of your Earth time since I spoke of the changes to come within all of humanity and this solar system that fall in the time period between July 2005 and July 25, 2012 [the deadline for the end of 3D]. Since earlier this year of 2011, all of the preparations for stellar and planetary movements that were announced and prepared for what unfolds within an immutable framework have been completed and are now under the loving control of the Archangels. Preparations for you individually are only completed when the KI-RIS-TI [Christ conscious] door is opened in your cells and your body, and all of humanity is now about to experience this, and this is why everyone of you has come to this point in your life to accomplish what is for each of you your personal sense of liberation, whether you return to the Unity or continue your experience in this 3D experiment in your carbon based bodies elsewhere.

Children of the One, Starseeds, Spirits of Eternity, all of your skies will now open as your Christ conscious KI-RIS-TI [in your back behind your heart] opens also, enabling the opening in you (according to your individual vibration and your consciousness) to live the completion of your future vibrational experiences.  Your heavy [3rd] density carbon body will be transformed into lighter [5th] density bodies of Eternity with vibrations that are extremely light in content in order to enable you to live this transformation and this final adjustment to your eternity.  Earth lives and will live this transformation also, just as all of you who are either unenlightened or awakened will experience these same events.

There are many dimensional mansions in this Universe and in the Multiverses, and everyone will be welcomed in truth, in freedom and in love. I remind you that during these times here on Earth, Joy, Peace, and Eternity can only exist and appear to you in your higher inner self.  The Unity of Life (the real Life as opposed to this fake 3D matrix life where you are now) is located exclusively in the Temple of your chest. It is within this vibrational realm that there is freedom, and it brings inner Peace.  The social climate of Earth and of your unenlightened brothers is a process that can sometimes cause feelings, emotions, thoughts and activities that are very far from the truth.

Only by living in your Heart can you abide in peace, a peace that allows you to access who you are and not what you believe intellectually.  There is no place, there is no person better able to help you than you yourself as you live in your Heart. A number of ways have been provided that allow you to better adjust to this final process that in a few days will bring this to its completion.  Now time no longer needs to be counted because soon time will simply no longer exist [in 3D or 5D]. It remains for each of you to adjust to the vibrational inner pace of your Heart and to meet face to face with what is to come: a return to the Unity and the Light, and the complete separation of two worlds. 

Remember every minute until the end of this time that only living centered in your higher being will give you the keys and the possibility of exit from this time and your entry into eternity.  Nothing internal, nothing external can permanently stop this process of liberation into the Light and your own liberation. Everyone whether awake or not will have the opportunity to see in himself the principle and the fundamental nature of his higher being, one that is not separated from other dimensions and other Universes. This return to your truth, regardless of the circumstances that you possess, can for many bring a revolution of greater consciousness. Remember that your eternity is love, your essence is Love and Light, everything else will no longer have any meaning, and your consciousness will live in that Truth.

This awakening that the Truth will bring will be brought forth to this entire world and will be within the reach of everyone. The events that I described when I first appeared here on July 4 of 2005 [as described above] will take place soon before both you and the entire Universe. What is called the Intergalactic Confederation of Free Worlds, whatever their origins, whatever their dimensions, now stand on the edge of your dimensions ready to welcome you. Earth itself has now been released [from the Anunnaki control] for almost a year, and you will see changes in the configuration occur at this very time.

As you live in your inner self, in your relationships and in your own experiences (whether consciously or in unconscious dreams) these circumstances will continue to increase, and these signs will be duplicated and superimposed on the entire Earth and in the heavens, not just in certain areas. During this phase you will be called, and this call is Vibrational. This call will at some point involve that of Earth and the heavens, and you will  hear the call of Mary [announcing the 3 days]. At that time, no further external circumstance can or should alter you in any way.

This call will connect you to your Heart and to the interdimensional Merkabah, as some of you have experienced for quite some time at 7 PM during your meditations, but you can achieve this at any time when the call of the vibrational Light becomes more intense, because everyone will be more intensely called according to his individual availability and his schedule. The call of the vibration will be through what you call the radiant crown of the head, the radiant crown of the heart, the pubic sacrum, and increasingly by the activation of the KI-RIS-TI door in your upper back. During these calls each of you will then meet with his higher presence and vibration. Calling on the vibrational Light during these times is again your permit to enter through this narrow door.

This appeal, as evident by the increase of vibrational severity, the increase in the sounds of the soul and the Spirit, and the sounds of Heaven and Earth will call on you to return to your inner higher being of Eternity. Everyone can then respond, if they so wish and if that is their desire, if that is their truth and not their intellectual ego personality.  It is more than ever important for you to be ready, aware and understand the significance of the call of the vibrational Light and the proper way to respond to it. Also remember that through your answer, you will show the meaning of your presence in this dimension to your brothers and sisters who are not yet awake in the Truth of Light. Your fate and your future will soon be finalized in a very short time as you have already been told.

This preparation of Earth and the Light both in you and through you is designed to assist in this process called Ascension. This Ascension can not be accomplished by anything other than the vibration of the Light and the interaction of this vibrational Light with your inner Light (that part which is of the Light that every human being has). The degree of this fusion [merging] of the call of Christ and your own Light will be the determining factor and the condition for your essence and your future.

Gone are the days of delays and avoiding the important issues, it is time for a transforming change. It is time not to allow fear but to declare your eternity and announce that you are not interested in the games of this world. As Christ told you, you are in this world but you are not a part of this world. It is time to determine individually if this is an accurate assessment of yourself. 

The Heart is the door, the Heart is the key to this door, and absolutely nothing else is more important than that. Children of the Stars and all of humanity, I call on you to live in your higher essence in a reunion with your inner Divine self, beyond the illusions and obligations of this Earth.   You will find that if you answer the call, if you remember this alignment and enter these realms of Joy and Unity, you have everything that is necessary and sufficient to live what is to be lived in the few moments that remain here.

I finish with these words: whatever the appearances, regardless of the resistance, happiness and Joy will come by living in Love and in the Light, in Truth and in Unity. Remember this, live in this truth with every breath. People of the Earth, People of the Stars [ETs], the wheel of time has been broken, confinement is hanging by a thread and will soon not exist.  The time for the liberation of Earth, this solar system and yourself is now nearly complete. When the call from the vibrational Light occurs, even during moments of resistance or shock (a wake up call), he who enters his inner Divine essence is no longer subject to the illusions of time, and in the state of eternity time has no meaning and no control of your consciousness.

You will find that in these states and these moments the power of the Light and the Truth of Love is sufficient to carry out this completion for each of you.  Rejoice because this liberated consciousness will become your Joy for all eternity. Children of the Law of One, star seeds, when you open up to Him [Christ] you open yourself to your eternity through the miracle of the One [Creator]. This act of Grace brings freedom and unites us and frees us in all dimensions and in all worlds. Choose to accept those who have listened to Me and those who have read of My words in the grace of Christ.

I conclude with these words: Live in the Love of the One [Creator] and in the Peace of the One, live in Love and Unity. I SERETI salute you.

Alex Collier - from Defending  Sacred Ground  [page 4]

"The Andromedans say that what this [recent new] energy and frequency is doing is it is creating a holographic impression throughout all dimensional levels, of which they say there are eleven [known] creational densities.  This new holographic impression has become a 12th density. They say that this new holographic impression has one frequency - that it does not carry a duality within it. What this frequency is doing is that it is pulling up all the dimensional levels below it. They say that by December 2013, third density as we know it here will cease to exist - it is imploding in on itself as everything is being drawn up. Those on the 11th are going to 12th. We [in the Unified 3D worlds] are supposed to go to 4th and then to 5th density.

From the Andromedan perspective, 4th density [where most will continue to live] is a consciousness. It is where an entire race is telepathic with each other, they are aware of each other, they feel for each other - they are of one mind, separate individuals but still one [those in a Unified 3D and higher]. Fifth density is where we would be considered from the third density as beings of  Light [no longer having carbon bodies]. They say that this is what is going to happen to us no later than 2013, based on their science. Do I know if this is right? I will know when you know, but they have not been wrong yet.

Now, there are individual consciousnesses which have appeared in this 12th density holographic consciousness. They apparently are like nothing that has ever been seen before. The Andromedans don't know who they are, what they are, and don't know even how to describe them. But, apparently these 12th dimensional beings have the capability to gaze down through all of the dimensions and see everything that is going on there. [This is an ET way of understanding Divinity and our future.  Many ETs have little knowledge of Divinity.  Because of Jesus' teachings we have a much better understanding than most ETs, although much of it has been corrupted by the churches.  There are many dimensions beyond the 12th as Sereti said here.]"

Mary Magdalene on Earth Changes - Sep 15, 2011
James Gilliland

Mary Magdalene had a lot to say about the upcoming Earth Changes. We asked if [the Anunnaki] Nibiru was for real - she said yes [it is not related to Earth's future however]. She also said between Sept and November to expect major changes on every level building up to a great crescendo. November 2011 could be the passing of the Red Kachina the great purifier, and people need to come back into alignment with Spirit and Nature. She also said there would be protection for those who listen and act but to be aware of spiritual ego and attachment. Some areas will not be safe [like the Pacific Ring of Fire] no matter how connected one thinks they are, and if they really were connected they would be moving from these areas.

Beware of the feel good messages and those that avoid personal responsibility maintaining the belief that the status quo will continue. She said the Pleiadians, Sirians, the Orion Council of Light, Andromedans and several other races (12 to be exact) all have played a major part in our evolution.  My interpretation is the blue star Kachina is comet Elenin. It is followed by its nephews; which are other ships which have been photographed following Elenin which threw out a tremendous force field in the shape of a tetrahedron when hit by a major pulse from a source near Jupiter and divided into two.

OM  Aivanhov  September 24, 2011

Question: Could you elaborate on what life will be like in Unified 3D worlds?

Dear friend, the life of a Unified 3D Arcturian [where most here on Earth will continue] can not be compared with the life of a Unified 3D Vegan or a Unified 3D Pleiadian or with others.  The customs and mechanisms of life that are present are different depending on the architecture and cultures of these other worlds.  I can not get into that since it is too complex, but I will give you a brief overview if you wish. There is no time [no days or seasons], there are no slave masters, there are no husbands and wives and of course no families. There are no rules and there is no voting, there are elders who, through maturity and spiritual growth, naturally will try to help but will not govern, lead, or control anyone.  [Since memories will be erased we will not remember or have any loyalty to our friends and families because we did not choose them to begin with, and they were chosen largely due to our local environments.  There are many who have unhappy relationships that they are committed to "till death do us part."]

Within the unified worlds, there is no obligation to go to work [as slaves to survive], there is no obligation to get up in the morning because there is no day and night [on Arcturus like there is here and no way to measure time]. The light is the same all the time [there is no darkness similar to Inner earth Agartha]. The body is not the only possibility of vibration of consciousness.  Even though your consciousness depends upon a body, it is also accessible in some ways to the influences of the Light. The Light is not veiled, it is not falsified, the axis is centered on the Light, so living conditions are perfectly normal [unlike our 3D hell now]. There is no form of predation or control over others, you are your own boss. There is no suffering, and above all there are no longer any diseases. Disease is related only to the separated carbon worlds [like 3D earth]. There is no reason that the carbon body, being connected to the Source, will suffer from any disabilities or illnesses. I am not trying to sell you on the quality of the Unified 3D worlds right now [since those who ascend to 5D will not be concerned about this].

The only restriction in Unified 3D worlds is that you are still dependent upon a carbon body [that will age and die in time and will need food and rest] because there are a number of attachments in consciousness that have been conveyed in the final moments of the Earth which can not, due to the fear [of death] mechanism that would not allow you to leave this body and enter another body [and they will need to be evacuated in their current bodies if they wish to escape death here]. There are still some old fears, some old memories, even if everything is erased [in memory] (in the soul but not in ego personality), which means that for them the soul can not be fully transformed into the Spirit yet. We must not forget that people who live in the Unified 3D are completely free. Unified 3D humans are a bit unique because they must find a new home since the Earth will no longer exist in 3D.  This is what can be said about Unified 3D living.

All you know, all the laws of the incarnation here on earth, everything that is written in your DNA, what you call relationships, commitments, affections, emotions, and social mentality, all this will no longer exist within the Unified 3D worlds totally. There is some heaviness, some burdens, which will still exist, causing the soul to continue to exist, and this soul is still the bearer of some [bad] vibrations that need a kind of rehabilitation and a gradual removal without stress, without time constraints [some bad karma will continue that will in time be erased] so there can be a total return to the Light.

Question: How will the passage from the Unified 3D worlds into other dimensions occur?

It will happen naturally when the heart is totally transformed into the realms of the Spirit. Remember that there will never be an interruption of consciousness [since there is no time]. At that time quite naturally the Spirit (the body of essence and pure consciousness) decides to live again free from any interference and is not limited in any way. It is one thing to be limited, confined, trapped, imprisoned, and cut off from the Light, it is another thing to be unlimited and to see the Light of life. That is the difference between what we and you call the separated distorted 3D matrix and the Unified 3D worlds.

If a person who dies refuses to admit that he has died, he normally continues his life [as a ghost] in the astral realms [AA Anael said on Sept 24: the astral plane is an intermediate plane that has no reality other than the reality of the world you exist in now].  The problem as you know is that these astral realms collectively will not exist any more. There is no longer the possibility of maintaining a status quo existence, such as you know it now. Therefore, at the time of this death, beings who have been dead for a few years will find themselves faced with something that is totally different than what has been the practice within this matrix until now.  [They will have to decide where they will go to since the astral plane duality is a hologram that will no longer exist.  This will also affect the astral Shamballa, and the ascension process will affect Inner Earth just as it does those on the surface.  Those who move to 5D will lose their carbon bodies.]

OM  Aivanhov  September 26, 2011

Question: What are the triggers that will move the Earth [and start the pole reversal and the ascension process]?

It is a combination of factors. It includes the Radiation of the Holy Spirit which is relayed by the Central Sun of Sirius, which has been arriving on Earth for decades; It is the actions of AA Michael, the Adamantine Particles, and the Ultraviolet Radiations; It is the alignment [of Earth] with the galactic center of all the Universes, Alcyone; It is the action of cosmic messengers, that is to say the Star that announces the Star [which has not been described fully yet except that the plan is for a nighttime star that will introduce a star that is so bright that it will be seen during the day also]. It is a combination of these factors that will allow the Earth to break free of this confinement. The Earth has been compressed in some way, and you too have been imprisoned due to what is called the gravitational forces which have trapped you until now. These gravitational forces are in the process of deep change, and it will trigger a liberation [there will be no gravity in 5D].

Earth's [radius], as I have said, will increase from 7,000 km [4,350 miles] to about 10,000 km [6210 miles] which is an enormous increase [wiki - the mean radius is 6,371 km].  This increase in volume, diameter, and radius is related to the liberation of the forces of the three envelopes [magnetosphere, ionosphere, heliosphere]  [ ] enclosing Earth and providing an insulation, which started to disintegrate some years ago. This pressure is called the blood of Earth, the terrestrial magma (similar to your blood pressure which goes up in you).  It is like a balloon that begins to exert enormous pressure due to the liberation of Earth's core, and the crystalline core of the Earth starts expanding from the inside outward. Like you it grows from back to front, and you feel the pressure of this radiation.  This ultraviolet radiation pressure began when AA Michael merged with the Spirit  of Christ the Solar Logos and became Christ Michael.  [Earth is like a child who as he gets older gets bigger.]

Earth is in fact growing video

My Comments:   Sereti continues to say that 3D Earth will not exist by July 25 of next year.  This is not welcome news for many since they want to live forever here on Earth in 3D hell as caterpillars rather than become butterflies.  The plan is for all at some time in the future to ascend (it may take a million years for some, but understand that there is no time apart from this 3D matrix of duality) as we give up these carbon bodies that we have and receive the new eternal Light bodies that will never die.  It appears that according to Mary plans now include an evacuation of all life due to the full physical pole shift as announced by AA Uriel, and since there will be no gravity or magnetosphere in 5D all life that still exists here will float off into space and be collected and distributed elsewhere. 

When asked about the Comet Elenin OM said that it was intelligent and talked as if it was not important since it is not visible to the naked eye (only to infrared telescopes).  ETs have many plans for the future for those who continue in 3D, but the Angels alone determine our future destinations and our bodies, and ETs are not to interfere with this process and should only offer assistance when needed.  Ascension is a Divine event that many ETs do not yet fully understand, so many of their plans will need to be modified in the near future. 

There have been reports that over 4,000 of the dark cabal's personnel (with many more to come) have been taken into custody and held at special secure facilities located near the edges of Inner Earth (about 800 miles below the surface).  A number of Deep Underground Military Bases [ ] have been reportedly destroyed recently that were built since WW2 in the 1940s.  They were planned to be used by the elite to escape the coming pole shift and any public uprisings.  Recently ETs planned to move people to safety in these huge underground cities during the pole shift, but that plan has been changed since these bases will become tombs for those who are in them.

Sheldan said recently that the plan is for each person to receive ET duplicators and instructions on how to use them on TV after disclosures so there will not be a shortage of goods or money in the near future.  These can reproduce an exact copy of anything that is available which could make money obsolete, although this is subject to change, modification, or cancellation.  Even Lightworkers use copyrights and patents for control and financial gains which according to Inner Earth Telos leader Adama is a bad practice which makes their work and motives questionable.  All of my work is in the public domain and will remain that way. 

This week Sheldan said that there are still hold outs that are resulting in more delays so we will not see any changes until October.  He talks as if we will live in 3D forever and become millionaires (which is what people want to hear), but this will not happen since time is almost over in 3D.  Sereti seems to say that full disclosures will be completed by October 27 which is less than a month away.  September is over and to most people my work is still only a pipe dream until it becomes reality.  An opportunity for change was available this week but was squandered as usual.  The perfect moment for disclosures will never come, and further delays may mean a cancellation of disclosures, and public ignorance will continue as a result. 

It is time to take this seriously, to get down to business and do what needs to be done now.   These new governments and banking systems are complete and are awaiting the proper moment for its implementation, but our leaders would like to wait until at least next year to consider them.   These changes are needed to awaken many to the Light, and the ET disclosures will give us an opportunity to be evacuated if we so desire since 3D life is almost over.  Hopefully we will begin to move from status quo to change soon, but only time will tell.

Rich N

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